Meet Expert in Residence Yasmine Salem Hamdan

Founder of Coaches & Company,

Business Lawyer, Brand Consultant

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Yasmine Salman Hamdan talks about SPI Pro
Hosted by Yasmine Salem Hamdan on May 22, 2024 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET


10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Intellectual Properties 101: Trademarks, Copyrights, and Your Business

We’ll be touching on the world of trademarks and intellectual property. Yasmine will share the key differences between trademarks and copyrights and how you can identify your own IP assets within your business, how to avoid common trademark infringement pitfalls, and how you can conduct your own trademark clearance search before hiring a lawyer or investing in brand development.

Ten Questions with Expert in Residence Yasmine Salem Hamdan

How did you get started in entrepreneurship?

I launched my first business, an intellectual property law firm, a few months after graduating from law school — I worked at a few larger firms prior and found that the unique needs of entrepreneurs were not being met by the traditional legal services model. In other words, I had a belief that I could serve my people better, so I decided to do it myself! Best decision ever.

What makes you tick?

Life would not be life without connection to others. The best part of my work is meeting different kinds of people who are all building really cool things. I have yet to meet two people with the same story! Connecting with others and helping them in their journey brings me great joy!

What does an average day in your entrepreneurial life look like?

My “typical” day has shifted a lot in the past few years. These days, it consists of lots of writing (I’m currently working on a series of books for publication!), checking in with my team to make sure they have everything they need to succeed in their work, and reading and researching online (business, legal, and the internet are my go-to topics). I also like to spend at least a few minutes each day reaching out to friends and colleagues to say hello and check in to hear about what they’re working on.

Some days I have a podcast interview, networking call, or live legal Q&A on the calendar. These are some of my favorite things to see on the schedule! Usually, I start my work day around 9 am after helping my son off to school, getting a short workout in, and making myself some breakfast before getting ready for the day and heading into my office at home. Break for lunch, then wrap up the day in the afternoon before school pickup. Then I clock into my next shift working for my 5-year-old boss — if you know, you know 🤪

Yasmine Salem Hamdan

What are your areas of expertise?

I specialize in intellectual property, particularly trademarks and copyrights, and excel in contract development. With a keen eye for detail, I help business owners draft solid contracts that protect their business, intellectual property, and their relationship with customers. My expertise also extends to brand protection, where I assist entrepreneurs in safeguarding their creative works and brands.

What are you looking forward to most in your residence with the SPI Pro community? How specifically do you want to help entrepreneurs?

I’m most looking forward to meeting everyone and helping shed light on a topic that most people shy away from or can feel a bit intimidated by. Legal protection is one of those things that you’d rather have in place and not need, rather than find yourself in need of and not have. My approach is all about being proactive and not waiting to be reactive — so that you can experience peace of mind and avoid expensive (and stressful) legal issues. I want to help entrepreneurs avoid having to learn these lessons the hard way! I know it’s possible through knowledge, expert support, and action.

Why did you join the Expert in Residence program? What is it about Pro that makes it a special place/community for entrepreneurs?

I joined the EIR program to make a difference in the lives and businesses of SPI members, who I have known through my presence in the community to be kind people who are building cool things and seeking to make a positive difference in the world in their own unique way. Through my work as an attorney, I’ve found that entrepreneurs without legal protection in place hold themselves back from expansion and pursuing opportunities due to their uncertainty. I want to help members of SPI break past this barrier and set themselves up for success.

What is your biggest professional challenge to date, and how did you overcome it?

When I became a parent to my son, I knew everything would change, I just didn’t know exactly how things would change or how I would navigate them. It was a challenge because at the time I was a sole business owner with a small team, leading a bustling law practice which served hundreds of clients. Changes to my schedule and capacity were major adjustments and certainly the biggest challenge of my career, but I overcame it through support from those around me (learning to ask for it AND to accept it!) and by intentionally developing systems to support every department of the business.

What is your biggest professional win to date and what did you do to make it happen?

My biggest professional win is never giving up and continuing to persevere in my business and entrepreneurial journey even when things got really hard. What got me through law school and has pulled me through the challenging chapters of my career is the belief that anything can be figured out and it’s just a matter of time — and that time will pass either way. So I can spend that time being proactive and seeking solutions, or I could spend it doing the opposite, which has never appealed to me when framed this way. You have to believe you can do it. In those hard times, taking a step back to reflect and honestly evaluate yourself and your business can be incredibly helpful and refreshing.