5 “Five-Minute or Less” Blogging Tips That Yield Big Results. I’m Using Tip #1 in This Title.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a number of various blogging strategies to find those little things that are yielding big results, and I wanted to share those little things that are working for me with you today.

These tips should take you less than 5 minutes to implement, and although they may seem small, they pack a huge punch.

Let’s get right to it…

1. The “Little Extra Thing That You Can’t Miss” Headline

I’ve only recently started experimenting with this tactic on my own websites (like in the title of this post), but I’ve been working with a student and the results of this strategy are blowing my mind.

This started when I began to notice “a little something extra” in the titles of blog posts on popular sites like BuzzFeed and ViralNova:

ViralNova.com HeadlineThe “I Want Them All, Especially #5” is the something extra, and it seems to be pulling in a ton of extra traffic and shares.

When you read that title, how can you not wonder what #5 is?

Is it worth cluttering up your title for something like this? Well, this strategy doesn’t work for all types of blog posts and it also depends on your audience – but today more than ever, encouraging action and social sharing seems to be taking priority over SEO specific blog post titles.

It’s definitely something worth experimenting with, especially considering that you could have the best content in the world within your post, but if your headline isn’t good enough to get people to read the first sentence, your content may as well not even exist.

2. Start with a Story

I’ve been keeping track over the past 8 months of blog posts that I write which start with a story, and blog posts that I write which do not start with a story.

Unfortunately, there are way too many variables to make any hardcore conclusions about which is better (for example: the topic of the post, the headline, where traffic is coming from, what else is written in the post), but my analytics do paint a little bit of a picture for me.

On blog posts where I do start with a story, the bounce rate (according to Clicky’s definition, which is a user who only visits one single page and leaves within 30 seconds) is significantly less.

Again, there are a lot of variables involved, but even so, this makes complete sense.

We love stories. We can’t help but finish a story that we’ve started, so when you start your post with a story, people are likely to continue reading, and the further down the page they go, the more likely they are to keep going.

Of course, your story should be relevant to the message and transformation you’re trying to get across to your audience, but the point is, if you want to hook ’em right from the start, try starting with a story.

3. Check Analytics. Add Opt-in Forms. Enjoy a bigger list.

This strategy only takes a few minutes, yet hardly anyone follows through with it.

Here’s the step-by-step:

Log into your analytics account and find the 5 most viewed pieces of content on your site over the past 2 months.

Add opt-in forms for your email list on those pages or posts.


When I learned that I had a ton of traffic visiting my About Page (and actually, it was Derek Halpern in this public video that pointed it out to me), I immediately added opt-in forms to the page, and after a month I experienced a 446% increase in opt-in conversions on that specific page.

This is why I also include an opt-in form on my Income Reports page, because it’s one of the most heavily visited pages on the site too.

Whether it’s a post or a page, it doesn’t matter. Where ever most people end up on your site, that’s where you want to put an opt-in form.

If you have yet to start an email list, then this tip isn’t any good for you right now, but it’s something to keep in mind for later – hopefully sooner than later.

Just in case you need it, below is a link to my tutorial for starting an email list and newsletter:

Click here for my Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Newsletter.

4.  Isolate Super Important Links

Did you notice how I linked to my newsletter tutorial above?

The link is isolated on its own line, and it takes up the entire line too.

That link is an important link within this post, one that can help a lot of people, but also one that, as a by-product of providing value, can potentially lead to an affiliate commission because of a product that I recommend within that post.

I’m giving this link the best chance possible to be clicked on by isolating it the way you see it there.

How so?

The truth is, we cannot control the device people use to consume our content. A computer, a laptop or mobile device – that’s not up to us, it’s up to our audience.

This is something I learned about while attending an eye-opening presentation by Greg Hickman from MobileMixed.com last month at New Media Expo where he talked about optimizing our content for the ever-growing mob of mobile users we have coming to our websites.

Last month, for example, 20.2% of the unique visitors to Smart Passive Income were people on mobile devices. That was a record, and that number will continue to climb.

So how does an isolated link help?

Have you ever tried using your finger to tap on a link on a mobile device, and clicked the wrong link instead?

It happens to most of us, because most websites are not mobile optimized.

If you don’t have a phone, or never mis-tapped before, good for you, but that doesn’t matter. We’re talking about your audience, and they are coming via mobile, and they will “fat-finger” your links if you don’t think about it.

If you’ve ever received any of my emails, you’ll notice that I use the same isolation technique in my copy, and in an email, it’s probably more important to isolate links than within a blog post.

According to Greg, 51% of all email opens happen on a mobile device.


So you’d better make that link as easy to click as possible on in your emails if you want to get the most out of it.

Also keep in mind that a number of your subscribers could be getting your blog posts via email as well – not just your newsletter and broadcast emails, which is another reason to use this strategy in your blog posts.

It only takes a few seconds to implement, but isolating your important links can mean the difference between someone easily clicking through and going to where they need to go, or someone not finding their way around or getting frustrated and leaving for good.

5. After You Hit Publish, This Step Should Be Next

For the longest time, I would blog until I hit the publish button. Once I hit that button and confirmed that the post I just wrote was up on my website, I considered myself done until it was time to start the next post.

Now I know that writing a post is just half the battle, and hitting the publish button is actually just the beginning of what blogging really is all about.

Blogging isn’t just about publishing content, it’s also about marketing that content and getting it out into the world for people to read, share and take action.

There are, of course, several different ways to market a blog post, and we all seem to understand the importance of sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter and other social media channels where our audience resides – but even before doing that, there’s one step in between that you should implement that will help get your content in front of more people who have yet to discover you.

I learned this strategy directly from Gary Vaynerchuk who told me live on this podcast interview that I could get so much more leverage out of sharing my posts and podcasts on Facebook if I took a little bit of extra time to create an image with some text and my logo on top of it, and then and only then I should share it on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Since that interview, I’ve been taking a little bit of extra time to create graphics just like Gary described, and the results have been amazing! If you’re on my Facebook page, you would have noticed a number of images that look similar to this:

Facebook Image for Post

In the noisy world of social media, graphics like this are more likely to be seen and shared, and since starting this strategy and adding it to my pipeline, Facebook has become the #1 referring website for Smart Passive Income.

If you have a VA or graphic designer on your team with the capability to create images like this, then of course you’d want to outsource this task to them.

But if you don’t have one, or prefer to do these yourself (which is what I do) it’ll take some time to learn how to do it quickly.

At first, it took me 15-20 minutes to complete an image, but now I’m at a point where it’s taking less than 5 – but even if it took 30 minutes, it would still be worth the effort.

If you’re not creating graphics like this, you’re doing yourself, your content, and your audience a total disservice.

The graphic and the text doesn’t have to be very fancy either. Here’s another post I just recently published with some very simple text, but the same kind of results:

Simpler Text on Image for Facebook

Below is a link to a blog post I wrote that will help you find images that you’re allowed to use for this type of situation:

The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Using Images on Your Blog

If you’re not into stock images or creative commons and don’t want to waste time finding images on your own, then you can take a screenshot of your own content or website, blur it out and then add text on top of that image instead, like this:


As far as tools to create these images, I use Adobe Photoshop, but you could also use Gimp, Paint.net (windows only), or Pixlr.

And since publishing this post, many commenters have suggested PicMonkey and Canva too!

Actually, here’s a post of 10 photoshop alternatives that are completely free to use.

There’s also a free tool I just found called Fotor, which has a tool specifically used for adding text onto images. If you’d like to upload your own images to Fotor, click on the “add photos” button on the right hand side. It took me a while to find this function.

And lastly, let’s quickly go over the size of the images and the process of uploading them to Facebook.

I typically create an image that is 403×403 pixels square, knowing that the image will not be cropped or cut off when it appears in people’s feeds. I upload the image first, and then add in my status update and link to my content from there.

According to Amy Porterfield, however, Facebook recently made a change giving preference to link-share posts. These types of posts actually show up more often in people’s feeds, and they use a different image size too.

When you paste a link directly into your Facebook status area first, you’ll see some content automatically populate, including the title of your post, a description of it (which you can edit), and a spot for an image that is more rectangular in size. You can click through and select an image that’s already in your post, or you can upload your own. This is where you’d upload a unique image with some text perfectly suited for your Facebook fans, if you don’t have one in your post already.

The size of this image should be 560 pixels wide by 292 pixels tall.

They are weird images sizes, for sure, but I hope this helps you figure this out a little better. Now that I’ve been doing this religiously after each post and podcast episode, the process is getting much quicker, and the results are definitely there.

To Finish Up…

With the exception of the last tip if you’re not familiar with image editing (which makes me feel like a video tutorial on how to quickly add text to images would be very useful – please confirm in the comment section below if you’d like to see that), all of these tips don’t take very much time to implement, but they can yield big results in your blog and online business.

I hope you implement at least one of these strategies, and if you’d like to add anything, or suggest a “5-minute or less” tip of your own, I’m sure the community would be very thankful! Just add that into the comment section below.

If you’ve found value in this post, please click one of the buttons below to share it! Thanks so much, and here’s to you and your blogging success!

Cheers! :)

  • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

    If you’re made it this far, you’re awesome! Which tip was your favorite?

    • Dave McGuire

      #5 With the FB stuff. Giving specific dimensions on the pics and how to make it look best is gold. I feel most people skim through their FB news feed now and only pay attention to images that grab them. This will help me do that. Thanks Pat.

      • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

        Thanks Dave – that one is definitely the one that produces the highest ROI I would say, however it does take a little bit of extra work up front, especially when you’re trying it out for the first time. Thanks Dave!

    • http://wyattchristman.com/ wyatt christman

      Number 5 with the specific image really makes a lot of sense. Gary’s book is great, really changes the mindsets of people who read it. Great post Pat, glad you are done with that voodoo flu and have your voice back! :-)

      • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

        The voodoo flu was soooo bad! Thanks Wyatt, I appreciate you!

    • http://www.bluesheepdog.com/ Richard

      #4 definitely. I will try this immediately!

      • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

        Let me know how it goes Richard!

    • leeroy

      deinately tip no 3 as it’s easy to implement. Thanks for this great info packed article. The fact that I will return to it time and time again, as I put these ideas into practice, makes me see why you are called SMART!

      • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

        Thanks Leeroy! You rock!

  • http://www.nickykay.com/ Nick Kizirnis

    Hey Pat, those are all pretty kick-butt, my current favorite is #5, although I haven’t implemented it yet. You’ve been doing a great job with it. When I first heard Amy Porterfield’s tip on using images for Facebook posts, my wife and I saw success with that right away, but then Gary’s advice took it to a whole new level. I’m really looking forward to incorporating that into our work. Thanks for a great article!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Nick! I appreciate the kind words, and the shout out on Twitter you just made. Thank you!

  • Matt Kostan

    Love using Pixlr for some quick photo editing!

    Or, if you didn’t want to mess with graphics yourself, you could also head on over to fiverr and have someone do it for you too.

    Thanks Pat for the tips! Looking forward to using them when I launch my personal blog soon :)

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Ahh, fiverr.com, definitely a decent option of course, especially for something smaller like this. Thanks Matt! And I’m glad to hear you’re lovin’ Pixlr!

  • Bryan

    Excellent post Pat!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Bryan! :)

  • http://www.marvelvideogames.com Devin Hauenstein

    Thanks for the info Pat. How do you make your posts look so nice in the first place though? I’ve been using Byword on my Mac, which allows me to write in Markdown, and export / publish directly to the site in HTML. I found the WordPress WYSIWYG text editor to be horrendous, and anything but what you see is what you get. Any tips there?

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Well, I write in byword, and then I take a few moments after exporting to look through and brush it up because it doesn’t come over perfect, and yeah I can’t stand writing directly in the WP WYSIWYG editor anymore either. I preview the post a lot too after I finish writing just to make sure it looks okay.

      • http://www.marvelvideogames.com Devin Hauenstein

        Awesome, I’m sure you recommended that somewhere on your site, but I’m still rather new. Muchas Gracias

  • Dan Shure

    Hey Pat – awesome write up, and I’ve been trying out the “Upworthy” like titles on some of my own things as well as for clients.

    Like any tactic, I think it will work for a while because it’s still new and surprising, but may have a shelf life – and perhaps readers will start clicking shorter titles in the future. I’m a huge title junkie :)

    But I agree, for now, it seems to have outsized returns.

    • Dan Shure

      Clever self referencing title on this one too :)

      • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

        Hehe – thank you!

  • David

    Hi Pat, I just started my blog in January I have zero subscribers, zero fb fans and twitter followers. I have about 5 posts and I am posting each week. I have an opt in form etc. how long will it take to start getting subscribers? Can you offer any advice for the first 6 months of starting out? Thanks!

    • Sue Detweiler

      I just followed you :). Be encouraged, build relationships, stay the course….

    • http://www.thebeginnersbrew.com/ thebeginnersbrew

      Content is king. Create good content and they will follow….

    • ashraf

      David, you can read posts by neil patel at quicksprout

    • Allen Underwood

      David, as Sue said, stick with it. It takes time. It’s slow at first but once it starts building it’s a bit of a snowball effect. One way to potentially grow a bit quicker is to use sites like Reddit – as long as you’re sharing useful information then you’re benefiting others. Best of luck. For what it’s worth, I’m still working on growing several of my sites….it’s slow but I’m definitely starting to see results from a couple.

      • Edward BYRNE

        Watch out with Reddit. I had a nasty aggressive reaction from a moderator implying all bloggers were scum abusing Reddit to get traffic.

        • Pratik Unadkat

          I definitely agree with this. Reddit can make your site bloom as well as it’s exact opposite. So I definitely would take some caution there if you are just starting out. It can be pretty raging community lol.

        • http://www.Best-Make-Money-Online.com/ Best Make Money Online

          Thanks for the warnings, you are right that it’s best to be careful, no sense spending the time and effort if it will be counterproductive.

        • Allen Underwood

          In all fairness, half the people that post on Reddit are exactly what the moderator implied they were! Not saying that you are or were. That’s why I think it’s super important that anything you share anywhere (be it Reddit, twitter, facebook, etc) is more than just link fodder. It needs to provide some real value. If you do that and you still get slammed by a moderator, so be it. You can only do what’s morally right on your end.

      • http://britesocial.com/ Steve Mullen

        Also, I would add: Think about the quality of traffic. Reddit Traffic is just the same a Digg and StumbleUpon was / is (im going back 5 years here!).. both of these sites were great if you valued hits to a website (and only hits). But the conversion sucked and the bounce rate went through the roof. And recently on my tests Reddit traffic is just the same – high volume / low yield. I would much prefer to have 100 engaged visits per day than 1000 ‘thrill seekers’ any day.

        • Allen Underwood

          I completely agree with this, with an exception though. Generally speaking I think you’re probably right in that depending on which group you’re targeting on Reddit your traffic can be utter garbage. However, a couple of friends and I started a podcast on software development / programming and we’ve posted a few articles to the appropriate sub-groups on reddit and have actually gotten some decent interaction and feedback. Do we get some high bounce rates? Yes, but that’s really to be expected when people are visiting a page with the sole intent of reading the article that you linked to on Reddit. However, the fact that we’ve gotten some real interactions from other programmers out there is excellent, especially in such a crowded market (stackoverflows of the world). So again, I agree that if you’re not very careful about which sub-group you’re targeting, traffic can be useless…just need to make sure you’re not just trying to boost your page hits – those don’t matter anyways, as you said. I figure if you get 1 or 2 loyal followers from a good Reddit post, then it’s worth it’s weight in gold, even if you get a ton of bounces from the others. Just my thoughts…

        • http://britesocial.com/ Steve Mullen

          Very good points Allen – thanks for sharing. It’s also worth noting that in the past high bounce rates reportedly effect your organic SEO. Although I’ve never really subscribed to that school of thought and even more so now that there’s so much emphasis on ‘social signals’ as an indication to contents popularity (and not back links). For the benefit of others reading this I would say: pay attention to time on site and new vs. returning as a metric – if they are too low then you’ve got some work to do.

        • Allen Underwood

          My pleasure man. I find SEO to be one of the toughest nuts to crack, period. I’m sure it yields great results but it is tiring stuff. Social also kills me – there are so many channels to try and keep up with- Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn…it seems like the list keeps getting longer!

        • http://www.SecretsofTexasBluesGuitar.com/ Eric Beaty

          I know just what you mean, Allen. Sometimes “Being Everywhere” makes it hard to just “Be”!

          Google+ . . . the list just got longer! 😉

        • Emeroy

          Definitely Allen! I’m was on the same boat in trying to keep up with all the social media platforms but I just found myself more exhausted than anything.

          I’ve decided to adopt the idea of “Being Everywhere” to being everywhere I’m happy, so I decided to stop certain social media platforms and am focusing the ones I actually enjoy using.

    • http://marketinghypnotism.com/ Krish Murali Eswar

      Try and bring in traffic. Three simple things you can do today:
      1) Find top blogger websites in your niche and start commenting and postings useful stuff.
      2) Find facebook groups related to your niche and start posting useful stuff including your blog links.
      3) Find linkedin groups and start posting.

      You could also find forums and post in them.

      Are you going after low competition, high traffic keywords? Pat has a fantastic tutorial on this. Check it out.

      How are your blogs ranking on SEO? RankWatch is a useful tool. Pat uses some other tool, I know. Check it out.

      If you shared your blog, I can offer some specific ideas.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Congrats on starting your blog David! Everyone has offered great advice to answer your question. On top of all of that, I would simply say, just keep providing great content, and making sure to connect with the right people – influencers in your niche that you can create a relationship with, and you could perhaps offer some of your top ideas for content on their sites as a guest post. I have a guest post lined up here on SPI about someone who built her list to over 1000 people even before she launched her blog, and those strategies I’m sure would be helpful to you as well. You should see that post soon! Cheers David, and best of luck!

      • David

        Hi Pat, many thanks for coming back to me, as well as everyone else! Look forward to that upcoming post Pat. I have to say in relation to top quality content, SPI is the only site I ever found where the content is completely unique and mind blowing to what else I read online. Thanks again.

      • http://www.ericpbutts.com/ EB

        Can you provide the link to that guest post?

    • http://badassu.net/ Mark Insight

      Add your website to your disqus account (or whatever you use to comment) so we can check it out.

      Click my name so you can see what I mean.

      • http://www.becomemorethanacorporatewhore.com/ David Vicary

        Thanks, I have added my site!

      • http://britesocial.com/ Steve Mullen

        Good call! Everyone should have that, i’ve got mine hooked in :)

      • David

        Can you see my site?

    • http://www.bloggingwithdani.com/ Dani Ivanov

      Hey David,
      You might also want to check out Google+. Perhaps make your own community. G+ is really becoming one of my favorite place :)

    • http://www.SecretsofTexasBluesGuitar.com/ Eric Beaty

      Looks like you’ve got a great profile pic that comes off as very approachable and professional. Not much help, I know, but that’s my 2 cents.

      • David


    • Montier

      Hey David, congrats on starting your blog, what is your website and twitter handle?

      • David

        I added it to my disqus account can you see it?

        • http://webdesignspider.com/ Samiur Rahman

          Hello David, I want to visit your bog but cannot find any links in your profile. You are loosing traffic (the good one).

        • http://www.becomemorethanacorporatewhore.com/ David Vicary

          That is strange as I can see it, can you email be a screen shot?

        • http://webdesignspider.com/ Samiur Rahman

          Which one is real “David”?

    • http://www.adventurous-soul.com/ Shayna

      David, others have given you great advice in this comment thread, so I just wanted to encourage you, as someone who started out very similarly and now (26 months in) gets 100+ subscribers a day – implement the suggestions, stick with it, and you WILL get there!!!

      I had so little traffic during my first six months it was thoroughly depressing and I almost quit, thinking it wasn’t going anywhere. But gradually, gradually as I kept posting, more people began to find my site from searches, etc.

      Also, one thing I did at the beginning to at least get the ball rolling was scrimp together my pennies and spend about $100/month on paid Facebook ads leading people to an e-mail opt-in page, where I offered them a free e-book to download if they subscribed. This at least got me SOME early subscribers so I didn’t feel like I was publishing into the void :-)

      • David

        Hi Shayna, thanks, that is encouraging. Will look at the fb thing but don’t have that sort of budget, but sure I can do something with it. I’m just going to focus on publishing awesome content once a week and do some of the suggestions mentioned on here!

    • http://www.businessonlinehq.com Carlo

      Hi David,

      I also started mine and have zero followers. I still need to add those things up though.I can’t find your blog in your disqus.

    • César

      I´ve been there David, here´s what I did. First I created a facebook campaign to get likes for a couple of months, and started posting the link to my landing page about 2 or 3 times a week on my fanpage. Then I stopped that campaign and started another one sending fb traffic to my landing page, and boom, all of a sudden I got almost 30000 fans and over 2700 subscribers. Hope it´s useful. Cheers! Greetings from Barcelona!

      • David

        Thanks Cesar I will try this out

      • Juan Carlos

        Cesar, interesting way to do it, did you implement that campaign for content in Spanish or in English?

    • http://yogablissdance.com Kala

      David u’ve got to put in the work meaning read all the great content Pat has put out there here! It is an education but you can do it if you are offering something of value/interest.
      Good luck!

  • AVL

    You’re awesome, Pat. Thanks.

  • AVL

    Ooh I have a little q: I have a small email list, much smaller than my daily traffic – when should I start sending newsletters?

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Totally! That’s the person time to REALLY connect with your target audience, and make them all feel special because there are so few! It’s a lot hard to do that and reach out to individuals when the list starts to grow bigger. Take advantage of being small!

      • AVL

        Great – thanks – I’ll do one this week!

  • http://www.sitebuilderreport.com/ Steve Benjamins

    Great post Pat! I recently did a roundup of a bunch of (high quality) free stock photo resources at my blog that could be helpful for creating those Facebook graphics: http://www.sitebuilderreport.com/blog/where-the-best-designers-go-to-find-photos-and-graphics

    I know you’ve covered this before (in your “The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Using Images on Your Blog” post), but I have some unique resources listed so I thought I’d share :)

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks for sharing Steve! That will definitely be useful!

      • http://www.sitebuilderreport.com/ Steve Benjamins

        Awesome- thanks Pat :)

  • Sheldon Livingston

    Nice! I like #4!

  • Cattie Coyle

    Great tips as usual! I have to give the isolating links and FB tip a try – I’m the worst FB user, on it only now & then and can’t figure out how to post things so they show up in my business page feed rather than my personal. Have to take some time to work on that…

  • http://fitnessforprofessionals.com/ Tim

    I love the tip to create an image for each blog post. That is an excellent idea. Pat – a video tutorial showing us how you quickly do this would be extremely helpful!

  • http://www.onlinebusinessgeeks.com/ Alex

    Hey Pat!

    Awesome post! I’ve been slowly applying tip #5 myself, and seeing nice results!

    Speaking of “after you post,” do you mind sharing what your steps are today, after hitting ‘publish’ on a blog post? Of course share it on Facebook, Tweet about it.. Notify your e-mail list, potentially, etc.. What about pinging? Do you notify (automatically) any places around the web about your new, hot off the press, content?

    Thanks so much my friend, and I look forward to your reply!

    All the best,

  • http://charterfish.com TJ Cheek

    Good stuff Pat! I’ve been noticing the trends on different blogs myself. I am just a humble fishing guide that finds customers through the web, but your strategies are always interesting and helpful. I have a plan and hope to convert my business to the “passive” variety and hopefully I do a good enough job to warrant an interview.

    And yes! Do the video!

    Tight lines!



  • http://www.vegetarianzen.com Larissa Galenes

    *Click! Click! Click!* That’s the sound of lightbulbs going on in my head, thanks to this post!! Just from reading this, I’ve identified at least three tasks that I can implement NOW to help our website and podcast reach more people. Thanks once again, Pat, for awesome, usable advice!!

    Peace & Veggies,

  • Jason

    Excellent post! I love #5 – so obvious yet so few do it, including myself. Thanks!

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    For images, I would recommend going bigger. If people are viewing your content on their Desktop and they click on it, it will expand to as large as their monitor is (which can be thousands of pixels). Facebook has changed their image size guidelines twice in the past year, and each time it has been to require larger images.

    403 x 403 and 560 x 292 are good minimums, but you should try as much as possible to create images that are larger than that (while keeping the same proportions). For most images, it shouldn’t require any extra effort to make them a little bigger.

    • http://anothermarketer.com/ Philip Tomlinson

      I’ve noticed that sometimes there’s a quality loss when you create pictures that are the exact match! I didn’t even think of just making the image bigger while keeping the same proportions!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Takeshi, I appreciate that, it’s very helpful and makes complete sense!

  • Dave Whitlock

    Great info Pat! I am a big fan of suggestion #5. I have been doing it for a number of my sites and client sites for sometime now. It definitely increases traffic and engagement numbers.

  • http://www.joelalain.com/ Joel Alain

    Ha! I love #3. It’s amazing how LITTLE changes on stuff you already have can make such an impact. But yet, we always seem to complicate our life by doing “new things” that require MUCH more energy to bring as many “actions” (in this case, subscriptions).

    Thanks for pointing that out, Pat!


  • Randy Wilburn

    Thanks for this great Blog Post Pat! I wanted to add http://picmonkey.com as a great FREE image editing tool. I remember the podcast with GaryV and his advice. I like the way you implemented that. I plan to do the same. I would welcome a tutorial about Social Media Image creation, manipulation, and usage. :-) Thanks again for all you do. RW

    • http://www.escapingdodge.com/ Ree Klein

      Hey Randy, I just discovered PicMonkey.com, too. What a great tool…easy, fast and my favorite…FREE!

      And, Pat, thanks as always for the awesome advice!

      • Randy Wilburn

        Very cool Ree. I learned about it from Leslie Samuel. It works well. Enjoy!

    • http://www.bloggingwithdani.com/ Dani Ivanov

      another great website for graphic editing is canva.com. I am using it quite a lot lately

  • http://www.drivenmotivation.com/ Kevin Bond

    Awesome stuff Pat.
    It’s cool to read this and through reading it your shares went up from like 40-61. Haha anyways…
    I am definitely going to put the picture/artwork to use.
    I was actually hoping that you would share a post like this, awesome stuff!! 😀

  • John

    Yes please on the image tutorial

  • http://www.joelalain.com/ Joel Alain

    I’d also add, about your “403×403 pixels square” “because it doesn’t clip” that I’m not sure it’s a good idea. I feel that people are MORE likely to click if the picture is clicked. No brains like incomplete information. Anyone’s thoughts on that?

    • http://www.familylifeuniversity.org/ Eric Dingler

      Interesting…I do indeed click on most images with some of the text hidden to read the whole text….but I’ve never clicked through to the content. And, I often think “amateur”…but then again…maybe I’m just a negative person at heart.

  • Amber

    Another slam dunk, Pat! I’ve been creating graphics for my posts using PicMonkey and I’m loving the response. They also make it easy to share on Pinterest, which has become my #1 referrer of traffic over the last two months.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Very very nice, thanks for letting us know Amber!

  • Oxana

    Thank you, Pat! And I would like to see your video on how to quickly add text to images and how to create them too.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Amber! I appreciate it!

  • http://www.familylifeuniversity.org/ Eric Dingler

    If you do a video tutorial. I always struggle with determining the font and color of the font to put on top of images so the text is easily readable.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Eric! I’ll keep that in mind, for sure. Thanks!

  • http://www.lisedurling.com/ Messages by Lise

    Always great, Pat! I wasn’t sure where to send the inspirational article that you asked for in the email – so i messaged you on FB. :) I included a special request. Ebook is always done… and doing final edits to my podcast. Grateful you are out there guiding the way!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Lise! I appreciate you!

  • pedalhound

    I just started playing with Canva for easy image editing like this and I gotta say it is awesome. I will start editing them with words for my social media. Thanks for the heads up.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Canva – never heard of that one, but thank you for sharing that!

      • http://www.themountainbikelife.com/ Rivers Mitchell

        It’s awesome, but still in Beta. If you want an invite let me know.

  • http://www.thoughtsupport.net/ Rhydian Fairfax

    Some great tips here Pat! I’ve just started my own blog and didn’t know where to get any photos from so I just put a status on my Facebook asking if anyone was a photographer and was interested in letting me use their photos for free in exchange for a link to their site and I got loads of great photos.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Wow, that’s a great idea Rhydian! Nice work!

    • Jeff Demaree

      Great Post Pat…and, Rhydian that is an incredibly great idea!

  • http://www.onlinesecurity123.com/ Scott Lewis

    You were not kidding about actionable items! Wow! In Mississippi terms….Dang!! That was a fantastic post! Going straight to Evernote on that one! Thanks again for all you do to help your community! Have a super rest of the week!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Dang! Nice :)

      Thank you Scott, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Best of luck!

      • http://www.onlinesecurity123.com/ Scott Lewis

        :) Awesome Pat! You could start one of your Podcasts off with “Pat likes to say dang!”…:-)
        Thanks man!

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    I believe that this post is EXTRAORDINARY.
    Congratulations Pat, and thank you

  • Melissa AuClair

    Thank you Pat! I’m going to start working on #5- and a video tutorial would be great :)

  • ken

    Another great post pat. Nice especially The first one. I see a lot of entertainment and gist websites use it a lot and it always pique my interest But i have never thought of using it on my own blog. Great one. Little one this post do a full analysis on how you make $50k a month blogging: http://www.thetrafficpolice.com/pat-flynn-makes-55k-a-month-blogging/ you keep raising the bar

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    Excellent post Pat!

  • Bekah

    These were all really helpful, and things I have been noticing myself recently! Thanks for all the great info!

  • BrownThumbMama

    Great idea. I just changed my post titled “50 ways to save more by using less” to “50 ways to save more by using less. Could you do #28?” Here’s hoping for lots more clicks!

    Why #28? It’s “odd,” quite a ways down the list, and is an Amazon affiliate link to boot. Score!

  • Carrie

    Thank you pat, great information once again, I vote yes for video on text to images!

  • http://www.dongallagherllc.com/ Don Gallagher

    Outstanding post. So glad to see you reference and link to past epic posts, like the one on starting a newsletter, which helped me navigate that process. Thanks again……….

  • Semaj

    Awesome post Pat! I definitely want to see a video tutorial on how to quickly add text to pictures

  • Peter Chodelka

    Great tips – I have been using tip N.4 for my affiliate website (http://www.pozicka.sr) and it works very well. I isolate the active link not only to another line, but I actually add some background to it and make it super visible to readers. Sometimes, I even put the button there so you can not miss that. It is a bit aggressive, but it works. It all depends in the theme of the website though.

  • http://www.prettyawesomefitness.com/ Aqilah Norazman

    Thanks for this post Pat! Love it. Especially love the headline and isolating super links.

    Just a tip to all readers out there too, I use my iPhone to add texts to images. It is so simple and literally takes less than 5 minutes. I use an app called Phonto and they have beautiful fonts and you can customise anything and everything. For someone who struggles to use Photoshop, this is a great alternative. And it’s free! :)

    • nlazaris

      Thanks for the tip on ‘Phonto’ !

      • http://www.prettyawesomefitness.com/ Aqilah Norazman

        No worries, Nick! :)

  • http://www.thecorporatethiefbeats.com/ Daniel Hartnet

    I have to admit one thing that struck accord with me here in the post, is that creating big anchor text links that link to your content or under your video really works a treat.

    Like they way Pat has link to his tutorial page here in this post.

    I saw Alex Becker do this for his affiliate sites and I have to admit I have gotten way more clicks on my sites compared to that banners or images.

  • UnhingedReviews

    Nice list Pat ^_^ Thanks for the tip

  • http://www.parententrepreneursuccess.com/ Mary Kathryn Johnson

    Great tips, Pat! I have been implementing Gary’s tip from your podcast chat with him too, and I love it! I love using PhotoShop, but I can get sidetracked playing around with the image, and need to discipline myself to get it done!
    I will try your tip #1 in my next post – The idea is cute, SEO friendly, and fun, for sure! Thanks again for your wonderful, helpful suggestions!

  • http://about.me/ryanjrhoades Ryan Rhoades

    And if you’d like a professional to design your images for you, you can send them to me. :)

    Thanks for a great post, Pat!

  • Natasha Solovieff

    Just perfect timing. I’ve just started my blogs on omgparenting.com Actuallly have noticed from you and Ryan Lee that stories are great. And of my 4 blogs, the one with a story has gotten the best response. And, I was checking my posts on movile and instantly saw I need to change some things. Love the tip about isolating the link!! I find I tres enjoy doing content, so these marketing tips are, well, thank you thank you!

  • LadyJevonnahEllison

    Thank you Pat! I’ve just started listening to your ASK PAT podcast and they have been hugely helpful. Also, just finished up your ebooks the smart way, and I have to say that the advice about the “magic button” was awesome! Quick question: Would you still recommend using ejunkie with a wordpress blog? Thanks!

  • http://www.garmaonhealth.com/ Joe

    Mighty fine insights.

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    Great tips here. Thanks for sharing. Definitely an article to be bookmarked for future reference.

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    This is priceless information! Reading from my phone :-)

  • Shannon

    Great tips! I just added opt in boxes to my popular posts. I’m wondering why you don’t include your graphics inside your posts so people can easily share them on Pinterest. It isn’t just for recipes and interior decorating you know! :)

  • Melinda Todd

    The images with text are super important because Pinterest is where a lot of us are storing things we want to read again or reference again. It is my #1 traffic generator now and I’m not a crafter or foodie blog! I’ve already pinned this post because I know I need to save it to come back to again. I always love the details of your posts. They’re easy to read and understand.

  • http://www.websuccesscoaching.com/ Demetria Zinga

    Excellent info, Pat. I agree with Randy- I’m an avid picmonkey user. And you’re right- just that little extra “something” in the title keeps readers hanging on a bit longer. I may test out this strategy on my blog, too. Thanks for the tips!

  • http://www.catfishedge.com/ Chad Ferguson

    Great post as always Pat. Thanks for all you do.

    You need to come to Texas and let me take you fishing!

  • http://www.teenjazz.com/ Shannon Kennedy

    Excellent post! These are really helpful tips. I’m definitely going to start working on images for Facebook.

  • http://www.brianmanon.com/ Brian Manon

    Excellent post Pat. Im going to start testing out #1 in a few of my posts.

  • christiantoto

    More great material! Quick question … when you’re adding text to your images, should you use the same font each time out for consistency and branding sake? Or can you get creative each and every time you do this (like adding a spooky font for a story about your fear of x, y or z?

  • http://www.businessonlinehq.com Carlo

    Thank you Pat for this post. I will definitely follow these in my blog. I was motivated by your successes that’s why I also got started with my own websites. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • http://www.hughculver.com/ Hugh Culver

    Great one Pat. This is totally actionable (like you always are). I’m heading off to analytics right now to find those hot pages I can put an opt-in on.
    And ‘YES’ to the vid offer. One technique most vid’s I’ve watched don’t include is how to put text over darker images.

  • Jyotsna Ramachandran

    Yes I want a video tutorial on image editing!

    • http://www.themountainbikelife.com/ Rivers Mitchell

      Check out Canva or picmonkey. both SUPER easy to use and get good results out of. I am going to start using Canva for tip #5!

  • Nerissa Scott

    Great post Pat, which is nothing short of what is expected! Thank you for sharing. As requested, I am definitely interested in learning how to work with images and welcome any guidance!

    My very best,
    Nerissa S.

  • http://www.mobilemixed.com/ Greg Hickman

    Thanks for the shout out brotha! Glad you pulled away some nuggets of mobile wisdom. :)

  • http://www.acmecleaner.com/ boris gutierrez

    Good stuff. I use paint.net. Its free and super easy

  • Kelly Covert

    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing, especially the photo size info. I always forget that I need things to be a certain size!!

  • http://www.gadarian.com David Gadarian

    Hi Pat – heads up but your top Twitter button in not showing a link – perhaps the title of the post is too long? http://screencast.com/t/uJGK4GlWg2 BTW – great post – I’ll have to try that FB idea.

  • Roy Southil

    Hi Pat, great stuff. Thank you for sharing. Expecting more awesome stuff.
    Roy Southil

  • Allen Underwood

    As always, excellent content. A couple of things I’d like to share…
    1. A tip! I heard this on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, episode 449 – there’s a utility out there called Canva that seems to be pretty awesome for creating graphics like you mentioned in tip #5 – requires very little designer know how, is quick and easy. Could be just the ticket for getting that graphical facebook image out there

    The second – I love your tip on the links – especially concerning spreading them out on mobile devices. My only thing I”d like to point out is your text isn’t super-obvious that it’s a link. I know this is a little old school and doesn’t flow with your new site look (which I really like), but most people associate the blue with links, or underlined words – so maybe it’d be worth underlining your maroon colored words to call them out a bit? Just a suggestion.

    As always, I appreciate the time and effort. I always learn something from your posts.

  • Sam Mangum

    This has to be one of your best Pat! honestly, you had me hooked literally from the title alone. I’m still planning out my blog, but I can guarantee you I will implement these ideas!!!

  • http://www.begintoinvest.com matt @ Begin To Invest

    I think it should be getpaint.net instead of paint.net? paint.net brought up all sorts of weird stuff for me.

    Great post Pat, that interview with Gary Vaynerchuk was one of my favorites of yours, am about to go read jab jab jab right hook actually! Working on adding images and infographics to just about everything these days!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks for that Matt – corrected on the post!

  • Another Pat

    Thanks Pat, these are great and very actionable.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thank you, Pat! :)

  • http://marketinghypnotism.com/ Krish Murali Eswar

    I love the title trick. Nice one, Pat. I must try it sometime.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Krish!

  • http://www.drivenmotivation.com/ Kevin Bond

    How do you get you logo on the photo?
    I am having some real trouble with that one.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Do you have an image of your own logo stored on your computer somewhere? Perhaps there’s a direct link to it on your website. If not, you could try to save the logo on your website to your computer first, and then in any of the image editors you can upload that image on top of whatever file you’re working on. For the logos, it’s best if its a transparent .png so that the background is transparent and it can nicely overlay on top of any other image. If it’s a .jpg, sometimes the background of the logo doesn’t match the picture you’re placing it on and it doesn’t look right.

      • http://www.drivenmotivation.com/ Kevin Bond

        Ahhh okay, thanks a ton Pat! I got it to work now! =D

  • Stefan Fagerholm

    A video tutorial on simple image editing like this would be awesome!! I also add to the chorus that Picmonkey is a nice free tool to add for this type of stuff

  • jasonvickery708

    Pat, the idea of a video tutorial on how to add text to images would be fantastic! Please do one, I would very much like to learn that myself. I can’t tell you how timely this post was for me to read. Such valuable info. Thanks for all you do!

    • http://marketinghypnotism.com/ Krish Murali Eswar

      Please check Pixlr.Com/editor I use it a lot. Very practical and simple to use.

  • Jeffon Seely

    Great insights Pat. I’ve just begun my website and have been seeing a steady amount of traffic. I have to admit that I implemented basically all your strategies and continue to refer back to your site daily to ensure I am doing what the pros do lol. Anyway, thank you the time and energy you put into your craft, it is appreciated by thousands.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Jeffon, congrats on your new website, and best of luck to you!

  • Sarah Zadok

    Yes- yes yes to the video tutorial! You are so awesome Pat – thank you so much for all this gold.

  • http://hcgchica.com/buy-hcg-injections-worldwide/ HCGChica

    Great tips Pat! And you’re right- the last part of that headline really DOES make me curious. Also I have totally noticed the images and text you’ve have been using and I really do love it- very shareable indeed. For anyone who does videos like me, taking the audio and making a podcast from the video really does only take about 5 minutes extra to export and upload to libsyn and paste the code into the blogpost- after all the work that went into creating the information, and given that people like to get their information from different platforms, I feel this is HUGE way to make my time for each post I make go that much farther.

  • http://www.seanptwomey.com/ Sean Twomey

    Hey Pat

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into sharing these great tips with us. I really appreciate your work and I definitely need to add these latest tips to my strategy.

    Would you mind sharing what tool or solution you use to create your graphics that you use within your posts. I’m referring to the first image with the red arrow pointing at the title and also the ‘paper tear with shadow effect”. Is there a simple tools that does this or is this done in photoshop?

    By the way – congrats on your site re-design. I absolutely love your new design. So clean, simple, responsive and just perfect :)

    Have a great week.


    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Hey Sean! Here’s a post I wrote that goes over exactly the tool I use and the different effects: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/what-you-ought-to-know-about-screenshots/

      • http://www.seanptwomey.com/ Sean Twomey

        Wow, that was the fastest comment reply I’ve ever received. Thanks for the link will check it out.

        Was thinking that it could perhaps be useful for your site to have some kind of “sitemap” page (but not your traditional boring sitemap list of pages), but rather some kind of visual index / guide to help readers find so many of your golden posts (that are in your archive), like the one you just shared with me.

        I know you’ve got your “Start Here” page, which is great. I guess it would be a similar page that resembles the index of a book highlighting various posts based on topic. Just an idea. I can visualise it in my head :)

        • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

          Great idea Sean, I’m sure there’s some new and innovative way to perhaps get people deeper into the archive without requiring too much work. Will keep this in mind, definitely. Thank you!

  • vijay

    yes I would love a video tutorial on creating good images to include in post as well as on videos.

  • Pratik Unadkat

    Wonderful list of basic but important todo’s and I agree. A small thing like headline being attractive alone can increase a lot of CTR.



  • http://www.itablete.com Cristian Stanciu

    Pat, this is one of the best posts I read. Many thanks for these 5 awesome tips which I can hardly wait to start implementing on my blog.

    I would definitely want to see the video tutorial on image editing.


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    Awesomeness all around in this post!! Good job!

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    (I’m sorry for shouting, but this is the only way I’ll be heard)

  • http://www.samsmileymusic.com/ Sam Smiley

    These are such great tips thanks, BUT the graphics thing always has me stuck. Do you know of any (preferably free) resources that actually TEACH how to make the graphics like what you use? I understand some things about GIMP but am pretty lost when it comes to creating something like you did with the artist podcast – which is really great btw.
    Thanks for all the great info and inspiration Pat – I’m up at 5am trying to make this thing happen for the past 6 weeks, and after having the blog up for 2 years I’m seeing a big difference.

  • Shelby

    This is a very helpful article. I started my Health Coaching practice almost a year ago, have a custom built website and a blog. Mostly I have used FB, but trying to learn Pinterest now. It has been very slow! I have so many dreams! One of which is to begin monetizing my blog. But I do get overwhelmed easily with all there is to do and learn. I really want to bust out with the FB followers but seems to just have friends and family at this time. I am going to work hard on the last tip!! I have been learning how to create good images using pic monkey but I use power point more. Thanks for the sizing info and also I would love the tutorial videos you suggested! Thanks for your info!

  • mavtrevor

    Awesome tips especially with the headlines, a headline should be catchy to raise the curiosity of the visitor to want to read the article. your headline should be good enough to get people to read the your content.

  • http://healthybabybody.com/ Gemma Hudson

    Yes! I remember your Gary V podcast also and was thinking to myself that you’ve taken on his advice. When I received your email promoting ‘selling your artwork online’ podcast, your graphic certainly grabbed my attention and made me want to listen to what you had to say. It works exactly the same when I’m doing a Google search for a recipe, I’ll almost always choose the one with a picture next to it. I endeavor to put these tips into action. Many thanks, as always!

  • Leonne Willems

    yes, please, Pat (tutorial to create image, add text)

  • http://www.marketingfromscratch.com/ Daniel Sumner

    Hey Pat, thanks for the tips. I have most of them in place. Sometimes a fresh title can take some thought, but as you say it’s worth it. I’m going to add a graphic to my Facebook page now and share my post. Cheers :-)

  • Bryan Zimmerman

    Hi Pat, Great post. I want to add one thing, as well as offer feedback.
    1) an easy way to create the graphics you are talking about is in Keynote (for Mac users). Keynote has been some of the best money I have spent in my business is very easy to use and move text and do a lot of cool effects very simply. I then use Skitch to take a picture of it and upload. Very quick and easy.

    2) On my iphone4, when I click on your newsletter optin link by optinskin, the pop-up box doesn’t allow me to click on the subscribe button because it is just a little too tall. Not sure how many people are still on iphone4’s, but I thought I would let you know just in case. seems like it would be a simple css fix.

    Great stuff, thanks!

  • http://www.calebstorkey.com/ Caleb Storkey

    Excellent- thanks for those Pat.

  • Glenn

    Another tool I would recommend using to make your own graphics (tip #5) is Canva.com. I’ve been using it and it’s super easy to use to make your own graphics with text.

  • http://www.fineartmom.com/ Crystal Foth

    Great post and I would also be down with a video – I love your videos. Also there’s a great comment below about signing up to the stock photo websites emails for freebie photos to be used for later. I think I may do that right now!

  • Matt

    I would love to see a video tutorial on image editing, Thanks Pat for all the great info

  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    Fabulous tips Pat and super excited to see you switched to Disqus with the new theme.

  • Brian Dean

    This rocks Pat. I especially love the tip of putting important links on their own line.

    I have to admit that I clicked on that link!

    Only later did I realize what happened (and I was on a Desktop, not a mobile device. I can only imagine that it’s even more powerful for people that read SPI on a mobile device).

  • renee

    This article was so awesome–I took notes! I just created a picture using pic monkey and 560×292 made my picture look very squashed. But I did it anyway. I added it to my Renee’s Kitchen Facebook page with a question about what should I name this meatless, plant based, vegan lunch. (I must say I made this for lunch and it was awesome.)

    Thanks again Pat!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Just in case, make sure you don’t take a square-ish picture and squash it down to fit those dimensions. You’ll want to size and crop to that size so the image doesn’t look disproportionate or too stretched one way or another.

      • renee

        ohh, thanks. My stuffed vegan mushroom looks ok–but I think a bit of trial and error might be in order! My numbers are up! I have now what I usually have in the evening . . . Yeah!

      • renee

        Today I posted using all of your tips! And I have had a full morning of engagement! It did take a long time–but I made a list so each time it should be easier and easier.

  • Sandy

    Yes, Pat, please do a video on how to add text images. Specifically, I would really like to know what plugin you use to post your images/description/player and button for show notes for each podcast episode. They are beautiful. I WANT THAT!!!

  • http://bluecapra.com/about-alan-reeves Alan Reeves

    Great post. #1 is something that I’ve not seen before and looks like it will work great. I can see where the graphic in #5 would be useful for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and all the other networks.

    Pat, your graphic for podcast #96 really caught my eye. I’m glad you explained more about it in this post. Thanks

  • http://www.expandbeyondyourself.com/ Michal

    #1: I’ll try it. Sounds good.
    #2: You are a cheater Pat 😛 Good story needs more than 5 minutes 😉
    #3: I need more traffic.
    #4: It’s one of the obvious things someone else has to point out, because I wouldn’t have think of it. Thanks.
    #5: Yeah, I know. Yeah, I don’t :/

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      #1: Sweet!
      #2: Most stories we tell friends and people we meet are less than 5 minutes – do the same, but on your blog instead.
      #3: You should set this up NOW before the traffic comes in. I only wish I did it sooner. You don’t need a certain amount of traffic to make your page the highest converting page it can be.
      #4: You’re welcome.
      #5: Because…?

      • http://www.expandbeyondyourself.com/ Michal

        #2: Talking is faster than writing
        #5: Time. The whole realm of social media is for me in the back burner. But as soon as I quit my day job (the goal for this year) I promise to use it 😉

        • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

          #2: Then use a dictation software to help write your post for you.
          #5: Hire someone to help?

          What if we talked like this in real life, lol. Thanks Michal!

  • http://www.IncombyNumbers.com Julia

    Pat I love your comment about isolating links. It’s such an easy thing to do and makes such a difference for the mobile user. Definitely implementing this!

  • http://www.runningfromdebt.com/ Ron

    Great tips Pat, as always!! I’m definitely going to try these out on my little blog. I especially like the facebook pic tip.

  • Best Mom Products

    I love the graphic one! I just discovered Canva where you can design your own graphics, upload photo’s. It is soo easy to use (and free unless you want premium elements) – just a little addictive for us pinterest-creative types 😉

    • renee

      have you tried it for info graphics? I spent a while then went back to pic monkey!

      • Best Mom Products

        i have – sometimes it doesn’t cooperate well but i’ve been able to do what i need easily and quickly. pic monkey looks cool, too. i’ll have to compare 😉 thanks for the tip

  • http://www.jobiety.com/ Kashif

    Headlines sell, as they say.

  • http://www.showmehowtolearnfrench.com Kirsten Stephens

    For iPad owners, there’s an awesome vector image app called Inkpad. Very easy to create and share images – much easier than learning Photoshop or Gimp. It’s limited of course, but it is pretty amazing what it does and more than enough for slapping some text on a picture. Not sure if it exists for Android or Windows.

  • marianacarlos

    I really enjoyed reading this post, Thanks for sharing your Blog with others. You really share valuable information.Flowers To Mumbai

  • PIN

    Great tips as always!
    However, there is one point that i am not sure if it is mentioned in any of the comments before:
    Whenever we post something on our Facebook Page, it is not automatically shown to the feeds of everyone who has liked our Group. We sometimes need to “boost” that post. That’s how Facebook started to make more money lately…
    Facebook does not allow images with more than 20% of text in them and I think that an image like the first one in #5 , wouldn’t be approved by FB to get boosted and finally shown to everyone on the group.
    how everyone else is dealing with that…?
    Thanks for all the great tips Pat!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      That image was actually approved PIN. :)

      You’re right though, not all of our fans see all of our status updates, but the ones who do are the ones who are most engaged – and how do you increase engagement and be favorable in Facebook’s edgerank algorithm? You create engaging posts that stand out that people share, like and comment on. And one way to do that is by creating images like what’s mentioned in #5 :)

      • PIN

        I agree 100% Pat!
        It’s always hard in the beginning though when you don’t have that many followers.
        Thanks again for the great advice!

  • KMKrueger

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    Great points, Pat. I like what you said in #1 about getting people’s interest using smart headlines vs. cluttering up the headline. If no one clicks or no one reads it, then it doesn’t really matter, right?

    Do you think these kinds of headlines will reach a point where they carry less effect? It seems that more and more folks are wising up to using these kinds of headlines (some going the dramatic Upworthy route). Will we become immune? Maybe time will tell, but I was curious what you thought.

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    Pat, thanks for the great tips. I especially like your tips about creating images to share on Facebook, and I’ve saved this article so I can start implementing this tip immediately. I also love the opt-in suggestion for the highest read areas of the blog.

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    Dude, your tip to put a subscription form on the most viewed articles of the blog have REALLY improved my subscription rate. I was getting an average of 3/day, now i’m getting something about 10/day. Thanks for this.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Booyah – well done! So glad to see you taking action and seeing results!

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    Hi Pat- This post is fantastic. I am going to begin to apply several of these to my blog posts. Also, thanks to the rest of this blog community for the helpful comments as well!

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    Yes, please do a post on how to put text on images. Also, what is the plugin ( I assume it’s a plugin) that you use to put your podcast image, player and links in when you post a new podcast to your page? It’s gorgeous and I would love to use something like that. Will you share?

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    Thanks Pat for sharing these great tips. Loved the post! Just used #1 in my latest post http://www.mindfulcopywriting.com/2014/02/5-ways-choose-great-freelance-copywriter/

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    Great post. I am wondering about tip #5 how you add a different image to your facebook link than the thumbnail. How do you add the custom image in facebook to the link, without uploading the image first and then the link, like you first described. I am not seeing that option when I put a link into my posts.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      This is really confusing for a lot of people – including myself. Sometimes when I paste a link it just shows the thumbnail, but not a full width image. If it shows the thumbnail, that means that the image on your post is too small. You could either change the image on your post first, OR you can actually click to upload a new image on that thumbnail, and if it’s the right size it’ll switch to full width link-share style before you post. Thanks to Amy Porterfield (http://www.amyporterfield.com) for helping me answer this question!

      • Jason H.

        I think I understand now. Instead of just pasting your link in the text box and letting Facebook get the thumbnail, you would upload an image and have the link in the text box that describes it. Is that what you mean? With that being said, which do you think is more effective? I feel like I look at regular photos only more than link-share photos.

  • Jennifer Blake

    I’m looking to hire someone that will build my website for me. And by that I mean getting advertisers on the site, generating traffic etc. The only thing I want to be responsible for is the actual blog. Does anyone hire themselves out to do this?

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    Pat –

    Great tips as always. I’d love to see a video on using images and text. I’ve used Pixlr some, but could definitely use some pointers. Keep delivering up the great content! I’m already making an image for my next blog post that I just finished up today!

  • Brent

    As always really good stuff Pat. Definitely going to give Fotor a try as I love using images for quotes. A vid tutorial would be awesome.
    Cheers, Brent

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    Another good tip is to finish your blog post with a question. It usually invites more comments

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    Thanks for the excellent suggestions! I’m a bit confused, though, about the Facebook link image. You recommend an image that is 560 x 292, however in Amy’s article you linked, she recommends uploading an image that is 1200 x 1200.

    The aspect ratios are obviously different, so which one is best?

    Cheers and keep up the great work!

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    I just wanted to make sure you hit 210 comments on this blog post. It seemed so lonely without that one more extra comment! Ha ha

    Seriously though, love that little grabber. It’s something I think I learned from you a while back. I’ve been using them in my autoresponders and have gotten a great open rate.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Haha – thanks Paul! You rock!

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    I just did it on Twitter: 30 ways Visual Art can help your students be better writers. Number 6 is my favorite. http://bit.ly/1bwfOnp #edchat #literacychat
    Interested to see if it has a effect. You rock Pat!!!

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    Great post Pat! Found it in twitter…behind my emails! Always something to learn from you! Fiing in my Blog folder for easy access. I would love an image tutotial! Like David, I have no subscribers, and the ones I have do not come over, event though they tell me they like what I pos. What kind of useful content should I be sharing in Twitter when I write about life as a journey, virtue, food, persistence, living in the moment…And how can I turn a wisdom quatation into a tweeable one, where readers can click and send to Twitter? Thanks in advance! Happy belated Valentine’s Day!!!!!

  • http://www.passiveincomesitereviews.com/ Dwayne

    Great info Pat. I often check analytics and I like to include stories in my posts. I will take away the lessons on adding a little more to post titles and isolating important links.

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    Awesome post as always, Pat. Found this post while trying to research themes for my new website, for which I’m currently using a simple “Coming Soon” plugin.

    I especially love the tip about blurring out a screenshot of your image and adding text on top. One tool I love for this sort of thing that’s absolutely free is Skitch by Evernote (http://www.evernote.com/skitch). This tool makes it a breeze to blur out private info or an entire image and add cool Headline- or plain text-style text.

    Also, loved the tip about isolating super important links. I never thought about it until you mentioned it, but I do frequently find myself clicking the wrong links on my smart phone! This tip is worth the entire 5 in my opinion :)

  • http://www.SecretsofTexasBluesGuitar.com/ Eric Beaty

    Quick question, Pat. I just noticed this. In the image above for “How to Sell Artwork” and the “December Income Report” you leave a link within the post itself. I’m assuming this is because Facebook won’t allow you to add an image AND a link. But in the blurred out image, you let the link serve as the image.

    Here’s my question:

    Is there a benefit to leaving the link within the post as opposed to letting the link itself serve as the image?

    It seems to me that inserting the link in the post is a little too “pushy” or “market-y” and I wouldn’t want to come across as too aggressive; it almost begs for attention, whereas letting the link serve as the image seems more professional.

    What do you (Pat) as well as everyone else think?

  • http://www.SecretsofTexasBluesGuitar.com/ Eric Beaty

    Tip #5: “At first, it took me 15-20 minutes to complete an image, but now I’m at a point where it’s taking less than 5 – but even if it took 30 minutes, it would still be worth the effort.”

    I think a video tutorial on how you went from 20 minutes to 5 and the steps that made creating your images faster would be very beneficial.

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    Great post Pat. I will be using these tips this week.

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    Pat would love to see a tutorial on image editing! Have you been using images in Twitter? Are they working as well as Facebook ones?

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    I really like the last tip, number 5 because I haven’t been doing that. I thought it was going to be something different. Let me propose a 6th tip which I am not sure if you are doing. That is adding all the social metadata to your post to control what is shared then someone shares your post. I think this is HUGE and is that extra step I don’t see people doing. For me I would rather choose the exact image and text that shows on Facebook, not the other way around.

    For instance this post, I choose to share it and wether intentional or not, Facebook choose the image and text from this post. See the attached image.

    Anyway, there are some plugins for wordpress that make setting this info easy. I use a paid one, but their are plenty of free ones.

    • http://adampreiser.com/ Adam Preiser

      This is how it looks when you have all the social settings configured. See how the image is larger and it is the one you would want, not what Facebook choose. Also the text is what I want.

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    Hey Pat. These are some fantastic tips.

    I especially like tip #5 as this is something I just started doing recently as well too. I normally use to only write my blog posts and publish them and be done with it. Now I take that content, create an image for it, put my logo on it, and then share it on all my social profiles. I definitely think it helps.

    I get a lot more engagement on my social profiles if I include an image. People are just a lot less likely on Facebook to click your posts unless there is a image that catches their attention.

    Thanks for sharing these other ideas. I’ll have to play around with a few of them.

  • Alexis “Milano” Santin

    I just tried your the #1 #2 #3 and #5 for my last blog post yesterday. It worked like a charm.

    Your blog post is so specific and clear, it’s easy to implement your advises. So Thank you very much for that. It makes it easy for us to act.

    Here is the work of your student :

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    I have been getting great results from facebook after a blog. But now I can see the importance of a lovely image.

    Cheers, Mike.


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    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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    I’ve been your follower since the security guard training site and I have learned a lot from you. I quit my fulltime job and I am now doing affiliate marketing. It’s my main source of income now. I’m not making a lot but it’s okay to live a simple and decent life here in the Philippines. Thank you very much.

    This post is very helpful.. Thank you for all your help. You have changed my life.


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    No 5 had a considerable impact on me.
    I took your advice, and edited the feature image – and then I thought I’d pin it.

    It was only when I saw this image (see attached) next to some of my previous posts – that I realised just what a difference it makes to put a few minutes into making a special image for my post!

    The visual storytelling one is a LOT more interesting and “Pin-worthy” than the other two!!!

    It really is a simple tip that can make a HUGE difference to the work I produce!
    Thank you so much!

    • Emma Weise

      I thought I’d do a follow on…
      I was so taken aback by the difference a great image makes… that I ammended the other two… now, the board looks a lot more powerful! Still quite a few images /posts to add to it though 😉

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    There is just so much to learn, but it’s the simple things that can often make the biggest impact. Thank you so much Pat for sharing these tips.

  • Cynexis Media

    We have a graphics department who does our images, but we also recommend the free website picmonkey.com for creating your own graphics quickly and easily.

  • Frank Eriksen

    David – Believe what everyone is saying. Stay with it. Find your voice and then your audience will find you. You can do this. I low you can!

  • Successful Living

    David – Believe what everyone is saying. Stay with it. Find your voice and then your audience will find you. You can do this. I know you can!

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    I’m going to try adding the images to posts like you suggested! Thanks again!

  • Katie Lake

    As a general rule, I always include a picture in my post with text. It makes for good “pinteresting”. After I started doing that I noticed Pinterest became my number two referral site. (Twitter is still first.) that made me a total believer so I edited some old posts the same way then pinned them. This is especially effective for tutorials. Two my top pinned posts are for making a magnolia wreath and sewing a shirt from an old button up.

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    I started a blog on October 22. It grew and looks like it has reached a plateau. It has stopped growing…or may be it is too slow a growth to perceive.
    This is a blog which teaches nothing but shares amazing science stuff that elicits awes…like omg facts…but a little detailed. I love doing this as I learn random amazing things everyday while researching for posts. I post one article each day. The streak has continued and I have 139 articles up in 139 days.
    Although I never wished to make money out of it. I just wanted to know if it is really possible to make a living (nothing big, just enough to sustain) out of something like this? I just can’t figure a revenue model that would work for me.
    Sometimes I start looking at blogs that teach things and have areas where they can expand to…like make courses for people. I see them working really well and I think of emulating that. But Why would people listen to me if I start teaching science to them. The’d listen to their professors. Also, if I leave this and start a blog that teaches photoshop, this good hard-work put in by me will go to waste. Is there a way I can make something out of my present science blog?

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Hope it helps you save some time.

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    For #5, check out Canva.com. It’s a free tool to easily create graphics just like the ones you make.

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