What’s Better: Having 1 Site or 10 Sites?

A simple question to tickle your brain this weekend:

Would you rather have 1 site earning $1000.00 per month or 10 sites each earning $100.00 per month, and why?

The question is left without details to spur more discussion.

I had asked this question to my Facebook community the other day, and within 30 minutes I had a ton of answers that really started to make people think about their approach to online business and making money online, which is the purpose of sharing this exercise with you today.

Please leave a comment, and just for fun, I will give one random person a very rare, Smart Passive Income T-Shirt, as shown below.

Smart Passive Income T-ShirtAll sizes are available, and you must answer the question in order to be qualified to win. One entry per person, and the winner will be randomly selected and announced one week from today (Friday, June 17th).

I look forward to reading your answers. Have a safe weekend!

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  • http://onlineincomejourney.net Ioni @ onlineincomejourney.net

    10 sites are better!

    • Pat


      • http://onlineincomejourney.net Ioni @ onlineincomejourney.net

        Because with one website, if something goes wrong (google drops the site from the searches, the niche becomes less interesting etc.), you will less money. Also, with 10 websites, you have more opportunities to earn more money.

        @offtopic: http://screensnapr.com/e/EDe9Kx.png why are the numbers of retweets different?

        • Pat

          I believe they are using different services to come up with the number. The one in the area below the post isn’t very reliable (i think it’s Tweetmeme, and the other is the official twitter retweet button. I gotta fix that. Good catch! Thanks!

      • Fabio

        Whats your take Pat…

        I honestly think diversity is key to any successful company, investment or buisiness as to “put all your eggs in one basket” as they say is too risky.

        However I do think that one of the ten should be your main focus point (Blog), building 9 (90% automated blog), and one mainstream blog like you have in your smart passive income blog.

        You truely are sitting on a gold mine by offering so much information free and making your income through promoting services and adds.

        Well done and keep up the good work!

        I’d love to hear your take on what would be better?

    • http://mansgreenlife.com Eric

      5 sites at $150, 5 sites at $50. Enough said :)

      That means you have 5 that are creeping up in income, and 5 to hold you a little should one of your top 5 go down.

      Just thought I’d be different, haha.


  • Therm

    1 Site, because of the low maintenance. I would much rather have to manage one site as opposed to ten.

  • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

    Great question Pat!

    I’ll go for one website making $1,000 online monthly because a site like that will be easier to manage compared to having 10 websites.

    • http://caseygentles.com Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

      That’s true to some extent but it all depends on what the website is about as well as some other factors. Bare in mind that some websites require very little maintenance. A a live example, look at Pat’s Security Guard site. Very little maintenance and yet it will soon be at $1000+ per month. Now I would take ten of those anytime than one site making me $10,000. One site is too risky!

      Casey Gentles

      • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

        What a really great point! I agree!

    • http://www.blogging24h.com/546/how-to-start-a-blog/ Trung Nguyen @ Starting a Blog

      I also think like Onibalusi, one site is easier to manage and track, I haven’t enough time to build too much sites, so one is the best for me :)

  • http://www.trinitywebcreation.com Ben

    I would go for 10 sites, though lik Oni said, it would be more maintenance, but it would also be more opportunity to generate more income. Opportunity being the key!

    • http://help-pay-bills.com Clare @ Help Pay Bills

      I agree with you Ben, I’d rather have 10 sites that are earning a little bit FOR NOW – because once you get them to a certain level, you can pick the most promising looking one and have 10 opportunities to ramp it up, rather than one.

      i DO think that you can only fully work on one thing at a time really well though, so I plan to start with one and get it to a good level like Pat did with the Security Guard site, and then that can be kept ticking over without LOADS of work, sure, bits here and there, but then I can go ramp up another one.

      Maybe have one niche site that is your MAIN passion and then other smaller ones, but definitely not just one! Just my $0.02 though!

  • Chris M

    As I own over 300 I would vote – 1.

    Why? 1 is hard enough to manage, 300 is impossible. Quality > Quantity

    • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

      Aha, 300? How are you doing it? What results are you getting?

      • Chris M

        There is no correct answer to the original question really.

        I found doing 300+ niche sites you are building low quality crap, and as such your returns are low quality. However, the returns are stable as if 50 sites dip in SE, 50 others may improve.

        However, if you spread yourself too thinly (anything more than 3 sites imo) then you will not be producing content of a high enough quality to achieve a decent standard for success.

        I am completely changing my business model. I am keeping the 300+ i have, but moving towards 2 quality sites with a sub networking of 8-10 supporting sites. My main 2 will be mine, the 8-10 will be outsourced.

        And I can already tell this method will be vastly better in terms of revenue than all the other 300 combined.

        • http://www.HowToBecomeALegalNurseConsultant.com Anya

          Not to mention, the cost of buying and renewing domain names. Renewing your domain on 1 site a year equals $10. Renewing $300 sites = $3000. I was on the fence when Pat first posted this, but I think I’m in agreement now, less is better.

  • http://thomas-genin.com Thomas

    10 sites !

    Even if the maintenance is higher, software like WordPress Network ( MU ) make it quite easy.

    The biggest advantage of 10 sites with different subjects is that your income is more stable. THe probability that the visits of all of the decrease during the same period of times is low. If the subject of your only big website is not a hot subject, you are loosing visitor and you can’t really do anything about it.
    With 10 websites you are safer.

    • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

      That;s a really great point! Your income is less likely to be affected.

      • ifeta johnson

        Hello pat !!!

        Have you hired this guy Onibaluchi to reply on all comments ? This is not a hate mail but as a regular reader of your blog I would like to tell you that it is very irritating when the same guy is comment trolling on everyones reply with his ‘I agree’ and nothing more to add ! I am going to start a niche site of my own (only one for now , since this is my first) and learning the tricks of the trade from your blog ! Being a regular reader helps to learn a lot from you and also the awesome discussions in comments and though I never drop comments since I quickly skim through content (even comments, since there are so many of them) but opportunists like these who comment just to gain visibility turn me off big time !

        You are doing a great job with the site pat !!! I will consult with you soon , are you offering any coaching or online classes for the same ???

        • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

          Hi Ifeta,

          I’m really sorry if my comment irritates you or makes you feel like I’m trolling. I’m actually commenting to share my opinion and when I see someone say what I miss I support by agreeing.

  • http://mymoneymakingexperiment.com/ Tiptopcat

    At first I wanted to say 1 site so that you can concerntrate all your efforts in one place. However if for whatever reason Google dumps you out of the search engine ( and you are relying on free traffic for your earnings), then it would be safer to spread your risk. If one site gets sandboxed, you know that you can still earn from the others and wait patiently while til the Google Gods forgive you.
    So 10 sites is better than 1.

  • Paul

    It depend on your resources, if its just one person, then put all your efforts into one site rather than stretching it over 10. If you’re going to do something, do it right rather than doing 10 things badly. Yep, I would go with 1 site.

  • http://bestonlineincomeopportunities.com Daniel

    Of course, there are advantages to both. For a part time IMer with a full time job and a bunch of other responsibilities (like myself), one site making $1000 would be so much easier to manage.

    For someone who has more time on their hands, 10 websites are good for various reasons, the main one being diversication.

    Go ahead and send me that T-shirt for some almost free offline PR and advertising! I’ll wear it around to the mall or something.

  • http://maryann.ca Mary Ann

    Depends on the types of sites you are running. I have a couple of different projects on the go so I have several sites to reflect those interests. Not sure I could handle 10 but would be interesting to try.

    • http://caseygentles.com Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

      I also believes that it depends a lot on the type of sites. If they are niche sites on specific topics, after the initial set up is done then they will require very little work. On the other hand, if’s a huge blog like this then 10 would be very hard to manage.

  • http://optima-lifestyle.com/about Cristina


    10 sites. It means that if one or several of your sites get deindexed you still have many other income streams and also, it proves you can repeat the model easyly and increase your income.


  • http://caseygentles.com Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

    Hey Pat, I would go for 10 sites in 10 different niches making the $100 per month rather than the one site making $1000. My reason is because I don’t want to spread myself thin.

    Let’s say Google slap my site or any other thing can go wrong, then all my income would be gone if I am in the one site model. On the other hand, if I have 10 sites and one disappear then I still have $900 income going on for me.

  • KimP

    I’d go for 10 sites, it’s better to have all of your eggs spread across multiple baskets just in case something happens. Also, it would be easier to optimize 10 different sites to earn more a couple more hundred dollars each month, thus increasing your overall income, than it would be to optimize one site to earn tens of thousands of dollars per month (unless your promote your own product or some affiliate products).

  • http://www.essetinoconnexions.com Jewel Tolentino

    Hey Pat!

    Great work as usual!

    I would choose having 10 sites that make $100/month each VS. having 1 site that makes $1000/month. The reason is that if something were to happen to that 1 site, I would lose all of my Passive Income, but if something were to happen to 1 site and I still had 9 other sites, I would still have my Passive Income. I see the benefit in “NOT putting all of your eggs in ONE basket” and “creating many Passive Income steams”. I mean… is that what you teach after all :) Smart PASSIVE Income Blog :)

  • http://ebasicpc.com Rene Cruz

    10 sites. If you are generating income on 10 sites that means that with a little more work that income can be increased significantly, also you have a better chance of continued income if one of the sites suddenly encounters heavy competition.

  • http://www.flightpathmultimedia.com/ Allen Foreman

    1 Site because it costs more time, money and energy to run 10.

    From an SEO competitieve stadpoint – You can use all your recourcces to build content, keyword optimization and back-linking for 1 site istread of 10 sites.

    Branding – You only have to make brand theme, brand messages and graphics for 1 site instead of 10 sites.

    Social Media – You only need one account from the social platforms (Twitter, FB, Linked-in and others) for 1 site instead of 10 sites.

    It’s much simpler to manage and you can focus your time, energy and money into a single site, a laser approach rather than using a shotgun approach with your resources. The universe loves concentrated effort.

    If you are satisfied with the 1 site’s level of success, then get some inexpensive help to mange and maintain that site, then start a new project to dedicate full attention to it.

  • Chris

    I would say 10 site of the same niche.

    #1 your foot print would be much larger. If one site is sandboxed the the others will still thrive.

    #2 greater opportunity for link building.

    #3 You have the ability to spread your niche topic over serval specific site.

    • Chris

      Plus, there is software the will spin you articles so that they don’t appear the same.

  • http://timmyferrari.com Timmy Ferrari

    I’ve spent a number of minutes thinking about my answer to this question, and I don’t think it’s possible to answer without knowing more about the situation.

    If the $1000 site requires the same amount of work as one $100 site, then I’d clearly go with the one $1000 site rather than the ten $100 sites. Because I already would know how to create a $1000 site, I could then go out and replicate. If creating ten $100 sites requires the same amount of time, effort, and money as creating one $1000 site, then I’d probably go with the ten $100 sites for diversification purposes.

    On the whole, I’d probably stick with the one $1000 site for as long as possible. Focus is good. Focus leads to greater expertise and excellence. Free markets reward excellence, and the internet is the ultimate free market.

  • http://www.anildewani.com Anil Dewani

    I might prefer, 10 sites that make $1000 each, hah!

    Anyhow, getting back to the point, i would prefer 2-3 site with $1000/month instead of just 1 site with $1000/month.

    Managing 10 sites maybe a lot of work, but having focus on 2-3 sites and taking it to the maximum level is the best way out.

  • http://yourpersonalmortgageplanner.com/ Dano Rettig

    I think you would have more income possibilities with more avenues. But you would need a VA to help keep them maintained. Not to sound cliche but “Time is Money”. If you are spending more time keeping you sites maintained and less time being creative and innovating then your site will stay just that “Maintained”. So me personally I would go either 10 sites with a VA or 1 site on your own. For today anyway.

  • http://tonymilano.com Tony Milano

    Hey Pat,

    Well I’m very lazy so I’d choose to manage 1 blog over 10 any day. That being said if I was outsourcing the management to these other sites, then I would take the 10 sites without a second thought. These site are showing promise. Sign me up.

  • http://salesmaximus.com/ Adarsh

    For me it’s definitely 1 major website and the rest as satellite websites. Minor ones make quick money while majority of the incomes comes from the main site

  • http://www.ninetofiveescape.com Dawson

    I have to agree with Anil. The two options are a little extreme. 10 sites sounds like a bit much to manage for a one man show, on the other hand one site really is putting all your eggs in one basket.

    I’d go with somewhere between 2 and 5 sites (depending on my time availability). Particularly if a couple sites were interrelated, so that research for blogs for one could also assist/contribute to my research for blog posts on another (for instance, electronics/social media…two areas that overlap frequently…or in my case, two different sites about fashion).

    I’m currently trying to work an idea related to having a “hub site” with a variety of connected “outpost sites” that are keyword/niche specific but all related to the broad topic of the hub site. Playing with it still, hope to see some good results.

  • http://www.siteburbia.com/ Kenny @ SiteBurbia.com

    I do feel like it depends on what type of site or sites are being developed, but I would go with 10 sites. Having 1 site bringing in $1,000/month would be ideal, however, I feel like having 10 would give you more leverage. If one site drops in earnings, you have 9 more still bringing in money. You can also sell 1 or 2 of your sites for up to 12 months of it’s income and use that money to build more sites.

    Great question!

  • http://moviescrunch.com Manikandan

    For me its better to concentrate on 1 blog first. Once we make that blog as a successful one, then we have a chance to create new blogs in our interested domains. But as a newbie 1 blog is the best option to concentrate more, building the network and making decent money. Cheers.

  • http://www.yeokheng.com Yeok Heng

    I will go for 10 sites because each site with $100/month still have lot of potential to grow. You can grow them close to the the $1000/month site. Let’s say $500/sites, then you can get $5000/month from the 10 sites. On the other hand, the single site with $1000/month, might grow, but it have to grow 400% to reach the similar amount. Diversification always good, as you still have others to support even one is already down. You never know what’s going to happen to your site. Hopefully I can win the T-shirt and show off to my colleague!! :)

  • Tipjar

    10 – more diversified. If your 1 site gets slapped, you lose all your income. If one of your 10 sites gets slapped, you lost 1/10 of your income.

  • http://pennyonthefloor.com mike

    For sure 10 sites (thought I like the 1 site maintenance argument)

    I think you are much safer with 10 sites, in case something goes wrong with 1 of them, you are still safe making some money.

    I like to try to diversify myself with multiple income streams (several sites, several methods of making passive income, several different affiliate programs, several different niches). Gives you much more flexibility and protection.


  • http://snachodog.com/ Steve

    I would argue for 1 site for the maintenance aspect. Also, I would argue that you should then go on to replicate the “$1,000” process on 10 more sites!

  • http://webmarketips.com Romain

    I would say 10 sites. Sure it takes more time and obviously more work. But if you expect a 1 000$ website / month it’s much more work than a 100$ one. 100$ requires not a lot of posts, but good optimization.

    Moreover with Google updates, sandbox and everything if you have only one big site then you’re broke.

  • Mario

    I would go for one big site… Then I would flip it and make 10 sites, each earning $1000 per month…!

  • http://www.healthmoneysuccess.com Vincent

    I think I would go for 10 sites making 100 each instead of 1 site making 1000 bucks per month.

    *Assume we are talking about niche sites here

    1) Diversification – I wouldn’t want to see my total income disappear after a Google panda update. It is better to have more sites and each contributing a small stream of income.

    2) Having more sites means I am able to pursue many hobbies or topics that I am interested in. I believe each of us has several hobbies and interest. Currently, my niche sites cover about topics that I am interested in. I wouldn’t be able to cover everything in a single site.

    3) Having more sites mean that I can use each site to test different ways of monetization. Currently, I am still applying the affiliate marketing concept on my niche sites. However, after seeing how well you (Pat) did in your security training niche with Google Adsense, I am tempted to try out some other niches using Google Adsense instead. Google Adsense may be more effective in some niche as compared to others. I don’t know about that and testing on several sites may help me to get the answer.

    4) Management – It may be an issue to manage 10 site at once as argued by fellow commenters. However, I think management is not a problem for 10 niche sites. Since after you did the core work of uploading adequate content, you don’t really need to touch on it much as we can see it from you In The Leed and Security Guard Training site. Outsourcing for content and backlinking can make our life easier too.

    That would be my view.


  • Stephanie

    It depends on the person but for me, it would be one site at a time (versus one site my entire life). Having 10 sites would make me a bit more scattered in thoughts and I would have too many ideas for all of them that I most likely would end up not implementing any of them.

    On the assumption that I did implement ideas over 10 sites, I just don’t feel like I could put 100% effort into it because I’ll be rushing into another idea. I’m more of an impulse person so planning to do one site at a time when I have 10 sites to manage just doesn’t work for me.

    It’s similar to the question of having 100 friends versus having the 3-4 close friends. Sure, 100 friends is something possible to have and maintain but realistically speaking, you’re probably only going to be close to a very little percentage of them.

    There’s just not enough time in a day to be spreading yourself thin if you want quality time to do other things. Now if my life was all about making money, I’d probably go 10 sites – but my life isn’t.

  • Brent

    One site because
    a. You’re building long-term worth
    b. You’re building authority
    c. You’re build a brand

  • edna

    10 sites to spread the risk

    10 sites to benefit from different markets

  • Steven

    I would also say 10, you know what they say about all your eggs in one basket.

  • Luci

    Think about the zeros: 1 site earning $1,000 a month probably represents a LOT of blood, sweat and tears to have reached that point. Is that really scalable? Now if you had multiple sites each earning $100 a month you could focus your time and energy on ramping up the income for more than. IMO it’s easier to go from $100 > $1,000 than it is to go from $1,000 > $10,000.

  • Ben

    I’d rather have one that makes $1,000. I understand a lot of the positives of having 10. You have a diverse set of assets that helps you in a downturn is the biggie and there are others that other commenters have shared.

    But I’m going with one for some of the reasons already mentioned:
    1. Lower overhead
    2. Easier to manage particularly when including social networks and consistent content generation
    3. Building your brand and authority

    Particularly couched in the figures that you mentioned, this blogging thing is still a side hustle earning them an extra thousand dollars on the side, having only one site allows you to focus.

    I remember your podcast with Mark Mason where he said that since he is doing this nights and weekends that he needs to be focused on a few things and do them well. If you’re splitting your limited time ten ways, chances are you won’t be able to grow them much further than that hypothetical $100 mark that they are already at.

  • Monja

    I’d prefer 10 As i like Not to depend on just One source and then i’d try to grow one or two and keep the others

  • http://airplanesimulatorgames.us Bob Young

    10 sites @ $100. Same principle as diversifying investments. Let’s say the market changes and one site dries up. With 10 sites you have 9 left and making $900. If the market dries in your one $1000 site, you have zilch.

  • http://www.howtosavemoolah.com Gerald

    That question is simple. I’d take the 1 website over the 10 because of the WWTFD philosophy. What would Tim Ferriss do? LOL.

  • http://www.planetnaveen.com Naveen Kulkarni

    That’s interesting question Pat,
    I am in favor of having 10 sites. If the same question was asked for comparing 100 sites and 1 site, I would have voted for 1.
    But here, 10 sites, yes quite manageable. Its not only managing factor that matters here, but the whole business strategy changes.
    Assume one has only 1 site that earns him 1000$ and suddenly one day his whole word press got corrupted due to an unknown issue (assuming he didn’t backup his data well) or his hosting server winds up or crashes, his whole business will be gone in minutes where as if he has 10 sites, he will be still able to continue his business with minimal effects.
    Another thing matters is he can create and sell multiple online products if he has multiple sites (assuming they are into different niche). He will also be better equipped with trend up downs and tweak his websites according to that in case of multiple sites.
    Single site, quite easily manageable but a risky golden egg :-)

    This is my opinion. Of course, your feedback/views are what I would like to hear.

  • http://www.planetnaveen.com Naveen Kulkarni

    Another thing which is quite noticeable in the case of successful bloggers are that they always have more than one blog/website. This is true at least with the people whom I met (online) including you :-)

  • http://www.passthemsticks.com Mikey

    I’m going with the median here.

    I’d rather have 5 sites earning $200 each than 1 site earning $1000 or 10 sites earning $100. The main reason I don’t like 10 is because unless they are EXTREMELY low maintenance and also an ongoing topic that won’t die out, it’s just too much to keep track of. Especially when you still work full time. 1 site is risky. If that site gets sandboxed or hacked or what have you, your income is gone.

    I’m a middle of the road person, what can I say?

  • http://www.torontowebsitedeveloper.com/drupal-video-tutorials/custom-emedded-node-reviews Pete

    10 sites for sure! 10 sites because:

    1 – You’d be diversified. If you lose one site to increased competition, search algorithm changes (read: google’s recent changes), loss of income potential, you still have 9 to rely on. Isn’t income diversification what Smart Passive Income is all about?
    2 – More income potential. You would have more sites to expand into affiliate sales, producing your own product, using other ad networks like OpenX.
    3 – You can hire virtual assistants. The relationship between your sites and work isn’t one to one, you can hire writers, site maintainers, etc. once you’re producing enough income. Having 10 sites gives you the a better opportunity to do that.
    4 – You can drive traffic between the sites to help increase site traffic and revenue (think of Pat’s recommendations between ipod apps).

    I’m sure there are way more benefits but I think everyone gets the idea.

  • http://www.jamienorthrup.com/blog Jamie Northrup

    It’s a question I ask myself every day, and every day I get a different answer, I currently run 9 websites, and wonder how much more successful I would be if I ran 1 or if I ran 10 more, I have a few low maintenance ones, a few that aren’t big money makers but really interest me, and then the middle ones.

    I manage by making priorities, people who know me know that I love to use checklists to manage my time and tasks, and that’s how I roll.

    One thing I recommend is really think about your website plan before started a new one, because I have one that has a great domain, great logo and theme, but the actual concept isn’t so great, but I’m hanging on because of the great logo and name, I’ll just have to take the time to turn into something else.

    One argument I used to use for multiple sites is because I have a wide variety of interests so I can always blog about what I like on the different sites, but lately I’m thinking even with one site I can go guest posts about the other subjects…

    All this to say, I still don’t know which is better, and I still have 9 sites!! lol

  • http://chrisalta.com Chris Alta

    Pat! What’s going on brotha?!

    Haha I would definitely go with the 10 websites for the mindset of “never putting all of your eggs in one basket.”

    See if we put all of our time and energy into 1 site and it performs well as far as generating some substantial income, then sweet. However if for whatever reason the website gets the slap from Daddy G and your rankings go to crap, or your site gets sued, or really for whatever reason that site shuts down, well there goes your income stream! and it’s your only one!

    With 10 websites the same thing can happen with 5 of your websites but you still have another 5 websites to work with! It’s kind of a buffer to keep you up on your feet in the mean time while you figure out what your next 5 websites should and will be.

    The name of the game in Passive Income is to have multiple income streams, hence not putting all of your “eggs in one basket.” Definitely have to test new streams of income out as well to see what’s right for you.

    I mean sure that 1 website could be making you a killing but what if you don’t even like it? With the 10 websites you can see which 5 make you the most happy maintaining (less than 4 hours per week of course) and which ones don’t.

    It’s not only smarter financially but is smarter mentally in terms of being a healthy happy person :)

    If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing or really have no interest then it doesn’t really matter how many websites you have and how much income you’re making, because you’ll pretty much just be wealthy and miserable.

    Went off topic a bit but hey this is for a t-shirt! Gotta pull out the big gun theories haha..definitely 10 websites that generate $100 each instead of 1 that generates $1,000 though! Cheers Pat have a great one! 😀

  • http://jordangodbey.com Jordan

    1 site earning $1k.

    Easier to manage, learn the audience, build products for and/or sell the site later on because it has more value than a $100/month site.

  • http://www.flyaoamedia.com Chris Palmer

    First of all, I really love your personal approach to what you do through your website and social media. It’s a great lesson to us all that ‘being human’ should be at the core of any business endeavor we do, online or offline.

    Would I want 1 site that makes $1000 or 10 that make $100 each?

    Interestingly enough, this sparked a long brainstorm as I was driving to lunch here in Alaska (yes, there are places that serve food here).

    Being self employed and the owner of a moderately successful website, the answer is easy for me: 1 website that makes $1000. But, my first thought, I must admit was “Why only $1000?!”.

    Once I realized that an online business has to start somewhere, here are my thoughts:

    My main struggle in business is making sure that I myself do not take on too many roles, projects, ideas and directions that will distract me from getting things done and SHIPPING.

    Not to mention, only so much can be done in a day. With too many things going on, something has to get dropped. Who cares if it’s one of the 10 businesses! Usually it’s the family, which is both sad and unfortunate.

    It’s far too easy to chase idea after idea as an entrepreneur. As an online entrepreneur, it takes only a few clicks and a minor investment to startup a unique website with perhaps an amazing idea.

    The internet offers few roadblocks to get in the way of taking these many different directions.

    Therefore, I’d rather spend my time and focus on ONE company rather than many, and only several projects within that company at a time. That way myself and my team can constantly be working on projects that are getting done and SHIPPING.

    Potential unique ideas only stay ideas until they are acted upon, created and shipped.

    Otherwise, growth doesn’t happen and it will always be a $1000 dollar website until something changes, and something new is shipped.

    There is a saying out there I’ve heard many times that states, “You will be the same person you are today in the future except for the books you read and the people you meet”.

    Relating that to business, “You will have the same cashflow in the future of your business that you have today except for the products you ship and the customer relationships you build”.

    Truthfully, perhaps the biggest reason for wanting to go with a “$1000” or “focused” business is the fact that as a man, it is far too easy to get caught in the trap of thinking I am providing for my family by trying to achieve all these things, when the most important thing is the family itself.

    One focus, one business that is simple, streamlined and as automated as possible is the way to go. Creating a brand, culture and beautiful addition to the web is much easier achieved through such a focus.

    One website with a team that has a culture and understanding that things get shipped, and a customer/fan base/tribe that expects those shipments.

    Those were my thoughts. And yes, I did finally find food here in Alaska! And it was delicious.

    Thanks for the awesome question. I hope your insights allow you to continue to grow what you’re building here.

    • Pat

      Thanks for your long and detailed thoughts here, Chris!

  • Ron


    Go question and good lesson to post about.

    I assum we are talking only about narrow niche sites and maybe not authority sites.

    I have and will always go with 10 sites at $100. Or even better (maybe) 25 sites at $40-$50. Your own post about what keywords find your sites points this out. More keywords means more traffic. With niche sites not every keyword will be or can be just on one site.
    So we should get more sites (when needed). No need to have a site for every varation of a phrase thought. If possible spread this around several DNS and IP’s.

  • http://hireseoservices.info/ Gay Aida

    It actually depends, if you’re going to have more websites you need to consider a lot of stuff. Most likely you need to ask yourself if you’ve got time, if you could be able to maintain all these websites, if you’ve got that heart to do all 10 websites or not and a lot more.

    But if we’re going to consider SEO, 10 sites is much better than 1. why? if you’ve got 10 or more sites, you can put links from one website to the other. The more links the more priority from search engines especially if these websites are high PR. You can do link wheel using these sites too. promote one site to another.

    just don’t be tempted with the numbers that you could have (as your income) because you need the time and great effort (because you need a quality content) to have and maintain those numbers.

    so my answer is, it actually depends on the heart, time and effort that a person can give to the website(s).

  • http://healthhomehappy.com Cara

    1 earning $1000. I’d rather have more, to diversify, but they’d need to earn more than $100/month for me to justify the hassle of operating that many web pages I think.

  • http://www.americantaoist.com Matt Timlin

    I would definitely go with 10 sites each making $100.00 because that diversity is much more secure as long as at least some of them are making that $100.00 using different methods.

    Here’s a personal example I’m still feeling the sting of. I woke up this morning to an email from Amazon associates program saying that due to a new law Connecticut had passed, Connecticut residents can no longer participate in their affiliate program. Just like that that stream of income was gone. What if that was my one site making $1000.00 through amazon affiliates? In the 10 site scenario even if three or four sites used Amazon to make that income I’d still have over half of my income intact and untouched.

    Second thought, if you’ve managed to consistently make 10 sites generate $100.00 it seems very likely you’d either be able to repeat it again and again until you have the desired monthly income you’re looking for, or alternatively focus on developing their income generation beyond just $100.00. Either way I think it would be a bit easier to scale than one heavy hitting site.

    • Pat

      Hey Matt – I’m keeping my opinion out of the discussion until later, but yeah I heard that CT and a few other states recently lost their Amazon Associates Program, which is really scary and I’m sure there are some people who lost all of their income streams because of it too. Thanks for sharing your example Matt, I appreciate it!

  • http://www.iblogzone.com DiTesco

    Got here via a Tweet and really can’t remember from whom. Anyway, it is a very pertinent question and although I might be “against” all odds, I would go for the 10 sites, assuming that it is a “straight forward” question. It is just like “spreading” the eggs rather all being in one basket.

  • Ruth

    I prefer to have one really good site that is producing $1,000 a month than 10 site producing $100. I believe that I need to be able to have some sort of control that is one having one would be easy to monitor and promote. :)

  • http://christiancriminallawottawa.com Lisa Christian

    Super question Pat (and I’m impressed with your security guard website btw). Although diversification is a good idea, I find it takes time to maintain a good criminal law website/blog and the associated social webpages and eBooks. Ten websites would be too many for me unless I worked at them full time and they did not all include a blog.

  • http://www.lraquelpeterson.com Lauren Peterson

    I would prefer to have one site or product grossing $1k per month. Once I’ve gotten this accomplished, then I can safely say I have a roadmap in place to make 9 more sites for a total of 10 sites making $1k per month and leveling up from there.

  • http://ricnunez.com Ricardo Nuñez

    10 websites.
    Income diversification is very important.
    If you get get burned by one, you can always work in a different one.
    You will learn about different markets.
    You can use different approaches for each website and do split testing.
    Learn from different industries.
    Also know what industry are in higher demand.
    You may want to work depending in trends of each website.
    Some of the people picking 1 are saying stuff that can be applied for 10 websites.
    If you don’t have too much time get a VA or a partner. There’s always time to do more, you are just wasting too much time in less important stuff.

  • Gavin Mc Enteggart

    I would much rather one site.

  • http://chefgeneman.com Philip Geneman

    I think that 10 sites would be more stable multiples streams of income as long as you can keep quality information. If you have a great virtual staff than you shouldn’t have to worry about it. you can also have non blog sites that just have great information without you having to update it all the time.

  • http://money2010.de Csaba Nagy

    Hy Pat!

    I think 1 Site is good when this site earn 1000 or more money! 10 Sites are impossible to write good content every time.

    I have 3 Blogs and for the first i write every day, the second 3 times a week and the third i write 3-4 in a month.

    Sometimes its hard to find good content every day for one Site…i think for 10 its impossible…

    I think 1 site with realy good content is the best for the owner and for the visitors!


  • Travis

    There’s only one real choice here for someone who wants to make long-term money online: You focus on ONE site.

    Sure once you’ve got your big money maker then it makes sense to branch out and build other sites— because then you can afford to leverage your time and outsource things– and you already have at least one site you can count on for consistent income. That’s essentially what Pat did by starting with GreenExamAcademy, growing it, then diversifying later on with other sites. Then he builds this blog and grows it into another massive money-maker. That would never happen if he was trying to run ten other sites at the same time on his own… it just wouldn’t happen.

    Not everyone will be successful with the one-big-site model though because most people don’t put the time into research. So they pick niches like “recipes” or they try to be the millionth site focused on “weight loss” or “follow me on my journey to make money online” or something else with limited potential or that are too competitive to start with, or that simply can’t be monetized well. Start with the right research, put all your energy into building that one site into a money-making ATM machine, and it’ll free you to do whatever else you want later on.

    Multiple small sites leaves you open to a HUGE risk.. and here it is: Lack of Authority. Google views authority as trust, quality, and age.. and sometimes, the size of your site. By trying to run ten or hundreds of little sites you make a little cash but you never really build any site to it’s full potential. Essential none of your sites are true authorities so there is always the chance that they’ll drop in the search results. That’s not diversifying- that’s leaving yourself open to a lot of risk and one of the reasons that so many adsense site builders are hating life right now. All it takes is an update to Google’s algorithm and suddenly your entire empire of sites can be wiped out.

    Instead build up one huge site, get backlinks from trusted sites, provide real value, get people talking about your site in forums and blogs, guest post on related sites, grow your brand, add amazing content…. all of which takes time… but the payoff is HUGE and you have a trusted AUTHORITY site that google will love and rank well. When their algorithm is deciding which site to rank higher– they’ll choose your site over a shallow, small site anyday.

    The 8th wonder of the world: Compounding…. with one big site your profits are compounded; meaning you can do the same amount of work but your profits increase at a faster rate than the work you’re putting in. So an hour of work doesn’t equal an hour of profits. With a larger, big earning site… one hour of work is now worth 4 or 5 hours of profits or much much more. Look at smartpassiveincome as a great example. You’re getting so much traffic that even if you only make money off 1% of the traffic, you’re still doing amazing. Put that same amount of work into 10 small sites and you’ll keep trading your time for money.

    Lastly, It’s much much much easier turning a $1000/month site into a $3000/month site… or $10,000/month for that matter, than trying to turn a $100/month site into a $500/month site. As an authority site, every new post you create has authority- will rank easily- and will be yet another doorway into your site for all the traffic that you can then monetize. On a small site, every page will be a pain to rank and will take a lot of work, and the trickle of traffic you get will be tough to monetize.

    So if you’re serious about this online stuff– do your research and focus on one site… for now.

    • http://pennyonthefloor.com mike

      Although I did say 10 sites (above), you make some great points here.

      Once I started making a few bucks online, I got super excited and went crazy buying domain names and starting crappy niche sites. Some of them have done better than others at times, but in the end, maybe 1 or 2 actually earn $100 a month consistently.

      In total, I make over $1K a month, but the majority of that comes from 1 site.. So for the time being, I have been focusing on that 1 site. Trying to maintain all of the other sites has been a lot of work, for little reward for the most part.

      So I would agree and say that if you are just starting out, focus all of your effort into one site.

  • http://www.makemoneyonlinewithvic.net Make Money Online with Vic

    Hmm…this is a tough one!

    Some folks focus on one thing at a time really well, while others are totally ADD and need several projects going on at once to not die from boredom 😉

    When you start a niche site for example, you always hope it will do well but sometimes it flops despite your best efforts.

    If you have 10 sites and 1 or 2 start to do well, you can focus your energy on growing those and leave the others alone for the time being.

    I agree with you @Vincent that having a few different sites is a great way to try out different monetization strategies.

    If you’re depending on Adsense for 1 site making $1000, it can be as sketchy as having 10 sites all riding on Adsense!

    I built some of my niche sites with Adsense in mind but then found that there was a really great Clickbank offer that could benefit my visitors and earn me more. Win/win!

    Another site might do well with private advertising or product creation, etc.

    I guess in my experience the main thing is to continue to test and tinker and find the things that work best for you any given situation. Pat’s the master at doing just that!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Shaun

    It’s always best to diversify your income and spread your earnings amongst multiple income streams. One site making $1,000 a month would be easier to maintain however, if for whatever reason you loose that income stream your earnings are gone. If you maintain ten site’s, and you loose one, you still have $900 a month from your other sites. Also, there is always opportunity to increase your earnings from your smaller sites and far exceed $100 per site.

  • http://www.5atatime.com Tomalley

    My own answer to this question changed several times as I browsed the many comments before mine. I am, however, going to confidently say TEN is better than one. Many people are mentioning the time factor of running 10 sites. That is easily remedied with Virtual Assistants. Some have mentioned diluting your “authority” on a given topic. Reality is, your audiences for each niche have little to no spillover into the others. If your 10 sites happen to be similar in niche, that will only help your authority anyway. I also agree with the “eggs in one basket” people. Not just in running multiple sites but multiple income streams within them as well. A fellow SPI commenter really rattled me last week when he asked Pat “What if you randomly get banned from AdSense someday?” Scary thought. Same applies to these sites. What if one gets hacked beyond repair or falls hopelessly into the Google abyss without explanation. Spread those eggs out!

  • http://www.homestrong.net Dean Mehrkens

    I think one site is better, from the perspective of the audience. You’re able to put 10 times the effort into that one site rather than diluting the effort across ten sites. It seems to me it’s more valuable for the audience to have one quality site than 10 that are dilute or thrown together cheaply.

  • http://www.goodorbadmovie.com Dustin

    I’d rather have ten because I love to blog/write about different topics (which is the real and primary reason I got into blogging in the first place). If I ONLY did it for business, then operating one business would be require less time and energy and have a smaller input:output ratio than operating 10 businesses.

    • http://quantumsalesleap.com/ Fisayo

      As a hobby, having ten sites should not be a problem.

  • http://quantumsalesleap.com/ Fisayo

    It depends on your overall goal and strategy. I think most internet marketers should have just one dynamic content site, then you can other static sites, for example: product sales mini sites. Then the dynamic content site should be feeding the static sites with traffic and stuff.

    That would apply if all your sites are of a related niche – which would be the best option for internet marketers.

    However, if you have diverse businesses and you have maintenance of the other site covered (not financially now), then you can have more than one. If you do all or most of the work yourself, you should not opt for that option.

  • http://www.fulfillingdream.blogspot.com Jenny

    Just one site please! I’d be a lot less confusing that way to me. I also don’t have the time to manage 10 different sites – I’m way to big into procrastination -_-‘

  • Thomas

    10 is better. While they would be more work than 1 site and probably more expensive, having a diverse portfolio of sites is safer than having all your eggs in one basket. For example, Google could change their algorithms or figure out how content is duplicated via article spinners and penalize sites that use that as an inorganic backlinking strategy. They bring the hammer down on your one and only site and your done.

  • Colin cutler

    I would rather take the one website. This way, could continue to add content and focus more on making the site pleasurable to use. This would make it more likely to have return visitors. Also, is a problem presents itself, I could focus more time on fixing the problem or adapting to it, rather than letting it crash and burn.

  • http://www.ThomasStrock.com Thomas Strock

    Well it took me a while to finally make a decision on this one. I saw it on your Facebook page and was going to comment but couldn’t make up my mind. Now I think I have. Personally, I would rather have 10 sites making $100 than 1 site making $1000. First of all, there is the obvious diversification factor that if one niche suddenly disappears for some reason, you don’t lose everything. Secondly, since in the question it doesn’t state that the 10 sites are ranking for lesser searched for keywords than the 1 bigger site, there could be a lot of room for growth in all of the niches.

    The biggest concern that I have seen in the comments section so far would be spreading yourself out so thin that you can’t concentrate on just one site. While this is a legitimate concern, I still think the 10 sites are better and here’s why. If you are making $1000 a month, personally I would have hired a VA with the profits to help me out. I then would have the VA producing content and helping me rank the sites while concentrating myself on making only one of them at a time authority sites. That way I am not spreading myself too think, but still having a safety net in case one or more sites fail.

    Those are my thoughts, but first I should probably concentrate on getting me 1 site to make $100 in a month 😉 I hope I win the t-shirt!

  • Garry

    Good question. I say there are really three choices here:
    (a) 10 sites
    (b) 1 site
    (c) 10 sites + 1site
    And I don’t say that to be a smart @ss. I’ve spent quite some time thinking about this because this a very real question I’m addressing in my Seven Year Online Business Plan.

    Here’s why I choose (c):-
    10+ niche market websites that are systemized and being run with the help of a VA gives me passive income with minimal time commitment by me. So I have time to focus on my 1 site/my passion/my signature blog which also earns me income but requires more time and direct effort from me.

    It’s about having both, a well oiled money machine and a vibrant medium to express one’s passion. And that’s my plan.

    • http://www.5atatime.com Tomalley

      That makes sense for me as well

  • http://www.themagnumlife.com Larry Hendrick

    Diversification … 10 sites. If the sites cover a broad spectrum of ideas, the insulation can keep your income on a more even keel. One site can be risky and can fluctuate wildly over time. When UP, that is good, but when DOWN, that is bad.

  • http://www.barkyourself.co.uk Stephen Kinsey

    I would say ten sites simply because having all your eggs in one basket is a very dangerous way to make a living, you are at the complete mercy of the search engines. If you are going to focus purely on one site then you need another source of income outside of your online activities in my humble opinion.

  • http://Secretmarketingplaybook.com Nivin

    Hey Pat,

    I’d prefer 10 sites simply because If something goes wrong you won’t be completely knocked out! And to manage the sites you could always outsource as many tasks as necessary. So the best of both worlds.

  • http://www.higherphoto.com Nick

    10 sites. I would rather have the security from keeping the income streams diversified. “don’t put your eggs in one basket”. This will come at the cost of increased maintenance though.

    All niches are at the mercy of cultural influence and changes. If a change in the culture devalues the blog then you will need to scramble into a new niche. This means starting from scratch building authority and respect all over again.

    Great question!

  • http://www.docugasm.org Trever Clark

    10 sites, hands down. I actually own about 30 sites now, each of which makes, on average, probably a couple of bucks a day. Way easier to start earning, and way less risky.

  • http://wonderthinking.com Tricia McKellar

    Oh wow– at first I would have said one site, since that’s less to maintain. But 10 does sound like spreading your risk without too much work. Though I’m not sure that I would want to spread my risk among 100 sites…

    Thanks for asking! :)

  • http://www.eguitarkits.com Marty

    10 for sure.
    It’s a bit like having a table with ten legs as opposed to 1 or two. If something changes with Google and some of those legs get knocked out then (hopefully) you will still have enough legs to stay upright. You can also vary your approach and experiment a little more with more than one site rather than having to play it safe because all your eggs are in the one basket.

  • J.C. Dees

    10 sites. I’m with the people here who are citing income diversification. If you have the time to build ten sites and get them up to $100/month, then go build 20. Then start a blog about how you did it and turn that into a site making $1,000/month.

    The potential for additional sites in additional niches is there. There are still a lot of opportunities out there for passive income (hard work now, benefits later). You’ve proven it here as have many of the people participating in your niche site duel.

  • Ricardo C.

    Hi, I think if you have only one site, if something goes wrong, it all goes wrong, on the other hand, if you have 10 sites, well, somehow you minimize risks. Also, the more sites, the more chances of success, learning, improving, etc.

    It is harder, and much more time consuming, but for me, it’s worth the effort. I prefer 10 sites!


  • http://www.solobizcoach.com Fred Leo

    I would rather have one site earning $1000. One site is much easier to maintain. It is easier to write content for one site, build links for one site, and create greater authority for one site.

  • Ron

    I’d think this would be pretty simple, but I’d have to say one site making $1,000.00 makes a lot more sense to me when considering the 80/20 rule of effort and reward.

    To me, one site might be “riskier”, but it’s much easier to manage and GROW since you’re focused on one creative work and one type of customer. I think it’s easier to be more productive and prolific with one site. And with this focus you can ensure that you build a better relationship with your customer by learning them more, and you end up honing your skills in a particular niche. It’s also a better chance you can become an “expert” and a “guru” with one site.

    In the end, I enjoy following Andrew Carnegie’s rule about success and how he applied it to his steel business:

    “Put all your eggs in one basket, and then WATCH that basket.”

  • http://blogdesignguy.com J. D. Bentley

    I’d have to say 1 site earning $1000/month. I suffer from digital schizophrenia bad enough as it is. The less I have to divide my attention the better.

    Regarding Ricardo C.’s comment suggesting that with one site there’s a chance that something can go wrong and you’d be SOL, I think if you’re building the *right* kind of site, there’s very little risk of that happening.

    If you’re plan is to start a niche site and game Google, 10 sites are probably necessary. But if Pat randomly lost Smart Passive Income, I’m pretty sure the audience would follow him wherever he moved to.

  • http://www.reluctantretiree.wordpress.com Ken Carroll

    Ten sites. I can find guest writers to help and there are plenty of subjects to write about.

    • http://internetmoneyhustle.com/ internet money hustle

      Yes but then you have 10 sites to manage. I suppose you could scale them all up, but there are too many variables to answer the question correctly.

      I would say one niche site making $1000 rather then 10 micro-niche sites making $100 because there likely wouldn’t be much more room for a micro niche site to grow.

      • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

        With only one site, you are at much more risk of losing the income stream, don’t you think?

        I would (am) definitely go the 10 site route. Actually, make that the 200 site route :)

  • http://www.becomeabullionaire.com Jason Rasset

    Why is it implied that sites make money? How did it start making money? I will take one site that makes $100 a month, as long as I know WHY and HOW, then I can make more, why should there be a cap on income for any site… just teach me how to make $1, then $2, Then $10… $100, I can multiply after I know “how” sites make money. Overall, one is where I would start… although my ADHD…(not clinically diagnosed) tempts me to start something new without thinking….

    • http://Www.Hsia.fr Ling-en Hsia

      Having 10 sites which all make money shows how much a good marketer one is.
      I would take the 10 sites, build up a new blog showing those 10 sites as case studies.
      This blog would make me USD1000/month within a year.


      • http://rahulbuzz.wordpress.com Rahul

        Why 10 site cannot earn $1000per month? Well one website kicked by google algorithm changes or attacked by spammers or any thing. But 10 sites you income is safe and diversify. Plus you can monetize them differently and you will become better marketer.

    • http://freetrafficwiz.com Vinay

      I think that having one site is better… I run many many sites and following the 80/20 rule, 20% of my sites make me 80% of my income.

      So I think its better to run fewer sites. The thing is that some sites will grow quicker than others. So sometimes it is better to have multiple sites running just so you can test the viability of each site.

      But in the end, once a site has authority, age and search engine rankings, it is easier to grow that site then a new site.


      If you have a site on “Running” that was already big and lots lots of traffic and had an email list but you also wanted to start a site on dieting. You would be better off to start a section called Diet or Runners Diet as a /diet on your mail website.

      This is because it would pick up the search engine benefits of the main site, plus you could market it to your list, link to it from your homepage etc… The work to build out the new section would be much less then the work to build out a whole other site.

      My 2 cents :)

  • http://www.bloggingteacher.com Paul Cunningham

    10 sites might sound like smart diversification but I know a few people who have multiple sites where they are basically replicating the exact same site/content/traffic/monetization formula across all of them. 10 sites doesn’t help if they *all* get smacked by a Panda 😉

    I prefer having 2-3 sites each with 2-3 different income streams (eg products, affiliate, advertising).

    • http://supermoneysave.com Vijay

      Exactly what I’m preferring these days. I tried making 10-20 sites a t one point but soon realized I can’t manage all of them and none is getting the right track. So finally decided to stick to only 2-3 which are now making my 99% of money.

      So my suggestion would be start and cultivate only two three sites and bring those to $1000 income till that don’t even think of other.

      • http://richkent.com/ Rich Kent

        I completely agree with this. 2-3 sites ftw (5 sites max). It’s easier to manage, and easier to keep those sites on the right path and growing.

        1 site is too limiting – too easy to get crushed by a change in search algo, or even a change in customer demands or search trends.

        10 sites is only worth it if most of them can really function on autopilot.

        • http://www.curd-nerd.com Rachael

          I agree, 2-3 sites (ish).

          I have 4 active sites right now and that is plenty enough for me to manage but that number gives me a good diverse topic range to play with, as well as different income stream options.

          Too many more sites and it becomes impossible to provide consistent quality with regular updates let alone keep on top of all the other tasks that you end up wanting to do on your sites.

  • http://telavivisraeltours.com/ Ernesto

    I would like to own the single site that earns $1000, rather than the 10 ten sites that earn $100. Like everyone else says, it’s all about low maintenance. But then if I have the ability to make the 10 sites earn $1000 each, then by all means I will find time to manage all of them.

  • http://www.brentmair.com Brent Mair

    10 sites, because I like the diversification, as long as they don’t require much maintenance.

  • Jeremy

    Paul hit the nail on the head….10 sites is often fake diversification.

    10 X-Factor minisites getting Panda-slapped are more risky and less diverse than a single domain which uses Adsense, list building, and affiliate programs.

  • Craig

    Definitely 10 sites for me – the online world is too unpredictable, who knows what the next Google update will bring or what your competitors are planning, so I’d rather spread my livelihood across multiple sites than have all my eggs in one basket.

    To put it in terms of the offline world, if you have a great little coffee shop that makes you a healthy living do you look to identify great locations and open more or stick to your single shop only? It’s a competitive world out there, if you have a successful shop it won’t be long until Starbucks realise and open up next door.

    The key to running 10 sites though is to establish one before moving on to the next – starting with 10 sites from day one is just going to leave you daunted by the task of trying to manage them all and you’ll probably never end up producing something of high enough quality.

  • http://www.biblemoneymatters.com Peter

    I prefer to build one site at a time, so one site that makes $1000/month would be just fine. As some have metioned, I think once you get to more than a few sites it gets hard to maintain and actually create a worthwhile site that is worth reading. Yes, diversification might be nice, but at the same time I think there’s something to be said about focusing on one web property at a time, and doing things right. Then once you build it to a certain level – you can start bringing on help to help you maintain it, and continue growth while you start a second site. :)

  • http://www.dividendninja.com The Dividend Ninja

    Pat this is a great question! I really had to stop and think about it.

    If you build one site and do a fantastic job, the $1K is worth 10x that in the long run!! You can focus on one area of expertise and do it well. But what if it doesn’t and your stuck with one lemnon, then what? I’m just starting to see the benefits of my blog in terms of icnome and traffic after 6 months, I wouldn’t want to start scattering my resources at this point.

    As Paul Cunningham points out, 2 or 3 great sites in diverse areas, is the way to go – that is my ideal target.

    If you have ten sites making $100 per month, then you are really scattering your resources on a thin line, and all you have is 10 sites with small income. I agree with Craig, it would be very difficult to build any quality or depth on a bunch of small sites. I wish I did have the energy and resources to run 10 blogs, because I would run 10 good ones!!

    • http://www.howtosavemoolah.com Gerald

      I love your website!! Who designed your site if you don’t mine me asking DN.

  • http://www.baruthadesigns.com Linda

    Definitely 10 sites. You don’t want to put all your eggs into one basket. Multiple streams:)

  • Ecowhore

    I’d rather have one site that I loved than ten sites I was only mildly interested in. Or ten sites that excite me rather than one that I don’t like anymore. It’s all about the sustainability (of my motivation) for me.

  • http://www.transcriptionistforbloggers.com Carey Suante – Transcriptionist

    It really boils down to your intention. What’s your ultimate goal?

    If its making money without being authoritative and known? Go for 10 sites and even more. Diversify your income. In this case, you will heavily monetize the sites because with the sites (adsense?), there is no income. Niche sites come to mind.

    On the other hand, if your goal is to be recognized, and to gather followers. Then build one or two, at most, authoritative sites. In this case, your income may be from speech, consultancy, books, etc ie, indirect income from the blog(s).

  • The Herminator

    For me, I would have to say 10 sites that I enjoy working on and maintaining. It just makes sense not to put all of your eggs in one basket.

  • http://getbusylivingblog.com Benny

    I’d rather have one website that makes 1,000 than 10 that make a hundred. I’d rather give my full attention to one and make it even better than spread myself thin with 10.

  • http://theiphoneplanet.net Lemuel

    Good question Pat.
    I’m a beginner and I love reading the comments.

    For me I’d rather have a 10 websites with a steady income because I believe in diversification. Those 10 website were created with the help of VA and ghost writer which is the way to earn more Passive Income.

  • http://gamelicker.com Gamelicker

    For me, one big and multi-language site in a popular niche is the obvious choice. You do not need to spend extra money on domains, webhosting services and you have more time to focus just on this single site and make it grow. If you diversify your audience (e.g. SEO, social media, etc.) and make the site multi language you may eventually end up having a big and popular site.

  • Adam

    Depends on the sites. If the one site is basically maxed out for its niche and the 10 sites are diverse, quality and still have some room to grow I’d take the 10. If the 10 sites are cruddy adsense sites I wouldn’t touch them…unless I could recoup the money I’d spent on them within a few months + clean them up a bit.

    If the one site has room to grow and new ways to pursue further monetization I’d be all for it instead of the 10.

  • http://www.websitetooltester.com/en Robert (WebsiteToolTester)

    I’d say neither. One is not enough, 10 is too much.

    I would try to have one cash cow that brings in the money and two-three other niche sites that have some potential to grow. This way you are not too dependent on one project but also don’t have to deal with 10 different sites.

    • Sarah Russell

      This is exactly what I was thinking. I like to build minisites to test out new niches, but when it comes to actually investing time in building up a site into an authority page, I don’t like to have more than a couple that I’m seriously working on at any given time.

      Websites take time and effort to get to the $1,000 level, and I don’t like to spread myself too thin by taking on too many projects at once. So for me, it’s a few big projects – diversified across different niches and different monetization strategies – rather than a bunch of smaller projects.

  • http://www.FamilyEyeCareTips.com Michael

    More sites binging income is better, BUT…
    My favorite golden rule of time management says: ONE TASK AT A TIME!
    I think everyone in this business should start from one single website, grow it up and make the income from this site (no matter it is $100 or $1000) to become at least 90% passive. Then it’s a time to start another one. And so on…
    After some time you’ll have a number of websites which brings different amount of income, but the greatest thing is that this income is really passive and pretty diversified, so you may not worry if some day something could happen with one of your websites.
    So more sites is better, but we should be consecutive.

    • http://www.goodfaithinvesting.com Shae Bynes

      Michael, I’m with you 100% and operate exactly that way.

    • http://www.giftcertificatefactory.com tommy

      I think so too. Doing one website at a time until it brings passive income, and moving on to the next. It’s kinda hard to do content/design/marketing for 10 sites at the same time!

      • http://www.FamilyEyeCareTips.com Michael

        Thanks Shae Bynes and Tommy,
        but here I have to give a credit to our gorgeous Pat :) who teach us to action this way.

  • http://www.geometricarts.com Phil Webster

    Despite the arguments for diversification (which are somewhat valid), I’d lean towards the single site, because:
    (a) A single site is easier to keep track of than ten;
    (b) It’s likely a subject I’m more passionate about, therefore more fun;
    (c) Even if the nature of the site is such that it’s more work to maintain than 10 low-maintenance sites, if it’s truly fun, who cares?;
    (d) If the site is high quality, I think the diversification argument loses its punch — a truly valuable site should never get badly whacked by Google no matter how they tweak their algorithms
    (e) The single site has potential resale value if you ever want to exit

    All that being said, I think Robert (WebsiteToolTester) makes a great point – the sweet spot is probably in the middle, one primary with a handful of others as insurance.

    • http://diycomputerscience.com Parag Shah

      Phil, I think even a smaller site has a resale value. You can sell it on flippa or some similar service.

      I agree with your point on one site being easier to maintain.

  • http://Socialexplosion.net Jamie


    I would go for 10 sites, simply because I could become a expert in 10 different niches and then expand on the $100 per month and make them $1000 per month maybe even flip them to make me a Instant millionaire :)

    Remember there is such a thing as get rich quick but not get rich easy

  • http://www.blueprintblogging.com Stephen Baker

    I would have to go with 10 sites. Due to not knowing any other details since u left them out, i will not assume how these sites are making money. The reason i choose 10 is because if something just so happens to happen to one or two of the sites, i’d still be making money.

    Whereas if something happened to the 1 site i would be left without income. Without any other details to go on, i think that 10 would be my choice.

  • http://diycomputerscience.com Parag Shah

    I would definitely prefer multiple sites. That way it is possible to experiment with different things on different sites. These learnings could then be implemented to other sites. Also the Internet is a bit unpredictable. So it is better to have multiple sites rather than putting all eggs in one basket.

  • http://blog.tranx.pl Adam

    It’s very risky to rely on 1 site only. If something bad happens – You can loose all or most of your income. However, 10 sites can be hard to maintain. I also agree that if You have only one site, it’s easier to provide high quality content. So the best option is to gave ie. one main site, that earns $500 and more, and a few (3-5), which earns $100-200.

  • http://www.StartMyConsultingBusiness.com Greg

    Having 1 site with $1000 of income would be my preference, though as some mentioned, having only 1 site would expose you to more income risk that 10 sites. The risk issue aside, having the expertise to build a $1000/month site–assuming that you’ve designed it so that it’s not a full-time job in itself–would then allow you to either scale it up for even more revenue, or to build additional sites that could earn $1000/month to both increase your income and spread your income risk. A requirement though would be that each site would need to be relatively on auto-pilot so you don’t end up working 12-hour days.

  • James

    I suggest that having ten sites is the better course of action because they produce ten separate streams of income which I will presume are diverse. Having a single site exposes one to the whims of popularity, which change as surely as the seasons. For example, a friend went to Google’s page one with a site dedicated to the Gulf oil spill and got write-ups in the mass media. Where’s that site today? In the memory pile, of course. Had that site been one of ten (which in fact it was) he would have had other streams of income to hold him through the development of a replacement site. I vote for ten sites instead of just one.

  • http://dollardialogue.com Curtis

    Diversification, the buzzword that are used by our financial advisors, would persuade us to believe 10 sites are better than 1. Never keep your eggs in one basket. However, a site that has 10 streams of income coming from one site would be more stable versus 10 sites with 1 shaky income stream. No offense, but I would take YAHOO over 100 regular sites. ; )
    Having said all of that, I have more faith in creating several sites versus one site at this point in time.

  • http://myonlineincomebykidgas.blogspot.com kidgas

    I didn’t spend any time reading through the comments since I figure I am bound to be repeating some of the same sentiments. I am an XL T-shirt btw. I would prefer to have 10 sites simply for the diversification factor. If one of the sites got slapped by Google, I wouldn’t want all income to depend on a single site. I also think that once earning the growth rates may be different so that I could stand a better chance at identifying a true winner. Finally, I would want the sites to have different monetization methods to provide further diversification. Having different sites would also prevent burnout allowing me to work on something different when I didn’t feel like focusing on a particular topic.

  • Dror

    Having 10 websites in different niches targeting different keywords is better than having just one site, even if it makes 10 times more.

    It is much easier to monetize the 10 sites you have and increase their income and you don’t risk everything by having just one site that at any point and time can lose all its rankings, traffic and income.

    Google are not to be trusted and you can’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  • http://bizhax.com Keith

    There is no correct answer here, it really depends on your business plan, your abilities, your niche, etc… Start with one, if it does well then you can look into more, if it fails, shut it down and start over. Don’t have ten failing websites, I have been there before too…

  • http://motorcycleinsights.com/ Jason Powell

    10 sites sounds great if one fails, but that’s a lot of work to maintain 10 sites especially if your adding frequent content and all the behind the scenes stuff. Outsourcing is possible but there goes a chunk of that $1000.

    Right now I have a blog receiving a lot of traffic. I’d just like to make a $100 and get back into internet marketing.

  • http://www.shajjad-online.com/ Shajjad

    I think 1 site is better then 10 sites.
    Cause 10 sites will take more time to create and maintain.
    But if we can build a site taking more times then this site will be great resource of passive income.

  • http://www.whatdoestonydo.com Chef Tony

    As a creative type (Chef/Restaurant owner) I definitely like my “products” to be of quality and have my passion. I’d find it hard (as I do now) to manage too many sites and really keep them up. Your site is a great example, maybe not everyone in the world knows about SPI, but those who do, really appreciate it. For me , a site making me $1000 has a lot of good stuff going on, so let’s focus on that one, and just make it better and better!

  • Alex

    I will take the 10 sites. This is about passive and everyone knows that anything can happen at any time. If you had your 1 $1000 site and for some reason GOOGLE decides to play with it, your PASSIVE INCOME IS GONE.

    On the other hand 10 sites at $100 each, GOOGLE plays with 2 sites, you still have $800.

    I personally have 10 sites and I have the 1 site. :)

  • http://thosewiseguys.com Brent

    I’d say 10 sites. What happens if the market for the single site falls apart, or the content/product becomes less useful, or more readily available. It seems like a much wiser investment to have 10 sites generating income, that way if one site stops producing, you only take a minor hit.

  • http://torontodatingcoach.com Evan

    If we’re talking SMART passive income here. I’d have to say one site earning $1000, simply because it’s LESS time, management, and over all work to maintain one quality content site as opposed to 10 quality content sites.

  • http://bloggerfolder.com Haru

    i would rather choosing 1 blog than 10 blogs..
    which one I can spend more time to focus and increase the earnings-doing seo,writing and others..then, i achieve the target, i can open to guest authors to my blog and start writing articles for the blog..or i just buy articles from other (with the money from earnings)..after that, i will take a move to start build another blog.. and start doing the same thing..repeat the first step again.

  • http://www.beyondthebox.com Alan

    There is really only one question that needs to be answered:

    Are your 10 sites all passively earning $100 per month? If so, then 10 is a much better choice! If any one of them ever dropped off, then you’re income would only be 10% less.

    If they aren’t on auto-pilot, then 1 site would be better as it would be easier to maintain. Each site would of course take some time to set up, but to maintain 10 sites would take up too much time and probably wouldn’t be worth the effort.

    The potential of evolving them all into $1000 sites is there, but since time is money, the ends must be justified by the means…

  • http://Noperidiet.com Francisco noperi

    Hi Pat, i would have 1 blog website to make most of my income. its because i don’t want to feel overwhelmed, and a lot of work. i would focus on 1 niche that i’m good at or maybe 2, and do quality work.

  • http://www.rechner-photovoltaik.net Byron

    I’d like to have one website making 1,000$ because I love to focus on one project I really love.

  • http://www.jaimetagle.net Jaime Tagle

    I think 10 sites would be better. You can always focus on 2 o 3, increase their income and then outsource the most important tasks like content creation, backlinks and other stuff so the other 8 or 7 sites earn more without any extra work.

    As a result, some weeks later you can have 3 sites earning $500+ and the other 7 earning more than $100 thanks to the outsourcing.

    That would be way more earnings than only having one site.

    Just my opinion :)

  • Izik

    It is hard to say. I would prefer 1 site that earns 1000$ a month. It’s all about maintaining. It’s like you have one emploee that work like ten. But what is happen if he breaks a leg? :-)

  • Jay

    I’ve been asked this question before, and my answer will always remain the same. Ten sites making $100 trumps one site making $1000.

    You yourself pat are always talking about diversifying your passive income, and everyone here has heard at least one horror story where some hardworking person, who did nothing wrong got click bombed or google slapped and lost the income that supported them and their family overnight.

    I’m only 18 but my internet marketing endeavors help both me and my family and I want to minimize the risk of losing it to the highest percentage possible. I would rather have ten sites split evenly between adsense/cpa and some affiliate programs. Of course, I would still attempt to make these sites into authority sites with valuable content, but diversification would be a top priority.

    P.S. The shirt would make me look smart+sexy=smexy? Are men even allowed to use words like smexy? ;p

  • http://designyourjob.com Kirk Thomas

    I think this depends on what your goals are. My goal is to replicate my current standard of living passively(90%). So I will for simplicity sake say that I need $120,000 to replicate all my current none passive income and benifits. So looking at the $100 a month from 10 websites scalled up would require me to manage a 100 sites. That is a bit much for me. However I probably could manage 10 sites fairly easily to get to my goal. I am all about aligning what I am doing with my long term goals. Pat you are an inspiration for me.

  • http://www.modeltrainhobbyist.com/bachmann O. Bachmann

    I have to go with 10 sites at $100. Everyone starts out with just one site, but I just wouldn’t feel comfortable having one $1000 site. Google could, I don’t know, do an update and your $1000 site becomes a $200 site. Ring a bell? I feel it’s less likely for all 10 sites to go to $20. The financial market figured this out ages ago. And besides it’s easier to regain $80 per site than it is $800. However, I do think 10 sites is spreading yourself thin, which is why they only bring in $100. I say focus on the 2-3 you enjoy working on and get those to $1000 and outsource the work on the others to bring their earnings up.

  • http://drpulp.com Dr Paresh

    A small plan for beginners like me
    STEP 1- Start with small sites one by one which are niche specific. LET’s say (10 sites)
    STEP2 -Then feed one of the site more often which is more close to your passion and performing well.
    STEP3-earn 100 $ from other 9 sites
    STEP4-make that 1 site which you have chose as master site your authority site and earn 1000 $
    You can learn from the small sites and keep them as case studies
    It takes time to find that perfect authority site for you. until then this small sites will keep you going and earn something for you.
    If anything happens to your master site. you at least have something on the the go.
    ( little security)
    Multiple sites sites May be distracting and difficult to manage.

  • http://www.creating-passive-income-streams.com Cory Buckles

    For financial safety, diversification, and the potential for better growth across multiple sites, it definitely seems like 10 sites is the better bet. Having multiple small sites gives you more protection against potential setbacks due to changing trends and Google algorithms, and more potential to expand and improve those sites in the future.

    If you are looking at how “passive” the income is though, a single, larger site is probably going to consume a much smaller amount of your time and efforts to build and maintain. So really, which one is “better” is dependent at least in part on whether you place more priority on limiting risk or maximizing passivity.

  • http://www.incomepirate.com Pirate | Plundering Wall Street for Dividend Treasure!

    I would prefer the site making $1000 vs. 10 sites making $100 due to the fact that producing content for 10 sites would be a lot of work. I would try and eventually get 2-3 sites making $1000 a month or better. I would also diversify by incorporating other income streams like article marketing, affiliate programs etc…

  • Nick

    Ten, you can try 10x as many new ideas and roll out the most effective ones to your whole portfolio.

    Good question!

    • Nick

      Also, if I win the T-Shirt I promise you I’ll send a postcard wearing it in front of Tokyo’s imperial palace! Yoroshiku!

  • http://www.r32media.com Eric Timmer

    Hmmm…That’s a tricky one, Pat! I would probably say 1 making $1000 a month is better than 10. That said after I had one making $1000 a month I would probably start on another site if a good idea came up. 2-3 seems idea for a one-man-band.

  • http://www.ablogaboutnothing.com B. Durant

    Better in terms of less work is having one site. However in terms of earning potential and the ability to protect yourself from too much financial burden should something happen to one of your sites I’d go with 10 sites being better.

    Like others have said producing content for 10 sites would be a lot of work. Especially for a one man show.

  • Mathea

    I think you do one website and do it well. Once you sell off that asset for a couple million, then you diversify. Ten sites is very complex, and the reason google slapped stuff with panda was crappy repetitive sites with no value. Focus, with limited time do one site well and diversify that one site. Time has the most value overall and the one that has the most potential to free you from work=income is the one that you do well.

  • http://bellthebull.com/ khalid

    I would prefer to have 10 sites instead of 1 site as I would love to share different niche ideas and that not possible in 1 site.

  • http://gardenbargains.org Pete Crabtree

    I’ve gone back in forth a couple of times but I think I’d go with the one site. Ultimately I’d like to focus on the few things in life I’m really passionate about and I’m not passionate about 10 things. Now if all 10 sites were in the same niche (that I’m passionate about) maybe I’d change my mind.

  • Mitja

    Having more than I source of income is a smart way to go. “Don’t Keep All the Eggs in One Basket”

  • Ethan

    Personally, I would take 10 sites. My inexperience would drive the one site into the ground, but with 10, I could learn from my mistakes and make a few of them a success. Also, I agree with other commenters that one site is like putting all your eggs in one basket and 10 sites may be spreading yourself a little too thin.

    You could think of the 10 sites as a tiny tree with 10 branches. You can trim the branches that start to look brown or sick. Soon, the remaining branches will be thriving, and you’ll have one fine looking tree with just the right number of branches to succeed.

  • http://www.whenfoodwrites.com Chris Alexander

    Having one site to put your efforts and passion into is the best way to begin. Why overwork yourself? Look at it this way if you think about the time and money to 1. Host
    2.copyright 3. consistently putting out content 4. marketing and so on. So until you are sure you can handle all of that stress stick with ONE site.

  • http://www.sybersquad.com Christopher Knopick

    For myself I find that I tend to go all in on one thing at a time, which is great for focus, not so great for getting a lot of different things done. If it were me 1 site would work the best.

  • welner

    Why only 10?… NO but seriously I would start with one and make it somewhat profitable. Move to the next one make that one profitable, until I just don’t have enough time and resources to keep working on the following ones. So I would say multiple ones!

  • http://tripawds.com/ Jim (aka: Mo Betaman)

    Ten sites, if not more. Diversification is a positively $mart income model.

  • http://nairacow.com Mk Akan

    One Please…
    1. i will easily concentrate my efforts effectively on one
    2.i will have more free time
    3.i won’t spread myself too thin
    4.i will be easily seen as an authority

  • M Murphy

    Could go either way.

    Right now I am leaning towards 10 sites with 100 bucks ea. (that is if you are able to manage these 10 effectively) That way you are diversified and you have the opportunity to scale 10 sites!

  • Greg

    Have ten sites means you are more dedicated to having your financial freedom.Plus multiple sites you can see what works better and that can be a better niche to see whats works for you better.So I say multiple sites are better then one site

  • http://www.seacoastsigns.com Juan

    if i am able to put up a website making $1000.00 /month then i am able to put up more websites that will make $1000.00/month .
    So i would put up more than ten websites making $1000.00 /month and with that money i would easily get help to manage them all.

  • http://affiliatethinktank.com Lynn C.

    I’ll focus with one site first as it normally requires intense effort, time and money to grow it and become successful. Your readers will enjoy it as they’ll enjoy full personal attention from you, the author.

    Furthermore, it is easier to sell off a successful site for a good price than an average site.

  • http://rocketrider.net Bruce

    One site earning $1,000 is no fun!

    I’m after 1 site earning $10,000!

    Just $9995 to go…..

  • http://www.tipstabooks.com Darren

    This is a great question! Grow one site, create a brand name and build authority in the internet community as a leader in that field. Or, have ten sites that are middle of the road and no one really cares too much about. I know which one I would rather have! Becoming an authority and a leader in any field is a great way for potential earnings, like through interviews, guest posts (which link back to your site), ebooks, courses etc… It might only be earning $1000 per month now, but you’ll have the time and devotion to really amp up the earnings. A lot more long term potential than ten sites.

  • http://www.ilporyynanen.com Ilpo Ryynänen

    This is a tricky question. First I thought that of course I would rather have 10 sites making $100 each because of diversification. But it is true that your focus will spread up also. I still couldn’t handle only one site because I have a heart of an entrepreneur and I love when I do multiple things. Not just one site. It maybe isn’t as efficient as it could be with one site but multiply is my thing. And I believe in diversification.

    Thanks for the great question Pat!

  • http://www.thecloudeconomy.net/ Jose

    I’ve experience both things, and I really think that is much better to have just one website, and focus all your attention on improving traffic, subscribers, conversions, sales etc…

  • http://www.coldsoreremedieshq.com Shobir

    I think at the start it is better to have 1 website so you can learn as much as you can on developing a niche site. The experience becomes invaluable and when you think you have the winning formula as you have then I think you can organise yourself and plan for multiple sites to increase your residual income. I am developing my niche and once I have the confidence I hope to increase the numbers and the revenue.

  • http://www.internetincomecode.com George Tee

    Hey pat, that is a tough question. If I am a newbie internet marketer, I would definitely work on just one site and make it stable. If the site is stable, If I am an experienced internet marketer and If I am earning $1000/month, I would definitely add few more sites to work on.

  • http://www.casualdressshoesnews.com Michael Cimicata

    I think that many people are manipulating the question here….the question involved deciding between 10 sites at $100 per month or 1 site at $1000 per month, not developing 10 sites that make $1000 per month each.
    On a personal note, I would have 10 smaller sites (smaller sites are easier to leave on autopilot because you have a smaller audience relying on your information/updates) running on autopilot earning $100 per month each. I would make sure to diversify the income streams within and between the sites-I would use all of the most effective programs (Adsense, Amazon Affiliate Program, Commision Junction, Clickbank, etc.).

    By doing this, I would diversify the way that my income was earned in regards to the main roads and side streets. I would be protected from Google by having 10 separate sites, I would be protected from trends by having 10 sites in different niches, and I would be protected from being suspended/hacked in any of the affiliate/adsense programs because I will have at least 5 different programs generating income.


  • http://the100percentyou.com/ John Sherry

    Just 1 for me Pat. I’d rather save the time, energy, investment, and focus for the special things like people in my life, activities I love with a passion, and for honest reflection through chilled down time. Sure the sites can be automated but I want ‘me’ to be 100% involved and so it’s one thing done superbly than 10 things done systematically. Get your drift but I’m a all-in-with-one-thing kinda guy!

  • http://internetten-para-kazaniyorum.blogspot.com/ netten para

    I asked exactly the same question to my audience and my self. My personal opinion is if you find a nice with one word keyword go with that and be an authority in that market. But English market is so competitive in most of the keywords and it is hard to find one. But if you can find one, the opportunities are endless. Please check this example: http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/952/alborz-interview/

  • http://www.landlordvirgin.com Jimmy

    10 sites! I’m simply looking at your monthly income reports and what if you had only focused on the green exam academy?

    I know it’s a lot more work – but still, I think there is safety in diversification. Also, as other commenters have noted, you can outsource a lot of the marketing and content of the 10 sites making it easier.

  • Alison

    I think 1 site or at least no more than two. Especially if you’re new to this. I think that as a first timer aka moi, you don’t usually have a lot of resources. Having one site helps you to identify what resources you have and what resources you lack. I have a lot of trial and error going on as I develop my site. I’m still learning what applications are the most useful, how to organize my time and what my strengths are. I’m also putting a lot of time into the content. There’s that old saying “do it right the first time”. I can’t imaging creating 10 sites and having to correct the same mistakes 10 times. Throwing sites out there and seeing what sticks seems like an inefficient use of time. In the corporate world you usually have a pilot group to test an idea or a process so that you can make tweaks rolling it out to everyone. In the internet world I think the pilot is like your first site. You make tweaks, learn what does and doesn’t work so that when you are ready to build more sites you can roll it out with less road blocks. I’m sure many more experienced bloggers could manage 10 sites but for a newbie who doesn’t have a firm grasp of their strengths and weaknesses, it just seems overwhelming and a recipe for disaster.I thought I’d post before I read everyone else’s comments. Like to see how or if my opinion changes!

  • http://www.FamilyEyeCareTips.com Michael

    Ha-ha! $mart Passive Income t-shirt performs miracles :)
    Good job Pat! In a few days this post will be even more commented than your the most popular “THE Backlinking Strategy That Works”

  • http://www.myboxingfans.com Edgar

    Though both methods will be making the same amount of money I prefer 1 site making the most money. I know you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, but having to manage 10 sites will be hard and for me time is money.

  • http://notyet Triston

    One project at a time is a great idea so that you don’t get bogged down trying to do too much at one time but…. 10 sites making a total income of $1000 is better because if one site goes down for the month you are still making $900 or if two you would still be making $800 etc etc but if your one site that makes $1000 goes does for a month then you have no income coming in at all. Best not to have all your eggs in one basket. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and it is best to have a back up plan. So to me diversifying yourself is the best option but also remember to only work on one at a time. Pat discusses a great strategy for project organization in his podcast….. he has many projects but only concentrates on one at a time to be more effective.

  • http://www.intelligentselfmarketing.com Rachel

    I believe you have to take on challenges one at a time. Create a site and make it profitable or junk it before moving on to the next one.

    I feel that if you plan a website correctly it should be able to become passive income. Meaning it takes up little of your time. If I did this I could stand to have 100 sites.

    This is just me though. If you have the ability to make several sites at once and then maintain or sell them without overloading then by all means. I can defiantly imagine a binge blogger who creates sites makes them valuable and then sells for profit to enjoy a quite life style for a while.

    Myself, I’ll take it one bite at a time.

  • http://www.myfashionvilla.com/ Hetal

    I will go with 10 Sites making $100 each.

    The reason are:
    * I believe in diversifying my income sources. So with 10 sites, I want to diversify my income opportunities.

    * Also, with 10 sites, risk will also get diversified.

    * Also, if I will have 10 sites, I can try 10 different strategies and new things to achieve more revenue than $100, so that at the end I can take decision that which strategy is working best.

  • http://bloggonaut.net/ Alphablogger

    Hi Pat,

    great question to think about. I respect both ways of earning money, but i really think and recommend it is easier to manage one site than 10 sites. If you are a webworker and work fulltime as a internet marketer it is no problem creating serveral projects and keep them up-to-date.

    A lot effort to manage and plan!

  • http://www.earnmoney-fromhome.com/blog2 Bryan

    Hey Pat,

    I’ve always heard that its better to have multiple sites to generate income for you but after managing so many sites and none of them have any results, it has only strengthen my belief that managing too many spreads yourself too thin and makes you more likely to fail. I’m not saying managing one site is good enough but if you are inexperienced and you dont have the appropriate skill set to rank and make each site profit you might as well start with one site and then build more once you’ve got the hang of it with one site.

    That has worked for me much better than managing even 5 sites. I’m trying to manage three now. Wish me luck!

  • http://mercury11.com/ Chance Chapman

    Hey Pat,

    I’d rather have ten sites making $100 because my basket prefers one or two eggs in it at a time. Within the first month, I would sell one of the $100/month sites on Flippa and use the dinero to purchase one of your AWESOME Smart Passive Income t-shirts.

    I hope all is well,


  • http://milehimama.com Milehimama

    I wouldn’t want just one site- but 10 sounds like too many to manage effectively, at least in the early days. I’d love to have 3-4 sites making $400 a month each (instead of just 1, which is what I have now!)

  • V.

    Hey, Pat! 1 website with one huge profit or 10 websites with lesser profit. I would definitely go with the 10 websites. Considering that you keep them all up to speed , you can approach (obviously) more and more markets and offer value to more customers. 1 website means 1 market, 1 target audience, 1 area of work, 1 domain etc.
    With 10 websites you can outsource the work and deliver more and more content as time passes , simple maths shows that in 1 month, 10 websites will generate more traffic and more profit than 1 website. That is if you’re into offering valuable content, of course. If you’re just into making money and you don’t give a dime about the content you offer and the satisfaction of your customers, then you might as well go with just one website that brings in $
    Good luck when that website starts falling apart, you lose audience, traffic gets crammed down and your bank account decreases and you don’t know why :)

  • http://www.fsyaonline.com Financial Success for Young Adults

    I would rather have 10 sites for a very simple reason, diversification!

  • http://slowcarb101.blogspot.com David Aase

    Hey Pat,

    I’m definitely in this for the free t-shirt, but I also agree with the above. Diversification is key to any good money-making strategy. I would much rather have 10 websites bringing in $100.00 each. If one were to go down, or google changed their algorithms again and traffic decreased, I wouldn’t be out $1000.00 only $100.00. Diversification is always a good thing, in both personal and business strategies.

  • http://www.dannymanitoba.com DanMB

    Diversification is ideal not only as a way of protecting your business, but also as a way to grow it. With ten sites, you can try 10 different strategies. If one proves to be more successful, you can try implementing that method across the board. Personally, I just find I’m more productive if I have a choice about what to work on. Creating more passionate content is easier if you aren’t relegated to a single topic.

  • http://www.woodworkers-online.com Mark Hunt

    I think the best way is to have 2 -3 main sites, but also to constantly try out new ideas on other new sites, a some of these sites will work but many will not! keep the best and use the others to provide links in to your main sites. Also dormant sites will generate hits with very little upkeep (1 post every 2-3 months) 😉

    • Bob

      I agree with you Mark. Especially if you have diversification of traffic and income sources. If you are overwhelmingly depend on Google for SERPS traffic and/or Adsense for income it is to dangerous to have all your eggs in a few baskets.

  • http://www.paulcaparas.com Paul Caparas

    I don’t put all my eggs in one basket so 10 sites.

  • http://www.nuruddeen.com Nuruddeen

    With recent updates you won’t know when will Google send your site to the last page of the search results! So for me I agree with above comments. It is all about diversification, don’t put all your egg in one basket. With 10 sites already making money the possibilities of growing these sites into an authority sites are there. I will start giving extra focus on one site before moving to the other 9 gradually, one by one. God willing, turning them all into an authority sites.

  • http://thedanielrichard.com Daniel Richard

    10. Each having one account for an affiliate marketing program.

    Learned it the hard way by having one closed due to a site that breached the rules (it was my first website that contributed to a miniscule percentage of income), killed the entire basket of $. :(

  • http://www.jesusmuzik.com Ryan Bassett

    Absolutely 10 sites. As Dan said above, you can become a business strategist by diversifying. By seeing what works and what doesn’t you’ll know what to upscale and what to avoid building in the past. Plus, it’s a lot more fun.

  • http://halotis.com Matt

    It really depends on the type and purpose of the sites you want to build. As the owner of 100+ websites I can say that it’s difficult to know without testing what will work and what won’t in terms of SEO, markets and conversion.

    Sometimes the oddest keywords get picked up by Google or pages get linked to by influential sites/people. Even using the best tools available like Market Samurai provides no guarantees that you can crack into the top 10 on Google or that if you do the site will make much money.

    I like to test ideas by getting something out there quickly and letting the domain mature a bit before picking the top performing ones to invest in with an updated design or an information product or better content and SEO strategy.

  • http://multimediava.com Christina Lemmey

    I like the idea of 10 separate sites provided I’m able to outsource the work for 9 of them. Also agree on the diversification idea, which is what I’m playing with right now.

  • http://thinksimplenow.com Tina Su

    Hi Pat,

    I rather have 1 instead of 10. It really depends on the quality of the site, I rather have 1 quality site making $1000 instead of 10 Made-for-adsense type sites making $100 each.

    This way you can focus, and build/track/improve on the one site instead of spreading that focus to 10 sites. If a site can make $1000, then it means it has the potential to grow to something even larger. Smaller sites that targets one keyword have less potential for big growth.

    I understand other people’s reasoning with diversification. But from personal experience of owning many smaller sites and several larger sites, my preference is with larger sites. Much better use of time and energy.


  • http://lifeoflyman.com Eric Perrine

    I would want to have one site making $1,000 per month then move to another site. Rinse and repeat. Once you establish enough sites and income then you can outsource all the maintenance, creation of sites/content, and link building. Then after you have the sites long enough then you could sell them on flippa for a large lump sum to invest in larger projects.

    This is what I do anyways. I’ve sold over 100,000 on flippa alone not including money made from the sites I’ve sold. This is what works for me and I feel blessed to be able to stay in my home and do what I love creating the life I want.

  • Bob Casper

    One site is better. If you have 10 websites, you are doing ten times the work for the same amount of money. You can have “diverse” content and offers on a single website. If Google changes their formula, you just change focus and add content. No biggie.

  • http://www.bingobabe.co.uk Bingo Babe

    I would rather have one site. The reason for this is simple.

    With 10 sites, its hard to give them all the devotion needed to make them completely awesome. With one site you just have to focus on one thing and it will be a much higher quality better site.

    Having one site make all your money is financially risky, however i would rather have one awesome site that im proud of compared to 10 ok sites.

  • http://www.successmotive.com Peter Hutyr

    I would prefer 10-100 sites if possible coz, I can outsource the management of my sites to virtual assistants. Besides, the sites might be getting $100 or less but it will always improve depending on marketing the site and improving its ranking with time. In my ebook report, I have explained how I have started multiple sites.

  • http://frugalgreen.blogspot.com Laura K

    Well originally I had been thinking just one site, just for simplicity and ease of organization. But now I’ve read some of these comments, and I must admit that my mind has been changed! I would definitely go for 10 sites now, simply for the diversity and security. Thanks for opening my mind a little bit more :)

  • http://bookmarkingdemon24.com Marc

    I would definitely go for just one site for 1000 $ return. It’s much less work to maintain one site instead of ten sites for the same benefit. Having one site I would use my won free time to create more sites the like

  • http://blognames.net Mari

    I think it would be nicer and easier to have 1 site earning all that amount, however, it is safer to have 10. If you consider the algorithm changes and where your earnings are coming from, it’s better to have diversification so that if you are affected, you can still rely on the income of the other sites. Because what are the chances that all of them will be affected in the exact same way? And if only one or two sites are screwed, you can always alter, change, or swap out affiliate offers, Adsense for something else, whatever you need to get back to the same monetary level….a lot harder to do when ALL the money is coming from just one site, in my opinion. With a lot of eggs in different baskets, you won’t end up with one big cracked mess.

  • Clay Maney

    I’d go with the 10 sites for diversification, but I’d keep them in the same area as much as possible to avoid getting swamped with labor trying to keep things up-to-date. With that being said, if you have people working for you generating content, that concern goes out the window.

  • http://familylivingideas.com Sherry

    Without a doubt 10. Diversity makes the world go round after all, and why put everything into one site. What do you do if Google decides it hates your one site? I’d rather not find out.

  • http://www.biblefinancialmethods.com Estevan Montoya

    Well, I’d like to have 10, but I have a hard enough time with one. If I could manage to create content, create a list, and monetize all 10 sites (even if they only bring a small amount), then I would. But that process alone is binding me, and I only have one site.

    I have tried to manage more than one site, and I found I was getting nothing accomplished. As they say “A Jack Of All Trades…Yet Master Of None”

    If one can create long term residual income, it is normally because they master a form of business or niche. They will normally diversify after the previous investment is self sustaining. That is what I would like to do. Create a strong site as a leader in my niche, let it become self sustaining, hire writers, find another niche, rinse & repeat…

    So, I would rather have one large site with great income versus 10 smaller ones.

  • http://www.studentsuccessforlife.com Joanne Tudor

    Definitely 10. I have way too many interests to be tied to just one Overall, having 10 sites would continue to spur my creativity. Furthermore, I would think that I can take each one of those sites that is making $100 and expand them to make money more quickly. For example, if I increased the revenue to $500 per month on each site, I can make $5000 per month. I think it may be much harder to take one site and expand it from $1000 per month to $5000.

  • http://www.wrightcomputing.com/blog/ Paul Wright

    I agree with virtually everyone else on here 10 websites have redundancy if one or two die off you still have a solid base. But having one great website gives you the fame of having a great website. Would you rather own Google or 10 search engines noone has ever heard of then give me Google any day.

  • http://doublestrollerreviewslist.com Lela

    I would rather have 10 because you have diversity and a possibility of making even more money due to the diversity.

  • Adam

    It depends – if your 1 and 10 sites are adsense/adwords-based, 10 is better if a search engine algorithm changes.

    Otherwise, if your one site really focuses on what you do and what’s important you, it’s much easier to stick with the one that inspires you and grow that one.

    Now, if they are ten very-niched sites with content being outsourced, keep the 10 sites and continue adding more to that number. :)

  • Chris

    Website B is always going to distract away from website A in my opinion. As Warren Buffett once said risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. People say oh 10 websites, but I bet their all liked to the same Adsense account. Then they talk about diversification like they know what they’re talking about, how ironic.

    • http://familylivingideas.com Sherry

      I didn’t realize you could have more than one Adsense account. Interesting.

      • Chris

        You can’t, and once you’re banned you’re banned. There are no second chances. Idiocy is when you have 10 websites all earning from Adsense and then calling yourself ‘diversified’.

        All traffic dependent on SEO from Google again that’s not ‘diversified’, I’ll stick to having one website knowing that I’m more diversified than most because I have multiple traffic sources to that one site paid/none paid, I have multiple revenue avenues. I have back ups of everything so my hosting company can’t screw me over.

        Most MFA (Made For Ads) websites just have Google as their prime traffic sources they have very little in terms social media traffic coming in. Even worse is that Google is cracking down on autoblogs, and MFA sites in an attempt to make results more relevant for the end user.

        This whole discussion is amusing.

  • http://www.weightgainnetwork.com Jeff

    Hey Pat,

    Personally, I do both. I have my main “authority” site where I put most of my time… Then I have a bunch of smaller “sniper sites” in my niche that target 1 keyword each (Although some of these sites end up ranking for thousands of long tail keywords anyway.)

    Google LOVES my main authority site because it’s got lots of quality content… But it also likes my smaller “sniper sites” because they are tightly targeted and relevant to 1 keyword so it knows exactly what to rank it for.

    I feel good knowing that if Google decides to slap my Authority site for any reason, at least I’ve still got traffic coming in from these other sites. (Some of these smaller sites get 10,000 visitors a month+ so it’s definitely worth having these.)

  • http://www.dubai-information-site.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    1 main blog as a hub, 1-2 main sites generating a bulk of the revenues, + several other niche websites bringing in residual income. diversification is key, but one must also have a central hub as their authority site. today i maintain my main blog, but have 15 other websites / spokes stemming outward, each generating passive, residual income

  • Wright

    I would go for 10 if I have a system or team to maintain them, ensuring the information are up-to-date, and always valuable for my audience. However, diversification is not necessary to best way to go – Warren Buffet says, “Put all your eggs in one basket, and watch it very carefully.” Unless you have a effective and efficient system in place, having a couple winner website would be ideal. The other side of it, is that yet, by the Pareto principles, which I think is applicable to most life situations especially in business life – 80 percent of the wealth, is generated by 20 percent of the employees/ sites per say. Having that said, I rather have 2-3 winner websites, than 10 crappy sites.

  • http://mcintoshindex.com David McIntosh

    Hi Pat
    I recently opened up my site on teaching small businesses and entrepreneurs how sell , I have decided to link sites to how to start up a business beginning with Start your own gardening business, I am using the free WordPress sites for the links as I would like to keep them separate,
    I’m not sure if this will work but I considered my main site http://www.mcintoshindex.com could get messy as I plan to add more sites as links.
    Thanks for great blogs and awesome podcasts I’ve been with you since N0.1 keep up the work
    David McIntosh
    Derbyshire England

  • http://www.infobarrel.com/Users/gregjeffries Greg Jeffries

    I would go with a couple of different websites earning smaller amounts. You can always scale up and it’s nice to have multiple streams rather than just one source. Because if something happens to that one source, you’re kinda screwed. That’s why I feel people shouldn’t get so hung up on the idea of “job security.” If you’re working for someone else, that’s not job security – any day could be your last day. I feel that people should take some effort an invest their off or free time in other interests that could potentially be making them money aside from their “J-O-B or occupation.

  • http://www.personal-success-factors.com Steve-Personal Success Factors

    I’m in favor of both, but I like the model that Pat from this blog and Darren Rowse from Problogger use: get your main site up and running, and performing well. Once that one is doing really, really, well, go on to your next. Yes, the niche sites can be helpful, but I personally like to get the learning in that comes from doing one thing well, then moving on to the next.

  • Rodrigo Marques

    My network have 10 sites and I make $10,000 from it. The grow potential when we have 10 sites is incredable. I recommend 10 site for a long time strategy.

  • http://facebook.com/generationloser Alex@Generation Loser Comedy

    I’d definitely would go with 10 as most people here, have said. It’s just you’re better protected and don’t have all your eggs in one basket so to speak.

  • http://www.relationship-world.com Sandra

    Does it have to be 10 sites? What about 4 good sites each reflecting one of your interests? In this way you can eventually turn them into authority sites and still have diversity and security.

    • http://www.aboutmyway.com Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka

      Hi! Pat, I’m on same track as Sandra.

      Hello! Sandra, you just spoke my mind. 10 is so much to handle but why not have 3-4 different niche sites and build an authority there?

      I have a self-development blog and I’m keen on creating a sports blog, news blog and discovery blog before the year runs out.

      Though I’d have to outsource the news and sports blog in a way, it gives me diversity, security and more financial freedom. It’s tedious but I can cope with it by hiring email assistants and the rest.

      Via that means, my network would be an umbrella to these blogs.

  • http://reviews.davidleetong.com David Tong

    Depends whether that one site is truly your passion and area of expertise. If it is, then sustaining it with content and affiliate marketing would yield good profits, but if you’re purely doing it for business purposes, then more is better due to scale-ability and the possibility of having someone else ‘man the store’ so to speak.

    Kinda like having one niche restaurant where customers consider YOU, the owner, a part of the experience/price/premium compared to impersonal chains of restaurants where people come and go for utilitarian and convenience purposes.

  • http://www.myteabenefits.com/ Raymund

    Don’t repeat my mistake. Diversification is the key. Due to a Google penalty, my large site that gives me my 98 percent of online income lost its ranking. All my articles are in page 5 or 6. I am suicidal due to depression. I put all my energy and hard work in one website. A very big mistake.

    • http://atlantaconcertevents.com/ Music Diva

      Hey Raymund.. Was it your ‘tea’ site and did it bounce back?

      And/or have you started another site?


  • http://go-247.com ManieE

    Diversification is the key, BUT you don’t have to have 10 sites to diversify. You can do that with one site. Just don’t focus on only one keyword, get rankings for lots of keywords and lots of pages. If you lose your ranking on one keyword you still have all the others. If you want to outsource it is possible to have lots of sites. When you work alone you it is easy to get to a stage were you can’t control your work load if you multiple sites. So in the end it is really about what you want and how do you want to run your business. Obviously 10 sites have more potential than only one, but my advice, do one at a time…..

  • http://www.profootballreferee.com Todd

    One site that is sending you $1000 demonstrates its viable. Then you can duplicate what worked for the $1000 site at some point rather than duplicating the work of a $100 site ten times. After all, everything in this world is a split test, right?

  • http://higherheel.blogspot.com Vivian

    Hi there,
    well it’s probably very hard to maintain 10 sites. I’ve tried it with 5 different blogs – and already this is very hard as long as you are not a “full-time-blogger”. For me it seems like I just have time enough for only 2-3 blogs.
    But who know, maybe once I can live an “online-life” too – and will have time for 10 sites …

    • DK


      • http://ketoancantho.info/ thue can tho

        1 authorty site brings more benefit than 10 small niche sites

  • http://www.workfromhomeideas.co.za Teresa Schultz

    What a wonderful question and so many interesting comments. Chris’s “This whole discussion is amusing” jumped out at me, but I find the comments more interesting than amusing, but unfortunately instead of assisting me in deciding in which is best, they make me more undecided. I’ve always struggled trying to decide which is best. I don’t outsource; it’s just my boyfriend and I working on our sites, inbetween doing other work, so I think one site would have worked best for us, but we have more, and we struggle to find the time to give great attention to all.

    I also liked Eric Perrrine’s comment of getting one site working nicely, before moving on to more sites; doing one site at a time.

    I like the idea of having a few sites, but then the idea should be that there is plenty of time to work on them all, and that although niche sites, should all have at least a slightly related main topic, because if all the sites link together, this could provide really strong backlinks to each. But are 9 strong backlinks better than just one site having tons of Search Engine optimized content. Hm – if thinking of it like that, then I would think just one site is the best way to go, but here I have a few, and I’m reluctant to let them go, even though I don’t yet have the time to spend as much time as I would like to on each.

    Just one site could have a general main topic, indicated by the domain name, then categories that are different or seem like different niches, but still all relate to the main topic. No matter what people say about changing algorythms, I still believe the old “Content is King” story will hold up for many years to come yet. If one has the time or can outsource, then why not go for ten good sites? If not, stick to one, maybe two or three. Or at least get one up to scratch before moving on to the next, as Eric Perrine says.

    Wow, lots to think about. Thanks for the brilliant question – and also to all those who commented.

  • http://www.strayblogger.com Nate @ Strayblogger

    I agree that it’s much easier to get one website profitable at a time then 10. But once you get that first one to $1,000, build 10 more. That’s whats exciting about building a profitable website… if you can learn how to do it once, you can do it as many times as you want.

  • http://www.jonathanleesmith.com Jonathan Lee Smith – Internet Marketer

    1 Website because the more you have the more work you must do.

    10 websites because there are more websites you will have earning the $1,000 per month which is $10,000 now if you do it right.

    It could go both ways really. Not sure either answer is the correct answer. I would start out with one then move on to more as I complete the content on the one the two the three and so forth.

    Both ways really could be beneficial. I would rather have the 10 working for me eventually but I would start out with one!

  • http://wpempire.com Eurico Barros

    I’ll go to 10 websites mainly because if something happens to one of them I still have 9.
    But I’ll have the target to make each one of those 10 $100 sites in the 1 $1000 so I’ll get 10 $1000 sites. That’s a nice target.

  • http://waystoincreaseincome.com Darren

    I started with a goal of 10 sites in 24 months. I have achieved this and exceeeded it. in under 12 months. I have found your site amazing. And can only hope to do half as well.

    Keep up the good work.

  • http://www.llcorinc.org/what-is-an-llc/ Matt D. | What is an LLC

    When I made my first niche site, I thought one site was the way to go. But after learning more about Google, SEO and adsense, I think 10 sites is a much smarter business plan. With 10 sites, you not only diversify your “investments,” but you enable yourself to surpass revenue ceilings that exist from owning only a single site. Some may disagree, but the truth is that every basic niche site is going to have a revenue cap of 1 any day of the week!

  • http://howmuchdoesafreelancewritermake.com/ Missy

    Most people are saying they’d rather have 10 sites, but I think I’d rather have 1. You can do A LOT with one site – and you can always build 9 more sites if your first site falls apart. My dad used to always ask if I’d rather have 1 good thing or 10 cheap things. I always chose the one good thing.

  • http://www.forkliftcertificationtraininghq.com casey

    Id rather have 10 sites making $1,000 each lol

  • http://seoduck.ru SeoDuck

    I’d go for 10 micro niche sites. Why? Because:
    1. It’s easier to build little sites;
    2. Easier to promote them using long tail keywords and get them to rank in Google;
    3. Start making money quicker.
    If you have only one site you’ll have to dedicate all your time getting the same sort of content (which is gonna be boring at the end).
    Ten micro niche sites – FOREVER! Don’t hold all your eggs in the same basket.

  • http://www.tax-debt-settlement.org/ sophie

    I would rather have one big blog than 10 smaller blogs

  • http://www.thegasgrillreviews.com Jim

    Sounds like a really long discussion here, Pat.

    I think I’m one of those who will prefer to master having a few sites or even one before moving on to something like 10 or more sites to handle. It is not so much of being contented with one but rather learning how to make money from one site before moving on to others. I think it takes a really special skill set to manage so many sites at one time.

  • John

    I think once you’ve put yourself in a postion where you’re earning enough to support yourself without a job, then it would be wise to fosus on your brand via Market Leadership activities.
    I loved what you did Pat since you have one site that wasn’t about SEO in mind but was simply around an area that you were passionate about. Through the brand you built over time, you are now able to last online whether you’re ranked highly in Google’s search engines or not. Purely because you’re an authority and have fans of people who know who you are and will keep coming back time and time again.

    So as a rule. In the beginning, build enough niche sites to keep you going and free you from the constrains of a 9-5. Then focus on building your Brand… So both are just as important.

  • http://www.daycareinmyarea.com Lenny

    Although diversification is key, having ONE site with QUALITY content wins in my opinion. There is only ONE Google, ONE Amazon, ONE Craigslist, ONE Ebay all of these sites are WINNERS why? Because there is only ONE of them and they have not only targeted but diverse and quality content. You can always diversify your revenue streams through ONE site once your traffic and content grows…

  • Foxwalker

    I agree with Lenny. Remember about.com, it has all the categories with loads of content. Why don’t we create a site with unique domain name, create different categories, loads lots of content to it?. One niche and one site with loads of content would be dangerous but lots of categories, lots of content with good domain name like amazon, about, etc and get them done SEO. Once again content is king always. No matter how matter sites we own. One site with loads of content of all categories is enough. What about Google algorithm? Why not change the way of promoting your site when Google changes its algorithm and all. Why the site gets screwed if it contains unique content? Hope it makes sense of what i shared with you people.

  • http://mediaoutlaws.com Matt

    I think having multiple sites is better…however i tend to create a network out of my sites. Then your mini blogs become apart of a larger site(the network name dot com). Feed it with your other sites content and bam, mega blog.

  • http://www.mypatraining.com Paul

    Okay, I’ll play devil’s advocate…

    I would prefer one – just one. A single, all-the-eggs-in-the-basket, lonely, only site.

    My reason is that particularly these days (the google period of history), quality trumps quantity every day of the week and twice on Sunday. The distinction here is that I think you’re more likely to become a super site if you focus. If your goal is just to make money (and that’s okay if it is), then maybe more sites is better.

    But having one site 1) requires you to dig deep into content that you might not otherwise 2) speeds the path to becoming an expert 3) assures that what you do produce is top notch. Google’s getting smarter everyday. It knows quality, and it’s surprisingly adept at at sniffing out sites that exist for the sole purpose of generating someone’s income. With multiple sites you don’t have the luxury of time, and time is what breeds quality.

    So I guess the question is, “What is your goal?” If your goal is to produce a lot of okay material and make the quicker (maybe surer) money, then you need more sites. If your goal is to become a true expert, help your customers in extraordinary ways, and make your blog/site a blockbuster in the long run, I think having more than one site the wrong strategy.

  • http://www.ebookreaders.co.uk Adam

    I would rather have 10-20 sites than 1 or 2 big sites.

    If you use the exact same SEO/content strategy on each site than you’ll still be in a big risk. I’d want 10-20 sites so I could try different SEO tecniques and see what works, while also diversifying my income and risk. If you outsource everything (including website manager) than it seems stupid having just 1 site.

  • http://ultimatesmartmoney.blogspot.com/ UltimateSmartMoney

    I don’t know what the right answer is but I guess it depends on the type of blogger. I think having a one great blog site is better compared to having 10 mediocre blog sites. I just don’t think I can maintain 10 blogs because having one blog site is more than enough work. I think having one successful blog site is a great accomplishment itself.

  • Tony

    I would be happy with 1 or 10 but I would also keep building more and improving what I had because you can never rest.

  • http://www.oppsincome.com Remco Boom

    This is a no brainer.

    It doesn’t matter for your income, in both situations it is $1k. So instead of looking at the money I now look at the time and effort needed to get further.

    I’d prefer 1 website because that probably means less work. Only 1 website to backup, only one website to maintain.
    That means I have more time available to setup another (2nd) website, or expand the first. More available time is most likely more quality and will get you most likely better results.

  • http://www.pcgamer.pl pawel

    hi Pat, many thanks for all your work!

    I am not sure if I can put a question here… it is regarding niche sites,
    Is it better to have 1 site with more general topic (lets say sportsclothes.com with articles about trainers, tshirts, etc. ) or more sites focusing on specific subjects (tshirts.com, trainers.com etc.). In other words how specific the niche should be, are they any rules?

  • http://www.nurturedscills.com Sylva

    I’ll say put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket very well. Things may get a little clumsy if you’re doing too many things at a time.

  • Amir

    I see the point of how everyone is saying diversification but it’s because of the fear of Google. I used to do niche sites as well but recently I’ve been putting all my energy into one major site but I do completely white hat techniques. The only outsource work I do is content writing. If you play by Google’s rules, then you won’t have to worry about algo shifts. Although maybe I’m wrong, look at the big leaders that you usually see in the rankings. Take Wikipedia for example, content rich and it’s good natural backlinks.

    I’m focusing on one site making sure the content is top notch and I’m doing all white hat techniques.

    • http://www.nurturedscills.com Sylva

      Please Amir. What’s ‘white hat techniques?’. Kinna strange term to me.

  • http://www.adambate.com Adam Bate

    Why can’t I have 10 sites earning $1000?

  • http://www.brianclarkmethod.com Brian CLark

    From my experience 10+ sites is working for me. I created a check off list for each website that I’ve built, along with the websites that I have used to bookmark my network of sites. This works because you are able to see your progress as you build.

  • http://freeyourgenius.com/ Mohamad Latiff

    I believe in having just 1 site at first, and focus all effort, time and development on that 1 site until it gets successful, then branch out to other related ventures.

    I think this is how the top bloggers in the world do it.

    But of course that 1 site must be in a theme that you are genuinely passionate about and your enthusiasm about the topic manifests as quality in your work.

  • http://www.infoaboutcabinets.com Michael

    I would rather have 100 sites making $100 each because this will diversify my income and make it more stable in the long run.

    If I rely 100% on one page and it gets deindexed or shut down I am hooped. If I have 100 sites and a couple of them get deindexed I’ll be fine.

    It’s all about spreading your money out and having multiple income streams.

  • Simon

    It is all about context, if the sites are all of the same variety – e.g – relatively thin affiliate / adsense sites then yes the 10 would be better than the one. On the other hand if your 1 site is what I would call a “proper” site and the other 10 are still relatively thin affiliate / adsense sites, then I’d say the 1 site is better.

    Now your one site could get smashed out the rankings for some reason, but unless you’ve been doing something dodgy, I’d say it is less likly (and less permanent) than your 10 paper thin sites being hit by some update.

  • http://www.leadershipbythepeople.org/ Johnny Welch

    Something tells me the “10-sites” people are more business-oriented (and will, on average, probably make more money), but the “1-site” people are more about the passion and commitment (and, no doubt, some of these people will make it big too). I suppose I’m stretching the rules here, but what about something in between? With 10 sites, can you really commit to excellence? Maybe if you’re enough of a leader to assemble an awesome team. And doesn’t 1 site leave you way too vulnerable to change. I want to follow my passion and serve the community first (which I believe makes good business sense too) and, then, hopefully have enough of an impact to follow my dreams. But I’m thinking maybe 3 or 4 (5 tops) sites focused closely around my passion would be the ideal. Of course, maybe I’m just thinking small and 50 or 100 sites could all be focused on my interests. Anyway, I’ll stick with 5 for now.

    BTW, What do you think about the fact that Google dominates a conversation like this? Is that massive amount of power good for competition and, therefore, the economy? Shouldn’t conversations about business be based on how best to serve the market, not how best to work with or around some other single, behemoth business?

  • Amy Lapp

    Isn’t the idea to be highly ranked? If you choose to have multiple sites aren’t you taking away from the first site? I suppose if the content is totally different it would work. But having a complete well put together site seems better than having 100 so-so sites. I think diversification is wonderful. I just don’t know how having 100 sites, keeping track of 100 domain names, updating content is better than one well put together site. I think it depends on the businesses you are promoting.

  • Dan

    Those crappy little 5-page websites will only take you so far. People think they can get rich quick with little effort. Create one site. Make it your passion. Knock it out of the ballpark. Put something useful on the web. Enough of the trash sites with crappy content!

  • http://spooningthefork.weebly.com/ Marc Tremblay

    Ideally 2 or 3 sites that have backlinks to your main site would be perfect. If you take pride in the content of your site and are only doing it as a sideline and not your main source of income then It is just not feasable to maintain 10 sites.

    Good content will bring in returning traffic.

  • http://homesteaderkitchen.com Bethany

    I’m really surprised at how many people are saying to have lots and lots of sites. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’d rather have a few (like 3 or 4, tops) that I can maintain because then I know I can do a good job, rather than have hundreds of sites that make $10/month.

    Yeah I know, diversify and all that, but the reason people say that is because they are afraid of a Google penalty. Well how about this – don’t do things that Google would penalize you for! And yes, it is possible to make money online without being scammy and having 100 worthless adsense sites. Follow a genuine passion, make a good decent content-rich site and however you choose to monetize it, you are maximizing your efforts by focusing on fewer sites.

    By having a high quality site, you will naturally attract organic backlinks and especially if it’s something you are passionate about, doing your own backlinking is a lot easier too.

    Having said that, I know I’d get bored with just one site. I have two sites right now and am working on a third, but I’m done after that one because I don’t want to stretch myself thin.

  • http://www.goodintoday.com Andrew Parris

    I would have to say one as opposed to ten. While diversification might sound like the way to go overall having to split your time and energy between several site’s, topics, ect. would eventually wear on you and in turn would most definitely affect the quality of your product. With one site, one focus, you have a much better chance of first of all generating quality content and second of all building a following as a result of said content. Just my two cents. :)

    Good In Today
    “Think Positively, Be Inspired, & Live Happily!”

  • http://grlove.eu Takis

    I believe too in diversification, that is the is key who bring me money. So I prefer 10 different sites from big one.

  • marc

    i would rather have 1 that made 1000…

  • marc

    And duplicate that bussines model to endless other niches…..

  • http://www.findyourcashcow.com Taline

    I would much rather have one high quality site than 10. I completely agree that diversification is a must as I have a real estate site and I often reference this topic. I just don’t think you can create quality content on all these sites unless you are outsourcing your work.

    The idea of diversification may lead people to pump out a lot of sites with mediocre content because they would be spreading themselves too thin and burnout can be a factor. The sites that I’ve bookmarked and liked a lot (that have not outsourced material) are publishers dedicated to one site, creating content that adds value.

    Merry Christmas to all! :)

  • http://www.oak.co.uk Phil O. Sophical

    I would suggest that it would always be more than one but not as many as ten. I would think the ideal number would be two or three. You need the focus and the quality that you can deliver with one but the necessary diversification you can create with a second or third business. You can of course sell on each separate business over time thus the two or three are in fact changing although I think the timeline would be likely be annual or biannual as it takes time to build a successful new business.

    Of course it’s quite possible that there’s no one strategy that fits all and both a single site and a ten site strategy would be valid to someone. For me I would struggle to deliver 10 great sites in 10 niches even with assistance and outsourcing.

    Great question.

    Phil O Sophical

  • http://Www.ultipromo.com Craig d

    It all depends on your timeline and career goals. I,m fortunate
    To have started an ebiz 10 years ago. I started one site with broad bases appeal and zillions of products. And later a niche site within my product offering(Eco friendly http://Www.earthimprints.com). I’m glad I have both but as a three person biz I can barely keep up with the seo,blogging,email news, Adwords etc. and outsourcing isn’t really an option for me. Long story short if I was starting again I,d probably produce a smaller amount of super niche web sites….say 3-5.

  • http://www.ivblogger.com Sheyi Shobayo

    10 websites is the best considering the change G is making these days. Even if one does not depend on G for traffic, there might be a reduction in urge for a particular niche. If buyers are tired of a niche then one can expect income from other sites but if it is 1 site, G might bounce the site with their panda update or the buyers are no longer buying the product

  • http://moneyforcollegeproject.com STRONGside

    I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now. I think for me, it will be easier to build up 10 sites that each generate $300 – $500 in income per month. This could also give the potential for massive growth if these sites were to blossom in the future, but in the meantime, it will mean that $3000 – $5000 per month in income will be coming my way.

  • http://e-jobs.co e-jobs

    Very interesting question. Although it is safer to have many sites instead of one only, my “heart” goes to 1 big site. I believe that’s because I’m a developer and prefer startups and authority websites instead of niche mini sites.

  • http://www.BlueCactusPoolService.com kim

    For diversification purposes I’d rather have 10 sites all making $100. However, it’s hard to give each website equal time and effort. I tend to be drawn to the site that is making me the most money (it’s like getting positive feedback) and then I work more on that site, even though common sense tells me I need to be doing the opposite by spending more time effort on the other sites to bring them up to par. Overall, it’s just a hard balance when you have numerous sites to manage.

  • http://leads.bizense.com Akhil

    Good to see the discussion. Would like to add two points
    1. Having 10 sites allow you to test things out in terms which site is actually engaging users & solving their problems the most.
    2. Different sites for verticals helps in removing the clutter that happens in content sites due to excess of information.

  • http://www.towhidzaman.com Towhid Zaman

    Nice topics you’ve started today.Well In my point of view its better to have 10 sites.As Akhil said that its really a good way to research the market & explore more customers.I do site flipping a lot.So in my case,I can sell each of those 10 sites for around $1500 or even more.But if I want to sell 1 site with $1000 I may not get the right profit I want.Not all flip will go good for you even if its a good site.So its risky for me.But selling 10 sites can do it.If 1 sales don’t go well then no problem.I’ve 9 more to go.Let see what others are thinking.Pat thanks again for starting this topics.

  • http://www.mattnall.com Matt Nall

    I would prefer to have 10 sites as opposed to 1. Like most of the previous comments, I like the idea of diversification. Also, I like the idea of owning multiple assets that can then be sold or leveraged in some way in the future. Having said that, if the 1 site was something as successful as SPI, I might have to re-evaluate.

  • http://bet-the-nfl-super-bowl.com/ Ken A.

    I depends on the growth potential of the 1 site vs 10 sites. I would much rather have Facebook when it didn’t make any money then 10 sites making $10,000 year.

    Every site if different, and just like valuing companies, you really need to consider a site’s growth potential when assigning it a value.

  • http://www.cashinonkeepitsimple.com Patsy Kimbro

    I think 10 sites would be better as they could be all done differently. Easier to track what works & what doesn’t.
    Thanks for sharing your information.

  • http://www.mytown.co.za Tyrone

    I really like the idea of diversification .. Give me the 10 sites. As mentioned above already it would also easier to test and removes the worry of killing off your only stream of income if u bugger it up by mistake.

  • http://ideascoach.info Mike

    A website needs traffic and sales to make money. Generating traffic and learning how to maximize sales takes time. Diversifying your time reduces your effectiveness. I have found that focusing your time, skills, and attention to one site produces more income than dividing your precious time between many sites.

  • Oskar Gottlieb

    Definitely 1.
    There is no doubt that you would have much less work controling only one site and the “only” thing you’ll have to do would be to focus on content and traffic of one site. On the other hand, if google changes his algorithm, your income could drop significantly over night, what is less likely to happen if you diversify your income from more sites.

  • http://www.Butterflys-Realm.com Alexandra

    Hi, I have a question about this topic.

    But first my answer to this post:
    I think there are a lot of advantages to both options. But I think I would prefer one website for earning. Taking care of websites consumes time – this way I could attend to this one website a lot more and spend more time writing articles regularly and on linkbuilding etc. instead of struggling with not forgetting the other ones besides doing my regular everyday job.

    My question to those who are taking care of multiple websites:
    My hoster allows only one domain and one database per webspace, so if you want another Domain you need to buy the whole package all over. I’m not earning money for my sites yet since I still need to figure out how to, so this is – at the moment – too expensive for me.

    Do you own your own servers? Do you use hosters who allow multiple Domain names so you only need to buy another domain name?

    I’m using my domain for my portfolio and the other blogs go by subdomains which I consider not the best possible option and since I learned how to design websites – not how to host them – I would love an answer for this question.

    • Marian

      may hosts allow more domains on one account, you should check more web hosting companies

  • http://www.perfectabshq.com Ernest

    10 sites is the way to go Pat, it gives you more exposure to use different phrases from google analytics for high conversion rates. Just a quick question though, if you focus on one niche with your 10 sites, is it illegal to have the same information on all your sites, or do they each have to be diffent content?

    • http://spooningthefork.com/ Marc Tremblay


      If you use the same content for each site, Google will penalize you and your site rankings will pay the price. Google is very picky about unique content. Using the same content on all your sites will quicly make them useless in terms of traffic and any adsence revenue you we’re hoping to generate.

      It’s not illegal but it’s not a good strategy at all. You would be better off with one site with a lot of good content focused on specific keywords or long tail keywords.


  • http://www.housecallshomeservices.com/blog Bud the Handyman

    Ok, the answer to the question is ‘I don’t know the answer. I have operated a coupe of my sites and it certainly is easier to handle one. But then again I am new to passive income and my sites were originally for my real business in the real world and not for passive income. So I am liking this passive income thing and am trying to get there. Is it better to have one site say “ask the handyman” and fill the site with topics such as plumbing, electrical, drywall and so forth. Or have one site for each topic?

  • http://www.mingjongtey.com Ming | Affiliate Marketing

    I would definitely prefer 10 sites with less earning rather than 1 big site. Don’t put all eggs in one basket is the simple reason. No matter you are using SEO or other kind of traffic, it is always better to diversify the portfolio in case of being hit one day.


  • http://www.fb.com/charlesbennewithmindpower Charles

    Hey Pat,
    If I could create 1 site that earns $1,000 p/m….I’d have 10 of them!!
    In fact….20.
    I know that sounds obvious, and we still have to be ‘realistic’.
    But to be honest…what is ‘realistic?
    It’s different for different people.
    I love the saying, “The Only Limitations, Are The One’s We Hold In Our Own minds”
    There’s a well known internet marketer over here in the UK who has around 150 little niche sites eraning him approx £1 Million (GBP) per year, marketing mostly to the UK.
    I love the feeling of infinite possibillty – don’t you?
    Health, Wealth and Happiness…Always

  • http://www.bestoffiverr.com Charleen Larson

    Two years ago I would have said 10 sites but I’ve learned I just can’t spread myself that thin. Instead I’ve diversified over types of sites/businesses: a popular blog, an ecommerce site, several affiliate sites. It’s still a lot to keep up with.

  • http://www.thegrizasonline.com Patricia Walker

    For me, it is better to have just one site than having ten, unless you’re a big company and you can handle all of it. As for small businesses, one website is enough, so you can focus on it, you can make pages on it, instead of creating another site.

  • http://www.hostgatorcouponsreview.com/ Jessica Owens

    I think owning 10 websites is better than owning just one. If you can make that 10 websites earn $1000 a month that is way a lot than earning the same amount in just one site.

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    Please reply back as I?m planning to create my very own website and want to learn where you got this from or
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  • http://www.thailand-dealer.com John Fambrini

    Thanks for tickling our brain with this question. I would say yes on both. Span of Control is important, if you have multiple sites and you are not able to update them on a regular basis then that is not good. On the other hand if you only have one site you are putting all your eggs in one basket and if Google changes its algorithm and decides to downgrade your single site you are in trouble so the best solution is to have enough multiple sites that you can handle in your available time.

  • http://www.onlinewerkz.com shaun ling

    I would rather have 5 sites generating $1000 / mth than 1 site generating $1000 / mth.

    To me, 5 sites is manageable and provide more security of income.

  • http://www.funinthefastlane.com Terry

    More websites the better. I’m working on 5 different ones in some capacity by having other people do more dedicated tasks for the website — Design, operations.

    I agree with the commenters above, as long as there’s a fair level of diversification, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  • http://www.coconut-oil-in-a-nutshell.com Kate

    Ideally, 1o would be great, given the time to work them. One at a time, the tortoise way.
    Like 4 hr work week, once one has the income to get assistance, having 10 can be like 1, with 10 times the income. Then if google slaps you, you have others that are doing well.
    10 is better, given the right situation, 1 can be gold, with the right stuff!

  • http://www.coconut-oil-in-a-nutshell.com Kate

    Ok, 10 is better than one, given the time to work them all. One is good if you give it the time needed to grow, then come 2 then to 10. Once income is established, you can outsource some of the tasks.

    Will spam filter stop this one?

  • Kristinn P. Birgisson

    One site. More focus. Better to do one very well than 10 not that well.

  • Andy

    My pick is 10 sites, because with 1 site if it go down you are doomed.
    with 10 sites, if 1 go down i still have other 9 sites to back up.
    Thank You

  • http://wordpressadvisors.com Kevin Craft

    In this very specific case, I’d go with 1 site simply because $100/mo isn’t enough money to justify the time it takes to run most sites IMO. However in a more realistic scenario where you can either have 10 sites that make $1,000/mo each or 1 site that makes $10,000/mo, I’d go for 10 sites. When one site (Google) has the power to destroy an entire business with the click of a button, I want diversification. I’ve seen this happen more than once.

  • Mark Puckett

    I really like the previous answers.
    I would like to add to those…1 website is sometimes
    Better because,your having to market your site to the public
    And one can be very time consuming,now times
    That by 10,wow your in for a lot of work.

    In regards to site testing ,if your not, you should be but
    You only need a second site to test ie;fonts,back ground,wording
    And such and when you find what works,make the
    changes to your original. So I guess the best answer is 2.

  • http://mikefrommaine.com Mike From Maine

    Well, since I myself own many sites I would say 10 sites is better. Why? Because if one site gets deindexed or affected by an algorithm change you still have 90% of your income from the other sites.

  • Phil

    I think it depends on the types of sites and niche you have. If the 1 site is in an evergreen niche and is being used as a big authority site then there is room for massive growth beyond the $1000 per month. On the other hand if the 10 sites are just mini niche sites with not a lot of good content you would have to put in a lot of work to increase the revenue otherwise the sites would die out. It is more difficult to manage 10 sites as opposed to 1. I would choose the 1 site so I can take it to a higher level. Of course once you get it to a certain level then you can move on to building other sites. For me, it is not wise to have 10 small earning sites at the same time because then you will not be able to put focus into any of them and then that will be their limit.

  • http://www.guitarwoodexperts.com Mike

    1 site earning $10,000.

    That was easy :)

    The question is false premise – there is nothing to be gained from 10 websites if you have one that’s earning ten grand!

    I run an ecommerce site. We’re the online arm of our company – we sell guitar wood to all major manufactures.

    Manage the conversion funnel for one company – correctly! You’ll soon discover one headache is much better than ten :)

    Send that shirt in XL!


    • Todd Zillah

      Well, I had one site earning $10,000 a month, then Google pulled me out of the search engines entirely for one year. And it went down to $500 a month. There’s your answer.

      If the answer was one site, why does Pat have 10+ sites? Why not just stop with his original testing site?

      Plus, if you have 10 sites making $1,000, it’s easier to turn them into $10,000 sites than it is to make the one $10,000 start earning $100,000.

  • http://www.growbankaccount.com Jeff the Entrepreneur

    One site with 10,000.
    It is about time….
    It is easier to update 1 site than 10 sites.

  • http://www.ArmandoCruz.com Armando

    I will take zero sites. Just send me the check every month he, he , he.

    Seriously, There are to many options to consider that are unknown in this scenario. are these 10 different niche sites? are they 10 sites that test which is better or 10 different products?

    How much time and money is involved to maintain the 10 sites vs 1 site? How quickly could i increase the revenue?

    Because of these unknowns I would have to choose the 1 site for $1000 please. (*NOTE: Putting all your eggs in one basket, i.e- the Google machine, is not smart but still less variables to account for.

    Pat and thanks for the value you provide.

  • Chaseki

    Doesn’t matter the quantity if quality is not there

  • http://www.ecourseclassroom.com John

    In my opinion, one site or many sites, depends on what you want your role to be in your business. You need to decide if you want to be involved in every aspect of your business… writing articles, SEO, in house ‘Techie’… etc. If this is your choice, focus on one site. If you master outsourcing, you can have 10 sites and many contractors helping you with the details.

  • Ita

    Wishing I had the time to create even one site!
    (I work as a full time mother to a large family!)
    Hard to imagine multiples (sites, not children, that is) right now . . .
    But I guess after you have be successful site, it might be fun to experiment with more! Just like its fun to have another child once you can handle what you already have!

  • http://www.moneyography.com Michael de Villiers

    Just because of the TIME factor I would have to say 1 x SITE.

    However, if my passive income was such that I could ditch my full time work away from home job and be a full time blogger/investor/writer from home then I would go fro the 10 sites. Mainly as said before: variety of interest, diversification of risk, better chances of making one of them into a huge one like SPI.

    Do you do the T-shirt in a Polo Style with a collar ? If so make it a Junior 10 yr old Size and my son will wear it for you in his next two golf competitions (European championships in Scotland and the World championships in Pinehurst).

    Well done on your results and income in April.
    You are amazing.

  • George Sharp

    I’d rather have one web site at $1000 per month because it allows me to do something else with my time.
    I note in the previous comments that there are 4 replies which state 1 website at $10,000 per month, that’s not right. Guess you got to read it right at the start.

  • http://www.yahwel.com rauzet

    l think starting off with 10 sites and then downgrading later is best, that way you get to see which topics are driving in more traffic and which one is time wasting.

  • http://www.nochinese.com mulatu

    Having one site is the best way because you can concentrate and work on one thing you know best and/or passionate about. Having multiple site steal your attention. A site also should be uptodated. You will not have enough time to uptodate 10 sites very well

    • raphael

      Yeah. I agree

  • http://www.101-gardeningtips.com Sue

    I am just one year old in this website building work and still have a lot to learn. But from recent exposure and diversification, I still find that it would be better to build websites one at a time and concentrate first on building backlinks and get the website ranked before proceeding with a new website. Earning passive income is really not as easy as i used initially thought it was……..

  • http://www.PassiveCashFlowClub.com shaun ling

    Actually my only confusion in building backlinks is that every rank checker gives different quantity of backlinks of my website. Wonder why.

  • http://wjmcclcure.wordpress.com jon

    this is my first post on SPI and for me, my answer, is one.

  • http://www.smartlifestyledesign.com Hash Abu-Own

    One side of the argument: Diversify, don’t put your eggs in one basket.
    The Other side: Don’t spread yourself too thin.

    It depends on what stage you are.

    At the BEGINNING it’s good to diversify because you don’t know which sites are going to make you money.
    But once you see that one of your niche sites is starting to take off THEN you fully commit to that one site until you are the market leader.

  • http://asvabscorehq.com Scott B


    I love how you love to tease us with your trickery!

    In regards to the question that you pose, I have over time when experimenting with something, I try many different approaches (much like testing) and then once I have found the “magic” that a certain niche needs, I dedicate all my energies in one direction.

    So I will have to go with 10 sites until one shines through and then outsource management of the other 9 to VAs or sell them off (if you can find a buyer). This will free up your time to put all your energy into the best option on the table. Google seems hell bent on rewarding high quality sites and weeding out those that don’t make the grade. So, once you find that site/niche that seems to be out-performing the others:

    1. Water that site with love and fresh content.
    2. Promote and promote that fresh content some more.
    3. Relax and spread your knowledge!

  • http://twitter.com/peyton503 Arlie Peyton

    Excellent question Pat! Two answers:
    1) To stay with your either/or options, I think ONE is the answer because so many people teach how working with a target market that is profitable and your passion is key. Can’t spread yourself too thin. And for the start-up, the experiences you learn from the first few niche sites are invaluable, transferrable skills. Lastly, if you’ve done your job with Niche and Market Validation, that kills the idea of needing to diversify to see what sticks or outperforms. Just find the right niche for you, be unique, and hustle!
    2) I’m inclined to choose having two or more niche sites earning lesser money if it still meets the passion/profit strategy. If you’ve mastered automation, then having several websites, can be less work than it seems. You can devote your time to networking, marketing, and scaling if you understand the business model well.

    P.S., great Comment Bait! I never post comments. Love it.

  • http://www.pennypowerprofits.com John Duffy

    Ultimately there is no one answer to this as there are so many unknowns. With that being said, im initially inclined to say, for me, one. I’m not involved in Network Marketing to work more…i got involved to work less and make more. Ten sites to me just says, more varied site content, consumer brand confusion… and that means more work! No thank you maaaam’…lol

  • http://www.kanyakumariguide.com Rick Ed

    Its a nice discussion. I would say that having multiple sites are good.


  • http://greatcornerback.com Dennis

    Wow, kinda funny finding this post and reading the responses, because I actually plan on creating a family of 10 sites. I have to focus on the first and learn what’s successful or not, then scale it out, but there’s no way I could have bunched all the content into one site. A lot depends on your niche and what your plan is, so I don’t think its an either or question, but GREAT post and discussion.

    • http://bitlucid.com/ Roy

      No offense, but reality has a way of punching holes in dreams of the second site, so planning for 10 right from the start is probably overreaching, gotta start with 1 or 2.

  • http://awesomesoftwarereviews.com/ Anny

    One year ago, I would think if I create more sites then I have less chance of losing when I pick a wrong niche and I still have back ups. However, now I think differently, life drives the situation, I really didn’t even have enough time to handle 2 sites at once. So it depends on the people, 10 sites won’t be a big deal for a team but it’s different with one single person, you maybe not sure that you can handle all 10 sites at all. So in my case I would choose 1 site, it would create my revenue to hire others to help me do the second one.

  • http://dietpillsthatworkfastx.com Jason

    With the latest panda and penguin updates, the smaller niche sites are being phased out. Bigger authority sites where you have the time to build quality links and content seem to be the way google want us all to go. 1 or 2 good sites should be more profitable than 10 average ones..

  • Raphael

    One. If you’re aiming for a million dollars you want to focus your bet on one site you can grow bigger. I’ve been hearing a lot about diversifying. You can always try out 4 or 5 different sites to practice/check out the market but if you’re aiming for a million dollars you want to diversify within your site. That means try out many different things you can do on that one site. Growing that one site to 10k means you’re able to persevere at that one topic.

  • http://Companystoryandbrand.com Lise

    Several is the way to go for me – with the idea that when one site takes off and requires more time, you either sell the other internet properties, or outsource the work for the sites that are not as profitable.

    • raphael

      Yeah, much agreed Lise.

  • http://www.ideacow.com Denise

    I actually have been cutting back on sites and becoming more focused on fewer things. I especially have gotten rid of sites that were not producing enough and I think having 1 good income site over 10 is best for me.

  • http://www.nipnoos.com Ally

    One site, with a very well organised valuable content is best. At least one site at the time. I have one site that I pay for, but I still loose lots of time, playing around with freebie sites such as tumblr, blogger, wp. Part of learning I suppose.
    For a next topic, I’d like to read: Is is worth paying for your own domain and hosting, when there is so much free space and resources from google and wordpress? And why?

  • http://howtoblog.co.in Sachin Bille

    This is a ‘Link baiting’ topic Pat. It depends how one approaches the work. You can see many diverse comment here. As far as concern to me I was started with single website but after a year I found many successful blogger runs multiple website/blogs.
    Personally I prefer building multiple niche website (I make them static website using wordpress) with around 8 to 12 pages of content and leave them alone in this ocean of information but most of them perform well!!!

    You never know which keyword targeted website will make you millions:-) because web is still NOT SATURATED!

  • http://naturalappetitesuppressants.org Susana

    I have read this post a couple of times and at first I did not know the answer as I was a newbie. But now i think that running ten sites is too much work unless you out source most of it. I now think having three good sites is the best way if you want to diversify your income, taking into account all the google animals! 1 site would be the best without them.

  • http://CashFlowsToo.com Monty Campbell

    10 Sites is best to me.

    1) You have diversification. If one site is the sole source of your income and that one site goes down, stops being effective or is no longer productive, then you loose your sole source of income

    2) Testing is essential. With on site, you can only learn from the one source. Its like having a class in school. If all you do is learn reading, you do not get the fundamentals of writing and arithmetic. All are foundational element required for operations. By that, I would have site that are not simple images of each other. But sites with diverse platforms and approaches even if it is in the same business.

    3) Belief in your brand. Even if you have one Brand but pages and sites on different platforms that support your URL, you are able to support your points on multiple sites. This goes to the point of what do you define as a site. Do you define a site as a primary money URL. Or a site as, a WordPress Site; Live Journal Site, A Type Pad site… all are sites that have a life of their own.

    My final point is that, passion is the driver. Its great to have VA’s help with the business. But a VA isn’t going to help get you out of bed when you were up late the night before working on your blog, but you need to change your baby. A VA isn’t going to help you stay in on a night when you could be out with friends celebrating a championship win for your favorite player and team in your town instead of working the podcast you committed to having doing by that night. A VA is not the accountability partner that can hold your feet to the fire to make the money you need to make in order to pay bills or manage your household. I believe you need passion for your business and a mentor to help make these things happen.

    So ten sites.. with a passion for the business and an accountability partner that will help you focus on growing your business.

  • http://www.lifeconcepts.ca Murray Comber

    One site…per distinct niche…rolled out sequentially as each one succeeds and gets on autopilot. I would only set up as many as I could can handle which would probably be determined if my online efforts were Full or Part Time. I would close down non productive sites, then focus more on the productive ones but always be working on one new one based on my ability to handle a new current trend.

  • http://www.andhraworld.in sumo@ Food Corporation

    I prefer to go with 10 sites standing only on one site cannot guarantee your earnings if any algorithm crawls by google if it effects your blog that’s the end ofcourse you can again regain your blog performance but it takes some time so if you maintain 10sites if any of your site effected by penguin updates etc it doesn’t effect much on your earnings…

  • Georgios

    There is no question. The more income streams the better (and safer).
    Just do not over do it (like making 300 sites).. within reason :)


    • RICE

      I wouldn’t mind having 300 streams of income ; )

  • http://www.mybasicllc.com stewardc

    I would go with 10 sites instead of one. Think Warren Buffet… he diversifies his portfolio so in earnings his stream is comes from several sources. It’s more work to maintain 10+ sites but the payoff is better…


  • http://www.MoeSeo.com Moe Bedard

    I have had 10-20 websites and it is NOT the way to become a success online. You either have to have one huge flagship website and or a couple other money makers or just simply the one website “hit.” Think Plenty o Fish, Google, Yahoo, Legal Zoom etc. Yes, they may have other websites or brands, but you can only have so may hits or money makers that become “online brands.”

    Most every big online company had many websites at one time and then they most all moved these sites back to their main domains at Google or AOL slash /real estate or /cars.

    It is all about focus and energy of the person who is making the magic happen on the website. You cannot have 1/10 your focus on something and expect to win or succeed when other will have 100%.

  • http://www.mom-venture.com Mom Venture Blog

    I have had a few websites going for some time now, but never really knew much about niche sites until I found this site a couple months ago. So I found this post today and thought that the answer from many, would be 1 site would be better. It makes sense though, and I agree with many here that 10 sites would be better simply because you are diversifying your income streams. Like someone said, if one site goes down, you still have the others bringing in money! Now, I don’t know if I want 10 sites, but then I was looking at how many I have already and it’s creeping up there LOL
    Also, for me, I always feel like I have to have something new to work on, which can be good and bad. If I get bogged down with one site and need to step away from it for a little bit, I can get to work more on one of the other sites. At the same time, I also have a hard time finishing a project before moving to another one!

  • Troy Stambaugh

    BOTH…the more websites you have the better off you will be. If one of them is making $10k revenue enjoy it. But you want the traffic from the 10 other different markets that you have developed as well. If one market becomes hot then focus more of your energy there and see why the trend is there. Figure it out and exploit it if you can to increase the traffic of your other sites. More traffic means more potential revenue. Its a numbers game.

    • troy stambaugh

      I also wanted to mention that you could linkshare the 10 sites that you have with each other and grow traffic on all of them from other markets. You never what markets your traffic are interested in. Its free advertising and a way to generate and keep the flow of traffic moving towards your sites. Interlinking 10 websites with similar products are different. Eventually once you have that flow of traffic (and revenue) you can put all of those pages (and landing pages as well as links) into once site without too much trouble. (isnt wordpress awesome) Rinse and repeat with other sites that advertise products within the same sphere. For instance lets take Pat’s security guard blog. I have a site devoted to handcuffs..high and low quality products of varying prices. then I have one devoted each to uniforms, mace and pepper spray, firearms, traffic cones and reflective vests, decals and logos can be another site..ect. But all sites flow through the main topic which is security and it ties them all together with a common thread. then you blog about each sub topic and things that are new in the security industry, products, laws, ect. all of that traffic revolves around your site like the moon orbiting your earth which orbits your sun.

  • http://www.mymodernastrology.com Damien

    I’m no expert, but my thinking is get one really good site going before you proliferate. In the long run, though, you want to diversify as much as possible because like other commenters have said, if one of your pages goes down of if Google does something wild (like the recent Penguin update or whatever it was called) it could affect your bottom line if you have all of your content eggs in one basket.

    However, my further thinking is that you don’t just want to toss sites out there to have sites up. Good content will always rise to the top. My thinking for myself is to have 3-5 solid, content rich niche sites that I can update pretty frequently and build communities and info products around.

  • http://www.softwaremansion.com/new Kingsley Enwereuzo

    Honestly, having one site is better but something came to my mind the other day when i was thinking of Richard Branson. He is a billionaire today because he has almost 400 businesses, some work some don’t.

  • http://www.nicehasucces.com Niche à succès

    10 for sure.
    It’s a bit like having a table with ten legs as opposed to 1 or two. If something changes with Google and some of those legs get knocked out then (hopefully) you will still have enough legs to stay upright. You can also vary your approach and experiment a little more with more than one site rather than having to play it safe because all your eggs are in the one basket.

  • http://www.thesmallbusinessideassite.com/ daveM

    I have one site that I have been building for a couple months and my thoughts are that once I get on to the successful backlinking, traffic building methods, I will make another site, unrelated to the first. I have an idea that Google likes us to maintain a site concept that could be messed up if too many diverse items being discussed on one site.
    As I do not have a ton of experience, what I am saying is just an opinion.

  • Nairobi Companions

    I would rather go with 10 sites any day. I’ve had the problem of dropping domains sometimes faster than i can renew them but once again 10 is better than 1.

  • http://www.MoeSeo.com Moe Bedard

    What I find funny is that most people who say 10 sites is better than 1 do not even have 1 successful website or can prove their statement with a simple link to back up what they have to say. Hence, anyone can be a star or say anything on the interwebs and especially in the comment section.

  • http://www.homeapplianceguru.com/ Alex (Home Appliance Guru)

    I would rather have 10 sites each earning $100. Why? You have 10 potential big money makers in your hand, 10 chances to hit it big. If a website earns $100, nothing stands in the way to improve and earn more – just do what you’re doing or do it better.
    With one $1k you have only one source of income, so the risk of loosing everything is high. You can diversify of course, but starting new, successful website from scratch is hard and long process.
    Having said that, for me, the goal is to have 3 good websites…

  • http://www.thesmallbusinessideassite.com/Affiliate-Success.html daveM

    At this time I have one site with 135 pages and a few smaller sites that I am attempting to build up to boost the larger site. I am not at the marketing stage yet, I am still learning a lot. What I plan to do is to use the smaller sites for article marketing similar to what Pat has demonstrated. I am also making additional smaller sites for a new section on my larger site.

    At this point, a person attempting to manage more than one site for marketing may find that he is short of time. An experienced marketer can handle a few sites because he has learned the basics. There is a lot of research to be done for each product and site and marketing method. Until you have the techniques polished, not much sense in investing time in several sites. IMO

  • http://www.befreebies.com Beth

    In my personal experience there are a lot of reasons 10 sites are better than 1. Beside the adage “do not put all your eggs in 1 basket,” I personally have sites in different niches so that when I get really burned out on one website’s topic… I can go work on another one.

  • http://www.spifferoni.com Katie

    I’d rather have 10 sites making $100 a month because unless you’re covering a topic that is popular year-round, there are going to be seasonal fluctuations and you yourself might lose interest in a topic and want to branch out to something else. With multiple websites you can work on what interests you at the time or what is going to be popular in the upcoming months and you’ll never run out of things to add because you have so many niches, rather than developing one website completely and starting to lose focus because you want to keep adding content.

  • http://MarketingConsultantPLR.com Drew Laughlin

    Totally depends on the kind of site(s) and your goals…

    If you’re building a brand – ex., SmartPassiveIncome.com – then focusing on just that site makes all the sense in the world. How demanding would the maintenance be if Pat wanted to create 10 of these suckers?! All of them would suffer IMO.

    On the other hand, if you’re building “smaller” non-branded niche sites – ex., Green Exam, Security Guard Training and even smaller ones – then building 10 is definitely the way to go. The maintenance isn’t that difficult and you spread your risk out to a number of sites instead of just one. The potential for growth is better as well.

    BTW – LOVE the site and podcasts Pat!!

    • RICE

      Great point, Drew — I just learned this the hard way during the startup of a few personal projects.

      I think it all comes down to what you make your personal brand … ( singular ).

  • Steve Kent

    10 sites is a much better situation. What happens if you have 1 site, you have rolled the dice and it either is a home run or a single to left or God forbid, a pop up to the infield. With 10 sites the odds increase that at least one shows a lot of promise deserving more effort raising its potential over time to be far above $100/month.

    Plus those that fear the all eggs in one basket are correct in my opinion.

  • http://www.distance-between.info/ jeff

    Probably it’s much easier to manage only one site. But your income from that site can banish in a day if a big change occurs that affects that site.
    So, it’s much more secure to earn revenue from 10 diferent sites. My vote is for 10 sites.

  • T. Allen

    the only correct answer is……..it depends.

    If the owner of the website is diligently marketing and by that I mean testing and tracking which approaches via ads.or social meda marketing….or seo …or networking….or community building..or whatever. My point is every approach must be tracked and tested in order to know what is effective. Then the number of websites does not matter. If a person has 300 web sites and is not testing or tracking anything….I believe that is not only a waste of money but also a waste of resources. ….. The web changes too quickly . In my previous example, 300 and no pro-active marketing plan….makes me wonder….when was the last time the websites were update….are they flash or html 5???…are they optimized for any device…desktop or mobile?? If a website owner is not being proactive in technology that runs the site or marketing approaches , I believe that owner would have nothing to look forward to but declining revenue….

  • RICE

    I wouldn’t be comfortable with all my eggs in one basket.

  • Snowonsummer

    I’m amazed by so many people vote for 10 rather than 1, saying things like don’t have all eggs in one basket, or if one goes down u still had 9 left ..

    People, you are all on one track, the google track .. if one goes down, what make you sure that the nine aren’t ?

    Sure u can have 10 sites, but what quality on each sites can you offer ? if your sites were good, why afraid ?

    Nowadays, people make blogs or website just to make money, they ignore the relationship between the writer and the reader, if your websites were good, peoples will like it, and when peoples likes it, so does google.

    • kangle

      I think its more that everyone that says 10 has been working the the online field for some time now and have experienced that with every great revenue source online, one day you will log in and all your work will be gone i.e Ebay and Google both companies love to destroy work, but more to the point, that one day you can be making 50k a month and the next day 0, so i would always say deversify

    • http://www.pursuingpassiveincome.com/ Warren Cinco

      I think it also improves your odds of success for having multiple sites — assuming they’re all within different niches. Some sites may do better than others (or none at all). As you implied earlier, Google is unpredictable. Although, it would be more efficient to have less sites making more money.

    • Michael Zeng

      True! And if google likes it, then more people like it. It becomes synergistic.

  • moizlak

    Opportunist will vote for 10, I being an entrepreneur will vote for a perfect 1

  • http://www.brazilian-keratintreatment.com/ Gaga

    I would prefer having 10 sites. If 5 of them where hit by Google algorithms I would still have 5. I hate Google.

    • Sam

      Sorry, stupid comment. If there were no google you probably wouldn’t earn half the money you do online. You love Google. Google updates their algorithms to prevent people like you from getting false ranks


    I look at websites the same as having rental properties. I if you have a very serious maintenance problem with one of your properties or a tenant moves out you will not be receiving income from the property is it is good to have more than one property. Keep each property/website well maintained and you will receive consistent monthly income.

  • Shawn

    Focus your efforts on one site and diversify your marketing. You then won’t need to worry as much what Google does.

  • http://www.thebeginnersbrew.com/ thebeginnersbrew

    I prefer the old school approach.

    “Put all your eggs in one basket, and watch that basket”

  • David Gutierrez

    I would rather have ten sites earning me $1000.00 a month each.

    • http://www.binarytides.com/ Silver Moon

      so you would have to start with 1 first, which means 1 site earning $1000 a month.

  • Kevin

    I’d go with 10 sites over 1.

    Reason one: I get bored easily. As an entrepreneur I want to continue learning new things and starting new projects.

    Reason two: After working really hard on one project, I like to own it. I don’t want the business owning me.

    Reason three: Diversify, what is the difference with working a 9 – 5 job and owning one website? In both cases, if you stop working, you stop getting paid. Therefore you need out sourcing.

    Reason four: Outsourcing only one website is a waste of money.

    This question is like this: Owning a Mcdonalds vs owning a good family restaurant. We all know which one tastes better (minus the Mcdonald fries, its the best in the world), but we also know which one tends to make more money with less time. I’d go for the Mcdonalds any day.

  • S Charansingh

    I find it difficult to manage one.. …how can i think of 10……surely not……

  • Sanjay Shinghania


  • http://www.privatemoneyblog.com/ Chris Sanchez

    First of all, Thumbs Up to Pat for such an awesome topic of discussion! There’s obviously no wrong answer, as it is a personal preference. The question also asks “why?”. There’s where the importance is.

    Both approaches assume the same gross revenue of a collective $1,000 per month.

    Therefore, the preference and reasons behind your choice will different for each of us.

    Given the option to earn the same revenue in each scenario, I’d definitely go with one single site. I don’t have 10 sites, but my educated guess would factor in the expenses associated with 10 separate sites. (Hosting, domains, maintenance, marketing, etc.)

    Then I’d look at the profit potential for both scenarios.

    My time would be focused on getting one single site to an acceptable revenue and profit level before taking on a 2nd project.

    Just sayin.

    • Dane Gilson

      Well said.

  • mr-alarmsystemen.nl

    It’s a nice discussion. But i preffer 10 sites..

  • Team Canada

    Hi Pat. Is there a reason you do not have Adsense (or another service) running on your site? It generates decent revenue.

    • http://www.darrellwolfe.com @DarrellWolfe

      I’ve listened to almost every podcast, and read his posts. I can’t speak for Pat. But I can guess his answer. I’ll bet it’s because he doesn’t want to clutter his brand.

      His brand is so clear, and audience so large, he doesn’t want to endanger that trust by having someone associate a less than perfect product with his site. Also, any of the ads or affiliate links he runs now are congruent with his brand, are a direct benefit for his audience, and/or he uses them himself.

      I think he actually does use ad sense for some of his Niche Sites, but not his personal brand sites. I think it depends on the audience.

      If I were running a site that was going to mostly be found through search, and it’s purpose was to do one specific thing, which means that once they are done reading me they got their answer and won’t be back… I wouldn’t mind running adsense. If I wanted to pass a certain exam, I might not need to come back once I’ve past it. Even though I might link to it, tell my friends who want to pass it, and maybe re-visit it during my exam prep phase. So I’m not building a re-curring audience.

      But If I were developing an on going relationship with the audience that I want to nurture, cherish, and protect I would be choosier.

      That’s my guess.


    • Mike Bowman

      If you read how he got started he was using Google Adsense. He probably generates enough income without the need for Adsense. Sounds like his ebooks are doing just fine

    • Career Sidekick

      I like Darrell Wolfe’s response.

      I think in general most very successful internet marketers would tell you there are much better ways to make money than with adsense. Think about what adsense is doing- you’re making a small amount of money (in terms of each transaction) and you’re funneling your visitors to other websites, which can potentially be the websites of your competitors.

      In many cases, you’re better off selling your own products, endorsing/reviewing affiliate products, or even exploring other revenue models such as a subscription service.

      Plenty of people make money with adsense, but there are quite a few who wouldn’t be caught dead with it, because there are better alternatives for most types of websites.

    • Anam

      I could have gotten more if I had made more videos, but with only 18 videos live at the moment, I think that’s pretty good.


  • http://www.binarytides.com/ Silver Moon

    Its all a part of the same game. When you start out with limited resources and money, all the focus should go into the 1 site to reach decent income levels. When you have money and the perfect outsourcing strategy, you turn on as many machines as you like.

  • Gill Cotter

    very late answer but I’d prefer 10 earning 1000 a month lol like David Gutierrez here…! I seriously prefer multiple sites than 1 because I prefer the variety of work on various topics.. and i’m not talking about crappy little sites… start small and build yes but topics of interest to me and good useful information for the reader..

  • oweiowei

    to me it looks like: if you are sure what niche exactly your site fits into, its probably better to do one thing and be brilliant with that thingy which brings you 1000$. You will build a reputation that puts you into the position to even build more sites a 1000$.

    But if you want to check out what works best, you will likely get more information what works best, with the 10 – 100$ sites. Once you find out which is best, focus on that and use all the other sites to support each other.

    I must say, the question is really a challenge to me.

    Oh, sorry for my english, i am from Germany 😉

  • http://brucercross.com/ Bruce R. Cross

    Pat – thanks for sharing this sort of information. I recently got my Outlook email list converted into Mailchimp and have about 230 subscribers on my site …a start. I have been posting 2x per week….and am positioning slowly but surely (THE TORTOISE ALWAYS WINS THE RACE!!) to continue to move forward…one step at a time…..info like this is so valuable and another deposit into the knowledge bank…..to act upon as I step forward….Thanks again…Bruce

  • lukman143

    I prefer to have 10 sites. It is better and safer. By doing this, I reduce risk much more.

  • http://rihannmusicvideos.com rocknrollrocker

    Is trust in your customer base, the most important concept.

  • victor

    I say start with one and at most three sites. Thereafter, when you can pay people to manage your websites, then add on as many as you can (depending on the number of site-managers you have).

  • http://aboutlifting.com/ Ironthumb

    I know the deal is off but I’d rather have ONE site earning the same as ten.
    It would be less work than ten sites for the same income

  • monica estaura

    If it can be managed, 10 sites would be better than just one.

    • http://www.cubeseo.ie leslie

      If it can be managed – yes that is the problem.

      Writing great content for 10 sites at the same time, marketing, link building for 10 sites…

      IMHO people market and build links the same way to all their sites – therefore Google updates tend to kill or help all at the same time.

      One great site can really make money, whereas 10 often keeps you poor and stressed.

  • Mike Bowman

    In response to this…I believe focusing on one website first as opposed to ten is the way to go. Think like this: You open up a store. You wait for the store or “brand” to become successful, then you open up another store. Opening ten stores at one time and it not being successful would be a mistake. In the end, yes, I would hope to make revenue off of all ten website but start small and work your way up.

  • Andy

    I think 1 site is better. I don’t like the idea of put 10 posts in order to make 10 sites alive. It cost too much time and energy. However having 10 sites is safer than only 1, in case Google slaps our only site.
    But in the end, I like the idea of having 1 site with $1000/month.

  • http://www.bigstoryteller.org/blog/ Matthew

    There couldn’t be a better time than now to read this – as another YouTube video by an amazon associate I saw last week has tickled my mind ever since. All this while I was of the opinion that, one should only stick to what one knows best. And even if you are tempted by that neighbor who’s making some serious money through multiple websites, you shouldn’t get into it. And so I thought as I felt it’s not going to be a sustainable model in the long run.

    Now here’s what I saw in the Amazon Associate’s video. This chap talks about him setting up a gaming website specifically named after the game “Rage”. What he did was – six months before the game was launched he started a website about it and naturally, he could easily find the exact domain name for this. So right from the announcement till the launch date which was a good six months away, he kept amassing authentic content on his website about teasers, every new feature that’s going to make the game special and so on. So finally when the game was launched and the Google trends showed the spike in interest, here’s the amazon associate’s website that’s all set up – in an SEO perspective as well as any gaming enthusiast’s perspective. I’ve every reason to believe his claim of making money through sales from the launch date till a time period when the hype finally died down.

    It may have some flaws, like the site not fetching you any money once the interest for the game has decreased and new games have come on the block. But there’s always the possibility of a Part II of the game being launched where you can leverage the same old site. Nevertheless, this amazon associate and his cheeky little video has kinda changed my perception. As they say, may be it’s better not to put all your eggs in one basket! I will however make sure that I do full justice to my passion project bigstoryteller.org and its visitors before allowing myself to be lured by the multi-site concept (if not 10). So yeah, all for 10!

  • http://hravenrose.com/ H. Raven Rose

    Hey Pat, loving your blog and site. I would rather have ten sites earning $100 a month (and then grow the passive income for each of them). ❤ to win a Smart Passive Income T-Shirt! Smiles~*

  • sergein

    With my ability to automate stuff – 100 sites that bring me 100$ daily is the way to go. If you can’t automate web processes, then stick to quality rather than quantity. Write for people and not search engines, have a unique content strategy and writers in place and make sure that you are visible across social networks if you don’t have a budget for link building.

  • Matt T

    I never put all my eggs in one basket within my site or by having one site.

  • traceygrady

    Pros and Cons of 1 site:
    Pros: Easier to manage content, branding, marketing, maintenance.
    Cons: All of your eggs in one basket so if you have a security breach or get delisted that’s all of your work/income affected.

    Pros and Cons of 10 sites:
    Pros: Use the sites to cross-promote each other and channel traffic to each other; Less chance of a security breach or delisting affecting all (or even most) of your income; Greater chance of one (or more) of your revenue channels really taking off; You get to see which of the 10 works best and which might need to be discarded.
    Cons: A lot of balls to keep in the air all at once.

    I think the balance is in favour of 10 sites, if you can handle the logistics.

  • David

    As someone who has now 6 websites that earn revenue through mostly AdSense, Amazon and especially also affiliate products, I can say this is not easy to answer. I started out with one site (Pat helped me back then to feel safe enough about the main keyword, based on a Market Samurai analysis). It didn’t take long until I really got exited about the whole earning money online thing. The thing is: once you start and get into this mode, all if a sudden opportunities seem to arise. It’s crazy! And of course I somehow don’t want to miss out on any of these opportunities. So I just set up a new niche website for an affiliate program that seems promising to me. It has worked out well so far.

  • http://www.theartofselfhood.com G Freedom

    I’d rather have one earning $10,000. The best investor on the planet (Warren Buffet) has said the conventional wisdom is wrong, that we should in fact out all our eggs in one basket and then guard it closely. I believe his $45billion fortune proves him right.

    • michael

      G, unfortunately your example of warren buffet does not prove your statement. First off warren buffet aquired his fortune by exactly diversifying his portfolio. He does not invest in just one category.

  • Christine

    I think if you have the time for several websites and they are all different types of businesses then go for multiple sites. After all, Richard Branson has over 200 companies and he’s made a success of all of them to one degree or another. It all comes down to how much work you’re willing to put in to make 1 or multiple businesses a success.

  • Stevensen Liu

    Amazing post with beautiful examples. Very good for inspiration.Thanks for sharing !


  • http://youritalianrecipes.com/ Your Italian Recipes Guy

    I think that it would be great to have more than one site.

    For now I am startign with http://youritalianrecipes.com/, next month I want to start with another one, i will let you know

    thanks Pat.
    I started that site, because of your inspiration.
    God Bless you and your family

  • adhdthinktank

    I have adhdthinktank.com to start out with and I want to bring in three more of the same subject ADHD. One will be with coaching, stories and mastermind and so I want to tie them all together. And I think the other ones can kind of support one another but the main thing would be the think tank. I would really like to have some feedback on this thank you very much

    • http://celebratedhub.org Ruth-Ellen Henry-Ovid

      As long as there is a revenue stream from each that caters to a pain point your audience cares about then you will be more than fine. I run celebratedhub.org we equip diverse learners with training so they can excel perhaps we can guest post on each others site, I am going through a relaunch, let me know :)

  • Kim Greenlee

    I’m completely green. Can someone tell me how to get started making money online.

    • E.G.

      You’re in the right place. Keep it up.

  • Balaji

    One site earning 1000$ / month – Have Multiple Products – / Multiple Virtual Assistants – Aim for wide reach with one site – Brand could be more easier – Managing and Focussing would be effective

  • juansdfdd

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  • Paul Wiwatowski

    I guess it depends on are you trying to build a brand or simply generate revenue. Personally I feel a brand is the strongest marketing tool so 1 site for me.

  • Dane Gilson

    A well thought out question. As I’ve been thinking about this, my first thought was to have 10 sites each making $100. I realize that the gross revenue is the same, but the net would be lower due to the cost of additional websites, domain names and all that comes with it. But I thought that the diversification would be better. You can play with different marketing strategies and see what works without possibly tanking everything at one time like you would if you only had one site. Then, you have the potential to take each of those sites to higher and higher revenues.

    However, after reading various other thoughts and upon further reflection, I believe I would rather have one site that brings in $1000. First, it follows the principles that Pat has taught, and I believe are the best, to focus on one project at a time before moving on. If I have one site that brings in $1000 each month, I have probably been working on it and focusing my efforts to grow the site and the revenues. That also would indicate that The site should be on track for continued growth. By the time the first site has reached $1000/month, I hope that I have learned some important lessons that will help me to grow site #2 faster and easier to the same $1k/month goal, then continue to move on to #3-10.

    I hope that my thoughts on this are meaningful to others and I hope to be posting regularly. Thanks!

  • http://www.usa-it-company.com usa-it-company.com

    it’s a real fact

  • Dave

    Without a doubt, 10 sites. Then there’s always the chance some may actually take off and exceed the $100. I remember on one of your early podcasts where someone did exactly this. He had multiple sites earning income via adsense.

  • Sheila

    I think the key is enthusiasm about the subject, and so 1 site with a lot of passion in it is better than 10 so/so sites that you’re not as into. I think if you can make one site a success, you’ll eventually have more, but it will come about organically.

  • Sally Sanderson

    Every time I see Pat’s photo he reminds me of Mr Bean…BUT unlike Bean HE CERTAINLY IS NO FOOL.
    100 sites of low quality would be concerning so i think a few is better and one is not enough.

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  • wanthaha

    if we have 10 site it would be waste a lot of money and times! so I prefer with one site! :) just to be honest, what kind of people that have 10 site ? yep, spammer! if 1 go down, so the rest will go down to :) trust me! unless you have 10 different hosting using 10 different names, maybe it will be safe! but if other 10 site using same adsense code! 😉 will go down to 😛 hehehe!

    • wanthaha

      btw, I really doubt any webmaster that already in top page, without using dirty trick! including you pat 😉


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