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SPI 116: Copywriting Tips and Formulas with Kevin Rogers

Copywriting—writing that’s meant to persuade people to take a specific action (like buying something)—is a crucial element of any online business. You can have great products, but if your copy is mediocre, your conversions will be mediocre too.

I am, personally, a terrible copywriter. This is partly because I’m not a great writer in general, but also because I entered this space carefully examining how others wrote their sales pages and pitches, and it usually left me just short of ill. I’m not into super-hype and exaggeration, which is why when I have something to share or sell, I usually just let my results speak for me.

I know I can improve though, and it’s important that I educate myself about the best practices of copywriting in order to help the most people that I can. That’s why I’m excited to host my friend Kevin Rogers on the SPI Podcast today!

Kevin is a professional copywriter, and also a former stand-up comedian. He and I met for the first time in Seattle for Derek Halpern’s CreativeLive event. We were both guest speakers, and Kevin blew me away with his presentations about copywriting.

Kevin has some great tips and formulas to share with us today, and I know this episode will be helpful for your and your business. Just doing the interview alone was helpful for me.

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I hope you enjoyed meeting Jessica in today’s episode, and I hope the time you invested in listening today will help you with your own inbox problems.

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Today’s Guest

Kevin Rogers

I’m joined today by master copywriter and Copy Chief founder Kevin Rogers.

You’ll Learn

  • Effective formulas and hooks for copywriting.
  • Hacks to getting started with generating great copy for your products.
  • Who you should be having imaginary conversations with to get your best copy.
  • The importance of bullets for all aspects of your online business.
  • Kevin’s thoughts on SUPER-LONG sales pages—do they work?
  • Where you should draw the line between persuasive copywriting, and hype and exaggeration.
  • How to use the products and information you’re already selling to create better copy for your sales pages.
  • A joke-writing formula that you can use for your marketing sales copy.
  • The KLT Formula (used on Kevin’s dog, Jessie)
  • The 60 Seconds Sales Hook.


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