SPI Pro’s Course Creation Compass Challenge

Interested in creating an online course but can’t decide if and how it can fit into your business? Then this challenge is for you! Exclusively inside the SPI Pro community (an accepted application and active membership are required for access).

create an online course challenge with Ashley Gore

Join Team SPI’s Ashley Gore in this week-long experience

What do I create an online course about? How can I implement an online course into my current business model? What does my audience want from a course?

Online courses are a perfect way to share your knowledge and provide valuable content to your audience. But where exactly do you begin? Understanding if and how an online course fits into your existing business model is the first step. Join SPI community manager, Ashley Gore, in this week-long challenge to understand how you can create an online course using existing content, and how to integrate it into your business strategy. During the challenge, you’ll attend two live events (or watch the recordings) leading up to a course accelerator — a guided, cohort-based learning experience.

  • The challenge kicks off inside the SPI Pro community on Tuesday, March 12th at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET with a live event (recorded for replay) where Ashley will go through the challenge details and provide a worksheet to guide you asynchronously through the week.
  • Continue your training on Thursday, March 14th at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET with Pat Flynn during a live, free workshop: Online Courses for Absolute Beginners. Follow a simple, three-step roadmap to get started: creating an online course people want, selling that course to those people, and automating it for profitability.
  • Once the challenge concludes, take what you’ve learned and head over to the All-Access Pass for the Heroic Online Courses Accelerator, kicking off on Thursday, March 21st. The All-Access Pass is SPI’s learning community, to which SPI Pro members have access. The SPI Team will guide you and fellow community members through the course curriculum to help you create an online course you can be proud of and confidentiality launch on your own!

Sound exciting? Apply to join SPI Pro! (An accepted application and active membership are required to attend the challenge kick-off and accelerator; the March 14th workshop can be attended for free.)

During this workshop, you’ll discover:

  • Why online courses are so popular for both business owners and their audiences
  • How you can turn existing content into an online workshop or course model
  • Trends in online learning and determining what type of model will work best for you

Don’t miss this opportunity to finally start creating your first online course!