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SPI 110: Tim Ferriss on Podcasting, Productivity, Experimentation, and if He Had to Start Over

I’m extremely happy to welcome Tim Ferriss back to the SPI Podcast! Tim is an unofficial mentor of mine and a huge inspiration for the Smart in Smart Passive Income.

He was with us in November of 2012 in Session #51, but a lot has happened since then and it was great to catch up to see what he was focusing on.

We cover a plethora of topics in this session, including his brand new #1 ranked podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, why he started one, how he’s been experimenting with it and what he’s been struggling with.

We also spend a good portion talking about productivity, experiments and split-tests that he’s currently running online, and what he would do if he had to start over in business today.

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Today’s Guest

Tim Ferriss

I’m extremely happy to welcome Tim Ferriss back to the SPI Podcast!

You’ll Learn

  • Why Tim started a podcast of his own, and his strategy for being different and maximizing his results.
  • The challenges Tim has faced since wanting to start a podcast over 2 years ago, and why it took him so long.
  • The important question Tim always asks himself does when he acquires a new skill.
  • The 20% of things Tim is doing to get 80% of the results for his podcast.
  • The exactly guinea pig experiments Tim is running right now and the results he’s hoping to find.
  • Tim’s first look into optimizing email capture on his site, and why he’s never “built his list” up until now.
  • Why Tim did not launch a multi-million dollar sports nutrition business along-side his book, 4-Hour Body.
  • A simple trick to see if someone is split testing on their website (25:30 mark)
  • Tim’s pricing strategy, and why he doesn’t play “in the middle.”
  • The interesting fact about why people don’t take action, even though the recipes for success are right there.
  • The truth about what the 4-Hour series is about (and it’s not about accomplishing things in 4-hours)
  • The formula for how people can become more productive, today.
  • What Tim would do if were to start over.
  • And more!


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