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SPI 501: Niching Down & Leaning In to Your Passion So You Can Make a Profit with Megan Gilger from Fresh Exchange

Do you ever wonder what your life or career would be like if you’d made a different decision at a fork in the road?

Once in a while, someone will ask me, “If you could go back in time, would you still have gone into architecture?” On one hand, I definitely don’t use my architecture degree anymore. I spent a lot of time in studio building models and learning about the industry, and I don’t apply any of that today. But at the same time, I think about the skills I learned and the things that happened early in my career that helped get me to where I’m at today. If I’d taken a different path, I wouldn’t be here now. And I’m grateful for all of it.

In fact, some of my favorite stories and conversations are about starting down a path that pivots into something else, whether it’s niching down in to something specific, or making a more radical change. Either way, it’s always an amazing story—and you’re going to hear one of those stories today from Megan Gilger from Fresh Exchange. Megan and her husband, Mike, started a design studio that evolved into something completely different. Today they have an amazing blog and online community at that’s all about the pursuit of community and connection and reciprocity with the earth. It’s not necessarily what they set out to do, but it’s what it became.

You’ll hear about how this journey has unfolded for Megan and the Fresh Exchange brand: how it all started and gained traction, and how Megan knew that this was the route she was meant to follow. So if you’re somebody who’s starting out and wants to try a bunch of different things, or you’re facing a fork in the road and unsure which direction to choose, pay attention because this episode will inspire you and give you a lot of actionable advice, too.

Today’s Guest

Megan Gilger

Megan Gilger and husband, Mike Gilger created and run Fresh Exchange, a lifestyle website and community focused on helping us connect and grow through the natural world through garden, food, and community. Fresh Exchange existed solely as a blog for over 10 years and shared Megan and Mike’s journey as designers and creatives till they firmly planted themselves in a simpler and slower life in Traverse City, Michigan with their two kids and dogs and now thirteen chickens. Over the last few years, Megan has brought her passion for food, seasons, and the garden into content that supports readers and followers to pursue a more holistic and grounded life. In January 2021, Megan and Mike launched their private membership community that is focused on judgment-free support and connection for those growing a garden of any kind and size all over the world. Megan shares tips, hosts webinars, and welcomes guests both for her community and on her podcast, Fresh Exchange. When not working, Megan is wrangling chickens, weeding the garden, cooking whatever is in season, and building Magna-Tile towers with her children.

You’ll Learn


Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown

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