SPI 064: Podcasting for More Exposure, Leads, and Money (My SMMW13 Presentation!)

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I re-record the live presentation I recently did at Social Media Marketing World, a conference that took place here in my hometown of San Diego earlier this month.

As many of you know, me and technology don’t get along very well during my public speaking appearances. Although there weren’t any technical issues that affected my presentation, someone apparently unplugged the recording device at the conference during my talk to charge their laptop or mobile device. So, my session was one of the only ones that was not recorded at the event.

Of course, lol!

On the bright side, this gave me the opportunity to re-record the session and tailor it just for those of you who listen to the podcast and read the blog. You’ll even get an insider view of some of the presentation techniques I used during my talk, since I did interact with the crowd and did some things during my session to further emphasize important points, which I can’t actually do during the podcast.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear me talk all about podcasting, more specifically:

  1. How to get more exposure to your podcast and
  2. How to get your listeners to take action.

Podcasting has become such an important and integral part of my overall branding strategy, so much so that earlier this year I decided to switch from publishing 2 podcasts per month, to 1 per week, a decision that has already proved to be well worth the extra effort. More and more people are discovering my brand through my podcast, and it continues to be the number one way that people discover me, more than SEO, Social Media, YouTube and links from other sites.

At the conference, it was even said during the opening keynote that podcasting is the hottest trend in content creation and social media right now!

If you are interested in starting your podcast, but you have yet to get around to it, I’ve made it really easy for you. You can check out my 100% free Podcasting Tutorial (no emails or opt-ins required) that has already helped hundreds of people already start their podcast.

During my talk, you’ll discover:

  • Why podcasting is the most powerful content delivery medium available today.
  • How to properly optimize your show to increase search engine rankings in iTunes (and Google).
  • 1 Tip about your podcast artwork that can change everything.
  • How to leverage other podcasts for more exposure to your own, even without being mentioned on those shows.
  • The formula for a high ranking podcast in iTunes.
  • How to get listeners to keep listening to your show, even if it’s over an hour long.
  • 5 Tips to keep people engage during your episodes.
  • How to get people to share your show with others.
  • How not providing show notes is actually hurting your show.
  • A secret strategy to get listeners to take action, even when they aren’t in front of a computer or mobile device.
  • Plus much more..

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Items mentioned in this session:

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Cheers! :)


Click Here to Download the Transcript for Session 64(PDF)

  • http://www.omgtoplists.com Michael

    That’s a great Podcast , Pat. More and more people are getting into podcasting every passing day.

    • http://www.marketingyourfarm.com/ Iain

      I completely agree Michael.

      I am continually astounded by the number of people who are jumping on that bandwagon.

      One of the things people seem to forget a lot is how much work a podcast can be. They start and then they fall off and don’t do it any more.

      If you’re going to start one, you better make sure you’re in it for the long haul.

      Great presentation Pat

  • http://www.markeroni.com Linda

    Nice! My podcasting microphone just came today…now it’s time to get used to speaking into a microphone and learn how to use Audacity properly. I’m excited to get started…I’ve never done it before, but I’m all up for a new adventure. I figure it’s a way to pass on news about my niches that saves a lot of time writing, and is more direct, too.

    Off to download…

  • http://rich-blogger.com Kamil

    Hey Pat,

    great stuff as always! I also want to start with podcasting, but it’s soo hard to do this first step. In one of the podcasts you told that, you also had problem with it. How you overcome this?

    Best Regards

    • http://escape-from-the-grey-planet.co.uk/ Dave Graham

      Hey Kamil…you just gotta take the steps and do it. My first one took 5 or 6 attempts, and eventually I had to write myself extensive notes, one stop short of actually scripting the entire thing, just so I could do it without messing up.
      Don’t be worried about making mistakes, just get a mic and go for it!

      • http://www.markeroni.com Linda

        I’m really pleased to hear you say that, Dave. I too have been dabbling and seem to get hung up mid-flow. I was thinking of doing some scripting and serious note-taking to get over the ummms and ahhhs. I’m glad someone else can’t just ad-lib from the start. 😉

  • http://www.tuttoconilpc.com Rubel

    Wow! I’m looking forward to listen to this podcast!

  • http://www.managainstthegrain.com Mike

    Hey Pat,
    I was Internet Prophets and you definitely convinced me to start a podcast. I created an info product a while back and it took me almost 2 months to get in front of the mic and just do it. I think it’s the same thing here. You just have to push through the fear and do it.
    Nice work!

  • http://sportness.net conie k

    I’m not the fan of podcast or maybe when it comes to using it to full effect I come short but I do one or more people who swear by it.

  • http://www.kentanphoto.com Ken Tan

    Pat, great podcast! Great stuff as usual :)

    • http://quangbamangxahoi.blogspot.com/2013/04/phuong-phap-comment-hieu-qua-traffic-backlink-chat-luong.html Quang ba

      Yes, Thanks for your interest
      How do you think about the content in the podcast

  • http://Www.alterra-consulting.co.uk Amanda Brown

    I listen to podcasts everywhere on my iPad. The reason people hang around for a long on time is the flexibility. You can do other things while you listen. Whether you listen in your car, in the office or whilst cooking, it is like having your favourite radio programme on.

    Unlike a webinar, where you are stuck to your desk, or a video recording, you can navigate away from the podcast page and continue to work or browse on other pages. I look up your references and links whilst you are talking which brings it to life.

    Podcast functionality is also useful as you can set it to switch off when finished or make a playlist of your favourites. Skipping backwards or forwards is a swipe of a finger.

    Despite my day job being a marketing consultant here in the UK, my podcast will be about Gardening!

  • http://livingformondays.com/category/podcast/ Monja

    Thanks for recording this! I was already watching out for it because I just started my podcast and it’s great fun! Problem now is, how do I promote it and especially, how do I figure how many have downloaded it? Can I just do it with the help of libsyn or is there something built into iTunes?
    I’m so sorry to hear about the recording of your presentation. Personally though, I totally love to listen instead of watching because watching means I can’t do anything but that. When I can listen instead I can also cook, clean or whatever is a routine work.
    Thank you!

  • http://knowncoupons.com/ Damon

    I have never try podcast before,and I think it’s a little difficult for nor English speaker.

  • http://fareastour.com Thomas

    It looks like

  • http://buyseoservice.biz SEO Guru

    Great work with the podcast. I look forward to hearing your next one

  • http://makeextraincomeathome.com/ Felipe Jose

    Podcasting seems to be a great strategy to get more exposure, but I still think that videos are more powerful. I just know what I should try first.
    Any suggestion Pat??

  • http://okkimonosblog.com Brendan

    I love it when we get to hear your presentations again later on. Can’t wait to see the recording from IP this past weekend!

  • http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com Michael Stelzner

    Thanks so much Pat for speaking at Social Media Marketing World! Great job and we’d love to have you back

  • http://www.jasongracia.com Jason Gracia

    Loved this episode, Pat! You made a great case for the power of podcasting and laid out such an actionable plan to bring it from birth to behemoth. No one is delivering like you, my friend.


  • http://bizhow.org Megan

    Wow! I think one of the greatest challenges of doing podcasts is keeping your audience’s attention. People just get easily bored, how do you do it?

  • http://www.stumbleforward.com Chris @ Stumble Forward

    Great podcast Pat. I’ve been considering starting a podcast for my financial blog for over a year or so now. Your podcast has inspired me to start my own and you give a lot of great tips. My worst fear is starting a podcast and no one listens to it or downloads it. I know I have to start somewhere and it was the same way when I started my blog. At first it was uncomfortable now it’s pretty simple. I guess podcasting can be the same way, once you get started with it and stick to it, it’ll get easier.

  • http://www.notordinaryblogger.com Okto

    Hi Pat,
    It’s interesting to follow your progress using podcast. I do agree why it’s powerful for today marketing. Once embedded in a website, a podcast is available worldwide. There is no cheap and easy way to communicate with your audience from any corner of the globe.

  • http://thesailingpodcast.com/ David

    Hey Pat,

    Great episode full of excellent tips. I am 31 episodes into the experience and still learnt heaps from your presentation.

    To anyone thinking of starting a podcast, just do it. Your audience will find you because there are plenty of people just like you who will want to listen to what you have to say.

  • http://nguyenthaivu.com/ Nguyen Thai Vu

    Hi Pat. Sorry for my impatient, but i know you really want to share your experience and your knowlegde after i read your blog.I learnt alot from your blog, , especialy with your old series – Niche Site Duel. I became so amazed and excited about sharing your Niche Site Duel series in Vietnamese for my friend and people thats not so good at English.
    So i want to ask for your permission to let me translate your series and share it. I will verry appriciate if i can have your answer soon ! Thank you.

  • http://www.bloggingcage.com Kulwant Nagi

    Podcasting have become such a great way that it connect you more brilliantly with your readers.

    I am your regular read from past 4+ months but this is my first comment today.

    I love your blog because of great content and great podcasts.

    Going to grab this podcast and listen in next 1 hours.


  • http://ExecutiveSEO.com Ryan England

    Great interview, I’ve actually come across him before.

    When buying the High PR domains and popping up websites on them, what does he do for hosting? Do they all go on the same account? Unique Ips?

    Thanks. ~Ryan

  • http://www.benefitsstrategy.org Lee Lewis


    This was an epic podcast; my wife and I just listened to it and we are launching our Event and Style podcast in the next 10 days or so! Couldn’t be more excited. Thanks for everything,

    Lee Lewis

  • http://www.generationy.com Ryan Gibson

    Hey Pat,

    Superb podcast. Really good listen. Plenty of takeaways and the tips for exposure are great. How long have you officially been podcasting now Pat? How many trial runs did you go through before releasing your first?



    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Ryan! I’ve been podcasting since July 2010. I remember my first episode, it took 3 or 4 takes until I finally said, “forget it, let’s just record, mistakes and all.”

  • http://www.homelearningexperience.com/10000-hour-rule-my-learning-experience-from-outliers-the-story-of-success/ Sibo

    Hi Pat,

    I love your solo shows. I feel like they are more organized. May it’s because I am long time fan at your blog and get used to your approach. Great job on the recent public speakings and I wish you successful.

    This episode has a great insight of the power of podcast. I think I will consider implementing the tips you are sharing in your blog post, “How to Start a Podcast” soon.

    Keep up the great work, bud!

  • http://www.expand2web.com/blog/ Don Campbell

    Hey Pat, great show as usual. Your podcast is my favorite – I always come away with some actionable tips for my blog. I appreciate what you do.

  • http://www.incometreatment.com Hasan

    Nice guideline for podcuster! thanks pat.


  • Terrence Kommal

    I have been also tending to Pat’s podcasts for about 3 months now and it was a life saver as I travelled in rural Gujarat on a media trip, as there was not much else to do for the 6-7hour bus journeys. Taking inspiration from these fantastic contributions from Pat, i have started my own youtube channel on a recent presentation I did. Imperfect as it is, it is a start. Now I plan to extract the audio from this to use as a podcast.

    I know the first efforts will not be perfect but, starting somewhere is critical.


  • http://www.keystoaz.com Matthew Jeschke

    I was always curious about the sound bytes you put in at the start and finish. How and where do you get those made? They are pretty awesome :)

  • http://www.mountainmanjake.hubpages.com Jake

    Podcasting has always been treated as a red-headed step child to me. I have never really given it any thought or attention. This, however, was pretty good. Thanks for all the great information!

  • http://www.networkerforbusinesswomen.com Lourdes Welhaven

    This is one of those episodes that I will be listening to multiple times and taking notes. Absolutely fantastic and amazing ideas. I wonder if you know of a service similar to clicktotweet that works for Facebook?

  • http://www.nickykay.com Nick Kizirnis

    Wow, thanks for doing this podcast, Pat, and a great encore from your talk in Chicago. You must have a great speaking coach because I think you are a great presenter.

    Dang it, I really want to do this music podcast idea I have and you are giving me no room to make excuses! It’s really tying into the business I want to start through the IBM Academy, and they are pushing podcasts too! Agh, I can’t escape.

    So is it best practice to have several episodes under your belt before you try to go out with it?

    • Pat Flynn

      Best practice is to have 2 or 3 people you go live. If you have one, people who want more won’t be able to get more. That was a mistake I made when I first started.

  • http://www.smartbusinessrevolution.com John Corcoran

    Of course someone would unplug the recording device during your presentation, of all people… that’s so funny. And frustrating.

  • http://www.micronicheblueprint.com Greg

    Pat, I was wondering what comments plug-in you prefer. It looks like this one is not the pre-packaged WP one. At one point I heard that using Disqus was a good idea? Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Thanks!!

  • http://godisclose.com Luke

    Hey Pat,

    You mentioned Pretty Link, however, the link you have in your show notes is broken. When I search for it in the plugin’s directory I don’t find it.

    What comes up when I search are things like:
    Pretty URL
    Pretty File Link

    But, no Pretty Link…

    Any suggestions?


    • http://www.micronicheblueprint.com Greg

      Luke, I believe it is listed as Pretty Link Lite as there is also a way to upgrade to Pro. I just use the Lite version, in fact i just installed it on one of my sites yesterday. I LOVE it and really like how it keeps track of the click for you. Hope this helps!

      • shenry

        I’m not seeing a plugin for Pretty Link lite either. Do you happen to have a link you could share? Thanks.

  • shenry

    Great podcast. I came to the blogs to read more about Pretty Links, however the link you provided directs to this page:

    We couldn’t find that plugin. Maybe you were looking for one of these? “

  • http://www.micronicheblueprint.com Greg

    Oh wow, i just went through my wordpress install and tried to install it again. It is not on the list anymore. That is funny because i JUST installed this plugin yesterday! Hope they bring it back soon!
    I searched Google and found http://prettylinkpro.com/ this is the correct plug in but there is no mention of a free version! I hope they didn’t decide to stop offering the :lite” version of the plug in! If so, I will have to find a free replacement ASAP.

    • http://www.micronicheblueprint.com Greg

      Never fear! The Pretty Link plug in is now available! Just search “pretty link” from WP and it will show up as Pretty Link Lite. Looks like they were just in the midst of an update, so that’s why it was not showing up. Go get it!

  • http://coachxo.com Shane Sams

    PAT! I just finished everything in the podcast tutorial. Here is the finished product http://coachxo.com/4-2-5-defense-with-joe-daniel-cxos-001/ (tried to comment there but I think it is closed).

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I sat down and did the entire thing straight all the way to the last video, took a break, then came back the next day and submitted all my feeds. Episode 002 comes out Saturday!

    I’ve already seen MASSIVE traffic increases and have received TONS of feedback. A podcast definitely sets you apart in your niche!

    Thanks again…just amazing how awesome your free content is!

  • http://zachis.it Zachary Smith

    Nice update!

  • http://CADAnswerMan.com Matthias

    One of the BEST podcasts I’ve ever listened too. This episode was perfect for me. I couldn’t have asked for better! I’m at that point where I need to publish content I’ve stitched together. All the “little things” have made me loose sight of the bigger picture. Thanks for clearing my head and simplifying my game plan.

  • http://tutorial.world.edu Rina

    one of the interesting things from your blog is that you always present content differently
    one of them is this podcast
    thanks for everything

  • http://www.thessmodel.com Shawn S.

    This podcast is a game-changer! I immediately implemented some of the tactics you discussed for my new show. Thanks for making things super actionable.

  • http://essayacademy.org/ http://essayacademy.org/

    Thanks for this!!!

  • http://www.proescortbayan.com/ escort bayan

    Dear Pat, I enjoyed this podcast, thank you very much for sharing it with us. Podcasting is completely new to me and I learned a great deal about it. Looking forward to implementing it soon :-)

  • http://www.minutesofmayhem.com Neal Mayhem

    I’m no beginner. I’ve been podcasting for a number of years, and I get a good solid audience of many thousands around the world. Yet, I have to say, this podcast was brilliant, because it’s made me realise how many of these things I’m not doing, and has left me wondering how many more listeners I’ve missed out on because I haven’t done these things. And it’s incredible timing, because I’m about to relaunch the show due to fresh ideas and a staffing change, so this time I will implement these ideas from scratch! Great job, Pat!


  • Chick J

    Thank for putting Let’ Go on for the Nook. I just got it and will enjoy reading this weekend.

  • http://webinarexpress-reviews1.com/ webinar express

    thank for this! 😀

  • Jeremy Jesenovec

    This is great as I take 2 of my businesses to the next level with a podcast. Especially since Michael Stelzner says “Podcasting, Bar Nothing In Our Study, Is The Hottest Thing In 2013. Period!” Thanks again Pat.

  • Linda Lolly

    Thanks for sharing tons of valuable materials, I am actually thick and tired of my little salary and online loans for US consumers I turn to from time to time! Now I am going to study your blog in detail and try to generate my own smart passive income.

  • David John

    Although I am not a language teacher, even I am still learning english,
    so do you think it would be pottential to be a profitable blog in the
    future? Every help of you I will appreciate a lot!.