SPI Community Guidelines

The Dos

Be Kind

Be kind to each other.
Use welcoming and inclusive language, be respectful to others’ viewpoints and culture, even when they differ from your own. This includes how you interact with Team SPI.  

Behave professionally.
This is a safe space for entrepreneurs to network, brainstorm, learn, and collaborate.

Be inclusive.
This is a community of humans from all over the globe, each with a unique life experience. What you believe is the norm or the accepted viewpoint may not be globally accepted, and vice versa.    

Be Mindful

Be aware.
Respect each other’s digital boundaries. We all experience the internet differently, so it’s important to remember that personal space exists online as well.

What are digital boundaries?

When we’re not online, it’s important to respect the boundaries of other people as we navigate our interactions. This same principle applies to our interactions online.

Be mindful of the digital boundaries other people have set for themselves. This might include private messaging, following on social media, or engaging in overly personal conversations. If you’re ever unsure if your actions are overstepping someone’s digital boundaries, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Be thoughtful.
Become a pro at active listening and know when it’s time to let others speak.

Be purposeful.
Maintain interactions with other members that are driven by good intent.

Be Committed 

Be involved.
The value of this community lies in your commitment to participating;  get involved, ask for and offer feedback, utilize the resources available, attend meetups or watch replays.

Be open to feedback.  Accept feedback gracefully, offer helpful and kind constructive criticism.

Share your perspective! 

Be Authentic

No solicitation.
There is no soliciting in SPI communities, including in direct messages to other members. Soliciting means reaching out to members to invite them to purchase from you or join your programs as a customer, even with a discount. You can post your launches, upcoming events, and other news you are proud of in our Showcase space. This should be occasional and one off posts, duplicate or excessive postings will be removed at our team’s discretion.

What is solicitation?

Sometimes conversations that were not intended as solicitation can feel like a product or service is being pushed or sold.

Even though these interactions aren’t necessarily against our policy regarding solicitation, be mindful of pitching services to other members and how that might make them feel. If you’re unsure, consider asking if they’re interested in suggestions they might find helpful.

Anything violating the Endorsement Guidelines of the FTC is considered soliciting and therefore violate the SPI Community Guidelines.  This includes asking for reviews in exchange for free services.  Team SPI has the right to determine what is or is not considered soliciting in our community.  Things we take into consideration include:

Recommending products or services without soliciting

When suggesting products or services, it can help to frame the question as an offer instead of a command. Here’s an example of what this might look like in action.

Do try:

“Oh! You’re looking for courses on podcasting? I’ve taken a few that I would recommend, if you’d like some suggestions.”

Instead of:

“Oh! You’re looking for courses on podcasting? You should try this course!

When sharing links with other members, it’s important to disclose any affiliate or professional relationship you may have with the shared material.

That looks like:

“Here is a link to that podcasting course from my voice coach that I mentioned. This link is my affiliate link, or you can reach her main website here.”

Buying and selling products or services from community members policy

If you choose to purchase a service or product from a member of the community SPI assumes no involvement, responsibility or risk.  We do not endorse any member services or products and will not be involved in any disputes.  If you choose to purchase a service or product from a member and are dissatisfied you may not post about your experience in our communities, we are not a review site, however we encourage you to follow whatever appropriate course of action outside of our community.

Non-disclosure and intellectual property agreement.
Do not quote anyone outside of the SPI community without permission, and do not share anything told to you in confidence or private messages.

No Spamming or infringing on other people’s ideas or content, including that of SPI Media, without expressed permission.

The Do Nots

Unacceptable behaviors include:

Harassment, threats, or insulting language towards anyone.  Including but not limited to sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or exclusionary jokes.

Sexual or violent language or imagery, including unwelcome sexual attention or advances.  If your business is to do with sexual or violent topics (including self-harm) please be mindful of the language you use and err on the side of caution.

Soliciting your services to other members without invitation.

Plagiarism through creating content, services, or offers based on another member’s existing content, services, or offers (without consent).

How We Moderate

Members asked to stop any inappropriate or unacceptable behavior are expected to comply with SPI team requests immediately.  

Behavior that violates our Community Guidelines will be met with appropriate action, which may include:

We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and sexual advances.

We maintain the right to determine the consequences of any issue at our discretion and are under no obligation to share our findings or determinations beyond the individual involved.

How to report issues:

We’re Glad You’re Here

No person is perfect, no community is perfect, and no guidelines are perfect. As we grow, learn, and change together, these community guidelines must also evolve so that we can continue to make SPI communities a safe and inclusive space that is mindful and considerate of all experiences.

Being a member of an SPI community means you are committed to embracing learning, even when it’s hard. Be available to educate and learn from each other with kindness. Be open to feedback and avoid becoming defensive in moments where you don’t stick the landing. Mistakes can be a powerful teaching moment when used with compassion and empathy. As a community, we’re thankful for our members embracing this process with us.