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SPI 524: The 5 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made

In Wednesday’s episode with Los Silva from eComPowerhouse, we talked about some of the big mistakes entrepreneurs make. That conversation is a great one, so check it out if you haven’t already. And it got me thinking about the mistakes I’ve made along the way—and I couldn’t help but start writing some of them down.

Don’t get me wrong—I’ve made a ton of mistakes. In fact, we could talk for seven to eight hours about all the mistakes I’ve made in my business.

But this is a follow-up Friday episode, so I want to take fifteen minutes to talk about the five biggest mistakes I’ve made since embarking on my entrepreneurial career in 2008. I’m not going to talk about the little stumbling blocks, like using the wrong software tool, or things like that. No, today is about the big, juicy mistakes. The ones that can create forks in the road, and really teach you something valuable. We’re keeping it to five, but know that there are definitely other big mistakes I’ve made that didn’t make the cut. I’ve hired the wrong people before … and I have fired the wrong people before. But today we’re making a list, and it only has five mistakes on it.

So if you’re the kind of entrepreneur who’s afraid of making mistakes as you build your business, this might be the perfect episode for you! Here’s to the mistakes we all make and what we can learn from them.

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