Meet Expert in Residence Nausheen I. Chen

Nausheen I. Chen joins the Experts in Residence program with a distinguished track record as a public speaker and public speaking coach.

Sandy Mann, Director of Marketing
SPI Media
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SPI Media is thrilled to welcome Nausheen I. Chen to its Experts in Residence Program. An acclaimed public speaking coach, three-time TEDx speaker, and former Fortune 50 manager, Nausheen brings a wealth of experience to the SPI Pro community. She joins a prestigious lineup of experts, including Pamela Slim, Yasmine Salem Hamdan, Amy Nelson, Caleb Wojcik, Terry Rice, Jason Feifer, Pat Flynn, and Matthew Gartland.

About Nausheen I. Chen

Nausheen I. Chen is a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience as an acclaimed public speaking coach, three-time TEDx speaker, and former Fortune 50 manager. She excels in empowering entrepreneurs to communicate with greater impact and confidence. 

Her clients — including LinkedIn creators and executives from top companies like Google, Amazon, and IBM — have spoken on prestigious platforms such as the BBC, TechCrunch, and TEDx. Nausheen is dedicated to helping others find their voice and deliver their message effectively, ensuring they attract opportunities and achieve their career goals.

About the Experts in Residence Program

The Experts in Residence Program within SPI Pro offers exclusive insights, mentorship, and expert-led events designed to equip entrepreneurs with essential skills and foster continuous growth across key business domains.

Nausheen’s decision to join the program reflects her passion for community building and engagement. She emphasizes her commitment to helping entrepreneurs speak with more impact and realize that effective communication is the key to unlocking unstoppable potential.

About SPI Media

SPI Media is a trusted learning and development ecosystem serving a global community of online entrepreneurs. Comprising two vibrant online communities — the All-Access Pass and SPI Pro — SPI Media caters to entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey. The All-Access Pass is tailored for early-stage entrepreneurs, while SPI Pro is an application-based community designed for established business owners seeking guidance for accelerated growth. SPI enables members to achieve their goals through top-tier educational content, community-building opportunities, and training experiences. To learn more about SPI Media and the Experts in Residence program, please visit

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