Level Up: Email Marketing Pathway

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Level up your email marketing game

Is your email marketing strategy causing excess stress, taking a ton of time, and honestly, not performing as you had planned? Let’s change that.

This exclusive All-Access Pass pathway is a curated collection of lessons and workshop snippets that will help you optimize the performance of your email campaigns and focus on building and auditing your email funnels.

By the end of this pathway you will be able to:

Optimize your email titles

Build or audit your primary email funnel

Understand what an email funnel actually entails

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Identify how to increase your open rates, click-through rates, and deliverability

Design a roadmap to track progress toward monthly goals and bridge gaps

Make a plan to repurpose content you have already created

Score leads and build action plans that make sense to your business

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Must-haves before taking this pathway:

  • Have an email marketing account set up through an email service provider (ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, etc.)
  • Be currently implementing the basics of sending marketing emails (lead magnets, opt-ins, broadcasts vs. sequences)

Learn to use ConvertKit

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ConvertKit is our favorite email service provider—it strikes a balance between intuitive usability and powerful automation. All step-by-step videos in the course use ConvertKit. You don’t have to use ConvertKit to succeed with this course, but we highly recommend it.

[Full disclosure: SPI founder Pat Flynn is a compensated advisor and SPI Media is an affiliate for ConvertKit.]

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Level Up: Email Marketing Pathway Outline

  • Welcome to Level Up: Email Marketing!
Level 1: Optimizing Your Emails
  • 1.1: Increasing Open Rates
  • 1.2: Subject Line Considerations
  • 1.3: Increasing Click-Tthrough Rates
  • 1.4: Increasing Deliverability
  • 1.5: Purge & Clean Your List
Level 2: Email Funnel Basics
  • 2.1: What is a Funnel?
  • 2.2: 6 Parts of an Email Funnel
Level 3: Fixing Your Funnel(s)
  • 3.1: Funnel Vocabulary
  • 3.2: MOFU is the Magic
  • 3.3: Create Once, Use Again
  • 3.4: Expressed Interest? Follow Up
  • 3.5: Lead Scoring
  • 3.6: Weekly Snapshots
  • 3.7: Don’t Just Automate
What Now?
  • Recommended Further Learning
  • Feedback & Digital Credential Application

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