Why I’ll Be Using LeadPlayer to Play ALL of My Videos

Leadplayer Demo and ReviewToday, I’m going to introduce you to a new WordPress plugin that I’ve been testing here on the blog for the past month called LeadPlayer.

It’s one of the most creative and best plugins I’ve had the pleasure of installing on SPI.

But before I get to the plugin and exactly what it does, there’s something I want to say…

Every single day I get at least 1 or 2 emails from people who have created a new product or course, asking me to give it a test drive and hopefully like it enough to share it with you here on the blog. This is typically in exchange for an affiliate commission, although other things have been offered to me before, like an XBox and an aquarium.

I’m not kidding.

To those who have emailed me in the past, I apologize for declining your offer. To those who will email me in the future, I apologize for declining your offer too.

It’s not because the products aren’t good – many are.

It’s not because I don’t appreciate the offer – I absolutely do.

And it’s not because I don’t have the time to explore and learn about a new product – although we could definitely argue this point now that my family is expanding.

The reason for saying no is because I have to.

I have to put my readers first – that’s how I got here – and with my readers’ best interest in mind I simply cannot constantly recommend all of the products that get emailed to me, no matter how great they are or how attractive the commissions may be. I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a never-ending pitch fest and it’s not cool, even if the products are great. To make it easy on me and for the benefit of my readers, I decline the offers.

I do recommend some products here on the blog, as many of you know, but I have a specific set of rules that I follow when it comes to potentially recommending them:

  1. It must be a product that I’ve used or tested myself, one that I’m confident will provide value and give results to those who use it. It takes a lot of time to get to that point.
  2. It must be a product that I know well enough to provide support for if needed (or at least help walk people through it).
  3. It must be a product I’m comfortable officially associating with my brand. (See definition of affiliate)
  4. It must be unique enough to be worth recommending knowing that too many similar solutions would only confuse people.
  5. And finally, I have to have a gut feeling that my audience is really going to dig it. I have to believe in it. I want emails from people in the future telling me how awesome the product has worked for them.

Over the past month, I’ve been testing a new plugin that meets the above criteria and it wasn’t one that was emailed to me. I reached out to one of the owners myself asking to test it because based on what I had heard, it was going to be pretty awesome. And it has been.

It’s a premium video plugin for WordPress called LeadPlayer, created by Clay Collins. It’s a video player plugin that allows you to do some incredible things with video on your website. I know there are a ton of video players available on the market already, but please take a minute to watch the video below to see exactly what it can do:

As you can see, you have the ability to add an email opt-in form and a call-to-action button on top of your videos and have them appear at any time during play.

Unlike other premium video players, he videos are hosted on YouTube, which means you won’t have to pay for any hosting like you would with Amazon S3 or Vimeo, which is especially handy for membership sites.

You could even put calls to actions on top of YouTube videos that aren’t even yours! Imagine sharing a video relevant to your audience that someone else created and then at the end of it including a call to action button to purchase a related product, or read an article or blog post. See below:

You may have also noticed the thumbnail of my son in the first video above.

Unless you’re a true YouTube Partner (not just a revenue sharing partner), you cannot add custom thumbnails to your videos. With LeadPlayer, now you can.

This function actually wasn’t there in the first version that I tested. I asked for it and there it was in an update! Imagine a membership site with videos hosted on YouTube (unlisted) and your own custom thumbnails for each one, even if you’re not a YouTube partner.

The videos will also seamlessly play on iPad, iPhone and Android Devices, since it’s HTML5 ready.

And the Best Part…

LeadPlayer is Extremely Easy to Use. 

It’s much easier than any other video player that I’ve tested in the past. All you really need is a link from a YouTube video, listed or unlisted, and you’re all set.

If you want to see the user-friendly interface and how I actually used LeadPlayer to get dozens of extra affiliate commissions last month, watch the video below:

For the past month, I’ve been using LeadPlayer specifically for my video that walks people through how to build a blog from scratch and I created a call to action at the end that goes through my affiliate link for hosting. It makes complete sense to do this. I did the same with my Opt-In Skin plugin review video that I created a few months back too. I’ve been keeping track of clicks and conversions and dozens of people have completed purchases through those links already.

Now that I’ve tested the plugin and know that it works, I’m going to have my VA update all of the videos posted here on SPI to run through LeadPlayer with a default call to action at the end.

LeadPlayer Review and Discount

At any moment in time I can change the default call-to-action setting to anything that I wish. For example, when my book is finished and it goes on sale, I can change the default call-to-action to promote my book and it will instantaneously change the call-to-action at the end of every single one of those videos on the blog. Later, with one action, I can change the call-to-action on all of the videos using the default setting to something else. I love that!

Update: All videos in posts on this blog are now playing through LeadPlayer.

I actually asked Clay to record a quick video telling us exactly why he created the plugin in the first place, and also just to introduce him to the SPI community, just in case you haven’t met him yet. Here’s a quick (1 min. 20 sec) introduction to Clay:

As Clay mentioned, he’ll be here to answer any and all questions about LeadPlayer for you. Cliff Ravenscraft recently shared LeadPlayer with his community and Clay was extremely helpful and quick to answer questions. So much so that it impressed a lot of people, including myself.

I’ll tell you upfront that this is not exactly the cheapest plugin, but it’s definitely well worth the price if you’re utilizing any sort of video on your site.

Please know that my links to LeadPlayer in this post are affiliate links and I do earn a commission if you complete a purchase through them. This is at no additional cost to you. If you do make a purchase, please send an email to me through my contact page so I can personally thank you and provide additional plugin support for you if you ever need it. 

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, LeadPlayer is one of the best plugins I’ve ever installed and I’m happy to share it with you today. If you’re not producing videos yet, then keep this in mind for the future (although like I said you could use it to embed other people’s videos on YouTube), and if you are using video, it’s a great opportunity for you to take advantage of more opt-ins to your email list, more action-taking after your videos and free hosting too.

  • Tim

    Pimping more products as usual.

    • Pat

      Only the best for the SPI community. All recommendations are products I’ve used, that I’ve seen results from and know people would appreciate. Cheers Tim, thanks for the comment!

      • JB

        Hi Pat,

        I like your product reviews, they are amazing. You are really here to help people.

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        I know that there are problems with cash back sites since you need to follow some steps to get it right, but with good directions this is pretty straightforward.

        It is very possible that this comment never appear here since BlueHost provides your main affiliate income, I understand.

        Thank you for all the tips,


        Don’t forget to use http://www.extrabux.com/stores/bluehost to get a little help with your online venture.

      • http://www.thuthuatwordpress.com/ PhuongLe

        How do you add the snapshot image before the video starts ?

        • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

          Hi PhuongLe,

          Adding a thumbnail is super easy to do. Takes a few seconds literally. It’s on the video configuration page and there’s a button where you can choose an existing thumbnail from WordPress or drag and drop one from your desktop.

          If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact our amazing customer support and they’ll happily and quickly help you out.

          And thanks again for joining in.

          Very warm regards,

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      I’m obviously biased, but I don’t see much pimping of products in the main content area of this blog. Sure, the sidebar has specially designated ad areas, but Pat’s posts are 100% content. Even this post pacts a huge educational punch.

    • Ben

      I don’t fault Pat for recommending products that’s much of how he makes his living. In fact, I like how upfront he is about the products that he’s promoting, why he’s promoting them, and delivering useful tutorials for those products.

      Most of Pat’s posts, however, are content. If you don’t ever buy something Pat is recommending, just consider sifting through these posts as your ‘price’ for getting all of the rest of his quality posts for free.

    • http://onlineincomestar.com Brankica

      If there wasn’t for Pat’s “pimping” my business would be light years behind… Some of us actually love the “pimping” here… Or vetting of products as others think of it!

      • http://adsenseflippers.com Justin

        Totally agreed, Brankica!

        Please, Pat…do more “pimping” of products! I rarely have the time to check out all the offers that come out. I know you do your research AND show us some best practices on how to use, saving me quite a bit of time vetting and testing, hehe.

    • Luke

      Tim, have you actually read this blog? Pat makes smart passive income by ‘pimping’ stuff he likes. He is transparent about that, revealing income in his monthly reports. You might be missing the point.

      • http://tyronneratcliff.com Tyronne Ratcliff

        There’s a lot of pimpin going on in the comments section,lol.

    • http://www.garmaonhealth.com Joe

      Tim, maybe you’d prefer Frank Kern. Check him out. Will give you some perspective.

    • http://bit.ly/OxkgV4 The lazy one

      Really good product and nice review.

      I’ve bought this plugin because I think that it will be useful as I’m planning to create membership sites so I will upload private Youtube video with this plugin so I will not have to pay a hosting video service and My users will not share the videos,

      Awesome !

      • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

        Thanks for purchasing LeadPlayer, “lazy one” :-). I look forward to working with you.

        Very warm regards,

    • http://bit.ly/OxkgV4 Mokhtar

      Really good plugin and good review !

      Thank’s pat for the share

    • Mit

      More idiocy from Tim as usual.

  • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (From LeadPlayer)

    Hi everyone! Please hit me up if you have *any* questions of LeadPlayer, or just want to talk shop. I’ll be here in the comments . . . so you know where to find me.

    • http://Www.feuzareis.com Feuza

      Watched pats video on iPad and see no call to action, am I missing something? Well read up more thanks

      • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

        Great question.

        If you use LeadPlayer, videos will absolutely *play* on iOS and Android devices.

        However . . . both Android and iOS have their own native videos players that are required to play the video file (and we can’t do anything about that . . . and neither can any other video player).

        So while LeadPlayer videos will play on mobile devices, the sad truth is that both iOS & Android devices will not allow LeadPlayer (or *any other video player* including any potential competitor) to display opt-in boxes or calls to action within the player . . . on a mobile device.

        On the iOS device . . . Apple won’t even let *YouTube* play the video: instead the video file is handed over to the iOS video player, and Apple plays the file.

        So if Apple won’t even let YouTube play a video on their mobile devices, they certain won’t let us. And there is no way around this.

        Same on Android devices: once a play is initiated, the Android video player takes over and won’t allow any other player to play the video.

        Now, it looks like iOS is in the middle of creating a player API that will allow us to do our magic on mobile devices, but it’s not out yet. So hope is on the way.

        But for now, no video player, including LeadPlayer or ***any potential competitor,*** is allowed to directly play the video. We must hand the video over to the mobile device’s operating system.

        So the best practice is to not tell folks that an opt-in box is going to appear . . . unless you’re doing a demonstration of LeadPlayer explicitly (this is best practice, in part, because your videos might be watched on YouTube as well).

        As soon as APIs come out for mobile devices that allow us to control the playback experience for videos we’ll be 100% all over it. In the meantime, however, the videos will 100% absolutely play on mobile devices. I hope this makes sense.

        • http://wdwprepschool.com Shannon

          Next version of iOS is getting rid of the YouTube app and users will just use the mobile version, right? The restrictions are similar in both the app and mobile version of YouTube I assume?

        • http://168opportunities.com Peder Aadahl

          Hey Clay,

          I was just curious is this a one time payment or a yearly payment for the Lead Player Package?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Peter . . . it’s just a one-time payment.


    • http://buildingawebsitepro.com Michael

      Clay, one concern I have, and I’m sure you get this a lot, is this: What if YouTube circumvents your plugin so that it does not function anymore? Obviously, YouTube LOVES YouTube leakage. When you turn off the ability to even view the embedded video on YouTube, I’m sure this plugin could easily start getting looked at by Google/YouTube… and, of course, they could attempt to prevent its functionality… just curious on your thoughts with this.

    • Sharon

      Will LeadPlayer only play within a WordPress site. What if I built originally in WP but sent a link via email to YouTube. Could someone still view via YouTube, or could I embed the LeadPlayered-YouTube video into an non WP site? I’m asking because I think this would be useful for my company’s site, but it’s on Drupal. Thanks.

  • http://CraigDesmarais.com Craig Desmarais

    This would be super helpful because it is a way to capture all types of valuable leads from your content. From people new to you and what you offer to your loyal raving fans, you should now be able to connect with them easier. As you create a bridge between you and them using your video they may want to know more or connect with you towards the ned of the video and that is an excellent time to strike while the iron is hot. Looking forward to trying this.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Great insights. Folks have used LeadPlayer successfully to leverage a large collection of pre-existing YouTube videos (that are already on their blog). They’re essentially “mining the gold” that already exists in the videos that they’ve already created.

      • http://168opportunities.com/ Peder Aadahl

        Way to go Clay and Thank you Pat!!

        Boy this feature adding it to videos would be a great solution for me in creating a video course with my audience. I have begun creating videos and have begun putting them out on YouTube (unlisted).
        I love the concept of using Leadplayer to host with YouTube while providing the videos to my audience. Additionally, having another spot for people to subscribe to my email list would be great.

        The main purpose I would use it for though would be for the unlisted YouTube videos for a video series and for courses. This way I could also use the custom Thumbnail for easier understanding of what the video is about and which one they need to watch next.

        This could be a great benefit not only to my brand but my audience as well! I love it!

        Some great ideas in the comments here of just all what you could do with it.

  • http://www.extramoneyblog.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    very neat buddy. will def check it out some more. love the opt in feature.

    what’s with the slightly hoarse voice? all well?

    • Pat

      It was 2:30am in the morning. LOL.

      • http://www.extramoneyblog.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

        man…sooper trooper

        • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

          Making everyone else look bad :-).


      • Glenn F

        Shades of MM’s Late Night IM… :)

        • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

          Truth is that Pat is often up late — first time I interviewed him was at 1AM or something like that. He’s the hardest working overnight success in the business. LOL

  • http://www.castigatimp.ro Vaida Bogdan

    I’ve been reading SPI and watching Clay Collins’ videos on youtube and I’ve been applying a lot of stuff you two were teaching. I have a membership site where I teach people how to get more time, stay organized and motivate themselves.

    At first, I used Amazon S3’s service with an S3 player plugin but I had a lot of problems (especially not being able to play videos on some computers (slower bandwidth, or older browsers) so I switched to Vimeo. Vimeo costs A LOT but it allows my videos to remain private and to be played omly on my membership site.

    I’ve been looking for an alternative and I’ve loved Clay Collins’ presentation on LeadPlayer. Then, my other favourite blogger (you), appeared with an article promoting the same product. Now I’m excited in giving it a try.

    I would use LeadPlayer on my membership site to lower my costs and promote some followup products via its call to actions and also on my main blog where I have some interviews with known bloggers and coaches to getnoptins and promote my launches.

    And talking about launches, I’m just in the process of launching a product on automotivation and I would love a LeadPlayer call to action on the end of the sales video.

    All in all, I think it’s a great product, worth considering in any online business.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Thanks, Vaida. I’m glad that you talked a little about using this with your launch videos. For a long time traditional old school marketers have resisted using YouTube videos for launches . . . and it’s cost them a lot of traffic and leads.

  • http://www.gireviews.net Brendan

    Thanks for your committment to your readers Pat! I model it in my own business!

    I have a ton of videos on my site that are reviews of items that I own and use, and I would love to add a call to action on top of it. I also REALLY enjoy sharing high quality content with my readers and I’d really like to be able to put a call to action on top of that. For instance, I referenced you recently in recording my first podcast, and I have a video that I will be attaching to it as well. I would love to use Leadplayer to put a call to action above it to send them directly to your site!

    Thanks again, Pat!


    • Shadowland

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  • http://keithkorneluk.com Keith Korneluk

    This is a fantastic plugin I’m going to have to try. I have a niche video show on YouTube with 192 episodes and we haven’t done much to monetize it. It’s more of a labor of love for one of favorite hockey teams. This summer I decided to make a concerted effort to build the community even more which is why we’re implementing an email list. I think LeadPlayer would be a great way to capture subscriptions as 40% of the views are happening on our site.

    Thanks for the tip, Pat!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Sweet. With very little effort, you could, in one fell swoop, apply a default call to action and opt-in box to all of your videos. And likely triple your monthly list build. Your current videos are gold :-).

  • http://lucidability.com Jamie Alexander

    I’ve been seeing this in action on Clay’s Marketing Show for ages and I absolutely love what it can do. It has to be used by everyone.

    I’m a while away from using video, but when I start I’ll definitely be purchasing Lead Player so I’m not entering the competition.

    But great review. I can see this becoming huge.

  • http://exs24samples.com/ Dave G

    That is a cool plugin indeed – and painfully tempting for my site…I sell (alongside plenty of freebies) audio samples of unusual instruments and sounds. I’ve been doing this so far with text descriptions and mp3 samples – but with this plugin I could do videos showing me actually using the samples in a music software project, loading them up in real time and give people a download or buy button right at that moment on the vid, which would hopefully catch them at that “ooh gotta have that” moment.
    I could also have a vid showing people how it only takes 30seconds to buy, download and install the sounds and hit them with a buy button , nice :) Bit like your 4min blog setup video…Bit more impact than some text, an image and an mp3 I think!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      I like your idea for the video.


  • http://www.mobileapptycoon.com Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon

    Great example of “unboxing” the product Pat! This looks like a really awesome plugin!

    I just started incorporating YouTube videos into the Mobile App Tycoon brand (used 2 in my latest post) and I’m in the process of editing a few more for future posts. Another thing I’m really excited about too that I could really use this for is a “Rise to the Top” style site I’m in the process of doing that would share the story of successful young entrepreneurs (21 or younger) and hopefully inspire some more people my age to get involved in entrepreneurship :)

    Thanks as always for these giveaways!


  • http://www.homerepairtutor.com Jeff

    Thanks Pat for sharing this as an option versus TubePress.

    LeadPlayer would be a fantastic plugin to drive more people to sign up for your newsletter. That’s exactly what I’d like to do for my site which deals with home renovations.

    I could imagine a call to action that toggled between asking people to sign up via email or asks them to visit a section of my site that deals with seasonal preventative maintenance tips.

    Either way, the bottom line is LeadPlayer could help bloggers more efficiently communicate with their audience members.

    BTW, are you still using the Canon Rebel for your live videos-the quality is great :)


  • http://www.campaigntrailyardsigns.com/ Ben

    This looks like a solid product. I’ve got a ton of respect for Clay Collins, so I’m sure it’s good. In fact, I’d love to hear him on one of your podcasts since I’m used to him on the other side of the microphone interviewing 7 figure companies!

    This plugin just is the kick in the pants that I need to delve into video in a more serious way, since I would be able to get opt ins straight from the video. Getting that immediate benefit that’s simple to track would complement what I’m already doing.

  • Tipjar

    Only problem I see is that there is no option for full-screen…maybe something to come in the future?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Thanks for the suggestion, TipJar. We’re working on this now.


    • Shadowland

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  • Teresa

    Hi Pat,
    Great post and plugin LeadPlayer. Just like OptinSkin- I purchased it after Your presentation how it works and IT’S GREAT !!!!!!! So the same probably will be with LeadPlayer. I will use it the way You showed us.
    Best wishes,

    • http://www.zzneo.pl Teresa

      I forgot to put my website. It’s about neonatology and it’s in polish language. But if anyone would like to see what I did -just have a look.
      Greetings from Poland.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Teresa! I’m so glad that you like it! Your feedback really does mean the world to us.


  • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

    Hey Pat,

    Great post and totally respectable and yet another reason why you’re mentioned as one of the most transparent leaders. :)

    I’ve been following Clay for some time and have been wanting Lead Player so bad as my site is heavily focused on video. I even went out and asked a bunch of people about their thoughts on it. We’ve even exchanged a tweet or two.

    Honestly, I’m the price was slowing me down as I really just got started and trying to spend wisely but I’ll pull the trigger with the discount and hopefully I win the free one! :)

    I plan on using it to grow my list and refer people to other great interviews within my site that are related to the topic at hand. As I grow and build my audience I want people to easily be directed to earlier content that helps lay the foundation of mobile marketing.

    Too many people are diving into mobile for the “next shiny object” and are not approaching it from a strategic stand point and I’m tired of it.

    I think using something like Lead Player would allow me to navigate people to relevant content that they may missed but need to know.

    The list building part is key for me. My traffic is going to slowly grow but I’d like more opportunities to build the list so that I can continue to turn Mobile Mixed into a business as well as an educational resource.

    Thanks for the post and review. As always, a good honest explanation.

    Thanks Pat!


    PS – Note to self, never pitch you on a product of mine. 😉

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Thanks for joining us, Greg! I love what you’re doing at http://mobilemixed.com/ . . . and I love your WordPress theme. Not a bad implementation of a WelcomeGate either.


      • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

        Thanks Clay! I’ve been following the Marketing Show and finally pulled the trigger on Lead Player. As you can see obviously already using Welcome Gate which has been great for sign ups. Thanks again and keep up the good hustle’.

  • http://www.tooltester.net Robert

    I think this product is a brilliant idea no question about that. The only thing I am wondering is whether it’s okay to use YouTube videos this way? Do they say anything in their T&C about it?

  • https://twitter.com/MosesKerub Moses

    I have waited for this post. I noticed you hinting about LeadPlayer on twitter the other day, and I was blown away. This is truly a game changer
    Kudos Clay! Incredible work.

    At the moment I’m at the beginning of my internet/blogging career, Doing that along with Corbett Barr’s course of course, and I know there is no other choice for me, but to succeed. You will see :)

    I think this brilliant plugin could help me skyrocket. I could build build up an honorable following amazingly fast, using the on-video opt-in feature.

    Sadly I won’t buy the plugin right now because of a commitment I made (and because it’s costly for a bootstapper like me). I swore not to jump on any shiny bargains, no matter how awesome they look like, or even they really are. Just to stay focused and get my work out there.

    It would be really great to win one copy
    And I, anyway, already await for your next plugin release

    Good night from Israel!
    *Glad I stayed up late to read this post…
    ***I’m sorry if the comment apply several times, there seems to be some kind of problem right now

  • Steve Harradine

    Hi Pat, as always, I like the way you presented this. Like you I hate being pitched to but this is actually something pretty unique and useful so glad you brought it to my attention. Thanks!
    Clay, if you’re watching, I gotta say great job. I’m a big fan of the simple interface given the massive functionality of the software.

    OK, enough sucking up!

    I’m just about to embark on a bunch of videos for my wife’s shabby chic mouldings site and we’re at the beginning of the list building process so this will be a great asset to me.

    Thanks again guys.


  • Claudio

    This fits perfectly with my new project. I’m setting up a squeeze page right now. I’m curious to know what the conversion ratio would be compared to the traditional video and optin layout

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Claudio . .. opt-in rates are universally higher, but it’s not an either/or. In many cases I suggest using a LeadPlayer video on a traditional squeeze page. The additional opt-in box and opportunity to opt-in (directly via the video) will increase conversion rate.

  • http://www.trainingforparkour.org Ben Krueger

    Hi Pat,

    After reading this post and looking over the features of LeadPlayer, it seems like an amazing plugin that will explode in the Internet Marketing industry (Props Clay). This plugin would be absolutely game-changing for my business as I run an information site that teaches people how to learn parkour (I will be releasing the membership program within the month). I offer 5 free lessons on my site, each with 4 videos teaching people the basic steps. I would use this plugin’s opt-in feature at the end of the videos to create a list that gives people more exclusive content, and encourages them to sign up for a membership for full access.

    I think this plugin could dramatically improve my conversions and allow me to supply my readers with more focused and beneficial content!

  • http://www.petersterlacci.com Peter Sterlacci

    Hey Pat.
    LeadPlayer looks awesome and I can see myself using this A LOT! I am a pretty active user of video for my own blog. I record my own ‘Personal Branding with a Spin’ videos and ‘Personal Brand Mechanics Interview Series’. You can see these on my YouTube channel here: http://bit.ly/Q3I94M

    I also recently started to host a 30-day Vlogathon on my Blog from 9/1-9/30. I am featuring video posts from 30 different thought leaders as I am a HUGE believer in curating and sharing amazing content. Doing this via video is really effective and fun. Here is the latest vlogathon post: http://bit.ly/PGDZz8

    So I would love the opportunity to use LeadPlayer for both my own purposes as well as to promote the content of others. Hope to hear back from you.

    Peter Sterlacci

  • Mike

    When it comes to how Lead Player could be used to enhance videos (and websites) the possibilities are endless!

    We are in the process of building a news/information site for our local community, and much of it will be video-based. With Lead Player, we’ll be able to include opt-in forms / calls to action on videos promoting local organizations and upcoming events. “Want more info on this event – enter your email here and it’s yours.” Sweet!

    And the fact that these can be hosted on YouTube is a real time/money/aggravation saver.

    Pat (and Clay) — your timing is impeccable.

  • http://www.athletearoundlife.com James

    This combines using video as a tool and building a list. Two great things.

  • Gary S Fields

    Pat, please consider me for a copy of LeadPlayer. It is an ideal plugin because it packs a 1-2 punch for niche sites. I am working on a niche site based on your documentation of Securityguardtraininghq (different work field).

    My plan is to use some video sharing on site as a path for SEO and the drive for front page search results through backlinks. It would be mutually beneficial for me to give increased exposure to other subject matter experts by sharing their videos, and in return they will post links to their content on my site from their sites.

    But now this product makes it so much more efficient and straightforward. Now i can bring traffic and increase search ranking “BAM” and elegantly make a call to action for my readers/viewers “POW”. Go ahead and start the 10 count!

    Its like getting pre buttered toast! Have your cake and eat it too!
    best wishes to both Pat and Clcay

    • gary s fields


  • http://www.onwaweb.com Obinna

    Looks really awesome, will be nice to win one.

    I know you will be nice, Pat, and let win a copy of this LeadPlayer.

    Thanks in advance (both for this and other truckloads of awesome free info you have been sharing on SPI).

  • http://scpi-1.com JLM

    I have a question:
    does it remove the (awful) ads that youtube usually displays at the end of the video?

    • http://www.kingsofazon.com Austin

      I’ve been using LeadPlayer for a while now and am happy to report that YES it gets rid of the ads YouTube displays!

      Here’s to your $uccess!


      P.s. Hope you don’t mind me jumping in and answering this one Clay/Pat.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      LeadPlayer does not remove YouTube ads (it shouldn’t be used with YouTube videos that include ads) . . . but it does remove the “suggested” videos that appear at the end of many YouTube videos.

      Great question!

      • http://www.kingsofazon.com Austin


        I’ve used it with a few YouTube videos that have ads in them and when the video is played on my site using LeadPlayer the ads don’t show up…

        I just double and triple checked and I’m still seeing no ads.

  • Liam

    Great product. My only concern is the fact that more and more people are consuming content on mobile devices. I watched the demo on my iPad & obviously didn’t see the product because videos are streamed in H.264. Is there a way to address this? Or is the product exclusively for an audience viewing your content from a desktop / laptop? Thanks.

    • Pat

      Hey Liam, this player DEFINITELY works on mobile devices. iPhone, iPad and Android. Says at the bottom of the LeadPlayer homepage. :)

      • Liam

        Pat – am I missing something? I think it’s a great product, I really do. But YouTube videos viewed on iPhones, iPads and iPods (as well as all other video sources – Vimeo, etc) are streamed in H.264. For this reason, I don’t see how this product could work on these mobile devices. I’ve tried it to no avail. Perhaps Clay could chime in to clarify.

        I’d still consider purchasing it, even if it’s just for desktop / laptop browsers – awesome concept, and I can see it having a dramatic impact on opt-in rates.

        • Pat

          Hmm, Clay?

        • http://www.amperspectives.com Andy McClung

          The email subscription box, buttons or planned thumbnail did not appear for me either on my iPad (3). I am using the default Safari browser with the latest iOS.

        • http://www.becomeablogger.com Leslie Samuel

          Just confirming. I tested it on my ipad using Safari and Chrome, the thumbnail and opt in feature didn’t work. In the video Pat says “You can include and opt in form . . . just like this” and it just continues to the next section without the opt in.

          So it seems like it would work best on these devices but without mentioning that you’re going to see an opt in form or that there is a button, because those don’t actually appear on mobile devices.

          Still, I can see how this would be very beneficial for non-mobile devices.

        • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

          Same here. The pop-ups don’t work on iPad or iPhone. I am also using Safari with the latest iOS. Bummer.

      • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

        It 100% does work. But with some caveats that apply to all video players (including LeadPlayer). Please see my comment below.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Liam . . . great point.

      If you use LeadPlayer, videos will absolutely *play* on iOS and Android devices.

      However . . . both Android and iOS have their own native videos players that are required to play the video file.

      So while your videos will play on mobile devices, the said truth is that both iOS & Android devices will not allow LeadPlayer (or *any other video player* including any potential competitor) to display opt-in boxes or calls to action within the player.

      On the iOS device . . . Apple won’t even let *YouTube* play the video: instead the video file is handed over to the iOS video player, and Apple plays the file.

      So if Apple won’t even let YouTube play a video on their mobile devices, they certain won’t let us. And there is no way around this.

      Same on Android devices: once a play is initiated, the Android video player takes over and won’t allow any other player to play the video.

      Now, it looks like iOS is in the middle of creating a player API that will allow us to do our magic on mobile devices, but it’s not out yet. So hope is on the way.

      But for now, no video player, including LeadPlayer or ***any of our competitors,*** are allowed to directly play the video. We must hand the video over to the mobile device’s operating system.

      So the best practice is to not tell folks that an opt-in box is going to appear . . . unless you’re doing a demonstration of LeadPlayer explicitly (this is best practice, in part, because your videos might be watched on YouTube as well).

      As soon as APIs come out for mobile devices that allow us to control the playback experience for videos we’ll be 100% all over it. In the meantime, however, the videos will 100% absolutely play on mobile devices. I hope this makes sense.

  • http://www.thrivingthemiddleclass.com Kyle Taylor

    After years of success in offline businesses, I am trying my hand with a blog based business model. Pat and his SPI has been a huge help to me. BlueHost, Aweber, Market Samuri and other tools I wasn’t using before i got here.
    I’ll be taking some of my offline experience and using it to hopefully motivate others to create a business of their own. Video’s would be a nice addition.

    Clay, this tool is really really cool.

  • http://farmnwife.com judi @ farmnwife.com

    Hi, Pat & Clay.
    I have been doing video tutorials for my niche group for over a year. I would like to start monetizing my sight more which includes the tutorials. I have in the works to do a class for my readers that will include videos also. LeadPlayer would be a perfect fit for what I have in mind.

    My husband has a blog that hosts his podcast and video gallery where I would also incorporate LeadPlayer.

  • http://www.extremehealthradio.com Justin

    Hi Pat,

    I’ve been a fan of this for a long time. A while ago I started doing affiliate marketing and eventually got turned off promoting all kinds of weird clickbank products. You know the ones, tattoos, hemorrhoids, yeast infections stuff you wouldn’t be all that happy to discuss to your father and mother in law around the ol dinner table. Doh!

    I decided to start a LEGIT business promoting “some” of those same products while doing a weekly podcast and radio show about health and healing. I got into health because of my mom’s cancer and genuinely want to help people and be much more transparent like you’re doing. I’m tired of people dying or getting sick needlessly because they don’t know there are better options available to them.

    All that to say I would use Lead Player to get people subscribed to my email list as well as promote products I really believe in with the videos I’m creating. I have to say it feels like a different world putting yourself out there on your site instead of hiding behind crappy affiliate sites. Man am I glad those days are gone!

    My goal is to help people realize there are options out there to heal from diseases like cancer and heart disease naturally instead of relying only on surgeries, medications and drugs.

    Thanks for being an example of a reputable affiliate!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Justin . . . I say this in the most respective way, you have no idea (well, you probably do) the extent to which Pat vets affiliates. Or more specifically, LeadPlayer. It’s a small miracle that we’ve been mentioned here at all :-).

      My point is Pat is a total pro, and we’ve probably exchanged no less than 50 emails just about LeadPlayer before this post went live. Pat’s asked so many questions about LeadPlayer that he could probably run our technical support :-) . . . and that’s a GOOD THING.

      It’s rare to see someone who takes their work (and dedication to their community) as seriously as Pat. So you’ve got a great example to follow in him.

      But it sounds like you probably already know that.


      • http://youtube.com/user/amymiyamotoshow Amy Miyamoto

        What you share here about what you both are committed to in a collaborative win/win process continues to speak volumes… 😉

      • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

        Um . . . I meant to say “respectful” not “respective”

  • http://www.kingsofazon.com Austin

    Clay: We’ve been using LeadPlayer for more than a month now and love it. Now that Pat’s on board will you be coming up with a way for LeadPlayer to work on a page like: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/how-to-videos/???

    For everyone else: If you use videos on your sites (yes, even small niche sites) LeadPlayer is a huge asset. If you’re not using videos… start 😉 and use LeadPlayer from the get go.

    Here’s to $uccessfully using LeadPlayer to capture leads and drive traffic with CTAs!


    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Austin . . . . thanks a ton for your testimonial. That means a ton. (It’s great to see happy customers in the comments here).

      Also, can you explain your feature request a little more? What do you mean that you’d like to be able to see LeadPlayer videos work on a page like http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/how-to-videos/???

      We seriously consider all feature requests. I just want to get a little bit more clear on what you’re asking for.

      And thanks again for the kind words about LeadPlayer. I’m glad that you’ve been enjoying it.

      Warm regards,

      • http://www.kingsofazon.com Austin


        Yes, it would be great to have the ability for all LeadPlayer videos to be organized on one page (or anywhere a short code is inserted maybe) that is set up like Pat has on his video page.

        Maybe Pat can jump in here… I think I remember him saying he used a plugin for this. Is that right Pat?

        It’d be great if the LeadPlayer thumbnails would show up, views from YouTube (on or off), and the large player that plays the current video and loads the next video that is clicked from the smaller videos below.

        If that doesn’t make sense just shoot me an email at kings (at) kingsofazon (dot) com.

        Thanks for considering my feature request and I’m very happy to provide my testimonial for a great product!


  • http://www.Guysgirl.com Blythe

    I read your blog all the time and was actually in desperate need of a video solution for my fantasy football weekly start/sit advice series. After attending an inbound marketing conference last week, this plugin just makes so much sense for any blogger. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • http://www.get10000subscribers.com Howie Nguyen

    It’s kinda cool that not less than two weeks ago I mentioned both Smart Passive Income and LeadPlayer in a blog post titled “Email Marketing Resources Worth Reading and How To Build Your List With Video.”

    Since my blog is all about getting subscribers it would be even cooler if I could use LeadPlayer first hand and do a case study to see how it can increase my optin rates. I really love how slick it looks!

  • http://www.copywritingtips.com Tony Policci

    Wow Pat. That is really a simple and powerful tool. I am impressed by your transparency, (not that you are looking for people to be impressed). As a copywriter and marketer who has run in the “guru” circles (and just got sick of it), I am always jazzed when I see someone who is marketing smart and being authentic.

    The timing of this is perfect. I am in the middle of a launch for my client “DG” and on Saturday I spoke with one of his programmers and said, “we need an opt in box on the video page”…he couldn’t do it in time for our first video hitting on Monday, so I had to settle for one coming up underneath, after it finishes playing. But most of the people who will really benefit from Clay’s LeadPlayer will not need complex programming, this thing can do wonders in the hands of someone who knows how to market smartly.

    So, my hat is off to you sir, (no offense, at 29 I got irritated if anyone called me sir) you are providing true value to your readers and I give you props for all your honesty and hard work. I’ll probably be adding the LeadPlayer to my own bags of tricks…er…I mean killer tools and resources. 😉

  • Jason

    Why will I buy this plugin? Simple answer: I can share the best content with my reader, and save myself valuable time by embedding OTHER people’s videos.

    Fact is, others have already spent hours creating high-quality tutorials, walkthroughs, and review videos for products you may promote.

    Your reader would get a lot of value from watching these videos. Problem is, some internet marketers hesitate to share others’ quality content because any clicks will direct their readers away to someone else’s YouTube page/website.

    But with this plugin, you won’t lose any of your readers. Share the best content, and direct them to your opt-ins/affiliate links. It’s win-win for readers and marketers.

    This is perfect for new internet marketers. Newbies don’t have the money to buy expensive cameras, or the time to learn how to use video editing software. Now, they can just find the BEST video content to share, and use the LeadPlayer plugin to keep traffic on their site.

    How will I use this plugin? This is perfect for my Amazon product niche sites. There are very detailed installation videos on YouTube for some products I promote. Now, I can freely share these high-quality videos without worrying where the traffic will go.

    Awesome, awesome recommendation Pat. And many thanks to Clay as well for developing this plugin.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Jason! Thanks for your order. I saw it come through this morning (I believe) with a bunch of others from Smart Passive Income readers. Thanks for joining us. We’ll be sending you a bunch of cool bonuses soon.


    • http://createawebsiteabc.com Kris

      Jason, imagine you have invested your own time, money and brainpower to make high-quality reviews for products but then some guys takes your video and put their own affiliate link over yours.

      Would you be fine with them “stealing” your video and your customers?

      To be honest this sounds on board with black hat guys.

      I’m not saying that LeadPlayer is bad. No, it looks amazing and probably everyone could benefit from it. Technology is not evil but it matters how it is used.

      • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

        Hi Kris,

        Great question, and thanks for the kind words about LeadPlayer. And I agree that what matters is how tools are used.

        Regarding putting your own links over other people’s videos, I do have some comments.

        First, part of the reason why folks publicly post videos to YouTube is that they want them to be shared. I love it when other people post my videos on YouTube.

        Second, someone, in YouTube, can turn off the ability for others to embed a video in their site. If a video is on YouTube, but I don’t want it embeded anywhere, then I have that option.

        Third, YouTube actually encourages people to create players like LeadPlayer. See: Please see this for example: https://sites.google.com/site/io/design-your-own-youtube-player

        Fourth, someone can take a standard YouTube video and paste an affiliate link right below it, and that isn’t considered black hat. This isn’t much different.

        Fifth, I WANT people to take my LeadPlayer videos and use LeadPlayer to put THEIR OWN affiliate link over it. That helps me :-).

        Anyway, these are my thoughts :-).

        Thanks for listening. And again, I appreciate the kind words about LeadPlayer.

        • http://createawebsiteabc.com Kris

          Hey Clay,

          Thanks for answering mine and other people’s questions, it shows me that you care.

          Of course I agree that people make videos to be shared any way possible, but when it comes to affiliate marketing, taking your competitor’s stuff is kinda in a gray area (at least I think so).

          But you are right, if I think that’s a problem for me I can edit my video embedding options ( not that I have any videos). I just want people to think before using other marketer’s materials.

          Anyway, thank you again for the answer and LeadPlayer itself. I am working on my own website and it will be launch soon. I’ll make sure to get LeadPlayer as soon as my budget allows. Especially after listening Pat’s recent podcast episodes about how important email list is. :)

  • http://www.ingeniousinternetincome.com Steve Eason

    This is an AMAZING plugin! I’m completely stunned and shocked. Way to think outside of the box.

    With the launch of my new site this past few weeks, I’m just now getting ready to start a big push of adding video to my posts. As a fledgling blogger this would be a simple way to stand out from all the rest in my niche. What I would do with this plugin would be to create a new introduction video for my home page, with a sign up for my newsletter in the video. I think it would certainly catch the attention of visitors in a dramatic way.

    Since I’m following in Pat’s footsteps as doing what I can to provide immeasurable value to my readers and not trying to ‘sell’ them every time I get their attention, the call to action features would be used sparingly and only when I really had something that was worth pointing out to the reader.

    I can easily see using this in just about every post once I get things rolling in the next few weeks. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention and I look forward to checking it out!

    • http://www.ingeniousinternetincome.com Steve Eason

      Oh and quick question Pat. What camera are you using to record the video above. The image is crystal clear and something I would love to duplicate once I can spare the cash to upgrade. Thanks!

  • http://www.hit-songwriting.com Brandon Wind

    Hey Pat and Clay!

    This is an awesome plugin! Looks very clean and professional, extremely unique, well done Clay!

    I have a new site that I recently launched catering to musicians, and more specifically songwriters. I am a musician at heart and it is a huge passion of mine. For years I spent my time touring, recording, booking my own gigs, etc. to little avail. Fortunately, the landscape for independent musicians is quickly changing and the vast reach of the internet has put a bit more power and control back into the court of the indie musician.

    Somewhere along the line, I picked up internet marketing and have been at it ever since. I started my site about songwriting and being a DIY musician because it was something I loved, and something I felt like I knew a lot about.

    As I said, musicians have more reach now than ever before. Unfortunately, most musicians are not internet marketers – and as such, they don’t know how to make the most out of the interwebs. I teach A LOT of the same content that you teach, Pat, but only relevant to music, not IM – Over deliver, build a list, BE EVERYWHERE, etc. One of the *big* avenues for musicians to be found is through video…I would argue its probably THE most important avenue for musicians. When I saw this plugin, I thought that this would be a fantastic plugin for my audience and could really help some of these musicians take your Be Everywhere mentality and make it work for them.

    Anyways, one of your reader challenges was to use video and so I began a set of video tutorials to put out. I would love to be able to take this plugin and show it to my audience – not using it necessarily on my own videos, but showing them what a great tool this could be. Can you imagine being able to add an opt in form to your newly released music video? Or footage of your most recent concert? Winning.

    Thanks again for all that you do Pat!

  • Mike S

    I love love love technology that makes it easier for the publisher AND the end user. Such a great tool that improves the experience for the end user. I’d love to use this on the websites I’m building. I’m working on some instructional screencasts and this will be perfect.

  • MMW

    I would love to use Lead Player on my site. I wish some developers would create stand alone versions of their software (like PopUp Domination does). I’m all for WordPress, and I operate a hand full of WP websites, however, I also mostly run ecommerce websites and would love to include some of this functionality into my ecommerce and there’s not a chance I’ll use WordPress ecommerce plugins instead of my current ecommerce solution (just way past that stage at this point).

    So at this point I’m waffling on purchasing it. It would be a terrific solution to use with product sales and educational videos because you don’t have to direct people to add the product to cart (like we currently do), you can just embed that in the video.

    I don’t know what it takes to make this stand alone, but it is worth consideration. There are lots of people outside of WP who could use it. I would even still install it on WordPress (for administration) if I could embed the videos outside of WP and still get all the features. Not sure how it works, though.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi MMW . . . we’re creating a stand-alone version of this. Thanks a ton for the request.

      Warm regards,

  • Glenn F

    Simple, but fabulous idea! Wonder why no-one thought of it earlier.

    Great post and great product. Well done Pat and Clay!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Thanks for the very kind words, Glenn. Thank you!


  • Cory Buckles

    When I started reading the post, I was skeptical. I really didn’t understand why Pat would dedicate a whole post to a plugin that allows you to put video on your WordPress blog when it’s such a simple thing to do without any plugins at all.

    Of course, one would think I would have the common sense by now to stop doubting Pat’s wisdom and dedication to his readers’ best interests. 😉

    I’ve commented on many of the posts here on SPI, and even come to Pat’s defense when some naysayers have questioned his consistent strategy of giving information away and putting his readers first. On more than one occasion, Pat has even taken the time out of his busy schedule to respond to my comments by sending me personal emails and leaving comments on my (admittedly horrible) blog, without any solicitation from me. That’s dedication to the readers that you just can’t fake, and telling us about this plugin is no exception.

    The very first thing I noticed about the plugin is how CLEAN the videos look. The distinctive YouTube play button is there, but the wasted space and unwanted controls on the periphery are gone. It looks and feels like a custom video player, but with just that tiny bit of YouTube branding that makes it feel like a big-money joint venture in a way. Very cool!

    The opt-in and the final call to action with LeadPlayer are really sleek. The links and comments that YouTube natively allows users to add to their videos are downright ugly and unprofessional looking. Again, the plugin instantly makes the video look like a high-budget, fully custom video player.

    The ability to pause the video automatically to present the viewer with an opt-in form, right as you are telling them about it? That’s awesome! And giving the option for the viewer to easily skip the opt-in to continue on with the video? Even more awesome! I’m a huge fan of Pat’s no-roadblocks style of giving readers the information they need without forcing them to opt in to things they don’t want, and I’m really glad to see that Clay built that philosophy into the LeadPlayer plugin.

    I’m a student in college, dual majoring in Business Administration and Accounting. On top of the heavy course load of doing two majors (and a minor) at once, I’m the president of a student organization, a member of the college’s karate team, and a tutor in our campus writing center. My efforts to create a passive income stream online have slowed to a crawl due to the tight schedule, and watching all of the writing work I’ve put in on my niche sites get wiped out by the constant changes to the Google algorithm have really killed my motivation level.

    This plugin has me rethinking my content strategy, though. I’ve always been a good public speaker and teacher, so video seems like a great avenue for my strengths. I’ve only done written content up to this point, but the control and professionalism that LeadPlayer adds to videos is so impressive that I’m going to have to give it a try.

    Last year, my student organization put on some seminars to help small businesses in our very rural area. Most of our local businesses have never embraced technology, and many of them don’t even have a simple website set up. The content was good, but the attendance was almost nil. I’ve always thought it was a real shame that we put in all that work and produced a solid seminar that basically went to waste. I’m going to take this opportunity to reuse some of the knowledge I gained during that process and put together a series of videos to teach some of those same concepts.

    This post has really rekindled my motivation to work toward a steady stream of passive income, and it’s given me a new perspective on how to go about it. A big thanks to Clay for developing such an awesome plugin, and to Pat for sharing it with us!

  • http://TheHorseTrainingChannel.com Jenny

    This is awesome I see so many possibilities! I would love to add it to our you tube videos, I am excited to test both the opt-in options and the call to action box! All of our videos within the members area are hosted on amazons3, can you use this plugin with videos other than those hosted on youtube? I think it would be cool to be able to use it as a “call to action” to link people to another lesson within the members area. Thanks for these great ideas! I have been listening to your podcasts every day Pat on my iphone via your app! Love it! Thank you for the amazing inspiration and encouragement you give!

  • http://www.insuranceblogbychris.com Chris Huntley

    Hey Clay and Pat,
    Awesome plug-in. To be clear, LeadPlayer only works on the youtube videos that are displayed on your WordPress site, correct?

    What I mean to say is it doesn’t change the youtube video when someone views the video on youtube itself, correct?

    What about another WP site that doesn’t belong to you?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Chris . . . you are correct. I wish YouTube would let us change the way YouTube videos are displayed on their site. But sadly, they don’t. So LeadPlayer affects the way videos are display *on sites that you control*.

      Great question and great point.


  • http://www.ilovefrenchmovies.com Will

    What a clean, elegant, easy to use plugin! Clay and his team have certainly produced a winner. I love the way it looks and Pat, as always, you’ve really gone above and beyond. In addition to sharing some of the tools you use in your success, you never pass up an opportunity to reinforce your philosophy of taking care of your audience.

    If I’m one of the fortunate recipients of LeadPlayer I”ll use it to communicate better with my audience and build my list. If not, I’ll put it in my budget to buy next month. It’s that good: win or lose, LeadPlayer just gained another user.

    Clay, as soon as I hit “Enter” I’ll be heading over to Youtube to check out some of your videos.

  • http://www.tortugabackpacks.com Fred Perrotta

    Love what Clay’s done with LeadPlayer.

    While watching the overview videos, I thought it would be a great way to announce and run a contest. We do a lot of giveaways of physical products on my company’s blog. Rather than a text post with a contest widget or social follow buttons, I’d love to have a video announcement of the contest. In the video, I could run through everything we’re giving away (it’s usually a prize pack) and ask people to enter their email in the LeadPlayer form to enter the contest.

    This would be more engaging than a regular post, get people more excited about the prizes, and be easy to enter. Then we get plenty of entries and emails for future outreach.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Fred, I like your idea about using this to run a contest.

      Check it: this new version allows you globally set calls to action across a subset of videos. For example, if you are doing a webinar or a contest on a given day, and you want to make all the videos on your blog have a call to action to send people to that day’s webinar registration page, you can do that in a few clicks. You don’t have to re-do each video.

      Thanks for the comment, Fred.


  • http://Inthebuildingprocess Cornell green

    This was like a gift from God. The timing could not have been any better,thank you so much for this recommendation Pat…God Bless

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      These are some of the nicest words we’ve heard about LeadPlayer. Thank you so much.


  • http://www.createawebsitehq.com Brian Ruther

    Hey Pat,

    Would love to get my hands on LeadPlayer ASAP as this is a timely giveaway. I am launching my new site very shortly and have been looking for an opt-in alternative to Glen’s plugin.

    Combined with video, and youtube being the 2nd most used search engine, this could be a powerfully effective tool in which I would love to be a great case study for on my new site. I have been a big fan of this site for over a year now, and was lucky enough to meet you very briefly at the NYC Blog Expo party at which point I was still thinking up my idea.

    This would be a great tool for my intro video and tutorial videos to capture leads. Regardless, thanks for bringing this plugin into light and if anyone is looking for a similar solution – check prezi.com for unique media solutions for your blog or site.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Brian . . .

      Thanks so much for purchasing LeadPlayer. Our entire team is here to help you and make this the best experience possible. And our ears are always open towards special feature requests, etc.

      And thanks for saying this: “Combined with video, and youtube being the 2nd most used search engine, this could be a powerfully effective tool in which I would love to be a great case study for on my new site.”

      Anyway, I look forward to working with you in the months ahead.

      Very warm regards,

  • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay Collins (from LeadPlayer)

    I just want to add that while I’m the face of LeadPlayer right now, I’m definitely not the developer. We have an amazing team, and I want to thank Lynda, Tracy, Pedro, and most importantly our developer Simon for making this such an amazing tool that is an absolute joy to share with others. Thanks guys.

    And thanks again to Pat for the thorough review: you put my own demo videos to shame :-).


  • http://conversionchamp.com/ Adarsh Thampy


    This is a cool product.

    I have been thinking of using Easy video player 2.0 for my soon to be launched membership site. But it’s not something which I can afford right now.

    This seems to be a great solution for me considering the fact that my site would be based on wordpress and it perfectly syncs with my need to delivering great membership videos. It would also help me collect leads before my launch.

    The pricing structure is very similar to EVP 2.0. I also thought about using flowplayer but it’s too complex.

    My only concern is that it relies on YouTube. Since we are kind of forcing functionality over YouTube, what happens if YouTube decides to block such activity?

    • brian

      I also was thinking flowplayer seemed complicated with S3 hosting not working for some browsers,ecetera, so I was looking at Easy Video Player but I am trying to figure out the big differences between EVP and Leadplayer ? I am new to video creation outside of youtube so would be using this for my own product creation.

      ps- thanks Pat for providing great content. Also, Clay if you are reading this, I wanted to say you do great interviews.

  • http://www.ebooktemplates101.com Paul

    Wow, I am really hearing a lot about Lead Player lately. I first heard about it from Noah Kagan (I think) and now Pat. From the looks of it, I need to buy it and start using it.

    How I plan to use it:

    Yes, I’ll do the basics like email optin forms and Youtube channel sub forms and aff links but I plan to use Lead Player creatively in 2 other ways:

    1. Premium Videos – I’ll DEFINITELY use Lead Player to create some premium videos that start with a free teaser and then require an optin to see the rest of the video. I believe the secret to this is making sure the content is rock solid before and after the optin and VERY high quality and beneficial for my audience.

    2. Linking To A Temporary Special Discount Page I Setup – I plan on using Lead Player to link to a temp discount for my own product that expires with 24 hours of someone first visiting the page (cookie based) – This will allow me to not just direct people to another page but do so with a sense of urgency and they get a benefit on their end as well. Not sure if anyone has done this with Lead Player yet so I am pumped to make it happen.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Noah Kagen? Nice. If he did mention us . . . that was really nice of him.

      Thanks for the entry. Good stuff.


  • http://www.writing-covered-calls.com Anthony

    Pat & Clay, awesome post and awesome plugin! Pat, 1st time commenting on the blog. I have commented on FB and sent a few emails.

    From your insight and posts I have started my own niche site (and earning revenue from Adsense no less)! I know from your site and the content you offer that taking care of your readers (and viewers of videos) should be the 1st goal of a site. I’ve been following that mantra with my finance/investing niche site that I created in December 2011.

    Having the LeadPlayer on my site (and sites in the future) will help to further build my brand and engage and current and future visitors to my site. I currently have one YouTube video from another user embedded on the site and I know adding an opt-in area would surely increase subscribers and in turn return visits.
    I want to make my site efficient for my readers and efficient to deliver great content and manage that content.

    The LeadPlayer plugin would help make the site and brand memorable to readers which in turn helps to create content that others want to link to.

    Lastly…having the LeadPlayer plugin would help me to create a great video for the reader challenge ending on October 31, 2012. I want to continue to create a site that helps and challenges my readers as well.

    Cheers to Pat and Clay for helping others to achieve more!

  • http://www.fivepointfive.org Serena Star Leonard

    Yay! Thank you so much! This is THE solution to something I have been trying to figure out in our new video project.

    We are traveling through Latin America filming people who are making a difference to their communities for mini documentaries. Our new website is up in 3 weeks and our first video is now ready!

    Due to the nature of the videos we aim for them to be shared through social media which will mean that many people may see the video without seeing our website. LeadPlayer will be so helpful in helping us build our community more quickly meaning we can get these awesome people recognised far and wide.

    Here is our first video that as yet is not released anywhere! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIR06t9oZ1c

    Thanks so much Pat & Clay, this is awesome!

  • http://SimpleChiroMarketing.com John

    Hey Pat,
    Great post and great plugin! I got camtasia to make videos (just like you suggested) and it has been great! The office where I work has over 300 youtube videos that we can use to add the opt-in form on which is perfect because we get comments from all over the world! We actually have a patient coming from Australia just to come to our office and had a family from India come and stay a month in sunny Southern California to get treatment at our office. The clinic director, Dr John Bergman, has the majority of the videos at JOHNBCHIRO on youtube. Check them out if you have a second. He covers anything from vegetable juicing to vaccines and ADD. I actually did a talk on Forks over Knives which is a great video on the phenomenal movie that stresses the importance of eating a plant based diet.

    You are truly a visionary and congrats o Forbes recognizing you as the inspirational leader that you are.

    Keep it up!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      John . . . with those 300 existing YouTube videos you are literally sitting on a goldmine of new leads and business.

      Not that I think of people as “leads” . . . I’m just trying my hand at corporate business speak.

      Thanks a ton for this comment.

      And I agree, Pat really is a visionary.


  • Ross

    For me, it would be a fantastic selling tool. For example, I am developing commercial videos that get shown in part to the prospect. When I clip the video, I display an order link below it but it would be so much nicer to have the call to action inside the video where the user’s focus is. Going one step further, if the order button was not clicked in X seconds, I would like to come back on screen and suggest if they are not ready to order, that’s ok, but maybe they would like to join my newsletter for exclusive (free) content, then fade in the optin box, once again where the focus is (the video).

  • http://www.freedommakingmoneyonline.com Dan Frigo

    Hey Pat!

    Always sharing great information and products. This post comes at the perfect time for me. I am in my 3rd week of Internet Business Mastery and in the process of creating the content for my niche site.

    My niche site is going to be loaded with HEAVY VIDEO. It is a tutorial based site that will provide videos hosted on YouTube embedded on my site showing my audience how to use a particular software.

    This tool will greatly effect my conversion and email signups and overall create a better user experience for my audience. I can see how much of an impact LeadPlayer can have on my business. Being new to the online business I am looking to keep my costs down, and will not be able to afford this right now.

    I would greatly appreciate the chance to win one of the free licenses.

    The goal for my site is to provide free tutorials on basic level functions of the software, and have a membership site for more advanced users. The use of LeadPlayer will greatly improve the quality of my site by letting me be able to have my own thumbnail, collect email from beginner videos, and also call-to-actions from all videos based on my business needs at that time. Selling to the free users and up-selling affiliate products to my membership users. The possibilities are literally endless.

    It would be so awesome to to use videos others have uploaded to youtube on my tutorial site with call-to-actions for my own products or affiliate links as well.

    I can see the impact for my audience and it will be fantastic. This product has the potential to change my site forever. And help me escape the 9-5!

    Pat, do the right thing and consider me for one of the give-a-ways!

    I could even use your tutorial video on my site, and let it link back to your affiliate link too!

    I smell a win-win!!! Hope to you hear from you soon! Take care! – Dan Frigo

  • http://www.geldschritte.de Gordon Kuckluck

    Hi Pat,

    thanks for this great post! It’s just in the right time I would say!


    Cause I changed the layout of my own blog and in future I want to place a video right at the front of it. All day long I asked and thought how to put my optin form in in a way everything looks great…

    An then I thought: There should be a possibility to use a VIDEO and put my optin form IN the video.

    And now your post where you bring Lead Player to my screen 😀

    This would almost perfectly fit my need and I look forward to use Lead Player – if I’ll get one of your free licenses or not :)

    Thanks Pat. Again.


  • http://parnonegolfmarketing.com Sean Mysel


    Is it possible to customize the app with video motion graphics?

    Keep it up man!


  • Drew G

    This comment will be buried, but what the hey.

    First off, let me just say that LeadPlayer is incredible. The first time I heard it mentioned was in one of Pat’s Twitter posts. I’ve watched all of the videos posted on the LeadPlayer blog. It’s intuitive, simple, easy to use, and most importantly, it’s genius. This is the first video player I’ve seen of its kind that allows an opt-in box or call to actions directly in the video itself.

    What’s funny is that I heard about LeadPlayer right as I was initially putting together some ideas for my newest authority site, an authority site that means the most to me. Allow me to explain…

    I’ve just started my very last semester of college, pursuing a degree in accounting. In December, I plan to have my degree in hand and be ready to take the CPA exam. Since I’ll be taking the CPA exam after this semester, I decided I wanted to put together a site similar to Pat’s Green Exam Academy and Security Guard Training HQ sites. It’s not only to help myself study for my finals and the CPA exam, but also to help thousands of other accounting students who need help. I believe online learning is the medium of the future for all subjects.

    You’ve probably heard of Khan Academy. Well, this site will end up being like the Khan Academy for accounting. Right now I have an Excel file filled with hundreds of Youtube URL’s of videos in over 15 different accounting topics. Everything from the accounting cycle, to stockholders equity, to inventory. These are videos from professors, to students, to accounting training facilities. Nowhere else will you find this caliber of organization for accounting videos. Not only that, but I have also purchased a Bamboo tablet and a Blue Yeti microphone and plan on recording my own videos as I go through my lectures to help other students. With LeadPlayer, I could expand on these ideas and maybe even transition it to a membership site. There are a mountain of possibilities that I could use LeadPlayer for.

    I also plan on having this site be an “ultimate resource” in the same way that Pat is making the Security Guard Training HQ site be an ultimate resource. I’ll be adding accounting software reviews, CPA exam preparation reviews, accounting news and information, a free CPA study guide, links to free accounting courses offered online, a job and resume training section, as well as a job listing board.

    The one problem I had to figure out was how I was going to display all of the videos on the site. I didn’t want any Youtube leakage (where people end up going to Youtube from the video), mainly because I want students to be able to stay focused as they go from video to video. I also want to build an email list, as well as use the call-to-action function to point students to other videos or links. I also didn’t want to have to embed each and every single video by hand. After finding some WordPress plugins like Artiss Youtube Embed, Advanced Youtube EmbedPlus for WordPress, and a variety of plugins from CodeCanyon, I realized that none of them even compared to LeadPlayer; especially with LeadPlayer’s constant development and support.

    With this plugin, I could help not only myself get my degree and help further my education, but I can help thousands upon thousands of other students learn the material in one of the best mediums in the world: the internet.

    (To Pat: My site is in the very very rough first stages, but if you’d like to see kind of how it will be laid out, I can email you the link to the home page as well as an example page. I can also email you my Excel list that I’ve hand put together of accounting videos that I will feature on the site.)


  • http://www.ExchangeADTech.com Navdeep

    Hi Pat,

    As the saying goes why invent the wheel. I checked LeadPlayer indeed its unquie and i believe the first one to implement the features like call to action button, subscriber list. You have already done the heavy lifting in exploring the plugin and also describing how it can benefit. Audience is always looking for something new, innovative and definitely different from others and i believe you have been doing excatly what your audience requires.

    Given an opportunity i would be using leadplayer on my site (currently under renovation) it site servers me both the purpose a platform to share about myself and how i can my others and myself successful and helps get me some freelancer business.

    I think of using the leadplayer because of the following… although some features are common however given unqiue feature set in one plugin makes it outstanding from others

    Opt-in Boxes & Video calls to Action: I can include opt-in form and call to actions in my video presentations,interview and sharing my life experience at appropriate stage

    YouTube Integration: That’s awesome as i don’t have to redo the video, i can use the existing videos and intergrate the new changes with leadplayer plugin.

    100% free hosting: Who doesn’t like free great stuff.

    Video Analytics: This is simply great feature. i will now be able to predict how my video does.

    Player customization: For serious message i would like to use the customization like viwer cann’t stop the video. Just wondering if i can add a timer clock so they know for how long the video will play. I know there is time at the end of the timeline but still its not so obvious when ppl cannot stop the video

    That’s how i think of using the leadPlayer.


  • Melanie Richards

    I’m impressed, very smart idea!

    HOW I’LL USE IT: I’m building a very in depth online tutorial course and planned on using YouTube. I don’t want ‘video suggestions’ and would much rather send my audience to the next video tutorial or something of value to them. The Call-to-Action feature would be great for this. Plus the videos will mainly be viewed in fullscreen therefore having the optin right there on the video is totally key. Can’t wait to implement it!

    Thanks so much Pat!

  • http://www.cuesport.tv Pete Williams – Cuesport TV

    Great product, I run a video site and a news related blog for the pool/billiard/snooker industry and I can see it being a useful tool to draw people into other videos, or to a related article on a web page. My one question for Clay is related to hosting, could LeadPlayer be used with other video hosting solutions other than YouTube, for example our own CDN?

  • http://www.castigatimp.ro Vaida Bogdan

    Future development / existing features of LeadPlayer:

    Clay, here are some features I would find very helpful for LeadPlayer. Can you tell me if you are already planning to develop some of them or if LeadPlayer already has them?

    1) Hiding the youtube link from the page source
    So a paying client cannot distribute private content easily.
    2) Cropping the youtube logo
    Videos on private membership sites with youtube logo look like they would be available on youtube too (thus decreasing the perceived value).
    3) Subtitles or timed text under the video
    I know this is a long shot but I’m already needing this feature.
    When I create a sales video I sometimes talk about two ways of buying the product (getting it for free by buying a partner’s product or a direct buy).
    I’d love if I could display specific buy buttons at specific intervals in the video that are hidden after a specific time has passed (and can be seen by scrolling back). Basically your way of showing the optin at the end of the video … multiplied! :)

    Thanks in advance,
    – Vaida Bogdan

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Vaida . . . thanks for the suggestions.

      Here are some responses:

      (1) Hiding the YouTube link from the page source DONE as of the latest version: http://screencast.com/t/JkIUGVkwFju

      (2) This second feature would violate YouTube terms of service. It’s something we’d love to be able to do for you, but we don’t want to do anything that could get you or LeadPlayer in trouble. Part of the value that we bring is our understanding of YouTube and our relationship with Google. We go to their developer conference, we’re on all of their mailing lists, we participate in YouTube developer chats and meetings. And LeadPlayer’s deep, low level, and sophisticated integration with YouTube is a huge part of the value that we bring. And we don’t want to compromise that just to hide a logo :-).

      I hope that makes sense.

      (3) If (a) you’re a LeadPlayer customer, and (b) your write out specs for this feature in as much detail as you possible can, and show us a specific video you’d like to use with with, we’ll do our absolute best to build this.

      Thanks a ton for your feedback here.


  • http://www.adrianbold.com Adrian

    This looks like a great video player. I’m been looking around for something like this myself recently. I tried a free WP plug-in that sounded good but failed to deliver. Some of the premium products are expensive and I get put off by the over-hyped sales pitch.

    I want to develop a new educational resource using video to show people how to get the best out of an online service. As well as creating my own videos, there are also others that have already been created that I would like to share and LeadPlayer appears to be the perfect application to do that with.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  • Byron

    Thats such a nice idea and really well done, congrats clay!

    I’d really love using this plugin. I’m working on several new niche sites at the moment where it could do so well helping me building my mailing lists.

    I’m also planning to start an blog about niche sites for the german community as my future main project, since there aren’t really much ass kicking guys like you, Pat. I just love this topic and creating a site just a little bit as awesome as what you have created with the SPI-community would be so cool.

    I also have a question: I opened this post in several browsers but I didnt found a function to enlarge the videos to full screen, doesnt the player support this function (yet)?

    Thanks so much and keep going :)

    Cheers from hamburg,
    :) Byron

  • http://YogaMeditationHome.com YOME- Yoga Portal

    Lead Player really looks great and I appreciate the added value content you continue to provide consistently. YOME is actually a yoga videos portal which connects yoga teachers with practitioners. My vision is to provide yoga teachers a unique business platform to enable the exposure and expanding of their own business. Lead Player will enable us to add a call to action to teachers’ videos and by that to bring them more practitioners or registrants to their events and retreats.
    Thank you very much for reading and wishing all the best for everyone, Faye

  • http://allianceforcreativeexpression.org/ Nica Mandigma

    Awesome plugin! I like that it’s very easy to use and that you can upload your own thumbnail. The thumbnail selection of YouTube is often awful.

  • http://www.squidoomaestro.com/ Mitja Drame

    Hey Pat, thank you for your sincere review. I like the way you presented this awesome plugin. I think the % of conversion will go through the roof with it.

    When reading your blog in the past, you convinced me to start my own blog. You gave me that courage. I want to learn every day and I read every day. I know the universe brought me here to expand my knowledge and to overcome the fear of creating videos.

    So I took an action and will wait to see what happens. With this plugin I hope I’ll start doing videos and join the video marketing family. Your influence is strong on me. All the best and I’ll come back soon to read more of your new posts.

    Cheers from Slovenia,

    Mitja Drame

  • http://www.chrisducker.com Chris C. Ducker


    I am an Early Adopter of LeadPlayer, and although I’ve not relaunched my blog quite yet – it does stand to play a major part in my video side of things, for sure.

    It’s a fantastic product – and I’ve not even played around with it anywhere near as much as I should have – considering I’ve had it a couple of months already!

    Either way, great stuff.

    Pat – Cheers to you, too, bro – great intro post and love the thought-out nature of the post, as always.


    • Simon Payne

      I’m real glad you like it Chris! 😉

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Chris . . . thanks a TON for being a LeadPlayer early adopter.

      And thanks for your kind and supportive testimonial. It’s been great working with you.

      Warm regards,

  • http://www.aretedi.com Kaycee| banner printing services

    Why there’s no full screen? I want to have a try on this awesome plugin. great product, indeed!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Honestly . . . we’ve developed this player based 100% on (1) scratching our own itch, and (2) serving the needs of others. And no one, yet, has demanded the full screen function. If someone said “I’d buy this right now if only the full screen function were available . . . then we’d create it ASAP.” :-).

      So, we’ll create this eventually, but it will be a priority when our customers tell us it’s a priority.

      Thanks for the comment, Kaycee. And please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Very warm regards,

  • http://www.rowingmachinesbenefits.com Michael

    Hey Pat,
    There are many useful plugins (mentioned here at SPI) you have recommended to use but Lead Player indeed is the most powerful one (Thanks Clay!). Since my AdSense account has been blocked a few months ago and after Penguin killed most of my micro niche sites rankings, I’ve started to build a few authority sites to promote some products at Amazon. Now I’m creating video reviews and tutorials for different sport equipment. Lead Player will definitely increase my conversion rates and will increase my mailing list much faster.
    If I won’t win a free copy of Lead Player (I’m not very lucky in such games :) ) I will definitely buy it.
    Again thank you Clay for such amazing plugin and thank you Pat for let us know about it!

  • Andy

    Pat, I have heard lots about lead player. Cliff Ravenscraft was talking about it and I was thinking I need to get a copy of this. Then you me tion it and I was like. I really need to get a copy of this. One thing both you and cliff talk about is the importance of the email list. Right now I have a real small email list. Bu this plugin would totally help me build my list. Not to mention it is just an all around awesome plugin.

  • Jocky

    Hi Pat,

    here’s what I think about the LeadPlayer: looks awesome. I think it’s a great tool if you build up emotion during a video and then want that emotion to be translated into action.

    Here’s how I’d use it: I’m using inspirational videos to give people that little “boost” we all sometimes need to stay on the path of positivity when we’re feeling down. (See the domain of my email address for some samples). Right now I’m in the processes of setting up a wordpress site for these videos. LeadPlayer would be great as it would allow me to integrate an opt-in for inspirational emails directly into the video once some emotional engagement took place and keep the design of my site clean and undistracted.

    The inspirational emails contain 3 things:
    1. a short inspirational story, quote or message,
    2. an affiliate link for a related product which I personally use and stand behind 100% – this is my personal income
    3. updates about our independent charity activity (which is also inspirational) – we’re supporting orphanages (Christian, Buddhist, multireligious and nonreligious) in Southeast Asia with stationary, clothing and nonperishable food items. I’ll encourage donations, and there’s 100% transparency – meaning, we list every donation publicly (with initials of names [or if person permits: full name], date and amount) and how the money is being used (including receipts of the item purchases and photos of where we delivered them to). There’s 0% administrative costs, we’re doing this out of our own pockets, so every cent someone donates goes directly into purchasing items which will be given to the kids/the kids’ caretakers.

    If you have any furthers questions, I’d be glad to answer via email :)
    Kind regards,

  • http://www.sakeoftruth.com Josh Mann

    Clay, do videos posted to wordpress with leadplayer typically show up in rss feeds burned with feed burner? The reason I ask: Pat’s vids didn’t show in google reader when I checked… just blank video-sized spaces instead. Overall, looks like a great product.

    Thanks for the share, too, Pat.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Josh . . . thanks for pointing this out. You’re the first person I’ve seen mention this. We’ll have this fixed VERY sorry. Sorry about this. We’ll have this fixed as soon as today if we can. Thanks a ton,

  • http://www.thesinglestatus.com Rochelle | The Single Status

    Pat! OH MY MERCYYYYY!!! This plugin is GENIUS!!!! And YOU are SO COOL for offering us all the chance to WIN!!! Best of luck to everyone who has entered. OK Here is HOW i plan to use the plugin. I’m already in the process of recording a new video series for my blog content. The Series is called “The Single Status Show.” The show features single women have overcome challenges and are currently doing positive things with their lives – regardless of their single status. I JUST launched a new ebook yesterday called “Get Love. It’s better than a Boyfriend.” I would use the plug in as a part of my videos in the series to promote my book and or grow my mailing list – depending on the video content. This plugin could NOT have come at a better time in my life!! The series launches September 12th!! I’ve already recorded the first two shows and i’m PSYCHED about how this plugin with help to improve conversion rates. Please choose me Pat. I give you my word- I WILL TAKE ACTION. Thank you for your consideration! Oh and I can’t wait to hear you again on Leslie Samuel’s podcast!! Totally looking forward :)

    All the best, and thanks again
    – Rochelle.

  • Anonymous

    I am having trouble getting the Aweber opt-in list to integrate. I created a very basic form and got the Raw HTML code with the unchecked box so only unformatted basic form.

    When I play the video the opt-in form pops up. I enter a test email address and click Play. However, I neither receive any emails from the list to that test email address nor see the email address show up on the list as unconfirmed.

    Perhaps you can show a step-by-step process for integrating Leadplayer with Aweber?


    PS. It should be a pretty easy fix to parse the youtu.be/ code.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Anonymous . . . we have amazing support for our customers. Can you please contact our support and we’ll send you complete videos and instructions on doing with the integration.

      It usually takes most people just a few minutes to integrate with AWeber, but if you have a special case we’ll be happy to work with you one-on-one to resolve the issue.

      Warm regards,

  • http://youngadultfinances.com LaTisha

    How timely! I am ramping up my Youtube video efforts and I could definitely use this to help viewers in general with getting over to the link that I recommend at the end. I recently bought the Wacom Bamboo tablet as well as Camtasia and I am making an effort to release at least one new video every two weeks. Mostly at the end of my videos my call to action leads back to a specific URL on my site. I don’t typically use the videos for an affiliate product but I could see the application there as well. If you choose me, you know that I will put the software to use because I take action. You can see my current videos on the YoungAdultFinances channel. Thanks for the consideration!

  • Mike

    Pat, thanks for sharing this. Keep’em coming. This will be perfect for a couple freemium sites I have.


  • http://www.kyoticave.com Janet

    I would loooove this! I’m a craft blogger, which you don’t seem to have very many followers who are that, and it would open a whole new group of people for you to know if I won one of these. ( BTW I did share in one of my FB groups the whole “fixing your FB page thing” you did when FB changed and my group loved it.)
    I could use videos on youtube that are already made about how to knit or crochet or some other craft and embed them on my site, that I’ve been meaning to make but can’t find the time with all the physical products I make for my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Kyoticrafts. Which you should check out Pat (or your wife) since they are baby clothes, photo props, and blankies.
    Plus since I’m so tech impaired it would be wonderful to have such a cutie (this means you Clay) to help with all the tech issues. Hope I win but I’ll still follow you even if I don’t because You Pat always have great and informative content that i can actually understand and really don’t find anywhere else.

  • http://organicmedicinenow.com Craig

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks so much for sharing this info. I’m very excited to get started with this plugin as the timing is perfect for me. I am in the process of putting together a video training course for my patients and Leadplayer looks like exactly what I need.

    It’s amazing how we attract what we need when we need it!

    Thanks again,

  • http://onlineincomestar.com Brankica

    Hey Pat, thanks for the review, I haven’t heard of this before and it looks pretty neat!
    I would love to have the plugin, I’ve been making more videos and slowly trying to build my Youtube channel. I am also always learning how to improve list building, although the best way I figured how to do is just keep reading your newsletters and learn from that.
    Anyway, I finally started another blog (non blogging blog) which is focused on what I studied at college and started an offline business related to it, so I plan to focus on a lot of videos with that one. Considering I will be providing a lot of value for the topic and that it is a very visual one, I was planning to focus on Youtube as my main thing and having this would just make list building and connecting with readers so much easier.
    Thanks again and keep rockin’

  • Tom

    I am nearing completion of an ebook that I believe will help families and friends of people who have a certain illness to live happier and more fulfilled lives. I have been thinking of ways to engage visitors to the site that I will be setting up in support of the ebook. I believe this plugin would help me do the very thing I’ve been thinking of. When I can record a video, not just about my product, but about my personal experiences with the life issue that I write about, I can better engage my readers and simultaneously encourage them to order the ebook.

    Pat’s endorsement and demonstration of the plugin is enough to convince me of its usefulness in my particular situation.

  • Brad Gerlach

    This is the perfect video player option for the new site I’m working on. It’s a local advertiser solution and I was going to have the option of them having a welcome video. This would allow for a little
    more on top and I could have the advertisers add an opt-in or something to help them build their list (if they have them) or even something else.

    Thanks for the review Pat, I’m going to check it out myself but I am pretty sure already this is the best solution for my project.


  • http://degree31.com Mark Evans

    Thanks Pat, this was the push I needed. I host the NASCAR Web Show on my blog. Originally, I copied the model David Siteman Garland and Andrew Warner use, which is to host my video interviews on Wistia.

    I have had several interactions with Clay or his staff on the Lead Player site and they were very responsive answering all my questions. But, true to my style of ‘paralysis by analysis’, I have yet to make the purchase!

    Clay gave me some very good advice on not trying to capture “first names” on my autoresponder which Lead PLayer does not support. I loaded the new inSpyr Genesis theme this weekend with a built-in subscribe form that only supports capturing email addy’s as well. With that said, my barriers to entry are fading away and I see the tremendous value of Lead Player (even if I don’t win a FREE copy).

    Does anyone see the irony that I have not yet purchased Lead Player because Pat captures first names for his mailing list to personalize his newsletter? And I am now going to purchase Lead Player after receiving an email from Pat that began with “Hey ‘Mark’, hope all is well.” Such is life, I AM IN!!

    P.S. Thanks for being so responsive in our previous conversations Clay!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Thanks for joining us as a customer, Mark!

      Pat got us to break down and add the first name feature. So you’ll have that now :-).

      Although I’m sticking by my stance on collecting the first name:


      –Subject line personalization depresses open rate:

      –Hey startups: Don’t start your emails with “Dear [Name]” – 95% of people hate it

      Also, adding more fields in an opt-in box decreases opt-in rate.

      Also this . . .

      First, when you collect two fiends instead of one, opt-in rates go down.

      Second, they’re not fooled because they have the name in the subject line. Everyone knows that they’re getting an mass email these days. Just because you have their name in the subject lines doesn’t mean they’re going to be more excited about your email. In fact, generally speaking, name is subject lines are used almost exclusively in automated emails these days (when was the last time a friend placed your name in a subject line).

      There are cases when personalized messages outperform non-personalized messages, but in almost every case, the improvement doesn’t make up for the decreased conversion rate that results from having two fields.

      Third, friends often don’t use your name in emails to you. They just send quick messages like “hey . . . want to hang out tonight” or whatever. Not using a name can make your message seem more personal and informal. Which often is a good thing.

      Fourth, people often use fake names in the name field. And nothing says mass email like “Dear IDon’tWantToTellYouMyName . . .” as the beginning of your email.

      Fifth, my clients and I simply make more money when we don’t require a first name.

      I hope that makes sense.

      HOWEVER . . . since enough people want this feature, we’re doing it :-).

      AND, I’ll pretty much do anything Pat asks me to implement with LeadPlayer :-).


      • http://youtube.com/user/amymiyamotoshow Amy Miyamoto

        Clay – This is awesome that you took the time to thoroughly illustrate your position on why NOT to use personalized subject lines. You articulated much of what has been my experience on the receiving end in a powerful way with data to support this position Bravo! Much appreciated. 😉

  • Diederik

    Mmm i’m not able to put the video in to full screen, is that correct ?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Diederik,

      Honestly . . . we’ve developed this player based 100% on (1) scratching our own itch, and (2) serving the needs of others. And no one, yet, has demanded the full screen function. If someone said “I’d buy this right now if only the full screen function were available . . . then we’d create it ASAP.” .

      So, we’ll create this eventually, but it will be a priority when our customers tell us it’s a priority.

      Thanks for the comment. And please let me know if you have any additional questions or we can help out in any other way.

      Very warm regards,

  • Boris

    Hi Pat,

    this video player seems to be really a perfect one and the timing for your post is really great since i´m working on my first own site right now. ( i´m just start diving into the hole online money making thing… ). Until now i just made a few smaller sites for my family and friends.
    But now i´working on a site with lots of video-tutorials (e.g. WordPress) so this plugin could be very interesting for me and my membership area.

    Greetings from Germany

  • John

    Why are all the great plugins not compatible with joomla? Is there anything like this for joomla?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      John . . . this is why: http://screencast.com/t/n62iABjX10kx :-)

      All kidding aside, LeadPlayer works with ANY site, and we’re making an “in the cloud” version of LeadPlayer that works everywhere.

      So you can you LeadPlayer with Joomla. And using it with Joomla will get easier over time as well.

      I hope that helps.

      Thanks a ton for the question,

  • JP

    I’ve always wanted something like this to make videos more interactive. Videos are great for getting people’s attention and what you need to build your brand is to get people’s attention and call them to action (preferably after giving them value). This plugin does exactly that!

    I would most likely use this in fundraising videos for my non-profit. Adding the call to action directly on the video when I’m done making the appeal would definitely increase my conversions and the amount of good I can do!

    Thanks for sharing another good one, Pat!

  • http://livingwithmyexwife.com Steve Monosson

    Hi Pat.

    Been listening to the podcast for a couple of years now and this is the first time I’m leaving a comment. First off, I want to say that I really like the glasses. They look like a perfect choice to me. Secondly, I want to join the chorus of those thanking you for your hard honest work in the blogging space. It is encouraging and daunting at the same time, as I look at your monthly income in awe, wondering/hoping if I can accomplish even a fraction of that. I’ve read your eBook and am working on my first right now, which currently is at novella length. Regarding blogging, I feel I may be “in-between blogs”, as I’m working with someone whom I found about about through an SPI podcast, in establishing a blog which best utilizes my skill set and where I can offer value to my potential readers/viewers.

    Regarding. LeadPlayer, it looks fabulous. One way or the other I see using it, as my blog (and/or my future blog) is video-heavy, as that’s a big part of what I do anyway. It certainly fills a definite need regarding video blogging. It would be nice to win a free copy, but being that the last time I won anything in a raffle was when I won a parrot when I was 8, I’m not going to count on the free copy.

    Thanks so much again,

  • http://babysleepsite.com Nicole

    Hi Pat,

    When you recommend a product, as a long-time reader, you know it’s going to be something special. Thank you for sharing all you learn with us! I have a successful website (~300K+ unique visitors per month; ~600K+ pageviews), but it lacks video, which I am working on changing. I am very new to it and my first video just wasn’t that good, so I am back to the drawing…er…recording board. My website is WordPress driven, so this plugin would fit so nicely with my movement into video on the site. If I am chosen for one of the free copies, I would add an opt-in form at the end to offer my free e-Book, 5 Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night, which helps a lot of tired parents. As a parent yourself I know that you can appreciate a good night’s sleep. Some of my parents solely need our free guide and don’t spend any money on anything else we have to offer and those are the best e-mails I get! Like you, my primary motivation is to help people and if I can make a living doing so, even better! I would love to give away more free e-Books to more tired parents, using LeadPlayer! Thank you for your consideration and continued good fortune in your endeavors and expanding your family! Congratulations! :)


  • http://www.felixgcastro.com Felix

    Funny how I just started using Clay’s free opt-in form and LeadPlayer was his secondary offering. I did not get it because of the hefty price. As a new blogger focusing on niche sites this would be a perfect addition for my marketing tools.

  • http://www.paullane.com Paul

    Hi Pat!

    Thank you for this opportunity and thorough review of this product! I have been a reader ( and listener of your Podcast ) for a long time and I appreciate your transparency and integrity of how to conduct business online.


    I am a professional photographer and I can see great opportunites in using this plugin for slideshow videos to promote my work and using both opt-in and a call to action for specific offers.

    This would be a great addition to my website and to help promote my portfolio and special offers… especially in this economy. One thing that is great about this plugin is the ability to change the call to action instead of creating a new video. A great time saver when you want to offer different incentives!

    Good luck to everyone!


  • http://www.dreambuilderpro.com Mike King

    Couldn’t resist watching the Lead Player video.

    I always wondered how to get video to really work for you. Now with this tool, Pat has shown me clean and simple how to achieve this.

    I will be getting this app on my site.

    Thanks for finding this one Pat.

    Cheers, Mike King.

  • http://plusengineer.com Eyram Sotome


    Thanks Pat! Thanks Clay!

    After reading the post, I’m super excited to use this. It’s so clean, easy to use, and makes your opt-in form look like candy (you know… like the pull you get when something tastes good).

    Hmm… What would be a good consideration message?

    Well, I’ll be honest. I’ve been working on my website plusengineer.com for around 6 months. No posts. Just tests. But, my site is aimed towards engineering students in DIRE NEED of career advice (like all tech majors in college) so I really want to present myself in a way that makes it easy to engage with my audience. I planned on using YouTube from the start but my only problem was that I didn’t find anyway to convert besides using the splasheo outro (which pat introduced) and the description.

    To put it simply, I want to come out like that kid that bought those new nikes and awed his classmates at school. You know… an impressor with awesome content on Video.

    So, really.. my reason for wanting to be flashy?

    1) Pat’s Thumbnail of Keoni is Pro. There are no words to describe how great the anticipation of getting the content is when you see pro thumbnails. Imagine…Wouldn’t it be cool to use your video as your featured image? Then, pull your audience in when they see that clean play button. It works – flawlessly.

    2) Students don’t really have time (unfortunately) to read through a 1,500 post. Most of them would rather see a video and a transcript. So, I’m sure I’ll catch their attention and suggest more relevant content after it is done (LeadPlayer has that ability too, right?)

    3) I KNOW LeadPlayer will give me the extra edge farther greater than just convert into my email list. It will help me build relationships because I want to, not only invite them to opt-in, but also post practical, transparent advice (based on my experiences) that will get them asking for more – because they need it. Basing my blog around LeadPlayer will truly help my content look fresh and I’ll always look like “that kid” with the new Jordans when new content comes out 😉

    Regardless of the win, this is definitely the golden ticket. Thanks Pat for the great lead. You always post the coolest stuff on your site.

    I hope everyone wins this product! Even if we don’t win, we’ll be up $37 dollars way faster AFTER we purchase this plugin.

    Take Care,


  • http://www.DepantsingTheClones.com Gary Korisko


    As always, I appreciate the thorough walk-through that you always do. THAT is one of the reasons you’re so successful with affiliate sales in my opinion. You have show people under the hood & get them excited. And that is one of the ways I would use Lead Player, incidentally.

    Just last night I started a similar walk-through demonstration video for another great product that you and I both use.

    My blog has been “up” but not “launched” officially. Based on advice I got in HTSABTM (which you recommended to me) I am working on a re-launch and a product launch. Here is specifically how I’d use lead player…

    1) Detailed under-the hood how-to videos. Not just for affiliate products, but for anything that will be useful to my readers. (I plan on answering a lot of reader questions on video)

    2) I’m also launching an active YouTube video channel when I re-launch the blog, so Lead Player would be a huge help.

    3) I have a unique digital product sales plan that I really don’t want to type the detail on publicly. Suffice to say it has to do with video promotion of the products and charitable organizations….AND now, the Lead Player call to action feature really has my wheels turning.

    4) Obviously, for an up and coming site, the opt-in power of Lead Player has me wringing my hands. This would be a huge help in building my list.

    I’d love a copy, but regardless – another great detailed review. Thanks much, Pat!

  • Dogen

    I have spent the last month or so plotting out my new site to help solve many of the problems I see everyday at my day job.
    I will be creating a series of “just in time”, “just enough” e-learning videos that give readers what they, when they need it, to answer the question, “how’d he do that?”
    I have experimented with video formats, screen capture programs, video hosting sites, many different players, and lots of head scratching.
    LeadPlayer solves so many of the roadblocks that I’ve encountered. Hosting, call to actions, opt-ins, hosting integration, and more I haven’t discovered yet.
    The main feature that is killer for me, is being able to “string together” a series of videos for the larger/longer “how-to’s”, tips and tricks, and essentials for these free training courses.
    Additionally, I love being able to take viewers from a video to even more tools to remove barriers and frustrations in their day to day activities so they can get back on the road to productivity.
    The timing for this player is perfect. I have a 4 week sabbatical from the day job in November, and have a huge junk of time (and now new motivation) to put LeadPlayer to use.
    Thanks for the pointer to this huge problem solver!

  • http://projectical.com.co Mauricio

    This is a great plugin. right now it could be so useful to me because we are launching an online course about project management and I’m doing four videos that will be placed on my website and I’ll be sending email to prospects and what we are looking for is a registration and this is actually a great way to make people register within the video.

    I’d really like to win this plugin because we are really short on budget and I know this can skyrocket the subscriptions to our course.

    Thank Pat for the awesome work, tips, posts and, specially, podcasts you make. You deserve all good.



  • http://youtube.com/user/amymiyamotoshow Amy Miyamoto

    Pat and Clay,
    I love what you have created here in this post on so many levels.
    Pat, I so appreciate how you have thoroughly demonstrated both the innovation of the LeadPlayer features and the Power of them by using the actual product itself in a number of ways! 😉

    And Clay your presence here in the comments section is a loud and clear demonstration as to what you and LeadPlayer as a company stand for and represent, so well done there!

    As you shared Pat, the aspects of LeadPlayer that make it stand out in a big way include:
    1. Its ease of use with Youtube
    2. Its smart customization features both impacting the video viewer experience and on the back end
    3. Its well thought out flexibility for diverse calls to action and the ability to modify this across large volumes of videos with the click of a button! (The VA fees alone that are spared with this time saving feature are HUGE!)
    4. The customizable thumbnails! I recently heard James Wedmore discuss the power of customized Thumbnails and all of the creative ways these can be leveraged to up level the marketing impact of the video before anyone even presses play – so this is another massive advantage to what LeadPlayer has to offer.
    I could go on…

    As for how I plan to utilize this powerful tool:
    I am launching a weekly web show next month called The New Groove Show: Where BIG Love + BOLD Imagination Meets The POWER of the Web.
    In addition to the weekly interview episode featuring Game-Changing Web Leaders who are top innovators in their industries, I will also be uploading a second personal vlog style video each week. So my site will be centered around video content with lots of opportunities and needs to highlight the kind of functionality of a video player like LeadPlayer on a regular basis.

    In addition one of the key components of my show mission is to highlight the kinds of high integrity web tools that really allow people with big visions and big messages to blow the door wide open on their visibility and impact potential. In my opinion, skills and tools in the realm of top notch online video strategy are THE most significant trend that will have the most profound impact on how businesses Thrive or not in this New Economy.
    (The importance of SMART and Powerful video strategy has been further highlighted for me as I have just finished a Vlogging Everyday in August Challenge where I created 31 videos in 31 days on YouTube. This process taught me a ton regarding all things VIDEO and further clarifies why a powerful tool like LeadPlayer can make a massive difference in standing out BOLDLY in an increasingly noisy video landscape.

    Again bravo to you both Pat and Clay for what you have created together here in this post – definitely “New Groovy” to the core! 😉

  • http://jarodonline.wordpress.com/ Jarod billingslea

    Dude you look completely difference with glasses on

  • http://books.iaskracker.com Trishan

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for sharing this plugin with us. The last time you shared OptinSkin I went right ahead and purchased it. You are one of the few bloggers whom I really believe when they stand behind a product.

    Yes you are absolutely spot on about the numerous video players flooding the market and I was still to make up my mind on which one to get. But after watching the detailed video review of LeadPlayer and all the neat things I can do with it, my mind is finally made up; thanks again to you.

    How I will use it on my blog?
    Well I run a pretty useful and successful (in terms of of being helpful to readers) educational blog and apart from the basic function of using it to get subscribers and giving away my free eBook using the optin feature of LeadPlayer I will go far beyond and use it to:

    1. Create YouTube hosted video courses and put dialog boxes like “continue”, “got it?” at important intervals in the course so the viewer can watch the video at his/her own pace and really soak the message in.

    2. I also have a few courses for the IAS exam (the main focus of the blog) and I will use to direct viewers to the detailed page about the course or to the sales page if they are already convinced. One way I can initially put a break like “continue” to filter the interested viewers. Then put call to action like “first view the course page for more details”. Lastly, if the viewer still continues and is already convinced about the course I will add final CtA like “Register for the course” resulting in a great conversion rate.

    3. I will also use it to create a short video survey where I can review books that are featured on the blog and ask for the opinion of the viewers like have you read the book, did you find this review useful, would you like to know more about the book and include a link to the sales page or the detailed review page.

    4. I will also use the caption feature of LP to highlight the call to action or highlight important points in the power point video that I will create so it leads to better learning for the viewers.

    That’s what I could think of for now. Once I get the plugin I will innovate further and thanks once again for the great review. You rock!

    • Dogen

      Excellent. I knew if I kept reading, someone would give me even more ideas. Thanks.
      I like the idea of adding pauses with user control. Learners will be able to pause and jump back to a previous lesson to review concepts that they might have missed.
      Seems like we ought to be able to add a series of the pauses to filter learners to the appropriate level for the material they are interested in.
      You’ve given me much more to think about. Thanks

    • http://youtube.com/user/amymiyamotoshow Amy Miyamoto

      Trishan, I concur – the ideas you have shared here are really helpful – and as a former teacher I can see how video supported by LeadPlayer could be implemented in a whole number of diverse and creative ways I had not yet thought of . Thanks for sharing yours with all of us here! 😉

  • http://theaudacitytopodcast.com/ Daniel J. Lewis

    This looks great! I’ve heard about LeadPlayer but hadn’t actually taken a look until now.

    I’ve been producing audio-only content for a while, but I’m about to purchase a Canon T4i so I can start making some great how-to videos about podcasting. LeadPlayer will work beautifully with this! Once I place a video on my site, I would want a call to action, like “subscribe to the podcast,” or include affiliate links for products I’m reviewing.

    I love how this gets the distracting YouTube interface out of the way and focuses entirely on the video.

  • http://www.neworldrecords.com gervasio goris

    I would love to use this plugin on our new site that is using wordpress.

    Thanks !

  • Bryan


    Thank you for sharing the best WordPress solutions available through posts like this one. I listen to Cliff Ravenscraft and he also recommended LeadPlayer. I know the two of you have talked about LeadPlayer, you may have been the one to suggest it to him. I have also been following the two of you for long enough to know that both of you only suggest solutions you use and trust.

    I haven’t purchased anything through you or Cliff yet, however when I can afford to I will definitely do so through the two of you. Thanks for working hard to keep the rest of us informed!

    As for LeadPlayer…

    I want to begin recording screen casts for non-profits teaching WordPress website development.

    A number of years ago I went to my board and asked for permission to develop a website. Their response: it’s too expensive and unneeded. A year later they said the same thing.

    I knew they couldn’t see the potential so I began learning how to build websites using Drupal and later switched to WordPress. The cost was $6.95 a month for hosting through BlueHost (Yes, I was using BlueHost SPI existed).

    I am now teaching other non-profits how to develop an online presence, communicate using digital media, and connect with people in their community or sphere of influence.

    I am interested in teaching non-profits other communication strategies for connecting with their donors and the people they serve. This will also include topics like: taking care of donors, how to better serve the people you serve, etc…

    Keeping on Keeping on!


  • http://www.mlmblogtraining.com Marsha Godwin

    WOW! WOW! WOW! This plugin looks great! Thanks Clay for developing it and Thanks Pat for sharing it with us!

    I teach network marketers how to move their MLM online in a way that problem solves and attracts people to them and their business.

    I think this plugin would significantly increase my opts and be a tremendous factors in building my email list. In turn I will use it as part of my training package for others on how to build their lists.

    In addition, I’m in the process of developing and then launching a new training series. The ‘Call to Action’ option will provide dramatic visual directions to my viewers.

    I so appreciate that you bring us products that you have thoroughly reviewed like OptinSkin and now LeadPlayer.


  • http://LouisvilleGalsRealEstateBlog.com Sharon Vornholt

    Hi Pat-
    You may remember that I only started using video a few months ago as a result of the challenge you put on your blog. And I have to say, I am hooked on video.

    I finished up my first video series of 10 or 11 videos, and I am now on my second series called “Amazing Entrepreneurs”.

    I am not a “techie”, and this video player looks very simple to use. Having an optin on the video itself is brilliant. It only points out how many lost opportunites we have had by not having something like this already. I also love that you can update your call to action across te board if you want to.

    Thanks for bringing us these great products!

    Sharon Vornholt

  • http://www.ThinkingConsciouslyRocks.com Connie Williams

    Pat & Ryan:
    Thank you for sharing and creating LeadPlayer. Based on what I’ve seen this plug-in is the perfect answer to a problem we had. Two years ago my friend and her husband made a video and put it on YouTube. I’ve recently met them and was asked to be help promote and host a workshop. Their video has had almost 15 million views. Yes you read that right, 14, 724, 218 since Feb 2010 (as of today.) The workshop we are hosting is called “Change Your World in a Weekend.” With LeadPlayer we can add a call to action. “Sign up here for the next USA Workshop being held in Nashville, TN – February 2013.” (Or something like that). Being able to capitalize on this video solves a lot of problems. Thanks for using your creativity to help others. If you’re wondering what the video is, it’s The Power of Words.

  • http://www.LS3Studios.com Leonard Smith III

    Hi Pat,
    This is just what I have been looking for!
    We are a multimedia production that also develop and create website for our clients. Our services included but not limited to YouTube and Vimeo Videos, lead generation, lead management and email marketing. LeadPlayer is the final piece of the puzzle! Great job Clay!

  • http://lisaangelettieblog.com Lisa Angelettie

    Hi Pat,
    After following you for some time I think your energy must be rubbing off on me! I have been thinking about LeadPlayer for quite some time now, after I accidentally found out about the plugin via their free plugin WelcomeGate (which I read works really well in tandem with Leadplayer).

    I haven’t taken action yet on the plugin because of the price point. I run a psychotherapy site as well as my marketing site (and several other niche sites) and would need the unlimited license which is an investment I don’t take lightly. Your post and the timing of it though pretty much lets me know that it is probably a sound investment.

    As far as my plans for LeadPlayer, well there are so many options! I teach copy and content marketing so I think my first order of business would be to create a free video course showing people just how much they underestimate how much content they really need in their business! The videos would illustrate what types of content they need and to implement them in their businesses.

    For my psychotherapy site I would create a series around “journaling” as I have been using that to deal with my mother’s very sudden dementia diagnosis and all that my family and I have struggled with since that day.

    I’d love to be considered for one of the complimentary copies of the plugin, but even if i don’t win (I didn’t make the 24 hour mark:), I still plan on investing in it sometime soon.

    Congrats Clay on a fantastic product!

  • http://www.succinctresearch.com/blog/ SuccinctBill

    This looks like a killer plugin! I would use it to document my day job, which corresponds with my internet business. By day, I’m an archaeologist that works in some of the most out-of-the-way, remote, and exotic locations in the Southwest. Everyday, I’m out there researching or searching for archaeology sites. I love it!

    My online efforts are focused on creating eBooks that help people land jobs in archaeology. I have been pretty successful since I started and am really molding myself into an employment expert in my niche.

    How would I use LeadPlayer? To show people what I do for a living.

    People ask me all the time if my job is anything like Indiana Jones. Usually I tell them no. But within a few minutes chatting with me, I start to realize that my job can be exciting. Just this week, I had a run-in with a western diamondback, watched a construction crew make a strategic cut through concrete using a diamond saw, and wrote a technical report. And its only Wednesday.

    If I won the contest, I would show people first-hand what archaeology is about in the United States.

  • http://www.topbloggingcoach.com Theodore.N

    Hi Pat, I have always known you as an honest man when it comes to things like this. So although i haven’t heard of or used Leadplayer before but from your review, i know it must be a wonderful, valuable and a must have for any blogger that uses video on his blog.

    I can use it in so many ways including branding and monetizing my videos, for providing my readers with more detailed content with videos and for lead capturing. And i will also share it with my friends readers who are not yet aware of it.
    Thanks Pat for sharing Leadplayer with us, more greeze to your elbows.

  • Ray

    Hi Pat and Clay If I won LeadPlayer I would immediately use it to add optin boxes. to my short business educational tutorials. I love it because it will allow viewers to take the next step without having to to leave the website they’re on The thumbnail feature would be cool as well to help build traffic and appearance . I not only want to be a winner I want to be a case study for Leadplayer and how it works and testimonial for the SPI community and how Pat’s recommendations are more than just recommendations.

  • http://www.comopromovermimusica.com Pedro Sanchez Jr

    Pat, this plug-in looks amazing and really easy to use interface.

    This would be really cool for the Latin music industry as its something that is non-existing in the market (that I can recall at the moment) and it would be cool to be the one to introduce it and talk about it in my marketing blog.

    Thanks Clay for a great plug-in and Pat for the recommendation.

    All the best and regards.

  • http://www.thedigitalpost.co.uk Jose Jimenez

    Hi Clay,

    I’ve scanned the previous responses and I didn’t see this question so apologies if it has been covered. Do you have a relationship with YouTube? Im curious to know what they think about LeadPlayer and/or competitor products. Is there any chance they can stop your technology from working?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi, Jose:

      Part of the value that we bring is our understanding of YouTube and our relationship with Google. We go to their developer conference, we’re on all of their mailing lists, we participate in YouTube developer chats and meetings. And LeadPlayer’s deep, low level, and sophisticated integration with YouTube is a huge part of the value that we bring.

      With regards to whether they’ll try and stop our technology from working: Google actually encourages us to create software like this. Please see this for example: https://sites.google.com/site/io/design-your-own-youtube-player.

      LeadPlayer isn’t a hack. It uses the YouTube api AND adds our code in a clean and elegant way.

      Thanks for the great question, Jose.


  • http://www.perfectmike.com Michael

    I’d love to win this plugin if possible. I already use youtube videos on my sites, but the default plugin for me is yt shortcode and it is very plain and doesn’t have very many features at all. In general, i think my audience would benefit from the improved plugin on my sites

  • http://www.christianhomeandfamily.com Carey

    I love that LeadPlayer is able to be “private” in Youtube, but still able to be used on your own website, without a traffic-losing/distracting link back to Youtube.

    I would use this to help me to online video seminars relating to marital, parenting, and personal life coaching. This would be a great addition to my on-line toolbox! Thanks for making it available Clay, and Pat!

  • http://www.cedass.org John Macaulay

    Pat, the LeadPlayer plugin would really enhance a number of my projects, but none more so then the Jebel Lado Project, which aims to develop a local economy in a region in South Sudan.

    The initiative is led by CEDASS (Canadian Economic Development Assistance for South Sudan) – http://www.cedass.org; i sit on the board, helping out like all involved, on a volunteer basis. We’ve created a modern farm, with the support of the government and local community, at Jebel Lado, just north of Juba. We’re currently in our fourth harvest. Training is a key component: Through agriculture, the local community is learning the skills and knowledge they need to one day take over the farm.

    By day, I’m a web content strategist, so I’ve recently become the de facto web guy for this project; I’m in the process of creating a new website (stay tuned for launch!), developing ongoing, compelling content, and building a following of supporters.

    I’d love to use LeadPlayer for video content we plan to develop for the new site. I also plan to add 3rd party videos that provide info about South Sudan’s people and history. It’d be great to add a call to action – i.e. get involved, donate equipment or funds, follow our story – at the end of these videos. I can only imagine how this will help build our support base.

    Anyway, that’s my vision. Keep up the great work Pat. As someone with a professional interest in the interplay of design and content, I think you’re doing a lot of things right.

  • http://www.blackjackapprenticeship.com Colin

    Much of the content our our site is designed around video AND we’ve got a Youtube channel with tons of views (YouTube is our highest converting traffic source). But I know we’re losing hundreds of people each month because a call to action in Youtube isn’t an easy step. I love this plugin and would be thrilled to use it, both on our site and though Youtube.

  • Ryan

    This post should be a case study.

    Trusted blogger with loyal following makes informed decision and posts a transparent review about a product. After doing his diligence he realises it’s good.

    Vendor is top-shelf, awesome product, actively wants to engage with the audience and offers real-time Q&A with the host blog. It’s all laid on the table, questions answers, problems solved, social proof delivered.

    Awesome in every way Pat and Clay.

    • Pat

      Thanks Ryan, that’s very kind of you to say. I do my best to try and lead by example. :)

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Well said re: how Pat runs this blog. As a participant in the process, I of course am learning a lot from Pat. Also, thanks for the kind words.


  • http://www.untetheredincome.com/ Allen Underwood

    Ok, this is fantastic! I would use this in a number of ways. I have some review sites where I review various products and I would put links over the videos to link out to my affiliates so users could quickly make a buying decision right in the video when they’re feeling the most jumpy. Also, just like you, I’d use this for putting an email signup form in any information post as I’m just starting to try growing my email list (I only have a handful of members right now and I definitely need to work on that). The other thing that I would absolutely do (and this is in line with the email you just sent out yesterday regarding keeping your site “alive” and fresh), is I would put a form in the video to allow users to comment straight from that form on the page – that would prompt people to take action and help make my site “alive” all at once. It’d be a win win – I would get people interacting on my sites, and I would be improving my site by giving it a “lived in” feel. I can think of a million other things I could do with this – put in custom forms for feedback at the end that would be anonymous. Include polls, etc. I can think of a ton of uses I’d do with this! Beautiful plugin – I hope I’m considered for one of the free ones! Thanks again Pat.

  • Dmitry

    Look great I think any online business owner should be using it. I am shifting my content production strategy to be 100% video by the end of 2012 so this would be amazing addition to my marketing toolbox. Creating amazing actionable videos is my goal, make each one of them worth keeping and sharing.

    To make LeadPlayer even better I would suggest consider adding these features:
    1) Option to add share buttons like Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest…

    2) Option to filter/remove gibberish emails/websites. Right now you can input any email, even on non-existing domain like fghjdsgfhjsfg at dfjghfdgj.com and it optin form will gobble it. It would be nice to have area where you can blacklist “bad”/temporary email services so emails from these domains are not allowed. Because nothing worse than getting hundreds of optins and only few of them end up to be legitimate ones.

    3) Option to rotate videos for split testing

    4) Option to optin with Facebook verified email address this should greatly reduce amount of phantom leads

    5) Possibly obfuscate video url as right now you can look at the source code and simply get video url and watch it on YouTube

    6) Have an option to open links in new window

    Thank you,

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Dmitry . . . thanks a ton for the comments, nice words, and suggestions.

      I’m going to go through your comments on a line-item basis.

      1) Option to add share buttons like Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest…

      A lot of video players have these features and I almost never see them used. Most people use other methods to encourage sharing. For example, see what Pat does here: http://screencast.com/t/OPNdtKNG

      If a paying customer needed this for a specific project we’d do it in a heartbeat:

      2) Option to filter/remove gibberish emails/websites. Right now you can input any email, even on non-existing domain like fghjdsgfhjsfg at dfjghfdgj.com

      I understand what you’re talking about here, but the only way to absolutely guarantee that (1) the email address is legit, and (2) is being submitted by the actual owner of that address . . . is using double opt-in.

      I have double opt-in turned off on almost all of our sites, but the way we ensure the quality of our list is by creating incentive for using a real email address (i.e. you only get the free report or whatever via email).

      There is no way for LeadPlayer or any opt-in in form created by anyone to be intelligent enough to know if an email address is a real one from a real person.

      3) Option to rotate videos for split testing

      It’s bad practice to build split testing into a video player. Split testing shouldn’t happen at this level. For example, if someone opts-in, or clicks a link, our video player isn’t going to know if that converts to a sale. So split-testing should be done holistically at the level of the entire site. My suggestion is to use a tool like visual website optimizer or KISSMetrics to split test a page with two different LeadPlayer videos, and those tools can track conversions across the entire site. Tools like KISSMetrics will know whether or not watching one LeadPlayer video results in someone returning to your site more than another video . . . or whether one LeadPlayer video creates higher opt-ins, but fewer sales compared to another video. But the only way you’ll get real data from a split test, it to use a holistic site-level tool.

      4) Option to optin with Facebook verified email address this should greatly reduce amount of phantom leads

      EXCELLENT suggestion. It’s in the queue.

      5) Possibly obfuscate video url as right now you can look at the source code and simply get video url and watch it on YouTube

      This already exists for our customers: http://screencast.com/t/NZL0lJPZbrk

      6) Have an option to open links in new window

      Our customers should have a version of the player that does this by the end of this week or the middle of next.

      Thanks again for the suggestions.


      • Dmitry

        Great, thank you for your comments, it is nice to see that most of the requests are being addressed.

  • Dmitry

    Look great I think any online business owner should be using it. I am shifting my content production strategy to be 100% video by the end of 2012 so this would be amazing addition to my marketing toolbox. Creating amazing actionable videos is my goal, make each one of them worth keeping and sharing.

    To make LeadPlayer even better I would suggest consider adding these features:
    1) Option to add share buttons like Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest…
    2) Option to filter/remove gibberish emails/websites. Right now you can input any email, even on non-existing domain like fghjdsgfhjsfg at dfjghfdgj.com and it optin form will gobble it. It would be nice to have area where you can blacklist “bad”/temporary email services so emails from these domains are not allowed. Because nothing worse than getting hundreds of optins and only few of them end up to be legitimate ones.
    3) Option to rotate videos for split testing
    4) Option to optin with Facebook verified email address this should greatly reduce amount of phantom leads
    5) Possibly obfuscate video url as right now you can look at the source code and simply get video url and watch it on YouTube
    6) Have an option to open links in new window

    Thank you,

  • http://www.biblemoneymatters.com Peter

    I would love to win Leadplayer and I think it’s a great idea to help capture some more email leads, as well as creating a way to help create new conversions. I have a personal finance site and I think the LeadPlayer would be great for financial product reviews that I do, doing a video review and then having a button to push people to sign up for the products I’m reviewing. Or on other pages, pushing people to opt-in for my list. Love it!

  • http://www.tsitalia.blogspot.com Tsitalia

    Hi Pat and Clay,

    this seems to be the perfect product for my new website on Bruce Springsteen Bootleg! Actually I’m on blogspot and I’m almost ready to move on WP. It will be a great opportunity to start a new e-mail list dedicated to videos. I’ll purchase it even if, obviously, I hope to win the prize.


  • Akbar Sheikh

    Hi Pat,
    Gotta say, products like these can actually put you ahead of your competition even in one of the most toughest niches around like mine. In my niche, information is so freely available and in abundance. I can use lead player in presenting the same information by creating stunning video info graphics which will boost my social engagement and attract more visitors.

  • http://www.theconfidentmom.com Susan

    this is great news and I know I could use this video format to replace my current vimeo and screencast videos! Thank you for all you do!

  • http://www.myboxingfans.com Edgar

    Thank you Pat for the opportunity. I would love to try Lead Player on my websites, but like you said this is not exactly the cheapest plugin. And like you I too have a family and kids and though I am grateful for Clay’s discount, $147 still out of my reached. From the videos you posted Lead Player looks very easy to use which is a major plus.

    I have been following you and many other top bloggers like John Chow since day one. I have built a site around my passion, which is the sweet science, boxing. Thought I am not making hundreds of dollars each month my passion for the sport is what keeps me going.

    I would love to try Lead Player on my site. Since we do a lot of interviews with boxers I would love to add an email opt-in form to our videos. I have learn from your and John Chow mistake that we must start an emailing list from day one.

    And though I am not emailing my subscribers affiliate offers. Being able to email them my boxing news is what keeps me happy even though I am not making money off my list.

    And if I can generate more emails it will be a great satisfaction knowing I am keeping a boxing fan happy.



  • http://www.exceleratesports.com oliver Jordan

    I saw this plugin last week from a podcast I had listen to. I was on the fence, but since you gave a great recommendation, I will add it to my library. Thanks Pat!!

  • http://www.andrewmcgivern.info Andrew McGivern

    This plugin is awesome. I would use it to allow subscriber only access to bonus content at the end of videos. The video could say and now for the bonus content… optin box pops up and the viewer enters their email to continue. On a mobile device it would just keep playing and they would watch the bonus content without having to subscribe (until the mobile API is released).
    That would be seemless and I’m sure would convert well!

  • Rick

    I’m guessing that it’s my work network that blocks certain content but I can’t see any of the videos posted using LeadPlayer. There is just blank white space. I also can’t confirm subscription or unsubscribe from any Aweber links.

  • http://www.professionalcontentcreation.com Rebecca Livermore

    I’m super pleased by what I see here, for two reasons:

    1. I’m focused on building my list, and this will help tremendously with that and

    2. I’m focused on providing great value to my clients, and many of them will benefit from this as well, since I plan to get the unlimited license. I love that that option is available so I can just add it as something else that I do for my clients as a bonus.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Thanks for joining us, Rebecca. I look forward to seeing how you implement LeadPlayer in your business. I took a look at your site and it looks like you’re doing so many things rights. Also, please do share any stats that you get with out team. We love seeing those :-).

      Thanks again, and enjoy LeadPlayer!


  • http://www.scanyourentirelife.com Curtis

    Pat & Clay ~
    This looks incredible. Anyone who reads your blogs know how important videos can be to the success of our websites. So adding something like this to each and every one of them seems almost impossible to pass up!

    I would love to buy this so I could add a button at the end of my video product reviews to link to where they can buy it, or even to my resource page(s) where I can tell them about other products I recommend.


    1) I assume this might not be good for videos at the beginning or middle of a blog post where there is more you want the reader to read after watching the video. This call to action might take them away from continuing on with your post.

    2) Is it at all likely companies like YouTube will not be 100% happy with a plugin like this because it is stripping away some “control” they wish to maintain when allowing people to embed their hosted videos, and could in the future block some of LeadPlayer’s functionality?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Curtis . . . great thoughts:

      Regarding point #1: The most important thing is that you know the #1 goal for your reader when they’re reading your post. How you use LeadPlayer will differ depending on whether your #1 goal for a visitor is to : (1) opt-in to your list, (2) go to a specific link, (3) like you on facebook, etc. There’s no standard answer to your question, but if you know EXACTLY the goal for your user when they read your blog post, then you’ll know how to use LeadPlayer on that post.

      Regarding Point #2: Google WANTS developers to create players like this. In fact, they encourage it:


      Great questions. Thanks for asking.


    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      I saw your order come through yesterday, Curtis. Thanks for joining us.

      I look forward to seeing how you use it on http://www.scanyourentirelife.com/ in the upcoming weeks and months.

      If you have time, please hit me up on facebook and let me know how it goes.

      Thanks a ton,

  • http://LivingByFaithBlog.com Steve Fuller

    I love the idea of being able to choose my own thumbnails — since I rely on pictures to raise the interest level of my readers.

  • Ed

    Can this plugin be used on a Joomla site?

    • Ed

      Sorry… as opposed to straight WordPress?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Not yet! But this is coming in the very near future.


      • Ed

        Thanks for the info Clay! I was hoping to take advantage of the special offer and use the great features your plugin offers, but I guess I’ll have to wait. Will you be making a similar special offer in the future when it DOES become available for Joomla?

        Also, is this only for video hosted on YouTube, or will it work with other video hosted elsewhere, say, with iPlayerHD?

        Thanks again!

        • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

          Hi Ed! I wish I could say that the discount will be around in the future, but it won’t. I’m offering the this as something for SPI readers only.

          With regards to your question: right now this is only for YouTube. We’ll soon offer support for Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and self hosted videos.

          We really saw no need to support Vimeo, as the SEO benefits of hosting videos on YouTube far greater.

          I hope that makes sense.

          Very warm regards,

      • Ed

        Can you be a little more specific on how far out “the very near future” is? I have a number of clients on Joomla sites that could take advantage of LeadPlayer. Is there a workaround to use it now in joomla?

        • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (From LeadPlayer)

          Hi Ed! Thanks for asking.

          Yes, right now, today, LeadPlayer will work with Joomla sites.

          Here’s a video showing you how to use it with Joomla:


          I hope this helps.

          Very warm regards,

  • http://variedthoughts.com Brian

    I started listening to the podcast while in Europe for a several week business trip.
    Since I didn’t have a data plan on my phone, I loaded up on podcasts while in the hotel with their wifi.
    I found yours while searching for wordPress podcasts (as I’d caught up on my regular podcasts).
    I am building content for a software related programming website.
    Once I build up a handful of articles to start it, I’m planning on trying all of your recommendations (blog + fb page + iTunes + YouTube).
    Then roll my content into an eBook.
    All the while building my email list.
    Really, taking all of your advice.
    I don’t follow any other make-money-online sites.
    I like your demeanor. Most of the others come off as car salesmen to me.

    I like the integration of email sign up form, and the call to action buttons.

    Initially, I would include the email sign up form in all of my videos.
    And when I get the eBook done, I would convert the how-to videos, the ones related to content of the eBook, to use the call to action buttons to sell the eBook.

    Really, I want to start out from the start doing things the right way, in a non-make-money-online niche.

    Anyway, thanks for all the useful info.

  • http://www.vicksburg-nazarene.org Chuck Parish

    Hi Pat (and Clay),

    First, thanks Pat for EVERYTHING you do and offer on SPI. I have been with you for a couple of years now and have always been impressed with what I believe is your genuine, honest desire to help others while providing for your growing family.

    And Clay, thanks for taking the time to address our community here. This is an awesome plug-in and seems to fit right in with Pat’s journey.

    Pat, I read through most of the posts above, and I know I am ‘late’ in the process, but I wanted to share with you how I will use this plug-in. My main focus is in the non-profit realm. I have created many websites for non-profit small businesses who would not otherwise have a presence on the internet. I do not charge them for this (no E-mails please, I’m booked until 2099 …:-) I have created blogs/websites for everything from animal shelters, to a lady who provides free caskets; and advice for the parents of; stillborn infants. I have always believed in giving back, and the internet has been good to me.

    I pretty much use WordPress for all of my new sites because it is so versatile and easy to set up/customize. Video is not just an extra, but an ‘expected’ on blogs today. I have been looking for something that I could use, branding free, to meet this need for my clients. I closed my web design firm after 12 years, and now work exclusively with these non-profits. ( I am a Pastor and my primary income is from that.)

    I am going to purchase the unlimited license to this plug-in on Saturday before the discount expires. My paycheck gets deposited Sunday so I’ll have the money for it when the bank opens Monday :-) It is pricey, but I know it is good and will provide anpother tool I can use to help my clients.

    Most of my clients need “branding free” plug-ins because they can’t endorse products, etc. being 501 c3 businesses – so this plug-in is great! I watched all of your videos under this post and also watched several of Clay’s. They are great and the interface looks clean and easy to use. I especially like the ability to change the ‘action description’ on all videos at once. Also, the free storage (cloud) on U-Tube is another great reason to use this plug-in, especially for non-profits who must pinch every penney.

    BTW, thanks more than I can express for “Pat’s E-book Start to Finish” on FB. I have followed and read every post/comment and learned so much! Thanks for continuing to “give” – it all finds its way back! I am writing my first E-book and hope to use the income to support my web design work in the future.

    Keep up the great work, and truly – THANKS!


  • http://purchaseplr.com Jessica Kihara

    I can imagine all the requests and offers you must get. I’m glad I don’t see you promoting everything under the sun like many other marketers do. It’s one of the reasons so many people place their trust in you, including myself. When you recommend something, I take a serious look!

  • http://www.DadsPregnancyGuide.com STEVE M

    Just awesome. Thanks so much for all the material and products you recommend. And an even greater thanks for the products that you don’t. As someone who get’s bombarded with request and opportunities to make money I admire your ability to turn down quick nickels, in favor of slow dimes and a loyal subscriber base.

    I really think the leadplayer would be an excellent tool for my website http://www.DadsPregnancyGuide.com. A few of my initial instincts are to use it following the informational videos I have about the gestational age of the baby. Bringing them to pages that are relevant for the point they are in pregnancy. I’m sure you can relate with being a dad 2x. Also, I have a page for products not to buy the baby, ones that are either not ideal or have better options. Following the video’s explaining the shortfalls of certain items, or benefits of others I would include links to purchase those items.
    Also, after the videos for the gestational page I would include a sign up form to be alerted to the events one can expect to be a new dad.
    I thank you again for your time in sharing your knowledge and the humility and respect you show your readers. The internet is a very shady place when you don’t really know who you are dealing with and your transparent nature definitely builds confidence with the products you recommend.

  • http://www.efficientlifeskills.com Joseph Michael

    Hey Pat,

    Long time listener and reader – first time commenter :-) I just want to say first of all thanks for all your great content! I launched my first blog about a month ago thanks to you. Your easy to understand posts have made it possible for me to get up and running fairly quickly.

    While I still have so much to learn, I am really proud of the way it is coming together. Every time I am ready to implement something new I head back to this site in order to read up on it.

    My next step is an ebook and you can be sure I will be referring to your guide for instructions. My blog is titled Efficient Life Skills and my goal is to provide quality content and tips for helping people to live and work smarter.

    I am putting together a number of video’s for the site now and would like to include several series type videos. I thought I was going to have to do all this on a linked youtube page and then include links back to my site. After seeing this post about LeadPlayer I must admit I’m drooling a little. What a great idea and thanks to those guys for developing such awesome tools!

    I realize that I am most likely not in the runnings for the free giveaway since I am still a rookie (although I would be sincerely grateful 😉 ). I really just wanted to give you a shout out and say hi and also thank you for all your great work here. Much appreciated…Oh and love the podcasts too!

  • http://www.brookswebdesign.net Maria


    Let me start by saying that I admire your honesty and integrity in turning down past and future requests to test affiliate products. One of the reasons you just hit 50K subscribers and were mentioned on Forbes, is because you are so transparent and honestly have your readers best interest in mind.

    I recently revamped my website and am in the process of re-branding what I do. Looking more towards being a “one-stop” shop for small and medium size business owners.

    To that end, I signed up for a company YouTube channel and posted my first 4 videos. I have a series of 12 WordPress “How-To” videos recorded and plan to post them at a rate of 1 a week. These are simple things that my clients are always needing help on. So creating the video series just made sense.

    I have 2 new giveaways on my website. An SEO e-course and a free WordPress Squeeze page plugin. I recently purchased OptinSkin and am using your opt-in form templates (which by the way are awesome). I’ve had a handful of people optin for these 2 freebies. But it’s very slow going! I would like to use Leadplayer to add call to actions for these 2 freebies to my new series of WordPress “How-To” videos.

    Thanks Pat, for sharing this great new tool and for all your great content.

  • http://www.sociallending.net Peter Renton

    This is awesome. I am in the process of rebranding my site and when I have done this I want to create a ton of video content. One of the things that has always held me back from doing many videos is the lack of control on sites like YouTube. I don’t want people to watch another video after viewing mine, I want them to go to a specific page on my site. So this is huge for me. Thanks so much for showing it in action.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Peter . . . your comment describes exactly why we created LeadPlayer.

      Thanks a ton for the comment.


  • will

    Pat or Clay,

    If you use YouTube annotations/pop ups on your YouTube videos that are “linked” to other YouTube videos will they still work if you are using LeadPlayer on your blog? It seems like they would not work because LeadPlayer does not allow you to click on the videos.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Will!

      We don’t recommend that you use annotations your YouTube’s links on videos that you want to use with LeadPlayer.

      Either LeadPlayer gets to use the “canvas” that is the video area, or YouTube does, but they shouldn’t both have access . . . as that can create some conflicts.

      So just pick one or the other for a video.

      I hope that makes sense.


      • will

        Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the quick response =)

  • http://www.michaelcharalambous.com Michael

    I’d simply use it to power the videos on my website, roulette.co.uk. We have videos for all our casino reviews, displaying how each casino works. We’d then add links to the end of it to increase conversions.

    Lastly, I’d use it to enhance the experience of video tutorials. Learning could be much easier when it’s got interactive capabilities!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Michael . . . I love the idea of using this with video tutorials.

      After a video you could send folks to a survey, a testimonial recording form, a facebook like button, or a test.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment.


  • Marcin

    Ok, so what do I think about LeadPlayer? I think it’s an amazing piece of software because:
    1. It reduces costs of hosting (no need to use S3!)
    2. It allows to include opt-in box in a video and take list building process to a next level (which IMHO every blog should be focused on)
    3. It enables to insert a clickable ‘call to action’ link in a video (as far as I know one cannot put external links in YouTube itself, so it’s awesome it can be done on my own blog).
    4. It looks really nice on blog. Neat, clean and elegant look. It’s important for me as I pay big attention to design of my sites. I’ve often seen some cool plugins, but they looked awful and eventually that kept me away from using them.
    5. It seems easy to use. K.I.S.S. method is the way to go, I hate complex software I have to learn how to use for weeks.

    These 5 features sells this product and there’s no need to explain more or create a long sales copy. I ordered them according to the level of importance – personally I consider first two features as ‘game changers’.
    [ Clay – let me know if you use this information in your advertising campaigns;) ]

    However, I need to add that I haven’t used the plugin yet and my observations are based solely on product’s presentation in this post. I believe there are no technical issues etc. and everything works effortlessly as described here.

    Moving on, how I would use LeadPlayer in my business/blog? As I’ve just started working on my authority site, this plugin would be a perfect fit. Why? Because:
    1. I strongly believe that video is the way to go in 2012 and later. Power of online video increases, people know it’s more engaging than reading articles and so they prefer it. I plan to use a lot of videos on my authority site and other future projects. Then, LeadPlayer would really come in handy.
    “Cisco Predicts That 90% Of All Internet Traffic Will Be Video In The Next Three Years (http://www.cisco.com/en/US/solutions/collateral/ns341/ns525/ns537/ns705/ns827/white_paper_c11-481360_ns827_Networking_Solutions_White_Paper.html)

    2. I also think, that online businesses should be focused on list building. List is an asset that basically no one can take away from us, like Panda’s or other animals take rankings away. Moreover, the money is in the list indeed (a quality one). So on a daily basis, I’d use LeadPlayer on my site to gather as many leads as possible. When doing a launch of a product, I’d switch all videos to “call to action” (is it really possible to switch it in all videos at once?).

    I think, that the connection of Optin Skin & LeadPlayer is all a blogger need to maximize list building efforts. Glen and Clay should consider creating some great deal together. I only wish LeadPlayer was little less expensive!

    PS. I almost forgot, the option to include an opt-in form in someone else’s video is just…”something that creative people will take advantage off so it’s awesome” ninja tactic.
    PS2. I’m not revealing my site yet, it’s still in the works!

  • http://startingyourlawfirm.com Chris

    Cool contest. 214 comments I think as I’m writing this. Totally worth the giveaway! :)

    First, what I think about LeadPlayer. It looks fantastic. Any time you can make it easier for people to take the next step it’s great. It’s particulalry great when that next step leads them to something that will help them, not just you (which is exactly what you’re doing here).

    That’s all I have to say about that. I can guarantee you one thing, though. If I get the license, I’d do a full review like you’ve done, letting my readers know whether or not I think it can benefit them (and I have an audience that I think would be interested).

    Next, how I’d use LeadPlayer. I have a couple of different businesses that I’m involved in. First, I’m a criminal defense attorney. I literally just made my first video last weekend for my website, and I plan on making a ton more. These videos will be both about my firm and informational – I plan on doing a video series with an many different people I can that could help my clients. LeadPlayer would be great for getting them to take the next step and contact that person, should they need them.

    Second, I’ve documented my journey from zero to where I am now, successful law firm owner – you can see it here – startingyourlawfirm.com. As you can see, I’ve got no adsense up, and very few affiliate sites. I started my blog to document my journey AND help people along the way. I’d be using RealPlayer to build my list so I can help more people be successful and promote the tools (like LeadPlayer) that people need to get ahead.

    This is pretty cool stuff, really. I’d love to take it out for a test drive.



  • http://www.ThinkRealEstateTraining.com Chris Angell

    Awesome tool. Thanks for the heads up. I couldn’t wait for you to award a winner so I already purchased it. This will be great in the real estate industry and will help me connect with more clients for myself and my team.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Chris! Thanks for joining us. I saw your order come though yesterday. Our support team is amazing, so please let us know if you have any questions.


  • http://www.tuttoconilpc.com Rubel

    Hey Pat,

    Another Excellent Post! I really like your blog. I think that this plugin is truly amazing!
    My idea is to use this Leadplayer for CPA offers so that I can generate more leads because in this way the call to action will be more efficient in my opinion.

    Hope this will be a good way to profit from this plugin.


  • http://xlmba.com/ charles

    Hi Pat, I am a regular reader of your blog from India. This is my first comment. First of all hi and thanks for the free versions. I could definitely use it to increase by MBA admission business back in India. Thanks for sharing the plugin.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Charles . . . best of luck on your MBA application process. I hope you get into your top choice school.

  • Clay

    Hi Pat!

    Ironically, I was just sharing your iPhone app with a friend and saw this latest post- JUST after I purchased a bit of equipment to help with my ‘mission’…

    My calling is to help new motorcycle riders get ‘over the hunp’ of the first few thousand miles- alive.

    It is very common knowledge that a rider is most likely to crash and be seriously injured (or die) in her firs few thousand miles. My message has been welcomed by many- I am a teacher, and have been able to develop a pattern of helping those new riders survive.

    I am at te point of taking the years of experience teaching these new riders (for free) to the web. I plan to give away this incredibly valuable knowledge- and following your examples, then start packaging tht knowledge differently hopefully one day make a few bucks.

    This software is EXACTELY what I need to develop the videos into useable, instructional and EFFECTIVE training aids!!

    I’m very excited to try it!

    Thank you Pat! Your podcasts and blog are awesome!!!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Clay . . . it sounds like you have a very importan mission. Thanks for sharing.

      Also, it’s nice to meet someone else named Clay.


  • http://learnersreference.com learnersreference

    this is an awesome plugin that I can make use of at click of a mouse in my blog that

  • http://www.markseo.net Mark Sojka

    Those videos look really good. Standard youtube embed player is good but with this plugin the videos look really nice :) Thank you Pat!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Thanks, Mark. Making you (and your videos) look good is very important to us.


  • http://www.jatemweb.com Mark Thomas

    Hey Pat,

    I want you to imagine that you are aware of a group of small business owners who have a passion for their business and the work that they do in your local community.

    They toil endlessly for hours each day honing their craft, not just for the money, but for the love of what they do.

    Bakers, builders, podiatrists, vetinary surgeons, bookkeepers and even party planners for little girls.

    The list goes on.

    People like this live in my area.

    They all have an enormous amount of knowledge and care for what they do.

    But, they have little idea, time or confidence to promote themselves online to the local market.

    I am fortunate to know some of these people and when I ask them about how they market their business online or how they can develop their web presence, I am either met with disbelieving stares or stories of lack of ability, time or both.

    Despite my protestations that getting a website up and running for a small business to cater for a local market is a straight forward task, they revert to reptilian brain like status and say that it’s either not for them or it’s too expensive or time consuming.

    However, they share a common appreciation for being shown how things are done online with things like YouTube

    So, if you were armed with the knowledge show people how they could take control of the online part of their bricks and mortar businesses, but you lacked the means of presenting it to intelligent, but mis-informed people who could improve their business, what would you do?

    Find out what these people wanted to learn and present it on YouTube or Wistia?

    But wait.

    You discover that someone is giving away the opportunity to enhance this experience in the form of a free tool in exchange for a few well scripted words.

    Now what would you do?

    Throw your literary hat into the ring for your offer for the LeadPlayer of course.

    I am hoping that great minds think alike here, and although I know that you will no doubt have to sift through a mountain of highly compelling reasons for why you should give your generous bonus to someone more deserving, I could not pass up this chance to:

    a) Grab these goodies for myself and
    b) At the very least get on your esteemed radar

    In any event, I hope that I have given you a good read.

    Thanks for all of your inspirational work and best wishes to your family.



  • http://www.paypalprofitdomination.com Lance Clancy

    Hi Pat,

    This is a cool plugin! I have been researching for something like this since last year but haven’t found a good one, particularly one that would allow me to put a signup box like this LeadPlayer plugin plus the capability to put a Paypal button for users to immediately purchase a product being offered.

    I would love the opportunity to share this at my PayPal Profit Domination community. More power to SPI!

  • Dean Whitling

    Wow, awesome plugin. Just yesterday I discussed with a friend starting a new business which focuses on elearning delivered via podcasts and video. We’re especially interested in video and this would be a great plugin to help our site and connect with our audience. I’m a professional photographer (stills), so I’m now looking to learn all I can about video. The give-away sounds great so consider my hat officially in the ring.
    Cheers and thanks for the great podcasts you’ve been consistently delivering.

  • http://www.thestrengthagenda.com Elizabeth

    Pat, thanks for the opportunity. My website is just starting out, and is a blog/community built for strength athletes and weightlifters. It offers training and recovery tips, with a specific focus on nutrition. My husband (a full-time weightlifter) wants to start adding videos that discuss and demonstrate certain techniques he uses, along with answers to questions from our readers. YouTube is a huge medium for our target audience,and this plugin fits perfectly into our strategy.

  • http://blogsnewsreviews.com Astro Gremlin

    Pat, consider my space helmet in the ring for the drawing. LeadPlayer looks really neat!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi AG . . . nice space helmet.


  • http://www.facefxforbeginners.com Dana Parker

    LeadPlayer is a great way to enhance video not just for the seller, but for the customer. I want to get more of my free content out there so my audience gets more of what they came for. With video, I’d usually have to just hope they click through. With a call to action and opt-in embedded in my videos, I’m given a new chance to give free content. It’s a win-win! Love it!

  • http://alexandreb.net Alexandre B

    Hi Pat and Clay,

    LeadPlayer seems to be an amazing plugin. I plan to release videos (interview and wp themes reviews) in the next few month.

    I already followed Derek’s advice by adding a feature box on my blog’s homepage and I had huge results, so I would be interested to see what kind of results it can achieve with my blog’s readers (the one about wp themes : WP Themes Pro).

    Thanks for sharing Pat :)

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Alexandre . . . props to you for quick implementation.

      Best of luck with the contest.


    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Alex . . . thanks a ton for picking up LeadPlayer and joining us (along with a bunch of other SPI folks). I just looked at some of the orders from yesterday and remember your comment and I wanted to drop by and say thanks.


  • Michael Mores

    Yet another well written and documented post!
    The quality of your content just doesn’t seem to stop dazzling as it seems to be in most peoples eyes! Thank you for being such an honest and caring person. Salamat! 😉

    I never win anything but I thought ill give it a chance here.
    Iv been in the Internet marketing arena for over a year now(as an action & risk taker) for the first 3 months iv gone through many hurdles new entrepreneurs and Internet marketers perhaps many more… Go through, the realization, the failure , the doubt and the success ( small success for now). I can honestly say that throughout my adventure in the Internet marketing world your blog was ALWAYS here for me when I faced any kind of problem, when I got stuck and very lately when I was about to give up. Whether I win or not I just wanted to get it out there for you to personally read since I know you and others will be keeping close eyes on this post. THANK YOU!

    Clay, awesome plug-in mate! This is definatly an “out of the box” plug in! To your success I now raise my shot glass!

    Michael M

  • http://www.careNfashion.com Adil

    I just want to say that this is the most awesome plugin/service that I have seen from last one year when I started blogging. really love its features

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Adil . . . thanks a ton for your very kind words. This means a lot to our team.

      Warm regards,

  • http://beaute-pure.com Emanuelle

    – Calls- to- actions directly ON videos ?
    – That works with videos hosted on You Tube ?
    – Thumbnails ?
    I see it already : My French blog devoted on Skincare is going to BLOOM with that !
    And the best is : it’s going to be free…

  • http://www.getoutwiththekids.co.uk Gav

    What a great idea.

    Hi Pat,

    Many of my videos are related to content and not to affiliate products (and I still am not building my mailing list – doh!). However, in improving my content and videos, I would use the call to action to a feedback page.
    Over on Mason World, SpeakPipe was recently recommended. A call to action to leave a voice comment may be pretty cool!

    Hi Clay,

    Sorry if this question’s already been asked, but I couldn’t spot it…
    The YouTube videos embedded on my site often appear in the search results, giving me a slight boost in click-through rate.
    If the YouTube video is masked by LeadPlayer, would Google still list the video in the search results?

    Thanks guys,

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Absolutely. The YouTube videos absolutely will appear in the YouTube search results IF you haven’t marked them as private or unlisted.

  • http://TheBusinessSuccessFactory.com Nicola Cairncross

    Hi Pat, great review. I’d heard about this from a mate who went to Ryan Deiss’s event in Austen, Texas and she’s been raving about it already.

    I have a huge number of informational and “success secrets” videos on a couple of channels on YouTube and while they do drive traffic, this will help them do the one thing that I really want them to do which is build my list.

    So I’ll be creating a video vault on my site of all those great interview videos to add massive value to my visitors and I can also blog a video or two a week from that vault and this will supercharge my list building with assets I already have.

    I also have lots of 10 minute videos (from before they upped my time limit) so can embed those with an optin to view the rest of the interview, easily and automatically.

    In addition, my sister Heather Cairncross is an incredible jazz singer and has promotional video on her site and I can use this to embed an optin box (where they get exclusive unreleased tracks AND then a call to action to buy her album, not only on her videos but on the videos everyone else records of her singing when she’s out!

    In short a “must have” plugin!

    Cheers, Nicola

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Nicola,
      First, off thanks for purchasing LeadPlayer. We’re looking forward to supporting you and adapting and evolving the product based on your feedback.

      I’m really glad that your friend (who went to Ryan Deiss’ event) is raving about LeadPlayer. We work really hard . . . and it’s always great to see this kind of feedback.

      I like your idea about using LeadPlayer to capitalize and leverage your existing vault of YouTube videos. A lot of our customers have used LeadPlayer productively to turn their library of videos into a larger audience.

      Anyway, please share your implementation with us, if you remember to and have the time. We always love seeing case studies.

      Very warm regards,

  • John Colley

    Hey Pat
    The feature I really want is the ability to embed the video without the user being able to go back to YouTube to find the video link or embed code

    I am building my first digital product. A Start Up course for entrepreneurs. I want to sell the course behind a wall, I am considering using wish list so the client can get access to all r
    The content which at the moment has 40 modules as well as downloadable check lists and slides. Hosting on YouTube and if possible keeping the views, but being able to keep the videos private and unfindable is key

    Thanks as ever for the brilliant cotent. I particularly enjoy the podcast
    Best regards

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Thanks a ton for the feature request, John. We’re working on this and it should be available very soon. Thanks a ton for letting me know.


  • http://LoCostMarketing.com Scott Dudley

    Hi Pat,

    Have to say this plugin is very interesting to say the least. I’m just about to set up a podcast series that will be filmed and transcribed into text. Just like you I want to try to be everywhere :)

    The videos and text will be used as blog posts and I love the idea of putting calls to action and opt in forms on the videos. I think it would be an awesome idea and a great way to both build a list and also send people to recommended products.

    It’s also about time it is was possible to add your own thumbnails to videos, I have never understood why YouTube can not (or will not) add this feature themselves. A poor looking thumbnail can turn people off from watching the video in my opinion.

    Its not cheap that is for sure, but it is fair to say that is better than most of the premium plugins that are currently available. Thanks a lot for sharing :)

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Scott . . . thanks for saying this: “Its not cheap that is for sure, but it is fair to say that is better than most of the premium plugins that are currently available.”

      Our development teach is full-time, in-house, and our technical co-founder is amazing. A lot of plugins are outsourced to $5/hour development shops, and we decided to take a different route. We take our code and our development process very seriously, and of course that isn’t cheap.

      We also provide amazing customer support, again provided by our full-time in house staff based in North America. So, we’re obviously biased, but we believe that you get what you pay for.

      Thanks again!


    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks so much for purchasing LeadPlayer last night. My team and I look forward to supporting you and helping out.

      Also, watch out for a bonus that we’re going to give to our customers (this coming week, or the following week) on video creation and how to setup a $200 DIY video studio.

      Anyway, if you have any special feature requests or ideas, please let us know.

      Very warm regards,
      Clay and the LeadPlayer team

  • Grantt

    Howzit Pat and Clay

    What a fantastic tool, looks like it is going to be huge!

    I’m slowly nearing the completion of a blog/website which teaches people how to surf while at the same time will document my own progression. The catch is that the more I teach, the more I learn and really, that in itself is worth the effort.

    What’s more it that I am a trained conservationist so I’ll be using the site to create awareness and promote the conservation of our oceans and their fauna – specifically sharks.

    The LeadPlayer would only allow me to help people with their surfing through video sharing it would allow me to broadcast videos on issues like safety and shark conservation with call-to-action buttons asking for people to donate to specific conservation organizations.

    Unfortunately, conservationists in South Africa don’t get paid much so I will not be able to afford the LeadPlayer in the near future but it is definitely something that excites me and that I will no doubt work towards.

    Well done guys, looks excellent!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      I really dig your purpose and mission, Grantt. Thanks for sharing. Pat has an amazing community here.


  • tim

    Using YouTube to host your membership videos is a bad idea.

    If your members see YT videos inside (your training not 3rd party) they’ll think you are a cheapskate and not doing well enough to afford the tiny charges of Amazon S3. It puts an immediate downer on their perception of your site and many people do not know what an ‘unlisted’ video is so think they could have watched them on YouTube without paying.

    If you have large numbers of people and views you will be making a lot of money from your members anyway so you won’t worry a jot about the amazon costs.

    Ditto Vimeo Pro. It is affordable and you’d need a lot of members and views to run out of the annual allowance inside a protected site. If you run out you have a busy site so you won’t mind topping up the allowance.

    Can’t comment on Lead Player specifically but if any player out there tries to disguise the youtube branding or cover it you are breaching YouTube’s T&C. So worse case a competitor reports you and your whole channel gets nuked and your membership videos disappear overnight.

    I am sure LP has its’ uses though :)

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Tim . . .a number of our customers use LP videos on their site and are happy with them. We’ve found that people primarily care about getting results and the quality of the content.

      That said, if someone wants to use another solution for membership site videos that’s 100% fine with us. But people have been very happy with LP for this purpose.

      We DO NOT disguise YT branding or cover it up. We value our relationship with Google too much to do that. We do, however, stop the branding from appearing by using the official Google API.

      For example functions like this:


      Anyway, I hope that this addresses your questions.

      Thanks a ton,

  • http://essentialsoftheonlinebusiness.com Chris Trynkiewicz

    Yeah, the lack of full screen option is a killer for me. A volume button would be good too. It doesn’t seem 100% polished (I’m seeing some extra frames before the CTA stuff appears, the length is sticking out when the progress bar is hidden etc.). I’m also having doubts if this is okay with YouTube’s ToS.

    That being said, it seems to be a very good addon. Will use it in the future when I have enough videos. Thanks for the recommendation, Pat!

    Sharing this post now.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Watch out . . . full screen is coming soon. We focused on doing the stuff that 98% of our users wanted first. And we found that almost nobody cared about the full-screen feature. But that feature is coming soon.

      (When the iPhone first came out cut & paste wasn’t available . . . the fullscreen feature is the equivalent for us).

      The other things you mentioned (width of the video, etc.) can be controlled by the user. We can make the interace polished, but ultimately if someone isn’t using the correct width settings, etc. then there’s nothing we can do.

      Thanks again for your comments.

      Warm regards,

      • http://essentialsoftheonlinebusiness.com Chris Trynkiewicz

        Clay, of course you can. Hide the timer when the progressbar is in small mode.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Regarding the YouTube t of s, I address that here:


  • http://www.yaseminbalci.com yasemin

    Hi Pat,

    I have been a secret admirer of your website and now I’m not hiding anymore :-) Your “how to write an e-book ” e-book helped me write my own e-book, thank you soo much. I am at the moment rebuilding my site and will use video more than before( my aim is to put a short 3 min video once a week ) I also need to increase my list to let more people know about my home study courses, so Leadplayer would really help me improve my business. Have a great week and keep up the great work

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      I’m also in the Pat Flynn “secret admirer” club.

  • Clint

    Desperation forces action

    Hi Pat,

    My story as it’s playing out right now feels just like yours. Never did I think I would get laid off (in South Africa they call it retrenchment). I’m in my last month as an employee at this company and I’ve got all these racing thoughts as d-day approaches. The hope that I have is stirred up by the path that you and others have set for people like me to follow. For that I’m grateful.

    It’s scary, yet exciting, and I’m look forward to quoting you one day,
    “It turns out that getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me. Without my 9 to 5 job holding me back, I’ve since been able to earn more money and work less (and more flexible) hours – which in the end allows me to be home and spend time with my family.” -Pat Flynn

    I’ve been procrastinating for years, as we tend to do in a comfort zone, but now desperation forces action and focuses passion, so here’s me coming out of ‘ninja’ training with the aim to Be Everywhere.

    So, what would I do with LeadPlayer?

    Well, I’m starting from ground zero.
    After listening to SPI 044 and SPI 045 (See archive: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/archives/) I once again see the power of building an email list. LeadPlayer is perfect for that, as I start my mission to Be Everywhere. I knew for a long time that an email list was important but I got disillusioned by being sold to all the time. But you’ve shown a better way. Thanks.

    Thanks for introducing Clay and LeadPlayer. Thanks to Clay and the rest of the LeadPlayer team, Lynda, Tracy, Pedro, and the developer Simon. You’ve guys have created an awesome product.
    I especially like how responsive Clay is to the community. It’s easy to see why you connected with him. More than just producing a great product it is the team behind it and their heart and attitude toward the community. The LeadPlayer team goes the extra mile. And I quote Clay, “Part of the value that we bring is our understanding of YouTube and our relationship with Google. We go to their developer conference, we’re on all of their mailing lists, we participate in YouTube developer chats and meetings.” That is passion to bring the best product!


    I haven’t heard about you until this post, but you’ve been doing an awesome job responding to all of the questions. It’s amazing how quickly you incorporate ideas expressed in the comments into your product. That’s super professional.
    You took it to the next level when you replied to a comment with “your write out specs for this feature in as much detail as you possible can, and show us a specific video you’d like to use with with, we’ll do our absolute best to build this.” It’s worth buying LeadPlayer on that alone! And it seems like Pat already put that process through the test so it’s not just lip service.
    Thanks Clay for sharing about the Logitech cam on your site. I was wracking my ninja search skills about how to get good quality HD video within a budget.

    Even I don’t get a free copy of LeadPlayer it’s definitely going on the wishlist as it can only get better with the dedication of the LeadPlayer team.

    Thanks Pat and Clay for bringing genuine value into an online world that very often reeks of quackery.


    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Clint, I want you to know that I really appreciate you words here. Thank you.


  • http://www.onlineincomestartup.com Dr.Spencer Jones

    Great plugin Pat. The ability to control and monetize youtube videos that are not your own just gives you a lot of income potential.

    If you give me a free copy, other than using it to promote affliate offers and getting more leads to my internet marketing blog, one of the main thing that I want to do is to create a niche blog promoting top christmas toys for the upcoming 2012 christmas season.

    This is what I want to do. I’ll go to youtube, search for the best review videos of the top toys for 2012 and pick the best ones. I’ll then create an attractive review post for the toy, then embed the video inside the newly created blog post. Other than the contextual affiliate links in the blog post, I’ll focus on making sales using the youtube videos inside each post.

    At the end of each youtube toy review video, I’ll be displaying my affiliate link for readers to buy the toy instantly from Amazon or other affiliate stores. As videos are known to convert to sales more easily, I believe the integrated affiliate link will be the most clicked affiliate link in each review posts. Thus increasing my chance of making more sales during the mega christmas season.

    This idea can be copied to any niches… So how’s the idea Pat ?

    Dr.Spencer Jones

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      I like your idea, Dr. Jones.


      • http://www.onlineincomestartup.com Dr.Spencer Jones

        Thank you Clay… And a big congrats for coming up with an innovative plugin…

        Dr.Spencer Jones

  • http://www.mypassivepaycheck.com Scott Frye

    Amazing plugin! thanks for sharing Pat. I know that not only will this come in handy on my sites, but my clients are absolutely going to love it!

    I have a number of clients that live for leads & rfq’s. We already have videos on their sites, and conversion buttons, but this will combine the two of them. I know that this will definitely increase conversions.

    Truely an amazing product.

  • http://www.biketoworkblog.com Kwin Peterson

    Thanks for this review Pat, I have used a number of the products you have “pimped” and been very happy to have done so. Leadplayer looks like another winner and fits with the strategy I am pursuing of incorporating video into my posts such as at http://www.biketoworkblog.com/3-reasons-to-not-bicycle-on-the-sidewalk/.

  • http://adventureswithben.com Adventureswithben

    I’m really working in building my newsletter so I really like the email opt-in option. Awesome plugin.

  • http://www.philwebsterdesign.com Phil Webster

    Hi Pat,

    This plugin looks great! I am in the midst of launching a new career and web site based on geometric art I create. I have already realized that video will be critical for me, since still photos can’t capture the complexity of many of the shapes I create. Also, I will be selling many of my creations on various third party sites, since most are produced using on line services.

    This plugin would allow me to show off my art work to full effect and then seamlessly direct people to the relevant online shop for purchase. I could also build my mailing list and be able to send targeted mailings for gallery shows etc. I think it could really help my business, so I hope you’ll consider me for a free copy.


  • http://www.jasonloveslife.com Jason Love

    Looked at my calendar today and at the top of my list is add completed videos to blog. Before I got started I decided to look through the Smart Passive Income App to see if there is a new podcast to play in the background and what’s the first thing to appear? “Why I’ll Be Using LeadPlayer to Play ALL of My Videos (And How to Get it For Free)” Talk about Just in Time Learning, I think the Universe is telling me I need this plugin. I have been messing with free video playing plugins for weeks and have grown frustrated. This has everything I wanted and way more. I prefer creating videos than writing blog posts, so it would become a main staple in my information blog.
    At its current price I will have to hold of on the purchase, but if I am eligible for the competition and win a free one, that baby will be uploaded and working on my site by tomorrow.

  • http://www.YourMoneyHouse.com Tom Wachowski

    Hi Pat. Great post… you did it again (found another really useful tool for all of us that makes helping others easier).

    Here’s my entry into the free give-away contest: (my niche is personal finance for couples with kids and careers)

    People try hard to do right with money. But, too many of us struggle, unnecessarily. With some simple education… we can all learn, grow, and get better at financial stuff.

    Why is this important? Because when we feel certain and secure, we enjoy life more. That certainty or security “happiness” links to relationships, expression, and… money. We don’t need to be rich… we just need to be set up right.

    I fly airplanes for a living (I sent you a shot of San Diego a few months back taking off from SAN). Planes are like cars… some are underpowered and some are overpowered. The overpowered planes are more fun to fly, safer, actually burn less fuel, and help people get from A to B more comfortably and in less time.

    I want to fly an overpowered airplane. And, I bet you would rather fly on an overpowered airplane (or put your family on one).

    LeadPlayer looks like the overpowered airplane. It will help people get from A to B more comfortably and in less time. And THAT’S why I put my name in the mix for a free license.

    The license will go to work on my website, to help couples with kids and careers get more certain, more secure, and make more progress with money… so they and their families can live happier!

    I hope I win. But if I don’t… the SPI community still ROCKS! Thanks, Pat (and readers – I learn from you all).


  • Jan Simecik

    Oooooh, this would be awesome!

    I’m running a few review and “how to” websites with affiliate to shops. There are almost always videos in my articles so this could really boost my click-through rating! Just imagine video with review of (f.e.)phone and in the end call-to-action “Want to know, where to buy it?”. :)))

    Great as always, Pat! Awesome job, Clay!

  • http://www.bloggingdiabetes.com Tony

    Holy scrolling through the comments :) This looks great. A bit pricey, but probably worth every penny. I’d love to grab a copy!

  • http://buildingawebsitepro.com Michael

    Pat, with this plugin, I’m going to revisit my plans for WORLD DOMINATION. I could never find the right tool to complete those plans before… but I think I just found it. :)

  • http://prayersforstrength.net James Christiansen

    It’s become very clear that video is becoming an important (and demanded) way to deliver content. Up until now, when a video was finished, the viewer was left hanging. You could give them a URL to manually type in or direct them to a link somewhere on the page, but love the fact that LeadPlayer gives you the ability to have an opt-in right on the video screen. This is very crucial to be able to have them act right then and there. The thumbnail selection is just icing on the cake.

    I have a brand new site (my first wordpress install!) helping people strengthen their prayer lives and have only made two videos thus far. I’ve just begin to dabble with Keynote and Prezi.com – type videos and have loved it. My idea is to have Top 10 Prayer Warriors from the Bible video series, with a call to action that would unlock an extra 5. LeadPlayer would allow me to put that call to action at the conclusion of the video and even allow me to use these “locked” videos as a lead magnet. I would appreciate your consideration for this giveaway and would absolutely keep you posted on my results if you choose me.

    As always, I love how you try, test, and learn anything before you make a recommendation to your audience. It is a breath of fresh air from the norm of 75% pitch, 25% content (or worse….). Thanks!

  • Andrea Hale

    Hi Pat and Clay,
    awesome product. And Pat – I must agree with some comments above, that you need to do a bit more “pimping” :) I don’t have much time to check out every product out there, but always trust your recommendations and love your content!
    That said….I would love the LeadPlayer. And would be also recommending it to every one of my clients.
    I have done marketing for several years (for small businesses mostly in the health field). This summer, I decided to open my own biz (in the health field as well) as many have requested. I would be using this player on most of my videos in numerous ways:
    1. for the .TV videos that I create with my 9 year old daughter for parents and school age children to educate them about health and prepare their own snacks for school.
    At school, many parents begged me for this…as they have no idea how to feed their kids well and how to actually make things in fast and wholesome way.
    2. For promo videos for our upcoming bi-monthly classes I conduct with my partner Andrea.
    3. For our product launches…as we are planning a couple as we speak. How to do the most effective full body cleanse. And, our juicing and blending course.
    4. For our teleseminar series…these are FREE (and a couple of them paid) series on different topics in health (cancer, diabetes, alzheimer’s, cleanses, lifestyle, eating disorders and more…) I also bring in guest speakers that have a huge credibility in the health field.
    5. For our group coaching, I would use it for free content videos and capture people’s information to divert them into a “specific funnel according to what illness they struggle with”, or what are they most interested in. Each video has its own topic, so the list would be accordingly created in the autoresponder software.
    6. For product review articles/videos I would use it for the affiliate link to my vendors/suppliers.

    Gosh I could go on…but I have to stop somewhere :)
    I am so glad Clay came up with this…as this revolutionize the way we’d use video! Thank you Clay :)

  • http://www.MurrayGRP.com Ryan Hanley


    First, forget haterz like that first comment.

    Second, if I were to use LeadPlayer it would be for my main street insurance agency. We leverage video content as much as we possibly can to educate our clients and soon-to-be-clients on everything from the simplest insurance related questions to in-depth policy form related issues…

    Our strategy of content marketing and “Delivering value first” has lead to a very good up-tick in business.

    That being said, adding new email subscribers has been a struggle. The LeadPlayer seems like the perfect to help drive email subscribers to our insurance video series.

    If you want to check us out using the link in my name… (Your Spam filter wouldn’t let me put the link in the note).

    All the best…

    Ryan H.

  • http://www.zzzprofits.com Moe

    I know what you mean Pat. My site is not anywhere near the level of yours, but i too get pitched at least 3-4 times a week. The smart ones offer the product to me for free. Those are the only ones i will even look at. The ones that just pitch how much commission i can make go straight to the trash-box

    It was only in the last few months did my rankings hit page one for some big keywords, so i really was not expecting all the product sales pitches, advertising queries and people wanting to guest post. It blows me away how bad most of the stuff is.

    I was even approached by a similar plugin, but i didnt understand what they meant by call to actions on videos so i trashed the email hehe, but after reading this post it makes sense now, why its valuable.

  • http://www.takeasmartstep.com Andrea @ Take A Smart Step

    I have been busy researching how to increase my conversions on affiliate products and increasing my email list, and just when I was getting frustrated this post shows up! (Thank you!) I will be using this on my main site and my niche sites to increase traffic on my affiliate products and get more subscribers. I like to make how to videos, but had stopped as they were not getting the return that I wanted. This changes all that. I cannot wait to try it!

  • http://www.thelocalmethod.com Albert Hathazi

    Pat & Clay,

    I applaud any product that removes obstacles for getting our content “out there”. This plug-in has a few features that people could have only hoped for in the past. Great work here.

    Many of the videos I have on Amazon can now be put on to YouTube and save me some $ and a little hassle. I have created a “email subscriber only” training series that will allow me to embed these videos on my blog with many options that weren’t possible until this plug-in came along. I can now embed links to other training I have at the end of the videos. Not to mention these can be easily changed as my training evolves.

    On the blog for my Podcast I can have links on the videos I make link to iTunes where visitors can subscribe to the Podcast.

    >>>> It would be pretty easy to script out a video that will provide some valuable content for blog readers in the first 2 minutes for example. And just before the opt-in pops up, explain to them they can see the rest of the bonus content by subscribing to your email list. <<<<<<<<<<<<

    It's a lot like some membership sites that have the free content for all to see and then the member-walled content beyond that.

    Thanks fellas

  • http://monthlyexperiments.com John Muldoon

    Thanks for this review, Pat.

    I just bought a copy of LeadPlayer to use on one of my niche sites. This site has a number of how-to videos on it, and I plan to use LeadPlayer on all the videos. I monetize the site through affiliate links placed in a free e-course that I deliver via an email autoresponder. I have a number of places where people can subscribe to the mailing list and get the e-course, but by using LeadPlayer, I’m sure that the conversion rate for email signups will increase. That means more people being helped by my e-course, and I suspect, more revenue from the site.


    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      John, thanks a ton for purchasing LeadPlayer and joining us. I hope you’ve found our support staff great and enjoy the product. Please share stats as soon as you have them.

      Very warm regards,

  • AndreaS

    Hey Pat,

    thanks for sharing such an incredible all-around tool with your audience.

    LeadPlayer is quite simply a perfect fit for my niche site: since I produce (mostly free) training articles and videos for beginning poker players, I will be able to use LeadPlayer to stop the videos when certain strategic situations arise and redirect my readers to other resorces analyzing more in-depth that kind of spot. This should bring more viewers to my best articles/videos, which should generate more comments, and in turn allow me to use social proof to promote my website and the quality of what I produce.
    I hope that LeadPlayer will also help my conversion rate, since I will be able to expose casual visitors to my products.

    I will also be able to use LP to grow my email list, which is key and is something I’ve been struggling with.

    All in all, the possibilities with LP seems simply endless,and I will definitely purchase it in the following months, whenever i’ll be able to afford it :)

    Pat and Clay, thank you.

  • http://orraclemedia.com Rob

    Very interesting plugin with some intriguing features. I do a lot of web development for clients who would be able to make great use of just such a plugin, so let me as a couple questions:

    Do you have a developer’s license? I could very easily see using this plugin for the video components of clients I’m already working with which have all kinds of varied video needs. What are the license requirements for something like this?

    Also – I’m assuming that it’s WordPress-specific. Does the plugin work with other platforms like Drupal?

    I personally have sites built using both WP and Drupal and develop both for clients as well, and would love to see what I can do with it!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Rob . . . thanks for the questions.

      I took a look at your site and it’s really well done.

      To answer your question, YES, we have a developer’s version of LeadPlayer that allows you to install the plugin on all of your client’s sites. That’s actually the version that we’re offering to Pat’s community for a discount (this version also allows you to remove LeadPlayer branding).

      Also, yes, this is WP specific right now, but we’re currently developing a version that works on *any* platform. Stay tuned :-)

      Thanks for the questions, and of course, please let me know if you have any other ones.

      Very warm regards,

      • http://orraclemedia.com Rob

        Thank you for the kind words Clay! If I don’t win a copy, I’ll be looking to buy one for my projects soon.

  • http://void-life.com bryan

    I’m not using a mailing list yet, and I’m not sure when if ever I will make videos. but if the time comes ill be sure to remember this.

  • http://www.kiangle.com/pick-me Erin Anne Beirne

    Hi Pat and Clay,

    I hope you’ll pick me! I’ve written a blog post especially for you, complete with video that doesn’t have any optin or calls-to-action embedded (yet) because I don’t have this nifty plugin! http://www.kiangle.com/pick-me

    The quick version of why you should pick me for one of the free copies is all this cool stuff (much of it volunteer) that I’m up to:

    * SurreyCares — As volunteer chair of the communications team, we’re revamping *everything* including the kitchen sink, and our website is a big part of this. Would love to be able to use videos to encourage people to sign up for news about charities around town, or to click to register for events or to donate.
    * Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Band — As bass player and webmaster for the band, I’m really proud of this musical form of volunteer community service! We represent the City of Vancouver, perform ceremonial duties for the fire department (e.g. fallen firefighter services), and entertain the public at community events and parades. I’d love to add CTAs and optins to our quickly-growing collection of videos so that people can get the news about what’s going on in the city!
    * Paul W. Lermitte — Client. Author of how-to books for parents to help them teach their children financial literacy. Book 1, for parents of young children, was revamped and reissued last winter; book 2, for parents of teenagers, is at press right now and we expect delivery in late September plus the ebook versions will be ready soon, too; and book 3, for young adults (20-35 or so) is on the writing table. Adding engaging videos of the author, complete with CTAs and optins, would be a huge enhancement to the site! Financial literacy is *such and important topic, and when better to teach it than when children are young! Forbes had a great article on this very topic only yesterday…
    * GoofyGrub — I have multiple food allergies (esp. corn, eggs, wheat and dairy), and people often ask me for coping tips. I want to redraft this site completely; adding videos would be a great enhancement, complete with, you guessed it, CTAs and optins!
    * Kiangle — My own business website includes simple how-to videos about things people ask me all the time. I’d love to do more of them, but they do take time, so as long as they don’t provide a useful business purpose it’s hard to do too many of them. Adding CTA’s and optins to the videos I produce would change all that!

    For more details, check out my post and follow the rabbit trails to the volunteer and business activities I’m up to! I think you’ll see I could really put that plugin to good use…


    Good luck with your promo, Pat and Clay!


  • http://webdrivenincome.com Lance Carlson

    Hey Pat, looks like another winning proposition. The U.L. has nothing on tested by Pat.
    From what I have seen, I see having a version of the fireside chat on the site. Putting a face with the product in a little less formal setting. My site is just now in its pre-grand opening phase and I am trying to flesh out the scaffolding. This can help in demonstrating the finer points that don’t lend themselves to podcasts or postings, and place links to perhaps a worksheet as I talk them through it. Another is placing my face on the brand. I am kind of a late budding non traditional entrepreneur so the ease of use is always great for those of us that were told that one day there would be these things call computers when I was in grammar school. It is never too late folks!!


  • http://www.CozyCoutureParties.com Tiffany Smith

    I’m very excited about this new product. I offer spa parties for girls so this will enable me to send my potential customers a “Email business card” which will enable them to opt-in so I can get them on my mailing list.

    Thanks :-)

  • http://www.healthyeatingessentials.com Tiffany Williams

    Great product, I can’t wait to try it out for my business.

    Thanks for the information.

  • http://www.digitalbandincubator.com Josh

    I JUST soft launched (open beta?) my site on internet sales and marketing tactics for musicians. It is a blog/podcast hybrid. I was going to add free and premium classes. With LeadPlayer, I can add a 3rd type of class.

    Basic classes: free/no CTA until the end.
    Intermediate clases: optional opt-in early in the vid.
    Advanced: premium.

    It’s such a perfect sales funnel/reciprocity progression.

    Why should you pick me? The challenge. Trying to make money selling to musicians is a running joke in the online business community. But if you teach someone to make $100 for free, you can ask for $10 to teach them to make $500. Yada, yada, and yada.

    I think 1 of the CopyBlogger folks said that you have to teach your audience to build them up to your products. I think you can also build up your audience until they can afford your products.

    I haven’t bought LeadPlayer yet because I’m still a month out from starting the classes. But it is on my to-do list. Hell, I’d buy it just for the ability to set my own thumbnail!

    Great info! Great contest! Have a great weekend,


  • http://franchiseprofessor.com/ visit this site

    Good idea. I’ll try applying this too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • http://www.freedommakingmoneyonline.com Dan Frigo

    Hey Hey Hey Pat and Clay!
    What a beautiful day today!
    Reminding you of my entry for the give-a-way.
    oh Leadplayer I need you
    oh Please-a-Favor I ask of you
    I’m so broke I need a handout
    I’m so stoked to standout
    With Clays wordpress plugin
    My audience will be sucked right in
    Higher conversions await
    Afterwards we will celebrate
    Opt in form, call-to-action
    Gives my business some more traction
    Membership sites here I come
    Leadplayers incredible it cant be outdone..
    So easy to use my grandma can do it
    Move over rover grandmas taking over

    Original entry from September 4, 2012 at 10:07 pm |

    Thanks for your careful consideration.
    At the very least hope you got a laugh out of the rhyme.

  • Chris Altamirano

    I’m actually starting up a new business website and have been following Pat and the Smart Passive Income Blog for about 2 years now.

    After learning a bit about internet business, there was always something about marketers who would build up lists and then mail out to make commissions. Not to say that the products offered weren’t of value, but the business model just didn’t seem right to me.

    With that, I always told myself that if I was able to build a list purely off of free valuable content that I would do so. I of course got this type of mindset from Pat himself.

    Not once has Pat ever sold me, and at first when I thought he was like any other marketer who eventually would and I waited for that one email with a direct affiliate offer…it never came.

    Since then I really began to bond with Pat’s overall message and that message was of genuine value. That you can really inspire people and create value, by providing tools and solutions that genuinely help other people out based on your own experiences.

    If I become the lucky one to receive a complimentary copy of Clay’s LeadPlayer, I genuinely know that I’d use it to give value to my community and nothing else. Also, as a starting entrepreneur who doesn’t have much cashflow, this would be a huge asset to my business.

    All in all, whether I’m selected or not, I still got a ton of value from this post and would definitely recommend this to any other internet marketer I knew because I now know how much it’s going to help out Pat, as well as the other SPI community members.

    All the best every one, Pat thanks for sharing, and Clay thanks for creating an amazing product.


    – Chris Altamirano

  • http://1kex.com/passive-income-rocks-the-comeback-tour-here-i-go-again/ Jay Piecha

    What a badass plugin, Clay! Also, superb overview, Pat.

    I have a couple questions about the plugin.

    1. In the two videos that Pt used as examples of a call to action being used…once the video was finished, the call to action appeared, but then I had no video controls available. I would have to refresh the page to play again, or “rewind”. Is that just a “setting/option” or is that what happens when you end a video with a CTA?

    2. I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I’m thinking if ‘m wondering, then other must be too (hopefully I’m not the only one, and I apologize if I missed the answer somewhere)….the plugin and it’s features can be used on self-hosted videos I embed as well? I’m not dependent on YouTube videos, am I?

    Since you’re giving away a complimentary copy and I’m in the comments to ask questions anyway, I might as well toss a coin in the wishing well and cross my fingers. 😉


    I’ve created a ridiculous amount of blogs in my day but usually to sell. I’ve also made a living via affiliate marketing in the past.

    Although I’ve done quite a few videos (tutorials for products / blog packages I was selling, and the occasional fun video for a personal blog), I have never consistently used video to gain my customers and build my list that way.

    I am now doing a passive income experiment where I’m using my skills and knowledge to generate $1k/week in passive income (I know, I know, that’s not even 1/10th of what Pat makes, but a guy’s gotta start somewhere!) and except for a small list of past internet marketing customers (under 2000) who purchased blogs/products from me, I am starting from scratch.


    FIRST – I would definitely do a review of the video, and implement it’s strategies to help build a list on my new blog (http://1kex.com) as well as use the CTA features to help generate that $1k/week …(and of course, report the results in case studies. 😉 )

    SECOND – I currently run the polar opposite of a passive income business model by providing design/marketing services for clients. lol….
    So, since I believe you said the license covers unlimited use (even for clients?), I would DEFINITELY implement this into client’s videos. For instance, I have a client who is a photographer and has done a few great videos outlining the process of what it’s like to get a photo shoot with her.
    I manage her Facebook Page/ Design (http://www.facebook.com/photographybylisamarie) and adding the LeadPlayer optin to those videos on a custom tab/page would be awesome.

    THIRD – I would wear a LeadPlayer shirt to BlogWorld (if I win tickets)

    Thanks guys!

  • http://www.lazybastardlife.com Jason

    Hmm. 11:59 PST??? Well, I’ve thinking of building a membership based on what I’ve providing through 3 iPhone apps. The membership would be mainly focused on how to videos for the niche.

    I’m torn on using your affiliate link though. I was first made aware of LeadPlayer from Cliff Ravenscraft a few weeks. But an extra $30 in my pocket would be nice (considering I don’t win a free copy).

  • http://lifestoogood.net Alan | Life’s Too Good

    Hey Pat,

    couple of things…

    1. First and foremost, great article, great review, excellent videos and examples and really impressive not just for the content but the way you present it – that’s a lesson in itself.

    I almost forgot to leave a comment here because I was off clicking the links to check out what the actual price was and whether I would buy it (which I absolutely would have done, and happily through your affiliate link, but even with the discount I find $147 a little much for this product, I’m sure Clay is selling plenty, especially with endorsements from people like yourself and Cliff but it;s the wrong price-point for me)

    2. Minor detail but when I read ‘you may have noticed my son’s thumbnail’ I went back to check it out and saw the end of the vid with the CTA button. In usual YouTube embedded vids you can go back and replay any point in the video with the slider thingy – with this one I think you can only click the CTA button – so to see your sons thumbnail I refreshed the page. Not sure if this is even an issue but just an interesting technicality it might be useful to be aware of.

    Awesome stuff as always Pat, keep rockin!

  • steve wyman

    Hi Pat

    This is a truely useful plugin. I also like the way you can direct click with in the video vary neat. The pause and then continue would be perefct for affiliate links as well.

    Im planning a series of how to’s on building websites using wordpress. My difference will be the detailed nature of the how tos and the full coverage of the issues involved.

    I’ll cover detaiils that are often missed by ebooks and guide such as why and how to define the preferred domain settings for a site. fine details that matter.

    This pluing looks perfect to help me get the message out and communicate with users.

    Thanks Pat

  • http://www.runneracademy.com Matt Johnson


    I know the contest is closed but I want to comment anyway. I never buy anything internet marketing related online but this is a no brainer for me and my business which will be heavily centered around video.

    What an amazing product.

    Any concerns about Google making changes to YouTube that could affect any of the functionality?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Matt,

      Part of the value that we bring is our understanding of YouTube and our relationship with Google. We go to their developer conference, we’re on all of their mailing lists, we participate in YouTube developer chats and meetings. And LeadPlayer’s deep, low level, and sophisticated integration with YouTube is a huge part of the value that we bring.

      With regards to whether they’ll try and stop our technology from working: Google actually encourages us to create software like this. Please see this for example: https://sites.google.com/site/io/design-your-own-youtube-player.

      LeadPlayer isn’t a hack. It uses the YouTube api AND adds our code in a clean and elegant way.

      YouTube has an API which allows us to do things like this:


      Anyway, I hope that this addresses your questions.

      Thanks a ton for the question, Matt.

      Very warm regards,

  • http://www.omabu.com Michael

    Wow. That’s some great plugin. Looks very professional, can be great if you post lots of new videos.

  • http://www.ConnieandSheilaTalk.com Connie Williams

    Nothing personal, just have to leave this thread. The # of emails I’m getting is crazy. Pat, I don’t know how you do it. I mean read everything that comes to you, and then respond as well to many of them.
    Thanks for the free give-a-way.

  • http://buildingawebsitepro.com Michael

    Would it still be a bad idea to use YouTube as the video host for paid video courses? With LeadPlayer, is there absolutely no way users can find the direct YouTube link (for an unlisted YouTube video) on my page with the video embedded?

    Also, what is your update policy? Do LeadPlayer owners get updates to the software for life?

    And what are the details of your affiliate program because my audience would definitely be interesting in LeadPlayer as well. Thanks!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Great question!

      Regarding using LeadPlayer with membership sites, here’s what we have to say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqsFarPWoTw

      Regarding access to the software, it kind of works like Apple OSx or Microsoft Windows: you’ll obviously get access to the software that you paid for . . . for life.

      Regarding free updates for life: we can’t promise that we’ll live longer than you :-). Just kidding. As a bonus: you not only get the software that you paid for, but you’ll also get an entire year of free upgrades on the house.

      Finally, we have a closed affiliate program but you’re welcome to apply for it here:


      Thanks for asking.

      Warm regards,

  • http://TheAppNanny.com Hannah Camacho

    Hey, Pat! Love your content.

    I’ve been an avid blogger for several years now (AppAdvice, MyAppinions, AppTudes) and currently write for The Denver Post’s Mile High Mamas as the tech editor. I noticed a big problem as I was in touch with hundreds of app developers about their marketing/pr problems in the app space.

    It was then that I launched TheAppNanny.com. I dish out free tips/advice for app developers. I want to take my content to the next level by offering video (most of my content in written). I would really like to be able to offer opt-ins in over the videos so as to grow the list of people I’m helping.

    Thanks for all you do, Pat! We are so grateful.


  • Eyram Sotome

    Hey Clay,

    Could you get the LeadPlayer brand removed on the regular software (since I don’t think I’ll be a developer anytime soon) ?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Yes! The version of LeadPlayer that is being offered today allows you to turn off the LeadPlayer logo.


      • Eyram Sotome

        Just to clarify, I’m talking about purchasing the software WITHOUT the Unlimited License Upgrade. If the answer is still the same (and I can pay the $107 for it), I’m in.

        • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

          Hi Eyram . . . the standard version of the software displays the LeadPlayer logo while the player is loading. The unlimited version allows you to turn off the logo.

          Thanks for your question.


  • http://www.decidedlysocial.com Alison Myers

    I thought you should know that I don’t see the opt-in form or call to action buttons in any of the videos. I am using the Gmail iPad app to read this content.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Great question.

      If you use LeadPlayer, videos will absolutely *play* on iOS and Android devices.

      However . . . both Android and iOS have their own native videos players that are required to play the video file (and we can’t do anything about that . . . and neither can any other video player).

      So while LeadPlayer videos will play on mobile devices, the sad truth is that both iOS & Android devices will not allow LeadPlayer (or *any other video player* including any potential competitor) to display opt-in boxes or calls to action within the player . . . on a mobile device.

      On the iOS device . . . Apple won’t even let *YouTube* play the video: instead the video file is handed over to the iOS video player, and Apple plays the file.

      So if Apple won’t even let YouTube play a video on their mobile devices, they certain won’t let us. And there is no way around this.

      Same on Android devices: once a play is initiated, the Android video player takes over and won’t allow any other player to play the video.

      Now, it looks like iOS is in the middle of creating a player API that will allow us to do our magic on mobile devices, but it’s not out yet. So hope is on the way.

      But for now, no video player, including LeadPlayer or ***any potential competitor,*** is allowed to directly play the video. We must hand the video over to the mobile device’s operating system.

      So the best practice is to not tell folks that an opt-in box is going to appear . . . unless you’re doing a demonstration of LeadPlayer explicitly (this is best practice, in part, because your videos might be watched on YouTube as well).

      As soon as APIs come out for mobile devices that allow us to control the playback experience for videos we’ll be 100% all over it. In the meantime, however, the videos will 100% absolutely play on mobile devices. I hope this makes sense.

      Here’s how we deal with this: in videos on MarketingShow.com , for example, we have the opt-in box right after the intro, and a call to action a the VERY end. See here:


      In this video, we never say “hey . . . you’re about to see an opt-in box” so if someone’s watching on mobile, it doesn’t seem weird if one doesn’t show up.

      However, on landing pages and sales page we use the LeadPlayer calls to action and opt-in boxes, IN ADDITION to opt-in boxes on the actual HTML page. Having CTAs within the video AND on the page increases conversion rates.

      I hope this makes sense.

      Very warm regards,

  • http://TheAudacitytoPodcast.com/ Daniel J. Lewis

    There’s a major problem with LeadPlayer and its claims.

    It does NOTHING for mobile viewers (or anyone without Flash Player). Calls to action are gone and links aren’t there. The video plays, yes, but that’s it. Everything LeadPlayer is designed to do doesn’t happen on mobile devices.

    I hope they can fix this.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Daniel . . . please see the comment directly above yours. I hope that makes sense.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


    • Bryan

      I completely agree, they’re very shady like that. They have a huge section on their website devoted to how well the videos will play on all devices, when actually they don’t do anything at all but pass along the link. In Apple products, for example, the videos play in Apple’s native player…their “brilliant product” does absolutely nothing. They don’t tell you that, and in fact have their logo plastered all on the devices and say that you won’t miss a sale because of them.

      What a bunch of liars!

  • http://www.katiedavis.com Katie Davis

    I bought and have been having nothing but trouble with another thing like this, and now I’m going to check this out. Wish I’d heard about LeadPlayer first!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Katie . . .

      I’m really sorry that you’ve had trouble with another competing product. We, obviously, invite you to try LeadPlayer out and see how it goes. We have a 30 day money back refund policy and AMAZING support. Plus, LeadPlayer is VERY easy to use.

      After you try LeadPlayer, I’d love to hear back from you and see what you think.

      Warm regards,

  • http://www.katiedavis.com Katie Davis

    Thanks, Clay, I may do that. Do you know when you’ll have it updated for the issues you talk about in your answer to Alison, above?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      No video player (not LeadPlayer OR **any other** video player OR our competitors) can do all of this on an iPhone or Android. When this is fixed is up to Google and Apple. If you have the time, I’d highly encourage you to re-read that comment.

      Warm regards,

  • http://www.uscitytraveler.com/ Taylor Goldblatt @ USCityTraveler

    Cool, love this. I will definitely be putting it in my USA travel videos.

  • http://blogueaygana.com/ José Vega

    Thank Pat for review this amazing plugin, this is exactly what I needed for my videos Blogs.

    Few months ago, I published a free course in my blog, which had a lot of videos. I know if I use this plugin my course is gonna makes me more pageviews, readers and also money.

    Thanks pat!

  • http://Katiedavis.Com Katie Davis

    Actually, the one I’ve been using does.

  • http://www.jamescanzanella.com James Canzanella

    This is an absolutely amazing product

    Never seen or heard of it before until now

  • http://www.scanyourentirelife.com Curtis

    Clay ~

    Thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions. It’s much appreciated.

    I have hearing impaired readers of my website that watch my videos because I pay to have them professionally transcribed and I submit that document to YouTube for each video (for 100% accurate closed captioning).

    Does LeadPlayer have an option to turn on YouTube’s CC like they have in their own players? If not, is this something that you would consider adding?

    • http://www.scanyourentirelife.com Curtis

      I take that as a no on the hearing impaired (Closed Captions). 😉

  • Bryan

    You mentioned that the videos will play on other devices like the iPad and while that is true, the video does play, there are no features. I watched all of the videos in this post on my new iPad and it was just regular video. There were no forms, no buttons, no icons or avatars and certainly no affiliate links.

    If, I was to even consider paying for a costly plugin I’m going to expect it to work across all platforms. If I base my decision to purchased based on this post alone, I’m not going to make that purchase. You’ve already shown the product doesn’t work as described and for the price, I expected much more. I’m disappointed.

    • Bryan

      I’ve switched computers now and have revisited your website and this article and I got to say I’m extremely disappoint and I think LeadPlayer and it’s owners are extremely shady. You rely on the word “play” and even advertise on your site in a huge box that you’ll make sure everyone can watch our videos and make sure we don’t lose sales. You imply that your product works on iPad and show your logo on all the devices, when actually your product doesn’t do anything at all on those devices. As you mentioned in one of the comments, the video plays on Apple’s native player, so your player isn’t even used all you do is pass along the link to the video. You are shady!!! You don’t make that distinction anywhere on your website, instead devote a complete section to how well the videos will play on all devices. You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s false advertising! It’s shady people like you that make the internet a bad place.

      I wouldn’t use your product if you paid me now, and in fact I think I’ll take to a few of my sites and let folks know the truth about your false advertising.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (From LeadPlayer)

      Hi Bryan,

      Thanks a ton for taking the time to write your thoughtful comment.

      We’ve been very upfront about LeadPlayer, see for example …

      here: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/leadplayer-review/#comment-401323

      AND HERE: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/leadplayer-review/#comment-397976

      Anyway, thanks again for participating in this thread. And for your valuable contributions to this discussion.

      Very warm regards,

  • http://therenderq.com Harlan Yee

    I don’t know if this has been asked yet but I’ve read through quite a few comments here and haven’t seen it yet. 350 comments is a lot to go through!

    My question/observation is that in some of the example videos played through LeadPlayer, I am able to click on the YouTube logo on the bottom right hand corner of the video window and access the unlisted video directly.

    In fact, there are 4 videos on the LeadPlayer.com site where I can go directly to the unlisted video page on YouTube. Specifically, these are the unlisted videos I can access:

    1. Easy Opt-in Boxes
    2. Video Calls to Action
    3. Amazing Video Analytics
    4. Player Customization

    Also, I can jump directly to YouTube on all 4 of the videos on this exact page of Smart Passive Income.

    When I click on the YouTube logo and get to the video page, there’s a brown bar on top that says “This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it”.

    I’m so close to purchasing and I want to use this on a password protected membership site. So is the ability for people to click on the YouTube logo an on/off toggle to allow people to go to the YouTube page? I don’t want people to be able to directly get to my unlisted videos.

    I saw one of the LeadPlayer demo videos that explained YouTube leakage is almost 100% prevented with this plugin. However as explained above, I’ve been able to get to all the videos (and access to the unlisted links) quite easily just by clicking.

    This looks like a great plugin and I just want to be sure that people won’t be able to get to the unlisted YouTube pages as easily as I was able to.

    • Bryan

      Harlen save your money!! They are depending on YouTube to do all the grunt work for them. The claim about 100% leak proof is laughable at best and as you saw your self, a simple click will get you to the entire directory of unlisted videos.

      If you’re running a password protected site, this product is not for you. All they’ve done is create a popup over a youtube video, while it’s a nice feature, it still interrupts the video and relies on a service that they don’t provide. Furthermore, it’s only available to those on a standard computer. Anyone who’s on a mobile device, including tablets, will not see their added functionality.

      This product and their website is full of half truths and full lies, save your money!!

      • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

        Thank you so much for spending the time on your thoughtful comments here. I appreciate it, and so does the entire LeadPlayer team.

        Our sales page says: “LeadPlayer™ allows you to play YouTube videos while substantially lowering the probability that visitors will leave your website and ‘leak’ to YouTube.”

        With regards to our integration with YouTube . . . believe me, it’s the biggest pain in the rear end. Not only do we need to constantly stay in sync with Google and YouTube (i.e. constantly updating our product in step with the YouTube API), but we need to tiptoe around the YT terms of service, attend their developers conferences etc., and react and respond to everything that they do.

        Believe me, integrating with YouTube has been a HUGE development cost. And it would be MUCH MUCH cheaper just to write our own video hosting solution.

        Please know this: maintaining our integration with YouTube has been FAR AND AWAY our biggest development cost, but we do it because . . .

        (1) YouTube is where the traffic is. We want your sales videos and blog videos and landing page videos to get credited in YouTube when they’re viewed. The more views you get, the more likely you are to rank inside of YouTube (which is the second largest search engine in the world). So we want you to get credit for your views with Google.

        (2) We want you to get the benefits of being on YouTube (i.e. access to a lot of traffic), without most of the drawbacks.

        So as much as it’s cost us, we decided to build on top of YouTube. We’ll have options for privately hosted videos soon, as well.

        Thanks a ton . . . and please keep the questions and comments coming. I appreciate you.

        Very warm regards,

      • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

        P.S. I also want to point out that I don’t think our customers like us because we do or do not use YouTube. I think they like us and buy from us because we get them results.

        For example:

        Gold Medal Bodies:

        Halina Goldstein:

        Hugh Kimura:

        Marketing Show:

        I hope that makes sense,

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Harlan,

      These are great questions. I’m really grateful that you asked them. Thanks a ton.

      Regarding using LeadPlayer with membership sites, here’s what we have to say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqsFarPWoTw

      Also, with regards to the unlisted videos that you were able to see from the LeadPlayer webiste, they weren’t optimized to reduce YouTube leakage.

      Here’s an example of a video that was optimized to reduce YouTube leakage:


      (It’s much more difficult to get to YouTube from here).

      We can, in a YouTube compliant way, turn off or on the YouTube logo in some instances, but if we “blocked it” that would be a violation of YouTube terms of service.

      We don’t want to do anything that could get you or LeadPlayer in trouble . . . and part of the value that we bring is our understanding of YouTube and our relationship with Google.

      We go to their developer conference, we’re on all of their mailing lists, we participate in YouTube developer chats and meetings. And LeadPlayer’s deep, low level, and sophisticated integration with YouTube is a huge part of the value that we bring. And we don’t want to compromise that.

      That said, we go to great lengths to do everything we can . . . to create options that allow you to reduce YouTube leakage. (We NEVER say that we 100% block YouTube leakage, only that we reduce it: http://screencast.com/t/GAEiaiUZUm ).

      At the end of the day, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY encourage you to watch this video:


      Anyway, thanks a ton, and please keep the questions coming.

      Very warm regards,

      • http://therenderq.com Harlan Yee

        Hi Clay,

        Thanks for your detailed answer. I actually saw your video about membership site usage shortly after I posted my question here so all my questions are answered.

        I think you and your team created a great product for capturing leads and affiliate links! Also, I feel comfortable using LeadPlayer for my membership site videos.

  • http://BenjaminJacques.com/ Benjamin Jacques


    First off, killer product.

    If I was to win lead playerrrrrrr (which I believe I will)…

    I would use it as a tool to give back to not only my online marketing audience, but to awesome people from around the world that need it.

    I’d link it up with my product “The 3-In-3 Formula”, a free 80 page guide that details how you can setup and sell your first product in a week and how I did that with my first product and made $3,000 in 3 days when I released it.

    But that would just be the start.

    After that I would have people entered into my autoresponder.

    My autoresponders are designed to give my tribe members (customers) that NEXT STEP to take and provide them with a flood of value, not just pitching offer of the day emails like most marketers do.

    I feel an ethical obligation to get people to opt-in to my communities (lists) because I know they’re going to get straight value from me that they simply won’t find from 99% of marketers who are just in it for the sale.

    Eventually after they’d have some time to read the 3-In-3 Formula and get my follow up emails asking them what their thoughts are, how I can make it better, and their additional bonus content, I’d recommend my book “The Execution Factor” to them.

    You should literally NOT be allowed to be an internet marketer without reading this book. It covers what you need to avoid in the industry and what you need to focus on so that you can clear your head of the nonsense and get on the straight path to profits.

    This book eliminates all confusion about online marketing and ensures that my tribe members enter the game knowing what obstacles will come up, so that they have time to avoid them.

    But the most important part of selling this book, is that it has a $12 price point and $1 of every sale goes to the Uganda Village Project.

    That $1 buys 5 women 3 months worth of family planning counseling and contraceptives so that they can plan out their lives and make sure they’re making safe decisions for themselves and their family.

    I can take people all the way to that just from the opt-in forms in the videos I’d release with Lead Player, so I know this video plugin would help me to help women in Uganda and give them safe and healthy lives.

    So far we’ve helped give this family planning/contraceptive package to 125 women in Uganda and with this plugin I’d be able to not only provide my viewers with incredible value through my products and information, but I’d be able to kick the giving up a notch and help thousands of women receive these packages that they desperately need.

    Hope you’re well.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you :)


    -Benjamin Jacques

  • http://www.how2surf.co Grantt

    [Pat – I hope you get to read this]

    Holy Smokes! My phone hasn’t stopped beeping since Thursday. My phone is geared up to receive my email – I chose to opt in on follow up comments and they have literally not stopped coming in. (Ever think of starting a forum Pat?)

    I’m not complaining, this is clearly an excellent product Clay and the the way it has been showcased to us by Pat is very clever – genius even.

    Pat, you’ve spoken a lot about trust- and the way I see it this is THE core element of your success. A trust which is created from your own honest interpretation of the online business world which has been in turn shared with us all. The seemingly endless comments which you are receiving on the LeadPlayer review, I believe, are a testament to your growing expertise in this niche and an excellent way to get me to keep my phone on silent.

    You’ve taken a product and sold the idea to all of us. I’m in! When I’ve got spare cash I’m buying this product thanks to you. Yes, there has been some constructive criticism and challenging questions but for me the professional manner in which these have been answered proves that this is a product which deserves to be sold. (But of course you know this too which is why you featured it).

    I can only imagine how inundated your inbox must be with hopeful requests to showcase various products and blogs. I know that you are the type of person who, if possible, would showcase every single one of your followers because that’s just the type of guy you are. But of course it’s not possible which means that when you do decide to showcase something we know it’s got to be something extra special.

    Technology is moving so quickly that it’s sometimes hard to fathom – and as we build on what has been learned previously it of course means that no product can ever be perfect. As with anything the trick seems to be to have your finger on the pulse, build the right relationships and crucially be passionate about what you are creating.

    What I’m trying to say is that the total transparency and understanding that Clay has of YouTube through his relationship with Google and the clear desire to create a world class product virtually ensures that this tool will continue to be nothing short of brilliant and probably end up changing the blogging world. It wont surprise me if in a year from now this player becomes a standard ‘must have’ for any successful online business.

    BUT (don’t worry the bla bla-ing is almost over), the MOST impressive and commendable of all? Is the creation and changing of a culture. Pat, you have created something incredible for yourself, you inspire and teach people to do the same but in doing so you have created a culture that teaches people to be honest and focus on giving first. You have shown us that not only is making money online possible but that we can do so by providing value. The more we give (with a bit of clever marketing of course) the more we receive. That’s money well earned right there.

    This is an incredible shift from the ‘trap-you-into-buying-my-product’ mentality and one which I think may have far greater implications to the online world than we currently realize. To be honest, I’ve always had an issue with the dark side of money; what it turns people into, the divide it creates and the damage that can be caused as the result of blind and selfish pursuits. So much so that I think I subconsciously always resisted money coming into my life.

    Granted that is my own personal issue but which perhaps some others share. The point is that not only is your philosophy changing the lives of individuals who adopt it, it’s causing a knock-on effect – you now have 50 000 odd people (more?) create value for others and in doing so enriching their own lives (even without the financial return this is already a win-win).

    You have proved that a great way to make money online is to provide readers with content SO good that it changes or improves their life in some way. Your readers follow you and that in itself is incredible. If you’ve never heard of the principle of Total Quality Management you should really look it up. The world would be a far more efficient and happy place if we all worked by these principles – which it seems you instinctively live by.

    Want to hear the shorter version?
    Pat you rock!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      I completely agree . . . and what a lot of people don’t see is the influence Pat has over the products he curates and then features (which is a good thing). We’ve so far added 4 features because Pat thought they would serve his community better. And I’m so grateful that he does this.

      And we’ll continue to evolve this product based on Pat’s suggestions and feedback. It’s really rare to see this level of involvement from a product reviewer and curator like Pat (I totally get that this is just a small part of what Pat does).

      In the music scene, the best DJs start influencing not only **what** music is played in the mainstream . . .

      . . . but they also start directly influencing HOW new music is made.

      Witness how Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster” turned into Kanye West’s “Stronger.”

      Here, the line between “DJ” and “music creator” is blurred.

      And with Pat, the line between software curator/reviewer and software producer is blurred. And I hope it continues to become more fuzzy over time.

      Pat is the Daft Punk of blogging :-).

      Also (and I have no idea how he does this) Pat seems to seeing nearly every one of these comments. Which is extraordinary given that his wife just gave birth. We’ve had exchanges about a few comments here, and when someone in this community brings up a possibly challenging issue, he always advocates on behalf of you.

      Having seen a peak behind the curtain of Pat’s work here (actually, there’s really no curtain to speak of given how transparent Pat is) I am truly impressed.


  • Glenn F

    Congratulations to all the winners. They’re all deserving. Well picked, Pat.

    • http://www.kiangle.com Erin Anne Beirne

      Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for being so kind. I was so excited! :-)

      Now I’m just waiting for my copy so I can check it out. I’ll be sure to write about it once I’ve tinkered a little bit.


  • http://mybasicllc.com stewardc

    great post. Hope we win

  • Matthew Miller

    Thnx Dude. Looks awesome.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Matthew! Looks like you just purchased. I just wanted to say thanks, and that our entire team is here to support you, and ask you please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your experience better. We crave your feedback.

      Warm regards, and welcome abord,

  • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

    Hi everyone . . . so there’s really 5 features that were at the core of why we developed LeadPlayer.

    I asked our team to develop LeadPlayer, because I had to have these features:


    THIS is why I love working with developers.


  • http://bensommermusic.com Ben Sommer

    I’m a musician and recording artist, cranking out music videos and video blogs, trying to apply marketing tactics to grow my list, sell albums etc.

    Its super slow going, even with the streamlined machine I’ve erected to publish, gather leads, entertain and sell. This plugin would great as I start a weekly podcast/vidcast series (first episode last night!).

    Throw me a bone Pat!

  • http://www.newbodyblog.com Adam @ New Body Blog

    I’ve been often wondering why there isn’t something like Lead player. I’m working on creating some videos myself and I’m gonna get Lead player for sure. Thanks Pat

  • http://mikefrommaine.com Mike From Maine

    I’ve been using a paid service called Wistia on my site since it offers really great statistics reports. However, I think I’m going to change over to leadplayer now after reading/watching this post. Thanks, Pat!

  • Ken W

    Darn, just sat down to press “buy” on this, and realized that I missed the promo for $37 off which expired this morning at midnight!

  • http://mywebambitions.blogspot.com Victor Anibal

    This is pretty cool stuff Pat. On every one of your blog posts, videos or podcasts I learn something useful which gives me a better idea of what I want to do with my blog. I just started on Blogger just to get my feet wet and create some content but will be packing my bags and moving to wordpress once I feel more confident. Good luck and congrats for becoming a new daddy Pat!

  • Dinesh

    Hi… I used google reader to view this post. But leadplayer was not visible in google reader. I had to come to smartpassiveincome.com to view the video. Is the player configured this way?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Dinesh . . . just like Google plays YouTube videos directly from Gmail (they own both products afterall), they play YouTube videos directly from Google reader without making you go to the page.

      Since many of our early customers have 100% switched from providing RSS subscriptions to email subscriptions, we weren’t aware of this potential issue until only a few days ago.

      But given rapid adoption rates from video bloggers, many of whom still use RSS, we’re building support for it. My rough estimate is that we’ll have this done within a few weeks.

      Thanks so much for this comment.


  • Larry

    Unfortunately nothing showed up on the video I watched. I’m watching it via an iPad, and while the video played just fine, no calls to action, buttons, etc. appeared on/in the video. I’m guessing this limitation has something to do with Flash or some other script my iPad won’t run. While the concept is nice, there are far too many iPad users for me to rely on a product that doesn’t work properly with them.

  • http://www.whoisdavidhutcherson.com David Hutcherson

    Hi Clay/Pat,

    This is a great product that I will definitely be purchasing. I plan to use is on a squeeze page. I was wondering is there way for it to be the only thing to show up on the page like the optimize press plugin? Of course I will use in some of my blog posts but would like to use leadplayer as a squeeze page so I wouldn’t want any other content to show up. Is there a way to do this or would I need to purchase an additional plugin like optimize press and use them together?



    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi David . . . thanks so much for your very kind words about LeadPlayer.

      With regards to your question: “I was wondering is there way for it to be the only thing to show up on the page.”

      Sure! No problem. Just put LeadPlayer on a blank page and it should work. Our customer support is 100% there to help customers with things like this. But what you’re asking for can totally be done.

      Thanks again, David, for your question.

      Very warm regards,

      • http://www.whoisdavidhutcherson.com David Hutcherson

        Thanks Clay for your quick response.

        Also, when you get the license agreement, does that mean that you are also an affiliate as well or do you need to apply to be an affiliate?


        • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

          Hi David!

          Thanks for the question. There is an application process to be an affiliate. But our users have very good chance of getting approved :-).


        • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

          Hi David . . . I just wanted to write and say thanks for purchasing. Please send us screen shots and case studies as your list starts to grow with LeadPlayer. And let us know if we can ever help with anything.

          Very warm regards,

  • Kartikey

    Hey, I want to know if it works fine with feed burner. Or do I need to join Aweber or I-contact or something like that ?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Kartikey . . . thanks for the question.

      So you’re asking if folks can use LeadPlayer to opt-in to your blog (via email) using Feedburner, right?

      Right now, we support AWeber, Constant Contact, Office Autopilot, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, and iContact, 1ShoppingCart, and GetResponse.

      AND LeadPlayer works with blogs that are using FeedBurner.

      But, right now, LeadPlayer doesn’t allow folks to opt-into a Feedburner email list. (You need to use something like AWeber).

      How about this . . . I’ll make you a deal:

      If you pick up LeadPlayer, we’ll add FB email optins within 2 weeks. If we don’t have it done by then, we’ll refund your purchase and let you keep LeadPlayer for free.

      (The above is a little insight into how we add features around here ;-).

      No worries either way.

      Very warm regards, and thanks for asking about Feedburner email opt-in. You’re the first person I know of to ask for that :-).

      Thanks a ton,

      • Kartikey

        Thanks for dat quick reply Clay, looking forward to leadplayer. It seems to be an excellent product to increase subscribers : )

      • Ed

        I see it says that LeadPlayer should support constant contact. In the latest version just updated to in the past week or two ( the only ones on the list of choices to enter the code are AWeber, InfusionSoft, iContact, MailChimp, GetResponse, Office Autopilot, 1ShoppingCart and TrafficWave. I don’t see ConstantContact as an option. How do I make it work with constantcontact?

        • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

          Hi Ed . . . thanks for purchasing LeadPlayer. As a customer, your get amazing technical support. Please see them at https://leadbrite.zendesk.com/home and we’ll be happy to help you out with *any* issue that you might have.

          Very warm regards,

  • http://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Jeff Rose

    Hey Clay,

    James Wedmore first turned me onto this product and love the potential. Here’s why I haven’t bought it yet and hoping you can help me out:

    I’ve been focusing on growing my YouTube channel as to further expand me and my brand. By marking the video “unlisted”, my fear is that all lose some of that. Not real a question, just more of a concern.

    Follow up question: Let’s say I run the video on my blog as unlisted for a month. What happens if I mark the video public in YouTube? Do I need to do anything special with the plugin to not violate their policies?

    Thanks for helping me wrap my head around this.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)


      Thanks so much for asking this question.

      I’m so glad that you asked this question. LeadPlayer DOES NOT require you to mark your videos as unlisted in order to work.

      In fact . . . I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY encourage you to mark as many videos as you possibly can as “listed” and “public.” You want as many people as possible to see as many of your videos as possible.

      AND the vast majority of videos that we’re using LeadPlayer with are fully public videos.

      I’m grateful for the opportunity to address this. LeadPlayer works GREAT with public videos and I encourage you to use it with public videos.

      Thanks again.


      P.S. What gave you the idea that LeadPlayer videos had to be unlisted? I want to go war with any of my messaging that in any way implied this :-). Thanks again, Jeff.

      • http://lifeinsurancebyjeff.com/blog/ Jeff Rose

        @ Clay

        Thanks for the quick response! And sorry for the misunderstanding. :(

        I’m not sure where I read that. Apparently, I need to read more closely.

        I’m definitely buying now! :-)

        • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

          Hi Jeff! Thanks for purchasing and for the questions. We’re absolutely here to help if you need anything. Enjoy LeadPlayer!

          Very warm regards,

  • http://profitduck.com Simon Duck

    This looks incredible. I haven’t started making videos yet, but I do plan on it – as with everything else! – When first reading I was unsure, I don’t see the point in going outside the YouTube model, as after all the place gets all the traffic. The words were then mentioned and it all became clear ha!

    Thanks for the tips, this may finally make me take the step into video production.
    Simon Duck

  • http://www.seoacer.com/blog acewin

    I urge to know what’s the unique function,and the most impressive feature.Can you share us some other players?Thank you.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Acewin . . . great question.

      Here are some of the core features that I feel set LeadPlayer apart from our competition:


      These are the features that I find most valuable.

      Very warm regards,

  • http://GinoGraziano.com Gino

    Awesome Product!!! I have just one question, and if it has been answered, sorry for being the broken record. Can I choose any point in the video that the Subscribe box or take action button pops up? Thanks!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Gino!

      Excellent question. Yes, you can absolutely pick any time during the video to make the opt-in box or call to action to display. This is no problem and this feature works out of the box.

      Thanks for your question, Gino.


  • http://Greatdivers.com Jose

    Hey Pat, I really appreciate the product recommendations. This looks like something I need for my site. My only concern is that the player doesn’t seem to work on my Ipad (safari). What I mean is it works as far as showing videos, but the calls to action, the custom thumbnail, and the opt in all didn’t work on my ipad. With that said, i think its all about capturing as many leads as possible. It’s not like you’re anything by using the player, and I’m sure you’ll gain more leads on the whole. It just would be great if it worked on the ipad too.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Jose! Thanks a ton for the excellent question.

      And you’re right when you said: “It’s not like you’re losing anything by using the player, and I’m sure you’ll gain more leads on the whole.”

      I have a detailed answer to your question here:


      Anyway, let me know if you need anything else, Jose. We’re here to help.

      Very warm regards,

  • http://bizlift.com Sterling Okura

    I’m excited about LeadPlayer. Recently I’ve been using responsive themes, and I was wondering if the mobile poster will format responsively (ie displayed at 100% width until it hits defined max width).

    Yes, I understand that mobile video won’t capture leads. Just hoping fixed widths won’t mess up responsive layout on mobile devices. Thanks!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Sterling . . . great question. Right now most players aren’t mobile responsive.

      Heck, even YouTube videos aren’t responsive out of the box.

      But we’re working hard on this right now and should have a solution out in about a month.

      In the meantime, check out this post on a mobile device. everything still plays, the videos just take up a little extra room. This hasn’t been a huge problem for anyone yet, but we should have a solution very soon.

      Thanks for your excellent question. And please let me know if you have any others.


  • Dave

    Hi Clay,

    I have a question I hope you don’t mind answering.

    I have a membership site which provides videos, however these videos are Drip fed to members on a monthly basis.

    I’ve read about other video players that sometimes, the whole playlist can be viewed, which is obviously not good for a membership site.

    Do you see this as being an issue with LeadPlayer?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Dave! Great question.

      Regarding using LeadPlayer with membership sites, here’s what we have to say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqsFarPWoTw

      I love of people use LeadPlayer for their membership sites and LOVE IT, btw.

      Thanks a ton for your excellent question.


  • http://www.theofficeescape.com/about/ Ella | The Office Escape

    402 Comments and counting…Wow!

    I’m not sure if you will still be able to read my comment (I sure hope you still read comments from this thread.) But I just want to say thank you for selflessly sharing your knowledge to thousands of your fans. I re-discovered you again through your podcast and this post, (plus the 2 episodes of email marketing), I have suggested to 2 of my clients. They both loved leadplayer and we will purchase the player by next week! Woo Hoo!

    Please don’t stop sharing knowledge and tools to us. You have helped me and my team across the miles! Thanks Pat!

  • http://kellercoleman.com Keller Coleman

    Never heard of LeadPlayer but from what i see it is easy to use.

  • http://marketsecrets.biz Caleb

    After this one came out I then saw a couple of others that did similar stuff and one on webinar swaps seemed almost identical just cheaper in price. I then brought this up in certain Skype rooms and there were marketers who have scripts for doing this for years and they claimed subscription conversions were too low to use it.

    Now it would be different if you pop in a optin form on your video as it actually pays on YouTube 💡

  • http://techhogger.com Kunal

    It’s an amazing software by Clay.
    I watched the video and this is the first time I can see a pop up in video itself for asking to subscribe. Once done video can be continued where it was. Truly amazing. I would love to buy this piece of software but to be honest its out of my budget. Hope to buy it someday.

  • http://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Jeff Rose

    Hey Clay,

    Finally picked this up and started implementing last night. Loving it so far!

    Quick question: Do you plan on future upgrades where you can add multiple Call to Action boxes at different points during the video? (kind of like choosing where you want to place YouTube annotations in the video).

    Glad to see you’re still monitoring this thread. A testament to how much you support your community. :)

  • Marc

    @Clay –

    Appreciate the mobile device compatibility explanation(s) above.
    However, I’ve noticed that within the Smart Passive Income iPhone App (for this blog entry) it only shows empty white space where the video should be.


    • Pat

      The app pulls from the RSS feed and at the time I published the post Leadplayer was not showing on RSS feeds, but since then Clay has added that capability plus a number of other new features, so in future posts it’ll be all good. Thanks Marc!

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Great question, Marc.

      Pat is using conduit.com to display his blog on mobile devices.

      AND conduit.com doesn’t seem to accomodate for HTML5 players of any kind. (For example, if you navigate to one of Pat’s podcast posts, you won’t see a podcast player either).

      Conduit.com posts will also NOT display YouTube videos either within a regular blog post.

      However. . .

      –If you click on the “podcasts” button at the bottom of the conduit app, you can listen to podcasts

      –And if you go to more –> video you can watch LeadPlayer videos.

      So this is an issue with conduit.com, and it will NOT happen with mobile responsive themes, wordpress themes, etc.

      We, however, cannot control how conduit.com decides to display podcasts, YouTube videos, or LeadPlayer videos.

      I hope this makes sense.

      Thanks for the excellent question.

      Very warm regards,

      • Pat

        Clay, he could be talking about my iPhone application, which is separate and custom built outside of conduit.

        • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

          Oh! That could be possible as well. Hum . . . I wonder if it’s possible to refresh the APP now that everything works with RSS?

          Thanks for clarifying, Pat.


  • raye

    great post

    • http://www.capesnakeconservation.com Grant

      Any special offers come up soon Clay? Would still love to get this great tool when I can scramble enough pennies together :)

      • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

        Hi Grant . . . thanks for asking.

        We’ve talked a lot as a company about this and have decided that, at this point in time, we won’t be offering discounts.

        We’ve done some great experiments around discounts (including a really fun one here with SPI readers).

        We’ve discovered that, while discounts give folks a good short-term motivation to make a decision either way, they also keep people in a holding pattern of waiting until the next deal or discount.

        LeadPlayer has helped a lot of people. Folks like James Schramko (and others) are reporting that it’s doubling their opt-in rate.

        So rather than driving short-term demand with a discount, we’re encouraging you to purchase LeadPlayer when it’s best for you. And if having a list is important for your business, we believe that time tends to be sooner rather than later. But I’m biased, of course :-).

        Very warm regards,

  • http://www.laurits.se Richard Laurits

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for everything you’re doing – it’ great! Just wanted to inform you that the “action button” did NOT show up when using my iPad2 (iOS6).
    //Best Regards,
    Richard Laurits

  • http://www.starteroo.com Philip

    I am a happy customer for some time now and have already recommended it.

    I just launched a site where I implemented the plugin. I made it responsive for mobiles and Leadplayer does unfortunately not provide an automatic resize as told by support. Any idea of when this will be done?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Philip! Thanks for the question and I’m really glad that you like LeadPlayer.

      Responsive videos should be available in the update we post next week. We’re going to be even more responsive than YouTube.

      Thanks for asking. and we’re always available here https://www.facebook.com/leadbrite . . . or via our VERY RESPONSIVE support if you need anything else.


  • http://www.starteroo.com Philip

    Great news Clay I know others have been wanting it as well.
    Will be looking forward to implementing.

  • http://www.nicheoptimizer.com/justin-lewis/ Justin Lewis

    We just bought this and love it!

    Great way to bring in a ton of leads, and with already built youtube videos.

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (From LeadPlayer)

      Justin, thanks for purchasing LeadPlayer, and thanks for saying this:

      “We just bought this and love it! Great way to bring in a ton of leads, and with already built youtube videos.”

      This means a ton to us. I’m glad it’s working for you and getting results.

      We’re here for you, so please let me know if we can do anything to make your experience better. And of course, if you have any feature requests, please let us know.

      Very warm regards,

  • http://link-partners.com Chris Silvey

    Hi Pat,
    I use the JWplayer plugin for WordPress. It is easy to use for both onsite videos and Video hosted services like YouTube and Vimeo as well as others.

    Now the great thing about the Onsite videos is the auto generated embed codes where viewers can embed the videos on their sites. Thus a link is made.

    Another Great Plugin in addition is Yoast Video SEO Plugin. This will generate a video sitemap for both types, for different players and different services. Since I have onsite and YouTube videos this was the only peace of software that was up for the job. Believe me I have tried everything out there. This one works.

  • Mark

    Is there a “better” wordpress theme to use this with so it maximizes the power of it?

  • Tim

    Clay, I just purchased LeadPlayer and I was thinking that my YouTube videos would be able to show my Email Opt-In Form while they are being watched ON YouTube. Is there a way to do this?

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Yo Tom!

      Thanks a ton for purchasing LeadPlayer. Now that you’re a customer…our amazing customer service team will help you out. Just contact them we’ll do everything that we can to hook you up.

      Very warm regards,

  • Darren

    Love the idea of the product. What are the mail clients that LeadPlayer supports currently i.e. aWeber, GetResponse, iContact, etc…

    • http://www.LeadPlayer.com Clay (from LeadPlayer)

      Hi Darren, to find out what integrations we support, please visit: http://www.LeadPlayer.com

      We’ll also help customers do additional integrations. If you’re currently a customer, please contact our customer support and they’ll help out.

      Thanks for your excellent question.

      Very warm regards,

      • Chris

        Hey Clay, it seems that LeadPlayer is not offered any longer. Do you have any suggested alternatives or shed some light on if you will have another product in the near future? Thanks.

      • Koen

        Hi Clay, can you shed some light over when leadplayer will be avialable? I see some posted this same question but no response from you or hero Patt.. Thanks,

  • http://www.nicehasucces.com Niche à succès

    This is awesome I see so many possibilities! I would love to add it to our you tube videos, I am excited to test both the opt-in options and the call to action box! All of our videos within the members area are hosted on amazons3, can you use this plugin with videos other than those hosted on youtube? I think it would be cool to be able to use it as a “call to action” to link people to another lesson within the members area. Thanks for these great ideas! I have been listening to your podcasts every day Pat on my iphone via your app! Love it! Thank you for the amazing inspiration and encouragement you give!

  • http://www.nicheoptimizer.com/justin-lewis/ Justin Lewis

    Hey Clay, *serious face* how do you make the YouTube logo disappear? I know you can use ?modestbranding=1 but how can I implement this into the plugin? I want to use Leadplayer to host private courses and would love to figure this out.


  • http://sleeptechacademy.com Juan Mirelez

    A paper just out on how low video quality and speeds lead to increased abandon rate.



  • http://www.annuityreviewsblog.com Dick

    Thanks Pat for your insight. We would love to hear from Clay regarding Leadplayer working with other video formats in addition to youtube.
    We love it for our youtube videos but it would also be very useful to have one standard player that could skin over all videos bringing player uniformity and ease of set-up for all of our videos. Not just youtube.

  • http://ketoancantho.info/dich-vu-ke-toan-can-tho/ ke toan can tho

    Is this n offline software or web based application?

  • http://www.kevindohertyonline.com Kevin

    hi Clay, Not sure if you’re still replying to emails here, but I had a quick question: I purchased Lead Player through Pat’s link and really like it. I’m wondering if you have a video on your blog, in your testing does it convert better to have a link just in the video or both in the video and under the video as well (going to the same place)? thanks! Kevin

  • http://www.thesmallbusinessideassite.com/ daveM

    I just checked out the site for LeadPlayer. Having looked at the site and the comments in here, especially from the users, this tool looks to be most necessary. The optin capability is phenomenal..! I will have to squeeze the budget in the next few days as this thing is a ‘must have’. Pat, thanks for sharing this.

  • http://www.katiedavis.com Katie Davis

    Hi Pat and Clay, I finally bought Lead Player through your link, Pat (must support my fave marketing blog) and LOVE it. One question I’m confused about… will it ever be possible to have my videos ON YouTube display my opt-in? Or just on my WP site? People who watch my videos on my YouTube channel don’t see the opt-in and THAT would be awesome! (Posting this on your FB page in case you’re no longer answering comments here).

    • http://www.marleenrenders.com Marleen Renders

      Hi Katie, as long as Youtube doesn’t create opt-in options in or at the end of videos I don’t think this will be possible.

      Right now the only option I see for what you ask to become possible is to get everyone (all youtube viewers) to install a browser extension of some sort that does this (among other things). But that means all of your clients would have to have such a browser extension installed.. I don’t think we are there yet as 80% of internet users doesn’t even know what a browser extension is.

      The best thing to do right now is to place the link to your
      website, right below the video. Note: also include http:// at the
      beginning or else it won’t be clickable for people!

    • http://www.tapchidanong.org/categories/Hap-dan/Thoi-trang-nam/ thanghn92

      Same happens to me. Which browser are you using? I’m wondering if it is a compatibility issue with Chrome gia vang giay nam thoi trang FiFa Online 3 thoi trang nu tu vi xem boi mon ngon am thuc The second video is just the animal and music, but I think it’s supposed to have a call to action or something. ???

    • Anam

      That’s asking a lot of my audience, so thank you to those of you who picked it up!

      dr. david caminer

  • Zack Sexton

    Those optins and affiliate links you spoke of in the video did not happen for me.

  • http://ShutterMuse.com DanCarr

    Strange that they stopped selling LeadPlayer! I’m hoping it means that they are going to roll it into LeadPages subscriptions at some point…..?

    • Trần Thu Cúc


      bien dong , <a title="bien dong"

      tau ngam , <a
      title="tau ngam"

      tin bien dong , <a title="tin bien dong"

      , <a title="tu vi"

    • http://icelabz.co.uk/ Kaps Ramburn

      so they are not selling it individually? i think leadpages are quite expensive!

  • http://pix2brix.com/ Alison Moore Smith

    The first two videos don’t seem to work for me. The first starts with a picture of your son, but once it begins playing, the screen is black and all I hear is the voice. The second video is just the animal and music, but I think it’s supposed to have a call to action or something. ???

    • Debra

      Yeah, the same thing happened to me!

    • http://www.appbattleground.com/ Shane K.

      Same happens to me. Which browser are you using? I’m wondering if it is a compatibility issue with Chrome.

  • Thomas Schamberger

    Hi pat, greetings from Austria/Europe. Leadplay is not possible to use anymore. If you on their website and want to buy it they me

    Hey There!

    Thanks for your interest in LeadPlayer! We appreciate you stopping by.

    As much as we’d love to have you as a customer, we’re not selling new copies of LeadPlayer right now.

    It’s nothing personal. You just caught us at a transition time here at LeadPlayer.

    Right now, we’re closing LeadPlayer to new customers, so we can make way for even more amazing developments coming in 2014.

    As we write this, our development team is working behind closed doors on innovations that could change the lead generation industry.

    To create these innovations, we have decided to shift our focus away from LeadPlayer for now — to concentrate on these more important developments.

    If you’re already a LeadPlayer customer, don’t worry! We will continue to support you 100%!

    That means you can still use LeadPlayer to grow your list, and you can continue to contact our amazing support team if you have any questions.

    Thanks for understanding.

    As you have good connection to this guys do you know if they reopen the player again or have some new cool tool like this soon?


  • http://www.vincentroagroup.com/ Donna Vincent Roa

    June 7 – this app is no longer available. Great article, but when you click on the link you will get this information:

    “As much as we’d love to have you as a customer, we’re not selling new copies of LeadPlayer right now. It’s nothing personal. You just caught us at a transition time here at LeadPlayer. Right now, we’re closing LeadPlayer to new customers, so we can make way for even more amazing developments coming in 2014.”

    • Ivan Cuxeva

      That’s right Donna. It seems that now they are skipping that page all together, and traffic is being redirected to leadpages. I thought they would integrate the leadplayer within leadpages but that doesn’t seem to be the case :(

  • Mark C.

    Has LeadPlayer gone away? The URL goes to LeadPages which is a different product altogether, although from the same Clay Collins group of literal marketing geniuses. LeadPlayer search results all point to LeadPages. Anyone have a guess as to what happened?

  • Laura
    • http://reinventyourlife.blogspot.com GTO

      Booooooooo! Flagging you, sorry.

  • http://www.tractorpal.com Keith King

    I don’t think this is still available. Do you recommend something new?

    • http://reinventyourlife.blogspot.com GTO

      Worked for me, Keith! (And seeing as ALL videos on Pat’s blog are playing through LeadPlayer, I’d say he isn’t recommending any other player AS HIGHLY as LeadPlayer.) :)

  • Tatjana Medvedev

    Hi Pat, at the first video when you say call to action button just like this – nothing appears.

    • http://reinventyourlife.blogspot.com GTO

      Tatjana, it’s working now, though it’s not a “big red button” as Pat mentions. It’s yellow text (“My Affiliate Link (Don’t Click! Keep Reading!)” – but perhaps you can change it to a big red button in the LeadPlayer options.

  • Stevensen Liu

    I enjoyed reading this and viewing the selection of featured sites. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together.


  • Ravinder Kadian
  • vuminhkyanh

    It’s nothing personal. You just caught us at a transition time here at LeadPlayer.

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    | ao da | Vest nu

    • http://reinventyourlife.blogspot.com GTO

      Booooo! Flagging you!

  • huyennhi

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    links and I do earn a commission if you complete a purchase through
    them. This is at no additional cost to you. If you do make a purchase,
    please send an email to me through my contact page so I can personally
    thank you and provide additional plugin support for you if you ever need
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    It must be a product that I know well enough to provide support for if needed (or at least help walk people through it).
    It must be a product I’m comfortable officially associating with my brand. (See definition of affiliate)
    It must be unique enough to be worth recommending knowing that too many similar solutions would only confuse people.
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  • Rita Sun

    It is very useful, thank you! I will try to apply this knowledge in practice.

  • http://icelabz.co.uk/ Kaps Ramburn

    Is there one for Vimeo?

  • Pat

    I’m wondering whether this plugin would work with others like Joomla. Any thoughts. I now have Word Press, but going to Joomla with completion of new website. Thanks for this great tool…hope I will be able to include with my videos soon.

  • http://www.the-photographyblog.com Alex Panagis

    This looks like a really awesome tool! I wish something like this would come out for people like me and it wouldn’t be so highly priced. I know it’s an awesome product that is definitely worth it for people who are willing to spend the money. However, I haven’t found any tools that are similar to this, with the same features but for free. Or even just a little cheaper. I guess that’s what makes it such a good product.

  • Devidayal Tiwari

    Nice . thanks for sharing

  • T Diaz

    Thanks for letting people know the length of the video in your post. That’s very considerate of others’ time. I won’t watch videos in which you don’t know ahead of time how much of your precious time you’re going to be spending watching. Thanks for that!

  • Seo Master