SPI 072: Niche Down and Dominate—How Andrea Olson Is Changing the Lives of Parents

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m really excited to interview Andrea Olson – an awesome mom and business owner – but she’s not a mom blogger in the traditional sense of the term. Instead, Andrea has been able to take some unique information she’s become an expert on and successfully create a business out of it in the very competitive parenting niche.

The parenting space is huge, but she’s niched down in a very unique way.

Her website can be found at GoDiaperFree.com, a website that teaches new parents how to essentially potty train their 0 to 18 month old babies. This can be done through something called Elimination Communication, something I’ve never heard of before until speaking with Andrea.

Almost all babies in the U.S. are potty trained between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, sometimes older. It’s not even on the minds of parents until a baby is over a year old…but potty training an infant?

Diapers are a major pain for parents. Trust me – I know. I have two young kids and just thinking back at how many diapers me and my wife have had to change – how much money it costs and all of the other things that goes along with it – it’s ridiculous.

Andrea noticed that other countries don’t keep their children in diapers nearly as long as they do in the U.S., and there are other countries that don’t even use diapers at all. When she successfully figured out how to tell when her own newborn was going to potty – she knew she was onto something.

She’s been able to create a successful business providing information to new parents about Elimination Communication (EC). She’s written a book and has multi-media classes available, she’s recently launched a podcast – it’s pretty awesome to see what she’s been able to do.

On the interview, Andrea was kind enough to share that she has successfully implemented a lot of the strategies that I’ve shared here on Smart Passive Income (and we get into each of them specifically during our chat), but what I love most about Andrea is how she approaches her business. Instead of completely forcing her message onto parents and being aggressive at trying to get people to understand, she provides information in a smart way where parents are able to make their own decisions whether or not EC is right for them, and her specific, passive arguments are very convincing.

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  • http://goodchurchwebsite.com Daniel

    Sounds like an intriguing episode! Looking forward to listening to it hopefully this evening after work. I’m also intrigued by your new info product…I’ll definitely be looking at it on Monday!

    • http://www.trustedsiteseller.com Ryan Kaufman

      hi Daniel,

      You’ll see the passion that comes from Andrea’s voice… she’s very determined, no wonder she got the success she deserves… and I feel like anybody who wants to blog and podcast, should learn from both Andrea and Pat.

      I’ve learned that the best bloggers, teachers and consultants are the ones who reflect passion, not necessarily the ones who know the most…

      By the way, since noticing your first comment, I wanted to check on your link… and see what’s your site all about… so you’re building web sites for churches or helping them create their own site… how does that work for you?

      Do you offer or plan to podcast as well?

      • http://goodchurchwebsite.com/ Daniel

        Hi Ryan,

        Thanks for visiting my site! This site (not my only site) started out as a project for an independent study class I did in January for my seminary. My goal with the site isn’t to actually build web sites for churches, but to give assistance to pastors and churches that may not know much about websites. My undergrad degree is in computer science and religion, so I feel like I have a unique perspective to offer. There are a lot of churches that could use some serious help with everything related to technology!

        I don’t have any plans to do a podcast right now. I really only started listening to podcasts this fall when I found SPI.

        Thanks for your comment!

    • http://candikota.blogspot.com Kang Jum

      Something new I’m curious to conquer the challenge, perhaps for the first time is difficult.

  • http://www.thesparepenny.com Stephanie

    I love this concept of eliminating diapers. Having not experienced motherhood (yet), I already know I will be listening to this again when I am a mom. Thanks Pat for the awesome stuff!

  • Kent Faver

    Realizing we are 20 years removed from diapers, the topic does not resonate, but the business content does! Thanks – yet another example of passion and innovation producing stellar income.

  • http://howisgonzo.com Daniel Gonzalez

    Hey Pat,

    I will definitely be listening to this on my way out of work. And I’m STOKED to buy your product on Only 72. Been with you for this long in the game and I know that only the products that YOU think are going to be the most beneficial will be available in the bundle so I’m very excited.

    Thanks and can’t wait to listen in on this one!

  • http://www.topbloggingcoach.com Theodore Nwangene

    Yet another interesting podcast Pat,
    I just downloaded it now and i love what I’ve heard so far. Thanks a lot for sharing this one with us too.

    Have a fabulous day

  • http://www.brianlima.com Brian

    She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene I said don’t mind, but what do you mean, I am the one Who will dance on the floor…


  • http://www.rusanderson.com Rus Anderson

    I really like how she mentions taking the lessons she’s learned from other sources and try’s her own thing. I’m going to have to research her and her methods a bit more…
    Thanks, Pat!

  • http://www.classicflightbag.com Paul Lemley

    Andrea had some great ideas regarding the utilization of her VA. Definitely going to use those tips once I start with my first VA.

    Another solid podcast Pat! Excited for the next steps on Niche Site Duel 2.0!!!

  • http://www.guestblogginghq.com/2013/06/ultimate-guide-what-is-guest-blogging.html Kingsley @Guest blogging

    I seriously need to get my hands on that “free podcast tutorial”. When are you going to release the transcript of the podcast?

  • http://www.revitfurniture.com/ Alex Gore

    While I don’t have a kid yet, I am definitely creating a google doc resource page with Andrea Olson as my first entry.

  • http://www.drivenmavens.com Arvind

    This podcast helped a lot. I have been getting really confused as of late with a direction to increase my traffic because I have a blog and a product. Pat, your content is terrific but sometimes it’s information overload 😉 My conversions were pretty decent despite less traffic. So this podcast in particular helped me to see if I need to change my direction a little.

    Excellent podcast and highly relevant to my situation.

    Thanks again :)

  • http://www.digitalrealism.com.au/blog Darin Mandy

    Great stuff again Pat, quick question about Only72.com is it for America only or world wide?

    Thanks Darin.

    • Pat Flynn

      Worldwide for sure! Thanks Darin!

  • http://reviewsfm.com/lcd-tv-reviews/samsung-46-smart-tv-review/ Angela@ ReviewsFm

    I love Andrea’s niche idea. It’s a niche where you can solve a problem for nursing mothers and caretakers. I like the fact that Andrea also has a podcast. Thank you so much Pat for interviewing this lovely woman.

    • http://www.trustedsiteseller.com Ryan Kaufman

      hey Angela,

      I like Andrea’s approach to business and site building as well… and I see you’re having (or promoting) a website related to LCD reviews… how does this work for you?

      Maybe you could share some results from your blog commenting methods – and Google SERPs rankings – what works, what doesn’t, etc.

      I’m sure Pat’s audience would love to hear more from your approach – what do you say? :)

  • http://---- Bill Seib

    “——– thinking back at how many diapers my wife and I have had to change –——— .”
    Just a little correction, Pat

  • http://contentmarketingup.com/viral-marketing-techniques/ Michael Chibuzor

    I’ve just downloaded the podcast and it’s great. Olson is doing a great job with kids and keeping them safe and healthy. Her niche is unique and I haven’t even considered that since I started blogging. Thank you Pat.

  • http://www.taazasms.in George

    Wow!!!Someone can make money writing on how to be diaper free!!! That shows the entrepreneurial skill of the “MOM”. having said that, that also helping lots of mom across the world to learn this.

  • http://stevebau.com Steve

    Thank you Pat for this episode. Loved Andrea’s hustle. And the idea to join up with the authorities in the niche is genius, basically turning them into affiliates.

    • http://antianxietyincome.wordpress.com Elle

      This was definitely my favorite part of the interview! She’s done some great things with marketing and I loved the idea of being linked with everyone on the first page of her search term.

  • http://charmingoo.com/ Josh Brancek

    Pat, this is an awesome episode!!! Thanks for the interview!!!

  • http://www.låna-direkt.com Jimmy

    Thanks for de podcast Pat. Very nice,

    Greeting from sweden.

    Låna direkt

  • http://www.andybowsers.com Andy

    I tried to start a mastermind group with four friends last fall. Three have since abandoned their projects. I’ve been saying for six months that I wish there was a product I could give them to get them back on track. This is a billiant idea, Pat. Can’t wait to see how well you knock it out of the park!

  • http://www.drawingforkidsinfo.com Crystal

    Sounds like a good listen! I can’t wait to hear it. I’m addicted to your podcasts like a drug! ;o). I can’t wait to get into my car when you have a new one up. I’m especially interested in the “mompreneurs” myself as I’m just getting started. Your podcast and blog inspire me everyday!

  • http://www.clmmllc.com Cindy

    Thank you very much. I enjoyed listening to the podcast and learned so much. My grand daughter has been letting us know she needs to go to use the bathroom and it never dawned on me to think out of the box and that we could let her just use the toilet or potty chair. I know many new babies in the area and in the family that I will like to share.

    A forgetful question. I think I signed up for Only72.com (I can’t remember if I hit the button or not). Was I supposed to get a response email? I don’t want to do a second time if I already did once. (OK, I can’t remember which email I used either). One of those days yesterday.

  • http://www.thetop10.in Shekhar

    That is called Passion and Innovation. Thats what matters!!! Online business is not about spamming it is the best way of earning money from your passion when you innovate it.

  • http://airbrushdoc.com Sergej

    Pat, the intro is just killing 😉
    I love your podcast and never miss an episode.
    Thank for all your work your doing.


  • http://www.homelearningexperience.com Sibo

    Another great podcast with a very inspiring story. I have my second baby on the way due this Halloween, so I will look into it further and plus I want to give all my greatest respect to the great Moms like Andrea.

    For Pat, eventually you come out with your own product. THIS IS FANTASTIC! I would love to purchase this course, because I already know it’s going to be very helpful. I am checking out the trailer right now.

    Keep the great things happen to SPI community, Pat. You are the greatest!



  • http://bestfishingpoles.org/ ray

    Great podcast! Like others, it amazes me the type of things you can monetize online if you put your mind to it and produce quality, useful content.

  • http://www.CastleForgeMedia.com Dennis Duty | Castleforge Media

    Pat, will you be disclosing revenue made from your product(s) in your income report?

    Spenser doesn’t list his long-tail pro because he says it’s not income derrived from ‘niche sites’. Your site however is more about Passive Income in general, so there would be some level of relevant value for readers.

    At the same time, readers may harbor some level of resentment towards somebody who’s directly profiting so much off of them.

    I personally think it will be fine and very few people would be bothered by it.. but I’m curious what you think/plan to do

    • http://antianxietyincome.wordpress.com Elle

      I’m also interested to know the answer to this.

      I would be so interested to see the revenue from this new product and maybe even a breakdown of the costs associated with creating it.

      I hope readers don’t feel resentment. Pat offers SO much free information and readers can chose whether or not to purchase any item Pat offers. Surely no one would be upset.

  • http://parentinggroove.com/ Annie Keeling

    I LOVE this podcast! From the age of 4 months, we did EC with our son. He sat on his little potty at 9 months and used no diapers – day or night – by the age of 15 months.

    It was so fun to be in such close communication with him. Among the many benefits was that his increased body awareness transferred to all kinds of bodily functions, physical talents, communication skills, and self-esteem. I credit some of his amazing-ness at the age of 11 to early EC training.

    I resonate with your story, am so glad to see your book, and LOVE what you are doing. It’s a wonderful movement. (Ha Ha!!!) Go, EC!!!

    And thank you for all your niche insight, Andrea. Awesome podcast!

  • Karl

    Pat, when I heard you introduce the subject of the podcast, I almost turned it off, but Andrea did a great job showcasing her product and providing step by step guidance on how she got where she is.

    Kudos to you both!

  • http://[email protected] John Corcoran

    Well, this hits me squarely where I live… since I have a son who is about 2 3/4ths and we’ve already tried once (unsuccessfully) to potty train him. We’re planning on giving it another shot sometime soon. Last time, we used the “3 day potty training” method which was a real basic PDF ebook, sold only on their own website. The ebook was written by a Mom and I recall being curious when I read the ebook what was the story behind it, and whether it was profitable for the author. I’m looking forward to listening to this interview.

  • http://www.annieandre.com Annie André

    This was probably my favorite podcast to date Pat. One because i totally believe in potty training babies before they hit one year old. Two, because the methods Andrea uses to market and promote her product and services are so simple but so so very clear.
    Question: Andrea what type of forum do you use for your support forum. I love the idea of answering questions all at once, once a week rather than individually by email like i do now but don’t know the best way to set this up. Is it on facebook or through some plugin or…..?


  • http://www.medxpower.com Clark

    Thanks for post. This post give me lost of inspiration and also helpful for promoting my business.

  • http://antianxietyincome.wordpress.com Elle

    Thanks so much for this interview Pat!
    I don’t have kids yet but I absolutely love learning about parenting styles. I’ve done a lot of research on EC and I’ve even visited Andrea’s website before so it was super exciting to hear her explain the business side of things.

    I love her VA tips and the fact that she links up with authorities in her niche. She’s a hands on mom, a savvy business woman, and a genuinely nice person.

    Thank you again for sharing this super inspiring interview!

  • http://heatExch.com/ Perry Ning

    Hi Pat and Andrea,

    After listening to this podcast, I niched my keyword from Heat Exchangers to GROUND Heat Exchangers (GHE, website is the same heatExch.com):

    * GHE reduce home heating and cooling cost and many home owners are doing it.
    * There is a lacking of engineering and my expertise can produce some unique contents.
    * I just finished a patent search and found I can file a patent to increase my authority.
    * I will allow home owners to register and use the pending patent free for their homes.
    * I can run a contest for contractors to win the assignment (or license if the patent is granted).

    I think this plus my age will add some variety to your MLG. Please take me as a black duckling, or OldNewbie if possible.

    Thank you, Perry Ning

  • http://www.moneyAhoy.com Derek | MoneyAhoy.com – Money Saving, Making Money, and Investment Ideas

    That’s a great niche idea!

    I remember seeing babies in China 1-2 years old that were trained using this method. The thought would have never occurred to me to bring it here to the US. More power to her!!

    • http://heatExch.com/ Perry Ning

      Hi Derek,

      I thought you were talking to me. I grew up with NO diaper and no milk either – I mean people, especially babies, can adept to a lot of things.

      BTW, I went to your website. You can register for free at Alexa.com and I find the registration improve ratings on Alexa.

      Thanks, Perry

  • http://www.annieandre.com Annie André

    This was probably my favorite podcast to date Pat. I got some great ideas to from Andrea from how she uses her VA to how to get on the first page of google by contacting those who were on the first page of google using my keywords.
    So simple but brilliant.

    Andrea what type of forum do you use for your support forum?

    I love the idea of answering questions all at once, once a week rather than individually by email like i do now but don’t know the best way to set this up. Is it on Facebook or through some plugin or…..?

    Thank You,

  • http://rustyboozer.com Rusty

    Great episode again. I actually was really impressed with Andrea and loved some of the things she had discussed in the episode like the VA and how she was reaching others to link back to her.

    Unfortunately, when I tried to reach out to her on her site, there really wasn’t a way to contact her except for a contact form that doesn’t work.

    I’m way past the baby stage, like 17 years past, but i still would like to ask her a few questions about the process she went through without joining her Facebook group.

    Any suggestions on how to reach out?

    – Rusty

    • http://rustyboozer.com Rusty

      Sorry! About her business process she went through. That last statement was a little confusing. Made it sound like I still need to know about potty training process. : )

  • http://thenmapper.blogspot.com Mauricio Sanchez

    Awesome podcast thanks Pat. This is definitely one of my favorite ones and definitely a qualifier to be the best SPI podcast ever. She was genuine, delivered with such elegance and you could tell she is a SPI alumni with great of Pat’s tips and then some. I was so excited about Andrea’s story that I got my wife to listen to it. She is great and a very determined mom. The best of all for her.

    Mauricio Sanchez.

  • http://www.theworkingdad.com Ian

    Hi Pat,

    This is one of my favorite podcasts that you’ve done and that’s saying a lot considering they’re all great. My son just turned 1 year old last weekend and when he was born, we highly considered EC. We have just started using sign lanugage for eating, etc.

    From the business end, Andrea really inspired me to get working on my dad blog. The niche I want to be in within the dad blog category is something that affects me, which is why I want to share how I manage fatherhood. I didn’t even want to bother looking for how often it’s searched as much as create amazing and entertaining content.

    Keep up the great work!

  • http://jobs57.com Ankit Bansal

    Thanks for covering this story. Some interesting aspects about the idea and then implementation. Idea is surely unique . 😀

  • http://www.verantwoord-afvallen.nl/afvallen/afvallen-met-shakes Silvia

    Nice podcast.

    Being in the middle of the diaper period i’m very curious about the method! I will check it out for sure.