Meet Expert in Residence Nausheen I. Chen

Former Fortune 50 Manager, Three-Time TEDx Speaker, Public Speaking Coach

We’re thrilled to welcome Nausheen as an Expert in Residence! Find her at

Nausheen I. Chen seated in front of a mic with "Speak as a Leader" written on the wall in the background.
Nausheen I. Chen Event Card for 5.21.24


9 AM PT / 12 PM ET

Three Powerful Speaking Strategies to Build Influence

As an entrepreneur, your communication skills have a direct impact on your revenue. The way you express your ideas can affect whether or not you get a new client, a new investor, or a new community member. Very often it’s the one thing that entrepreneurs neglect to focus on. In this workshop, you’ll learn the three most powerful speaking strategies that have helped Nausheen grow two businesses and build her thought leadership, how to work through the nerves that you feel before speaking at an important event, how to remove filler words when you speak, and more.

Nine Questions with Expert in Residence Nausheen I. Chen

How did you get started in entrepreneurship?

I wanted to help people speak with more impact and I wanted to build my business on my terms.

What makes you tick?

Thought-provoking conversations, helping my clients amplify the way they communicate, and following through on big ideas.

What does an average day in your entrepreneurial life look like?

There’s no average day! This week:

  • I led a Speaking with Confidence workshop in Rotterdam
  • Coached my 1:1 clients (one of whom told me how they just got promoted at Google thanks to the work we’ve been doing together)
  • Planned the launch for my upcoming cohort
  • Looked up photographers in my city for a new photoshoot
  • Did a podcast with an amazing LinkedIn creator
Nausheen I. Chen poses in the street while wearing a patterned shirt.

What are you looking forward to most in your residence with the SPI Pro community? How specifically do you want to help entrepreneurs?

I’d love to help entrepreneurs speak with more impact online and in person — ace every podcast, webinar, and course with confidence, clarity, and ease.

Why did you join the Entrepreneur in Residence program? What is it about Pro that makes it a special place/community for entrepreneurs?

I’ve always loved building and engaging with communities. I’ve been a director at Startup Grind in China, and a cofounder for the first improv community in my hometown. I joined the EIR program to be able to help entrepreneurs speak with more impact – because once you know how to communicate your ideas well, you become unstoppable.

What is your biggest professional challenge to date, and how did you overcome it?

Starting over in a new country and continent and building a business from scratch – twice! I launched my first business in China (as a filmmaker). Totally new country, language and culture. I had to quickly figure out how to build my network by speaking at events, hosting workshops and posting in online groups. Second time round in France- I had to figure out how to build a business online for the first time. I did it by becoming obsessed with LinkedIn and building an audience there.

What is your biggest professional win to date and what did you do to make it happen?

Figuring out my calling in life. I’ve been a Fortune 50 manager, a filmmaker, an improv artist, a stand up comedian and a PR director. But I never identified with any of those roles and titles. At 39, I realized that the one thing I’d been doing my entire life for passion and fun was speaking in public. But I’d never pursued it as a profession. Turning my passion into my work was my biggest win.