SPI 110: Tim Ferriss on Podcasting, Productivity, Experimentation, and if He Had to Start Over

Tim Ferriss - Session #110

I’m extremely happy to welcome Tim Ferriss back to the SPI Podcast! Tim is an unofficial mentor of mine and a huge inspiration for the Smart in Smart Passive Income.

He was with us in November of 2012 in Session #51, but a lot has happened since then and it was great to catch up to see what he was focusing on.

We cover a plethora of topics in this session, including his brand new #1 ranked podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, why he started one, how he’s been experimenting with it and what he’s been struggling with.

We also spend a good portion talking about productivity, experiments and split-tests that he’s currently running online, and what he would do if he had to start over in business today.

In this Session, We Get Into Detail About:

  • Why Tim started a podcast of his own, and his strategy for being different and maximizing his results.
  • The challenges Tim has faced since wanting to start a podcast over 2 years ago, and why it took him so long.
  • The important question Tim always asks himself does when he acquires a new skill.
  • The 20% of things Tim is doing to get 80% of the results for his podcast.
  • The exactly guinea pig experiments Tim is running right now and the results he’s hoping to find.
  • Tim’s first look into optimizing email capture on his site, and why he’s never “built his list” up until now.
  • Why Tim did not launch a multi-million dollar sports nutrition business along-side his book, 4-Hour Body.
  • A simple trick to see if someone is split testing on their website (25:30 mark)
  • Tim’s pricing strategy, and why he doesn’t play “in the middle”.
  • The interesting fact about why people don’t take action, even though the recipes for success are right there.
  • The truth about what the 4-Hour series is about (and it’s not about accomplishing things in 4-hours)
  • The formula for how people can become more productive, today.
  • What Tim would do if were to start over.
  • And more!

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Links and Resources Mentioned:

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Click Here to Download the Transcript for Session 110 (PDF)

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  • Pratik Unadkat

    Pat, what an amazing opportunity to listen to Tim Ferris again.



    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thank you Pratik! I appreciate you listening to the show very much!

  • http://topsmartphones.de Tom @ Top Smartphones

    Good to have Tim “guinea pig” Ferris back again.
    Love his books – trying to implement some of his experiments/advise on me. Drastic results are the norm.
    Looking forward to this podcast (and also to Tims) which is now getting burned on CD for listening in the car this evening.
    Have a great (4 hour) week!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Tom! Enjoy listening and drive safe!

  • Anna

    Great podcast! Lots of tips and insights. Thanks, Pat.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      You rock Anna, thank you!

  • bjanes987

    valuable information, I’m a fan. when will the android app be available?

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Soon after – that’s a big priority for me since it was in high demand last time. Thanks for asking!

    • http://www.greatwhitesocial.com/ Andrew McGivern

      I was going to ask the same thing!

  • Thomas Hansen

    Hi Pat,

    good job pulling new things out of Tim or should i say: Tim, great job serving this paricular audience? Anyway, loved the interview and of course the podcast of both of you!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Thomas! :)

  • http://cartercreations.ca CarterTechie

    **SQUEAK** 2 of my favourite #lifestyledesign Entrepreneurs sit down together for a podcast! You should totally see the smile on my face right now!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Haha that’s awesome – never had a squeak before here on the blog! 😀

  • http://www.atypicalitalian.com Chris Silvestri

    I love how yours and Tim’s mind are constantly working and experimenting new ideas! I’ve been feeling a little like it myself lately, hopefully I’m on my way onto something 😉 Keep up Pat!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Keep experimenting, learning and implementing Chris! :)

  • http://growingforward.net Scott Asai

    Wow! That’s crazy you interviewed him twice and how far both of you have come. There’s no better way to learn than hearing from someone who’s done it themselves, then going out and trying it!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Thanks Scott! you rock!

  • http://www.connectinteractivellc.com Norma Maxwell

    This is so helpful, informative, and encouraging! I don’t want to start a “podcast” but I do want to be able to audio interview for my blog from time to time (when the interviewee wants to do audio vs. written), so a lot of my questions have been answered here. Thank you as always, Pat (and Tim)!

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Perfect! Thanks Norma, I’m glad you enjoyed this episode and got a lot out of it! Best of luck!

  • http://www.kingged.com/ Sunday

    Its always good to listen to Tom Ferris. I am very sure has poured in a lot of insights into this podcast.

    I can’t wait to download and listen to all that this influential has shared. I particularly want to know his takes on:

    “The interesting fact about why people don’t take action, even though the recipes for success are right there.”

    I have left this comment in kingged.com – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  • angeljulie3

    You give us great idea salute to you about this post.


  • Jeff

    Tim was/is a big spark to many of us who are trying to reengineer our working lives. I know I appreciate you trying to dig into his mind a little to share the nuggets of insight from his world. Also, nice job trying to keep Tim grounded to speak to us, your audience. That can be a little tricky. You r-o-c-k!

  • Nathan Chan

    Hey Pat,

    Awesome interview.

    Just an FYI – There was some awesome other resources Tim mentioned for email that are not in the show notes:

    -Gmail offline
    -Email game

    Many thanks,

  • http://www.simplefamilyfitness.com Jon | SimpleFamilyFitness.com

    Loved this podcast Pat. Tim always drops massive knowledge bombs that make me rethink the way I am doing things or at least wake me up from my laziness!
    I didn’t realize he was doing a podcast now. I have already subscribed and have really enjoyed listening.

  • Patrick McCoy

    Great show Pat. I really like that you are starting to dip into the psychology of owning and operating a business. I’d like to hear more shows about what you can do as a start up to get past hard times and just those overwhelming feelings of hopelessness that so many people feel at certain times.

  • Trevor

    Great show! As a novice podcaster, it was very nice to listen to a podcast professional talk with a podcast beginner, and share tips and advice back and forth. That actually helps me feel much stronger and confident about my show!

    Love the tools that you both give us. I never knew about Boomerang–I’ve already downloaded it! The discussion of Tim’s split-testing was useful. Oh! When Tim said about your first ‘anything’, “If you aren’t embarrassed by your first products, you waited too long!” I really wish I had heard that–and believed it–months ago!

    Thanks for all your hard work, Pat! We appreciate it!

  • http://cashwithatrueconscience.com/rbblog Ryan Biddulph

    Awesome stuff Pat! Tim’s an official mentor for me too; traveling all over the world while generating online income, we have a nice parallel going. Great role model. Thanks!

  • Jun Han

    This is very helpful in many ways. Insight you showed you guys are just priceless.
    Thanks always!

  • MigrainePal

    Long time listener, first time commenter. Just keep doing what your doing. You and your guests are awesome and have inspired me to finally take the plunge into podcasting in my niche. Here goes…

  • http://www.paintedpathdesigns.com Marian Lasalle

    This was a fascinating show…I am so impressed. I am telling everyone I know about BOTH of you. YOU ROCK! You are changing lives for the better and I want to help.

  • http://opeslab.com Joshua Paik

    Thanks for your great and inspirational show~

  • http://benaustinblog.com Ben Austin

    I listened to this while going for a walk the other day.

    The content was epic! Thanks for sharing Pat and Tim.

  • Christophe Garant

    Great show Pat!

  • http://www.risktaker.tv/ Shane Wilson

    I like the fact he stated that the 4 hour work week was meant to help us systematize and maximize our businesses and time so we can do more and contribute more not so we can relax and do nothing as so many people take it.

    • Mike_76

      There’s a time and place to relax and do nothing, though. Some of my best ideas have come when I’m just goofing around and not doing much of anything.

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