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Are YouTube Videos and Podcasting Worth the Effort?

Are YouTube Videos and Podcasting Worth the Effort?

By Pat Flynn on

Last year, I made a conscious decision to turn my growing Smart Passive Income blog into the Smart Passive Income brand.

I knew nothing about “branding” at the time, except that I knew that successful brands utilized all different mediums to reach their audience. Stick to one medium, and you’ll limit your reach to only those who use that medium.

That’s why you see major brands on television and on the radio (and everywhere else it seems), or why you see many of the top bloggers syndicate and expand their written content with videos and podcasts too.

I wanted to do the same, and that’s why I have my YouTube Channel, and most recently, my Podcast.

So is it worth all the effort?

Before I get into the numbers, I can easily say that the experience alone was worth it.

I know how to do a lot more now than I could a year ago, such as properly setting up an optimizing a video, capturing screen recordings, speaking on the microphone with confidence, optimizing YouTube and iTunes as search engines, getting my podcast feed approved and ranked in iTunes, etc.

Beyond the experience (and what you’re probably more interested in) are the results.

Did I get in front of people who may have never seen me otherwise?

Did I get traffic flowing back to the blog?

Did I get new subscribers?

Let’s explore…

Did I Get In Front of People Who may Have Never Seen Me Otherwise?

Yes. Absolutely!

Many people don’t actually use written content as their primary source of information. (GASP!)

Many people prefer to listen or watch videos to absorb information, and they stick to that medium no matter what. There could be are a ton of people out there who are in your target audience. The trick is to produce content in the way that they want to get it.

Since starting my YouTube Channel on September 26, 2009, I’ve accumulated a total of 93,515 total views. Of that total, 21,622 were found via the search engines in YouTube and Google combined. Obviously, there may be some overlap between the two and between people who have already connected with me before, but these are really impressive numbers as far as people searching for certain pieces of information and ending up watching a video that I uploaded.

YouTube Video Views Stats

And here’s an email someone just sent me a few days ago:

YouTube EmailAnd the podcast? Well, I don’t have any concrete numbers because iTunes is terrible at reporting (i.e. they don’t), but I do have a few more messages. And remember, the first session was published a little over a month ago:

Messages From People Who Found me on iTunesAgain, the purpose of this is to show you that you can reach more people by expanding out of your blog and into the realm of audio and video.

Oh, and I almost forgot! This is something I’m really proud of.

In the overall business section of iTunes, I was ranked the top #8 podcast, right next to Suze Orman, Jim Cramer, the Wall Street Journal, and Dave Ramsey—right in the front where everyone could see. I know for sure that I was put in front of the eyes of people who would not have found me otherwise:

SPI Podcast RankingThanks to all of you for your support to help make that happen.

Did I Get Traffic Flowing Back to the Blog?


Here is a screenshot of Google Analytics showing the numbers coming from YouTube:

YouTube Traffic NumbersAlthough YouTube is not my top referring site, it does show some pretty decent numbers, at 2,660 clicks from YouTube since I began. These are coming from the links I put in the description of my videos only. Of course, I could have gotten more if I had made more videos, but with only 18 videos live at the moment, I think that’s pretty good.

From the podcast, again, it’s tougher to track traffic flow. But, I did notice quite a large influx of traffic coming around the same time I started going live with the show:

podcast influxI can’t say for sure that all of that traffic was coming from listeners, but I’m almost certain that it helped.

Did I Get New Subscribers?


On YouTube, I’ll be the first one to say that I’m not doing a very good job promoting my ebook and my newsletter. When I started on YouTube last year, I did not have a newsletter or ebook to promote, so I should follow my own advice and get on that right away.

I learned my lesson, however, and applied a very basic strategy to earn new subscribers through my podcast right from the start.

I purchased a domain at, and I mention that domain on my show as an easy way to get people to come to my landing page where I promote my free ebook and newsletter. This is in lieu of saying something that is less memorable, such as: “Please visit smartpassiveincome dot com slash ebooks dash the dash smart dash way.”

Ever since starting the podcast, I have noticed a higher average of new daily subscribers.

Before the podcast, I was averaging about 15-20 new subscribers per day.

After the podcast, I am now seeing numbers between 25 and 50 new subscribers per day.

New Subscribers—PodcastSo is it worth all the effort?


If anyone were to ask me: “Pat, what can I do to grow my blog?”, I would be really confident in saying that expanding your blog into video and/or podcasting is a great place to start.

By limiting yourself to your blog, you’re ultimately limiting your success.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you use the best practices for expanding onto other mediums. I’m still getting familiar with Podcasting, so I can’t suggest what to do just yet, but I’m sure you’ll find these posts I wrote about YouTube helpful:

Thanks again for your support, and have a great weekend!


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