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SPI 038: World Domination and the $100 Startup with Chris Guillebeau

SPI 038: World Domination and the $100 Startup with Chris Guillebeau

By Pat Flynn on

In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast I’m happy to welcome writer, traveler and fighter of the status quo, Chris Guillebeau.

Chris has a blog called The Art of Non Conformity, he holds an annual conference called the World Domination Summit and the first time I heard about him was when I was introduced to his manifesto entitled 279 Days to Overnight Success (written in 2009)—which goes along with a lot of the same things I’ve been talking about on SPI lately—the idea that success doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s all about providing a service to others.

For some reason it took us this long to finally connect, but it’s his philosophy of improving one’s own life while improving the lives of others at the same time that I’m really attracted to and believe in, which is why I didn’t hesitate to read his new book, The $100 Startup (amazon affiliate link), when he offered me a review copy to read before it was even released (it goes on sale tomorrow—Tuesday, May 8th, 2012).

I have an entire collection of books that different authors and publication companies have sent me, and I get a new one every couple of weeks it seems. Most of them are from authors I’ve never heard of before or about topics that aren’t really right for my audience here on SPI, so I don’t even bother to read them.

When I received Chris’ book, however, I was eager to dive right in—and I’m really glad I did. It’s a smart blend of The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss (but more realistic) and Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeire (but more actionable)—so it’s definitely going up on my Resource Page.

I was happy to have Chris promote his book on the podcast a little, but that’s not all I wanted to talk about. We also talk about his backstory and his philosophy of doing business, and also about publishing books in general—traditional publishing vs. self publishing, and that whole debate.

I hope you enjoy this session of the SPI podcast! Thank you for listening, and the transcript will be available later today!

Cheers, and all the best!

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