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SPI 130: Booking Yourself Solid: The Sales Process, Pricing, and More with Michael Port

SPI 130: Booking Yourself Solid: The Sales Process, Pricing, and More with Michael Port

By Pat Flynn on

Today I have the honor of welcoming Michael Port to the Smart Passive Income Podcast!

If you don’t know the name, then you might know the book: Book Yourself Solid.

For the past several years, Book Yourself Solid has become almost required reading in the world of business and entrepreneurship, and the principles from the book have become the standard. In today’s episode, we dive into elements of his book which include the fundamentals of the sales process, pricing strategies, and we also talk about public speaking as well—something I’ve been doing a lot of lately too.

In fact, Michael was kind enough to critique a presentation of mine that I sent to him, and the advice was absolutely priceless.

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And here’s a bonus video for you as mentioned at the end of the show…

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