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Ebooks the Smart Way is my gift to you. It’s my way of giving back for all of the wonderful things—in both life and business—that have come from writing my very first ebook.

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What People are Saying

Honest reviews from real readers

I just downloaded and read your ebook this morning and it is absolutely AWESOME. Being somewhat familiar with the tools you mention, I know it is top notch, Cracker Jack information. Thank you so much for it.
– Bob Carpenter, Bob's Leadership Tips
I am so excited to have welcomed my first 100 subscribers in less than two months. Ebooks the Smart Way has helped me build this extremely focused list. I just wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all you've done for me.
– Karthik Vijayakumar
I've only known about you for two months. I just finished reading Ebooks the Smart Way, and it was loaded with incredibly rich information. There is one fact, alone, that encourages me in setting up my own passive income source: more than 7 years after you started SPI, it is just now reaching me and providing a gold mine of information to help me. Thanks from a new fan.
– Cindy Dunn
I've been blogging for almost two years and have hovered at around 1800 email subscribers for the past year. After downloading Ebooks the Smart Way, I created my own ebook. I followed the directions in your ebook and within the first week, I went from just over 1800 email subscribers to over 6,500! My free ebook has already been downloaded almost 5,000 times and it hasn't even been up for a month yet. Through the ads on my blog, the ebook (which took about three hours to put together) has already brought in enough traffic to make over $800 so far. I know that that's not even the final story as the ebook continues to bring traffic and subscribers to my blog. I just wanted to say thanks for your free ebook!
– Jen Mason

What you can expect

To learn

Ebooks the Smart Way is my no-nonsense guide to creating and selling ebooks. I’ve learned a great deal about the process and I simply had to share that knowledge with you.

Within its pages, you’ll learn about everything from content planning and formatting to pricing the book and launching it out into the world. Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

  • Introduction
  • What Can Publishing an Ebook Do For You?
  • Why Ebooks Are Better Than Hard Copies
  • Getting Started Is Easier Than You Think
  • How to Avoid the #1 Mistake That Most People Make When Writing an Ebook
  • Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Include in Your Ebook
  • Getting Your Ebook Ready for Launch
  • Tools for Automation
  • 10 Steps to a Successful Sales Page
  • How to Price Your Ebook
  • Marketing Strategies that Won’t Cost You a Dime
  • Paid Marketing Techniques
  • The Power of an Affiliate Sales Force
  • Final Words from Pat
  • Appendix: Resources
  • About the Author
  • About Smart Passive Income (SPI)
  • Disclaimer

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Interested in taking a look at the book before you commit? I completely understand. Here is a sample chapter to get you started.

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