The Only 100 Words You Should Read Today

Finding success is all about taking action.

You can read all you want, but nothing will happen until you execute.

That is why today, I’m cutting this post short. Instead of reading my content, I want you to do something instead – right now. Do something for your blog, business or life that will get you moving forward and help you reach your goals.

All I ask is that you leave a comment of what you’re about to do (sort of like a pledge), and let’s see how much we can all get done today.

Sound good?

I’ll start:

  • Nikky

    I just entered into my world of blogging here Read through some of your posts, they are truly inspiring for everyone. Will be reading all the posts for more understanding on blogging and how i can utilize my skills.

    Thanks Pat !

  • moneyideas4u

    Well since you said take action I decided I am going to write this post which links to my guide that shows you how to make $300 a day. Thanks, Pat

  • Harry Norman

    I’ve just written up a plan for the future, with a strict strategy to earn good revenue some 10 years down the line. The future is set upon social media, connecting people. It has the potential to be massive :)

  • juel rahman

    Yes, execute is the real action.

  • paulthomas

    Great admirer of yours Pat and all you do that is SO POSITIVE! I am a web developer and would love to work with like minded people like Pat and anyone who follows him and lives their highest excitement. That’s who I want to work with. POSITIVE PEOPLE!!

    If you need an excellent, positive minded, dedicated, talented web designer please let me know. I would love to work with you. You can reach me at bigideas (at) Thank you Pat! You are amazing. YOU CHANGE LIVES!! How great is that? WOW!!

  • Eugene

    I want to improve my architectural business and specifically my website.

  • Steve

    I started a site to promote my ebook (,but I this was before I read eBooks The $mart Way on this site. I’m going to integrate all of your suggestions (e.g.E-Junkie) into my site/efforts. Thanks for everything you do!

  • Martijn

    I wrote two reviews and a small blogpost today. Love your podcast and find your tips very, very valuable. I think that by the time I listened to two of your podcasts that I decided to finally take action instead of just waiting for a miracle to happen. My website was up in three weeks and I has been a long time to I have had so much energy and desire to improve. Great stuff. Thank you Pat.

  • Spring

    I’m going to download WP onto my site and put up my first post.

  • Taylore

    Where is the 100 Words You Should Read?

  • Elia

    Hi Pat! Elia from Miami here, Today I am going to edit my 1st e-book, your e-book the smart way just opened my eyes and gave me so much HOPE!
    Thank you!
    God bless! :)

  • Becki

    A bit late to the party here but today I am going to join blue host via your website and start my blog! Thank you.

  • Ging Loong

    : )

  • JD

    Thanks for the kick in the pants, Pat! I started a blog and posted my first post on the spot! I wish you continued success!

  • Tania Shirgwin

    Wow – stumbled on this today of all days. Really needed a swift kick to get my backside into gear. I’m going to finalize and publish my Resources Page today – have been sitting on it for nearly a year. Thank you!

  • Carl

    Hi Pat, I absolutely love your blog. The information and insight you provide is unmatched in honesty and accuracy. I have read many blogs by many people. Many of the so called “gurus”, which are mostly sales propaganda in disguise. But there are only a handful that I actually subscribe to. Yours is one of them. Thank you for your unique and invaluable style.

  • Ryan Cruz

    Fantastic… Hmn.. when will I write 100 words in my blog Hmn maybe when I have my 100th blog post like Joey or… I’m not sure when will that be but I will prepare more posts before I do that…

  • Jennifer Davenport

    My goal is to write a better blog that visitors love, enjoy, and learn from. My second goal is learn all about creating a well written E-book.

  • Matthew

    Goal 1: Take my storytelling website to the next level. And do I do it? Write an e-book which I’m going to finish in the next 4 hours!

  • Md Tajuddin

    Really you are a great inspiration for newbie bloggers… specially for me… you always inspire me with your writhing skills, ..I am also Start … …and post my favorite content of smartpassiveincome….Thanks for this full of inspire content..

  • Frank Matthews

    Found my keyword, registered the site, hit #3, got a video intro off of Fiverr—all in 24 hours, though the video took another 12. Thanks Pat!

  • em kal

    This is exactly what I needed to read.

  • afrochicktravels

    I’m going to write the first post for my traveling site.

  • JR

    Im creating the intro for my new podcast, the scholarship toolkit

  • Jonny Liddell

    After a break for fatherhood, I got around to writing another blog post.

  • richard

    This is one of the SADDEST stories ever told in Hollywood. His name is Sylvestar Stallone. One of the BIGGEST and Most famous American Movie superstars. Back in The Day, Stallone was A.
    struggling Actor in every Definition. At some Point, He G ot so broke that he stole his wife’s jewellery and sold it. Things got so bad that he even ended up homeless. Yes, he slept at the New York bus station for 3 days. Unable to pay rent or afford food. His lowest Came when He tried to sell his Point Dog at The Liquor store to any.
    Stranger. He didnt have money to feed the dog anymore. He sold it at $ 25 only. He says He walked away crying. Two weeks later, He Saw A Boxing Match between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner and that gave him Match The Inspiration to Write The script for The Famous movie, ROCKY. He wrote The script for 20 hours! He tried to sell it and got an offer for $ 125,000 for the script. But he had just ONE REQUEST. He Wanted to STAR in The movie. He wanted to be the MAIN ACTOR. Rocky himself. But the studio said NO. They Wanted A REAL STAR. They said He “Looked funny and talked funny”. He left with his script. Afew weeks later, the studio offered him $ 250,000 for the script. He refused. They even offered $ 350,000. He still refused. They wanted his movie. But NOT him. He said NO. He had to be IN THAT MOVIE. After A while, The Studio agreed, gave him $ 35,000 for The Star script and Let him in it! The rest is history! The movie Won Best Picture, Best Directing and Best Film Editing at The Prestigious. Oscar Awards. He was even nominated for BEST ACTOR! The Movie ROCKY was inducted Into Even The American National Film Registry as One of The Greatest movies ever! And do You know The First thing He bought with The $ 35,000? THE DOG HE SOLD. Yes, Stallone LOVED HIS DOG SO MUCH that He stood for 3 Days at The Liquor store waiting for The MAN He SOLD. his Dog to. And on the 3rd day, he saw the man coming with the dog. Stallone explained why he sold the dog and begged for the dog back. The man refused. Stallone offered him $ 100. The MAN refused. He offered him $ 500. And the guy refused. Yes, he refused even $ 1000. And, Believe it or Not, Stallone had to pay $ 15,000 for the same, same dog he sold at $ 25 only! And He finally got his Dog back! And today, The Same Stallone Who slept in The Streets and his Dog SOLD JUST BECAUSE He couldnt Even Feed it anymore, is One of The GREATEST Movie Stars Who ever walked The Earth! Being Broke is BAD. Really BAD. Have You ever had a dream? A wonderful dream? But You are too broke to implement it? Too tiny to do it? Too small to accomplish it? Damn! I’ve been there Too Many Times! Life is Tough. Opportunities by Will Pass You, Just because You are A. NOBODY. People will want your products but NOT YOU. Its A Tough World. If You Is not Already Famous, or Rich or “Connected”, You Will Find it Rough. Shut Doors Will be on You. People will steal your glory and crash your hopes.You will push and push. And yet NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. And then your hopes Crashed.You Will be Will be Broke. Damn broke. You will do odd jobs for survival. You will be unable to feed yourself. And Yes, You may End up Sleeping in The Streets. It Happens. Yes, it does. BUT NEVER LET THEM CRUSH THAT DREAM. Whatever Happens to You, Keep Dreaming. Even when they crush your hopes, Keep Dreaming. Even when they Turn away You, Keep Dreaming. Even when they Shut You Down, Keep Dreaming. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF EXCEPT YOURSELF! People will judge You by HOW you look. And by WHAT You have. But please, Fight on! Fight for Your place in history. Fight for your glory. NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Even if it means all your Selling Clothes and Sleeping with The Dogs, ITS OKAY! But AS LONG AS YOU ARE STILL ALIVE, Your STORY IS NOT OVER. TRUST ME. Keep Up The Fight. Keep your dreams and hope alive. Go gerrit. Like and Share if inspired. Lovely day

  • Eric

    I’m looking for information on how to open a business checking account (It’s harder than I thought it would be.)

  • George Rodriguez


    Finished your book Let Go last night. Thank you for being so honest with your story, it was very motivating.

    I’ve had a blog over at for awhile now, but it seemed to drift and not really have a direction. That is until I started following your blog (and others) and had a baby boy last September.

    I’m going to continue to focus on nonfiction books and organization and productivity, but tie it to how these books and ideas can help introverts like me find meaningful change in their lives.

    So today I’m going to join a community, leave a comment and start creating the life I deserve. And it’s all starting here.

    Thank you,


  • Shanna

    I am blasting my LinkedIn Groups and contacts with information about my program I’m working to develop. The next process is to visit potential providers and get them on a webinar explaining the program.

  • Nathan

    I’m going to begin drafting my first blog post!

  • Alice Walken

    I started my niche site – . It’s amazing how well you’ve done over a relatively short space of time Pat. i love reading your articles and listening to your pod-casts.

  • fredb

    I’m late on this one, but I’ll throw myself into it as well. Finished out a blog post that will really be starting my path of blogging.

  • Luke Guy

    I created another post, an email about that post, upgrades to my app, made a comment (actually 2), filled up my buffer, and created my to-do for tomorrow.

  • lazarus
  • Kristine Manley

    Hi Pat, My website,, is almost complete. This week, I am going to place my Google Custom Search bar on it and a Site Map. I also plan on placing more information on the resource page.

  • Dance Floor Arsenal

    Going to launch our affiliate marketing program via Clickbank!

  • Ashley

    Thanks for this post, Pat!
    Today, I will upload more amazing hacks on!

  • Bonnie Why

    I am finally going to redesign my graphic design portfolio to include a blog to increase traffic to my work.

  • Alphaholic

    I’m going to start my blog tonight!

  • Kersasp Nalladaru

    I will start a blog on international politics and write an ebook titled “Political history of such a world” Hopefully Pat an ebook on international politics may sell well I don’t know you tell me? I am good in international politics and was active as a person who gets to ask questions on the Voice of America’s Talk to America show when it used to be on the air to India.

  • G Freedom

    Great post Pat. Today I am executing some of your backlinking strategies for and I am also making several inquiries for local helthfood suppliers so I can get a business going which has been in the pipework for about 6 months.

  • Insyirah Azhar

    Hye Pat! This 100 words post really knock me off! Thank you.

  • Hashi Mashi

    Hi Pat,
    I have been a fan of your blog, podcasts for quite a while now. I have been trying to figure out what my niche is for that I started after I discovered that eating real food was the holy grail of weight loss for me. I have been on diets since I was 2…the first food I ever remembered having was a weight watcher pizza, it ran in the family, we were all big, chunky, chubby, husky. One evening while I was working on a second blueberry muffin on 2nd avenue at midnight at 250lbs, I thought why dont I just try to eat only real food. 6 months later I was 175lbs which was about as shocking to me as anyone else that knew me and I named the site after my first idea for a breakfast (hashimashi – egg omelette with hummus and avocado and vegetables) that did not include bread, my former love. So the action I have been taking today and actually for over a week now is to try and figure out the right keyword for my site. I had originally called the title of the page ben

  • Hashi Mashi

    oops, benefits of deadlifts and real food to get into shape…but I see now that there is no commercial intent for that keyword and very little traffic, so , that is the action I am shooting for, to figure out the main keyword as weight loss has alot of competition…Thanks!

  • Lisa

    Thank you for sharing this great post, I also start my multi-niche website with great design and with good hacks.

  • Jason Lee

    Awesome post Pat, found it after watching your keynote speech on YouTube at the Financial Bloggers Conference 2011. I finished my YouTube channel design by referencing your channel, awesome stuff bud, appreciate everything you do!

  • Jason Lee

    Awesome post Pat, found it after watching your speech on YouTube at the Financial Bloggers Conference 2011. I finished my YouTube channel design by referencing your channel, awesome stuff bud, appreciate everything you do!

  • Peeyush Gautam

    Hello Pat. I’m really inspired from your story and more good things for you. Thanks for the encouragement. I just searched for a topic on your blog about making money through affiliate marketing on clickbank without a website and i didnt found anything related to that topic. I wished you would write a post about that, with your honest opinion about starting out as an affiliate without a website. It’ll help new people like me who are brainstorming about targeted niches for affiliate marketing and wanna get a look at the marketing process before starting out a self-hosted website and then wait for it to develop a loyal and big follow-ship to be able to monetize it around that long thought targeted product.
    It’ll really be grateful if you reviewed the topic.
    And i subscribed to your channel, blog and most importantly e-mail list to get instant updates. Hope i have enough memory in the system for all the podcasts! Big Fan of your work Pat.

  • Sa Ra

    oh i loved to read ur posts

  • April Johnson

    Found your site randomly by searching Google. Today I will be working on my presentation, in hopes to provide my short film with its funding.

  • Chris

    I am going to write out production notes for a real time tutorial

  • saud

    I really enjoying your posts and very much exited to see your success. Now, I am damn sure that which I am doing right now will pay me off one day. Thanks for your every single bit of advice. By the way I am working on my site + a blog i.e. which is not a niche but a training site with a blog side by side. If possible please review and give me some guidance. Thanks a lot. Saud

  • Joey

    I’m going to start writing an advert I can use on forums for my dating coaching

  • Tammy Gray

    hmmm, think this is a very good idea or I could just have gotten lost in one of your awesome posts again, lol. Ok im off to go and fix up some of the stuff I stuffed up on my last at 1am this morning

  • Gabriel Sc

    Hi Pat,

    In a few days, I’ll launch my first blog. A blog about lucid dreams actually. And right now, I’m about to write the first post of this blog. Your posts are my inspiration, and I am so grateful to you for that.

    Thank you so much,

  • Natalie B

    I’m going to try and write a strategy for my social media presence eg. schedule tweets!

  • Lionel Houde

    Hi Pat, I’m getting my WordPress ebook in a form my father-in-law can help me with today. I’ve been putting it off a bit so I was skeptical about getting distracted by this post, but as always your posts and podcasts are worth the investment. Catch up soon!

  • Stevensen Liu
  • Antonio C. Vilela

    Very good call to action, Pat! I am going to work on my book — my 16th!

  • Your Italian Recipes Guy

    Everyday I try to do something for my site
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Charles Tan

    You inspire me so much after reading alot of articles here i’ve started my blog which is hope you can suggest improvements for my blog, thanks!