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Got Questions? Love That!

Who counts as a referral?

Use your unique link to share the Unstuck newsletter with your friends. When they subscribe, you’ll receive credit as the referral source. One subscriber = one referral.

Obviously fraudulent referrals (for example, [email protected] refers [email protected]) or those from disposable domains like mailinator.com will not be counted as referrals. For larger benefits, such as the Coaching with Pat at 150 referrals, your list of referrals will be reviewed manually before the award is given to make sure that they are all valid referrals.

How do I join the referral program?

Subscribe to the Unstuck newsletter. All newsletter subscribers are automatically enrolled in the referral program. You can sign up right here!

What does the Coaching with Pat session include?

After we manually review your list of referrals to make sure they are valid, you will receive an email from us with a link to schedule your session. You’ll have 20 minutes to ask Pat questions about your business. The call will be recorded, and if appropriate, may appear on a future episode of the podcast.