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SPI 101: A Look into the Business of One Smart Passive Income Student

SPI 101: A Look into the Business of One Smart Passive Income Student

By Pat Flynn on

When I launched Niche Site Duel 2.0, I also sent out a request for applications for anyone in the SPI audience who would be willing to work with me in a small 5-6 person mastermind group as a student. Together, we’d hold each other accountable, keep each other focused and help each other along the way as we all build up our own new niche sites from scratch.

I would be there as a guide, but they would do all the work.

Over a thousand applications were sent in, and after a couple of weeks reading through each and every one of them, I hand-selected a group of 6 people who had interesting and diverse niches and backgrounds. Today, I’m happy to feature one of those members, Kenneth Kelly, who reveals his niche site, how it’s going and what’s been working for him.

In less than a year, Ken has setup a successful niche site at, which is already generating some earnings for him. Beyond that, many new opportunities have come about as a result of starting this site, and you can tell just how much fun he’s having with it.

Oh, and make sure to listen through to the end—Ken does a mind-reading magic trick for us over the podcast that YOU can participate in yourself. 🙂

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