How to REALLY Profit from Your Blog

blog-profitLast week, a good friend of mine asked me out to lunch. He said he was dying to discuss a potential internet business idea and wanted my honest opinion. Naturally, I accepted.

I was excited, not only because we were having sushi, but because I love helping people, especially those who I can tell have that drive and passion to succeed. Many people ask me about what I do online, but only a handful actually ask me how to setup an LLC or use Google Optimizer to increase conversion rates.

At lunch, after some catching up and small chit-chat, I finally asked him, “So what’s this business idea of yours?”

Here’s the rest of our conversation:

Friend: I want to start a blog about X.

(X is “code” for his niche of interest)

Me: Sweet. Go on…

Friend: I want to start a blog about X because I’m already considered an expert at it. People come to me for advice all of the time, it’s something I’m totally passionate about, and I can see myself doing this full-time for years down the road.

Me: Nice. Those are all important things to consider when choosing to decide what niche you want to get into.

Friend: Right? So what do you think? Do you think it can work?

Me: So you want to start a blog?

Friend: Yeah. Why, what’s wrong with that?

Me: Nothing is wrong with starting a blog, but what’s the business? How will you make money?

Friend: Well, I thought the blog was the business. Don’t you have blogs that you make money from? I could advertise on it. Then maybe I could start other websites and make money from those too from advertising. How about that?

Me: You can make money from advertising – yes, but think about it. When you advertise, you’re the middle man. Would you rather be the middle man, or would you rather be the man?

Friend: [head nod]

Me: Okay then. So, my question to you is this: after you start this blog, how will you make money? How will this blog turn into a business?

Friend: Um…

Me: What comes next? What comes after the blog?

We actually ended up talking for a couple more hours, mostly about how one can use a blog as a launching pad for a business. I’m happy to share what we talked about with you.

Turning a Blog into a Business

If you’re at all familiar with how I got to this point in life, you know that when I started my exam prep blog, I had no intention of making money from it whatsoever. It was only after I got laid off that I eventually started to monetize it and mold it into a real internet business.

And even then, I started monetizing it by utilizing Google Adsense, which eventually led to selling advertising space on my blog. At this point, could you call my blog a business?


I was directly dealing with third-party companies to fill those advertising spots. I was, in fact, “conducting business” – but I wasn’t seeing the kind of income I really wanted (and needed) at the time. Not even close.

It was only after following the example of some of my favorite bloggers (like Darren and Yaro), and some excellent advice from the Internet Business Mastery Academy that I knew I had to do something more than just blog to make some real profits. Soon after, I formed my LLC and leveraged the authority and trust I had earned on my blog to launch a profitable internet business.

It’s my belief that anyone with a blog, passion, and a good work ethic can do the same thing.

So, as my friend and I sat there eating our spicy tuna rolls, we discussed how we could possibly take his idea of “just a blog”, and turn it into some kind of profitable business. Here’s what we came up with:

Write an eBook

This is the most logical step for many of us “just bloggers” out there. We already write on a blog, so it’s not all that difficult for us to write an eBook too.

In many cases, we can simply reformat what we’ve already written on the blog and turn that into an eBook. Even though our readers could get most of the same information for free, if you’ve established yourself an an authority, people will gladly pay you for a neatly organized and formatted eBook.

Here are some other examples of bloggers utilizing an eBook in their business repertoire:

If you’re interested in writing an eBook, please check out my comprehensive free eBook guide.

Oh, and don’t forget about the audio guides and videos you could add to your product line.

Write a Book Book

Maybe you’re not an eBook kind of person, and that’s okay. Many bloggers use their blog as a stepping stone to get an actual printed book published.

This is something I would love to do someday. I would love to take my son into Barnes & Nobles or Borders, point to a book on the shelf and say, “Look son! I wrote this book.”


Anyways, it takes a lot longer to build your reputation as a blogger to have the ability to write and publish an actual printed book (not including those who self-publish via sites like, but doing so can definitely skyrocket ones authority in a niche and income potential as well.

Here are some examples of bloggers who have gone to the next level and have published an actual printed book:

All of these guys were at one point “just bloggers”, and now they’re authors (or in J.D.’s case, a soon to be author – congrats man!).

Why can’t we do the same?

Start a Membership Website

A membership website is probably the most attractive business model for most bloggers who don’t want to be “just bloggers” anymore. Usually, these membership websites have either premium content or exclusive content that cannot be found on the blog and require a recurring payment to access. Here’s what really makes membership websites attractive:

Let’s say we set up our own membership website and charge a $20 monthly fee (which is relatively low, but a nice round number I can use to prove my point).

In the first month, we sell 50 memberships. That’s $1000.

In the second month, we sell another 50 memberships. That’s $1000, plus another $1000 from the 50 members from the first month. That’s $2000 total in the second month.

In the third month, we sell 100 new memberships. Now we have 200 total members, which is $4000. And so on and so forth…

Obviously, people drop out and don’t stay members forever, but still – profits can add up quickly. Setup your membership site once, and just reap the benefits month after month.


Here are some examples of membership websites with premium content:

Create and Sell Courses

Somewhat related to membership websites, you can create a full line of courses to help teach whatever it is you want to teach. The difference between a membership site and selling courses, is that the courses don’t necessarily have to be something that is only accessible online. Think DVD packages and audio CDs.

Here’s a great example from a site that helps people learn how to play the guitar:

Become a Consultant / Start a Service

Many bloggers use their leverage in the blogosphere to actually launch their own consulting or service businesses that are related to their niche. Think about the type of businesses that a successful graphic artist and blogger could create. Or how about a social media expert, or an interior designer?

Yes, these kinds of businesses aren’t as “passive” because they require your direct services (at first), but it’s definitely a viable way to start earning a profit as a result of who you become on your blog.

Here are some examples:

Sell Something You Actually Make

This wasn’t an option for my buddy, but it might be for a lot of other bloggers. Maybe you knit really awesome sweaters, or build record breaking remote control cars. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to develop a following and begin to sell your creations online.

What about food? (Although – I’m sure there are some strict regulations for selling any kind of food online. Better check on that before you sell your Grandma’s cookies online.)

For you software developers and coders out there, maybe you’ve created some type of awesome software or program that does something we all wish we had the ability to do.

How about a WordPress theme?

Something Innovative That’s Never Been Done Before

When it comes to innovation and blogs, the first thing that comes to mind are Jason and Evan from If you haven’t heard of them, they basically get paid to wear company t-shirts. That’s it.

Maybe you’d call it a flash in the pan, or a gimmick, but these guys are making bank. They are pretty much sold out for the year 2010 already. (Today’s date, by the way, is January 20th, 2010…for all of you future readers out there.)

Here’s their “buy your spot” page, where you can see the few spots that are left, which are going between $516 to $538 a day.

Props to Jason and Evan for their success, seriously.

After Our Lunch

At the end of our lunch, my buddy thanked me and said:

Friend: I have a lot of options.

Me: Yep! But keep that enthusiasm you have with your blog, because it can take you places.

Friend: I will. But what should I do after the blog. I mean, what’s my next step? An eBook, like you?

Me: Maybe, but I wouldn’t worry about that right now. If you go into building your blog knowing that you’re going to launch an eBook on such and such date, or start a membership website right away, you’re going to fail. Work on your blog, build it naturally with the primary purpose of helping people. If you do that, you’ll gain authority and by then you’ll know what you should do next. Keep everything we talked about in mind so you’re ready when that happens.

Friend: Cool, thanks Pat.


  • KreCi

    I have just sit to my computer with a thought to ask some one about my blog monetizing. Then I saw a tweet about your post. Just in time :) Anyway it still have not helped me with idea to monetize one of my blogs… I wonder if I could ask you about advise directly…?

    • Pat

      Sure KreCi. Shoot me an email, or even just post your questions here for everyone to see if you’re willing. This post, however, is more about turning your blog into a business. Not just monetizing it, but actually profiting from it. There’s a huge difference between those two words. Thanks man!

      • KreCi

        Thank you for your answer. I have just drop you an email message. Hope you will find some time to answer to my questions.

      • MRS Devika Rani


  • MD @ Studenomics

    You did it again Pat! I’m surprised that you still haven’t formed a membership site (not that I’m complaining).

    Thanks for sharing the guitar site. My good friend plays the guitar in a band and studies it in school. The other day he told me he wants to look for a real job. I was thinking WTF? I told him that there are so many ways to make money playing a guitar.

    I personally think the ebook is the most scalable option out of all of them (aka something Timothy Ferriss would approve of lol). What do you think?

    • Pat

      Scalable in the sense that we can easily duplicate our money making “item”, indeed. However, it’s not all about “scale”. A membership website that’s managed by 2 or 3 people you’ve hired to take care of retention, updating new content, and getting new members would probably be far more profitable, with even less of your time involved. Tim is huge on outsourcing, so if you’re not into that, an eBook is probably the fastest and easiest form.

      Cheers MD! By the way – I’m loving Studenomics 2.0. Well done!

  • Financial Samurai

    Sounds like a plan Pat! How long were you blogging for until you wrote your own e-book?

    • Pat

      Good question! For my primary blog, it was about 6 months before I started to write the eBook. I had the blog going for quite a while, just providing free info to people, which I think is the right way to do it. For this blog – well, it was over a year before I came out with my free eBook.

      • Financial Samurai

        Sounds good man. Maybe I’ll give it a go! Go Bears!

      • Elias

        Another question Pat: How long did it take you to start blogging after you first thought about it?


  • Barron

    Well-said Pat, with clear steps and great advice and examples. Always enjoy reading your stuff.

    • Pat

      Thanks Barron! I appreciate that. Cheers!

  • Charlotte

    Thank you for all that you share, this is amazing advice! I’ve built up my positive-news website around becoming a Mama. Some days I only have ten minutes per day to put into it, but something fuels me on – maybe because I want to set a good example for my son, maybe because I love what I’m doing – and over the past three years, it’s grown into something I’m really proud of. I’ve got sixteen people working on various aspects of my site now, which is amazing. It’s totally been a game of perseverance and patience. Thanks for your words of encouragement and your generosity, it really, really helps,
    New Zealand

    • Pat

      Hey Charlotte! It sounds like you’ve got something awesome going on with your news site! I just checked it out, and you’ve got lots of good stuff on there. I think we all need some happy in our lives, and your site is definitely one place to get it. I’ll be checking in everyonce and a while. Thanks Charlotte! All the best to you!

  • Daniel

    Hey Pat,

    Thank you again for another superb post. Blog is a great platform for online business owners to reach out their targeted audiences. But without thinking further what’s next after many great posts are the most common mistakes make by many bloggers who try to make money online.

    Your blog give many great guides to beginners even those who are already in blogspheres.


    • Pat

      Thanks Daniel! I remember what it was like to be a beginner (felt so lost), so I’m just doing my best to fill people in so they can get their online projects going sooner than I could. Thanks for your comment, as always! Cheers!

  • Playstead

    Great article and good advice to get past the “I have a blog” part of actually earning money online.

    • Pat

      Thanks Playstead – and congrats on the new blog!

  • shysoho

    Your advice make me rethink the long term planning for my blog. Sometimes, I wonder how you keep writing valuable post. Can you share the secret?

    • Pat

      Hey Shysoho, no real big secrets here – I just talk about things I’ve experienced myself and share that with all of you here. Thanks!

  • Ian

    Awesome advice! If your mate is as passionate as he sounds, then there is no doubt he’ll be successful.

    Biggest thing for me is to just give value. I’m making money on the side with niche minisites a la Cloud Living, but on my blog I don’t want to make any money. I just want to help people, meet people and given time, change peoples lives for the better.

    I think my biggest problem is that I try to connect with people too much! I don’t know when to switch off my passion for talking about learning, blogging, living free etc! I think people get annoyed by me on Twitter but hey, they’ll remember me!

    Nice post again, Pat. You always bring the goods on SPI! Thanks.


    • Pat

      Thanks Ian! I’m sure my buddy will succeed, but it will take some time, as many things do.

      I feel the same way with this blog here, as you do on your own. As I mentioned before, I love to help people, and this blog helps me to get that “helping people” fix that I need every day. Keep up the good work Ian! Cheers!

  • Anthony Feint

    All of these ideas a are great….but unless you know what you’re talking about no one will buy your ebook/book/consulting/membership etc. You’ve have to be a leader in your niche.

    Be awesome first….monetise later.

    • Pat

      Hey Anthony – I totally agree. That’s why at the end of our lunch, I told him to keep these ideas in the back of his head for when he gains enough authority to be able to use them. Awesome first – monetize later. I love that! Thanks!

  • winnie

    You always have great read….will take some advice from that…I initially wanted a blog for my book, but I think this Ebook idea is great…would like to make money too.

    • Pat

      Hey thanks winnie! I do my best to make each and every blog post I write useful for my readers.

      Definitely keep these ideas in min, but as Anthony said above, work on being awesome first, and then monetize. Anything about survival is awesome to me, so keep up the great work!

  • [email protected]

    Great Story Pat! I just downloaded your e-book and read it. I thought it was great considering I’m putting together my 2nd e-book. This one will go through as I learned a lot from my first e-book experience.

    Your e-book was actually very impressive. I’m an avid reader and I really must say yours sticks out as a favorite.

    • Pat

      Nick, those are very kind words. Thanks so much. I’m glad you found the eBook useful, and I wish you the best of luck on your next project. Let me know how the LuLu stuff goes. I researched it before, like I mentioned in my eBook, but I decided to stay away. Please send over any tips or tricks, and let me know once it’s finished – I’d love to check it out.

  • Karen

    Pat! You are killing us with these amazing articles – are you ever on a roll! :-)

    This one was like getting hit over the head – we don’t have any excuses anymore as you’ve listed so many different ways to make our blogs into businesses and earn money (besides ads).

    I’m seriously impressed. Although the list sounds so easy to do, we all know that there is a TON of WORK behind making the scenes. Not to mention, the fear factor of starting the business and the emotional path of getting yourself to do it. I would be interesting to read about how you overcame your fear and the psychological aspect behind your business. More whys (besides the hows), I guess.

    Thanks so much for a great resource article.


    • Pat

      Thanks Karen! I think you mention something very important – the fear factor. In fact, I actually wrote an article about fear already, check it out here:

      Thanks again for your comments, Karen! As always!

      • Karen

        I had a read of the link. Another great article that explains how you ‘think of the worst case scenario” but take action anyway to get past your fear. Thanks for pointing that one out to me.

  • Michele

    I can so relate to the helping others first and the money will come. Sure, lots of people make money without that goal in mind, however I believe that whatever you give comes back to you ten times. It’s great to read about someone who’s not all into the quick fix.

    • Pat

      Hy Michele! Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you on the helping others first and even better things will happen to you later. This is exactly what I’ve experienced myself.

      I do believe in Karma, especially online blog helping people Karma


      All the best to you!

  • Jackie

    I think “build it naturally with the primary purpose of helping people” sums it up. People can tell when the primary purpose is to make money. If your goal is to share something that you’re passionate about with others, you’re a lot better off.

    And you’re right, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the blog is the product/business. It can be if you’re using the magazine model, but there is the potential for so much more. I’m excited that I’ll be branching out to a coaching course fairly soon.

    • Pat

      Awesome Jackie! A coaching course would be sweeeeet! Please keep us updated on your progress.

      And I totally agree with you. When your primary goal is to make money, people can read right through that.

      Cheers Jackie!

  • Dot Com Note

    There is nothing earth shattering concept here. Instead of telling all the bull crap about making money from a blog using ebooks and other BS, you should have advised him about web hosting, blog platform, how to draw traffic, etc. that would have been more beneficial to somebody who is enthusiastic about starting a blog. The first question should not be “how you’re going to make money?”

    • Moon Hussain

      You’re talking about all the technical stuff, which Pat might’ve discussed with his friend on the side. I think it’s important to discuss the bigger picture. Pat did the right thing: he asked his friend what the purpose of the blog was, how he thought he could make money, etc.

      You’re pretty rude. You could’ve conveyed your thoughts in a better manner.

    • Sandra

      Dot Com Note. I don’t think that talking about what you said (webhosting, the blog platform, and how to draw traffic) is earth shattering either. Pat’s earned over 200k with his E-Books and other online businesses, so he knows what he’s talking about. I think he’s doing his friend a favor by helping him figure out how to make real money from his blog, and start a business around it that he can be proud of.

      There are a lot of blogs we see that are just blogs, who have figured out how to get proper web hosting, etc. Only handful are taking it to a whole new level, like Pat mentions, and actually PROFITING from it.

      Did you even read the entire post, or did you just scroll down and see the options?

      Is talking about web hosting, the blog platform, and how to draw traffic earth shattering information? Would merely setting up a blog and bringing traffic in been my friend’s ticket to starting a BUSINESS? A profitable business?

    • Pat

      Hey – I appreciate your comment and your honesty. But, I have to agree with the others who have chimed in already. Just setting up a blog and even just getting traffic isn’t going to get my friend anywhere. I want him to succeed. I want him to start the business that he said he wanted to start so he can be profitable and make some real money beyond just advertising or affiliate marketing.

      And you’re right, this isn’t earth shattering information? But I think it’s exactly what “just bloggers” need to know to take things to the next level.

      • [email protected]

        Odd that someone is expressing negative comments as I just received one the other day(maybe there is a secret cult). I must say you handled it better than I would have :)

        Dot Com Note could just be using a tactic to drive traffic to his site by causing problems or stirring up trouble getting people to click on his icon. If so, I would at least be flattered that he thought your site was better than his so he decided to try this tactic on your site. You know he wouldn’t do that on a crappy site mine :)

        • Pat

          There will always be a troll or two, hehe.

      • Dot Com Note

        Pat, I am extrmely sorry. I apologize. After reading a bunch of similar stuff, I think I was a little bit dizzy. I should have framed it differently. Again, please accept my aplogy.

        Your content is great and I subscribe to your blog and read lots of stuff from your blog.

        • Pat

          Hi Dot Com Note:

          Thanks so much for your apology, although I don’t think it’s necessary, because I value people’s honest opinion. However, thanks for going out of your way to take the time to apologize. If there’s anything I can do for you or if there are any suggestions to help improve my content, please let me know. Cheers, and best of luck to you and your online ventures.

  • Moon Hussain

    Pat, as always, great content. I’m going to direct a friend of mine to this post so as a newbie, she can understand what is involved.

    Btw, I twittered you last night. I posted an article today about creating an effective website for your product and ended up critiquing your Green Exam Academy (guide sales page) as an example. Hope that’s ok!

    From the time I started reading your blog to up until now–I love how your posts flow. As always, thanks for the comment and constantly reminding us that we can all accomplish passive income as you are :)

    • Pat

      Yeah, that’s totally cool – no worries at all. I hope it helps others in one way or another. All the best to you!

  • Srinivas Rao


    Awesome post. I am part of Yaro’s program and I think any early stage blogger can benefit from being part of one of these programs. The key is following through.I recently started making money from my blog by turning all the skills I learned into a consulting service. Now I’m slowly starting to pick up freelance clients.

    • Pat

      Hi Srinivas – I’m a huge fan of Yaro, and it’s always great to see success stories that come from his programs, which I’ve heard great things about.

      Following through is definitely the key. I wonder ot of all the how to courses and lessons people purchase online, how many actually take the time to do whatever it is they purchase. My guess is that it would be much less than we think.

      Congrats on your consulting service!

  • Patrenia

    This is solid advice Pat. I started my blog to compliment my business (personal finance coaching). When I initially started the researching blogging, I didn’t realize all the ins and outs, but I found most of the opportunities you listed above. I’m so glad I went this route. I’m almost done with certification (taking the last test in a couple of weeks). After that, it’s full speed ahead. I can’t wait! Thanks for constantly inspiring us!

    • Pat

      Thanks Patrenia! Good luck on your certification test! Can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you and your blog. Let me know!

  • RJ Weiss

    Good to know there are a lot of options. I’m leaning more towards taking my blog to a membership site sometime this year.

    I’m slowly but surely gaining readers each day, branding myself as an expert, and getting my story out there. Hopefully soon, I will have enough fans to take the next step.

    • Pat

      Awesome RJ, I can’t wait to see it happen! Good luck!

  • The Real Josh

    People forget sometime or they simply don’t know how to begin a plan. It was great that your friend had the passion and knowledge of a niche topic but didn’t look past the surface. Thankfully he knew someone like yourself that can ask the right questions and hopefully save him a lot of time and trouble. It would have been easy to ask “how does someone start a convenient store?” Then use an example of something like that in comparison to how he is approaching his own online business.

    • Pat

      Hey Josh – I really love the convenient store example. I think it’s a lot easier to understand how things work online that way, because in reality, even though things are done online and can be automated, the same consumer principles apply.

      As always, thanks for your comment!

  • Debt Free Hispanic

    Pat, great info here. I like the list of possibilities. I agree though, you must first show people that you can produce great content, then monetize your products. I am also doing some of the things mentioned in this post. Congrats on your passive income.

    • Pat

      Thanks, and good luck on all of your projects! Are you do anything else that you would maybe like to add to this list?

      • Debt Free Hispanic

        Well personally, I am going to use my blog as a branding tool. I want to do more speaking engagements and what better way to share my knowledge than to blog. I know it’s nothing new, but for some it could be a good way to go from shy to outgoing or interacting with others. A blog helps you come out of your shell.

        • Pat

          I couldn’t agree with you more. My blogs have definitely helped me come out of my shell (and still doing so, with my videos and the podcast I’ll be starting soon). I hope to speak in public someday about what I’m doing now. Cheers, and best of luck to you!

  • Lauren

    Thanks for all these great ideas! I used to think that you could make money off a blog (hahaha), but over the past couple years, I’ve realized it takes much more work and planning to achieve anything worth counting. You’ve pointed out some ideas here that I hadn’t yet thought of, so I’m going to start incorporating these into my repertoire. Thanks again!

    • Pat

      Thanks Lauren! Glad I could point you towards some more possibilities. By the way, I used to be really interested in drop shipping, but I didn’t know exactly where to begin. When I have time, I’m definitely going to scope out your blog posts. Best of luck!

  • Pat

    Hey Jonny, good luck with the SUCCESS ebook! I’ve heard some buzz about it already, so I’m hoping it makes a big impact for you and everyone else involved and read it as well. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

  • Steven Churchill


    Your post here represents a lot of experience. I wonder if newcomers to the blogging or Internet Marketing worlds appreciate how much information you’ve effectively condensed here. Thank you. I’m working on a few of those options myself, but am convinced that first is giving people something of real value. You emphasized that to your friend at then end of your conversation.

    People need to realize “Money comes as a byproduct of delivering meaningful products, services, or information.” (One of my mantras.)

    • Pat

      Hey Steve – great mantra!

      I only hope beginner’s are able to take something away from this article. It would of helped me when I started blogging, that’s for sure.

  • Dustin | Engaged Marriage

    Another awesome post, Pat!

    I’ll throw in a question. I totally agree with the statements above related to “awesome first, monetize second.” However, when do you know you’ve achieved “awesome” status? How do you know when it’s the right time to sell an e-book?

    Thanks again for all of the great advice you offer so freely.

    • Pat

      Dustin, that’s obviously a very valid question. I believe the right time is different for everyone, and ever niche as well. For my exam perp stuff, for example, I was giving out information that people needed right away – stuff to pass an exam. If I were to sell something from this blog, it may be a while because I’m no where near the likes of Darren or Yaro and other profitable bloggers.

      Some signs of building authority in a niche, however, are when people begin to ask you questions and email you for advice; when other bloggers start linking to your own content because they feel it will help their own audience; or when you see a lot of traffic coming in from searches. There’s a lot of indicators, but it’s hard to put a number or right time on it.

      Great question. I’d be interested in hearing what others have to say.

  • Howie

    “When it comes to innovation and blogs, the first thing that comes to mind are Jason and Evan from If you haven’t heard of them, they basically get paid to wear company t-shirts. That’s it.”

    ….this sounds alot like what Shoemoney does…..

    hey…if it works for them, best of luck to them…lol :)

    • Pat

      Yea, shoemoney does it too, but because he knows he gets free stuff which he shows off every Friday, which is pretty cool. I don’t know if he’s selling off his Friday’s though. Good stuff!

  • Steve-Success Factors

    Pat, I love what you said. First, you go into blogging with the thought of helping others. In time, as you build authority, you can then start building a business that will help you continue to serve your readers, but on a bigger scale. BTW, I keep marveling on how beautiful you new blog design is :)

    • Pat

      Heh. thanks Steve! Sometimes I come back to the homepage (cause I do most of my work in my admin panel, including answering comments), and I’m amazed as well. I forget that I did the redesign sometimes.

      Anyways, thanks for your comments, as always! Cheers!

  • Ricky

    My question is quite niche specific, but as an entertainment blogger, I’ve always thought of my BLOG (and subsequently my ideas and opinions) as the product. What would you suggest someone who writes about music and pop culture “sell” to their readers?

    • Pat

      Ricky – thanks for your comment You bring up a good point. Most of these options don’t make real sense for a news blog, or entertainment type blog like you mentioned. Like with newspapers, the money is in the advertising, but I don’t like to consider advertising only as reliable business income, because in essence your success is determined by the companies you are advertising for. If they fold, then you don’t have any income – for example.

      But, if you can come up with something unique or innovative, or get it to a point where not your blog becomes the business, but YOU or your personality, then I can see things asking off from there. I’m thinking of Perez Hilton and how he’s become somewhat of an overnight celebrity from his blog – or all of the other personalities that have made it big through YouTube.

      Thanks again for bringing this up. I would love to hear what everyone else has to say as well.

  • Jason @

    A superb post Pat… I’m starting to work on my first product for my guyknowledgy blog. Not sure when it will be released but I’m very excited to work through the process.

    Your blog is definitely one of my go to staples and I love reading.

    • Pat

      Thanks Jason! Please keep me updated on your progress! I can’t wait to see the final product :)

  • Mark

    Great article, watched The Ren Men Episode, count me in to subscribe to the podcast. When life settles down you should still consider doing some coaching/mentoring.

    • Pat

      Hey Mark – Once things settle down, I may take the mentoring that I already do to a whole new level, because it’s really fulfilling for me to help people out one-on-one like that. I’m sure you’ll hear about it if it goes down that way. Thanks Mark for the inspiration!

  • Robert Hagstrom

    Hey, Pat! How do you setup an LLC or use Google Optimizer to increase conversion rates? J/K.

    Thanks for always sharing earth-shattering information. It’s always earth-shattering when you don’t know it, but once you do it’s easy to dismiss as obvious.

    All this “internet business” stuff was new to me a few months ago, and once I realized the possibilites, how it matched perfectly with what I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve been fired up all day every day. Thanks for helping me out and for the on-target info, both the general strategic info and the tactical nuts-and-bolts how-to’s. With the map of where I want to go in mind, the rest just flows. I now have so much I want to do, I spend several hours a day at it, crushing away.

    Quick question: After expertise/ authority is established, do you think having a “free” portion of the site and a membership portion on the same site, with exclusive content, is the way to go?


    • Pat

      Hey Bobby, I think having the free content and premium content on the same site is a great way to do it. If you want to see a great example of how someone does this, check out the PMP Podcast for the PMP Exam, and his premium subscription area. I really love this model, and I think it works well because you can get a “taste” with the free content, and immediate see where you can get more with the premium stuff.

      Obviously, it doesn’t HAVE to be done this way, but I think it makes sense. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • Chris Monty

    Fabulous post. I just saw someone else taking about earlier today. Now those two guys are brilliant.

    • Pat

      Yeah, totally. It’s those kinds of things that always make me say, “Now why didn’t I think of that!”

  • JadeDragon

    More fantastic content Pat. Thanks again for the great interview on my blog a couple days ago :) I’ll get you to help me with Google Optimizer soon!

    • Pat

      Hey no problem! It was my pleasure! Thanks JadeDragon!

  • Taylor Marek

    Pat, awesome stuff. Loved the story, want to know why? Here is my story…

    I originally started my blog three years ago because I wanted to share some ideas. It started doing real well and I started noticing people making full-time incomes from it. Then it hit me that I could do the same. I approached it the wrong way though. That was, until I met my mentor Paul Colligan at the 2008 New Media Expo. He very simply said to me, “What would you rather do, make a chunk of the money or be the guy who gets all of it?”

    I’d love to have you on my podcast. :)

    • Pat

      Paul Colligan – great guy, for sure. As far as the podcast, shoot me an message and we’ll talk about it. Thanks!

      • Taylor Marek

        Will do. I’ll be contacting you within the week or two.

  • Chetz Yusof

    Thanks for sharing Pat! The really inspires me. That’s so cool. I never thought that ppl would like to know what t-shirt a guy is wearing everyday!

    It just made more excited to work on my blog now. I see where it’s going!

    Thanks again Pat.

    Chetz Yusof

    • Howie

      I was doing a little exploring, and it’s cool that they’ve gotten so much publicity for….

      I think his pricing is brilliant, as well….

      If I understand correctly, he essentially charges $1.00 for the first day, $2.00 for the second day, $3.00 for the 3rd day, and so on, all the way up to 365….which, it sounds, ultimately accrues over $60,000 a year….

      REALLY smart…. :)

      • The Real Josh

        Not only that but with the addition of monthly sponsors and more they are looking at over 70K. This year there are 2 iwearyourshirt guys and doube the cost (and almost sold out). What a great idea.

    • Pat

      Hey Chetz, pretty inspiratinoal stuff, huh! Actually, there’s an interview conducted by Wildfire Marketing Group about Jason and how he was able to get started with You can read more about it here if you’re interested:

      Maybe I should start something similar, but with underwear? JK!

  • Walter

    I’m in the early stage of blogging and doing my best to establish a name. I will consider some of your ideas here when the time is right. Thanks for sharing these tips. :-)

    • Pat

      No problem Walter! Keep at it and you’ll eventually reach that perfect time!

  • Simon Bunker

    Great Post Pat. Well presented and easy to follow. There is some great information in this post for both new and seasoned bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Pat

      Thanks Simon! I appreciate that! I hope both beginners and experts can take something away with them from this post. By the way – thanks for your recommendation of the Whuffie Factor, I may just check it out. Cheers!

  • HART (1-800-HART)

    Yeah … Paul urged me from PBC that this was a good post showing how you drew from a personal story and then both educated and inspired the reader as you went along … I was not disappointed.

    • Pat

      Hey Hart! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I’m glad you weren’t dissapointed. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. All the best to you!

  • Ursula

    Hi Pat! AWESOME post – thank you for posting it! Definitely some good advice here… I’m in the “building my blog” phase, but I’m keeping the ebook and membership options in the back of my mind as I refine my niche.

    • Pat

      Hey Ursula! Thanks for your comment (and for capitalizing AWESOME too, hehe!). Keep building your blog and taking things one step at a time, and you’re sure to be able to capitalize on something like this in the future. Good luck!

  • Howie

    Over 80 comments on this post so far, Pat!

    Wow….your blog is really heating up big time, man….congrats! :)

    (I remember the days when your blog would “only” receive a miniscule 30 or 40 comments….LOL) :)

    • Pat

      Heh – thanks Howie, and thanks for your support and always contributing to the conversation. How’s the project coming along?

      • Howie

        lol…no problem at all, Pat… :)

        ….it feels like I’ve been saying “Soon” and “Almost there” for the last 3 months…. (well, I guess I have been…)

        Still gathering up testimonials, but I’m constantly reminded of the one thing you said in your eBook Guide (I have it printed off stapled next to me…), and that your’e basically leaving money on the table whenever you DON’T have a product out on the market….

        Guess I’m just hard charged to see the final product be the most comprehensive course available for writing online…that just takes time….but, yep, “Almost there”….lol

        …p.s. great job with the Ren Men show today :)

  • Howie

    Hey Pat,

    Did you start of Camatisia with a FREE trial, then jump in and purchase it for $299. Seems like a bit of a steep price tag….

    I think it would be cool to integrate videos into InfoBarrel Success, eventually….the videos could fill the gap with some awesome information and visuals, that I might not be able to convey with just words….

    • Pat

      I started with a free trial – yes. The mac price tag is smaller ($99 i think), but either way it’s totally worth it. And don’t forget, 1) I am not a CPA and all financial advice should be seeked out with your own professional CPA, and 2) You can write it off as a business expense if you’re incorporated or an LLC.

      Video definitely helps get ideas across. Bigtime.

  • Robert Love

    Great post Pat. I think it can be easy to get overwhelmed with info when your first start your blogging journey. I think you did a great job in your chat with your friend, often enthusiasm spills into expecting things to happen to quickly. Having a mentor pull the reins in slightly and allowing you to see the bigger picture is always useful.

    Finding the right info/people to take advice from is such a big key to succeeding. Realising that hard work and lots of time are needed to achieve success is something that anyone starting out should realise. Unless your lucky, it’s unlikely to happen overnight and there’ll be sacrifices.

    With that negative comment over with, you’ve got to be in it to win so as long as your always learning, there’s no reason why we all can’t be experts in our own niches.

    After all, an expert starts out small, connects all the dots and makes his way to the top of the food chain.

    • Pat

      Hey Robert, I couldn’t agree with you more, in all the points you made. Especially your last two sentences…hit the nail right on the head.

      Even the top experts in any field are continually learning.

      Thanks Robert! Love your comments :)

      • Robert Love

        lol, took me a few seconds for that last sentence to click.

        Alternative Career there Pat :-)

        I’ll be back to extract some more info from you soon.

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  • Vincent

    Hey Pat,

    You got me thinking about looking at my blog as a business. I think I got off track somewhere and I need to look at it again as a business instead of just a hobby. Great article.


    • Pat

      Maybe you got off track with your thinking about where you wanted your blog to go, but I think your blog is on the right path still! I don’t think you’re off track – just you forgot what’s at the end of it! Cheers Vincent!

  • Shane

    Good post. :)
    I agree that there are tons of ways to make money from a blog and almost all of them are way better than advertising. You’ve done a great job of listing many of the options in this post.

    I’m also kicking myself about the iwearyourshirt thing, because a few friends and myself had a similar idea a few years back, but didn’t ever do anything about it…


    • Pat

      Thanks for your comment Shane. I know what you mean about kicking myself. I feel like I’ve had so many ideas in the past that are now thriving businesses. All good though!


  • Robert Hagstrom

    Good point thanks for the insight, Pat! This is the point of my future blog–to give free content to fill in the major gaps in the available information out there, based on my own experience and research, not to mention passion. But I do have the next goals in mind, from a business point of view. The hybrid free and membership site lets me do both.

    By the way, I ALWAYS get a White Chocolate Mocha, both iced (easy ice) and hot. I have one on my desk right now. It’s my octane booster.

    • Pat

      Robert, next time we get together to chat business, let’s grab one from Starbucks :)

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  • Mike Key – Entrepreneurial Ninja

    Great post, you know a big misconception is that the big big bloggers are making all their money from advertising, but they aren’t. John Chow for example has stated that he makes his money from backend things, like books, paid sponsorships, etc.

    • Pat

      Yeah, you’re totally right Mike. Paid sponsorships is another method that I didn’t think about, so thanks for bringing that up. Although, it would take almost celebrity status to land such deals. Authority in a blog is sort of like celebrity status though, depending on the niche, so i guess it’s possible. Cheers!

      • Mike Key – Entrepreneurial Ninja

        Of course, certain people with high view-ship could be paid to promote a product or system by blogging about it.

        • Pat

          True – although with the new FTC regulations, they should be making that public.


  • Chris C. Ducker


    Congratulations on breaking the 100 comment barrier. Must feel marvelous. I’ve not yet done it yet – but, believe it will happen soon.

    You always have great content. Well done, seriously.


    • Pat

      Thanks Chris, and thanks for the retweet I saw from you this morning, it’s much appreciated! Keep at it and it will happen! Thanks again Chris!

      • Chris C. Ducker

        You’re welcome. If it’s worth it to ‘Be Sweet and ReTweet’ (as I always say) its only a click of a button… Why not..!?!

  • Elias

    Thanks for this post and the included links. I am still in the brainstorming stage. I got a full time engineering job which is not really “full time” anymore so what I better time to start…

    • Pat

      Hey Elias, the brainstorming stage definitely shouldn’t be overlooked, and now you’ve got a perfect time to kick it into full gear! Good luck!

  • Alan Mater

    Hi Pat,

    Excellent tips, and thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I would consider myself a mediocre blogger, so I have a long way to go yet before I become an authority. One step at a time. I’ve been thinking lately about creating my own ebook, so your tips are helpful, and I’ll be checking out your free ebook guide.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Pat

      Thanks for the comment Alan. I think it’s wise to think about it one step at a time. So many of us, myself included, think about the end goal, but never the exact steps about how to get there. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy my eBook!

  • Ms. Freeman

    WOWzers! I take a couple of days off fome blogging and I am all the way down here at the bottom of the commenting list.

    That sounds like a very inspiring conversation you and your friend had. It is such a great thing for you to do by being available to answer his questions as well as pose questions for him to think about, what he really wants to accomplish.

    • Pat

      Hehe! See what happens when you don’t come by every so often! Cheers!

  • Bart

    Awesome post, Pat. I like the integration of the conversation with your friend. It makes the post a lot more real and less abstract. I think your friend is one lucky guy/gal to have someone like you to advise him/her. Keep up the good work!

    • Pat

      Thanks Bart – I appreciate that! I would hope that some of my other friends who have experiences I want to follow would do the same thing for me :)

  • http://www.MattAdamo.Net Matt Adamo

    Another great post Pat,

    however when someone is just getting started blogging they don’t always need their own product. Granted its good for list building, you could always just run affiliate promotions through clickbank or write reviews and link the object back to your amazon referral link.

    Regardless i liked this post very much,

    Always -Matt

    • Pat

      Hey Matt – you’re absolutely right. Affiliate marketing and advertising are indeed ways to make some money. But, the reason I don’t like them as much as these is because I don’t find promoting someone else’s product or advertising for others a reliable, long term business model. Once those companies leave, I’m out of money. I want to create a business that I can totally 100% rely on (as much as possible), if that makes sense.

      But, like you said, when starting out, to get some seed money affiliate marketing and advertising are viable options. Cheers!

  • Dianne

    Hi Pat:

    I enjoyed this blog-lots of really great tips. It was nice to see that I’m on the right track as I’m close to finishing my e-book and do plan on producing some courses in 2010. FYI, just finished reading yo-ur e-book on how to produce an e-book. It was REALLY helpful, thanks!

    • Pat

      Awesome DIanne – keep up the good work and good luck on all of your projects! Thanks for the kind words about my eBook too!

  • Christina

    Hello! What would you suggest for an artist to promote their blog? I’ve begun to post new works daily and still don’t see new traffic. Using Google adwords to drive business to my etsy site but absolutely nothing has happened.

    Thank goodness for people like you! :)

    • Pat

      Hi Christina – paid advertising is a good start, but it’s a tough science to master. Is your blog on your etsy site? You may want to start a separate blog that could be better customized and possibly rank in the search engines for the relevant terms. Also, to stand out from the crowd, you could do something like a video show or something unique that would draw people in and get people interested in your business.

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  • Dianne

    Hi Pat:

    I know that you don’t view affiliate marketing as a good source of ongoing primary income, but it would be great if you could write a blog that focuses on the best practices of affiliate marketing. Basically a “how to” on affiliate marketing as well as the pros and cons.


  • Dianne

    Great! I recall reading the “3 Types fo Affiliate Marketing…” blog, but not the former. I’ll take a look.

    Thanks as always.

  • Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot

    Just discovered you via your interview with Darren. Inspiring story and well told so thanks for sharing those tips. I made notes and sent them to Darren in case he wants to share them with his readers.

    Many congratulations. You make it sound easy but I know how much time and effort you probably put into developing an effective site which sells a great products and makes you a fine income.

    Re this post. Yes, we have to keep our eye on the prize and not just blog for the sake of it. I do think it’s important to plan and research carefully before you go in to it.

    I set up a blog about 9 months ago. It started out as a blog about travel and working or moving overseas, then somehow evolved into a personal development blog. Hence I’m blogging in a crowded and highly competitive market. I set the blog up to learn about the process and challenge myself to get 1000 subscribers in a year (I’m on my way to achieving that target).

    Now I know how it can be done I’m planning a second blog which will be created with the end goal of making money online. Of course, I will be choosing a niche I know lots about and love. Unfortunately that’s website design and web marketing, yet another crowded and competitive niche! Ooops. I want to differentiate myself by aiming for a specific business market and am finalizing that now.

    I’m delighted to connect with you via your blog and hope we’ll even be able to work together sometime.

    • Pat

      Hi Annabel,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I know I do make it sound easy at times, because it all really did happen so fast, and I thank my lucky stars each and every day for that, although i do make a strong effort on this blog to make sure that people do understand that it does take a lot of hard work to find success. If you subscribe to my newsletter, my first message clearly points that out.

      Congrats on your personal development blog – I know exactly how a blog can evolve, because when this one started, it wasn’t about starting a profitable business online, it was going to be able all the little side things you can do to earn a little bit of cash here and there to support something like a car payment, or even a mortgage. Well, when I got laid off, as you know, I went a totally different direction. Keep at it and I’m sure you’ll get to 1000 subscribers in no time. Less than a year ago, this blog has less than 1000 subs, and now it’s over 3000. I think once you hit a certain point, it just begins to grow exponentially. The first part is definitely the toughest part, so definitely stay the path!

      Lastly, as far as your second blog being in a competitive niche, that’s something you shouldn’t have to worry about so much. For one, it shows there are people out there interested in the topic, which is good. Secondly, if you can stand out from the rest and be unique somehow – you’ll soar a lot higher than everyone else and quickly establish yourself as an authority. This blog is a “make money online blog”, which is probably the most competitive blog niche out there, but I’m happy to say that I think I’ve been able to stand out – so there’s no reason why you can’t either.

      Anyways, thanks for the comment, and I wish you all the best. I hope to hear from you again soon!

  • Eric

    You know, reading the title I was thinking to myself, ‘here we go again… someone else who thinks they know it all about making money online’. But I have a motto of never giving up and figuring stuff out through great people I meet so I gave the title a chance and I have to say, this is extremely informative so much that I had to tell you I’m definitely going to re-tweet this and keep this information handy.

    Yes, you can find this anywhere but you also get a lot of crap out there on the internet as well. This is by far NOT crap!

    Thanks so much for this! :)

    • Pat

      Hey Eric – thanks for awesome comment!

      Yea, the title is a bit “generic”, but I’m glad you took the time to read the entire post. As I hope you can tell, I don’t write about things that I don’t know about, and when I’m simply looking for more content, I often try and experience or do something that may be useful first, and then write a blog post about it.

      Anyways, I’m glad you don’t think this is crap! Hehe!

      Welcome to the blog, and I hope to see you around again soon!

      By the way…I love how you came up with the name for your blog. I’m just glad you didn’t name is bluesoda :)


  • Zimilar

    Cheers Pat! Just found you and i am a bit mad about everybody (including me). This money online niche could be way tougher and more and more people could do it. The only thing keeping us back is procrasination. JUST JUMP….and the rest will follow. Next day you find Pat, the other Darren….on monday go and find John Chow….read them and suddenly bang! subscribers, ads, payments, affiliates, money….you know the rest. Thank you again!

    • Pat

      Hey Zimilar – thanks for the comment. What exactly are you mad about? I couldn’t quite tell from your comment. Whatever it is, I hope all is well now, and please let me know if there’s anything I can do. Thanks!

      • Zimilar

        Well most people can see all over “get rich quick”schemes not focusing on just launching one joint venture on the internet, perseverate andeverything will go along!

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  • Tanji

    Thanks a lot Pat. You has been my idol since i found you. Anyway, could you please write a post on “how to get Free images to use in a blog” ? i know you buy images but at the beginning stage, i feel bloggers like me should use free images and i hardly find some sites for this purpose. Also if you could visit my blog and give me any suggestion then i would be highly honored. It is i believe it is the first FREE Hotel Management Training Blog so far:

    Thanks dear

    • Pat

      Good idea – I’ll add it to the queue of posts that I have in line so far. As far as your website, it’s lookin good! I might suggest making your website name bigger, and actually having a logo that people can use to remember you and your website. RIght now, the first thing that caught my attention was the big Google Adsense ad smack dab in the middle of the header. Although you may get a few clicks on this, it will more than likely turn people off. Just my two cents! Keep up the good work!

      • Tanji

        I am greatly honored sir. Thanks a lot.God bless you. Thanks…

  • Steven | The Emotion Machine

    Excellent advice. You have a fantastic blog here Pat, one of the best I’ve been to. I actually recently mentioned one of your posts in my blog, in the article “Mindful Risk-Taking: In Life And In Business.”

    • Pat

      Thanks Steven for the kind words about my blog, and also for the mention in your blog post! By the way, I love that Ray Bradbury quote you used. Made me think :)

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  • Jesse Guthrie

    Great article and examples. This type of article really shows me that anything is possible online. Even when eating spicy tuna rolls haha.

  • mk akan

    wow Pat…first time here .i first heard and read about your story when Yaro Starak interviewed you.i am really inspired by your posts and success(being that we read the same course )and pleased with the high quality info you giving out…
    frankly, i have read similar stuff on and other blogs but your approach with the story really hit the nail through my head.

    Digging deep,apart from having a product and service to make money from ,the main challenge most times is choosing the right niche one can easily build an authority on (less competitive niche).
    what is your take on this ?

  • Viral Submitter Pro

    Hey Pat, thanks for the tips. You definitely stand to earn more promoting you own product. You can do very well by starting to build an emailing list in your niche and then reselling and upselling to people who may have already bought from you. For example, if I was selling a book about dog training, I might then market a book about “how to make dog food” to my list – this technique has worked well to increase my earnings over the past few years. Works betting in some niches than others.

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  • Amy Young

    Thank you so much Pat. I love your site. It’s really nice that you share your income too. Lots of people just talk and talk about how to do things, but don’t ever mention any legitimate successes. I just had a new baby and I’m trying to do what I can so I can be home with our little girl and your blog has truly inspired me that this is possible. Thank you again.

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  • Monty

    Great Post Pat!

    • bao cao thue

      welcome, thanks for your nice comment

  • Matthew Needham

    I’ve just discovered this late…but it’s a good time for me because I’m just looking at revenue generating opporunities from my site.

  • Jess @ Hotels in Morzine

    Hey Pat,
    Congratulations on such a good blog! Im so impressed that I’ve just been over to check out your facebook page (I very rarely do this as I try to stay focused on the job Im working on). I found this page very informative and also had a look at your earnings report. Cool idea to share this stuff – Im sure it keeps people coming back :-)

    • Pat

      Thanks Jess! I hope to hear from you again soon. Cheers!

  • steve

    Great information! Any suggestions on how you would monetize my blog? Currently, I have adsense on the blog.

    • Pat

      Adsense is ok – you may want to go to the next level and try either affiliate marketing, or selling private ad space on your blog. What kind of traffic are you seeing?

  • John Thornhill

    Hi Pat, I’ve just discovered your blog from a post at the Warrior Forum, first class, you have a new fan :-)

    Can I ask what plugin you are using to display your comments? I love the way it looks and would like to add it to my blog.

    • Pat

      Hey John! Glad to have you over here on SPI!

      For my comment display, it’s not really a plugin or anything like that. It was hard coded into my site by my web designer crew.

      If there’s anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. Cheers!

  • Daniel

    great informationen but still hard work, i think…you tell that as when it is so easy… but i never got a blog which get more than 1000 visitors in a month…or maybe i am to nervous for create a good blog.

    i see that you use a plugin to show this twitter content “pat on twitter” is that a plugin or is this hardcoded`?

  • Stan Young

    Wow Pat 166 comments and counting.
    I am impressed Justin Popovic at recommended your site to me so here I am.
    I am a newbie blogger wanting to start some kind of business, just lost my shirt (a lot of money!) on a network marketing business so its back to square one.
    Thanks for all the ideas on how to monetise my blog, still not sure what I want to do your suggestions are very helpful. I also like your story telling ability with this post.
    Do you think that you need good sales skills to be a successful online marketer?

  • Fred | Solar Energy Facts

    Hey Pat, do you think it is a good idea to do some mini sites if you are not sure which niche you want to do, and go from there when first starting out? Then if you run across a niche that you really enjoy and you can see doing well, to monetize more and build it into a larger business if possible? Thanks!

    PS. How do I add my picture like some many others haha.

  • Tej Kohli

    Wonderful article, as always! I’ve recently subscribed to google adsense , but its is very slow and returns are not that great!

  • Darshan

    thanks for this post
    Any suggestions on how you would monetize my blog?
    where one visitor get so many websites and so many websites get so many visitors.

  • Jonathan

    Hey Pat, wow i have to say that your website is amazing and your passion in your content is superb. I have never seen someone who would totally throw himself in articles like that – so great job and thank you for being transparent. I was just wondering, when you say membership websites – doesn’t that like require a coder to outsource that for you? Do you know any websites/templates that can offer something like that? Thank you

  • Erik

    This must be the 2nd or 3rd time I read this article and everytime I read it it gives me new ideas and insights on how to make money with my new niche site… thanks so much for all the inspiration and great ideas!

  • Bryan @ Free At Home Jobs

    You pose a lot of good options from earning money from a blog (or at least using a blog as a main hub to funnel traffic to other products/services that you offer). I still think that in the right niche, people can make money from the blog themselves (such as advertising products as an affiliate or monetizing with Adsense). Obviously, by following some of the methods you’ve mentioned above, that’s where the “big money” lies.

  • Jo Ann Mendoza


    This is actually the second time that I have read this article, the first I think was sometime in June or July 2010. I am in the process of gathering info/notes on blogging and writing it down on a notebook specifically for blogging. Reading your article the second time and really absorbing the “pieces of advice” has turn on new realizations and learning on blogging.

    Again, thank you for sharing your notes on blogging…

    I am from the Philippines….

  • Daniel @ Gold Trading

    Hey Pat,

    You really have great contents on this post and I think it will really help those who don’t really know how to monetize their blogs yet. Out of so many models, the membership sites and software subscriptions is my favorites because it’s pure passive income generated!

    When we are able to help people solve their problems, we make money from it at the same time. So I hardly come across blogs like yours where you are so honest about everything. Thanks for that :)

    Actually you know what Pat, I’m really busy with my stuffs and business but I just can’t stop visiting your blog! Arggh…. too much good contents really. Thanks once again :)


  • Fish Oil :

    engineering jobs these days are on high demand as the economy recovers from recession–,

  • Corletia

    Hey, Pat…Congrats on all your endeavors! I looked up and noticed that the new guy, DeAndre Upshaw, that was hired to wear shirts was a former computer student of mine in elementary school! I couldn’t believe it so I emailed the site to my daughter and she confirmed it. Wow, what a small internet world! I think that website ideas was super smart. :) There’s another one I like in similiarity; Be Blessed.

  • Dierdre

    Hi Pat,

    I’m a longtime reader. I actually enjoyed seeing you on IBM before you even started SPI, and I’ve been so happy to see your successes – both in business and with your wonderful family!

    I have a question about the end of this post. As a longtime IBM fan (and sometime IBM Academy member), I understand that the natural growth of a site, resulting in organic requests for a product(s), is fantastic. But I don’t understand why you say that “If you go into building your blog knowing that you’re going to launch an eBook on such and such date… you’re going to fail.” My concern is that I’m planning to do just that! I am a member of the group my blog is aimed at, and I know I would be a customer of my ebook (had I not spent weeks looking up all the information and putting it into ebook format myself!). I view the ebook as just the first product, with the main emphasis of the site being provision of free information on my niche. I am hoping you mean “fail” = “maybe there will be no buyers for your ebook”. That wouldn’t bother me, because I know there are many future products and many ways for me to help people in my niche. I worked on the ebook first because – since this is a part-time thing for me – I won’t immediately be able to do all that is required to manage the site and also spend time writing a book that I feel certain there is a need for (since I myself needed it). Could you go over exactly what “fail” means in that sentence? Thanks!

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    It is interesting to see, that although in the beginning of 2010 you wrote that affiliate marketing is not good enough to make it sustainable business, your income report for 2010 showed that indeed it is your primary source of income…

    Does your opinion about affiliate marketing remain the same, or has it changed during the 2010?

    I have just found your blog, and it is awesome! Really makes you read it :)

    • Pat

      Hi Ole, I do remember saying that, although I think it was heared more towards CPC (cost-per-click) advertising like people do with placing affiliate links into Google Adwords. At the same time, you’re right my income sources has changed significantly and affiliate marketing (directly from this blog and podcast) has been doing really well. Thanks!

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        We are curious if he actually did something with that precious, valuable, first hand information. Maybe an update at the end of this post? :)
        Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia.

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    At the moment I am writing my first e book, it’s nearing completion. Maybe you could check it out for me, lol. Will be in touch.

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    Thanks for this post, very comprehensive.
    As a new blogger myself, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and suffer from information overload with all the information out there when you are initially starting out. As you are aware not everything ‘out there’ is credible, and many starting out in IM are caught in the ‘get rich’ quick trap.
    I especially like your point about turning a blog into a profitable business. To my mind, this is the ultimate goal of most, if not, all bloggers. As you rightly said, if their primary goal is to help others, and they are willing to put in the work needed, then there is no reason why they cannot have a successful business.


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