How I Increased My Email Subscriptions by 315% (and the Small, Quick Thing That Made It Happen )

Last week, I wrote a post that went sort of viral. It didn’t get millions of pageviews or land me on the front page of, but after 7 days it was shared 1,092 times, it produced a huge traffic spike and 231 people took time to leave a comment.

I’ve had a few posts within the past few months that have seen the same kind of numbers, however this particular post produced one unique dividend: Significantly more email subscribers.

My weekly average increased by 315% (comparing last week’s average to the average from weeks before).

Additionally, I received 109 emails (I counted) just like this one:

“Pat, I just found your blog for the first time and read your latest post. I tried tip #5 and it worked! Thank you so much!! I just subscribed to your email list and I can’t wait for more from you. Thank you!”

These are emails from first time visitors who not only subscribed to my email list, but took the time to visit my contact form or reply to a follow-up email to say thank you and tell me they want more.

That’s huge, especially for a brand new visitor. Plus, 109 is just the number of people who reached out – there are several more who subscribed who did not.

So what was the differentiator? What made the highlighted post generate so many more subscribers than the others that had the same amount of traffic and shares?

That’s what I’m going to cover in this post, but first I’d like to tell you a quick story… 

That Time I Stayed up for 48 Hours Straight

During my junior year of college, a friend of mine introduced me to a video game that turned into an absolute addiction.

On average, 12-15 hours of my day was devoted to this game, and at times, especially when I was near a new milestone, I’d put in even more time. Once, I stayed up for 48 hours straight as cans of Monster and Redbull populated the desk in my room.

Not good.

The game?

World of Warcraft. 

I specifically remember the first time I played WoW, and I knew – I just knew it was going to become an addiction because during the first 10 minutes, I had already completed 2 quests, leveled up twice and unlocked several new abilities – not to mention my coin bank was already growing.

It was awesome.

This game gets progressively harder as you level-up and progress, but in the beginning, so many amazing things happen rather quickly, and all of those small quick wins combined converted me into an addict.

In Charles Duhigg’s best-selling book, The Power of HABIT (aff link), he talks about exactly why small quick wins are so powerful:

They’re powerful because of the quick reward. Our brain needs a reward to say “this pattern is worth remembering for the future”. 

A small, quick win helps people associate reward with whatever helped to produce it.

World of Warcraft produced several quick wins within the first 10 minutes, which is how I got hooked.

I’m also a huge fan of Ramit Sethi’s blog because there was one specific post I read that helped me save $30/month on my cable bill with one simple phone call.

I’m a huge fan of because early on my coach taught me a quick breathing exercise I could do while running to immediately get rid of the cramps on my side. It worked instantly.

And my last post generated a ton of new and excited subscribers because it was chock-full of ways to produce a small, quick win. That was the strategy behind the post.

There were 5 of them, and I highlighted that each would only take 5 minutes to implement in the title. And of course, people who took action experienced the quick win: Quick Win Comment We all want our readers and listeners to go big – to change their lives for the better from the value that we provide for them over time.


If you want change somebody’s life, give them something that changes their day first. (click here to tweet this)

And Now, It’s Your Turn

My call to action for you today is this:

Sometime in the near future, create content that helps your audience experience a small, quick win.

It doesn’t have to be 5 – it only has to be 1 – but be intentional when sharing it with your audience.

Let them know it won’t take very long, and if possible create a step-by-step outline or video that will make it even quicker to achieve. Then, give people an opportunity to subscribe – and in many cases, you’ll make an impression that is the start to many more experiences with you and your site down the road, and you’ll grow your email list at the same time.

If you end up publishing your quick win post, podcast or video, please share the link here in the comment section so we can all check it out. :)

Quick Tip:

The best quick wins to share are ones that come from your own experience. It’s one thing to create tips off the top of your head and share those, but it’s another to have also put them into action yourself.

Your audience will take notice when you do, and follow your lead even more.

Here’s to you and your success, and the quick wins you’ll share with your audience.

  • Joel @ SaveOutsideTheBox

    Great tips. Thanks dude!

    • Pat Flynn

      Thank you Joel!

  • Tom @ Top Smartphones

    Quick wins are the way to go. Really. Instant satisfaction. You want more of that.
    Pat, it wasn’t so clear to me ever before I read this post today.
    Thank you so much.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks so much Tom – you rock!

  • Mark Maslow

    Love your advice. Thank you so much! In fact, I’m just working on an article, where I’ll be implementing your tip #1.

    Pat, how do. you manage your inbox? It can bei so fulfilling and overwhelming at the same time to receive lots of feedback mails. I guess its almost impossible to answer all of them.

    • Pat Flynn

      It’s, well – suffocating! I get so many emails now, I can’t do anything but answer them, in batches, in order received to the best of my ability. I’ve thought about hiring someone to go through and filter them, or even answer some of the easier questions for me, but I have mixed feelings about that. Thoughts on that?

      • Mark Maslow

        Wow, didn’t expect that, Pat. I truly appreciate your effort.

        I actually did hire a VA to support me, although I also and still have those mixed feelings. It’s a decision I took, because one alternative would have been to cut back on making quality content.
        I currently answer the mails I get from my newsletter subscribers myself, while my VA answers those that come though my website.

        There’s two things I want to make sure, no matter what:
        1. Keep the personal contact to my audience, if not 100% then at least as much as possible.
        2. If somebody makes the time to send me an email, he deserves an answer, from me or someone from my team.

        Cheers and keep up the awesome work – you have lots of fans over here in Germany! :)

  • luke martin

    Very Good Pat. Success in bite size will produce one hungry for more. Strategic and genius on your part and love the idea. I plan to implement this one on my blog at very soon.

    • Pat Flynn

      Awesome – keep us posted on how it goes! Cheers!

  • Todd Brison

    I study Game Theory a lot at work. Quick wins in a model like this only make sense! Thanks for the reminder.

    • Pat Flynn

      Love it!

  • Beau Blackwell

    Awesome advice, Pat! I’m going to give this a try- I tend to create really long, detailed content, but I think the “quick win” stuff may be just what I need to do to get more engagement and help more people!

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Beau – I do too, which is why I emphasized the brevity of this post (relatively speaking) in an email I sent out about this today. Short and sweet can make a huge impact too.

  • Emil Pakarklis

    Great advice! Sounds like you took what you and Ramit where talking about, implemented, and got massive results. Now it’s our turn!

    • Pat Flynn

      Yup! Do it!

  • iamjustbeingironic

    That last post definitely helped me a lot….especially with the email opt-in at the bottom tip. Thanks! Btw Pat, is there a plugin for those large “Share on Facebook” and “Share on Twitter” buttons at the bottom of the article or did you have your developer create those?

    • Pat Flynn

      Not yet, but it’s in discussion to perhaps distribute this in some way within my team.

  • Nemo @ ProSocial Learning

    I definitely agree with the quick win aspect. I think it also addresses the hardest part about learning and gaining knowledge – applying what you’ve learned. Nicely done with that post – and thanks for sharing it’s success!

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Nemo!

    • Ash

      So true. Quick wins are probably the best motivators. I remember studying that efficacy is a huge thing when it comes to motivation. And what better way to increase your sense of efficacy than having a quick win?!


  • Jimmy The Chin

    Great advice. I’m half through ‘The power of habbit’ book now. What a coincidence?!? Great read though. After reading the first half I felt a bit stupid being sucked into the habbit loop so easily. :)

    • Pat Flynn

      Haha that’s cool you’re reading the book now too, hehe!

  • Rhydian Fairfax

    Very interesting Pat. it’s got me thinking that maybe I should let people download my free E-books without signing up and then give them the opportunity to subscribe.

    • Pat Flynn

      That is something I’ve thought about before Rhydian. For me, I decided to forget the above the fold email opt-in forms and wait to ask in the action area below the post or after a piece of content somewhere, for the same type of reason – I want them to consume my content first and then make the decision to subscribe. You could do this with a giveaway too. You know your subscribers will be qualified leads, for sure.

      • Rhydian Fairfax

        I think i’m going to do the same Pat! it will help me build up some trust with readers instead of them having to take a leap of faith and give away their email.

        • Stephen de Vere

          I totally agree – when I arrive at a new site and get hit with the email sign-up pop-up before even a chance to look around (or worse, when I’ve just started reading something !) I run a mile. It’s a big turn off.

        • Vanessa

          Interesting, I’ve been hemming and hawing about adding a pop up box to my website, some people rave about them but I personally dont like them. There are some that you can put on a delay so they dont pop up straight away though.

        • Daniel Flucke

          I’d be really careful with adding a pop-up box, even on a delay. They’re still really annoying. See If you do add one, make sure it works on mobile. I keep finding websites that I get partway through reading the content, then a popup on a delay comes up, and I can’t get it to close from my mobile. So annoying.

        • Dan

          There a of course exceptions to this:
          I found quicksprout through research on Neil Patel after a Podcast Pat did with him an i must say if you missed his content because of his email sign-up pop you’re truly missing out.

          I hope you don’t mind the share/link Pat.



  • Carlos

    “If you want change somebody’s life, give them something that changes their day first.”

    Love this! Once again, great advice Pat

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Carlos!

  • Daniel Cuttridge

    Pat I appreciate this post and all of your regular content offerings.

    However I believe it’s important not to get carried away when testing out different types of content and ways of writing them. In your case, you’re a large – established blog, with authority and a large following.

    I have seen many people do posts of quality like your own and they’ve never experienced such results, because they are not as large as you yet.

    You know when they say the normal rules of economics don’t apply to China? The same is true of larger sites, what works and what doesn’t.

    The majority of your audience are likely to not have the same success as you do from the same efforts, however it’s good to put into practise regardless.


    • Michal Szafranski

      Hi Daniel,

      “Whether you think you can or you can’t – you are right” or something like that 😉

      It’s quite easy to say that Pat’s tips won’t apply to smaller sites. And you are probably right, however I would like to show different story. I’m following Pat since May 2012. I launched my blog (in Polish) in pretty occupied personal finance and money saving “niche” in July 2012. Starting from 0 visitors and doing all my best to “be everywhere”. Today I have more than 100 000 readers monthly.

      And I can say Pat’ tips apply to smaller sites as well as for bigger ones. From my perspective it is even easier to grow when you are smaller :) and those strategies mentioned in previous article are simply great.

      Of course not everyone will have same results however I strongly suggest to put those ideas to test :)


      • Pat Flynn

        Thank you Michal! I actually think you have an advantage as a smaller site implementing these tips. Not only will you more easily stand out of the crowd by doing what many others in your niche probably are not, you’re able to make a deeper, more personal connection with those who are on your site, because when you’re smaller it’s much more easier to reach out and have an impact on individuals’ lives.

      • Ash

        Wow that’s awesome Michal. Huge achievement. Congratulations on growing the site so far.

        • Michal Szafranski

          Thanks Ash!

      • Tom @ Top Smartphones

        “Man who says it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it”
        (Chinese Proverb)
        Very well said, Michal. Testing is evrything. Without measuring your results, you cannot improve.

  • NonPareil Ltd.

    Much gratitude to you Pat for so much value-added richness, that is real and actually works! Recently re-visited your site to joyously discover your “SPI – 96” with Cory Huff @AGoodHusband. SO overwhelmed by both your generosities to help others!

    • Pat Flynn

      That was an amazing episode – Cory totally delivered a ton of amazing value!

  • Lyz Cano Freeman

    Quick wins are crucial for the overall success of changing habits as it creates small milestones that ultimately get to bigger ones. Thanks Pat!

    • Pat Flynn

      For sure! ESPECIALLY for habit changing, thank you for that Lyz!

  • Suzanne Oshima

    Thanks so much Pat for another awesome tip….it totally makes sense and is so logical! You’re the best! :)

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Suzanne! :)

  • James Smart

    Grab them with a story that highlights and gives credibility to your advice. Well done and effective post. I am glad that I am following you.
    Thanks Pat

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks James, it’s always great to tell a short, relevant story to add credibility to a post. You rock!

  • Greg Bastin

    I loved the post Pat. I’ve modified one of my health and nutrition blog posts to fit the quick win format and added an email collection form. I’d love to hear feedback from anyone

    5 Tips for Rapid Weight Loss

    • James Mason

      Not bad Greg, im no expert when it comes to blog traffic generation, but i found your post engaging so i signed up for your newsletter, therefore it looks like it works! All the best, James.

      • Pat Flynn

        Love it!

  • James Mason

    Hi Pat, as always some great advice, you have inspired me on my blogging journey and im loving it even though its early days with next to no subscribers… You mentioned to place a link of a post about quick wins, mine was lead generation for my new business –

    I was chuffed when i got a comment saying that i had inspired someone to take action.

    Happy to hear everyone’s thoughts (please go easy on me, im very new to all of this).

  • Chris

    Great tip, but man, can you slow down with the awesome, actionable content?! I just finished thanking you on Twitter this morning for my newly published “Start Here” page and brand new Podcast, created with assistance from your Podcasting Tutorial. Not to mention, I just received “War of Art” today from Amazon based on your recommendation and I’m looking forward to reading that. But I’m having a hard time keeping up over here! 😉 Seriously though, I certainly will give this tip a try as well. Thanks for everything you do.

    • Pat Flynn

      Haha – thanks Chris! Since moving and not being sick, I definitely feel great and feel like I’m finally back to creating great content again. Maybe lost it a little bit and lost focus for a while.

      • Chris

        You’re definitely back with a vengeance. Eye of the Tiger, keep jabbin!

      • Crystal Foth

        I agree with Chris! Dude- you’re on fire @patwithspi:disqus – and I love it!!! Love seeing my friends in the comments too @NicheSiteTools:disqus 😉

        • Chris

          Agreed @MaisiesMommy:disqus! It is always great to see a friendly face during our virtual travels!

        • Chris

          Opps, didn’t mean to reply as a guest. 😉

        • Crystal Foth

          The world wide web is oh so small sometimes @chris ;)!

      • Catherine

        I have to say I agree with Chris. I can’t keep up. Every time you give me an idea, there’s another one before I can finishing planning out the last one. I could make a full time job just out of learning from you.

  • Jason Leake

    Amen brotha! Since I’ve started helping people online I’ve realized there is massive benefit in just explaining the basics well and with credibility. If you can help a person actually experience a positive change in his or her own life (as you did for me through inspiration), they will become a fan and promote you to their friends, which is the best advertising there is. Your post today really boiled it down to the essence of how to accomplish this. Great advice!

    • Pat Flynn

      Thank you Jason, I appreciate your thoughts and confirmation on this strategy – you rock!

    • Ash

      Well said. I spent half an hour with a friend yesterday and showed him how to save 2 hours a week with with simple Mac keyboard shortcuts.

      He was so happy that he offered to write me this AWESOME recommendation. He’s wants me to do a webinar for his audience. I’m crazy excited!

  • Ash

    Hey Pat

    Great call to action. My quick tip to change is to take a deep breath … Right now. This is very powerful in bringing stability into the moment and increases happiness. Simple but very effective.

    I’ve written a post called “The Steve Jobs guide to Using Death sat the Ultimate Change agent + 22 Insights to thrive through change” …

    Most of these tips are designed to approach change from an accepting mindset rather than a fear driven one.

    To recognise that our very own breath is an agent of change in our bodies is a very effective way of being more open to change. Also taking deep breaths activates the para sympathetic system which is very very effective. You can try it right now.

    Here’s a link to the article :

    • Pat Flynn

      That deep breath is so important, thank you for that Ash, seriously.

      • Ash

        You’re most welcome Pat. So glad to know you recognise the value of something as simple as the breath. We take it for granted so often.

        Another cool thing about the breath: it’s a barometer of the mind.

        Deep and slow breaths are usually indicative of a peaceful mind. Fast and shallow breaths are indicative of an agitated mind.

        And no I’m not a Hare Krishna but I’ve been praising mindfulness with my productivity and find it to be a very powerful combination.

        The mindfulness and productivity combination is one of the best hacks I’ve come across in a long while!

        I’ve written the ultimate guide on mindfulness which lists 34 benefits. Here are 10 of them: You can read the whole post here:

        1) Reduced Fear

        2) Improved concentration

        3) Better decision making

        4) Increased productivity as in output rather than ‘busy’ness

        5) Increased alertness

        6) Increased kindness

        7) Better immune system

        8) Heightened awareness

        9) More CREATIVITY (that’s a big one for us bloggers)

        10) More present moment awareness

  • Delana Coetzee

    Thanks Pat, for another great tip. Implemented #4 and #5-created some photo’s with texts in 5 min.

    • Pat Flynn

      Awesome – would love to hear the results Delana!

  • Natalie Sisson

    I’m all about helping people just TAKE ACTION and if you can do it in 5 minutes even better so hat tip to you for helping so many do that (and getting a bunch of new fans in the process)

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Natalie! You rock!

  • Pat Flynn

    Very cool Tracey – thank you for sharing that!

  • Zechariah Newman

    Great post Pat. I ways love your actionable content.

  • Ron

    Thanks for the call to action Pat!! Going to implement it as soon as I get home. Even one quick tip that only takes minutes to do helps!!

  • Nik Parks

    Whoa! That’s insane, Pat! 315%?!

    Your email subject definitely stopped me in my tracks 😀 I had to check out this post.

  • Montina Portis

    Awesome post! I took so many notes from your interview with Ramit about quick wins, convenience and perceived value. You rock Pat!

    • Ash

      I haven’t watched that one yet. Must check it out!

      • Montina Portis

        Ash, I listened to it 3x and took tons of notes! You’ll enjoy it!

        • Ash

          Wow. That’s diligence! What was your key takeaway?

  • renee

    Pat, could you please write a post for my blog . . . I would love a 315% boost. Amazing content!

    • Ash


  • Jerry Dugan

    Boom! Thanks for the tip. I am trying it out this weekend in my next post. Well, the post after “Saturday Morning Pancakes” (making pancakes that look like bacon) and well, after Family Time Q&A Podcast, but next week! That’s my point.

    • Jerry Dugan

      I don’t know why I said, “Boom!” One of my friends has been saying it, and I guess it rubbed off.

      • Pat Flynn


  • KMKrueger

    I was one of those new subscribers, Pat. It was such a simple post, but, you’re right, it had a lot going for it. No.1, you demonstrated the effectiveness of what you were sharing right in the post. No. 2, they were things we could put to use ourselves immediately.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks! I hope others take my lead and use the same format for their own posts and audience too!

  • Nick Ritchie

    awesome brother, nice post, and timely reminder, I’ll check your other post too!

  • Ryan

    Pat, I doubt this is coincidence – I just put an opt in link to our top 3 posts a few hours ago and decided to check for new subscribers before signing off. Lo and behold, there is a new signup which is pretty big for us as we have a pretty short list. (By the way, enjoyed listening to Let Go for free over the weekend)

  • Stacie Walker

    Lol! I think you just bonded with my hubby I just let him read this post. He is a huge WOW nerd but I love him. This is a fantastic post and as always, you delivered. Thanks for showing the way to building an empire.

    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

  • Caleb Storkey

    Thanks Pat.

  • Naomi Goodlet

    Ok. I took up the challenge. I told a story, I think I got it right, maybe I wafted on a little too much (as I often do) but here it is!

    Thanks for the inspiration. Love your work! x

    • Naomi Goodlet

      Update: I had 10 new subscribers overnight! Maybe of them came from this link I’m sure. Thanks again.

  • Jeff Gaudette

    I am really glad the tip on breathing helped, Pat! As you know, it feels so awesome when advice you can give really makes a difference. Thank you very much for the link and this great post. It’s such an awesome, yet simple idea and I look forward to implementing it shortly.

  • bccochran

    Great post Pat! Digging tips #3 and 5 (all of them really) from the post you referenced here. It’s so important to look at our own patterns…why we return to a blog or subscribe to an email…to discover tactics for improving our blogs/websites. You’re amazing at detecting those patterns!

  • sarahkoszyk

    So true! This post hit home. Grabbing people’s attention with just 1 call for action on their behalf is so much easier to incorporate into one’s day! I love the simplicity (and genius) of giving people a quick change to make versus overwhelming them with so much info. You rock!!!

  • Mike Arnold

    Pat, great post. I always like a quick win. It’s good for the psyche.

  • Joe

    Nice, but not everyone is in a niche where there are quick wins. Some niches take time ( weeks and months ) to see a change.

    • Pat Flynn

      I disagree, I think if you think about it hard enough every niche could have a potential small win to share with their audience. We’re not going for a huge change, we’re going for a small win. Give me a few example where you think there may not be a quick win involved at all and we’ll put it to the test. You may prove me wrong, but let’s see.

      • Joe

        Hi again Pat. I was thinking healthy weight loss. People usually measure success with tangible results, ie a loss on the scale or in the tape measure. These things usually don’t happen in one day. Not in the recommended manner anyhow.
        Tks for your reply.

        • Dan

          Hey Joe, I know I don’t carry any authority as a guest posting a reply and i too look forward to Pats response but i have an answer for your weight loss niche conundrum. Ok so here’s a little win for people struggling with weight loss:
          Looking at weight loss through the psychology point of view these people have ingrained eating habits. What if we could teach them through neural linguistic programming exercises that take 15 minutes of repeating words while looking in the mirror to despise chocolate or the 1 food holding them back. This would be a huge win for them, sure they wouldn’t instantly lose weight but you have overcome a problem that’s been in their way of reaching their goals for years and you just solved it in 5 minutes. That’s the key here.
          If you don’t understand what i mean try this example:
          Learn to fly a plain niche:
          Their not going to learn to fly a plain in a day. But you could give them a little win by overcoming one of their problems to reach that goal, say money. You could find an online survey that takes 5 minutes to fill out which rewards you with discounts for flying schools BOOM WIN!

          Find out the problems and the barriers in their way. Make a spreadsheet for all of these problems. Find solutions for each problem and put these in the next collumn. Put an estimated time scale of the sollution in the next column. Sort spreadsheet by least to most amount of time. Pick the top 5 they are your quick wins. Create a snappy title. You get the rest 😉



          P.S i’m not the best at articulating my thoughts i hope i made sense :)

  • Tim

    Great tip Pat. The small quick rewards definitely add up over time. I feel great blog content needs to help people experience both small quick wins and longer-term wins. For instance at my fitness blog, the small quick win could be one of my readers eliminating soda from their diet. A longer term win might be one of my readers losing 20 pounds.

  • Tanya Brown

    Hi Pat,

    Great post now I am thinking about my next blog. I love that you website is such a valuable tool. I managed to put my podcast together thanks to you (meanwhile I thought I was clueless when it comes to tech. Now I feel like I am an expert (in my small word ie.. my condo).. So thank you for all you do… Love your site and I always share with my friends..

  • Sarah

    Thank you for this Pat – and extra love for the 5 Easy Tips one. I noticed it did hugely change my sense experience of the effectiveness of your e-mails and I eagerly read this one based on how helpful the last one was. Here’s an article I wrote a few months ago that fits your recommendations, however I changed the title and formatting thanks to inspiration from you. I swear the number is organic, I did NOT base it on yours :)

    Know You’re Good Looking in 5 Easy Steps,

  • KMKrueger
  • Steve Young

    Pat, amazing content. That was an indeed a great post and this is another following up on that post.

  • antonio macias

    thanks for this tip Patt :)

  • Tony

    I remember you mentioning this along time ago (maybe your newsletter?), but this fantastic tip got lost in the shuffle last time. This time it clicked and I got to work immediately. Thanks for putting together this fantastic resource…you never disappoint!

  • Sean Nisil

    I have had a similar result with the post I did this week–a collection of some of my top 5 favorite resources. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback via email and my weekly subscription rate is a lot higher than normal.

    Here’s the post, thanks Pat!

    P.S. I’m loving your Ask Pat Podcast–that thing rocks!

  • Abe S.

    Very nice. Being in the coaching and personal development business this tip to give someone something to change their day is incredibly powerful. Since it’s those celebrated wins that will build the new habits.

  • Larry Hochman

    This article about creating small quick wins, was clearly a quick win…though larger than small. Bookmarking. Great article!

  • Keith Lock

    Love the cta mid-way asking for a tweet of your quote! so I obliged :) Great post man! Glad I didn’t dismiss my Feedly feed today else I wouldn’t have seen it!

  • W. Lee Warren, MD

    Thanks for this Pat! I quoted you in my latest post on! Appreciate what you’re doing. -Lee

  • Marcus

    Cool article – love the correlation of “quick wins”. When I first got into inhaling the ins and outs “web business” 2 months ago it was from listening to a session Tony Robbins did with a guy named Frank Kern. Frank told a story of helping a person have mad success building their e-mail list by giving, “results in advance”. Similar theory to “quick wins” – it was a series of emails leading a person from point A (not even able to talking to an attractive person) to point b (landing a dinner or coffee date). Most posts and blogs at the time were talking all the mental game of being on that date without addressing how to actually start a conversation and not seem like a creepy stalker: so they came up with this test email series of little goals each week.

    Step one’s “challenge” gave the reader a way to open up a convo. No focus on landing a date even at that point. As the readers found success in that first step, they tuned in every week and by the end were breaking outside of their comfort zones and landing dates with people they thought were “outside their realm”. By the time they were finished there was an army of fans wanting to buy the book – much more effective than a cold launch and hoping someone finds your product.

    Anyways, long story short, “results in advance” or “quick wins” is a solid way to add value to your readers lives in small doses, help set yourself up as a trustworthy “friend” (ie: “an ally” who helped them achieve some personal victories), and to bring all around good cheer to the lives of others.

    Not really one to write a novel worth of reply in the comments section, but this post stood out to me and I really wanted to add to the point of emphasizing, “the value of helping others succeed” (not just in terms of “generating profit”, but in terms of personal fulfillment).

  • Brittany

    Thanks Pat! I’m pretty new to getting your emails but so far I have really enjoyed them and have already put a lot of your advice to use! Thanks so much!

    Here is my quick win post:!10-minute-indoor-activities/c1vzs

  • Definitely Ashlee

    Funny how the simplest things in life seem to whiz right by us, and it takes someone else to point out the simplicity of it. My mom and I have read a ridiculous amount of your posts and you have inspired us to go full blown into creating a brand new website that will hopefully launch in May.

  • kimanzi constable

    I’m in Pat!

  • Richard Douglas
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  • Richard Douglas

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  • Erik van Hurck

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    My best posts are personal victories posts. People saw that I could do it, and that they can do it too. Once they get a taste of a small vic, by putting my theory to the test, and proving it good money, then they are in even more.

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    I’m right in the middle of writing my first draft of my first book. I realized after hearing the podcast, I was giving my readers a lot of long-term wins but very few wins that they could feel right away. Because of what you’ve shared, I’ve completely restructured the format of the book, adding quick wins earlier and more often! It’s going to be a million times better because of that. So thank you, thank you.

    And seriously, I don’t know what cave I’ve been living in, but I’m new to you, your podcast and blog. And I am so grateful to have finally found you. Much appreciation flowing your way.


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