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SPI 690: I Call You to Action

These two free opportunities at SPI have already been immensely helpful for a massive number of entrepreneurs. If you’re not taking advantage of them, you’re missing out!

Networking with people on the same path you’re on is vital for the success of your business. It’s one of the things that’s moved the needle most in my journey, and I want you to have the same opportunity!

To help you scale your brand, the SPI team and I host free monthly meetups at These events are your shot to learn directly from us and form relationships with entrepreneurs who will support your growth. Listen in on this session to find out why you should join us and how to make the most of these events!

The other opportunity I’ll talk about today is my Unstuck newsletter. The response to the weekly stories and lessons I send out has been phenomenal! These are the moments that have shaped me as a person and entrepreneur that are now helping our subscribers change their lives!

Tune in today to find out more. And, if you haven’t already, get my weekly dose of stories and inspiration straight to your inbox (for free!) at!

SPI 690: I Call You to Action

Announcer: You’re listening to the Smart Passive Income Podcast, a proud member of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, a show that’s all about working hard now, so you can sit back and reap the benefits later. And now your host, after keeping track for one week, he averages at least twenty dad jokes a day. Pat Flynn.

Pat Flynn: Hey, happy Friday. I need to tell you about two things that have been happening at SPI that have been really enjoying. I mean, there’s been a lot of things that have been enjoying. Especially the All Access Pass and the Accelerators, and seeing the great results from students there. Big shout out to all of the All Access Pass members, but I’m not here to pitch that right now.

I want to share two things. Number one, our newsletter. Which has been so much fun to write. I mentioned this back when this started, I think almost a year ago, maybe a little over a year ago. No, not quite a year ago, because it’s one per week and we’re not quite at 52 yet, but we’re almost there, and I need you to get in on it.

If you haven’t already, if you go to, you can get unstuck. See what I did there? Get unstuck cuz truly that’s what the email newsletter is about. The writing exercises or essentially having the need to write every single week has forced me to recall some amazing stories and amazing lessons from my past, from both business and in life to share with you, to help you get unstuck because, you know, life’s about making mistakes and falling flat on your face, but also, sharing your wisdom and sharing those lessons with others, and, and that’s what I’m doing in that newsletter.

So again, And it’s been really neat to, if you’ve responded to one of those emails, if perhaps you’re on the list already, it just feels so good to know that one of those stories has helped you. Right, I told the story about how I fell asleep at the wheel once and almost died, and how in our lives and in our business, we need to have rumble strips because that’s actually what saved me a rumble strip is sort of the, the bumpy parts on the edges of the roads that are supposed to wake you up if you start veering off.

And I had been very tired one night driving, and fell asleep at the wheel and the rumble strips saved my life. And so I implore you to create your own rumble strips in your own life as you start to get off track. And that could be in the form of people and, and support. It could be in the form of alarms or some sort of red flags that that come up that you can be conscious to.

Anyway, I talk more in depth in that email about that. But I have more stories that are coming too, and I think this is this, you know, the big lesson with this is these stories were always there. I just didn’t really have a place to put them. Right, this is what I love about the Friday episodes as well, because they are not interviews.

I love doing interviews. You’ll hear interviews every Wednesday here on the show. But having a regular space to just kind of unpack things has been really nice. And if you don’t have that, I recommend you do it, even if you don’t share it. Having, having the ability to unpack in a diary or a journal or a voice memo or, or something.

It’s just something happens when you go through the exercise of just trying to figure out what that was all about and what happened. Right? And sometimes working with others through something is a great way to do it too, but sometimes you just need a space to kind of do it yourself, and that’s what the newsletter has been really great for, for me personally. You know, I only wish we had launched it sooner, and to be quite honest with you, we’re trying to grow it. And I’d love your help and I promise you it’s valuable. So if you go to, you can get unstuck. Currently we’re at like issue 40 or, or something close to that, and it’s again, been really great.

Another thing is the dad jokes. There’s dad jokes in there, so if anything, subscribe for the dad jokes. It’s been really fun to just put more of my personality into my work in that sort of medium of of email and it’s been really great. 125,000 subscribers strong and growing. Now, if you’ve been a fan of the show for a while, you might go, Pat, that’s like, that’s a lower number than I remember you saying you had on your emails.

Were you lying before? No. What we did was we purged, we purged our email list, which means we cleaned it up. And those who are on our email list are definitely opening the emails. You know, our clickthrough rates and open rates are really amazing and I think, you know, a lot of it is because people know what to expect and have gotten a taste of it, and hopefully you can get a taste of it too. The second thing I wanna share with you, a big call to action for you has to do with something that helped me when I first started, which was the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs. Now, I know that there are events that happen throughout the year and thankfully, we’re basically out of the era of the pandemic right now. Not fully obviously, but you know, we’re seeing events happen again, and yes, you of course have the opportunity to go to conferences and events or meetups locally or, or you could fly out to them and there are some networking events that you might have gone to online, but nothing really regular that is offered to entrepreneurs to for free to come and hang out and just kind of talk and chat for a little bit. Nothing formal, that’s like weekly or anything like that. I mean, masterminds are great for that sort of thing, but networking for the purposes of like meeting new people and getting inspiration and connecting and finding potential partners, finding potential podcast guests and that sort of thing.

So what we’ve been doing, actually, we’ve been testing this for a while, is we’ve been running free networking events. You know, community and, and networking is a, that’s our product now with the All Access Pass and SPI Pro. But we wanted to offer something for just people to come in and, and meet each other and, and hang out for a bit, whether you are a member of any of those things or not.

And I wanna invite you to one, we have one coming every single month. You could see it on our events page. If you go to, you’ll see not just the upcoming network event, but we also have other trainings and, and free things that are happening that you can attend and, and be a part of inside of the SPI community.

So again, if you go to, you can check that out. Now, the networking one I do wanna talk about for a little bit because I think it’s really important to approach online networking in a way where you can have the best value come back. And that means to get the best value, you also need to give value too.

You know, if you go to these networking events, whether it’s one of ours or somewhere else, and you just take, take, take, take, then nothing’s gonna be given to you, right? No, I mean, first of all, who likes a person to just come in a room and start taking things, right? Thief. You’re thief basically in that situation.

But no, you know the law of reciprocity always plays a role and if you step into a community online or offline, asynchronous or in real time, it’s really important that you find ways to provide value, to give, to figure out what people need help with, and that’s the easiest way to show up and serve is to figure out what people need help with.

And if you’re not sure, pay attention to the conversations that are happening or simply just ask. And that’s one thing that I think a lot more people what, what, what I’ve seen, you know, I’ve been invited to a lot of networking events, especially online in the last three or four years, and I’m always finding that there are people who love to come in and just ask and they’re not giving anything.

And I think it’s really important that you step forward, you, you show up, and I’ve talked about this before, you know this strategy of if you, you could make a name for yourself in another community by stepping forward and providing value. And when you do that without even asking for anything in return, you will have things come your way.

You’ll have people reach out to you and you know, you might even have the owner of that community notice that. And so what we wanted to do was provide a space for you to practice and to meet and network with other people. And again, if you go to, you’ll see our next networking event there.

And I, I do recommend you check that out and you come and you say hi to our team and other people in the community. And the beauty of this is you’re gonna find other people just like you, and you’re also gonna find people who were just like you, but have now moved forward into their online business journey and have, you know, they’re steps ahead of you.

And guess what? Those people are also helpful too. That’s what I’m just so grateful that this community that we’ve built here, especially in the last few years. But even since the beginning, you know, we’ve always seemed to attract the right kind of people. Right? The good person. So if you are a good person, thank you.

And come join us. I just feel so fortunate, cuz I know there’s a lot of other communities online that, you know, may attract the not so great people and you know, it’s all subjective obviously, and there’s a place for everybody. But I’m just so grateful that SPI is be, you know, it’s, it’s like, And this is where good people hang out.

It’s where people want to help each other and we see it every day in pro and the All Access Pass. And I’d like to see more of it from you. So come join us And again, our unstuck newsletter at This is, I think, the first time I’m making a clear call to action to either of those things.

So if you’re gonna take one action, take both and join us. It’s my duty because I know these things will help you. So come join us. Thank you so much. Have an amazing weekend, and I look forward to seeing you next week. Cheers.

Thank you so much for listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast at I’m your host, Pat Flynn. Sound editing by Duncan Brown. Our senior producer is David Grabowski, and our executive producer is Matt Gartland. The Smart Passive Income Podcast is a production of SPI Media, and a proud member of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. Catch you next week!

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