SPI 042: Killer Kindle Publishing Tips with Jonny Andrews

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast I pick the brain of someone who is seeing massive success by publishing books on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

As many of you may know by now, I’m deep in the middle of publishing my own Kindle book for the first time, and when conducting research and asking around for advice, more often than not, this person’s name kept coming up.

I’m happy to welcome Jonny Andrews and his business partner Hollis to the SPI podcast today where we talk about his success on the Kindle platform, and more importantly, his approach – and I have to say our conversation was such a breath of fresh air.


Because like with any online make-money opportunity, there are a lot of people out there who teach the quick and easy way to do things, ways which don’t really provide value to the end user, unfortunately.

With Jonny, however, his main priority is making sure that extreme value is being provided to those who will be purchasing books on the Kindle platform, because it is that value that will put more people in front of your book, introduce more people to your brand, and drive more sales.

In this session you’ll learn about:

  • The #1 most important thing to consider if you really want to be a successful author on Kindle.
  • Why keywords are actually irrelevant when it comes to book publishing on Amazon.
  • Other potential benefits (beyond monetary) that can come out of publishing in the Kindle marketplace.
  • What the Amazon environment can offer authors that really no other marketplace can.
  • How to go where the eyeballs on Amazon are looking.
  • Where to start when you don’t have a platform and existing audience to sell to.
  • Why most people fail when it comes to creating cover art that works.
  • Why the reviews for a book are more important than the book itself.
  • Why Jonny says there is zero competition on the Amazon platform.
  • Jonny’s thoughts on using ghostwriters and why one should strongly consider it.
  • Tips for using images in your Kindle book, and how not to lose money because of it.

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

After listening to this session you might understand why I’m so excited to be going through this process myself!

As I mentioned in the podcast, I’m documenting and reporting this entire process in a Private Facebook Group in hopes that by the end of this I not only have my first book published on Amazon, but a convenient, step-by-step guide for anyone else who wants to do the same. It would be a nice addendum to my existing eBook, eBooks the Smart Way, for sure. :)

Thank you all for your support, thank you to Jonny and Hollis, and I wish you all the best!

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  • http://internetdreams.com/ Samuel

    Congrats on trying to write your first kindle E-book.

    Many people today are using that platform to the reading nowadays.

    It can be a very long process, and you might really not know what to do if you don’t learn about it. But you know what you are doing :)

    • Pat

      Thanks Samuel, I’ve already learned so much and I haven’t even started writing yet. I’m still detailing my outline, which will make the writing process a lot easier for me down the road :)

      Cheers, and all the best!

  • http://olympicdistancetriathlons.com Brandon Breshears

    I am so excited to see what this one is about and listen to it later today. I am really curious to hear if you covered putting your ebook in the free borrow section. Thanks man! By the way, I listened to your amazon podcast with your bud who sold a million bucks with amazon, i think episode 18 yesterday and changed out all my links like he suggested and boom 71.17 in sales from day one! Awesome so excited man.

    • Pat

      Yeah unfortunately we didn’t get to that topic. I kicked myself for not asking him about it, but I’m interviewing a few others and will definitely be asking about KDP select and free promotional periods for paid books on Kindle. Cheers, and congrats on the sales from taking Chris’s advice!

      • http://5minaday.com Craig Kelley

        I can tell you that you should definitely take advantage of the FREE promos on Amazon. I didn’t for about 6 months. Finally, after reading a successful story of someone who did, I offered my book for free for a full 5 days and man, my sales for the next month went through the roof. Give it away as often as you can is my advice!

        By the way, keep up the great work Pat,

      • http://www.paypalprofitdomination.com Lance Clancy

        Hi Pat,

        I think you should look at this report, it is very much relevant to the topic of free promotions and is an extensive report on kindle publishing. It was sent to me as being subscribed to the mailing list of Ryan Deiss.

        Because of this report I now considering publishing for Kindle.

    • http://www.PublishingEDU.com Jonny Andrews


      Just got the link to this from Pat and I’m SUPER glad you liked it!

      Free vs. Paid is a great question. Here’s my take on it: Go free for 24-48 hours but DO NOT promote it do your subscribers. Just let the natural traffic in Amazon lift and carry you. The reason for this is if you have nailed your title/cover/description/social proof just right you should get a HUGE surge of downloads. This free DL surge is then an indication of general popularity.

      After it goes free you can then start to promote it to your in house assets.

      Why wait? Because people who DL for free don’t typically do anything with the book. If you’re using a consumption model to build your brand and you push a free title it can end up being a big miss in terms of actual exposure.

      • http://www.TheInfoPreneur.TV Brandon Yeager

        Interesting response here. And you know what…makes complete sense, but I’d have never thought about doing it that way.
        For sure, I’d have promoted it to my list (you know…build good will,etc), but what you mentioned about those not paying is sooooo true. Matter of fact…I speak from experience. If I paid $1000 for a course…am I going to try and use it? Yep. Download something for free…ummm…not so much. Guess it’s all in the value they place on what they are receiving, huh?

  • http://www.onlineincomestartup.com Dr.Spencer Jones

    Pat, Loved the podcast. The potential of earning $45,000 is one week with a $4 book on amazon is simply amazing. These days almost everyone is coming up with teachings on creating Ipad and iphone apps. I believe having amazon Kindle books has got just the same potential as the Apps. I am already on your facebook group. Looking forward to watch and learn from you. Hopefully I’ll have a Kindle ebook as well in the near future.

    Wishing you all success Pat with your upcoming Kindle book.

    Dr.Spencer Jones

  • http://www.GoToPhysicianAssistantSchool.com The PA Coach

    Great stuff Pat. My audience could really benefit from me doing this too. Will give it a try.

  • http://incomepress.com Joey

    Awesome podcast brotha. I’m super stoked about my kindle journey. It seems like it’s all I thinking about 😉

  • http://www.strayblogger.com Nate Rivers

    Pat and Jonny- great info as always.

    Jonny- I got started with KDP with ‘Perfect Publishing System’ and KDP has become a big part of my business.

    Combine great info in cheap ebooks + optin forms + autoresponder sequences + Facebook pages…

    …and your readers love you for helping them solve problems.

  • http://www.Traffic.me Arbel Arif

    Thank you for the podcast Pat, I just created my 3 first eBooks last week, Let’s see what will happen :-)

  • http://www.ayounginvestor.com Tony

    Good luck with your ebook, Pat! Are you also going to publish a print edition with Createspace?

  • http://mikefrommaine.com Mike From Maine

    I’ve really been considering diving into Kindle but I just haven’t taken the leap yet. Thanks for doing this, Pat. As always your one step (or many) ahead.

  • http://scpi-1.com Jean-Luc

    Thanks for the podcast Pat
    Great timing since I’m going to publish also a book on Kindle :-)

  • http://Www.blogasajob.com Benjamin Thompson

    Pat, glad to see you are focusing more on the eBook business. It seems a fantastic market (similar to Apps as someone said above). Love your previous podcast on this. Also check out the Self Publishing Podcast guys, lead by Johnny B. Truant. http://selfpublishingpodcast.com/

    I’m hoping to go in this direction along with other online income and blogging stuff on my site. I’m a massive historical fiction geek and got started on this passive/self employees income route by starting to pen my first fiction novel. But also will be writing some non-fiction, fitness niche and self help books.

    I’m liking the name for the book. Definitely a great topic for you to dominate. Be everywhere!

  • http://www.slymarketing.com Jens P. Berget

    Hi Pat,

    This is perfect timing as I am about to publish my first short story for the kindle. Can’t wait to listen to it.

  • http://www.leavingworkbehind.com/ Tom Ewer

    Waiting for the transcript impatiently Pat! 😉

  • http://www.mydailycuppa.com/ Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for a very informative podcast. I am also jumping on the Kindle book writing bandwagon.

    I feel really stupid but I can’t find the registration button on your facebook group page. How do I join?

    Thanks and good luck with your book.

    Victoria :)

  • http://bit.ly/kevincooperblog Kevin Cooper
  • http://silverincirculation.com Harold Forbes

    Congrats Pat on jumping into Kindle books! I just recently published my first Kindle book and I’m still trying to figure out the nuances.

    This was a good episode and a great intro to the topic, but I would love to hear a follow-up or two with some more actionable tips.

  • Travis

    How can I find the books that were written by Jonny Andrews & Hollis on Amazon? All that I can find under Jonny’s name is this one book about being debt free. The podcast makes it seem like they have written tons of books.

    Where are they?

  • http://www.PublishingEDU.com Jonny Andrews


    You won’t find any other books written by either of us. We’re publishers. Before this became official I had many books (fiction/nonfiction) under about 6 different pen names. This is done on purpose to stop a small but vocal group of authors from bashing books with review bombs.

    Lots of people don’t like the fact I’m an author who successfully crossed over into the business world. That’s something of a crime in art land 😉

    Today we only work with top entrepreneurs/speakers/authors/coaches to help launch their books.

    • Travis

      Alrighty then! :)

    • Charley

      Jonny, this is a very interesting insight on using pen names that I haven’t heard anyone talk about. Could you please elaborate on your experiences with other authors “review bombing” others’ books? (Either comment here or privately to my addy: charley_swift at yahoo dot com)

      • http://www.Publishingedu.com Jonny Andrews


        FYI: the issue I mentioned only effects authors such as myself who write, succeed and come back to tell about it. Normal people who simply put out books don’t normally have to deal with anything like this.

        With those who teach a process what we have found is a small group of struggling authors like to swoop in and plant scathing comments on books to try to discredit what we’re saying. While it doesn’t do too much to effect the overall success of the title it can be annoying to deal with.

        Hope that makes sense


    • elizabeth

      Hi am hoping someone can help me, I am wandering how to get someone to read a story i have wrote. I have been writing for a few years but am working on a triology I would like to get feedback from a publisher, does anyone know the best way to do this thanks. Elizabeth

  • Joe McCready

    Pat, Great content as usual. I loved Johnny’s sense of humor “books about punching dogs” It’s great to follow your thought process on your Kindle journey! Keep up the great work!


  • pit

    hey pat, this episode is also posted on this site: http://www.selfhelpresources.net/spi-042-killer-kindle-publishing-tips-with-jonny-andrews I was searching for other kindle publishing podcasts and this was one on the serp.

  • http://www.extramoneyblog.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    good episode Pat.

    the interview does convey the Kindle potential very nicely. that said, there are other platforms as well where you can publish an existing book to give your book more exposure and more sales. I have done this with each of my books.

    another thing I’ve done is the free promo option within KDP. it does help with the exposure/ratings as well. more importantly, it shows up more on the “those who bought this also bought ….” list. this is the biggest benefit in my experience.

    the beauty of the ebook business is that it is one of the models that allows you to profit instantly without having to own your own blog or website and having no following whatsoever. it is also a business model where your true costs can be absolutely ZERO dollars. most often however authors will outsource their ebook covers as well as formatting for multiple platforms.

    another beauty of this model is that you can easily repurpose existing content (i.e your blog) into a quality product (put in sequential/chronological order) and publish it on a platform like Amazon.

    speaking of passive income, it doesn’t get any more passive than this :)

  • http://www.alaininternetmarketing.com/ Alain

    Thank you for keeping it real. I have been doing a bit of research about kindle books and it seem that there are already so many scams that it is difficult to find the real serious people. Once I found a few people who were making some money over the internet, many of them recommended quantity over quality. It so refreshing that your guests were more focus on quality.

    I will be finishing my ebook in about 2 month. My English is mediocre, since Spanish is my first language, but I have a great editor who have meetings with me once per week to set me straight.

    This interview have provided a lot of guidance at a perfect time in my life. Thank you so much.

  • http://feeds.feedburner.com/logintips/ Malcolm Chase

    Wow $45,000 per month from ebooks! This is a nice podcast with lots of useful information.I like the point where those two guys in the podcast emphasize creating value.

  • http://areyoupop.com victor

    Pat, i’m considering the same but I was wondering, how did you overcome the Amazon not wanting affiliates from California?

  • http://www.christianhomeandfamily.com Carey

    I’m excited for you Pat… and the entire book writing process. It’s very satisfying to see it in print, no matter how many copies you are able to sell.

    I was a bit disappointed in this interview, just hoping for more hands-on practical how-to stuff regarding how Johnny and his buddy actually DID what they did. There wasn’t much of that (like I’m accustomed to on your podcast). BUT, I do understand… they have to make a living too (and that info. may be part of their “sale”).


  • http://www.mypersonalfinancejourney.com/ Cherleen @ My Personal Finance Journey

    Good luck on your new endeavor! I am excited to read your first e-book.

  • http://bootstrapcafe.com Adam

    Serendipity, that’s the word.

    So strange; last night I commit to a totally new direction in my work /Life and publish the news on my Blog just to push myself publicly to do it ..

    Next, this morning I awake with the idea for my book crystallised ( it’s a subject close to both our hearts Pat ) and decide to write the Ebook, then it occurs – what if I publish this to suit Kindle ?

    I Google for a tip on the ideal page size for Kindle, then I’m formatting the general layout and I need reminding of a few tips from when I read your “Ebooks The Smart Way” guide .

    I’ve lost the download, so I go to your blog. BOOM! How timely is this interview?

    Thank you for sharing this and I wish you every success with your own Kindle adventure. Now back to hammering the keyboard in 25 minute sprints – no Ghostwriter required when you’re deeply passionate about the subject!

    All my best, Adam

  • kevin


    Great Stuff. I’ve got a few questions.

    1. I’ve been hearing rumors about a 10 inch Fire. Can you tap your “deepthroat’ within Amazon to confirm/deny?

    2. Do you know if Amazon is planning to make a framework for those of us who want to publish enhanced e-books. IMO, one of the greatest advantages a tablet has over a physical book is the ability to incorporate different types of media. Apple has ibook author which is a good first attempt and Quark has a system that allows you to convert your book into an app. It’d be great if Amazon developed something which allowed creators to easily compile an enhanced book and sell it on their marketplace.



    • http://www.PublishingEDU.com Jonny Andrews


      Dude, super good questions.

      #1: Shhhhhhhhh! When I know I’ll totally Tweet it 😉

      #2: This I know nothing about and have not truly looked into.

      Here’s Why: As of this moment in time there is no data supporting the theory readers want to DL apps vs. ebooks. This is something a lot of people have tried on the iOS platform and very few of them have succeeded. Byook, for example is a phenomenal “reading immersion” experience but at the same time is not huge.

      I would strongly suggest you sit back and allow this direction to play out before getting involved with a project which could cost A LOT of money and ultimately end up failing due to lack of consumer interest.

      Not saying it won’t be what people want… I mean it sounds SUPER cool… but we already know eBooks are mainstream, just like we know FaceBook is mainstream. Go where the interest already exists. Let the deep pockets at Google/Amazon battle over testing what the future of ebooks will be.

      When one rises to the surface that’s when it’s a great idea to strike. What you’re asking is VERY similar to what happened when VHS went to DVD… there was that middle ground called “Laser Disk”. (Remember?)

      The big issue with Amazon would be the fact the majority of Kindle sales are gray scale screens which lack the processing power to display much more than text and basic graphics. Because of this AZ would have to offer an ebook AND an “enhanced” ebook or app in order to not totally damage their user-base.

      Bottom Line: If it were me I’d wait it out and keep my ears/eyes open for the next big wave of consumer buying trends in eBooks. Personally I don’t think it’ll catch for a long, long time. Most people are only just discovering digital readers! Let ’em cook for a few more months!

  • http://www.e31purses.com Richard Worthington

    Always glad to see all the great ways you show us on how to diversify our online income. Thanks Pat!

  • http://www.authormarketingclub.com Jim F. Kukral

    Good tips and strategies in this podcast. I especially like how the authors’ don’t say this is super easy and can be done with a flip of a switch. There is no “make money overnight” in book publishing. It’s a lot of hard work. Great stuff Pat. I’ve shared this with my club members.

    Jim F. Kukral

  • Chris Sines

    Pat, don’t know where you and Johnny met, but solid interview. Liked the enthusiasm. So much, I listened to it twice, rubber meets the road time now. I am a member of azmoneymachine.com. Seems like a lot of stuff you guys were chatting about. I am thinking of out sourcing most of this. You spoke of college kids, any source you go to for that? Fair price? Also Johnny, like the bravado. Often listen to podcasts and people even though cannot be seen seem timid you just step up and say your shizzle. Mommy porn, great line. True cultural phenomenons come and go, but I live in Vegas, 50 shades of the desert! Pat, on your twitter, Johnny, what is yours? Thanks

  • http://jeffcarson.co Jeff Carson

    Hey Pat,

    I really liked this one…

    I just finished writing my first short story, and I kind of like…didn’t want to listen to this one for some reason lol. I was thinking I would learn I was completely on the wrong track or something? It just seems like such an outlandish thing to do!!

    Anyways, good interview. You hit him with some great questions I wanted to know, and Jonny was very passionate about it…so it was cool!

    Good luck with your book as well.


  • http://talesofwork.com Kimanzi Constable

    I thought there was some amazin info in this episode and I like the main point about adding value first.

    I wish he would have gotten into more specific strategy’s and if or how he incorporates social media or other free mediums to market the books.

  • http://businessandblogs.com Matt Wolfe

    Jonny and Hollis are the real deal. I’ve got a few books on Amazon right now. I think I’m on pace to do about $1,000 this month from them. Everything I know about it, I learned from those guy’s course.

    Great stuff!

  • Jeff Pack

    Of all the talk here in this podcast and everything there is nothing about how to actually sell the books. Sure it’s great to focus on content, but that’s pretty much a given if you care about doing a good job. Where is the info on how to sell books? I’ve searched youtube, google. Hard pressed to find anyone talking about how to sell e-books on kindle. All I hear is hype about how much money people make. It was said in this podcast that in 15 minutes you could take a random picture, write some crap, and be a New York Times best selling author. That’s way over hyping things. Please layout how you actually sell the books if it’s so easy.

    • Ralph

      Look up Rosa and kindle. She is one of the few writers with practical advice and you can check out how many ebooks she has sold.
      Re above question about books sold, I am pretty skeptical of authors who are supposedly successful and don’t want to let others know the books they are selling, even if under various pen names… unless they haven’t sold too many books.

      • deb

        I just can’t see how this guy can justify the price of his course when the price of ebooks on kindle is so low and the competition is so high. Who is this Rosa and how can I see what she has to say?

  • http://www.thefinancialblogger.com The Financial Blogger

    Hey Pat!

    thx for this podcast! I just receive the draft copy of my next eBook and I’m about to launch it in a few weeks. I want to go with Kindle an you just have the perfect timing!

  • Paul

    Hi Pat,

    I just joined your podcast about 2 weeks ago and I have to tell you that the content that you present on your podcasts are a great inspiration. Although I am a little late in entering the market for blogging, but will still try my best. I currently am on your 13th episode, but wanted to listen to this one in advance to find out more about ebooks. You and the internet marketing community have inspired me to purse ebook composition. And I too will be writing my own content.

    I used the mind mapping tool that you suggested to figure out my thoughts and have created a great outline due to that.

    Again thanks for all your help!

    P.S. – i am really enjoying reading the niche site duel blog, lots of useful information!

  • http://[email protected] deb

    Great podcast. Jonny mentioned checking sales figures for existing best sellers on Amazon to gauge what there is an audience for. How do you do this?



    • http://theselfpublishingtoolkit.com Daphne Dangerlove

      Just go over to Amazon and look on the bestseller lists for your genre. (The lists are on the side.) Amazon recently split the free and paid lists, so they are tabbed now.

      One of the other valuable things that I have discovered is to read the comments of the existing books in your chosen genre. Pick books that have at least 20 reviews. Readers will tell you in the review what they liked, didn’t like, and wished was in the book. After you read the reviews for a few books, you’ll start to see where the holes are in the market.

      I also use the keyword tool in Google and the search function on Amazon to see what topics people are looking for and how they related to my books.

      Hope that helps!

      • http://www.blinddatingblind.com J Y Blind

        Hi all,
        I was wondering the same as deb, where do you find the sales numbers for a given bestseller? I can get to the bestsellers section and find my genre but I don’t see where sales numbers are.

        • http://theselfpublishingtoolkit.com Daphne Dangerlove

          Click on the book to access the product page. Scroll down to Product details which is right after the Editorial Reviews. It will give you the sales rank in that section.

        • http://www.childcarecoursenotes.com deb

          Yes you get sales rankings but not actual sales figures. I bought a book on kindle called “Make a killing on Kindle” (about $5, which seems much more realistic than this course). The book is not great, but it is worth a few dollars to get his formula for converting rankings into sales figures, based on his own sales figures and rankings. When you do this it is very difficult to see how this Jonny guy can justify the money he is asking for his course. He was selling an earlier version of it on the Warrior forum and people there were complaining when the price went up from $30 to $60, now it’s hundreds. I would be very careful about laying out this kind of money for this kind of course.

        • http://theselfpublishingtoolkit.com daphne dangerlove

          Try this:
          It converts rank into estimated sales. It’s not exact, but it gives you an idea.

        • http://www.blinddatingblind.com J Y Blind

          Thanks Ladies!

  • http://theselfpublishingtoolkit.com Daphne Dangerlove

    I was so excited to see the topic for this podcast! I have been Kindle publishing for over a year now and I love it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I actually listened to it twice and I think I will again today.

    I’ve had great success driving traffic to my site and onto my email list via Amazon. Using Author Central has really been key for me. Between that and Select, Amazon is the place to be right now! And with the new Paperwhites and Fires coming out, it’s only going to get better. :-)

    Thanks for all of your great podcasts. I always look forward to listening to them.

  • http://www.livingonadime.com/ Michael Kellam

    Hey Pat,

    In the podcast, after talking about the buoyancy point (at 35:25), Jonny mentioned “when we published Isabel… her book is still hanging out in the bestseller list”. Do you happen to know which book he was talking about? I thought it would be helpful to be able to look at it on Amazon.

    Thanks! Love the podcast!

  • http://www.livingonadime.com/ Michael Kellam

    Thanks, Daphne! I appreciate that!


  • Jim

    We all know Pat, and anything he does I take at face value, he doesn’t tell lies to make money, so I was totally into this Podcast. I looked at Jonny’s course, it goes for over $600 (although it was in the Warrior forum for $32 I think?). I looked at his book an Amazon and the reviews, and also searched a lot of other sites. The random sites had some negative reviews of Jonny from past ventures, but who knows who does these sites, so I take them with a pinch of salt. I looked at the Amazon ones also. Again, we don’t know the reviewers, but Jonny says quality comes first, and while he has a lot of good reviews his book also has many bad ones, and most of the ones I read said his book was very light on content and the whole thing was a re-write of ideas by a guy named Dave Ramsey, but not as in-depth. I should add that I have not read his book, How To Finally Live Debt Free And Wealthy, and I know bad reviews are made of the best, most successful books, but I would like to know his take on why these reviewers are saying it’s light on content and quality when he stresses that this is so important? I have to also add that after checking around it did stop me from buying his course, he seems like an Internet marketer who sells lots of these types of courses and moves on to the next one (although that doesn’t mean anything he produces is bad), rather than a real book publisher. I did however really like the Podcast and what he had to say, but I don’t want a number 1 book with my name on it that is not top quality, sure I want sales, but my reputation is worth more to me than money. Hope I don’t sound too negative? Just wondered what Jonny had to say on this? I will try and read the book later this week and review it myself.

  • http://www.runharderworksmarter.com Mike

    Great podcast! I learned quite a bit, and as many others commented, I have been working on my own eBook. Literally just published it, and now I need to work on getting reviews. As the podcast said, sometimes the reviews are more important than the book itself! Of course, I feel like my content is good, so hopefully good reviews will come!

    If anyone is interested in starting to run, but book is called “Run: A Complete Beginners Guide”

  • dave j

    I really wish Jonny would at least try try to be more sympathetic to people like myself that see this as suspicious. If he is so good at getting his(or others) books out there, why hide the books that he has been so successful at?
    Can you imagine trying to sell this idea with it’s ambiguous data to a savvy investor?

    • http://PoorDoctor.com Buck Joffrey

      I found that most people that are talking about this stuff (except Pat) are very secretive about their techniques. I’m with you–I like transparency. I have written and posted a series of posts about how I’m doing this stuff that is clear as day. I don’t mean to spam you but I’m really proud of what I have been able to do and want to share it with the SPI crew.

  • Mike

    Great tips! I have been publishing on Amazon for a while now, and it’s amazing….my side hobby has turned into a real money-maker. Never thought people would be paying for my books, but Amazon makes it so easy, literally anyone can do it.

    I had a lot of people ask me to actually write a book on how to publish on Amazon, so I did.

    Check it out here. I put everything in from finding the best ideas, to formatting, and even some cool sales techniques that helped me sell more eBooks.


  • http://fastestwaytoloseweightclub.com Chris Smit

    Hi all,

    Has anyone heard of a Amazon Kindle course by Geoff Shaw, called “Kindling”? The review of this course seem to be real good. But I’d like to know from this group.


  • http://www.healthcoachcertifications.com Bridgett Tulloh

    Using your checklist document to publish my first Kindle ebook. You rock. Thanks Pat.

  • http://PoorDoctor.com Buck Joffrey

    So, the first time I ever heard about this kind of business model was from this podcast so I felt compelled to come back to it to report my succes in publishing my first 3 ebooks–all of which have been more successful than I thought they would. The thing that was left out of this podcast and many others was how to promote your ebooks. It was hard to get this information but I finally did and posted it on my blog if anyone is interested http://www.poordoctor.com/?p=278

    Thanks again for the inspiration Pat.

  • Grace Williams

    Reviews are very helpful to enhance sales. Lot of people are buying them to convert their visitors to buyers.


  • Richard McChesney

    Hi Pat
    I just want to say thank you for your SPI podcast.
    This month I have sold exactly 1,000 paperback copies of my books (with 889 of them coming from three of the eight titles we have released).
    And I have done absolutely nothing since we published the eighth book in March of this year. No marketing, no updating of websites, or amazon listings, or anything.
    In total we have sold 4,194 books (3,424 of those being paperbacks) and all of this has happened because of your podcast.
    I haven’t made hundreds of thousands of dollars like I had hoped, but I have made real passive income, and with our Christmas sales I have renewed enthusiasm to create more titles in 2015.
    Thanks, and I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and a happy new year.
    (long time listener – since show number 1)