SPI 024: Online Business Success Stories from People Who Don’t Teach People How to Make Money Online – Part 1

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In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m happy to showcase 3 success stories from people who are making a living online and generating a passive income without having to teach others how to make money online.

Many people think that the only way to really make money online is to talk about making money online, and this session (and the next, which will feature 3 more success stories) is here to show you that you don’t need to do that. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it because the make money online industry is very competitive and the techniques that are a little out of date in this industry are still crushing it in others.

This Session’s Success Stories Feature:

Keith Snow of HarvestEating.com – The cooking and food niche is extremely competitive, but Keith shares with us exactly how he found a niche within a niche (Local and Seasonal Foods) and is utilizing the power of giving away information for free to drive people into a membership site and increase product sales. What I love about Keith’s story is his attitude towards his customers and also how he’s utilizing the power of the internet to grow his business even further.

Raffael Schulz of Hochzeitsportal24.de Raffael has an interesting story for a number of different reasons. He has one of the top wedding websites in Germany (I know a lot of you are from outside the U.S. so this story will definitely be one to listen to), he quit his job in order to work on it and he knew nothing about weddings before. Raffael shares how he got into this business and exactly what kinds of monetization strategies (there’s a bunch!) he’s using and which ones perform the best.

Daniel Himel of EnduranceNation.us and MarathonNation.us – Daniel Himel quit his well paying corporate job to build a business around something he was very passionate about – endurance training for the Ironman race. He then applied what he learned to marathon training and he crushed it even more. We’re talking 7 figures a year here and some fantastic business strategies that you can apply to your own online businesses and membership sites too.

In each of these interviews, we talk about:

  • What they were all doing before they started their online businesses, and when and why they decided to go online.
  • Monetization techniques.
  • The stuggles they experienced while building their online businesses.
  • What they each love most about doing business online and earning a passive income.
  • And more…

Thanks to all of the guests on the show today and look out for 3 more success stories in session #25.

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  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Hi Pat,
    Man this sounds good, can’t wait to listen to it. Downloading it right now.

    I really love your podcasts, got them on my ipod and listen to them while I’m driving. Maybe not the smartest (safest) thing to do, but I always learn something new from every one.

    Cheers and have a great weekend!

    • Pat

      Be safe on the road dude! At least it’s not a video podcast. 😛

  • http://www.365Cincinnati.com Bridgett

    Love the topic, Pat. It seems that so many success stories are for the “how to get rich online” genre. I’m looking forward to hearing how people rock it with other topics.

    I’m downloading it to my iPod now. :)

    • Pat

      Yep – that’s exactly why I took the time to find and share these great stories with everyone! :)

    • http://www.ilovetumblr.com Gregory C.

      Agreed, although to be fair, the people who blog about making money online are the ones who’s income you are going to hear about the most.

      Successful niche blogs aren’t going to publish their income in posts, as that is not their topic, such as it is here on SPI.

      If I run a successful food blog, I won’t have “Income Reports” or be teaching people about how they can blog better, as that is not my topic.

    • http://www.buzzpromote.com alan

      you mean on the “how to work hard, then get rich genre”

  • http://www.calawreport.com John Corcoran

    Hey Pat,

    I hope you had a safe trip back from the East Coast. I can’t wait to listen to this. Not that I don’t like hearing tales from bloggers who have started sites that explain how to make money blogging, but I find it really inspiring to read about people who have created huge businesses in narrow niches that happen to be a passion. It reminds me that I believe the first time I discovered your site was through a Yaro Starak podcast, and of course he was fascinated by the nutty idea that you had found success selling an ebook to help architects study for the LEED exam. I also recall reading or listening to another interview Yaro did with the tennis instructor from FuzzyYellowBalls.com around the same time and thinking what a crazy story that guy had to tell. Who would think you could find such success doing tennis training online?

    Also, FYI, I just looked on itunes and I don’t see #024 up yet. Perhaps it’s going to be loaded later today?

    • Pat

      Thanks John!

      It takes a little while for iTunes to pick up the feed. I literally just posted this so it might show up later today.

      I love the Fuzzy Yellow Balls story, I remember listening to that too.

      • http://www.calawreport.com John Corcoran

        Seriously. If I hear about some t-ball instructor creating a 6-figure blog devoted to t-ball hitting instruction, complete with slick youtube videos in high-def, I think I’m going to spit out my coffee. But kudos to that tennis guy for being so entrepreneurial and innovative.

  • Manspaugh

    Way excited for this one Pat! It’s so unique to put people in front of the crowds who don’t teach people how to make money online. Especially for those of us who don’t want to go that route and focus on our creations. Can’t wait to hear this one! Thanks Pat for being so different!

  • http://www.leavingworkbehind.com/ Tom Ewer

    There are few things that I look forward to more on my RSS feed than your Podcast episodes Pat! Can’t wait to give this a listen :)

    • http://www.leavingworkbehind.com/ Tom Ewer

      Oh and the content of the podcast sounds right up my alley too – I love hearing about how other people have achieved what I want to achieve myself – it’s a great motivator!

      • http://www.leavingworkbehind.com/ Tom Ewer

        Pat – I listened to the podcast in the car today – awesome episode! It was interesting to note that two of the sites were pre-existing before your guests either picked them up or partnered with the existing owner. There are so many different ways to be successful online, and the three stories in your podcast prove that.

  • Kris Dashek

    Hi Pat.

    You are doing a really great job. I never would think that someone would make such a good content for free. I’ve been reading and listening you for about a month, but you are the best.

    Greetings from Poland


  • http://www.chriskdesigns.com/ Chris @ WordPress Blogging Tips

    Thanks for finding such inspirational and real live examples of people outside the ‘Make money online’ Niche. Hearing some of the points of view of Keith has is really interesting. He’s in it for the right reasons, his users.

    Hope you had a great trip (loved the Welcome Home sign). Keep up the great content.

  • http://www.gaurano.com/2011/08/how-bad-do-you-want-it.html Jonathan

    Pat! Finally! A podcast/article that proclaims you can make money online – without writing a blog about making money online. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Lastly, would it be possible to add a popup mp3 player, because I sometimes mess up and close the tab by mistake. Thank you!

    Okay, listening intently now… (:

  • http://moneymakinginarecession.blogspot.com/ Rose

    This has to be one of the best podcasts you’ve ever done.

    After listening to the whole thing my reaction was “wow, two out of three make their money from membership websites!” – no-one talks about this business model normally. It’s all affiliate marketing, ebooks and adsense. Just goes to show that if you think of your business as a service, lots of different other models present themselves

  • http://www.smartyoungminds.com Kim|Smart Young Minds

    Thank you ! This was quite inspirational and full of great information!

  • http://debtsnowballcalculator.net Eric

    Pat, thanks for the great Podcast. Very inspirational!

    BTW, I think it’s interesting listening to your podcasts month after month. You can tell you have a lot more confidence in your direction now. It’s kind of funny to listen to some of the earlier podcasts where you were a bit shaky at times, but still better than most. Cliff still has you beat though! haha

    Keep noted: I’m still a little shaky on podcasts. Just completed another one and I think I’m getting better!

    It’s a great day to be great!

  • http://www.moneyfromgames.com Jeremiah


    Once again you knock it out of the ballpark. The best part is that you have 3 more interviews coming! The stuff you post on this blog is always quality. It’s like a good book, I can’t put your blog down. Keep it up, you’re doing a lot of good work. Thanks again

  • http://www.breakingzero.com Brian Yang

    Hey Pat, been dying to hear this podcast since you mentioned it in your July income report.

    I will devour it mercilessly when I get home!

  • cal

    hi pat – first time poster!

    really good to hear these stories and im glad you made a post about this! i think another reason we dont hear about them is people dont like other webmasters and their users to know that they are making money and how they are making money!


  • http://www.seobasicsandstrategies.com TomL

    About time, seems like everyone is making most of their money by teaching.

  • http://www.campaigntrailyardsigns.com/ Ben Donahower

    What’s the German wedding website? I took German in HS so I was able to get some of it


    But the ‘portal’ part, got nothing.

  • http://www.kidsiphoneapps.net Pavel

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for the podcast. To me this podcast is very special, simply because it’s the very first one I listened to on your iPhone app.

    I didn’t get the point of the iphone app at first, but now I’m starting to see all the possibilities. The app makes is super easy for everyone to get your content. Great job!

    • http://www.smartonlineincomes.com/ Smart online incomes

      His podocast almost all the times among the best I think this man always knows what people need in the current times.

  • http://www.r32media.com Eric Timmer

    Just when I thought you couldn’t out do yourself, you did! Nice episode Pat!! I know for me I get sick of hearing everyone talk about making money on line, with the making money on line niche. Thank you for featuring some folks doing it right. Look forward to the next episode too.

    Everyone that reads your blog and listens to your podcast must listen to this episode a second time with a pen and pad in hand.

  • http://www.slymarketing.com Jens P. Berget

    Hi Pat,

    This is perfect. I have just downloaded all your previous podcasts as well. I’m going to listen to them on my iPhone while walking. I have been listening to BlogcastFM for a while. And it’s great to learn from the best while getting an exercise :)

    What I really enjoy is to listen to people who have clearly found their passion, and are living the life they have always dreamed about living. These threee people that you have interviewed sounds just like people who are really passionate about what they do.

    Thanks a lot for sharing, and have a great weekend.


  • http://www.4hours1000places.com Raffael Schulz

    Hey Pat, thanks again for including me in this and for your podcast in general. Always great to listen to it.

    Just two quick things: My name is spelled “Schulz” and the link to my website is split in two :)

  • http://weightfitnessfactory.com phyllus

    Hi Pat,
    I love your Podcast I also listen to your podcast while I’m riding my bike or walking it’s get me through it when I’m ready to quit I learn so much everytime I listen to them. Thanks so much for all of the Free information you give.

  • http://thirstyaffiliates.com Josh Kohlbach

    Awesome!! Some fresh podcasting goodness for me to consume during the day, love it Pat.

    Sounds like a really interesting series you’re going on here, seriously I can’t think of anyone that does present users outside of the make money online niche consistently. I know Yaro did it a couple times in the past, but there’s been too many “I make money telling people how to make money” type dudes on his podcast as well.

    You’re doing something really different here! Keep it up!

  • http://www.campaigntrailyardsigns.com/ Ben Donahower

    Perhaps I should have taken a look at the site notes… got it now! Should have just tried 24 not written out.

  • http://ukplumber.multiply.com/journal steve

    I seem to be having some trouble downloading to my iPhone, it gets 75% of the way through and then freezes.

  • http://www.tradingsimply.com David

    Hey Pat

    Just listened to the podcast. What a great idea! I can’t wait for the next one. Its cool that there are different perspectives and niches from which people talk about their success. I like Keith’s model the best, he has really gone for it.

  • http://www.enoughcashflow.com Alexander

    Spectacular interviews Pat!

    Looking forward for the next set.


  • http://doublestrollerreviewslist.com/bumbleride-indie-twin/ Sparkle

    I am so glad I checked your blog today. I will really enjoy listening to this information. I am always amazed at people who know nothing about a niche and end up as one of the top competitors in the niche that they knew nothing about.

    I am also very interested in corporate people that make 6 figure salaries and go on to either make the same or more than they did in a niche that they were interested in. This is the second one of these types of stories I have heard about.

  • http://financialplanningapprentice.com Robinson Mertilus

    Just finished listening to the podcast. This was very inspiring. This will help to dispel the myth that you can only make money by talking about making money.

  • http://www.naturalhairspeaks.blogspot.com Alicia James

    This podcast is really good. They all have inspiring stories. Thank you for interviewing these people and putting links to their online businesses. I think it is great that you interviewed people from other niches. Thanks again.

  • http://passiveincomejunkie.com Ash Tewierik

    Thanks for the great podcast. It’s great to see other ways of making money online. The focus is mainly on teaching others (looks like I got trapped into this as well.) But this serves as a reminder not to always focus on one formula, and to always look outside the box.
    Thanks again.

  • http://rina-as.blogspot.com Rina As

    Delighted if someone like me could get a valuable lesson from all of them ..

  • http://thirstyaffiliates.com Josh Kohlbach

    Hey Pat, is it possible for you to set the player to show how much time is left instead of counting up the time?

    • http://www.ilovetumblr.com Gregory C.

      This would be really useful, but I think that is how WordPress embeds the audio.

  • http://DefyStats.com Melodee Forbes

    Hello Pat!!!

    Thank you for this great podcast! I have a blog that is focused on Dads that have daughters and this (podcast) encouraged me to ‘press on’ and continue! I like the freedom of NOT having to be apart of the make-money-online niche, because I am not passionate or driven about that and I already think the market is saturated with enough people, most unqualified but few qualified (such as yourself and the Barefoot Executive) to speak and teach on it.

    Anyway, great podcast, I really like how you roll. You seem real and genuine, please don’t change!

    Have an exuberant day,
    Melodee Forbes

  • http://waystoincreaseincome.com Darren

    Mate love your work, I have only been doing this for about 8 weeks, paid a bucket load for course and stuff, this is by far the most information I have found in one site. Can;t wait to see what you make next month.

  • http://developiphoneappsonwindows.com John

    Downloading on my Android Phone.
    When will the SPI android app be launched?

  • http://ebusinessbeginner.com Daniel

    This was a great podcast session. I’ve been listening to Keith Snow for a while now since I got into gardening and farmers markets. I joined his site to get the recipe’s and bought his cookbook which I can’t recommend highly enough.
    He really does interact with his audience which I think is huge. When I signed up for his site he was on vacation and he sent me personal emails apologizing for the delay and thanking me for checking out his site through the referral I got from another site where I heard him give interviews.

    I hope to be able to follow his example in interacting with my audience in my own blogs and sites. Thanks for the great content Pat!

  • http://www.baseball-tutorials.com/ CoachKennyBuford

    Really intriguing.

  • http://heatlhhomehappy.com Cara

    I love this podcast! I so want to ship something to my yearly membership subscribers, going to put that on my 2012 to do list!

  • http://iwings.net Cal

    Hey Pat,

    Awesome podcast. I can really relate to Daniel’s story. I’ve had enough of the corporate world. It is a broken system. Working in a system as such and dealing with all of the politics is misery and is a sure fire path to an unhappy and miserable life.

    Really inspiring stories. I would love to hear more of these. Maybe another similar podcast down the road?

    Which leads me to this. What do you recommend newbie writers/bloggers who want to get into podcasting to podcast about?


    • http://twitter.com/#!/danhimel Daniel

      Hey Cal – You are right – it’s a broken system for sure. I learned a ton in that world…and it was a necessary step but you CAN get out!

    • Stephen Dailey

      I would like to say that success stories are always motivating to hear but at the same time, it is hard to relate to someone who made it big with one website. I’m not saying that they didn’t work hard to be successful but I feel like they had a stroke of luck to pick a niche that they were passionate about and wound up earning a lot of money from it, by working hard and following that passion.

      I need out of the corporate world sooner rather than later, so I don’t want to take the chance that channeling my efforts in to a niche that I am passionate about will pay off in the years to come. I personally find Pat’s niche duel security guard training HQ story more motivating, because I can do the same sort of thing and succeed.

      I love to hear people debate the merits of following your passions vs. doing what needs to be done for the ultimate goal of making money. Even the people who genuinely want to help others wouldn’t be willing to give up all the money they make from the website they are passionate about.

  • mark pinto

    Great episode it really help to remove some limiting beliefs I had about internet business

  • Stephen Dailey

    Just wanted to say the “booyah” is now my favorite opening over the “what what” opening. Keep up the great work.

  • http://www.marylandstinkbugs.com Maryland Stink Bugs

    Great Podcast…

    I really look forward to part two…keep them coming..

  • http://howtomarried.com anabella

    love the podcast

    really inspirational people

  • http://www.4hours1000places.com Raffael Schulz

    Quick update: Since Google rolled out their Panda Update in Germany on sunday we now are Germany’s #3 wedding website according to Sistrix Visibility Index :)

    • http://www.englischtestonline.de Englischtest Online

      Hi Raffael,
      always good to see fellow germans araound :)
      Could you just share with us how you managed to get so much traffic? Your current PR is 0 (although you have some high PR incoming links).

      thanks and good luck wiht your site and your upcoming trip

      • http://www.4hours1000places.com Raffae Schulz

        I did have a PR 3 until 3 months ago. I guess Google thinks I am selling links or something. I realized that the Toolbar PR has absolutely no influence on rankings.
        The way to lots of traffic is easy to learn, hard to master. Basically it’s the following: create good content and build good links. It also helps to really do some good keyword research.

        • http://www.englischtestonline.de Englischtest Online

          ” I realized that the Toolbar PR has absolutely no influence on rankings” – so true. I have a 3, but no rankings :( – OK, have to admit that the site is just a landing page for an aff campaign and therefore lacks quality content.

  • http://www.profitworks.ca Chris R. Keller From Profitworks.ca

    Thanks for this pod cast Pat. Lots to think about. Some great ideas for how to make money online.

  • http://www.UnderstandITNow.com Tom


    This Podcast was outstanding! I find the stories very inspiring. You typically do not hear stories about people making money in a niche that doesn’t talk about making money. This is yet another unique aspect about your website that keeps me coming back. I hope you give some other examples. Anyway, keep up the great work Pat.


  • http://www.amazon-kindle.co.za Justin Drennan

    Great show,I really like how you pointed out that many marketers make a substantial amount of their earnings teaching others how to earn online,this begs the question “could they survive without teaching others?” .

  • http://www.therisetothetop.com David Siteman Garland

    Nice, Pat. I’m going to steal some of your best guests for The Rise To The Top muhahahahahahahahaha(hahahaha). :)

  • http://dylanvarian.blogspot.com Dylan Varian

    Just finished listening to the Podcast Pat and I must say it is very good and very informative.

    I look forward to the next episode.

  • http://www.nichemoz.com Kevin Perry from Internet Marketing Forum

    Great show,hard to find this type of quality in the IM field,you are right about most people making money from teaching others how to make money.

  • http://www.jonathanleesmith.com Jonathan Lee Smith – Internet Marketer

    Thanks for the podcast. Was very nice to listen to. Teaching to make money is a proven way to earn an income.

  • http://www.exceldashboardtemplates.com Steve=True

    Thanks Pat for the podcast, it is great to hear how other people run their niches.

    Can’t wait for the next one.


  • http://www.omega3secrets.com sndysachs

    Thanks for the inspirational podcast. Internet has surely turned out to be a gold mine for supplementing your income sitting comfortably from your home.

  • http://www.synergybyjasmine.com/yoga-music-reviews/ philadlephia anniversary ideas

    Pat, Can’t wait to listen to these…I was thinking the only way to make money online was to sell your online marketing consulting or coaching skills…

  • http://www.fulltimervfamily.com Ralph

    Pat, one of the best most inspiring podcast to date. I have listened to it twice already. So unbelievably wickedly inspiring!

    We linked to it on our RV blog today. My 8 year old really likes Brain Clark and he tweeted our link the other day and our blog was DELUGED with visitors. My son got the idea from you man when I was listening to your podcast on one of our long trips! Here it is: http://wp.me/p1EE6f-m3

    Keep up the great work man!

  • http://www.DavidBilbrey.com David Bilbrey

    This podcast episode really inspired me. It is so helpful to hear real stories of how people did it. It take the mystery and perhaps nervousness out of getting started.
    By the way I am one of those who has been listening and reading your stuff for over 6 months and never commented. I love what you do and how you do it so know there are I am sure many more who really appreciate you that you have not heard from because they don’t get around to it. I love your transparency, honesty and willingness to create and give great content for “free” obviously though seeing your income reports you are being rewarded well for you efforts and you deserve it. Thanks for being a shining example of a virtuous business!

  • http://www.fishoiltruth.info naturessand

    For me there’s no shortcut to get rich, but to work hard. Internet has only made it easier to work hard.

  • http://twitter.com/plcrlsn Paul Carlson

    Is it just me or does anyone else listen for the Announcer’s little blip about Pat at the beginning of each podcast? Afraid of spiders, nice!

    +1 for using the word “stoked.”

    • Pat

      Heh, thanks Paul 😉

  • http://www.fulltimervfamily.com Ralph

    Love it too! John Melley is the best. I love how he chuckles on “spiders”…I’m petrified of em too though Pat. My wife kills em all in the RV. :-)

  • http://www.gorillashakes.net DJ

    This was an inspiring podcast. I’m happy you actually interviewed a German! Being from Europe myself, I think you should try to find some more European online entrepreneurs to interview :)


  • Adrian

    Question for Raffael on his Wedding website.

    Were the new keywords which you started ranking for included in old content which was on the site when you purchased it or was it from new content. Just wondering was this all down to SEO efforts on old posts or did you start writing about new topics with new keywords ?



    • http://www.4hours1000places.com Raffael Schulz

      The content that ranks really good for the new keywords has been created by me after I purchased the website. I did a lot of writing for new keywords, because for some very important keywords there were no articles at all. All the older articles helped me a lot though, because I had a great foundation to start with. Each of the old articles only brings in about 10 visitors/day. But since there are a lot of old articles, that really adds up.

      I also had to revise the old articles because some things have changed (legal stuff for example).

      • http://www.fulltimervfamil.com Ralph

        Raffael, your success is awesome, so congrats are in order. Buying the aged domin is something Ive been considering for a while as well. Im curious on the new content you created did you build backlinks by doing SEO to that cpntent or did you just create the new content and let Google do their thing to find it?

        • http://www.4hours1000places.com Raffael Schulz

          I think in the beginning it is very hard without building backlinks, so I did a lot of linkbuiling in the beginning. It is important only to use methods that are approved by Google, otherwise you risk getting kicked or penalized.
          Now that I am already ranking well, I get more links from people that found my content.

  • Adrian

    Thanks Raffael for the quick reply. Just looking at your site again, and it appears to be down now.

    One more question if you don’t mind. Do you outsource your writing of new articles, and if so how do you go about this ?

    • http://www.4hours1000places.com Raffae Schulz

      For German articles I found it quite hard to find someone I could outsource my content creation to. So I am still writing most of the content myself. For english content that I need for other websites I found a great content creator on elance.

  • http://www.myrun.com.au Ralph

    This is great! I have my own running website but want to take it to the next level and have a few ideas but this is great stuff!

  • http://www.noosaholidayhomes.net.au David #inoosa

    Good work Pat. You asked great questions and have anticipated the sort of questions we are thinking of during the podcast. Thanks to Raffae for answering posts on the blog as well. It just reinforces the basic lessons – #1 – Personal touch does count #2- content content content.

    Can I get someone on elance to write my resignation from work? Never used it before…maybe something that self destructs after 30 seconds like mission impossible – leave a real impression!

  • http://4hwwsuccess.com/ David

    Hi Pat

    Just wanted to thank you quickly for drawing my attention to Raffael Schulz, since 1st of all he’s a really nice guy and secondly I am German as well. So I contacted him for an interview on our Four Hour Workweek Success Stories site. In case anybody wants to find out a bit more about Raffael and his approach, check out the interview (which is in English, by the way, and available as video, audio and transcript): http://4hwwsuccess.com/raffael

    Regards from Greece,

  • http://www.filcomsports.org.au/basketball Dennis

    Hi Pat,
    Great topic. It is inspiring to hear other people succeeding in creating income for themselves online.
    Just letting you know that I’m unable to complete the podcast. There might be a problem with the file? I tried to listen from the site but it stops at the 7min mark and keeps buffering. I had problem downloading the mp3 and kept saying “Interrupted”. I then tried to download from itunes a number of times but still failed to successfully download. Could you please check as there might be a problem from the server?

    • Cheyenne Christine Naegler

      Hey Dennis,
      I just played it & it all played OK for me….. I am not super savvy with computer problems but, maybe it’s your download limit? Or perhaps a quirky signal due to weather?

  • http://www.GregDeTisiOnlineSuccess.com Greg De Tisi

    Hey it’s really great to see others who are honestly doing well online. I am glad that we can share what works and to help people who really deserve it. There is so much crap out there that places like this are AWESOME to help people get clear and believe that it is actually possible to make a passive income which of course it is!:)


    • Cheyenne Christine Naegler

      Isn’t it though? It is like a dream come true to have someone give you real, sound, solid advice & even does so from the goodness in his heart!

  • http://onlinecashsuccesskit.net Online Cash Success Kit

    Interesting blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere?
    A design like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog stand out.
    Please let me know where you got your design. Thanks
    a lot

    • http://www.stepstopassiveincome.com Kent McCorkle

      Pat mentioned on a podcast that his site is a custom design he paid to have someone create.

    • Cheyenne Christine Naegler

      Pat also mentions some of the WordPress themes that he thinks are really good too but, I can’t remember which podcast that was on…. It would be between 15 & 23 lol, if that helps at all

  • http://www.freedigitalphotographytutorials.com FreeDPT

    I love your podcasts! This one in particular is amazing and has helped me think of new ways to monetize my website. Currently I just use Adsense, and affiliate products but opening up a membership section might be a great addition. Can’t wait to listen to part 2 of this series. Thanks Pat!

  • http://www.stepstopassiveincome.com Kent McCorkle

    Man, I love these success stories! I am going back through old episodes of the SPI podcast and just listened to this one. I’m new to the online entrepreneur space myself and decided to create a blog sharing my successes & failures as I attempt to create passive income. I was inspired by Harvest Eating’s story so I used it as a case study at http://www.stepstopassiveincome.com/passive-income-case-study-harvest-eating, breaking down the various income streams Chef Snow has created.

    • Cheyenne Christine Naegler

      How good was that podcast? I LOVED Harvest Eating’s podcast. I actually have some ideas I want to run by him that may increase his business as funny as that may sound coming from a newbie

  • Cheyenne Christine Naegler

    Thanks Pat these were GREAT. It prompts me to ask (asked on FB but, figured with all the traffic there it might get lost & that someone here might be able to help as well)- I wanted to ask whether my idea for my blog is too broad to turn into a passive income.

    For the last few years I’ve been slowly changing myself & my daughters life in by being closer to natural things so I planned on blogging about the next level of “going green”. Topics I planned to talk about are earthen building styles & all the aspects of it, natural clothing materials & dyes, growing food, eating healthy & the effects of doing or not doing these things, slow living, how ecopsychology intertwins with it all, as well as regenerating ourselves (hence my Regeneration Nation FB page) which will roll out to others to name a few. My perspective would be from the journey I’m living & supporting others to do the same

    I can envision some possible affiliates for some of these topics but, I wonder if its too broad? These are all things that I love & believe they all tie in together but, I would love some feedback on it from those with experience as well as those just starting. Kindest wishes & blessings, Cheyenne

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