How to Start a Podcast – Pat’s Complete Step-By-Step Podcasting Tutorial

How to Start a PodcastStarting a podcast has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my brand. Ever.

Since starting The Smart Passive Income Podcast in July of 2010:

  • The show has surpassed 9,500,000 total downloads. (as of August, 2014)
  • The podcast has become the #1 way people who read my blog found out about me – that’s above search, social media and links from other websites. (See survey results)
  • I was contacted by a Hollywood producer who listened to my show to consult as the social media director for a $10M independent film (See IMDB)
  • Fox News reached out to me to feature my story on the evening news.
  • I led a panel at Blog World Expo in New York this past June about the power of podcasting. It was cool to see the room filled beyond capacity. (See image)
  • Several other big-name bloggers have started their own podcasts, including Michael Hyatt, Michael Stelzner and Derek Halpern - and even more recently Seth Godin.
  • I’ve become more confident as a person and better skilled as a speaker. It was the perfect stepping stone to conquering my fear of public speaking. Next year, I’ve already been booked to speak at 4 different events around the United States, and have been asked to speak at even more events around the world.

And, most importantly, the podcast has enabled me to build a stronger relationship with my audience – much stronger than I could ever do with just my blog alone. The language that people use when they describe listening to my podcast is as if I was there speaking to them in person:

  • “Thanks for keeping me company while I was…”
  • “I was scrambling, taking notes while you were talking about…”
  • “It was when you said [this] that I decided to…”

I’ve since started a couple of other podcasts too, like AskPat, and FoodTruckr School!

It’s incredible. I get emails every single day from listeners who have taken action and are seeing results because of the podcast. That is what’s so cool about all of this – people will listen, people will connect and people will take action. As a content provider, that’s exactly what you want people to do, and when you feed your voice into people’s heads there is no chance to skim your content or take shortcuts. It’s you and them – one on one, except in reality it’s you and potentially millions of other people, all at the same time.

Do you really need me to convince you any further? Now is the time to start a podcast and this post is here to help you get started. Now about this tutorial…

This Tutorial

I first announced my interest in starting a podcast back in December of 2008. You can actually read this announcement post and listen to a short test recording I did. Personally, I hate it. I find it very difficult to listen to. If you’ve listened to my show before  you can definitely tell how much I’ve improved my skills since then!

We all have to start somewhere.

That was in December of 2008, but I didn’t publish my first podcast episode until July of 2010! That’s a year and a half later!

Why did it take me so long?

Because setting up a podcast was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Podcasting was brand new to me, relatively technical and I just didn’t know where to begin. After trying to figure it out on my own, I gave up and put it aside until I finally got some help a year later from two dear friends of mine: Jason Van Orden from Internet Business Mastery and Cliff Ravenscraft from Podcast Answer Man. Both Jason and Cliff inspired and personally helped me setup my podcast. Thank you both if you’re reading this!

Since I became interested in podcasting, a lot of great “how-to podcast” tutorials have popped up on the Internet that I wish were around when I first started. The best one I’ve seen, by far, is from Cliff Ravenscraft over at

The tutorial that you’re reading today was not created to “out do” any of the other podcasting tutorials out there. Cliff’s is fantastic and there are several others too (I actually asked Cliff permission to publish this post and he was more than supportive about it. Cliff – you’re awesome!), but I know I have a particular style of teaching that resonates with a lot of my audience, and so here is my version of how to start a podcast. I hope you enjoy.

The ONE Thing You Must Do Before You Start Podcasting…

Podcasting is extremely fun and exciting, but there is one thing you must do before you start podcasting:


You must internally commit to podcasting, as you must do with anything that is potentially beneficial but takes some time and effort to do.

You have to say to yourself:

“This is something I’m going to do, and this is something I’m going to keep doing.”

It’s easy to get excited about the potential of podcasting and what it can do for you and your brand. The possibilities are endless, but only if you keep at it.

My best advice is to enjoy every single part of it. Once you start thinking, “Ugh, I have to record another episode soon,” that’s when you should remember why you started podcasting in the first place.

Results take time, so you might as well enjoy it. :)

How Podcasting Works (An Overview)

Before I get into the step-by-step videos I wanted to give you the roadmap so you sort of know where we’re headed.

Setting up a podcast is not push-button easy, but it’s not rocket science either, and once you set things up the first time you’ll have done most of the work. Then, all you have to worry about is producing more audio content and just posting it onto your blog. Everything else happens automatically.

Each particular episode of your podcast show is an individual audio file, typically an mp3 file since it’s the most favorable as far as sound quality and file size. We’ll talk more about recording equipment and what elements to include in your show later in this tutorial.

For the purposes of this example, let’s say you record your first episode and export the recording as SPI001.mp3, which is now on your desktop.

Before you upload this file anywhere, you need to provide some more information about this specific piece of audio. This is what is called tagging the file, or in technical terms, editing the metadata or ID3 tags. You need to include this additional data along with your audio file so that media players can understand and display things like the title of the podcast, your name, the episode number and even the artwork for your podcast. I won’t get into too much detail here in the roadmap, but when I talk about each of these parts individually I’ll give you all of the tools and resources you need.

After you have your audio properly tagged, you must upload and store SPI001.mp3 onto a server somewhere so that whenever a media player wants to play it (from a website, from iTunes, from a mobile device, etc.), it knows where to call that audio file from. You could store your audio files on your own website’s server, but I 100% do not recommended that because you could easily run into bandwidth issues and your site could slow down or even crash as a result. If you upload your audio onto a separate server just for your podcast media, you run no risk of overloading your own site and you’ll be able to provide a better experience for your audience too because the audio will stream much faster.

Once you upload SPI001.mp3 onto a server you’ll get a link that points directly to your audio, such as:

This link is important because, like I said, this is the link that media players and directories like iTunes use to play your podcast episode.

But here’s where it get’s a little tricky because we’re going to talk about feeds, which is a technical term that always seems to confuse people, including myself at times.

A feed is a standardized way to syndicate written content so that it is more easily read by other websites, applications and directories. The specific technical format of a feed makes it so that you, the end user, can read data in a way that is more pleasing and easy to read.

If your website is on a blogging platform like WordPress, you’re already setup with a feed. People who are subscribed to your feed will automatically get your new content whenever you publish new content on your site.

So how do feeds relate to podcasting?

Podcast directories such as iTunes, Stitcher, Zune and others read your feed and scan it for properly tagged mp3 files. That’s how they know a new show came out, because it’s shown in your feed.

Unlike what I had originally thought, you submit your feed address to podcasting directories like iTunes – you don’t upload each individual episode to them. This is why after the initial setup, all you have to do is keep publishing audio content on your website and iTunes and other directories will automatically get updated when new episodes come out.

Don’t worry if all of this sounds a little too technical right now – trust me, I understand. The rest of this tutorial will make it much easier for you than it was for me when I first started.

5 Things You Should Prepare Before You Begin Recording

iTunes Artwork and MoreBefore you start recording, and even before you dive into the tutorial videos below, there 5 things you need to prepare. Have all of this stuff handy for later – you’ll thank me for it.

1. Your Podcast’s Title

You’re going to need a title for your show. For most of you, the name of your blog, or the name of your brand along with “podcast” will make the most sense, but you also have the opportunity to add a few extra words to target specific keywords that you’d like to potentially rank for in iTunes.

iTunes is definitely a search engine – don’t forget that.

Don’t go crazy with the keywords though (don’t keyword stuff with a billion keywords in your title!) and try to keep it as natural as possible, but don’t be afraid to pick a few select words either.

My podcast’s title, for example, is:

The Smart Passive Income Podcast: Online Business | Blogging | Passive Income | Lifestyle

Look up “online business” or “blogging” in iTunes. Scroll down to the “podcasts” and “podcast episodes” section and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

2. Your Host / Talent Name

This is, of course, your name, but you can add a little bit more to help your show rank higher for certain keywords in iTunes. Just as with your podcast’s title, don’t go crazy with it. But, at the same time, don’t be afraid to help people (and the iTunes search algorithm) understand who you are.

My host / talent name, for example, is:

Pat Flynn: Online Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Blogger

Look up the word “blogger” in iTunes and scroll down to the podcasts section – you’ll see what I’m talking about.

3. Your Podcast’s Subtitle

iTunes and other directories may ask for a subtitle for your show. It’s weird though because I don’t ever see the subtitle used anywhere. That said, it doesn’t hurt to have a short, small description for your podcast handy for later, just in case. A couple of sentences should suffice.

4. Your Podcast’s Summary / Description

This is the main description for your podcast. In iTunes, you can have up to 4000 characters to describe your show. Your copy should be engaging and descriptive, but also include several keywords that you’d like to target in iTunes as well.

A great description that relates to your show will naturally include keywords anyway, so keep that in mind.

As a reminder, write this all down and save it for later so you can copy and paste when you need to.

5. Your Podcast’s Artwork

Your podcast is going to need some artwork – a square image that represents your show. As much as podcasting is an auditory medium, the graphical, visual element that represents your podcast plays an extremely important role.

For one, it’s what people will see in podcasting directories, such as iTunes, before listening to a single spoken word and before reading any written words about your show in the description or summary. Your artwork is your podcast’s first impression, and it’s also what competes for attention with every other single podcast that’s out there.

For iTunes, specifically, a visually appealing podcast image gives your show a better chance of being featured in highly visible sections of iTunes, such as the New & Noteworthy and Staff Picks section in your category.

And lastly, your artwork is what people will see on their media players – their computers and portable devices – when they pull up and listen to your show. It’s an important element for reinforcing your brand identity to your followers.


  • You will need one (1) 1400 x 1400 pixel image that you feel best represents your podcast. This is indeed a rather large image, primarily because of the retina display capabilities of some of the new media players available on the market.
  • This image should be in a .jpg or .png file format.
  • This image should also be readable at much smaller sizes. Many directories and portable media players will automatically shrink the larger image size to fit smaller areas, so it if looks good at 1400 x 1400, but not at 300 x 300 (for example), then it’s not going to work very well. Some devices shrink the size to as little as 73 x 73 pixels. Personally, I’d optimize it for 150 x 150 – if it looks good at that size, then it should read perfectly everywhere else. Remember this when you design (or hire someone to design) your 1400 x 1400 pixel image.
  • In additional to the one (1) 1400 x 1400 pixel image, you will need the same image in a different filename at 300 x 300 pixels. You will need this when uploading your artwork as discussed in Video 5 below.

Once you get all the above stuff taken care of, you’re good to go. Now it’s time to get your show up and running on your site. Here’s how to get it done.

(Click Here for the YouTube Playlist for the 6 Videos Shown Below)

Video 1: Podcasting Equipment and Software

In this video, I go over some equipment options including microphone and microphone accessories (with audio examples of each), and software to help you record your show and interviews for your show too.


Video 2: My Top 10 Recording Tips

There’s a lot that goes into recording a high-quality, engaging show. Here are my top 10 tips to help you get the most out of your podcast.

Video 3: Exporting and Tagging Your MP3 File

Once you finish recording and editing your show, there are some very specific things you have to do to turn it into a podcast episode. I do my best to make the technical stuff as non-technical as possible for you.


  • Levelator – The latest and greatest tool that I use to upload audio files to “level them out” – which means to make all the sound levels the same. It’s free for the first two hours, but then you have to pay for credits to continue using the software, so try it out and if it seems to help, consider investing a bit to enhance and level out the show. Again, it helps to make sure (especially when there are interviews) that all of the sounds are at the perfect level for the listener.

Video 4: Web and Media Hosting

You MUST host your media files on a server outside of your own website’s server. Here’s why, and also my top recommended media host (and a discount coupon too!).


Video 5: Setting Up Your Feed and Publishing Your 1st Episode

Setting up your feed is the MOST important (and most technical) part of the podcasting process. But, you only have to do this once, so do it right and you’re all set. I walk you through exactly how it goes down, step-by-step.

Video 6: Submitting Your Feed to iTunes and Other Directories

This is where (and how) to submit your podcast so people around the world can listen to you and your show.


I truly hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I spent over 30 hours putting this tutorial together for you and I know it’ll help you fast-track your way to a successful podcast.

If it has helped you in any way, please do me a favor and let me know in the comments section below and also share this tutorial using the social media buttons at the bottom of this post. Thank you!!

Cheers, and I’ll see you and your podcast on iTunes very soon!

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  • Patrick Matherne

    Looks good. I can not wait till I can watch it later tonight. I have been wanting to make a podcast for a long time.

    • Pat Flynn

      Sweet Patrick! Best of luck to you and keep us posted on your progress!

    • Jason Love

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      Is your podcast going to be on Renaissance Festivals? A little off topic but I have a few friends that perform the Ren Fair Circuit, what Ren fairs do you attend?

      Jason Love

    • Ben Troy

      yes,Using postcards as a part of your overall marketing plan is the simplest and most cost effective method for communicating with new and current customers. They are the perfect tool for announcing a new store opening offering special discounts or just enticing the reader to find out more about you or your business

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      It’s just like Pat to lay it all out on a silver platter for us. Most will never take action and should be smacked upside the head but that’s the reason why there’s still so much opportunity out there.



  • Theodore Nwangene

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    Podcasting is one the things i have been finding difficult even after going through some of Gideon Shalwick’s guides. Although the truth is that i haven’t really applied the things i learnt from those guides.

    This blog post is just comprehensive and to the point. I know it is what I’m looking for and I’m going to apply all you outlined here now. Lets see how far i will go.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a productive week Pat.

    • Pat Flynn

      Podcasting isn’t all that straight forward. That’s why, like I mentioned, it took me a year and a half after declaring that I wanted to start one to actually have my first episode up on iTunes. I hope this post will help you and everyone else get started on the right foot and much faster than me! Cheers, and best of luck!

      • Theodore Nwangene

        It will definitely help Pat,

        Thanks for sharing once again.

  • Dr.Spencer Jones

    Excellent job Pat, I watched the first 3 videos as soon as you published them, also commented on your videos. Now video 4 and 5 are left. I’ve been having this desire to do pod-casting ever since Jason Van Orden had his product launch on 2010 which was all about itunes podcasting. I used to be an affiliate for his product launch, but couldn’t do well due to some reasons.

    After that, I wasn’t hearing much about podcasting, the desire slowly started fading and almost died. But after becoming an SPI fan, I am once again wanting to do podcasting.

    If everything goes fine, I am hoping to start podcasting on January next year. Thank God that I have an easy to follow guide ready for me. Looking forward to making use of it… Thanks again Pat…

    Dr.Spencer Jones

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Dr, I appreciate that and appreciate the kind words. Jason played an integral role in me wanting to start a podcast too, as I’m sure he did for many others as well, and it’s interesting how it felt like podcasting was “dying” for a while, but now I feel like it’s more popular than ever. A new show in January will be a great goal! Wishing you all the best!

      • Dr.Spencer Jones

        Thanks Pat… You are such a wonderful guy, impacting lives around the world by being so faithful in what you do. And that’s what I want to do… :)

      • Lisa Bedford

        Pat, was the delay due to the technical aspect or were you not sure what you would talk about content-wise? Or were you just being an entrepreneur, juggling too many really cool projects all at once? :o)

        • Pat Flynn

          The delay was primarily the technical stuff. Every time I wanted to start it I would get going and then run into a technical brick wall that just made me put it aside for later. Hopefully this post helps you and everyone else get through those hurdles technically.

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      Hey Paul, if you use a Heil-PR40 or any other sort of mic with an XLR connection, you’ll need a mixer to take that sound and then put it into your computer. The mic connects to the mixer (where you then can control various things like the volume, gain, bass, etc.) and the mixer connects to the line-in on your computer. You can’t connect an XLR type mic directly into your computer, hence the benefit of the USB mics – you won’t need a mixer then, but you will sacrifice some sound quality as a result.

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    Thank you so much. I need this right now – timely as usual.


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    • Dave Jackson

      Are you having any success with Blog Talk Radio? I know some people who can’t get past their audio quality. Would love your insights. Please contact me off blog.


      • Starlene @ GAPS Diet Journey

        Hi Dave, currently I’ve been using Skype and a Skype recorder. I then edit the audio to add in some music at the beginning and the end, snip out any mistakes made by me or the person I’m interviewing, convert and then upload to BTR. I know there is room for improvements for my sound quality. Will contact you offline. Thanks.

  • Travis @ Extra Pack of Peanuts

    Pat, how do you do it? Every time I think about a new project for my blog (and then begin to think “but I have no clue where to start”) you swoop in with a post that documents EXACTLY how you did it. There’s a lot of stuff out there telling you that you should do something, but not a lot telling you how. I’m glad you continue to be that voice that pushes all of us in to action by giving us the tools we need!

    Thanks a ton!


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    Whenever I see or hear that we have to create “awesome pillar content” for our sites and then I see posts like this, the first thought that comes to my mind is “Yes… this is EXACTLY what we should be creating on our blogs!”

    Thanks again for another magnificent post my man, will have to come back several times to digest everything.


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    I will certainly put these to good use. I can comment that the Pamela software you recommend for Skype DID NOT work well for me when I was trying to prepare for our interview. I tried more than one so they might have interfered with each other though I gave it a mighty try.

    • Dave Jackson

      Same here. I use

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    This is fantastic tutorials – I guess my video workshop about podcasting is the “just get it done and up there” approach, with a good dash of “get your plan down pat first” (no pun intended). I’ve just launched the workshop, which features you too (of course!!), so I hope between all of us, we inspire more bloggers to give podcasting a shot!

    I’ll be referring people to your leveler tutorial too, something I wouldn’t bother with (because I’m too lazy!!) but I guess sometimes the audio really needs a quick fix – great tutorial btw!


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    Serena : )

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    I also bookmarked this post to come back to it when I start to launch my podcast. I’m just days away from ordering all of my equipment to get all setup– SUPER stoked!

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    Your friend,

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    I’m using a xenx mixer. I think its one level down from the one you are using. I’m using a shure sm58 right now.

    P.S. Here is one of the podcasts I’ve recorded. Can you tell me what you think of it? (I got the voice over for 15 bucks from fiverr).

    P.P.S. There is a problem with lead player. When I am writing a comment and I tabbed from the e-mail slot it jumps up to the lead player newsletter subscribe form. Just thought you’d want to know that.

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    I’m I going crazy, or do you mention the thing that gives you the little play button inside your blog post? I heard you recommended Audio Player previously but it’s stopped getting updated. What do you use please, or is it in the video?


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    That is a really motivating post for me because I was already planning for beginning a podcast. I had a doubt. Where do you store your podcasts? Is it in your self hosted server or are there any websites providing services for podcast storage?
    Thank You

    • Antonio

      Nihal, you can store your podcasts at for free. While not the ideal solution its been working great for me.


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      join the postcad on Iphone app store

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    Please check out my blog and send me some feedback if you get the time, i would greatly appreciate it.

    PS: I call you the “Blogger God Himself” in my 1st ever blog post on my journey, i hope you don’t mind ;) I am sure many worship you like i do xD

    Weponz – My Blog:

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    I am embarking on a new internet based business venture with Norm Wright, who is a big fan of yours. Blogs and podcasts are very new to me, but your ebook and tutorials are helping immensley.
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    PS – I’ve sold $40,000 of my ebook/audiobook in my FIRST year and I owe it all to you, and to Naomi from IttyBiz whom you’d turned me on to. Thank you for helping me make a living for our family. I am not down to working 4 hours per week and my 2 year old also thanks you!! Blessings to your family and your sweet soul.

    • Andrea | Diaper Free Baby Expert

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    And I thank Jason from Internet Business Mastery too for helping me more with my podcast and being a guest on the show. Next up you.

    And huge congrats to 2 million downloads. Crazy cool.

    Something to aspire to indeed.


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    I’m a big fan of what you are doing and this post on Podcasting is a great resource and reference. Thanks for the step-by-step guide. It’s like a one stop shop for the podcasting basics.

    Podcasting has been on the radar for some time now and this post has been a bit of a kick up the old bum to get in where I fit in.

    Cheers mate!


  • Dave Jackson

    If you know you’re going to use levelator, wouldn’t it be better to export out of Garageband into a WAV or AIFF format? Then levelate, then convert to mp3? When you convert to mp3 you “shave a little off the top and bottom” and you typically save that for the very last step, and then tag your files.

  • Kate Luella

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    I think Pat’s showing how to do it if you don’t have a mac, but i”m not sure…

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    Unbelievable resource, thanks Pat. I am loving my Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast and it’s really starting to take off. Although initially I had no idea what my purpose of it was, it was just fun and a great way to get to connect with amazing entrepreneurs.

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    This week I was seriously considering starting a podcast and last night I actually hosted my first interview for my site. Aside of uploading the video to Youtube, I thought podcasting would be a good way to publish this and upcoming interviews but I really didn’t have any idea of where to get started.

    This just can’t come at a better time for me.

    Thanks a lot, for this one, and several other posts you’ve done that have directed me on the right direction.

    Joe W

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  • Matt

    Wonderfully done Pat! I’m through the first 3 videos so far.

    I can relate to you Pat, because I purchased all I need for a podcast almost a year ago, and I’ve completed exactly “0″ podcasts. It’s time to dust of the gear and get going I guess. In the name of baby steps I promise to publish one podcast, I’m even in the process of setting up my first interview :)

    Quick question if you have a moment – You have to have quite the collection of files, videos, images, etc on your Mac. What method do you use to back them all up? Some type of external backup drive?

    Best wishes Pat!


  • Greg Savage


    I just did my first podcast with a huge iconic figure in my niche Monday. I have more lined up. Also another good mic to use is the AT2020 USB. I use it a lot for vocal recording as well as sound design (it’s around $80-100 depending on where you get it) when I’m on the go.

    Wavosaur (if i spelled that correctly) is another great (free) recording application.

    -If you ever have audio questions let me know .. it’s what I do for a living

    -Greg Savage

    • Dave Jackson

      The AT2020 is a great mic if you have a very, VERY quiet room. It is a condensor microphone which means it picks up everything. The ATR2100usb that Pat Talks about is probably the best overall microphone for podcasting right now. It’s a dynamic and it picks up the sound that are immediately in front of it.

      • Greg Savage


        that’s true, normally with a condenser (non usb) you can control that gain via your preamp, thus decreasing pick up on a mic (reducing the outside noise).

        With the 2020 usb it’s harder to control (lack of gain/freq cut) and yes a mess if you can’t control outside noises.

        Few tips for any out there with a AT2020 USB

        1. Make sure your recording into the front of it as it’s a cardiod patterned mic. It picks of strong signal from the front.

        2. Place a thick rat (form of wind screen) or wind screen over the mic (helps with deadening the outside noise)

        3. Do not use the desk stand (especially if you computer is connected to desk) the mic is sensitive and will pick up vibrations.

        4. if you have hardwood floor place cloth or rubber under the feet of your mic stand’s legs to reduce vibration.

        5. If you are tech savvy, read the outside freq and literally set a filter to auto cut that during recording or post. This will keep recordings clear, but if you cut the wrong freq it can give your vox an unnatural sound.. takes a couple tries to find the sweet spot in your environment

        You can do this with any software recording app (free/paid)

        Ps Dave, i was thinking of using Soundcloud as podcast host but ran into your post…

        thank you!

  • mickey


    I had to come back and write something that I wan’t people to know and be INKED permanently…. also because I don’t go over blogs and comment ever. This is my 2nd time and it’s for pat.
    I never had a blog last year..when I had run a test. (I am technically sound – so this was somewhat genuinely a test before i got into the same business ).
    I posted 5 questions..different times, different intervals to various bloggers -
    This was just out of curiousity, I was simply testing people, their business sense…some thoughts over my mind, I was simply studying the blogs.
    question no 1 -was answered by pat flynn and john chow.
    question no 2- was again answered by pat flynn and john chow.
    question 3 was silliest best( I can be very bugging)! but patflynn took pains and tried to work it out for me.
    quest 4: Only pat flynn answered. Others asked me to pay and why not join their course instead! I was told flat into the face.
    question 5 was a genuine question—- It was a discussion with pat sometime back when i asked him what host I should go for..since I was genuinely unhappy with what i found over net and confused. Not only did he tell me what it would cost me..but why i should go for it and why not for others.
    He wasn’t affiliated with gains..He has this something inside him that outshines others, Not just a good business sense, but he is a good person.
    This is my 1-1/2 year experience with him – I never was let down. BEING IN THE SAME NICHE, he doesn’t compete with people, he only competes with himself. It makes stand him much taller then the rest.
    I hope people read this and not forget to give this guy the value he deserves.

  • John Corcoran

    I just got finished watching your 6th podcast video… thank you SO much for creating that resource. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. The quality and professionalism was very impressive. Just tonight, I finally got my first podcast done. I had been hung up on the tech for quite some time. And I’d even been through many of Cliff’s videos on but I still was struggling. I thought your videos were excellent.

    I gave you credit in my post announcing the podcast. Here’s a link to the first show in case you are interested:

  • Mark Moran

    Great tutorial Pat. Thanks for posting it up.

    The only thing I wish it had was some mention about developing a show format. It is spot-on with the technical information, but if you had a bit of advice about how to figure out the format of one’s show (of course, everyone is different — but some general guidelines would be great) I’d personally find that quite helpful.

    Of course, I’m only on the first video, so if you actually covered that in the others, then totally ignore me. But based on the video titles I’m going to assume you didn’t — hopefully I’m wrong. :-)

    Thanks again! Great work!

  • Des Vadgama

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    I make a healthy income online, and I can see how to use these podcasting steps to probably achieve an increase of 30% over the coming year. Thanks.

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  • Quin

    Hey Pat -

    Nice job on the production quality of the videos. The hard work and attention to detail really shine through.


    On video #3 When exporting and using Levelator, why not export directly from Garage Band into AIF format as opposed to MP3? Doing so saves a step and eliminates compression artifacts in your audio.

    I am also wondering why you use software to record Skype when you have a fantastic mixer? Why not use a 1/4 to 1/8 patch cable and bring the Skype audio directly from the computer into the mixer and consequently Garage Band?

    Anyway, the show sounds great! Keep up the good work. I enjoy the program.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks for the comment Quin. Actually, Dave in an earlier comment brought this up too. Stupid me, I actually didn’t know you could export as an AIFF, which I thought was crazy. When you export you see the AAC and MP3 options, but you have to unclick compress and then export uncompressed to get the AIFF file which would indeed cut all those converting steps out. I’ll see if I can edit that part of the video and replace.

      For Skype, I prefer the software and for the purposes of this demonstation many people will not have a mic that requires a mixer. Cheers and thanks again!

      • Quin

        No worries Pat!

        As long as you have a process that works and you’re getting the content out there it’s all that really matters.

        I figured you’d have a reason for recording Skype with software. I agree, it’s probably the best way to go for people new to podcasting.

        Side note: Your production quality makes me envious! I’m no stranger to the edit bay and I know hard work when I see it.

        Again, nice job.

        Always forward – Quin

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    Hey Pat, just want to say thank you for a great bunch of tutorials. I must have watched your videos over a dozen times to get myself familiar your tutorials and it’s working great. I’ve just ordered a reasonably good mic from Amazon, I’ve got the intro and outro music picked out and downloaded, and I can’t actually believe I’m going to make a proper start at pod casting, all thanks to you. Keep up the awesome work mate.

    Fabrizio Van Marciano

  • Kyle Proctor

    What is the best avenue to get statistics for the podcast. From Itunes and every where else it may be downloaded from.

    • Dave Jackson

      Pat talked about for your media. The great thing is when you list your RSS feed on all these services, eventually the download comes from and those downloads are tracked. You will be able to see the number of downloads, what countries, what computer type, browser type, and more. Pat showed his stats in the video, but down below you can get more stats as well as state per episode. This helps you better understand your audience, which can help you create better content.

      I see you have episode 1 of your podcast up so congrats. You can get these stats from (who I see you are using ) as well.

  • Dylan

    Amazing tutorials Pat. I was watching the videos as you uploaded them and I will definitely refer back to them in the future if I ever start my own podcast. I also sent this article on to a number of people I know who are currently in the development stage of their own shows. So far the feedback has been awesome!

    Once again, very good work!

  • Chris Jacob

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you so much for these excellent videos, they compliment Cliff’s videos superbly ( They follow similar paths, but it was great to see the differences along the way with how you’ve setup your studio (e.g. using iTunes for Tagging, no Digital Audio Pre-recorder, etc). The equipment and software you suggest was more inline with my budget for bootstrapping a podcast. Once I’ve validated my commitment and passion for podcasting an upgrade to the Heil PR-40 will be a well earned reward!

    One thing I’ve found important – before digging into the “5 Things You Should Prepare Before You Begin Recording” – is to actually START RECORDING. … LIKE NOW.

    Start playing around, see if you actually LIKE speaking out loud, see how you improvise, try reading some a page or two from a book, see how it FEELS before you commit to anything. Stop reading, stop analyzing, stop everything; and just record SOMETHING right now!

    My first recording was just a few days ago on my iPhone. It was bad. I cringe when I hear my voice…. But hearing you Pat on cheaper microphones (in video 1) really gives me A LOT OF HOPE. Having recently listened through all 49 episodes of the SPI podcast, hearing you on a cheaper microphone really struck a cord with me. It shows how significant equipment is (and I can really appreciate all those times you said you feel your voice sounds significantly better behind a Heil PR-40 mic). I know with a small investment in equipment, plus a ton of practice, I can (and will) improve.

    - Chris Jacob (@_chrisjacob)

    Thank you once again Pat. Your podcast has really changed my life; and not just my professional/business life but also my personal life, my character and my relationships – particularly with my wife and 3y/o son. You gave me a shout-out at the start of SPI 047 “Maintaining a Balanced Life”; and I have to say that 10 seconds of recognition really meant the WORLD to me (particularly considering the topic of the podcast!). I’ve struggled with “balance” for the last 10 years of my life (and I’m only 27!). You’ve given me a great deal of focus with my work; and helped me gain perspective again on the true priorities in my life. All thanks to your podcast. Seriously, that’s powerful stuff.

    That’s why I can’t wait to join the micro-broadcast community. To help people. Particularly people (like myself) who don’t find enough time to read, who skim read, who bookmark and never return…. Podcasts/Audiobooks really connect with me (be it in the car, in the gym, or washing the dishes!). They are an incredible way to communicate ideas to a massive audience; while maintaining a very personal experience with the listener.

    I just purchased the “Behringer XENYX 1002FX 10-Channel Mixer” and “Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone” through your affiliate link as a simple way to say “Thank You” for everything you’ve given me; while asking for nothing in return.

    • Anthony

      I just got my ATR2100 and its great. Started practicing, now I know I need notes…lol

  • Joe Cassandra

    Just want to say thanks Pat for taking the time out to do record these videos.

    Learned a ton, and I was nervous about the tech side b/c I didn’t know crap about tagging Mp3s, storing your show etc.

    So thanks for clearing that up!

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    Great Tutorial. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I’m thinking of setting up my own podcast. Looks like it can generate lots of traffic and loyal subscribers.

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    Just finished the series and I must say, it was fantastic. As requested, here’s my first podcast and my first post with my podcast:

    Thanks for the help. Keep up the great work!

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    Thanks for all the great work Pat.

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    Hey Pat, thanks SO MUCH for this tutorial. You’re right, I find your way of explaining things very easy to understand and very actionable.

    I’m hoping to start a podcast for my cleansing website. It’s a topic I can go on and on about, and there are some weird concepts that are just better explained orally rather than trying to understand them through writing.

    Thanks again, and I can’t wait to get this going!

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    Damn, that’s a lot of comments! Great tutorial Pat, thanks for putting so much time & effort into it.

    I’ve recently started a podcast too, though it has a long way to go before it gets to your standard. I have to say, your podcast is one of the best I’ve come across. So many are all talk and no substance, which I just don’t have time to listen to, even if some of the information is valuable.

    I’m just hoping we don’t lose Feedburner any time soon. Really don’t want to have to update all my links!

  • Carol Dodsley – The How2Girl

    What a great resource you have created for everyone Pat, thank you – so clear and simple to follow. One thing I am struggling with though is that my current TV show videos are hosted via youtube and a special plugin which is perfect for what I do – so if I follow all of this and add my externally hosted links for the podcast needs so that I can feed to itunes (I believe they dont accept youtube hosted videos ) is there a way that I can not have the actual podcast video show on my pages but have the externally hosted link on each page to co-incide with each show and get picked up by the feed and itunes?

  • Damien

    Hey Pat, quick question for you –

    When your various ventures started turning a profit, did you have trouble picking a business name? Seems like everything I would choose to go with is taken…do you think simply using your own name as your LLC name is a good idea?

    Sorry to post an off-topic question but I couldn’t find a thread that was related!

    Love what you do man, you make my 1hr drive to and from work a college course in entrepreneurship!

  • Christelle

    Hi Pat,
    I was waiting for this post to come out since you announced it a few weeks ago, however for some reason it doesn’t show in my Google Reader, any idea why?

  • mickey

    hi pat,
    All suscribers have itunes icon over their desktop.
    The iTunes Program Subtitle shows up when we play the episode in itunes. Below play is artwork and the different categories – podcast,time release date and description. subtitle is visible in description. (episode that you play is ticked in black- just above that)

  • Lillian Leon

    Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing in such great detail! This is one article that I will defo keep and refer to when I’m ready to podcast! (bumma I hate the sound of my own voice! lol).

    Thanks again Pat! :)

  • Aldo

    Hi Pat

    superb tutorial. Thank you!

    I will be podcasting in Italian but I live in Australia. I am not very familiar yet with iTunes, do I need to submit the feed to an Italian version of iTunes or the one that you showed in the video?



  • Liam / Marriage and Relationship Coach

    Thanks Pat,
    This has been a major help in getting my podcast launched (website
    Something else I did was create a music and voice-over introduction. I purchased a royalty-free song and then got a professional voice-over (using my script) from a gig on Fiverr. Total cost: $21, but it gives a more professional first impression.
    Thanks again for all your information!



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    Went and voted for your podcast Pat sure hope it helps you-I will return to vote daily until we see who wins.

  • Justin

    Hey Pat,

    Excellent videos. I emailed Rob over at and the email bounced back to me. Strange.

    Here’s a link to my show about health if you’re interested:

    Thanks for all your training!

  • Kris

    Hey Pat just under 60 days ago I came across you name in mike D’s product where nick interviewed you. Now I’m planning my podcast.

    Keep inspiring new blogger to take the next step into podcasting. I’m going to review your video tutorial this weekend. I plan on launching jan 2013.

    Kris T Smith

  • Angel – Hammer and Heels

    Hi Pat,

    Just voted for you in the annual podcast awards in both categories. You truely deserve to win :)

  • Rahz


    Super awesome tutorial. Great content and awesome deliver system as always from you.

    Learning a ton, and I’ve only been following you for about 6 week now. Love listening to your podcast, which is why I launching my own this Jan. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


  • Chris

    Hi Pat,
    Been following you for a year. Working up the courage to step out on my own soon. I’m finishing up a Master’s in Instructional Design and have worked for the past 10 years in I.T. Support Services. I plan on launching my own website soon and look forward to starting a Podcast. I’m familiar with WordPress, but don’t have a great understanding of the basics of SEO and Page Ranking. I know Content is king, but in the future maybe you could do some Videos like these to demonstrate some key points all sites should have. Thanks again.

  • Matthew Hampton


    I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration and direction on how to get the podcast up and running. It has been a long time coming and it is finally up! Our site is dedicated to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals and improve their quality of life. There are so many more people that we will be able to reach out and help! Now I’ve got to get back to work so I can get Episode 2 finished! Thanks again for the fantastic work on the video series and all of the content on SPI. The entire site has been crucial to my success and the Podcast Tutorial was simply epic! Check out the first episode!


  • Liam / Marriage and Relationship Coach

    On to my 5th episode at and the response has been great! I am inspired to continue. As you say – commit!
    Thanks again

  • Steinar Knutsen


    Great post! I shot a similar video series on How to Podcast on Your Mac back in 2009 and it’s been very popular … folks really want to learn this stuff!

    SPI fans might also be interested in the Mobile Podcaster iOS app, which lets you record a podcast from your iPhone or iPad and publish to WordPress and/or FTP, such as Libsyn. It also creates the WordPress post for you, which save a lot of time.

    Anyway, thanks for everything – love what you’re doing!

    - Steinar

  • Greg Elwell

    For recording Skype calls I went with the Athtek Skype Recorder for $29.95 (Windows). I had read a bunch of bad reviews on the Pamela Skype Recorder and very positive ones for Athtek. I’ve been very happy with it. It will also do video and separate tracks. Integrates nicely with Skype, easy to use. Check it out here:

    I’m signed up for Cliff’s A to Z starting Monday, but have loved learning from your tutorial!


  • Leo


    Been following you for a while. I wanted to share that this was amazing content. I am impressed with the painstaking efforts you go thru with your blog posts.

    Another TEN in my book.

    Leo Landaverde
    Live the Right Life.

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  • Ken Burgin

    Thanks Pat – great content as always, with your usual generosity. I’ve already done a few podcast episodes and you prompted me to submit them to Stitcher, Blackberry and Zune as well as iTunes. However my email to [email protected] bounced back with a ‘User unknown’ message – looks like it is no longer valid?

    Presumabley Microsoft will introduce a podcasting service with their new Windows 8 suite – hope so!

  • Robert Harper


    As always this was great work. I launched my podcast yesterday with five episodes thanks to your help. I have one question. I can’t seem to get the Blackberry to work, anyone else having problems?

    • Pat Flynn

      I’ll check on this – what issue exatly are you having trouble with when trying to submit to BB? If for some reason you can’t, it’s not a HUGE deal, BB for podcasts is a tiny percentage of where your followers and listeners will come from. Let me know!

  • Aqib Shahzad

    nice and useful article
    keep it up !

  • Eric


    Great job on these. I will be going back to this article time and time again as our podcast and website develops for fans of the TV Show, The Walking Dead.

    Just put up our first podcast episode. I think we’ll even do better next time. I couldn’t get the Levelator to work, but I’m working through it with customer support. I think it will sound even better after that!

    God Bless You Pat,

  • Mark R. LePage, AIA, LEED AP

    Launched my first episode this morning, 12/12/12 at 12:12AM EST. Thanks for all the help, support and encouragement. I would love your thoughts:

  • Chris Smit

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for the excellent piece! As always I turn to you first when I need to find something related to IM.

    One other thing:
    I wanted (and still want to) leave a 5 star comment on iTunes, but gave up after 30 minutes of searching on how to do this.
    It might even be worth making a video and/or post on this… What a nightmare that is (not you, iTunes reviews)!

  • kristin korpos

    I have been reading your blog for years now…I think I caught you early on, always good stuff. Loved this latest info on podcasts and I am finally about to launch my first one… Small glitch and I am wondering how you are dealing with it, in iTunes 11 there appears to be a bug where you can’t change the media type of a file, meaning that you can’t tag your file as a podcast. I have been reading the appyl forums but haven’t found a workaround for Apple (some people have reported workarounds for windows).

    This is really frustrating because I want to make sure that my first podcast is tagged properly for the media type podcast : (

    Thanks for any input you have and keep on doing what you are doing, the content is awesome!

    • kristin korpos

      Replying because this might help someone else — downloaded ID3 Editor, pulled file into there and enabled a V1 tag which I enabled the podcast tag and added some more information. It did strip my artwork, which I couldn’t re-add there, but not a problem. Saved that/wrote to file, then opened in itunes. Picked Media type as podcast (which now STAYED chosen) and re-added my artwork. Problem solved, I now have what I wanted, a file that is the podcast media type.

      ID3 editor is only $15, but the trial is good for 30 days or something like 20 program launches. So that’s cool…Apple might have this resolved by the time I reach that, but $15 is small change vs. continuing to pull my hair out over the fact that this bug exists!

  • Dick Meehan

    Oh, and Pat, one more thing, I am having trouble with Blubrry and find their support his evaporated. Maybe they are going away? Anyway, it would be interesting to see if other newcomers who love your program are hitting the same block, and if so what the best alternative is.

  • John Suscovich
  • Todd Liles

    Pat – Hey brother! Great work. Super awesome class.

    I have 2 sites: 1 for business, and 1 for personal blogging.

    I just did all the work on my future company site (my goal is to have it fully live on March1st.)

    AND – I do have my first show up. I used a combo of you and Ray Edwards to get started.

    I’ll update this to throw some love your way soon!

    I would love you input:

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    Great tips! I have actually studied your blog and podcast formatting both on your blog and in iTunes. Though I did get a start from studying you, this guide answers a lot of my questions.

    Thanks for ALWAY giving great quality content.

  • photo booth hire

    I’m just getting into video both animated and timelapse, I can honestly say far the biggest pain has been audio. Maybe time to upgrade my soundcard!

  • Matt

    Hey Pat!

    After months (*cough – years) of procrastination I’ve launched my first podcast, AND I learned today that it has been accepted by iTunes.

    This post was especially helpful as it related to all the tagging that goes on for iTunes, and how to get the artwork setup correctly. BIG thanks for that!

    The one problem that I did have is that Levelator doesn’t work for me unless I first drag the file from iTunes to my desktop.

    Thanks for putting in the 30 hours of work Pat! You’ve probably saved your listeners THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of hours as a collective. :)

    All the best,


  • Tyler Jones

    Great post and great tips. Thanks a lot.

  • Daniel Vogler

    This is epic, thanks so much for all the time you put into the tutorial, Pat!
    Can’t wait to get started!

  • Enoch Sears (@BusinessofArch)

    Hey Pat, we spoke a while back. Thanks for the great info and inspiration as always. Here’s my episode #1:
    Starting an Architecture firm from Scratch Look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

  • Marcelino Latorre

    Awesome job buddy! Fists collide hand-slaps..

  • Adam Bate

    Thanks for all this, Pat!

    I was able to use your guide to launch my first podcast in the health and fitness niche – I appreciate the time you put into all this as it would have taken forever to do it all on my own.

  • Chris


    Just launched my first Podcast. I’ve got 2 episodes done. Feels good! Thanks Pat for the “push”!

    Question: in my iTunes program on my Mac, many of the podcasts I’m subscribed to have no Artwork. However, some do (like the SPI).
    I’ve checked my settings, and they all look OK (on both the Feed & iTunes tab I can see the preview)

    What am I missing?


  • Kelvin Troy Johnson

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for creating this. I’ve been searching online and youtube for about a week or so to get this info. I got pieces here and there. It was great to finally see the entire process done, fresh and easy to understand. As soon as I get my art work done, I’m in.
    I was contemplating how to do it. Your podcast came on and said you would teach it (the no opt-in statement drew me in), and bam! Just like you said. Thanks. When mine is ready I will send it to you.

  • Tyler Basu

    Thank you so much for putting together these tutorials! I’ve been conducting audio interviews for over a year now and placing them directly on my website. I know I am missing out on a lot of exposure and a bigger audience by not having a pod cast. This article has convinced me to finally get it done, and more importantly, given me the steps to get started. Thanks Pat!

    • Pat Flynn

      Oh man, you’re going to get so much out of syndicating your audio into channels like iTunes and Stitcher! I’m so excited for you!

      • Tyler Basu

        Thanks Pat! I just finished going through all your steps and submitted the feed to iTunes this morning. Fingers crossed it gets accepted. =)

        • Chris Palmer

          What were your results?

        • Tyler Basu

          My podcast is now live! Feel free to check it out:

        • Chris Palmer

          Right on! Good job, man!

  • cloudbusinessblueprint

    Great post and videos, just used the information to launch our first podcast. For the people in the comments asking about the Microsoft submission, I found that you can send to [email protected] instead of the original v-robgr one as that doesn’t work anymore.

    For anyone with a Cloud IT company, you can listen to our first episode at

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks much – and congrats!

  • Shah Turner

    Hey Pat, I’ve followed your step by step instructions to the letter (even SpeakPipe) and hey presto! I just launched my website and podcast with 8 episodes up front to kick things off. My goal is to help as many creative professionals (like architects) as i can get better at the business side of their practice.
    Since launching, everyone has said how professional it looks and sounds and for this I totally have you to thank, so thank you Pat! You are awesome!
    Shah Turner

  • Chris Palmer

    Hey Pat,
    I plan on starting my podcast very soon. I’ve got an awesome idea for it, a rockin’ URL already, and an audience that I can publish to right away. I’ve already announced that I’m doing this (finally committed myself in front of people) and have received a lot of great ideas.

    I’m thinking about running a contest to my community and list (the list is about 16K) to design the iTunes banner graphic. Do you think that’s a good idea?

  • Chris Palmer

    Pat, another question. How would you feel about putting a company name on a podcast rather than a personal name? Because I’m not really running a personal brand, but rather a company, I think it’d be smarter to mention my name in the audio rather than the branding.

    Pros and Cons?

  • Jon Brantingham

    Pat, I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. I finally created my podcast, after going through your tutorial. I’ve been running a website since August 2011, shortly after finding your site. I actually recorded 4 versions of my 1st episode over a period of about a year, until I finally just bit the bullet and forced myself to publish it. You are an inspiration.

    • Chris Palmer

      And now 4 episodes strong! Good job man!

      • Jon Brantingham

        The hardest part was clicking the button to publish the first episode after that the rest are just business as usual. Thanks.

        • Chris Palmer

          That is what I’ve found, too. Getting a regular schedule, and then just doing it. I know each day of the week what I have to do for a podcast, and they are little step that get me to a great finished product with ease, amongst everything else I have to do.

  • Jedha

    Thanks for the AWESOME tutorial Pat. I followed it all the way through and now have a live podcast on itunes. Yipee and so exciting!!

    If anyone cares to take a look or listen, here it is 3 shows in and commited to every week for forever. Thanks again for all you do Pat, you are AWESOME!!

    • Chris Palmer

      Your podcast sounds great. The intro was a bit distracting, but your voice is very clear and sounds nice. Love the accent ;)

  • badassupdates

    6 Videos! Man I didn’t think podcasting would be so intense.

  • Jay Mutzafi

    Superb tutorial! Thanks.

    How does the whole paying for bandwidth work? If you are paying for hosting, and the itunes takes the files and feed from your website, and more people start downloading your podcast on iTunes, do you just pay for the hosting? (whether it is per month or per kb/gb like AWS).

    Or does more itunes downloads/streams mean paying more no matter what? How do you avoid getting a high bill if your podcast gets more popular?

  • Greg Sargent

    So how does the new Garageband app change podcasting? I can’t find anything in this new version of Garageband about podcasts! :)

  • Scott Lewis


    Just ordered the Audio Technica 2100, Mixer, stand and shock filter from your site. :) pumped! Thanks for all your help, info and videos! You rock my friend!


  • Jason Ramsden


    What a great resource! I’ve started a podcast ( as an extension of a weekly eNewsletter and blog that I do for my school community and ed tech community and your tutorials were exactly what I needed to get started. I now have the podcast bug and have already started thinking of others I could do as well.

    Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays!

    Jason Ramsden

    • Chris Palmer

      Jason, great job on your podcast. I can tell you’re putting a lot of hard work into it. I like your subject matter, too.

      Great job!

      • Jason Ramsden

        Chris – Thanks for taking a listen and providing feedback. Cheers!

  • ibn abee omar

    thanks for putting everything together nicely in one page so it’s easy to access. have set up a few podcasts before, and this was a great way to quickly reference what i needed to set up a new one.

  • ThePreparedPerformer

    This is a great resource like everything you put out! But, I’d love to know exactly how you connect your mixer to your computer. I seem to be missing a few steps : ) You mention that you use a cable to connect, but when I’ve tried researching – it looks like I might need a usb audio interface? This is way out of my realm of understanding, but my musician husband says I need an audio interface. Advice would be so appreciated. I don’t want to buy the wrong thing. Thank you!!

    • Sam

      It all depends on what type of mixer you have. Some mixers have a USB out built in. If all you have are phono or XLR outs your husband is right. You need an interface. Google “best digital audio interface,” find one with good ratings that’s in your price range and then look for it on ebay or craigslist.

  • Gary Chesnut

    Podcasting is a great and fun way to get your message out! In the beginning, there’s a bit of a learning curve but anyone who sticks with it will find it an enjoyable experience.

  • Trent

    Hey Pat, When I use Chrome, the videos don’t play… only audio. But when I use Firefox, it’s all good. Might be just my Chrome, but it’s probably worthwhile checking in to in case other people are having the same issue. I have no problem with other youtube videos in Chrome.

    BTW, I’ve learned a ton from your podcast. it has made a difference for me.

    • Chris Palmer

      This is a problem with flash player, not anything of Pat’s. Things are constantly changing and breaking with that kind of thing!

  • Rob Greenlee

    Pat, Can you please update the email address above for submitting new podcasts to the Windows Phone Podcasts Store. The new address is (podcasts at microsoft dotcom)

    Thank You,
    Rob Greenlee
    Content Manager, Podcasts Store on Windows Phone

  • The FoodCyclist


    Thank you so much for poasting this. It was very helpful when I started the Growing Farms Podcast a year ago. Podcasting has been one of the best things for my online business. You how-to helped get me started and I have been having a blast since.



  • Nik Parks

    Hey Pat!

    Thank you so much for your help! Your videos are SO helpful (as always)!

    We just launched our podcast on Monday—I sent you an email about it :)

    It’s so cool to see it up on iTunes!

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Omar Elbaga

    Pat how do you record someone if they want to talk from their own cell phone (not skype), while you’re doing your own audio recording? Do you use Skype and just pay for the call to record their side or is there another technique?

    • Stevie Knight

      You could easily use the service at It’s free and records calls for you and gives you a link to download the mp3 file. I use it for all audio-only interviews.

      • Cornu Copia

        You are a gem Stevie! Ive used on many occasions since 2006 but I never knew I could download the recordings of the conference calls. Thanks for that info dear wonderful lady! :)

    • Anthony Metivier

      If you do use Skype and have Screenflow, you can download functionality for Screenflow that will let you capture both yourself on a mic and the voice coming in from Skype. I wish I had known this from the get-go, but am sure glad I finally discovered it!

      • Peter

        Thanks Anthony. I am just trying to get my head around all of this. Pat recommended Pamela for recording Skype. Does Pamela not record both the mic and the voice coming through Skype? If so, what is the advantage of Screenflow over Pamela? Also, what is the pricing for Screenflow? Last, would Screenflow also replace the need for Auphonic? Thanks!

    • Joshua Schukman

      As a general rule, I really try to avoid this and encourage people to use skype because it will make them sound better, clearer, and more professional.

  • Chris R. Keller

    Great help Pat. I hope to have my first pod cast added to this page in the next week.

  • Josh

    Hi Pat.

    Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial. I have just submitted my first completed podcast episode to iTunes. I wouldn’t have managed to do it without your guidance.

    Thanks a lot!


  • Kevin Bond

    Awesome post Pat,
    I had a question…
    How do you do your intros and outros of your podcast???

  • Amanda Brown

    My podcast is up and running. Search for Gardening a Tips Online on iTunes. Thanks Pat

  • Robby Kukurs

    Thanks a lot Pat for the detailed instructions, just set up the podcast on my blog and it works like charm! Going to heed to you advice about waiting till I’ve got 3 – 4 episodes and then I’ll submit the feed to iTunes.

    Matter of fact – I’ve had plenty of people from China complaining they can’t watch YouTube content, so all my video episodes are pretty much lost on them. Now I’m just gonna export all videos as MP3 and make them available as podcasts.

    I’ve been thinking about this for more than a year now, and today I just sat down and didn’t get back up till I got it done.

    Nice feeling! ;-)

  • Joke and Biagio


    We’re reality TV producers and were looking for a way to both educate aspiring producers on how to pitch and sell shows, and to also offer them a way to team up with us on show concepts. Your posts helped convince us to go ahead and start a podcast, and so far the results have been spectacular. We’ve received a number of great show pitches and our outreach has lead to two new shows already airing. Thanks for all the inspiration.
    Joke and Biagio

  • JK Entrepreneur

    Looking forward to recording with you next week!
    Jeremy Frandsen introduces my show and I know you guys are close. He speaks very highly of you. +_+

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    Just watched your tutorial, just wanted to say thanks! Awesome podcasts to by the way.

  • Patrick McNease

    This is gold! Thank you Pat!

  • Patrick McNease

    Thank you Pat for taking the time to put this together. I have experience as a recording artist so the equipment part is covered. I will watch the other 5 videos to learn about the other specifics. Thank you so much.

  • Ines

    Hi Pat! You’ve been such an inspiration to me since 2012. I started my podcast last fall thanks to your simple and step-by-step tutorial: Dog Leash Aggression Podcast to accompany my Leash Aggression Classroom! I would love an update to this tutorial (or a link to) to show how to use SoundCloud instead of Libsyn. Im really impressed with SoundCloud, but don’t know how to use it with my WordPress site/Itunes with what I already have. Would love your help on this. Thank you so much for all you do!

  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    Wow – This is great stuff. The kind you would expect to be charged for. No wonder 75k amazing people are on your list.

  • Jackie Laulainen

    This is Pat Flynn at his finest, enabling everyday people to realize their business goals. THANK YOU!! Amazing tutorial. Like so many other things I’ve learned from you, I would NOT have been able to do this without you, and I’m currently waiting for iTunes, Stitcher, and Blackberry to approve my submissions! The Budget Minded Traveler Podcast is about to be born. THANK YOU for such great details!!! Big moment for me :)

    • Matt Farmer

      Jackie, your site is amazing!
      I have just been reading through it and will soon be listening to your podcasts!

      • Jackie Laulainen

        Oh thank you so much Matt! Welcome to BMT World! :)

  • Becky Fox

    Lots of great info here! I’ll be working on starting my fitness and nutrition podcast and getting my first 3 episodes done for April and this was super helpful. Thank you so much for all the awesome resource!

  • Carlos

    Thanks Pat

  • Hannah Ransom

    I started watching this about a month ago and got overwhelmed. It’s still kind of a lot but I think I can figure it all out now (I mostly just need to figure out how to record skype calls on linux!).

    One question: If you have a dedicated server for hosting (I don’t now, but plan to in the future) do you still need to have a separate media hosting service? I know you said not to host them together, but if you have awesome hosting it seems like your site would still be lovely and fast.

    • Frank Angelone

      There seems to be a lot of debate on this topic, but I have been podcasting since 2008 and have my podcast with my hosting provider and not a separate media hosting company. My personal opinion is that neither is wrong, but personal preference. Some recommend a mefia hosting service because they specialize in that field. However, sometimes people can forget that not everyone can afford two separate hosting accounts. I have not had a problem with the way I do things and have recently upgraded my server as well. A dedicated server is a very effective solution as you mentioned interest in doing. I have spoken with my hosting company before about uploading media and any issues with that and I have not had any problems reported. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Quest’s Cottage

    Pat, you are amazing and so generous. I want you to know I only decided to do a podcast yesterday, after batting it around for some time, but thinking it was too complicate… I’ve got my first episode up today… and I still have time to take the kids to swimming class. Thanks SO much!

  • brainB4body

    Pat, thank you so very much for your amazing generosity in this post specifically, your entire blog and of course your awesome Smart Passive Income podcast. This post made something that could have been super challenging seem easy. My daily podcast exceeded my goal of hitting New and Noteworthy for Health – by doing it in 24 hours. Even more exciting is the amazing feedback I’m getting …AND it’s fun! Thanks again for helping make ‘The Healthification Podcast’ happen. Kate Galli

  • Nick Thacker

    Thanks for this, Pat! Great resource! Thanks to you, I was able to launch the Self-Publishing Answers podcast last weekend!

  • Alecia Stringer

    Great tips, I’ll be applying more as I like to just get started on Sound Cloud. Thanks!

  • ReBuildUp

    Fantastic Tutorial Beginning to End! Already recommended this page to others looking to setup a podcast. By the way, I have a round logo so I didn’t know what else to do other than put the picture looking up at the logo like yours.

  • ReBuildUp

    Fantastic Tutorial Beginning to End!
    Already recommended this page to others looking to setup a podcast. By
    the way, I have a round logo so I didn’t know what else to do other than
    put the picture looking up at the logo like yours.

  • @gabeshep

    Hey Pat, found this post when a friend and I finally committed to our podcast. Despite the age of the post, it was hands down the best resource for us. Appreciate it!! Would love some feedback on ours if you have time…

  • Robert Andrews

    At what point should you start investing in podcasting equipment. Would you say after you have “X” amount of visitors per month. Is it worth podcasting if you don’t have at a 1000 visitors per month?

    • Frank Angelone

      That’s completely your call and what your budget is like. Personally, I wanted good quality audio, which can make or break a podcast. Getting equipment early on is what I prefer.

  • Ken Kelly

    Thanks Pat, so well structured. I felt like you were there holding my hand and guiding me through. My first podcast went live on iTunes two days ago and it has already had over 400 downloads. Thanks again Pat. Here is the link for anyone interested.

  • David Cunningham

    Hi Pat, great resource here. While it is very obvious many of people want to podcast and have already started, most do not know what they are doing. You have a great teaching skill. I actually elaborate even more about this at my blog, Up Next, in a post entitled…

    How Clueless Podcasters Really Are! Thanks for the great post!

  • Kriangsak Charanyanond

    Pat,it’s very interesting tome.I’ve to re-read for several time to get the great idea.thanks for your very kind to everyone.

  • Anthony Metivier

    Thanks for this, Pat! I knew the right opportunity would come to thank you directly on the podcast I was able to start thanks to your training when I noticed that one of my guests had interviewed you. So there’s a thanks to you from both Timothy Moser (from the Ace Productivity Podcast) and myself as part of an episode of The Magnetic Memory Method Podcast called ”
    Timothy Moser Talks About Memory Skills and Productivity.”

    If you ever need a pro bono memory training for your security guards, let me know and I’ll put one together. I was a store detective myself back in the day and had to be licensed so I could bring a bit of an insider feel to the memory insights I can offer them and know it will help them easily recall information for their exams. I’d be happy to do it.

    Thanks again so much for this amazing resource!

  • Eric N.

    How do remove podcast episodes I’ve posted on iTunes? I don’t want to take down my podcast feed, but want to take down the episodes (for compliance reasons) and put up new ones on the feed.

    • Frank Angelone

      Have you tried removing the corresponding post related to the episode? iTunes simply reads the feed of the post and looks for the audio reference. By removing the post that the episode is connected to, you would be updating your feed for iTunes.

  • Mary Kathryn Johnson

    Pat ~ This has been the most amazing podcast ride of my life! Thank you for this tutorial, and I’m sending everyone I know who wants to start a podcast back to this page to get your tips and tools!

    You are the best!

    Thank you for being a guest on my show Parent Entrepreneur Power, and here’s to all the amazing Karma you have coming your way….life is sweet indeed!

  • David

    I followed your tutorial and have just published my first episode. Got accepted in iTunes and Stitcher….Yippee!

  • Value Spreadsheet

    Hi Pat,

    Just wanted to thank you so, so much for this absolutely amazing resource! I got the idea to do a limited episode “nano” podcast to promote my upcoming Udemy investing course from a post by Chris Ducker on how he promoted his book Virtual Freedom.

    I launched the first five episodes of my podcast last week on iTunes and I couldn’t have done it without you. I’m very curious to find out how many people will listen to it :-)

    If people are interested, here is the link to my investing podcast:

    Nick Kraakman
    Founder of

  • JohnSeiffer

    Pat – Thanks. I just skimmed this page and already I’ve understood more about how podcasts work that I had before. You hit the right level of technical know how and plain language explanation. I’m a pretty technical guy but I hate explanations that gloss over how stuff really works. Thanks again.

    - John Seiffer CEOBOOTCAMP

  • mony1
  • Mona Ali
  • Mona Ali
  • Pete, Go Vape

    Thanks for the resource, Pat! It’s nice to see that so many people are finding success from this guide. We’ll be putting lots from here to use soon!

  • Gabe Serra

    Hey Pat good suggestions- how long would you say it takes for someone to get a podcast up and running? A week? Two?

    • Frank Angelone

      In terms of up and running…were you asking in terms of getting your first episode published in iTunes?

  • Gabe Serra

    Hey Pat good suggestions- how long would you say it takes for someone to get a podcast up and running? A week? Two?

  • nikolai

    Hi Pat,

    this is very helpful. I have decided to write a dissertation on the evolution of podcasting in the automotive industry and i wanted to test whether or not people still listen to podcasts when it comes to motoring. The only way to do this is to create my own podcast and without your help it would have been a lot harder. So thank you :)

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  • Phil Johnson

    Hi Pat… Great info as always. The podcast directory for Blackberry seems to have disappeared. The URL redirects to their app store where there is nary a mention of podcasts anywhere. Not sure if it’s a temporary thing or if they discontinued that part of their service.

  • dany

    And what do you think about the Yeti Pro mic ? I’ve hear good things about it. Have you used it ?

    • Frank Angelone

      Products like the Yeti made by Blue Microphones are good products. I’ve used their Blue snowflake and it still provides solid quality at more of an intermediate level. When you want to move to a more professional level, I’d either recommend going with a Heil microphone, which requires a mixer…or to say yourself time, what I do is use a $100 USB microphone, the Audio Technica AT2020 USB Microphone. I still use it to this day and it’s phenomenal.

  • Glen Evans

    Great job on the videos. Thank you Pat

  • Matthew Jeschke

    what’s the desk stand you’re using? That arm? Also did you encounter any problems with electrical noise / humming & hissing in your recordings? If so how did you address the noise issue? Thanks!

    • Frank Angelone

      The best way to address the excess noise is to record audio on separate tracks when podcasting with a guest. When recording a show by yourself (and with a guest) always utilize headphones to reduce echo and it’s best when those headphones are noise cancelling. Were you currently running into these issues?

  • jaklin badr
  • Nanette Circo

    Hi Pat–thanks so much for the tutorials–I am working with a client to create and promote their new Podcast Channel. In promoting my client’s launch date to their client base, can someone
    “pre-subscribe” to a podcast channel before the first episode goes live?

    • Frank Angelone

      On what platform were you looking to have people “pre-subscribe” – iTunes or the website?

  • Ari Smith

    Thank you! I launched my podcast: Real Life Real Savings in June 2014 using blubrry and my website: Just last week I submitted to iTunes and Stitcher and was picked up by both!

    Each week I share money saving tips and techniques that have worked for me. I also throw a little bit of Hawaii in there because I’m from here.

    Thank you again, this has been my main source for information on starting a pod cast. Your series is completely thorough and easy to understand.

  • Reid Peterson

    Pat, this has been a great tutorial. Thank you. I hope lybsin is an affiliate of yours. I used your PGI promo code. I also wanted to ask about video #6. When I tried to submit to Blackerry and Zune, I had no success. Rob at Zune was a delivery failure and I could not find any where to submit on BB. Are these now outdated and of no use? Regardless, I appreciate your guidance. I am having so much fun with my new podcast:

    • Frank Angelone

      The platforms the majority of people tend to publish their podcast on are iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. These platforms have the most engaged users and these platforms are how the majority of listeners are consuming podcasts. Since most people either have an iPhone or Android device, the utilization of Blackberry and Zune are outdated and will not provide you the same potential user base to reach as the mainstream options I listed. What platforms have you submitted your podcast to thus far?

  • Matt Farmer

    I have recently found your website and I just want to say a big, big thank you. I have created a website and ebook about how to make a pizza oven and I am now trying to figure out how to tell the world about it and you site is full of sooooo much great information. I had never thought of creating a podcast but after watching your videos I think that I will give some thought as to how I can integrate it with my site.
    Thank you Pat!,

  • jaki

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  • Hartman Media Company

    Congrats on the 8,000,000 downloads Pat! Keep up the great work & educational value you’re offering in the podcasting industry! When you have a chance, tune in to hear one of our 20 different podcasts on The Hartman Media site (, including our top podcasts, Creating Wealth Show ( and Speaking of Wealth (!

  • Nina

    So here is my question. I can see you have a blog and a podcast on your menu, how do you separate those two? When I try to write a post it automatically goes to my blog, but I want to have my blog and podcast on the same website. Any suggestions how to do that?

    • Rachel @ Mother Far from Home

      This is my question. I don’t want to publish a blog post every time I publish a podcast episode. How do I work around this?

      • Frank Angelone

        You need to publish a post each time you produce a new episode. The post itself doesn’t have to be long, but does need the link to your MP3 file included using a plugin like the free Blubrry Podcasting Plugin. The reason you need to publish a post each time you release an episode is because iTunes for example reads the audio file via an RSS feed which it pulls from your blog. To create that RSS feed most people use Feedburner, which I use as well.

    • Frank Angelone

      You need to create a category within WordPress that you can link your podcast related posts to. When Pat publishes an episode, it still shows on his blog, but the category page is used to only show posts that he has tagged as “podcast”. Does that answer your question?

  • Dave Ledoux

    Pat, couldn’t have done it without you. Sensational stuff, thanks a billion! My podcast is up at

    I just followed each video to completion. You’re an excellent teacher,

  • Maggie Mylow

    Hi pat. I watched all of your videos and they are amazing and very informative. My friend and I are starting up a podcast and I have a question. I went to set up power press in WordPress but that plug in doesn’t come up under the plug ins. Did I miss something? Can you help me out with this

    • Wayne

      Hi – I hope this helps – try searching for powerpress all one word. It comes up as
      Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin

      All the best


  • Wayne

    I took action! I have been listening to SPI for a couple of years and I really liked the idea of starting a podcast. Well, I have finally got around to doing it. Not sure it’s going to bring in the beans but I have found it quite enjoyable. My podcast is up and running at There are already seven episodes live in iTunes and another four are in the can with over thirty more already being developed.

    I couldn’t have done it without your easy to follow videos. Thanks Pat and the best of luck with all you do.

    All the best


    • Wayne

      Hi, I noticed your post while I was writing mine. Try searching for the plugin as powerpress (all one word). It should be top of the list and comes up as Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin.

      I hope that helps

  • Jason C.

    Hey Pat, I followed every step except the audio stuff, I had that down already. But thanks to you I now have a fully published podcast for my site Nashville Rocks. You can check out the premiere episode here:
    There were a couple of points that need to be updated on the video series, but for the most part everything is good to go still. Any resourceful internet person should be able to find the missing info. Also, I used “SPI” on Libsyn so I’m not a complete freeloader anymore. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for so long I feel like I know you. So if you’re ever in Nashville, you are welcome at my home. I’m still trying to get this online entrepreneurial thing rolling and actually make some money so I will continue to follow your advice. I am now also meeting with Mark Tune in Nashville who has begun a Meetup at for this same style of online entrepreneur sales system. Wish me luck! Thank you so much for your advice and for sharing your success and being transparent. Good on ya mate!

  • cdainmiller
  • ronenbekerman

    Going over your how to start podcasting pat and loving it! I was about to make some equipment orders when I stumbled upon MIC by Apogee. I was specifically looking for a solution to record on the go with as minimal setup as possible but keeping high quality of sound.

    Wondering if you know this one and maybe even tested it? Perhaps someone else around here gave it a go?

  • Inzou Di Stivano
  • Kitt Depatie

    Is there a special software to create your show notes or do you just build them yourself? I am talking specifically the episode descriptor and audio file on your podcast webpage?
    Thanks I am a graphic designer and probably can build but looking for an easy way.

    • Frank Angelone

      Most people do create their show notes themselves. There are some who do have their podcast episodes transcribed, but most require money. Was this something you were willing to spend a little money on? If you prefer to do it yourself, what I do is I listed back to each episode I record and write down the bullet points on each topic covered so I can just use that as my show notes and this makes things a lot easier. Does that answer your question? If not, just let me know :-)

  • Larry G. Maguire

    Hey Pat, Great tutorial here. I’ve been listening over and over all day and compiling my plan for rolling out my podcast. I’m a gadget fiend! and I love working with online technology (that’s just a “by the way”). What I wanted to ask was… Do you use a lapel mic for recording audio when shooting vids or podcasts, and if so what one do you use?

    Anyone else got some input on this I’d appreciate it too.

    Regards, Larry

    • Frank Angelone

      Hey Larry,

      For recording my podcast I use an Audio Technica AT2020 USB microhone. It is $100 on Amazon and produces great quality and and I couldn’t be happier with it. It is plug n’ play too, which was a huge selling point for me.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


  • EM Meyer

    Thank you SO much Pat! Very, very helpful.

  • Amit

    excellent piece of information, I had come to know about your website
    from my friend kishore, pune,i have read atleast 8 posts of yours by
    now, and let me tell you, your site gives the best and the most
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  • Guest

    Pat – Thanks for doing what you do, and being such a resource to so many people. Especially thanks for helping me launch a podcast on sustainability called “Sustainacast”…


  • Mick Dunn


    Thanks for doing all that you do, and being such a resource to so many people. Especially thank you for helping my launch a sustainability podcast recently called “Sustainacast” (


    (Perhaps have you come talk about GreenExamAcademy some day!!!!??)

    Hope you enjoyed Australia (my homeland). Look forward to seeing you in Portland, Maine where I live at the end of the month.


    Mick Dunn

  • Kara Gott Warner

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you so much for your generosity! This resource is amazing and I’m sharing the love with everyone I know who wants to start a podcast.

    I already have a small, but growing podcast here: I wish I found your resource first, because I would have done things just a bit differently.

    I know your time is precious, so I wanted to just a few quick questions:

    1. I currently pay to host my podcast on Soundcloud, but Powerpress will not validate because Soundcloud does not support secure http. That said, do you suggest I go through the work of hosting my podcast on Libsyn and using Soundcloud as a secondary host?

    2. If I stay on with Soundcloud, does that mean I must manually upload each episode to Soundcloud since it has a separate feed and is not a directory?

    3. Updating my new feed– My Soundcloud feed is on itunes. Once I’m up and running with Libsyn, do I need to delete my Soundcloud feed on itunes first before submitting my new one? My thinking here is that if I don’t, I will end up with two duplicate feeds.

    Thanks again. You are the best, Pat. I never miss an episode!

    • Frank Angelone

      Hi Kara,

      In terms of your first question, you mention PowerPress will not validate. Are you referring to the WordPress plugin? Is your site over HTTPS?

      I personally host my podcast with my hosting provider, but I have heard great things about Libsyn too. I would make Soundcloud as secondary for sure.

      For your second question, yes, you would need to upload episodes manually. iTunes reads the RSS feed to update automatically. However, it seems like your Soundcloud feed is on iTunes and in order for iTunes to know a new episode exists, you would havd to upload the episode to Soundcloud so that when iTunes hits your feed they will know to update it. You can have multiple feeds in iTunes, but if you don’t want duplicates, you will want to remove the old feed.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.


  • rosy mostafa
  • rosy mostafa
  • rosy mostafa
  • rosy mostafa
  • BartenderHQ
  • Maman Seo

    Thank you SO much Pat , helpfull and usefull ! tnx a lot دانلود فیلتر شکن very goood

  • Rachel @ Mother Far from Home

    So… I have to publish an actual post every time I want to submit a podcast episode? How on earth do I do that and start with 5 without totally spamming my blog?

  • Alafdal Company
  • FrankLivingston

    I’m also starting up a podcast and am grateful for all this information. My quick question: I’m recording from my home while my co-host is at his. Ill check out prior recommendations like free conference call etc. but if I have three or four people on as guests and I use a conference call will I be able to hook my mixer up to the call? This way if I have sound effects or bites or my intro music will everybody hear those sounds? Any suggestions on how to accomplish this with best quality audio is greatly appreciated. Thx!

  • abology

    looks really cool and social online

  • lucky
  • Talaat

    Does anybody know how to center the PowerPress media player in a blog posts. By default my player is shifted to the left, but it would look cleaner if I could have it centered.

  • Don Hill

    This may be a little off-topic, but you may want to look into Blog Talk Radio ( They provide you with a little more than just a podcasting platform (which includes an automatic iTunes listing and BTR hosts your audios). What makes Blog Talk Radio different is that they provide you with a telephone number as well as a Skype connection for listeners to call in and speak with you during your “live” audio broadcast via their services. A membership includes a control console from which you manage your callers. They have lots of capabilities in the technical arena as well, but one aspect about BTR that many people overlook is their “social” element…

    In actuality, Blog Talk Radio is, in itself, a social network, where you’re able to interact and communicate with hosts of other broadcasts via the Private Messaging system, and my experience in “connecting” with other show hosts has opened many doors and new possibilities.

    The staff at Blog Talk Radio is helpful too, and they have a comprehensive series of tutorials, as well as regular “broadcasts” where hosts can call in to ask questions and air opinions about the service. They are very receptive to new ideas and concepts, and their “up-time” is unparallelled in the industry!

    In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t cost anything to start an account, which will enable you to create your own “radio talk show”/podcast during “non-prime-time” hours, including the assignment of a call-in number. Of course, to be able to broadcast during “prime time” wil require upgrading to a paid account, which is quite reasonably priced considering the increased ability to reach your target audience that you’ll achieve.Most (if not all) of Pat’s advice concerning the setup of your podcast applies equally to setting up your account at Blog Talk Radio, so take good notes as you watch the above videos!

    If you’re looking for a way to reach a HUGE audience quickly and inexpensively, you should at least give BTR a look. Who knows? Yours could become a “featured” program on BTR, exposing your show to hundreds of thousands of people per month!

    • Pat Flynn

      Hey Don, thanks for the comment! I would not recommend BTR for a number of reasons, most of which my buddy Cliff from have expressed here in this podcast episode of his:

      The primary reason is because you lose control. They begin to insert ads – ads that you cannot control – in front and at the end of your show, not to mention their own branding as well. Also, you want to keep the main focus on your own site and bringing people back to your home base, not anyone else’s homebase. I understand the benefits of using it but the pros of using a platform like this, especially the social aspect of it, but there’s a reason why most of the shows in the top rankings in iTunes in every category do not use them.

  • Brian Frankel

    I went to the 12-23-2008 link to listen to your first recording, it is not there.

  • Alek Hess

    Pat, I loved this series of tutorials. Can you elaborate on how you connect your mixer to your computer? Are you using a usb audio interface?


  • Justin

    Hi Pat, thanks to your tutorial (which was a HUGE help) I got my podcast up on iTunes this week. It’s at Thanks!!

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  • emi ito illustration

    Hi Pat, Thank you for the tutorials! I was watching Video 5 and am wondering what to do if you have Squarespace instead of WordPress? Thank you!

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  • StevCrutch

    If you are just starting out, what plan do you recommend? Free? Is it even possible to do that with the bandwidth of a podcast?

  • Justin

    Thank you very much for this tutorial!

    Pat how do you record someone if they want to talk from their own cell phone (not skype), while