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We begin with the best of intentions…

…to learn a new skill, to accomplish a goal.

We’re inspired, excited, and ready to learn from content that we know can change our lives. But then life gets busy. One night off turns into two, and then three. Soon it’s been a month and you know you should start over… but life gets in the way and you move on. The course goes unfinished. “Maybe next time,” you tell yourself. 

Sound familiar?

That’s where community-led courses come in: a ground-breaking approach to online learning that combines the power of community with innovative online course curricula. Combined, you get the educational pathways to develop your skills as an entrepreneur and grow your business within a supportive community that keeps you accountable.

According to our members,
our community is their happy place

All-Access Pass gives you the resources, skills, and motivation you need to grow your business

Access the playbook

Gain access to SPI’s highly-praised course catalog, along with new curriculum and workshops build by education and business experts. Custom topic pathways focus on exactly what you need to learn for faster results.

Master entrepreneurial skills

With online community-based learning, you will learn faster with access to experts, mentors, and peers to provide support. Our courses and workshops are specifically designed to elevate your professional skills in less time.

Achieve your business goals

Our learning community of like-minded enterpreneurs holds you accountable, keeps you engaged, and motivates you to persevere. Solutions are brought to life as members take on similar challenges and celebrate achievements.

People are 65 percent likely to meet a goal after committing to another person.

Their chances of success increase to 95 percent when they build in ongoing meetings with their partners to check in on their progress.

The American Society of Training and Development

Upskill, grow, and accelerate your business — all in one place

SPI gives you the keys to advance your custom path to entrepreneurial success through highly-rated courses and workshops, from podcast and course creation to email marketing and product pricing strategies (and more).

These specific pathways and innovative educational curricula will elevate your success; simultaneously, the community will keep you engaged and on track while you apply your new skill sets to your business.


Work through a specific course with a cohort of members over a 5–8 week time frame.

Make Steady Progress

Follow a syllabus that maps out the exact lessons and activities each week.

Both Live and Asynchronous

Each week has both live and asynchronous elements to make sure your questions get answered. Not able to make the week’s live call? Just watch the replay.

Work with Others

Use the dedicated Accelerator space to work alongside your cohort, asking questions, receiving feedback, and supporting your fellow students.

Chosen by the Community

New accelerators are voted on by the community. Join us to help choose a topic.

2024 Accelerator Schedule

January 22 Amp’d Up Podcasting | 7 weeks

February 12 Community Business Blueprint | 8 weeks

March 21 Heroic Online Courses | 7 weeks

April 18 Level Up: Email Marketing Pathway | 5 weeks

June 26 YouTube From Scratch | 7 weeks

July 11 A to Z Webinars | 11 weeks

Live Events

Workshops, office hours, and expert Q&As to refine your skills and answer your questions.

Monthly Workshops

We offer an in-depth workshop each month designed to teach you a new skill.

Recent workshop topics include creating strong website calls to action, graphic design with Canva, and improving marketing funnels.

Pat Flynn’s Weekly Office Hours

Each week, Pat Flynn takes your business questions in his office hours.

Community Expert Sessions

Several times each month, members of the SPI Pro community share their skills with one-hour sessions. Formats include expert Q&A, skill-building workshops, and tutorials on useful tools.

Past Event Library

An organized library of past event recordings, so that you can easily catch up on any presentations you missed.

See the complete listing of events


A detailed map to help you work through a specific topic faster.

Focus on a Specific Skill

Learn more in less time. Pathways blend individual lessons from multiple courses and workshops to focus on a specific area of growth.

Focus on a Specific Skill

Learn more in less time. Pathways blend individual lessons from multiple courses and workshops to focus on a specific area of growth.

Level Up: Email Marketing Pathway

Learn how to improve your existing email marketing practice. Employs lessons from Email Marketing Magic, Click and Convert, and portions of presentations by Pro member experts Jeff Gargas, Katy Widrick.

Your people are waiting to meet you!

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Our members have rave reviews

“I’ve had the SPI All-Access Pass for a couple of months. I had a head start with 100k YouTube subscribers but never created a course, marketed it via email, or knew anything about webinars. SPI helped me set up the offer, and structure the program with pricing. The results? I grossed $165k in sales for my first cohort! If I can do it so can you.”

Steve Huynh

Steve Huynh

Watson Saintsulne

The Wholesale Truth Podcast

“There are so many great things about the All-Access Pass! Access to pick at courses as needed, accelerators to boost progress with added accountability, and the community for sharing, support, and celebration!”

Wendy Wiseman

Wendy Wiseman

“The biggest surprise for me is the accountability. I never liked school and yet I feel inclined to finish assignments! This is a big deal for me as I always struggled with following through. This community has changed my entire mindset. I am more focused, determined, and organized than I have been my entire life. Those benefits have spilled over into my personal life as well. This is a total win/win for me.”

Monique B Thomas

Monique B Thomas

Everything I need to learn about how to create a profitable business is at my fingertips. It’s like getting a business degree at a fraction of the cost.

Karen Bemmes

Karen Bemmes

“The accelerator course was extremely helpful in understanding the how’s and why’s as well as the encouragement to continue on the entrepreneurial journey. Everyone is helpful and encouraging and I highly recommend participating in an accelerator course!”

Wendell Murray

Wendell Murray

Cynthia Long

“I have struggled for years with being overwhelmed about where to start my online business. The SPI Academy [now the All-Access Pass] provides an A to Z roadmap using Pat’s courses. What makes the experience priceless is the great community, accelerators, and the opportunity to frequently get help from PROs who are a little further down the road. For the first time I feel like building my business isn’t just a possibility, but I am excited each day to wake up and make it a certainty.”

Rachael E. Stout

Rachael E. Stout

“The SPI All-Access Pass has provided me with a fresh perspective on small business and entrepreneurship, opening my eyes to a whole new approach. It’s not just a membership; it has revolutionized my mindset, approach, and strategic thinking. With exclusive courses, live events, and a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, it goes beyond a typical membership.”

Tina Cheesley

Tina Cheesley

Frequently asked questions

Discounts and refunds

Will I get to own all the courses?

No. You will have access to the courses for as long as you are a paid subscriber. If you end your All-Access Pass membership, you will no longer have access to the courses.

If I already own some of the courses, do I get a discount?

There are no discounts if you already own one, or even all of our courses. You will continue to own those courses you have already purchased, regardless of whether you join All-Access or not.

I’m in SPI Pro, do I get a discount?

You don’t need to pay anything extra! The All-Access Pass is now included in your SPI Pro membership.

I bought the All-Access Pass but I’m not using it. Can I get a refund?

The All-Access Pass is non-refundable and non-transferable. Likewise, we are unable to pause membership access. Please be sure you’d like to join before you purchase.

Courses included

Will new courses be added to the All-Access Pass?

New courses will be added exclusively to the All-Access Pass and will not be sold as individual courses. Workshops will be continuously added exclusively to the All-Access Pass each month, growing our workshop catalog to enhance our course curricula (and more).


Do I have to participate in the accelerators?

Nope! All our programming is optional, but we strongly encourage you to take advantage of it.

What programming exists within the All-Access Pass?

Within the All-Access Pass, you get access to our entire course catalog as well as exclusive curricula pathways built from existing lessons, workshops, and replays. You will also have the opportunity to participate in periodic accelerators — our unique blended approach to cohort learning led by members of Team SPI. You can also choose to attend weekly live expert-led programming and robust monthly live workshops on various topics alongside the replays.

Guidelines and policies

Do you have an age requirement?

All community members must be at least 18 years old to join.

Do you have Community Guidelines?

Absolutely we do, you can read the guidelines here.

If I get kicked out of All-Access Pass for breaking the Community Guidelines, will I still have access to the courses?

No, if you are removed for violating our Community Guidelines, you will be fully removed from our platform with no refund (this is our policy for all our communities and courses).

Cancellation policy

There are no discounts if you already own one, or even all of our courses. All-Access gives members exclusive curricula, pathways, and connection opportunities beyond what is found in an individual course (more on that above). You will continue to own previously purchased courses regardless of whether or not you join All-Access.

Ready to find join your people and level up?

Like you, we’re online entrepreneurs who crave connection, direction, and support from people like us.

A personal note from Pat

After working with upcoming creators and entrepreneurs like you for over 15 years, one thing has become apparent — the need to go through this journey together. The road doesn’t have to be lonely and my team and I, alongside members of the SPI community, are here to help you get to where you’re going. I can’t wait to hear your success story, and I can’t wait until the day you come back to us and say, “Pat, it was the All-Access Pass that changed everything for me.” Here’s to you and the road ahead, together.

Pat Flynn standing outside

Vital skills, trailblazing resources, and a motivating community.

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