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SPI 648: Tiny Thunder.

Just-in-time learning — only acquiring new information when needed for the job at hand — has been hugely beneficial for me!

To help you set the tone for 2023, I’d like to talk about two impactful books that helped me level up my skill set at pivotal moments in my journey. These authors have made a big impression on me. In fact, I think these books might be exactly what you need right now to grow your business.

Tiny Thunder by Sue Rice has yet to take off, but it comes highly recommended by my mentor, James Schramko. This is a fascinating book about the kind of marketing that stops people in their tracks by leveraging the power of analogies. Cutting through the noise online is challenging, but this method can be a game-changer for many.

The second book is one that you might already be familiar with. Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman is a massively influential work that focuses on the relationship between visionaries and integrators in business. Having both types of people in your company is truly essential!

Listen in on this session to learn more about Tiny Thunder and Rocket Fuel — and also check out my deep dive with Gino in episode 465. Enjoy!

SPI 648: Tiny Thunder.

Announcer: Welcome to the Smart Passive Income Podcast, where it’s all about working hard now, so you can sit back and reap the benefits later. And now your host, he believes that building a community is a must for any online business to succeed. Pat Flynn.

Pat Flynn: All right, it’s the third week of the month and also year. So I hope your year’s off to a great start. I wanted to share with you, because this is the time of year that I like to start thinking about the books that I’m going to consume, and I, I like to consume one or two books per quarter. I know there’s some people out there, you might be one of them, and if so that’s okay, that likes to consume like a book per week. But you know, for me with books and, you know, this is actually a theme of, of my upcoming book that I’m actually in the middle of writing right now, how are you taking action on those things? Right? Are we just reading for entertainment or are we reading to actually implement?

So this is going to be a list of two books that I wanna share with you that I’ve already read that I wanna share with you because I want you to add them to your list if you haven’t already. And if you’ve read these already, one of them, I’m pretty sure you haven’t read. But the other one, perhaps you have, I have recommended it before.

If you aren’t yet practicing the principles of that book, then I definitely want you to reconsider. So these are two books that I want you to read this year, sometime this year earlier, the better of course. And again, the whole thing for me being just one or two books per quarter, is to allow myself time to absorb that information and actually use it.

I practice what’s called just in time learning. That is only allowing myself to learn about the things that I’m focusing on and that are next on my to-do list, essentially. And yes, there are a million other things that you could learn, but then you’re gonna suffer from content bloat and not also have the time to implement anything because you’re always in learning mode.

You gotta implement, right? So book number one here that I wanna recommend is a book that my mentor and one of my coaches, James Schramko, recommended to me. And it’s titled Tiny Thunder. It’s written by Sue Rice. And to essentially share with you how amazing this book is, I’m just gonna read the tagline for you.

And this is a book to help you if you are a copywriter, blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, whatever it is. Once I read this subtitle to you, you’re gonna get it, right? So here’s, here’s the title one more time, followed by the tagline. Tiny Thunder: Irresistible Messaging for an Overwhelmed World. Bam. I love that.

That is so good. How could you not wanna read that? And so, I mean, it only has 24 ratings on Amazon. It’s, it’s one of those books that hasn’t taken off yet. But my mentor James shared it with me and I read it and it’s fantastic. And the basic thesis of the book is that, you know, part one is like, you know, communication is broken down between people, right?

Things that have been built to hopefully bring us closer together, have actually pushed us further apart. We all feel this right with social media and it goes into a lot of the how to of that and, and why and all that kind of stuff. And, and that’s less important than what the answer is to that or the solution.

And the solution is teaching through analogies and why that works and how this has to be the way moving forward. Hence Tiny Thunder. You can create some little noise out there that can make a big difference. Tiny thunder. And again, like you look at the cover, you’re like, why is there a horse on there?

You’ll find out. But Sue Rice has done a really good job here. And just that premise of Let’s Teach through analogy is, is great. It really helps a person understand. It’s a certain form of communication, communication through analogy. So I’m not gonna share too much more because I want you to check that book out.

It’s not super long if you’re listening to it or reading it. I got mine on Audible and Sue herself is the narrator too. So thank you to James for that recommendation. Really, really important. Right? Just even, even if it’s not that book, the idea of focusing on getting your message across, right? What are, what are we trying to do?

This is the next task we need to get our messages heard, so let’s learn about that. Right? And there there are many other books. To do that, I would even throw in my book Superfans. If you haven’t read it, I hope that you would check it out. And it’s a way for you to build fans today, right? And build a community, which is obviously what we at SPI are focusing on right now.

And it was a book that was written for a future that I knew was coming today. Building relationships with your audience to a point where they know. They love you. They talk about you. They will support you no matter what happens with the technology. Is is really, really important. That’s how to future proof your brand, but how to get your message out there.

Irresistible Messaging for an Overwhelmed World, Tiny Thunder by Sue Rice.

All right, the second book, the one that I’ve mentioned before that I’m gonna mention again because it just continues to come up in coaching calls that I have with some of my students in mastermind meetings with even some of my colleagues and that is Rocket Fuel.

Rocket Fuel is a book that was written by Gino Wickman. He has actually been on the show before in session 465, so a couple hundred ago. So that would be a few years back, in fact. And he was talking about his new book, Entrepreneurial Leap, which is great. And we discuss, you know, taking that leap.

But after you take that leap, this is where his book that he had previously written really comes into play and it’s helped me, it’s helped my team, it’s helped everybody who I’ve shared it with and, and you know, people have shared it with me and that is Rocket Fuel. And Rocket Fuel, the idea behind it is that as an entrepreneur, you need to understand the partnership or the dichotomy of the two types of people that it might take to run a business.

And no, you don’t need to find this partner or person or other half right away, but eventually, especially as you start to scale and grow, and I can speak to this from firsthand experience, that you need a integrator if you are more of a visionary type of person, this, this is the dichotomy or the the partnership or the, the dual part of a successful business.

You have the visionary part of the brand. The person who’s typically the person who starts it, cuz it was their idea. They have those big, bold ideas, that excitement. They have big plans. They don’t necessarily know how to plan those things. They’re not necessarily project managers. They’re not in the weeds of the people and the forces needed to put that together. They’re just like big vision, go. And if you are a visionary type of person, which many entrepreneurs are, I am in that category as well, then it can be very difficult because you have these big visions, but you don’t have somebody to help you implement them, a right hand person to almost be behind the scenes to put those puzzle pieces together for you, right?

And when you try to do all those things yourself, oftentimes what happens is because you are not that type of person, your big ideas don’t move forward and then you just kind of are a dreamer and you’re not succeeding. And we wanna go from dreamer to, there’s a rhyming word in there that I can’t find, but you know, to somebody who’s actually achieving dreamer to achiever, maybe, maybe not.

I’m just trying it. It’s not working right now though. And then the other side is the integrator, right? The visionary needs an integrator and an integrator is that person who is much more difficult to find. They’re, they’re not a rare breed, if you will, but there’s definitely a lot more visionaries than there are integrators.

But the integrators are out there. I have one on my team. In fact, I have many, but one of them is Matt, are now CEO of SPI Media, and this relationship started back in 2013. And I always knew that we had this type of relationship and this is why he and I got along so well because we were able to fill each other’s gaps.

You know, I had the visions, he had the ability to create, and that’s what he loved to do. And he’s in the spreadsheets, he’s project managing. He’s actually the one putting those things together and making those decisions. And yes, I’m there to help guide based on the vision, based on the goal. Right. And that’s not to say there aren’t people who have both qualities.

are probably people and, and in fact, most people probably have both qualities one way or another, but it’s often skewed to one way more than the other. So for me, I am, I would say 90% visionary, 10% integrator. I will integrate when I need to, but I, especially today in the way that the business is built, I’m way heavily visionary and more creative.

I’m the talent, if you will, again, not to discredit the team, they’re all talented in their different ways, but I’m the on-camera talent, if you will. And then Matt and, and a lot of the team, they’re the ones behind the scenes putting things together. They’re the integrator and that is so important. But Matt also has a lot of vision as well.

And, and we talk about that. And this is why we’ve started to work together to do a lot of advisory work. And it’s just, this is why Matt and Pat are perfect team for companies to hire as, as an advisor or as supervisors because we, we both compliment each other in that, in that regard. But understand the other side.

So anyway, this book, Rocket Fuel, definitely recommend listening or reading it for sure. Gino’s done a great job of outlying what that relationship is like. It’s a big eye-opener for a lot of people who read it and they’re like, Oh, this is why I can’t get anything done because I don’t have anybody to help me get anything done.

Or maybe you’re an integrator more and you read it and you’re like, oh, this is why my ideas aren’t actually landing because I’m building solutions. But they aren’t solutions that are big enough to make some noise, right? So this is, again, the perfect marriage of two people who helped to run a business, and this book will help you learn about that, find that other half, and, and be able to, to, to work with them because it is, you know, visionaries, working with visionaries.

It’s understandable, but it’s a different kind of language to work with an integrator. Other words used for integrator that may be more findable, if you will, are online business manager. You know, OBM is one of those words, and that is somebody who is, that’s what they’re putting on a resume, for example, is online business manager.

And then that person obviously can grow into the business. And like Matt, he’s now CEO of the company. Which is amazing, and he owns shares of it as well. So I hope that this particular episode has helped you at least get a, a headstart on your book reading list for the year. And again, I don’t want you to read too much.

This book that I’m writing, right? It’s kind of an interesting thing because I have to, to balance a very fine line between like, don’t learn. I’m not telling you not to learn. I’m telling you to learn about the right things and then give yourself time to implement. Or else you’ll barf with all the content that that’s coming in, right?

It’s like a stomach. There’s just not enough room for all that, even though you think there might be. I appreciate you. I wanna wish you, again, probably one of the last times, I’m saying this this year, but it’s still January of 2023 and we’re gonna rock it. We’re gonna, we’re gonna do amazing work. We’re gonna do amazing work together.

Speaking of together, if you wanna join up with other people who are just like you in a community and going through content and and through information and getting accountability and getting access to my team as well. Highly recommend checking out the All Access Pass.

Check it out there. Hundreds of people working through stuff right now together. So much easier to do together. Science proves it and I hope that you’ll give it a chance. Cheers, and I’ll see you in the next one.

Thanks for listening to the Smart Passive Income Podcast at I’m your host, Pat Flynn. Our senior producer is David Grabowski. Our series producer is Paul Grigoras, and our executive producer is Matt Gartland. Sound editing by Duncan Brown. The Smart Passive Income Podcast is a production of SPI Media. We’ll catch you in the next session.

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