SPI 066: Niche Site Duel 2.0 (research interview) – SEO and Keyword Research with Spencer Haws

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, we welcome Spencer Haws, founder of Niche Pursuits and creator of the popular keyword research tool, Long Tail Pro.

This particular episode, along with a few other upcoming episodes and posts, are a part of an ongoing research phase that I’m conducting for the upcoming Niche Site Duel 2.0 challenge.

Before I start building another website from scratch and sharing everything that happens along the way with you (I did this once before here), I want to make sure I’m up to date on everything I need to know before diving in – and of course you’re coming along with me every step of the way.

So far, I had a chat with Alex Becker who shared some very interesting, almost controversial strategies to rank websites for himself and his clients. The interview, which went up last week, has nearly 300 comments at the time I write this post.

Today, we have Spencer from Niche Pursuits who recently built a brand new website that is now ranking #1 in Google for his target keyword, and the site is now generating more and more income each month. I wanted to bring him on the show to share exactly how he made that happen with us.

Spencer has a long history with building niche websites. He’s built hundreds and has earned well over 5-figures a month from his sites – that is, until he was banned from Google Adsense last year. We talk a little bit about that in the podcast session as well as what he did to get most of his income back.

Spencer provides us with another account of what seems to be working in SEO and Keyword Research today. Please note that I am still in research mode and some or all of the NSD2.0 related strategies and methods mentioned during this session, or any other podcast session, post or video, may not necessarily align or become the same strategies that I end up using myself. You will hear more about my specific strategies and tactics soon, which will be based off of my own knowledge of building websites and search engine optimization, as well as what I am learning from others.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • How Spencer turned his hobby of building websites into a business.
  • The light bulb that went off in Spencer’s head that allowed him to finally start seeing results with his work online.
  • Exactly how many websites Spencer had when he quit his job in 2011, and the range of income he was earning from each.
  • How Spencer “manages” a large number of websites at the same time.
  • How Spencer’s business model has changed since he first started.
  • One of the most common mistakes when conducting keyword research.
  • Spencer’s exact parameters and exactly what he’s looking for when analyzing keywords.
  • Specific strategies for finding ‘seed keywords’ to put into tools like Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro
  • What Spencer looks for when it comes to the competition for a particular keyword with search and traffic potential.
  • Tools to help you determine how authoritative a competitive site may be.
  • The start to finish process that Spencer used to rank a site in the survival industry, including the exact keyword he built a website for.
  • What ‘juice page links’ and Page authority are and how to determine if a niche is too competitive to build a site for.
  • Spencer’s content plan and what he did to stand out from the rest of the competition.
  • How Spencer built links to his site.
  • Plus a whole lot more!

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Resources Mentioned in this Podcast Include:

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$30.00 Off Long Tail Pro for a Limited Time Only!

After we recorded the episode together, Spencer was kind enough to give the SPI community a massive $30 discount on Long Tail Pro, his keyword research software, to celebrate the start of Niche Site Duel 2.0.

Thank you Spencer!

All you have to do is click on my referral link below and the discount should automatically be applied. Of course, I do earn a commission when you go through my link (at no extra cost to you!) and if you do end up making a purchase, please shoot me a note on Twitter or Facebook so I can thank you personally! :)

Get Long Tail Pro for $30.00 Off <— Here

I still use and love Market Samurai, another great keyword research tool that I’ve used for years, including during Niche Site Duel 1.0, but there are some things I like about LTP that excite me for the upcoming challenge, especially for beginners who are joining. Both Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro are fantastic, so if you already have Market Samurai please don’t feel like you have to get another keyword research tool, at least for what we’re doing. If you have MS and will be following along during NSD2.0, you’ll be able to do most, if not all of the things I’ll be doing myself with Long Tail Pro during the series.

Please note that there is a platinum version of Long Tail Pro that does include a small monthly fee. The features that the platinum version unlock are mostly quicker (yet, powerful) ways to run the data, so the platinum back isn’t completely necessary, but it can definitely be helpful. I’ll be sharing both “platinum” and “non-platinum” ways in Long Tail Pro to discover keywords and execute competitive analysis during my NSD2.0 tutorial videos.

Here is that special link one more time:

Get Long Tail Pro for $30.00 Off <— Here

NEW! A Question from a Listener…

From time to time, I will play a voicemail question from a reader or listener during the episode and then followup with my answer.

This week’s question is from Aarin from Paint Crush Magazine, a beauty magazine and blog. She asks:

“How do you podcast for a niche or market that is primarily visual? Should I consider it, or would it be a waste of time since podcasts are just audio?”

I share my answer to Aarin’s question at the end of the session.

Question or Feedback? Leave Me a Voicemail!

If you have a question you’d potentially like answered on the show, or just feedback in general (constructive criticism and praise is absolutely welcome!), feel free to visit my voicemail page to quickly and easily leave me a message. I may feature you and your question on the show just like Aarin’s!

Thank you!

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Thanks again for spending some time listening to me today, I appreciate you, and look out for a special edition of the SPI Podcast going live this coming Friday, as we continue our Niche Site Duel 2.0 research with an interview with Neil Patel from QuickSprout.com – you don’t want to miss this one.

Cheers! :)


Click Here to Download the Transcript for Session 66(PDF)

  • http://hiremehighered.com/ Adam – HireMeHigherEd

    It’s always inspiring to me to hear stories of folks who have come out from under Google’s thumb and diversified. The lessons that are learned in the process are often some of the best I have read. Thanks for the Podcast!

  • http://www.machineelves.com Machine Elves

    Thank you for sharing <3

  • http://healthywealthyaffiliate.com/newsletters/ John Gibb

    Pat and Spencer,

    One word: awesome!

    I’ve been following this guy for more than a month now, and I have to say your methods are similar and your sheer perseverance and determination is also what keeps me in the game.

    Success leaves clues, as Tony Robbins says it quite well.

    I learned long time ago that learning from others is key, and modeling the pros is the quickest path to success.


  • http://www.authoritywebsiteincome.com Jon

    Looking forward to learning from guys I have followed online for years.

  • Irina Z

    Pat, I love the idea of answering a voice mail question from an audience. Also – what a cute ending with your daughter voice in the background. Thank you for the podcast!

  • Chris

    Pat, the amount of value that you give is beyond ridiculousness! Truly amazing :D

    I’m a big fan of yours and Spencer Haws and learning tonnes from both of you, and yes I am taking action :D
    I use Long Tail Pro Platinum and it has saved me so much time and found me sooooo many profitable long tail keywords i don’t know how i worked before without it!
    I am building a niche site at the moment and it’s coming along nicely and can’t wait to hit the publish button! Got lots to do still though.
    I could join your niche duel 2.0, but I’m kinda cheating as I’ve got the head start already!
    Started this site on 5th May.

    I too didn’t like Alex Becker’s strategy, and I have seen that strategy before. It’s a short term strategy I believe and very risky and definitely not white hat!

    Nothing against Becker though, and he seams like a cool guy, but interestingly he doesn’t give off the same vibe that you do! Which I believe is honesty.

    However Spencer Haws has the same kind of vibe, style and honesty that you do which just resonates naturally with me and thousands of other fans.

    Anyway just listening to your podcast 66 now and very excited to hear your one with Neil Patel.

    Cheers Pat ;)

    Keep being AWWWWEEEEESOME :D

  • http://www.tostartblogging.com/ Ahmed Safwan@ To Start Blogging

    Pat and Spencer, you are really awesome. I heard this interview full without scheduling it for later.

    I really liked the idea of trading links. GIve others links and then they send me some from their blog.

    Really great idea. Also, I liked the information in the research phase.

    I want to ask only one thing, how do you know that the one you hire really know about the niche you want to write about. How can I build a niche site without knowing anything about that topic?

    Hope to hear from you soon Pat and Spencer and thanks again for this awesome podcast. Waiting for Neil’s podcast.

    • http://www.nichepursuits.com Spencer Haws

      Hey Ahmed:
      You can find great writers on Elance.com and other places with lots of knowledge. In fact, you can often see their work history and more to make sure they know about your niche. The key is doing some research – and even asking for writing samples if needed.

      Hope that helps!

      • http://www.tostartblogging.com/ Ahmed Safwan@ To Start Blogging

        Thanks Spencer for this tip. I will try it out.

    • http://www.lawncarecollege.com Jon

      Like Spencer stated you really can find some very high quality writers on Elance. Write a very clear job description and and verify what the elancers bid and you will have no problem finding knowledgable individuals to create content.

      Textbroker is also a great resource and is a bit cheaper.

  • http://www.adamlytics.com Adam

    Spencer often has some of the best approaches I’ve seen when it comes to building out niche websites. This is one of the interviews I’ve actually been waiting for because of Spencers past experience he knows how to adapt without fully resorting to the darker sides of SEO.

  • Scott


    Great information, as always. I will be following closely. I am amazed and grateful for the depth and honesty of the information. You and Spencer really do a good job of explaining the techniques.

    Thanks for all the podcast.

  • http://www.thecorporatethiefbeats.com/ Daniel Hartnett

    Great podcast Pat I am really excited about the new NSD , I recently purchase some new domain names for some niche sites , I won’t be as good as you guys but I am sure that listening and following along will spur me on to give it my all.

    P.S. Thanks for mentioning source wave to us to I have been watching all of his videos and found a few gems of information in his videos. Looking forward to the next podcast Pat

  • http://www.my4hrworkweek.com Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Great interview, Pat & Spencer. Lots of good info. here, and like many others, I’ve been a fan of Long Tail Pro for a long time.

    Really looking forward to NSD 2.0!

  • http://www.cloudlivingjourney.com Tung Tran

    Pat & Spencer. My 2 biggest inspirations conduct a podcast together. Great..

    I’m ready to join the NSD 2.0 now !!!

  • http://www.crowdpartnership.com Gabriel Neuman

    Grate information, I will get some of the info to build a personal strategy for my niche sites

  • Doug Online

    WOW, I literally just finished reading all about your first duel and was totally inspired to try the same, than I clicked through to your homepage to see what else you were up to and saw THIS!!!!! I will take this as a sign to get on it right now!!!

    I have one question, hopefully you or one of your readers could answer. Would it be better to have the plural version of the keyword or have HQ at the end. Both permutations make sense for the keyword i chosen (I purchased both just in case) .

    • Sonny

      In the Google keyword tool, does the keyword with the plural version have the same results as the singular version…use exact match, or phrase, which ever make more sense in your case.

      If the plural version is similar to the singular I would use plural. If the search volume is way different for the plural (meaning less volume) I would use the “HQ”.

      That’s my take anyway.

      • Doug Online

        Thanks for the reply Sonny the search volume is waaaaaaaay less so I’ll be going with “HQ” :)

  • http://www.bioethanolfires.org/ Jason from BioethanolFires.org

    Great Podcast,

    I have been a long time reader of Niche Pursuits for a while and I have been following his new niche site project very closely. It’s great to have it all nicely wrapped up in one audio file.

    Thanks Pat

  • http://www.nichepursuits.com Spencer Haws

    Hey Pat…thanks so much for doing the interview with me!

    I have so much respect for the awesomeness that you provide here on SPI, and so it was an honor to sit down and chat with you about what’s working for me right now.

    I hope that a few of the tips that I shared can truly help people be more successful with their businesses. So, thanks again for giving me the opportunity to share!

    I know that you will do great with your Niche Site Duel 2.0…best of luck!

  • http://www.experimentalincome.com Tommy

    Great interview and very valuable information. I really appreciate all of the specifics given. I’m really looking forward to the Niche Duel 2.0 so I can follow along with it for my own case study and hopefully help some people in the process!
    Thanks again!

  • http://www.incometreatment.com Make Money Online

    Pat you did an awesome job man. Niche Persuits is a cool site.
    Nice interview.

  • http://www.strategicmarketingguy.com CJ @ StrategicMarketingGuy

    Hey Pat—your Market Samurai link is incorrect. Looks like a typo. Just a heads up. Can’t wait to listen to this—cheers!

  • http://www.stumbleforward.com Chris @ Stumble Forward

    Awesome podcast Pat. I’ve been waiting for this interview for some time now, and Spencer gives a lot of great tips and advice. I also like the advice he gives on picking apart the competition and how he builds his links. As always keep the great content coming and I can’t wait to start building my niche site along with you.

  • http://www.thehomeforsurvival.com/doomsday-prepping Mike @ Doomsday Prepping

    Pat – great stuff. I have also had similar success with the survival industry. Looking forward to NSD 2.0!

  • Sonny

    Lessons Learned & Reminded Of
    1. Don’t have to have 10,000’s of searches on a keyword to make money.
    2. Pick your fights wisely.
    3. You don’t have to have a great looking site to make money (bestsurvivalkifeguide.com could look so much cooler…it would probably reduce bounce rates with a more professional look).

    The Reminders:
    1. It takes time to get things going. Even the pros have to wait months to see a return. It took Spencer & Pat years to hone this craft.
    2. Don’t be afraid to invest some money (in quality tools with good feedback).
    3. Get super niche: outdoors>survival>gear>best survival knife
    4. You don’t have to make $10K a month off of 1 site to be a success.

    • http://www.lawncarecollege.com Jon Haws

      You are right Sonny on #3. I think where a lot of newbies waste time is on trying to make the coolest site in the world before it even ranks! It is much wiser to focus on content and securing a niche and then worry about functionality. . . takes less time and it is cheaper.

  • Hannelore

    Love the way you gently press for specific details, Pat. Thanks for another great, useful episode, and if you do decide to paint your nails, be sure to post pics :)

  • http://leaninaction.com Jason

    Classic quote from Pat…

    “So you created something that was actually…useful”. :-)

    I though that was funny because in the world of niche sites so many sites are completely useful and full of incomprehensible spun articles that serve no purpose beyond SEO and link building…or affiliate links.

    Anyway, good show as always. Thanks!

  • http://john-shea.net John Shea

    I have been reading about Spencer’s public niche site project he launched in February, I have been listening to older Podcasts but I might just skip ahead and listen to this one tomorrow as I’m planning to start my first niche site soon!

  • http://www.homelearningexperience.com Sibo

    Great Interview, Pat and Spencer!

    I like the idea of niche sites when building up passive income streams. I am personally setting up product lines to sell on eBay by using drop shipping. it’s a similar idea of finding different niches, but my model is not passive enough to be completely hands off. I still have to spend 3-4 hours per product line every week to manage my account on average. I will go to Spencer’s site to learn more about niche sites. Can’t wait until the beginning of NSD2.0!



  • http://neighborhoodenvy.com Ryan Hart

    It’s time to call Spencer out on the carpet. He spent the entire interview talking about his white hat strategies, but the backlink profile for bestsurvivalknifeguide tells a different story.

    Let me say that I have nothing against using paid link building strategies or gray hat tactics. But, I think we need to be transparent about these tactics to new niche site builders because I was in their position not too long ago.

    Getting the same results as Spencer requires more than just leaving quality comments on relevant sites or submitting to directories. It’s unfortunate that he failed to elaborate on his other strategies.

    • Sonny

      BOOM! Goes the dynamite.

    • http://www.nichepursuits.com Spencer Haws

      Hey Ryan:
      I’m more than happy to explain. And for the record what I explained in the podcast really is exactly what I’ve done on hundreds of sites…and it works (and its more than commenting and submitting to directories as I explained much more than that in the podcast).

      I have gone to great lengths to explain that this public niche site was targeted by someone for negative SEO purposes. I have been WAY more than transparent on my blog here: http://www.nichepursuits.com/is-my-niche-site-a-victim-of-negative-seo/

      I understand that you haven’t a chance to follow along on my blog, but this links issue you brought up has been discussed in depth. And obviously Pat and I couldn’t cover everything in the podcast.

      So, I recommend that you read all the posts in regards to the Niche Site Project here: http://www.nichepursuits.com/niche-site-project-1-overview/ .

      Most of the links that you see were NOT built by me, and I actually don’t think they helped at all. As mentioned, I’ve ranked lots of sites without all these spammy links…but its unfortunate that someone outside of my control built these links.

      But please be aware that I’ve been very transparent on my blog…hope that helps!

      • http://neighborhoodenvy.com Ryan Hart

        Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your transparency – that’s the most important part in my book.

  • http://www.theinternetblogger.com Alisdair Buttery

    Great podcast, just started visiting the site so can’t wait for future podcasts and articles! Keep up the work Pat

  • http://explainify.com Eric @ Explainify

    Great episode. I’m excited to give Longtail pro a try!

  • http://howtoearnmoney.tv Bryan Knowlton

    Hey Pat! I just listened to this podcast. Great interview as usual! I have to give long tail pro a try sometime soon, will definitely get it through you.

    I was wondering if you are going to have viewers participate in the niche site duel as well? I have been itching to build a couple new niche sites and I think if I was being monitored at the same time, it might actually get me to do it!

    Thanks again and can’t wait until Niche Site Duel 2.0!!!


  • http://tutorial.world.edu Rina

    The most difficult to create a niche blog is to do keyword research to determine the topic of the blog niche
    I think the above tools will help make it easier to perform keyword research
    thank you for this information

  • http://www.micronicheblueprint.com Greg

    I have created a few niche sites, some were winners and some were duds. For anyone reading this, please treat your first try as a “practice” you will learn so much during the process that even if you don’t succeed, it was well worth the effort. My first site was horrible, I kind of “forced” the idea and ignored my research findings. But my second site was much better and has really started to pay off. Good luck everyone!!

  • http://www.topbloggingcoach.com Theodore Nwangene

    Hi Pat,
    I’m so happy that you featured Spencer on SPI today, I’ve been following his Niche site project too and I’m so thrilled by his success.

    I can’t wait to listen to this podcast man, just downloaded it and waiting to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing and wishing you success in your NSD2.0

  • http://www.attractionmarketingdirect.com Stephen Malan

    I am a new reader of this blog but these “duels” are really interesting. Looking forward to following this and learning from it.

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  • http://www.perfectbag.org Gregory

    I’m actually extremely excited to see the results as I am a weekly podcast listener, you help me get through the terrible commute in toronto at least one day a week =).

    Wasn’t there to see Niche Site Duel 1.0, but definitely sticking around to see your results.

  • http://www.freefblike.com Shailesh Tripathi

    Your article helped me to understand the topic well and I would love to share this to my friends. I also thank you for this and all the best.

  • http://www.paintcrushmagazine.com Aarin

    Pat! Thank you SO much for answering my question on your podcast today! I am so honored! :)

  • http://seocanban.blogspot.com/ seo can ban

    I have tried the Long tail pro before and so pleased that this tool helps saving a lot of time and copywriting would be more faster with well themed article around the keywords.

  • http://www.kentanphoto.com Ken Tan

    Awesome podcast Pat, I’m very excited about the new NSD.

  • Mike

    This episode was awesome with the cool info Spencer shared. I’m going to be interested to see the rest of your guests offerings going forward. I’ve managed to splice a little bit of Becker’s free model while building a Forever Affiliate site. I’m finding that hybrids that mix successful systems is beginning to show me some solid results.

    Thanks Pat for the show and the inspiration to take action! Looking forward to the next guys coming up! My best to you and your family.

  • Jay

    Hi Pat, would you be interviewing Greg Morrison of OMG Machines and CC?

  • http://Innustrated.com Myron

    Pat, hello and thanks so much for all the work you do. I really appreciate SmartPassiveIncome.

    I do have a question about tracking keywords:

    Do you know of any method or software that allows you to find the keyword rankings for URLs that are buried deep in the Google SERPs? I have some sites that I hope are ranking albeit deep in the SERPs but, I still want to see if I can improve their ranking. I’m having a hard time doing that because I can’t see where they started.


    • http://neighborhoodenvy.com Ryan Hart

      I have used serpfox.com in the past. You can track 10 keywords for free.

    • http://wevegotyourcustomers.com Scott

      Myron, you can also use Rank Tracker via the SEO Book Toolbar for Firefox. I believe it goes at least 50 deep and maybe more.

  • Jay

    Another question, did Spencer use expired domains to get a high PR link to his survival knife website? If so, that’s grey/blackhat to you and you wouldn’t take that part of his strategy into consideration when you start your Niche Duel 2.0. I guess we’d never know how important those high pr links are to his ranking since he seems to use it on his sites? (unless I’m mistaken).

    My question Pat would be why you’d be focusing on White Hat methods alone. Isn’t your original Niche Site Duel more greyhat – using automated programs/tools like UAW. So why your decision to focus on totally White Hat this time around?

    I think it’d be interesting to see your Duel focus on Greyhat methods. Many people seem to think this is no longer effective after the updates, yet I think there are people who are ranking sites successfully.

    I think what Spencer says about Keyword Research is very important. Get that right and you’d need less links and all. Then you can probably afford more White Hat linking. But what if you’re not choosing your site based on Keyword Competitiveness (which would, from the onset, ensure you need fewer links), but wanting to rank a site you already have. The site may have a lot of good competition. Then purely White Hat methods may not work totally.

  • http://www.richardfarrar.com/ Richard Farrar

    Hi Pat,

    What an excellent podcast episode. Spencer had so much valuable information that he was prepared to share, but this was certainly helped by you asking direct and poignant questions that we would all have loved to have asked if we were there ourselves. You certainly don’t hesitate in cutting straight to the chase.

    Thanks very much for this. Keep up the excellent work.


  • http://orraclemedia.com Rob Orr

    Great episode Pat – I found Spencer’s stuff on his niche site project a few weeks back and have been watching his progress.

    Great questions and conversation overall. Very insightful and valuable. I’ll be applying this stuff to my sites, and hope to turn a couple of them around.

    I’ve also heard a lot about LTP and know a few people are using it, and decided to pick it up through your link. Great deal!

  • http://www.contentchampion.com/storyselling-fiction-as-truth/ Loz James

    Hi Pat

    As I write this I’m listening to your podcast on my iPhone :-)

    One thing occurs to me with NSD 2.0 that didn’t apply to NSD 1.0 – and you touch on this in the discussion with Spencer.

    When you did the Security Guard site it didn’t matter where your links came from, so when people read about NSD 1.0 and blogged about the experiment and linked to it – those non-relevant links didn’t hurt your rankings.

    However, as link relevancy is now more important than ever – if you make this new NSD 2.0 site public, you will get links from a load of random bloggers of varying quality in the IM niche (and others) – and some of these links could hurt the rankings of your new site.

    Therefore, I know it’s not ideal, but you might want to conceal the exact identity of the NSD 2.0 site – and just report to us on its progress – otherwise these well meaning but non-relevant links might torpedo the new site before you’ve even got started.

    Just my two cents! Great podcast.


  • Fabi

    Hi Pat,

    I always listen to your podcasts, they are very informative and you are the king of passive income.

    I have suggestion: How about a podcast on monetizing with google adsense the right way?
    I have a blog and I have been making some money for the past 3 years, all of a sudden I see I have clicks, yet I’m getting paid 0 (i’m not an idiot, I didn’t click on my own ads).
    I wonder if there is something I’m missing here!

    Thanks and Keep up with the great work!

    • Alexis

      Is it an unusual amount of clicks? Google doesn’t compensate you for what it would consider invalid clicks, which could be you clicking on your own ads or someone with malicious intent clickbombing your ads.

  • http://www.achievingfinancialfreedom.net Charles

    I appriciate all that you do to help share your knowledge and experience. I’m glad to see another Niche Site Duel so I will be able to follow along as everything progresses.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • http://teachtorun.com Mark Eichenlaub

    Great stuff, as always Pat.

  • http://www.successfulwomentalk.com shelia

    Great episode Pat and Spencer. I recently purchased Long Tail Pro and I’m working my way through it right now. Although I don’t have an interest niche site, I love learning more about tactics and keyword research. Thanks again for insight and as a side note…Spencer and Long Tail Pro has EXCELLENT customer service.

  • http://www.CastleForgeMedia.com Dennis Duty

    Absolutely loved this one. I’ve been following Spencer for like 2 years now and really love all his stuff.

    Pat, I LOVED the audio question at the end of the episode. Great stuff. I’ll be submitting a question myself

  • Curtis

    Really enjoy these podcasts related to the niche site duel!

  • http://Www.kylezimmermanphotography.com Kyle Zimmerman

    Thanks Pat!
    Great episode. I’m inspired to join the duel…
    I loved all the insights, I wanna play it back in slow mo and write down all those tips!
    But most of all, Pat, I LOVED the phone call question concept! I could listen to a whole hour of those!

  • Tash

    Great podcast. Very informative.

    • Zubair Khatri Soomro

      I would have never
      considered any of these if I didn’t come across this. Thanks!.


  • Ted

    wow, $50 off! that’s f**king amazing, thanks for the amazing podcast and awesome LTP discount

  • Chang

    Hi Pat, due to my location is China so I can’t buy your kindle ebook, can I pay directly to you to buy your book?

  • http://www.zzzprofits.com/ Moe

    Spencer always has great insight to niche site creation. I think you asked some good questions that lead to additional info he leaves out in his posts.

    Looking forward to your upcoming duel challenge.

    Although i think you will have a big advantage since you now have a huge online audience. Whether you use links or not when you write about it, a large amount of traffic will be funneled to your new niche site from interested & curious people searching and seeking out the site. All of which will have a low bounce rate.

    Also someone in an earlier comment suggested that all the links from non-related blogs linking and referring to your site could could hurt your site. I think this is Nonsense. Obviously closer related and high PR or authority sites will have the best value, but the hundreds or thousands of blog posts citing your niche duel would probably only further improve your back-link profile. I doubt these would ever be considered spammy links.

    Either way i think a lot of people will be up for the challenge, including me. I hope you come up with a great platform to help nurture participation for this duel2.0.

    • Zubair Khatri Soomro

      for your many years of a great service well done! I’ve always felt good about
      listing my concerts with you and linking from my website.


  • kirit patel

    Hi , Pat
    Thank you very much for giving such an awesome and useful podcast. I am here in India and I think there is a still good scope to serve local market. I am continuously learning from you and researching for niche website. I like concept of many websites and each earning small bucks for us.
    Once again thank you very much.

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    I really enjoyed this podcast and listening to the conversation. I am looking forward to more of these as that’s sort of why I started listening to your podcast to begin with. The episodes that really drew me in were the 3 that talked about different ways to make money online.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with on this NSD. While I have no doubts in your ability to make money online and I am confident in your success, what I really want to see is how you take on the new challenges that weren’t as present during the last NSD. I want to see how you handle the challenges of a mobile website. As a web developer, I am far more interested in the more technical things and less about the monetization part.

    It’d also be cool if you could show us how you interpret your analytics and what those numbers mean to you. I’m sure you’ve done this before but if there was some insight on analytics during your beginning stages, that’d be cool. Like, what do certain stats signal you to do? Do you prefer a certain percentage of your visitors to be new?

    I am really looking forward to watching this happen. However, at the same time, I don’t want the same run down that I could get re-reading the last NSD. I really want to see more insight on your process and what compels you on your next step. “Give a man a fish and he’d eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime” sort of thing. :)

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    i totally enjoyed the podcast, lots of great content!
    i´m really motivated to start a new niche site when you start here on the blog, will be fun to follow through. however, i´m thinking to do it in german this time, it seems germany is really “under-developed” in that area.
    looking forward to the challenge, thanks for all you do

  • http://www.verantwoord-afvallen.nl Silvia

    I’ve enjoyed the podcast very much. Especcally sinds spencers using more ‘white hat’ seo. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see the strategy you will filter from the sessions with these guys!

  • http://[email protected] Syd Salmon

    Hey Pat!

    Outstanding interview. You really did an excellent job of getting Spencer to share detailed information that made the interview useful. One of the things that makes your podcast stand out is the way that you get into the weeds of operational and tactical details. I appreciate the effort that went into this interview to take it out of the clouds and onto the ground.

  • http://www.rightpathmedia.com Eric Pfeifer

    hi pat,
    i totally enjoyed the podcast, lots of great content!
    You’ve REALLY motivated me to get start a new niche site and your 2.0 version will be an awesome resource to follow along with!
    looking forward to the challenge, thanks for all you do

  • http://omaginarium.com Suzen Pettit

    Hey Pat,
    Great interview, and fyi i am addicted to your podcasts. working up to starting a few niche sites, making them healthy and successful and then teaching others so cannot wait for your niche site duel. have to walk the walk first though and you are the best teacher. only part that totally tripped me up was the use of expired domains. what????

  • http://senjomarketing.com Jeff Jones

    Hey Pat,
    Great podcast and I’ll really enjoy watching this move along. Thanks to Spencer for breaking it down with the keyword research. I own MS and the only problem I have is interpreting what he was talking about in terms of what MS displays in results. I did some research using MS while he was talking about what he did and I wasn’t sure MS wasn’t excluding things unnecesarily in my results. A guide that compares a MS metric to a LTP metric would be really helpful.
    Thanks again for what you do,

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    The tutorials that Spencer has up are worth the cost of the software alone. I learned a ton just by watching those.

    Thanks Pat and Spencer.

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    Hi Pat,

    Where did he get the list of web directories mentioned in the interview, I went to pointblankseo, found a recourse page but no list.


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    Hey Pat/Spencer,

    I’m trying to get more information about how to apply the advice in this episode to LongTailPro. Spencer said he looks for exact match queries with 2k+ monthly searches. So… do I determine this by looking at the “Global Searches” field in a keyword result in LTP?

    Pat, I know you’re going to release a lot of great information as you go thru you niche site duel soon… I’d really like to see the exact metrics you’re looking at in an idiot-proof format, so I can compare my results side-by-side.

    If such a resource already exists, sorry!

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    I just spent over 20 hours on research and reading all the detailed contents on Spencer’s website. The guy is amazing and he gave tons of details on his blog explaining the steps to rank high in Google. His model is very basic and easy to follow. I purchased his Long Trail Pro and used it for no less than 8 hours. It’s a great tool and lot easier when choosing the less competitive key word.

    Great Interview, Spencer and Pat!

  • http://www.guideandnews.com Ehsan

    Hey Pat, I love Spencer’s work, and how he builds niche websites and ranks #1 on Google.

    The link building part was great, I really wanted to know about his link building strategies to get rank for a niche website.

  • Randy Wilburn

    Hey Pat,

    I enjoyed your podcast while on my morning run. I remember Niche Site Duel 1.0 and I was an observer to say the least. This time around I am excited to get things started with Niche Site Duel 2.0. You and Spencer really helped me to see that this project is not as hard as I’ve been making it out to be. I thought about your earnings from the Security Guard site and I decided that If I can build 3 strong Niche sites I can use the earnings to put my 3 sons through school in a decade. I just made my goal real personal and I’ve decided to take a leap and work on Niche site development. I’m going to pick up the Long Tail Keywords program from Spencer and get my research started. Thanks again for your transparency and your ability to share the latest and greatest techniques to make a difference with online businesses.

    Keep up the great work and I love hearing your daughter in the background. It’s cool to do what you love from home and make a difference in the lives of others.


    Randy Wilburn

  • http://homestylegreen.com Matthew Cutler-Welsh

    Pat, really enjoyed this interview and looking forward to this second duel. It’s great to get such specific advice on key word research. So hard to get. Most other ‘experts’ just say ‘do your key word research’. Cheers, MCW

  • http://www.nickykay.com Nick Kizirnis

    Great interview with Spencer, he is an inspiration — I’m a huge fan of Long Tail Pro, and his support has been terrific. I just wish he would podcast more! :)

    Pat, when you use Long Tail Pro for the duel, will you be using the Platinum version? If so, would it be possible to show the work with and without it? I haven’t invested in Platinum yet, and don’t think its something I could do until I generate more revenue to cover that expense. Just a thought.

  • http://dryriverchillies.co.uk Kevin Upstill

    Brilliance Absoluteness. I’ve just rebuilt my website in WordPress and I have worked a lot on the Internal SEO and I am now concentrating on the external SEO so this interview has come at just the right time. Now some of my old links go to posts or pages that now longer exist, how should I deal with these?

  • http://ctop.co.uk Neil

    Hi, listened to this podcast twice now, it’s great.

    I’m Really interested in Long Tail Pro, so this question is for Spencer. I work from the UK and most of my sites are (and will be) UK based, so how does Long Tail Pro lend itself to countries outside of the US. I suppose the vital aspect is the local comparison settings. Can you set this to any country or is it fixed to the US.



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    Hi Pat,

    Have been listening & reading from SPI forever but have never interacted – til now. Great interview with Spencer. I love the way you got the nitty gritty out of him.

    Anyway, I have a question. Spencer mentioned figures of 2000+ for exact matches for his niche keywords, which is fine if your audience is global.

    I sell a service which is only applicable to Australia. For my case, do I then look at the matches for “location = Australia” only? FYI, Spencer’s “best survival knife” had a global monthly of 6600 but only 170 for location=Australia. If I am considering this phrase for Australia – I wouldn’t coz the count is too low.

    How does this work localised niches?

  • http://www.codingcapital.com/ Tom

    Great show. I purchased long tail pro and looked up Spencers keyword ‘Best Survival Knife’ and see using his tool that he has, in only 3 months, 4819 Juice Links! @nd place has 1359 and 3rd place has 21 and rest under 21.

    No wonder he’s #1 but the BIG QUESTION IS how did he get 4819 juice links in a few months?! During show he said he did maybe a few dozen … well, that isn’t the case and wonder what kind of service/tool he used to get all those links.

    Those juice links are to me the main reason why he made it to #1 in short period.

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  • http:im4re.com Kyle Taylor

    Ferris Bueller is might favorite movie too!
    I haven’t used Longtail Pro but the other tools I am familiar with and would agree with your recommendation. Love elance and SEOmoz. Thanks Pat and Shawn.

  • http://www.photoshootgifts.co.uk mike

    Having recently purchased a copy of market samurai I found it to be much more useful that simply using keyword research tool in Adwords. It took a while to get the hang of doing detailed keyword analysis, but am getting better at it now. Practice is key, but your info has been invaluable

  • Ian

    Thanks Pat and Spencer! Enjoyed using the LTP trial and just picked it up with the $30 off… looking forward to NSD 2.0!!

  • Hector Avellaneda

    Excellent interview Pat. I think that I am still going to stick to using Market Samuri for all of my KW research but in the mean time I definitely learned quite a bit about the process that Spencer uses for identifying low competition keywords. Great answer also at the end of the podcast. I am also looking to start a podcast very very soon and am working on the site as we speak. :)

    Thanks Pat!!

  • http://www.LiveWorkTravelUSA.com Dan

    Pat, I’m trying to find the list of Blog Directories on the Point Blank SEO site, that was mentioned by Spencer in the podcast.
    Do you have the direct link? I can’t find it on Jon’s site either.
    Also, what are your favorite blog directories to submit your niche sites to?


  • Garden Novice

    This episode left me confused. Mr. Haws kept throwing out technical terms that I’m not familiar with and how things have changed with Google updates but I wasn’t sure what changes to make to adapt to the changes. I’m not as SEO savvy as I should be.

  • http://www.swingcertificado.com.br/ Fernanda SwingCertificado

    can’t wait to see what you come up with on this NSD. While I have no doubts in your ability to make money online and I am confident in your success, what I really want to see is how you take on the new challenges that weren’t as present during the last NSD. Swing I want to see how you handle the challenges of a mobile website. As a web developer, I am far more interested in the more technical things and less about the monetization part.

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