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Podcasting the Smart Way

Now available on demand!

9 Strategies to Creating, Promoting and Monetizing a Successful Podcast that Grows Your Influence and Income

  • Why podcasting is the #1 most powerful platform for content creation, and how to best take advantage of this medium for your business.
  • The only equipment you need to sound like a pro (so you don’t break the bank when you start your show).
  • 3 super simple strategies you can use right away for creating engaging content on a podcast that gets people to share and take action.
  • How to leverage your new podcast for building relationships and partnerships (without sounding desperate or too pushy).
  • How to add podcasting into your workflow without feeling overwhelmed or like it’s “ANOTHER thing I have to do.”
  • Strategies the pros use to get more downloads and exposure for their podcast that no one else teaches!
  • How to use podcasting as an automated marketing funnel to grow your business, sell more products and make more money (without sounding salesy or sleazy).
  • The exact strategy Pat used with his podcast that helped him generate over $150,000 in sales with a recent course launch.
  • How to develop a podcast that will get you raving fans for life!
  • And a special bonus! More details about that will be shared on the webinar, so make sure you register now!

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

Now available on demand!

5 Steps to Finally Begin Generating Additional Passive Income Stream Using Authentic Affiliate Marketing Strategies

  • The three key differences between a successful affiliate marketing campaign and an ineffective campaign.
  • How to maximize your campaign so that you can get clicks and generate income.
  • Two dead simple strategies for finding affiliate products to promote to your audience.
  • A 5-point product test to determine if it’s worth your time to promote a particular product (so that you stop wasting time on the wrong products).
  • The #1 strategy for increasing your affiliate marketing campaign results.
  • The rules of affiliate marketing, especially when it comes to product promotion (so you don’t get in trouble or lose your account).
  • How to increase your earnings once you find a product that seems to be working for you.
  • And a special bonus! Get a sample recipe from my Affiliate Marketing Recipe Book that you can take home with you (so you can copy the steps of one of my own successful promotions for yourself).

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If you’re in the early stages of starting your online business, don’t worry—I’ve got free training for you that you can sign up for RIGHT NOW—no waiting! It’s a course (not a live training) so you can get started right away.

Build Your Own Brand (BYOB) is a 5-Day Challenge designed to get your brand up and running. Here’s what you’ll learn and do:

Day One: Brand Camp. Learn what a successful brand is all about, choose your brand name, and set up your WordPress website.

Day Two: Backend Essentials. I’ll walk you through the process of setting up your website’s backend, including choosing a theme, plugins, and setting up Google Analytics and search.

Day Three: Frontend Essentials. I’ll show you the pages your website should have, as well as how to create a temporary logo.

Day Four: Social Media. Learn which social media accounts are right for your individual brand and the most effective way to use them.

Day Five: Setting Up for Success. I’ll walk you through how to write and publish content for your site, and I’ll close out the challenge with the basics for building your email list.

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