How to Repurpose Your Blog Content [Infographic]

Want to know how to get more traffic? Here’s an infographic explaining how you can repurpose the existing content on your blog and get more exposure.

So you’ve just published an amazing, value-packed blog post for your audience. Now what? How can you make sure you make the most of it so the most eyeballs land on that content?

At a bare minimum, you should at least share it on your social media channels, but you’re likely doing that already. It probably deserves a link in an email to your list too, but beyond that, is there anything else we can do?


How to Repurpose Your Blog Content Like a Machine

There are several different ways you can repurpose your blog content, and in the infographic below I’ll show you exactly how you can do that. The content in this infographic was converted from a blog post that was published not too long ago here on SPI, and guess what—that’s one of the strategies!

And as you can see, it’s already working. Check out the other strategies below and make it happen! And if you have a series of blog posts that all go together, even better!

Pick one to start, roll with it, and look forward to increased exposure and more traffic coming back to your site.

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content:

Starting with a blog post, take a piece of written content and turn it into something else.

1. Create an audio file. Record yourself reading the post. Publish it as a podcast.

2. Create an infographic to highlight the major points of the post visually. Publish it as a downloadable image or use it as a lead magnet.

3. Create social media cards with the most quotable parts of the post. Publish to social media.

4. Create a SlideShare presentation and publish to

5. Use it as talking points for a livestream. Mention any CTAs from the post during the stream.

Starting with a Blog Post Series

1. Create a book from the series. Sell it, use it as a lead magnet, or give it away as a purchase bonus.

2. Create a free webinar or live presentation. Use it to drive sales to a related product, whether it is one of your own or affiliate sales.

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