REALITY CHECK: 24 Questions That Will Challenge You and Your Brand (+NSD2.0 Update)

Reality Check Ahead!This post references a website and business that I’m publicly building for Niche Site Duel 2.0. The site will become a resource for current and future food truck business owners and operators, and the “coming soon” page is already live. I have not yet revealed the exact brand name and URL because I don’t want a flood of traffic coming from this site to affect and skew the numbers and data during the launch. I will reveal it after the site launches.

Thank you for your patience!

With my food truck site’s “pre-launch / coming soon page” now live, and the launch date inching closer, I’m at the point in this journey where I’m diving into the architecture of the main site and the content that will be published on it.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about the upcoming launch of the site, but I was challenged – hard – by my good friend Matt Gartland from the other day. He challenged me to answer a specific set of questions related to my topic to help me discover my voice for the site and the type of content that may be included on some of the most important pages. 

At first, I saw a ton of questions that I wasn’t sure I wanted to answer, but after answering the very first question I soon saw exactly how valuable and powerful completing this exercise would be for the brand that I’m creating, and I wanted to pass this exercise along to you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve had your website for a while – this exercise will help you in so many ways, it’s unbelievable. And it’s way beyond “describe your target audience” and “what are the major pains and challenges people in your target audience have” – although those are, of course, important questions to know the answer to as well.

I want you to actually sit down for 30 minutes and answer these questions which are listed below. I’m really serious about this.

To help you get started, I challenge you to answer the very first question of this exercise in the comment section of this post. Next week (on Wednesday, September 11th) I’ll randomly select 3 commenters who will each receive a $100 Gift Card.

Winners announced 9/12/13: Congratulations to Christopher Anderson, Kay Fudala and Francis Lacoste, the three lucky winners who were picked, at random, to win a $100 Gift Card. Thank you to all of you who participated! As of 9/12/13, I’ve read each and every one of your comments (over 400), and they are amazing and inspiring. Thank you!

I’ve reworded some of the questions to take my specific brand name out of them. Some of the questions still include “food truck business” or “food truck owner” and are worded specifically for that niche, but you can get an idea of what the question is asking and re-word it for your own target market. Most of them will probably apply to what you’re doing.

Here are the questions I answered below…

Your Brand

  1. What disease does your website or brand cure? (answer this one in the comment section to enter to win)
  2. Describe the essence of your website or brand in three words.
  3. How will the lives of people in your target audience be different after engaging with your website or brand?
  4. How will someone in your target audience know when it’s time to look for a site like yours?
  5. How will someone in your target audience feel after his or her first experience visiting your site?
  6. How will someone in your target audience feel after visiting your site consistently for three months?

Voice / Impression

  1. What do you believe about food truck businesses?
  2. How do you feel when you eat at your favorite food truck?
  3. What impresses you the most about food truck business owners?
  4. If you were a food truck owner, what would keep you up at night?
  5. If you were a food truck owner, why would you be in business?

Personal Experience / Identification

  1. Describe your first food truck experience: tastes, smells, feelings etc. (5-8 sentences)
  2. What is your all-time favorite food truck, and why?
  3. Describe what you’ve observed about food truck businesses.
  4. Describe what you’ve observed about food truck patrons/fans.
  5. What does it mean to you to be a fan of food trucks?
  6. What have you heard life is like as a food truck owner?
  7. Where do you self-identify with food truck owners?
  8. What excites you about the opportunities of a food truck business?

If You Have a Podcasting Component to Your Site

  1. What is the premise of your podcast?
  2. Describe the one person that should listen to this podcast.
  3. Where is the best place to listen to this podcast?
  4. How will podcast content be unique from other forms of content on the website?
  5. What one thing will make this podcast unmissable?

And Here Are My Answers…

I hope you didn’t think I would leave you hanging without sharing my own answers to these important questions for my food truck site!

Remember, this is an exercise to get you thinking about the voice of your website and what you know about your target audience – not just who they are, but how they feel and how you can identify with them. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written.

Note: I’ve replaced my food truck’s URL in my answers with: (Food Truck Website)


1. What disease does (Food Truck Website) cure?

A disease is a breakdown in function and structure, and most food truck businesses breakdown because the love of cooking and serving amazing food is completely separate from the business side of running a food truck, i.e. getting started on the right path (like knowing where to start and what to expect), creating a memorable brand around the food, spreading awareness of the brand to allow hungry customers to know they exist and where they are located, and creating a tribe of fans who will actively seek out their brand and spread the word for them. Owning a food truck is more than just about the food, it’s about the brand and the experience around the food that is served as well. (Food Truck Website) will cure a few diseases related to all of that. 1) The “I don’t know how to best run my food truck from a business standpoint” disease, 2) the “I don’t know where to get started and get the best food truck business advice possible” disease, and 3) the “There’s no central hub or community where I can connect with other food truck owners to talk business and share experiences” disease. 

2. Describe the essence of (Food Truck Website) in three words.

  1. Community.
  2. Inspired-instruction.
  3. Game-changing-trendsetter.

3. How will a food truck owner’s life/business be different after engaging (Food Truck Website)?

A food truck owner who engages with (Food Truck Website) will feel like they have a place they can go to for answers, inspiration, and a place where they can feel like they are a part of a community. They will implement strategies they read and hear on the site and see results that will increase their business experience, grow their audience and fan base, and ultimately allow them to make more money. Their life will be easier because (Food Truck Website) will be the ultimate, top-notch, high-quality resource for everything that has to do with successfully marketing a food truck, so they don’t have to scramble, guess and hope anymore. They will have more followers on Twitter, Fans on Facebook and customers in their lines. They will be more efficient during their daily routine, and although they will probably continue to be stressed, like any restaurant and business owner would be – they will be confident in knowing that they are doing the right things to give their food truck business the best chance to succeed. 

4. How will a food truck owner know it’s time to look online for business advice?

They will either just be getting started and won’t know how to proceed, or they will have started and are not seeing the results they want. They are struggling to get customers, or even understand what to do next. They might see longer lines at other food trucks and wonder – why aren’t they eating at my truck. 

5. How will a food truck owner feel after his first experience visiting (Food Truck Website)?

A food truck owner, or soon-to-be food truck owner will say to him or herself, “Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. I’m going to take this advice and implement it right away.”

6. How will a food truck owner feel after visiting (Food Truck Website) consistently for three months? 

A food truck owner who has been a part of the (Food Truck Website) community for a few months will feel like a part of a team and community. They will feel like they can’t get enough and want more strategies, inspiration and instruction from the site. They will feel like their business wouldn’t have grown like it has if it wasn’t for finding (Food Truck Website), and they will not think twice about recommending (Food Truck Website) to any friends and colleagues who want to start or who already own a food truck business. 

Voice / Impression

1. What do you believe about food truck businesses?

I believe the food truck business is booming. It’s the new iPhone app – everyone has an idea for one – and people don’t yet have a central resource or place to understand how to get started. I believe the food truck business is a difficult business to be in with several stress points, from dealing with the health code requirements in each city, to going to the grocery store each day to pick up ingredients, and most importantly, finding customers to buy the food that the food truck was built to serve. I believe the food truck business is an exciting venture with many possibilities, but it’s not easy, and I believe (Food Truck Website) will make food truck owners’ and soon-to-be-owners’ lives easier. 

2. How do you feel when you eat at your favorite food truck?

I feel like a guy who hasn’t seen his girlfriend for a while. When you see your favorite truck, you remember what you’ve had before and you crave it, and when you order and wait, it seems like it takes forever. Then, you get your food and you can’t wait to take your first bite. You don’t take it home, you just eat it right there, and it’s amazing. It’s like that kiss you’ve been waiting to get since the last time you said goodbye. 

3. What impresses you the most about food truck business owners?

What impresses me the most is how hard they work and how determined they are to succeed. They work long hours and deal with a lot of stress, but somehow always cook amazing, innovative food. I’m also impressed because on the outside, it seems like they are pretty organized. They have systems in place for taking orders, preparing the food and serving the customer, amongst all of the other things that had to happen before that point of transaction. 

4. If you were a food truck owner, what would keep you up at night?

First and foremost, where the heck am I going to drive the truck tomorrow, and will there be people there in line? That’s what would keep me up at night more than anything. It seems like nothing is ever guaranteed and I’d always wonder – will I have customers tomorrow. What would also keep me up at night are the possibilities, which I think ever entrepreneur in any space can relate to. In other words, I’d be excited that tomorrow might be a KILLER day, where the lines are incredibly long and I make a ton of money. 

5. If you were a food truck owner, why would you be in business?

To serve the food I love to cook and see the smiling faces when people bite into my dishes. For the excitement – the hunt for customers. For the fans that I create who spread the love and I see over and over again – the regulars. 

Personal Experience / Identification

1. Describe your first food truck experience: tastes, smells, feelings, etc. (5-8 sentences)

The first food truck experience I can remember was at a food truck gathering at the local high school near my home in San Diego, and out of 6 or 7 trucks, one truck, Calbi BBQ, caught my eye. The truck was painted black with white lettering, and the logo was a taco with a pair of chopsticks on top of it. Tacos and asian food – together? Really? I had never heard of such a thing, but I was intrigued.

I went up to the truck and looked at the menu and saw things like short rib or spicy pork tacos and burritos. It was true. I ordered two pork tacos and waited a few minutes until my order was up. “Enjoy”, the man said.

I was handed a paper carton with two delicious looking street tacos inside. Each of the two corn tortillas were filled with spicy pork and topped with cabbage, cheese, a vinaigrette dressing and an orange, citrusy type of sauce.

I took one bite, and I was hooked. It was all of my favorite flavors in one, with soft and crunchy textures to compliment – it was perfect.

I’ve been consistently going back to that truck ever since.

2. What is your all-time favorite food truck, and why?

Although Calbi is one of my favorites, my all-time favorite food truck is called Urban Eats, located here in San Diego. They serve an amazing buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich, which is to die for, but that’s not the reason I love them so much.

One day, when I went to the weekly food truck gathering near my home, I ordered the buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich, and I waited. I waited and waited and 15 minutes had passed and a few other customers who ordered after me already got their food. At this point, I was growing impatient, but thought maybe they had to cook something from scratch that was usually pre-prepared or something like that – I’m a pretty patient person, so I didn’t say anything.

After a few more minutes – about 20 minutes since total since I ordered – one person in the truck stuck her head out and said, “You had the grilled cheese, right?”

“Yes.” I replied.

And she responded with, “I’m so sorry, the ticket was lost and we didn’t even start it yet. I apologize. Would you mind waiting 5 more minutes, we’ll get it to you right away. Would you like a soda or water on us? Just take one.”

“That’s okay, but thanks. I’ll wait.” And after 5 minutes, the sandwich was ready for me.

Well, I saw the truck again a month later – the same woman working the window was there – and I ordered the usual. She looked at me for a second and then said, “You ordered this before right? We totally forgot your order that time, I remember. This one is on us.”

And that’s when that truck became my all-time favorite. 

3. Describe what you’ve observed about food truck businesses.

I’ve seen how much passion food truck business owners have for what they do. That’s why they’re willing to spend 12 hours every day of the week doing what they do. I’ve seen how little information is available to help those who have food trucks better improve the business side of things, and how little information there is to help people get started on the right food.

I’ve noticed the pride that food truck business owners have for their own truck. I’ve noticed how friendly a lot of them are with each other – often serving other trucks their own dishes in exchange for food from those other trucks too.

I’ve noticed how little food truck business owners know about using new-age internet marketing strategies and technology, although they have caught on to the importance of using payment devices like Square to collect payments.

I’ve noticed how little food truck owners do to create hardcore fans beyond the food that they create. There are no reward programs or real incentives (beyond the food itself) for me to come back.

I’ve noticed how much the food truck business relies on social media to help share where they are located and connect with their audience, although I’ve never received a conversational tweet from any food truck owners before.

I’ve noticed how much it’s growing, not just in my city, but all other cities in North America. I felt like it’s just taken off within the past year or so.

I’ve noticed how to-go containers are so plain and un-branded.

I’ve noticed how some trucks spend little time on making their menu’s on the side of their trucks easy to read. Isn’t that obvious?

I’ve noticed how important having a good team in the truck is. I got food from a truck once that was one man short, and it screwed the whole assembly line up. It took me 20 minutes to get a burrito. 

4. Describe what you’ve observed about food truck patrons/fans.

I feel like there are those, like myself, who will usually get the same thing all the time from the same food trucks, and there are others who like to explore different options from different trucks, depending on their mood.

In my experience, the food truck experience is often a social gathering. It’s not just about getting good food, but sitting down with others and enjoying that food together. Many of the food truck places I frequent setup chairs and tables for their customers to sit down and enjoy the meal together.

Food truck patrons love to talk about the food they’ve eaten. They usually always will if they are with others.

Many fans will share their favorite dishes and foods with others – again, if they are in a social setting. I’ve recommended a few of my favorite trucks to others and shared exact dishes I’ve ordered when I’m with friends or family there too. 

5. What does it mean to you to be a fan of food trucks?

To me, it means being able to eat awesome food, while also helping out a business who I can tell loves what they do. Food trucks are small businesses, and I’m always down to help out the small business like this – and if I can get good food at the same time, it’s a win-win situation.

I also feel like I’m in an inside circle of sorts. I’ve seen the same trucks over and over again for the past year, and I’ve begun to recognize who works on which trucks. If someone out of town, for example, were to come visit and we go get food at the food trucks, I’d be confident in recommending my favorite trucks and dishes to them. 

6. What have you heard life is like as a food truck owner?

I’ve asked a number of people who work on food trucks here in San Diego, and they say life is pretty busy. 12-14 hour days working on and in the truck are common, and it’s a lot of jobs rolled up into one – from small business owner dealing with the finances and health codes and regulations and all that stuff, to chef (of course), to engineer (when things break down), to the person who interacts with the customer and makes sure they are taken care of.

I’ve asked a few food truck owners where I could get help if I wanted to start my own, and they said the best thing to do would be to do a job shadow type thing one day to see what it’s really like. That gave me a clue that it’s different than any other job, and one that only special people would be qualified and or willing to do. 

7. Where do you self-identify with food truck owners?

I understand the thrill and excitement of starting a business and being your own boss – doing something on your own. It’s extremely fulfilling.

Like food truck owners, I understand what it feels like when things work out, customers are happy and money is being made, and I also understand what it’s like when things don’t go according to plan. Along the same lines, I can identify with how adaptable they have to be in order to succeed.

I can also identify with creating a product and wanting to get it in the hands (or mouths) of as many people as possible – not just to make more money but to serve an audience and make them happy. To make them feel like they got their money’s worth.

I can also understand and identify with the hardships that come along with running a business. From always feeling like more can be done and never turning it off in your brain, to trying to figure out things a regular 9 to 5er wouldn’t have to worry about, like the financial and legal aspect of running a business. 

8. What excites you about the opportunities of a food truck business?

Being your own boss, creating your own success and crafting something that people can enjoy that they can’t get anywhere else. To me, the food truck industry in particular is a little like fishing – you get the right equipment, you buy the right bait, and you find the right spot, and you never know – you could hit the big one. You won’t always, and you’ll have days of little to know success, but the next day could be the game-changer, and I think that’s so exciting!

If You Have a Podcasting Component to Your Site

1. What is the premise of the (Food Truck Website) podcast?

To share startup stories, marketing strategies and tips from existing food truck owners to help other food truck owners succeed in their business. 

2. Describe the one person that should listen to this podcast.

The listener is adventurous – an explorer. No matter their exact age, they are young at heart and aren’t afraid to try something new. Hence, their willingness to start a food . The listener loves food, but also loves the idea of making money from selling food. They love to work hard, don’t get much sleep, but also love to work smart and be efficient, and they love more than anything seeing a long line of people out their food truck (or envisioning that, if they have yet to buy a food truck). They are entrepreneurs and are willing to take risks to live a fulfilled life, not behind a desk, or even in a restaurant, but on the road in a food truck where each day brings new possibilities and excitement their way. The listener is a food truck owner, an entrepreneur who wants to hear how others do it, so they can get inspired and apply the same principles to their own food truck business too and see results. 

3. Where is the best place to listen to this podcast?

I can imagine the best place to listen would be in the food truck itself, on the way to the next location. Also, at home when contemplating the next day’s work would be great too. 

4. How will podcast content be unique from other forms of content on the website?

Of course, there’s the real stories and real voices of existing food truck owners. I think this is where the audience will really feel like part of a community, where they can related, because they are hearing from one of their own and probably share similar stories, but they’ll also be a lot of “a-ha!” or “omg that’s so smart” type of moments on the show too. 

5. What one thing will make this podcast unmissable?

The specific marketing tips and strategies existing food truck business owners are using to help them get more customers and make more money. Plus, a kick-butt intro song that pumps them up to keep listening and keep getting inspired. 

What’s Going on This Week?

This week is a big one for the new site.

I’ll be sending personal emails to food truck owners and operators to introduce the brand and hopefully feature a number of them in a round-up post that will go live on launch day. As a byproduct, I’m hoping to also grow my email list at the same time and make some long lasting connections.

Now, you might be curious about what the copy of that particular email might look like.

Well – you know me! Here it is below (click to enlarge in a new window):

NSD Email

I spent 35 minutes on Sunday afternoon drafting 67 separate emails to food truck owners like this. I plan to click send to 300 food truck owners in total by mid-week, as I’m still testing the current flow through my email list and delivery of a giveaway, which I’ll talk more about soon.

I used one of my favorite tools, TextExpander, to quickly insert a pre-written email (Google’s Canned Response will work too) with areas where I can quickly and easily swap out names of people and businesses.

Does this take some work? You bet it does! But, as Lewis Howes says:

“The only time greatness comes before hustle is in the dictionary.” 

You gotta put in the work folks, and manually sending emails to get the word out there probably seems like a waste of time to a lot of you, but over and over again I keep hearing about people jumpstarting their businesses or getting massive results from sending emails, like Neil Patel from QuickSprout or Trevor Page from How to Program with Java.

And in case you missed it, Derek Halpern from recently published an article (and video) about it as well, titled:

A Revolutionary New Marketing Strategy: Write Email. Send Click.

In the next update, I’ll share the results of this email outreach program – the reply rate, the types of responses and how things are gearing up for launch day.

Cheers, and I wish you all the best! If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it by pressing the “click to tweet” button below!

  • Kingsley Agu

    Awesome post again Pat. . . . I’ll really have to sit myself down to answer all this question. The number 1 question really got me thinking. 1. What disease does your website cure? hmmm…. I think it’s the disease of not knowing how to rank for a term in the SERPS. I’m still checking the list of questions.
    Others are harder than the first though.
    Will get back to you in the comments when I finish answering the questions.

  • Greg Savage


    You’re a BEAST!

    My website helps struggling audio professionals make a living in the music industry without the need of record labels and or mangers.

    I give an ‘over the shoulder’ view of what’s working today, not what worked 15 years ago.

    OK, let me finish reading the rest of the post now :)

  • Lucian

    Great questions and nice answers! Probably everybody should answer these questions (or at least a part of them) before deciding to start a new blog.

    Regarding the first question, “What disease does your website or brand cure?” it’s a pretty tough one to answer without revealing too much. However, one of my most popular websites was one that indeed cured a “disease”: the lack of knowing disease. Millions of people were getting this “disease,” not knowing what to do to get rid of it and I was the one to offer the “cure”. Without revealing more than I would like to, it was a “how to” kind of thing.

  • Juho Vepsäläinen

    Very good post!

    Here’s my go at it. 1. What disease does your website or brand cure?

    It can be difficult to find JavaScript libraries when you need them. It takes significant effort and time investment. The problem exists for library authors as well. How do you make it discoverable by people that would find it useful? My site sits in between of these two.

    It will take some significant rework to make the site truly useful for these both groups of users. I think your questions will help to shape it.

  • Dene Mitchell

    Great article as always Pat.

    So, on question 1, my intention is to cure the ‘disease’ of ignorance and the rehashing of old cliches in British football (soccer). My site aims to take common misconceptions in the game and tries to ‘debunk’ these myths using detailed and focused statistical analysis. For example, is the influx of ‘Jonny Foreigners’ really holding back the British game? The site is definitely aimed at the football hipster and is one for the purists!!! Wish me luck (currently brushing up on my statistics theory back from when I was in University).

  • Sam Brunson

    Excellent post, Pat! Here’s my attempt for question #1:

    The idea of families spending time together is eroding. Many families have caught the disease of video games. Video games in themselves are not a bad thing, but when not utilized in moderation, can cause children to spend less time with their families. Mt website cures this disease by offering great, quality ideas for activities that parents can do with their children, and things that people can play with each other without the use of TV screens, phones, or anything electronic.

  • Barak


    Great questions! I’ve added them to my “one page business” plan for my new startup.

    The disease my new website / brand cures is the one I had when newly married and having children. It’s curing young married couples who are starting to have children of financial pain and / or financial insecurity.

    Keep the good stuff coming!

  • Sylvia

    Disease: WheredoIgoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIneedITIS

    My audience has the problem of too many resources with too much information. They end up drowning in information overload and end up even more frustrated. Worse yet, most of the available resources don’t provide the basic, simple starting points that the audience needs. I fill that need.

    Pat, once again you have given me another “Aha!” moment. Give the audience a sense of COMMUNITY. Of course! That is what my new site is (was) lacking. People crave that. Look at your own . That immediately became the place to be and go for camaraderie and resources and shared experiences and goals and accountability. There is a sense of belonging and commonality.

    Just when I thought there was nothing more I could add to my site’s basic structure…BAM! I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. Thank you Pat for sharing so much with this community!

  • Dan

    Here’s my answer to question #1:
    My website “cures the disease” of blindly immigrating into the USA and not preparing for this life changing step. The U.S. is giving away over 50,000 greencards through a lottery system every year and a lot of people who are lucky to have won just pack up their stuff and move without any plan on what they’ll do next. My website helps them to prepare for a life in America and guides them through a lot of steps and potential issues during the immigration process.

  • Tom Ross

    My answer to question #1.

    My website ‘cures the disease’ of struggling designers who know all the tools, but lack creative direction to take their work to the next level. These are the guys who are capable of creating world class, INCREDIBLE Photoshop work, but have currently plateaued and don’t know how to progress the work they care so deeply about.

    I’m so excited to check out your latest site Pat! Best of luck with it :).

    – Tom.

  • Elise

    #1: My websites all try to fill a gap in the information void, so they technically cure a bit of ignorance.

  • Nicki

    Hi Pat,

    My website and brand cures Diabetes Type II 100% holistically using integrative, holistic, lifestyle medicine. Yes, contrary to mainstream belief, Diabetes Type II is reversible. For folks who are holistic-minded or at least curious and open, and ready to make critical changes in their lifestyle, symptom-elimination and optimal health are possible.

    The outcome? Living with a HIGH level of Vitality, Awakened Creativity, and Depth of Purpose.

    I know because I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II at age 45 and reversed it 100% holistically by age 46!

    Peace and thanks as always for your value and energy.

  • James Blews

    Another great post.

    To answer the question, we have to look at what diseases are. They are breakdowns of normal system in the body, decomposition of materials under certain circumstances and even the act of affecting with something to make ill.

    My website deals with fantasy football, and right now there are many websites that offer opinion, offer assumption and offer sometimes editorials over true information; basically tainting the end-users game and experiences. We go to websites for information, to get more information about what we know, or to answer questions asked about us for information (disprove/approve)…this is comparable to the human body and medicine. We go to the doctors to get immunizations, we go to get medicine to cure colds, disease, etc and sometimes we just go for further information on things we’ve heard and/or read.

    My website does all three for the simple disease of other sites in the same genre ‘tainting’ the users with unneeded information and skewing their perceptions, leaving them forever ‘ill’. With my website, users are injected with boosters of reports on players, feed easily eaten chunks of podcasts and broadcasts about fantasy football, and users use my site to get further information to prevent that ‘disease’ from re-entering their system.

    Thanks again Pat!

  • Maggie

    What an interesting way to pose the oft repeated question, “what is your reader’s pain?”

    I work in a doctor’s office, so I thought it would be fun to format the answer like a physician’s progress note:

    1. Not easily satisfied with buying things from the mass market. Nauseated by consumer culture.
    2. Always customizing items to fit their unique personality.
    3. Voice in head saying, “I can make that!”

    Diagnosis: (answer to question #1)
    Maker’s Itch. The creative urge to make tangible forms that expresses their unique vision.

    Treament Plan:
    1. Provide detailed, specific how-to’s, to overcome the “I don’t know how” obstacle.

    2. Provide resource list and access to items needed for “making”.

    3. Show plenty of examples, and create challenges and workshops to facilitate “making” behavior.

  • Andrew M. Warner @

    Hey Pat,

    This is a really good post you have here. And the questions you had here is very useful because I’ve been actually thinking of doing a niche based website myself lately and wrote down some niches I’ve been noticing and paying close attention to. Your process for starting a niche site, with this new one and the security site is very detailed and definitely helpful for anyone looking to start niche site.

    I want to answer that 1st question but I really have to think about it so I’ll enter another post after. But great job.

  • Giselo

    i love this post, success always

  • Martin Krein

    ——- MUSIC 4 ALL ——-

    My website cures the disease of having to pay for music that people need for their online-business (Videos, Podcasts, Launches, etc)

    We provide royalty-free music (different genres) that can be downloaded for free. It can be used for private purpose as well as for businesses. We are starting out with 50 songs and every week new music is added.

  • Kwin Peterson

    Thanks Pat (and Matt!); these are great questions. I had answered most of them, but there are a few here I had not considered.

    In answer to question 1, my site aims to cure people who have let email take control of their lives.

  • Jamie Alexander

    I don’t know if it cures STIs, but you can’t catch any in your dreams.

  • Mario Zamarron

    Amazing article and huge challenge. I’m going to have to look over the rest of the questions a few times each. To answer question 1 though, my website/brand 210 Local Music Podcast, cures the diseases of apathy and ignorance. My mission is to spread the word on music, art, film, and entertainment made by San Antonians. Our local scene is filled with amazingly talented and hard working people who go through their day, largely unnoticed. They are drowning in a sea of apathy and ignorance of those around them because of a lack of marketing, help from local media, and a public who is focused on Austin for their local consumption. I’ve already had a growing number of people inform me that they had no idea that San Antonio had a local scene and that what I’ve been able to present them, has allowed them to become aware.
    I think this question has made me feel refocused on the disease an how to cure it even more so than I had already envisioned. Thanks Patt!

  • (@KathyAMorelli)

    Hi Pat –
    I absolutely LOVE these questions. They are great stepping stones to building more and more content! The new niche website I’m working on is related to my current website(s), as I choose to stay close in with my daily work.
    The disease(s) that my website treat/cure are perinatal mood disorders, using an integrative approach, incorporating both traditional therapies and complementary therapies. I already focus on perinatal mood disorders on my current site, BirthTouch. However, I plan to make geared to mainstream moms and muy new site will be more clinically geared, linking treatment resources, specially trained clinicians and mothers diagnosed with PMDs.
    Thanks for asking!

  • Sparkling

    My brand cures…cooties! (No, wait…there is no cure for cooties.)

    Actually, the disease my brand cures is fashion anxiety in women–women who find themselves averse to the constant churn of fickle “trends,” so-called “must-haves,” and silly fashion rules. I’m part of my own target market here, and I am SO TIRED of “fast fashion” and all the ugly, cheaply made trash the clothing industry pumps out constantly (yet charges way too much for).

    Thanks so much, Pat. Really enjoying your podcast series as well.

  • Sarah Spencer

    I LOVE this post – this exercise helped me so much today, thanks! Here are my answers:

    What disease does your website or brand cure?
    We’re dedicated to curing the elusive “no customeritis bug.”
    Got Clicks answers 2 questions: “Got Clicks? Why Not?” We have 2 freebies: “Niche not Noise” is an e-book and 1-hr video packed with tools and exercises to hone in on finding your ideal customer and discovering whether your idea has legs before you even put a penny into a website. Got Clicks shows the tools to use to find your customers; if you find a niche, you’ll find an audience. It’s ideal for the new entrepreneur or the business owner who’s having a hard time finding customers. “Build a Website” is a free, 4-part video series that helps you learn the terminology and what’s involved in building your own website sensibly and affordably. Watch this before you hire a web designer; it could save you a lot of money. You can find the freebies at

  • Thomas

    Hey Pat Thank u so much for this post… it was really helpful. Helpful because i am myself working on an online pilot project of mine. I am also thinking to create a buzz about it and use social media and email marketing to encourage people to share about the upcoming website. And if it gets good response then i’ll launch it full fledged. Writing down the answers to the above questions really helped me shape my project more defined. Thanks again. I hope to get more and more tips ideas regarding creating the buzz before the launch of the website. And all the best for the food truck website project too… Cheers…

  • Sean Quinn

    Just Start Journey is meant to cure a sort of apathy, lack of motivation, the misconception that an “average” person can’t accomplish great things. The disease of having to fit into this work/life structure that has been created by others. There is a cure and there is an army of people waiting to lend a hand. You have to decide to take that first step and JUST START!

  • Dave

    My website cures the disease of freaking out that’s happening in education today, specifically around the Common Core State Standards in literacy.

  • Aliaksandra

    My website cures the HEADACHE which you are starting to get when searching for information online and trying to put scattered pieces from here and there together. My website serves as a hub for computer builders who want to save time and eliminate frustration when looking for help with their custom build computers.

  • Marta

    I’m in a coaching school and my site will be that of a life coach. What disease will my website or brand cure? I hope to give people a place to breathe a little more easily; a place where they realize they don’t HAVE TO do anything, they don’t HAVE TO be anything, there are no must-s and can’t-s.
    Sounds impossible? Hopefully it won’t be when I’m done. 😉

  • One Frugal Girl

    My website cures the disease of needing to fill your life with unnecessary stuff. It focuses on the fact that life should be about more than just money. It’s about finding contentment and gratitude among the simple pleasures of every day life. It’s about buying less fancy gadgets, expensive homes and sporty cars and instead focusing on your relationships, your family and the things in your life that really matter.

  • Patrick

    What disease does your website or brand cure?

    It doesn’t, if you’re ill see a doctor. My websites serve people who are not ill to get even better and enjoy their life even more.

  • Colin

    Site will seek to cure 1st timers suffering from analysis paralysis. It’ll be an visually appealing step by step presentation on how to achieve their desired outcome. The intent is to eliminate the fear that being overwhelmed by information creates.

  • Michael Young

    The disease my brand cures is one that keeps restaurateurs up at night wondering if their refrigeration is working or not. We offer an affordable monitoring system that lets a chef, manager or owner determine their parameters for their refrigeration units and when a unit is reaches violation they are notified via text or phone calls.

    This eliminates the nasty and spendy surprise of walking into a situation where you don’t know if the food is safe to serve or not; and then the panic of throwing away, replacing, and re-prepping the food.

    I couldn’t find the solution so I built it.

    (ps let me know if you want me to stop tweeting you food truck articles that I run across.)

  • Kashif

    What disease does your website or brand cure?

    My website cure the disease of joblessness by providing job opportunities to the jobless and working as a bridge between jobseekers and employers.

  • Pavi

    LondonAndProperty cures the disease of mis-information, misguided advice and deliberately biased, self-serving PR that infects thousands of people seeking to healthily and happily Rent or Buy a home in the UK.

  • Christian Toto

    To paraphrase the tag line from the fine action movie “Cobra” starring Sylvester Stallone — Fatherly burnout is the disease. Meet the cure.

    (insert picture of me standing tall and tough wearing reflective sunglasses and a take no attitude smirk on my face a la Stallone)

    FWIW, I run a Daddy blog that helps my fellow fathers be better dads and healthier partners.

  • Natalie Graham

    I’m still in the planning stages for my website, so it’s not live yet, but the “disease I’m trying to cure” is ignorance about food allergies. I’m hoping to create a fun support/vent site for our community while also helping to spread awareness and information by sharing our experiences living with food allergies and dealing with people’s prejudices and general ignorance on the subject.

    (and for anybody wanting to get some food allergy education, Discovery channel is airing a special “An Emerging Epidemic: Food Allergies in America” on Saturday, September 7 at 8 a.m. ET)

  • Fernando Camacho

    Great stuff as always Pat!

    Here’s my answer:
    Dog owners often take for granted what goes into helping dogs learn how to live in this very real world. A sad statistic is that 1 out of 4 puppies will be given up before they reach 1 year of age. My website is the cure for people who are searching for help in how to train their dogs to live with us wacky humans. It educates them and gives plenty of resources to get people the answers they need to ensure they keep their furry best friends forever.

    Thanks Pat. Keep up the great content.

  • Andrew M. Warner @

    Hey Pat,

    I’m going to spend time right now and go through this whole list. But this is what I came up with for my disease question.

    What disease does your website or brand cure?

    Being in the money making niche, there are many diseases out there that people face. The three main ones include (1) Dealing with ALOT of fraud and opportunities that are scams, (2) Being worried about being over-promoted with opportunities in their emails and (3) when they actually find information that may be useful to them, they’re only told about it but not given specific instructions on how it’s done or how they could do it. For example, finding information about how to start a Internet business, but being given vague information that’s usually a few paragraphs.

    In the money making niche, it’s not just about making money, it’s about actually providing people with thorough information that’s valuable to them. Shade Of attempts to cure all diseases. Those include (1) “Those that just don’t know how to start a business and are looking for legitimate business opportunities and advice” disease. The main cure we provide is valuable content on entrepreneurship and information they need to know about it that they may not have know before.

    (2) “Those that want to actually know HOW to do the business and want to follow a specific blueprint to get that business up and running” disease. For this disease the cure we provide is detailed step-by-step instructions on various business opportunities or procedures that they would need to succeed.

    And (3) Those looking for a place where they won’t be bombarded with pitches and promotions everywhere they turn because they’re just looking for information” disease. This cure is pretty simple since we barely promote anything to clients on email lists. Our main focus is on providing content that valuable to them and what they want and not think selfishly about what we want.

    Many methods will be implemented to make sure that many of these diseases are cured. That includes podcasts, videos, reports, but more importantly, providing detailed advice and information that people need to know to manage their business and hopefully make it, and keep it, successful.

  • Imran Ali

    Hi Pat,

    Answer to #1

    My websites cure to a disease is helping people to earn money online and become better internet marketers so they can earn more money, live a more enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle and be much more happier.

    You always post great content and I would like to thank you for your continuous amazing content


  • Michael

    My website cures the disease of: “I need a professional website with a custom domain name for my small business or for a personal eportfolio, and I need to do it inexpensively”

  • Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

    Pat…my new website is being built as we speak. I am debating on making the url my own or one related to a particular online course I am doing. This post was extremely helpful to me in thinking about content!

    The disease I am attempting to cure it the disease of “out of control” emotions which cause an out of control life. People who have been born genetically predisposed, people who have had challenging childhoods, people who have experienced trauma and/or neglect, people who have been hurt, people who are involved in unhealthy relationships, who may be addicted, who self-harm, who no longer find joy in life…these are the people who can benefit from my site.

    I am going to offer an 8-week online course that will teach skills to hurting people via a highly researched and effective method that will help them learn how to regulate their emotions, tolerate their distress, stay present, be accepting, and be effective in their relationships. If they work hard, they can “build a life worth living.” I know this works because of research and because of my own personal life circumstances and experience.

    That’s what my site will attempt to cure.

  • Becky

    My site strives to cure the “where do I start to live a green lifestyle” disease. Lots of people are overwhelmed and I hope to help them at each step.

  • Doomsday Prepping

    My website cures the disease of ignorance and head-in-the-sand disease. It provides knowledge and solutions for folks preparing for the worst case scenarios in their lives. Some believe it will be economic collapse, others natural disasters.

    The site provides a community of like-minded folks to bounce ideas off of in a safe setting.

    Love the site Pat.

  • Matt Oliver

    My website/ business cures paralysis! So often, people do not take action because they are scared of doing research to find out where to start. They think it will be hard to find the info. They might even be scared of what they might find out. I have found that if you provide comprehensive information, about a target topic, people will then act on that information. So, my site which isn’t live yet, will be a sole source “bank” of information, designed so that anyone can sit down for 2-3 hours and find out everything they need to know to get started in a certain profession. ***left vague due to public forum***

  • Brad

    Gamecapture-itis: (noun) the physical and mental condition of desperately wanting to record myself playing video games and posting them to YouTube, but having absolutely no idea where to start.

  • Lou Vang

    Hey Pat, these are an excellent set of questions that I’m definitely going to have to go through. I’ve been thinking and swaying aplenty on my site and wondering whether or not I should take the plunge. After reading this post, I’m happy to say that things are a lot less hazy now.

    So, what disease does my website cure? The Unfinished Novel Writer Disease. Essentially, it’s a site to help writers get that novel finished, find a community to help them take action, and to really move forward with their goals to be GREAT writers.

    I suffer firsthand from this disease so I’m also trying to cure myself too. :) Who says I can’t heal my own wounds? I’ll do it.

  • Matt @ BeginToInvest

    Pat looking forward to seeing the site, sounds like it will be of tremendous resource for a food truck owner.

    My answer to question #1:
    What disease does your website or brand cure? Begin To Invest help guide new investors who may be overwhelmed or intimidated on getting started investing in the stock market.

  • Phu Phillip Trinh

    My websites cures all the negative thoughts that want us to give us hope for our dreams, I’m hoping my story will help others inspire themselves to be the best that we can be. After hearing about my hardships and my problems you will have no excuse to better yourself!

    • Phu Phillip Trinh

      opps I meant to say cure all the negative thoughts away especially the thoughts that want us to give up on our dreams.

      Like you Pat I’m near the bottom of the barrel of my life and almost approaching 30. But your story (which I found from the search term “start your own online business”) was so inspirational I’m bound to read every resource you wrote and podcast before making a move for myself. Your genuinity is needed for the internet since it is more of a dark place rather than a good place, and I wish your whole family the best as you deserve it man! Your right do what you love and the rest will flow in naturally!

  • Judy

    I teach violin in Israel, and there is no organization of instrumental music teachers in this country or even area – teachers tend to compete with one another for a very few, very unsettled and relatively low paying jobs. Meanwhile, music STUDENTS are also not sure of where to turn, who to ask and what music teachers and institutions exist in their area.

    My web site is going to create a mutually supportive community for both music teachers and existing and potential students, provide free and for pay resources like sheet music for Israeli songs as well as other songs in various styles and in various keys, and set the tone for a supportive discourse to jump music teaching in Israel, which is at the start of rapid expansion and development overall, to a new level of development and cooperation in a way that combines respect and enthusiasm.

  • sara

    since few day I was think to start my business On line and I never think that I have ask some question myself. Really I read post , think twice before book domain for my business. Really Great Job/ Post Pat.Thanks

  • Stephanie

    Hi Pat,
    Here’s my answer for the first question on your list “What disease does your website or brand cure?”

    Our brand will cure small business owners inability to build & implement inbound marketing strategies without spending tons of cash. Basically, we know that you can work wonders around marketing for your business without purchasing high-dollar systems, so we will be walking small business owners through techniques that work.

    As always, I love your posts. Thanks for sharing. I intend on working my way through the remainder of the questions on your list as an exercise to strengthen our company/website message.

  • Julia

    My website aims to cure the wanderlust bug by inspiring everyone to travel as much as they can.

    I’m definitely going to sit down and write my answers to all of these for each of my brands. Thanks!

  • Will

    My website will fight against health spam, specially in the weight loss niche.

  • Minerva

    Pat, this is a tough question. I just started my website about a month ago and I feel I have tons to write about but I’m not sure if it’s focused yet. To answer the question about what disease my website is solving is helping people with data analysis. I’m starting with the basics in different areas like spreadsheets (MS Excel) and project management tools (MS Project and MS ProjectLibre) and writing out simple theory and how-tos. Maybe I still haven’t found my voice. I will have to dig deep and answer the set of questions you have here to see what the direction of my website should be. Thanks for the food for thought!

  • Kyal

    Our website cures the fear and boredom associated with ” public speaking “

  • Johnny

    Disease? Well, I don’t know… but I think I can say what void my site will try to fill
    According to the Wikipedia, there are 410,000,000 people that speak Spanish as a native language…
    But the Internet is an English dominated arena… If we are using the Wikipedia as an example. There are 4.2 Million articles in English and only 1 million articles in Spanish.
    We can extrapolate from there… And the lack of material in Spanish also promotes very poor content in Spanish.
    So, what I want is to provide the Spanish speaking community with high quality and accountable content in finance.

  • Wesley Wiley

    Thanks for the great resource Pat (& Matt Garland)! This is great timing as I was actually praying this morning (we all need some divine help right?) about wisdom and insight on how to brand myself & my site.

    What disease does cure?
    1. The “I know I have a purpose but I’m not sure what it is” disease.
    2. The “I want to make a difference with my life but don’t know how” disease.
    3. The “Everyone thinks I’m successful…but something’s still missing from my life” disease.”

    It’s all the same disease, just manifests differently depending on your season of life.

    Thanks again for the wisdom Mr. Flynn!

  • Kundan Bhardwaj

    This sounds like a nightmare to me, specially when you are just a beginner. But yeah, thanks for the update.

  • Entreb

    Firstly, thank you for bringing up those questions for reality check.

    My website cures the following:
    1. the “my small business can’t compete with big competitors” disease
    2. the “prioritization of instant profit” disease
    3. the “there is nothing left for me” disease

    I’m hoping that my website could cure more diseases in the future.

  • Nick Stanton

    Hi Pat, my new website is a mix of story-blogging and information based on my experience and a freelance consultant.

    The disease it’s trying to cure is to show people who are thinking about what it’s like to be a roaming PHP Consultant outside of the main conurbations..

    There is a good living to be made by rejecting permanent work. Being away from the comfort of long-term employment seems risky, and it’s not for everyone, but many people don’t even have the first clue how it’s going to be, because the focus is so often on finding work, and earning.

    Many freelance programmers are based in towns like London, Manchester, etc, so they don’t have far to travel. I live in Cornwall, in the far south-west of England. It’s a beautiful place, but far harder to get easy-to-commute work.

    I do feel though that I have the balance between fresh-air, beaches, countryside and work. I show that you can choose to commute, or choose to be on-site. I chose both and strike the right balance for me and my family.

    And the journeys allow me to listen to your podcasts – currently on 37.

  • Ali Mese

    Personal Experience / Identification questions are mind blowing, especially seeing them from different approaches. Great job, thanks!

  • Vern

    The disease that my website cures is the automotive “ole’ boy’s club” barrier to entry.

    There are tons of car sites and blogs out there, but none of them talk about real people, driving real cars, facing real problems with their cars.
    I’m blogging about these real situations and about my role as “the car guy” in my social circle as I help my friends and family deal with their cars.

    For example, just last night my Dad called me cause his car wouldn’t start. That experience, and everything that happened and what we talked about will be the content of my post next week.

  • Andres Soto

    Amazing post Pat. I will review this post each month to make sure my path is being met and to challenge myself as I move along the web building process.

    Q1.What disease does your website or brand cure?

    A1. Fear of the unknown. My website is a “niche” real estate website about Long Island City (a.k.a. LIC). Many buyers who can’t afford Manhattan or Brooklyn are now thinking of Long Island City (in Queens). My website will cure fear of the unknown by informing buyers about the neighborhood, making them comfortable to visit, explore and enjoy all that LIC has to offer.

  • Chris Hufnagel

    My website cures the disease of wanting to create an online business but not being able to get past the technical aspect of it. I go into getting a WordPress website up and running, managing it, and then promoting it to the right people. I love working with “starters/entrepreneurs” that have an amazing idea, but are stuck on how do I build a website. I like to think that I “bring ideas to life, one website at a time”.

    Great post. You see so many “what is your target audience, usp, etc” questions out there, nice to see something different! List has already helped me realize a few different directions I might want to take to keep me focused on my goal!


  • fiscally fit

    If someone can’t come to your site and know what it is you are about or can’t describe it to a friend after a couple of minutes, you haven’t gotten your message across effectively.

  • Cort Smith

    Our brand is helping people give up smoking for good! While the medical community is still playing catch up, we’ve seen first hand the amazing changes that electronic cigarettes are bringing to people’s lives!

  • Mark

    My brand cures the disease of blind acceptance and assumptions based on misunderstandings about what design is and what designers do.

  • William Stonewall Monroe

    My website seeks to cure the lack of connection between music and life. I see so many local musicians simply attempting to make music that people will like, without attempting to really connect with their audience in any other ways. Since my art is all about connection, I want to connect on every level, not just a foot tapping one.

  • Tim Paige – Awesome Clarity

    Love this so much.

    Answer: My company cures the confusion, unhappiness, and lack of fulfillment caused by an unclear vision for what you want in your life.

    Great questionnaire :)

  • Barry

    Overspending and unhealthy living!

  • John Shaver

    My website cures the fatal, career destroying disease of traditional education.

    I worked as a professional designer before entering college, and after 5 years (I was an athlete), the material taught in class was barely catching up to what was cutting edge before I had even enrolled in school.

    There was only a single web design class available. It was for final semester seniors only, and didn’t even teach how to make a website, simply how to mock one up in Photoshop.

    4 year universities simply don’t prepare you for the real world in certain industries, and Photoshop Video Academy allows you to quickly learn applicable skills in a tiny fraction of the time.

  • Tea Silvestre

    My biz helps cure solo biz owners of the diseased thought processes being promoted by most online marketers: that you’ve got to build your business a particular way, using a particular set of steps (most commonly referred to as “the Blueprint”) or you will fail. Symptoms of this diseased thinking include a focus on vanity numbers (how many fans do you have?) and building things FAST and getting to “6 figures” in 6 months or less.

  • Stephanie

    My website cures the disease of overpaying for prescription eyeglass lenses! Eye doctors are a rip off – once you have your prescription, you can go online and save hundreds of dollars on my website and get the same quality products in about a week!

  • Pam Ivey

    My brand and webiste,, cures non-differentiation disease. By becoming a Certified Online Marketing Manager, you can stand out from the blur and sea of others using titles like “Social Media Manager”, “Online Marketing Consultant”, etc.

  • Candice L Davis

    The website cures the disease of wanting to write, publish, and sell your books, but not knowing where to start or how to progress. If I do it right, it should cure diseases of ignorance (of writing and publishing) and procrastination. It should cure the disease of giving up on one’s dream of getting a book or books out there.

  • Gina Badalaty

    My website is going to be rebuilt and rebranded this fall. What does it cure? Moms of kids with special needs, difficult allergies and learning disabilities struggle to find the time to fit everything in a day, find themselves exhausted and burn out fast. My relaunch will cure that disease by helping moms find the resources they need to feed their kids more easily through complex food sensitivities, take care of themselves in short bursts of time, and find a way to make a difficult life easier and more enjoyable. This is my goal at least!

  • Kayla

    My website cures the disease of “extreme data overload-itis that new moms find themselves subject to (mostly due to their own doing).”

  • Gina Badalaty

    My website is going to be rebuilt and rebranded this fall, hopefully! What does it cure? Moms of kids with special needs, difficult allergies and learning disabilities struggle to find the time to fit everything in a day, find themselves exhausted and burn out fast. My relaunch will cure that disease by helping moms find the resources they need to feed their kids more easily through complex food sensitivities, take care of themselves in short bursts of time, and find a way to make a difficult life easier and more enjoyable. This is my goal at least!

  • Mathea Ford

    My website cures the question – where do I get started with a renal diet. In the US, approximately 1 in 10 people have kidney failure of some type, and most of it is preventable – even once diagnosed you can slow the progression. So I provide a resource to help people learn where to start and what to do next when they are navigating the complex world of kidney disease. Once they see a dietitian, they are often more confused, and I am the dietitian who gives them a workable plan and helps them succeed.

  • Ken Warfield has a two fold approach. Curing or assisting in helping cure Diabetes and Weight Loss along the way. Both of these are both financially draining of a family and debilitating physically. I try to offer related information in one centralized place.
    The reasons why I have started the website was because of family dealing with both issues and since both play negatively upon the other it is hard to break the cycle without defeating both.

  • carey

    The Pass the Safe Exam website cures the disease of poorly learned or poorly devised study methods that many of us are prone to, with a specific aim toward enabling people to know how to study so they can pass the national (U.S.A.) S.A.F.E. exam required for mortgage licensing the FIRST TIME. Having to retest is expensive, in both time and money.

  • Steven Johnson

    My website is after a very broad niche and I can actually answer this question in a few ways.

    1. I want to build a website, but don’t know where to start.
    2. I have a website but I’m not receiving enough traffic.
    3. I have a website with great traffic, but I’m not receiving feedback or revenue.

    These are generalized answers to the disease that my website cures. Starting, growing and maintaining a website is very difficult. My goal is to help others with the struggle, as we all face the same things – traffic and quality.

  • freshers jobs

    Wow what a great post sir. most of the question we get in day today life.

  • Elaine

    I see so many people sleeping walking through their life, following instructions and adhering to rules that society imposes. They go to school, go to college, and get a job. Then they slowly realise that this is it – their dream for their life has been reduced down to weekends and 10 days holidays a year. They yearn for freedom, for passion and to truly be alive. They do not want to make other people money, to listen to pointless performance reviews and work their assess off for a wage that does not reflect the true value they bring – due to the various wage freezes and ‘you’re lucky to have a job’ theories that are going around today.

    A year ago this was me. I was working in a sensible permanent office job. To the outside I looked happy. But I was trapped, frustrated and I KNEW there was more to life than being a wage slave for projects I was not passionate about.

    So I quit my job. I started making iPhone apps. Today I’m a bestselling author, 200+ apps published, 5 hugely popular online courses at and I run an Indie app blog.

    My business solves the same disease for other people, as it did for me 12 months ago. My business set me free, and gave me the life I really wanted.

    • Suzanna Kiraly

      Wow, doing what you did in just a year is amazing. Congrats!

    • Dani

      I really liked your story. I am in my last year of University and honestly I cant see myself working Mondays through Fridays from 8 – 5, coming home tired, having dinner and a little chat before going to sleep only to have to do the very same thing the next day.

  • Olive Green Anna

    My site cures the disease of consuming mass produced clothing. It gives an alternate option by buying secondhand vintage clothing that is in great condition and already exists on this earth. No need to produce new clothing with the masses that we already have on earth. Recycle with style.

  • John Shea

    I believe my website gives online marketers the ability to learn from and take action on what successful people are doing. Since I have an interview show, I am able to invite people that have had success online with all different kinds of strategies and tactics.

    I have now interviewed 23 people and am scheduling more each week, every person I have on always share something new and interesting with value for listeners. I believe it gives people the ability to look and see what could be an option for them to pursue online. I was even lucky enough to interview you! I’m excited to see your results with the e-mail campaign.

  • sarkari naukri

    traffic is the main problem sir. we have started this blog many months ago and we are not getting enough traffic.

  • Anev Sw

    My brand is curing the extremely prevalent disease of team spirit deficiency. We are administering a cure in the form of personalized team apparel so that the community may eventually recover from this horror.

  • Rus

    My site currently only supports an ebook, but I am now writing out posts to enhance the site.

    The disease it cures is not fulfilling a dream for musicians. It teaches musicians how to get their first gig and much more. Getting booked, especially for novice musicians is more daunting than asking your crush out for a date, but it shouldn’t be.

  • Collier Ward

    My website (when it launches later this month) will cure two common diseases that many entrepreneurs and business owners contract when they attempt to build a bricks-and-mortar place to conduct their business.
    The dual diseases are Permitting Paralysis and Construction Cost Creep.
    A well-trained, business-minded Architect can cure – and prevent – these unfortunate, but all too common, ailments that unsuspecting start-up often face.

  • Branndon

    The answer to question number one is that my website cures the
    1) I don’t know where to learn how to make WordPress plugins disease
    2) I’m not sure which plugin is better for my needs, A or B
    3) I want to make money selling plugins, but don’t know how

    The site is being built to launch and isn’t ready yet, but I’m putting a leadpages page on there soon to capture email address and build buzz for the launch.

  • Emily McHugh

    My website solves the disease of boring and uninspiring tech accessories and travel bags. Casauri was originally started to cure common laptop bag boredom. We have evolved to cure more diseases over time – now we are the remedy of choice (recommended by style doctors worldwide) to enhance the mobile global lifestyle. Travel in style and confidence with Casauri!

  • Natalie Moon-Wainwright

    My new business (website not fully functioning yet!) will cure the disease of going through life by rote. People who are looking for meaning and seeking inner guidance will be helped. I’m still developing the full idea!

  • Zack

    My brand cures the disease that in order to grow your blog you have to spend money, or be a genius, or be the most popular kid in school. I try to break things down to a “molecular” level for bloggers and show them that making small changes here and there can lead to big results.

  • Adel Kassouri

    Me too, i just started my blog, so it’s quiet empty now, My answer: My website (hopefully) will cure the ignorance that many of us (in the third world) have about generating money on internet, all will be in 4 languages and of course helping as much i can to be at least present on the web.

  • Robert French

    1. What disease does your website or brand cure?

    Perfect timing as always Pat! I’m in mid process of tighning up my brand this week and next so I have the answer to this!

    My personal brand is about casual (but professional) learning. The world of stuffy corporates doesn’t have a hold of me, I teach video game development and programming and web design and user experience design and its all about quality learning in a comfortable, easy to digest format. No question is a dumb question unless you don’t ask it. So the dis-ease that I cure with my brand is the dis-ease people have with learning something new or re-learning something old. It’s as simple as that.


  • Kelly Covert (@TrimommyKelly)

    My website will help cure the “I wonder if…” disease. It will give people the skills to stop wondering and start DOING!

  • Tim Pate

    My site cures pale skin and lack-o-vacation.


  • Henrik

    I would say my up and coming website cures the disease of ineffective or plain harmful marketing for smb. Bad websites that harm the brand, and plain ineffective marketing that does not drive customers. AdWords advertising that costs more than it brings in, non-existent email-marketing and opt-ins

  • Brett

    Looking forward to your new site! I love the questions. It’s basically a mini-business plan, right?

    What disease does my brand/site cure? Many small nonprofits and nonprofit leaders are driven by a passion for a cause or a mission or a vision. While this doesn’t happen across the board, there are times when this focus on mission can sabotage being cognizant of the business and risk management side of things. My hope is to help open the eyes of my readers to some common risk management and insurance pitfalls that nonprofits and other social service organizations can run into.

  • Vida solves the disease effecting Boomers — the lack of enough money to retire.

  • Josh Scheid

    My site cures the common disease of “too much info on a subject by too many people throws all truth out the door disease.” We highlight products and systems in use to day to show what works and what doesn’t. We even highlight the success stories to show others why they should even be interested in our subject.

  • Ben

    The intention of my blog is to cure the disease of the mind that has us believe we are all separate.

  • Jonathan

    Here’s my answer:

    The disease is “How to fund college costs” Your student is in high school and you didn’t save enough and you need money NOW!

    People think the cure is in doing scholarship searches but they are looking at the problem in the wrong way!

    Our cure is providing a step by step strategy that has colleges competing for students instead of the other way around. The dirty little secret is that many colleges have lots of money. You just need to find it. We babystep you through the entire process by implementing a unique strategy that guarantees free money for college. YES i sadi guarantee and I mean it

  • Rob Smith

    The Turn2Smith brand solves the disease of isolation in the private school and independent school business office by introducing Business Officers everywhere to the smartest guys in business offices nation wide through weekly podcast interviews and occasional research project blog posts that answer recent questions circulating through the listservs, which not every small school can afford to join.

    It also connects service and product providers to the buyers from each school in a non confrontational way, allowing each vendor to tell their story and each buyer to listen to that story and decide to buy or not to buy.

  • Alexander

    “What disease does your brand cure?”

    Most of us have half a dozen health problems caused by our 21st century lifestyle.

    Obesity, back pain, insomnia – all connected.

    I help you fix health problems caused by our modern lifestyle.

    – Alex

  • Stephen

    My website cures unemployment… it’s about how to make a full-time wage selling online. I support myself and a family of 6 with about 30-35 hours of work each week. It’s possible!

  • Clarissa Payne

    The goal of brand is to cure the “I have to do everything because I’m the mom: disease. My website is still in the works and not up yet, but I hope to build of community of support for moms who feel the responsibility of managing everything from carpools to corporate conferences.

  • Jennifer Jinright

    Hi, Pat.

    I’m loving this set of questions. I will be working on the rest of the answers in the morning. I think better when I’ve just woke up and the worries of the day haven’t set in!

    As for question 1:
    My site cures the disease of fairy tale romance. It doesn’t happen, there is no happily ever after…unless you do the work.

    And now I need to go replan some of what I was heading for as I was working content, etc…..

  • http://www.HerTube.TV Audrey

    What disease does your website or brand cure? My website solves problems for two audiences. The first audience is women who are trying to get more exposure for their business using video. The other is for business owners or corporations who audience is women. HerTube.TV gives them access to a network whose focus is on women and what women care about.

  • BrownThumbMama

    The disease? “Green and crunchy” is an all-or-nothing proposition with an impossibly steep learning curve. Either you brew your own kombucha and ferment your home-grown cabbage, or you’re not really crunchy.

    The cure? My site is for the beginners and in-betweeners. I work, buy bread from the store [gasp!] and my kids are in daycare [DOUBLE gasp!]. We do what we can and don’t feel too badly if we have a soda every now and then.

  • Joe Ferrell

    (website is up but I have not launched it yet. Loading content using Mark Mason’s 5×5 technique :)

    My site will help cure the issue of letting your fitness goals become stagnant while also helping with a lack of self-confidence when it comes to defending you or a loved one’s safety. I discuss the life-changing benefits that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has had on my life and show how anyone, regardless of age, can jump right in and start learning.

    Really enjoy the podcast Pat. Thanks!


  • joette

    My website cures the dis-ease of being stuck, lost in the same energy-draining patterns, and belief systems by helping others find themselves, hear their true voice, and move into a life of creation and possibility. To “say yes to love” instead of all the fears we allow to creep into our decision making.

    Thanks Pat for posting this challenge. It’s great to get us thinking about how we’re truly making a difference, recharges our energy, plus I’m really enjoying reading about everyone else. Very inspiring!

  • Emmett Cooke

    What disease does your website or brand cure?

    My brand cures the disease of people using poor quality music in their productions. I
    write high quality bespoke music for TV shows, video games and independent productions, which brings their projects to the next level.


  • TravelMoreRoads

    My site (TravelMoreRoads) strives to cure travel stress, travel over-spending, and the time-suck that travel prep and planning can cause. “Save time. Save Money. Travel Better. Travel more.”

  • Jonathan

    Hey Pat! Great post, figured I’d answer all these questions for my own benefit of realizing what I’m trying to create.

    -What disease does your website or brand cure?
    It cures the disease of those wanting to learn game development without having to read a bible sized text book using cheap tools. Providing easy bite size video tutorials teaching game development for the layman.

    -Describe the essence of your website or brand in three words.
    Start Making Games

    -How will the lives of people in your target audience be different after engaging with your website or brand?
    They will learn the skills needed to get started with taking their idea on paper or even in their head, into creating a digital world. I hope to empower those would be game developers into someone that can quickly prototype their games and spend less time “just dreaming”.

    -How will someone in your target audience know when it’s time to look for a site like yours?

    -How will someone in your target audience feel after his or her first experience visiting your site?
    They will feel like they can easily learn from what I provide. I started off like many of them so I teach things in a way that will help them with their current level of experience.

    -How will someone in your target audience feel after visiting your site consistently for three months?
    They will be amazed at the quality of free content being provided on a regular basis and they’ll keep coming back to find new ways of doing things without having to invest tons of time or money to get it.

  • Sue

    The disease that my website cures is revolved around the quality of content. I offer high quality PLR to my customers for their websites and blogs. They can use this content as a basis for longer blog posts or to create niche specific pages and can re-purpose this content in many different ways.

  • Maya Page

    Hey Pat,
    Awesome post! Thanks so much for sharing these questions with us – going through them has further helped define my vision and goals for my brand. You were right – some of them were hard to answer!

    My brand concept is to not only cure and break free from the 9-to-5 grind, but to fully embody the quote of “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs”. I plan on curing the thought process of “I can’t” and to show people how it’s possible to build your dreams (while they follow me in my journey of building mine) – especially for new moms (I have started my business while pregnant). I want to use myself as an example to show others that anything is possible. The disease of “I can’t because___” or “I am limited” or the disease of making excuses should hopefully be cured!

  • Allen Tan

    1. What disease does your website or brand cure?

    Hey Pat, Thank you for the post!

    I would like to introduce myself, my name is Allen Tan and I come from Toronto, Ontario. I am in the process of starting a food truck called ‘Me.n.u’ (When ever you read a menu….you’ll always think of me and you!).

    I started my food truck dream in 2012 with no prior experience or culinary skills. All I had was the desire to learn the food truck industry from the bottom up. I started by volunteering with many food truck vendors around Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles; I traded free labour for knowledge. After attaining much of the knowledge I needed to start a food truck I still didn’t have the culinary skills to start a “food business”. I neglected to attend culinary school; instead I decided to move to South East Asia to learn how to cook. Today, I am vending at various food events around Toronto testing out my newly acquired knowledge.

    The “bottom up” process has allow me to collect, study and interview many people in the food industry. I have created a journal on how to take an idea and turn it into a business. During my journey, each mentor has taught me something important and memorable. I have made sure that I kept all my notes, brainstorms and emails for future reference. I hope to show others a step-by-step process in how I achieved my dream of starting a food truck.

    I did something that almost anyone could do without any connections or money: Get a job at a food truck to begin learning the business inside and out. Almost anyone can do this which I think is very cool. I did’t let lack of money or any other excuse hold me back.

    In essence, my website is to share my journey of how I took my dream and started a business, which is a food truck. I think this is really amazing timing that your new website will be very helpful to me. If I don’t win the prize, I am still very happy I found your blog!

    Allen Tan.

  • A.J.

    My “Personality Junkie” blog helps people gain self-knowledge, self-direction, and personal growth by identifying and understanding their Myers-Briggs personality type. It also highlights the importance of understanding one’s personality type in career development and relationships/compatibility.

  • Kevin BigHappy Smith

    Staying happy in life is easiest when those you are involved with on a regular basis are happy and content in the relationship you have with them. Be it wife, brother, mother, mother-in-law keeping your relationship healthy is key. Lazy Guy Greeting Cards helps fill a small role in maintaining these relationships through automating the sending of Greeting Cards. Even in this world of everything being digital the joy of receiving a physical card in the mail still exists and the opposite, not receiving a card, is a significant event causing disharmony in some relationships. While this pain may not manifest itself in an overt manner, it is a pain that will strain some relationships. Through a Greeting Card Concierge service you can insure that late or forgotten cards can be a thing of the past. What can Lazy Guy Greeting CArds do for you,
    1)Ease the concern of remembering to send out Greeting Cards
    2)Insure the strengthening of relationships
    3)Bring a bit of joy and happiness to that special person in your life


    Kevin BigHappy Smith

  • Shaun Penrod

    The disease we are curing is the “I want to become a dialysis technician but don’t know how to start disease.” This is our learning project and we hop to apply all the lessons learned here to other endeavours in the future.

  • Karen

    My brand will solve the disease of people will solve the problem of people not having a good night’s sleep.

  • Shawn McAfee

    My brand solves the disease of boredom and monotony. A disease that actually manifests itself as a real disease through obesity and diabetes. My brand provides exciting events and race opportunities for enthusiastic bikers of all ages and experience levels. It gets people out of the house, exercising, and perhaps most importantly enjoying themselves and the community surrounding them.

  • Fanny

    My website cures the disease of how to work at home and live frugally. I’m going back on forth on my focus as I’ve changed it this year but the questions you listed are a great place for me to start. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cari

    Hi, Pat.

    Your post comes at a personally serendipitous time. I had decided–only this week–to begin a new business that I have thought of fondly for the last 6 years. I plan on utilizing your tips and suggestions as I begin my business venture…and will continue to follow your suggestions as I create brand awareness as well as follow my heart to create the business of my dreams.

    Thank you for being part of my dream-making process!

    In answer to your posed question “What disease does your website or brand cure?” – I answer with the following:

    My brand cures the absence of whimsicality.

    Consumers of my brand will be known by their fanciful smiles and their ability to wonder, anew, at the world around them. My customers…neigh, the guests of my business creation, will engage with a series of unique food services brought directly to their homes or places of business. Each guest will experience a creative atmosphere which has been custom tailored to reach beyond their dreams. Each nuance of my brand carefully solidifies in their mind–within their experience with my brand–a fantasy world full of ease, fun, style and flavor…as well as that ever important touch of whimsy for which my brand will become known by anyone wishing to add a touch of fanciful wonder to their lives.


  • Adam

    Our vintage ice cream cures modern day stress.

    Hope that suffices for question 1 Pat .

  • Jennifer Hughes

    My website cures the disease of people living along side toxins and chemicals. These toxic ingredients are in most of our everyday consumable products. The products are watered down, made with cheap ingredients, and they are affecting our health. People with allergies, asthma and even those with cancer need to have their homes clean but not cleaned with all the harsh chemicals. I hope to provide information on choices that people can make so that their homes are safe and the people that live their are healthy.

  • Morgan Stradling

    The disease my website covers is the lack of animation podcasts by fans, for fans. A few podcasts are very serious and lack the fun and humor that ours brigns. Fans love our show because they say it’s like listening to their new friends chat about what they love!

  • Abel “The Controls Freak”

    My site cures the ailment of not being able to find a central location to learn about the HVAC Controls and Building Automation Industry.

    This kind of educational/training information is not available anywhere online or in any kind of technical school or university.

  • Irina

    My Site (Invisalign Facts) cures the disease of lack of unbiased information and reviews. It is one of the few resources where potential patients considering invisalign can read completely unbiased peer reviews. The only other big source is the invisalign site itself.

  • Timothy W. Crane

    1. My personal blog cures the disease of thinking that you have to follow some complicated plan to make money online.

    2. My project website (not listed) cures, yes cures (no one else does this), getting bit by bedbugs in your sleep.

  • Kimberly Coleman

    My upcoming website (Work at Home Mom Time) cures part-time work at home mom entrepreneurs from the false belief that they can’t have both a consistently profitable business and a happy home life while getting 8 hours of sleep most nights (or whatever rest they personally need – I just happen to be an 8 hours gal).

    (After having done just that for almost the last decade, it’s the #1 question that I get asked. Okay, maybe it’s question #2 – people are also curious what I do/how I make money as a lifestyle blogger!)

  • Paul

    The disease? Injuries are a common occurrence with everyday exercise. I’m bringing awareness that foam rollers can help reduce injuries and decrease overall recovery time. It’s the most affordable way to keep yourself injury free.

  • Cathi

    My site is intended to be lighthearted, providing diversion. Though at times, I speak my mind. The site provides pictures, suggestions for restaurants I’ve been in San Diego and New York. I also have used it to launch my ebook, The Book of Micah, on Kindle.

  • Danielle

    The site is aimed to cure a myriad of actual diseases through consuming a green smoothie on a daily basis. The goal of the site is to provide enough information, courses and unique recipe combinations to inspire change.

  • Terry

    The Disease – The fear of not only public speaking but sharing your thoughts and ideas to someone other than yourself (speaking outloud) – the fear of sounding stupid, unlearned or being embarrased by what you say.
    This disease paralyzes a person and keeps them restricted by not allowing them their free speech and communicating their full message. If kept uncheck, this disease greatly limits your potential – the basis of all new developments.

    The Cure – Build your speaking confidence by communicating smaller ideas everyday at work and at home. My website cures the fear of not only “public speaking”, but speaking in general. Speaking isn’t just for “want-to-be” professional speakers, but the ordinary (now) everyday person who has an idea and wants to communicate it to another person, group, or the world (through a website or blog). This may be the result of that person “finding their mission or purpose” in the big picture of life.

  • Cathi
  • Marc

    My brand cures the cancer of conspicuous consumption, the infectious disease of affluenza, and the neurological deferred life debt disorder.

  • Linda

    The disease my website deals with is stress in the corporate work place. What triggers it? How can we manage it? What needs to be different in ourselves and our work environments?

    I’ve been in Corporateland for more than two decades. Lots of my stress issues come from myself (fear, worry, etc). But other stress items are inherent in the corporate landscape (annual reviews, cubicles, bad bosses). Since 60% of health problems are linked to stress, what can we do to cure the work environment?

    My website is and I’ve been up & running for a couple months. Building community is so important if we’re going to change the landscape.

  • Phil Drysdale

    My website cures the disease of religion.

    I think religion is best described as something that places an ideal above everything else… especially people. We’ve seen this disease run rampant through every type of religion throughout history and my goal is to see it end in the world today to the best of my ability.

    As a Christian I want to inspire other Christians to lose the “religion” and start living the life Jesus modelled for them. He loved people at the expense of the rules, at the expense of what seemed right or what was popular – even at the expense of getting Himself killed.

    My goal is to inspire people to live a life of passion and purpose, putting their faith into action to love those around them, be it their immediate family, their employees, their waitress, their city official or a homeless man on the street.

    Love never fails and if I can move people towards that truth then I can change the world, one pageview at a time.

  • Cassidy

    My website in some ways cures actual diseases for succulents, or at least helps people avoid killing them! I also helps people feel like they can actually keep plants alive even if they don’t have a green thumb!

  • Cat Alford (@BudgetBlonde)

    My website cures those who have trouble with their personal finances. We make learning about money fun, interesting, exciting, and rewarding! :)

  • Cat | Dance Fitness Workouts

    My website at cures boring workout routines by promoting dancing for fitness and providing information about the wide variety of dance fitness workout programs currently available.

  • Ellie Mack

    1. What disease does quotidiandose cure? The disease addressed here is ” I want to be a writer because that’s easy. You just write.” Through motivational, instructional, informative and opinion posts I share the writing life with my readers. I take them on the roller coaster ride of the initial phase of the disease, the star struck glassy eyed envy, through the trenches of pains, turmoil and struggles of dealing with the disease to where the patient either gets cured, or if incurable provides enough information to allow a decent quality of life as a writer.

  • Jake Olson

    my brand is intended to cure boredom in a small town.

  • LoriJill

    Patient: “I have a great camera, I watch tons of videos and on-line courses, and read every book I can get my hands on about photography, but I still don’t understand why my images don’t look as good as others” (Not just a disease, but a huge epidemic right now)
    Doctor: “It’s an art, and all forms of art require practice, not just great equipment in order to improve. Here’s my advice… find a friendly group to go out and practice with, form friendships with others who are on the same path as you, and look for mentors”
    Cure: Portrait Photography Group

  • Jackie

    Awesome questions. Here’s my answer to “What disease does your website or brand cure?”

    It cures the pervasive notion that people need debt in order to get the things they want in life. It shows that not only can you live without using debt, but you can thrive and excel in a debt-free life.

  • David Santistevan

    The disease my website cures is a gnawing sense of loneliness among church leaders and people who lead music in churches. I do this by providing training for them in blog posts, podcasts, books, and courses that seek to provide the very best, practical teaching in the world. I also seek to connect leaders to one another for connection and collaboration.

    Thanks for what you do, Pat!

  • Debbie

    My site cures both the need for information (fashion history) and where to buy vintage style clothes (by linking to products online.) My site makes online searching/buying faster.

  • Susan @ Your home, only better.

    Depression. It’s difficult to be at your best (or even marginally functional) if your home is cluttered, dingy, unorganized and uninspiring.

    The blog helps you build a space where you can become the person you want to be. Express yourself. Simply. Take charge. And do it on a budget. Beat depression, one room at a time. You’ve got this!

  • Derek @

    The disease my website ( cures is how to make, save, and invest money better.

    • Derek @

      Somehow the link got screwed up. Here it is again:

  • Carlos

    Hi Pat,

    That’s swell of you to share what has been useful to you with us!

    What disease does my website or brand cure? Hmm…considering that I don’t really have a site yet for my Saas venture (in line with the podcast a while back where you interviewed Dane Maxwell)…I can’t really answer the question with respect to my main foray into internet marketing just yet but with respect to my regular, ho-hum, web development site (that I have used to get some web development work here and there)…well…I don’t cure ANY disease with it.

    I provide web development services but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I cure a disease with it.

    When I think of a site or brand curing a disease I think of such solving a MAJOR even LIFE THREATENING something in the internet health or life well being of others.

    In other words such a site or brand provides something absolutely essential to life and health (if we stick with the disease metaphor).

    Mine doesn’t do that at all.

    It just provides a service, a good one at that, but one that many people can take or leave, go elsewhere to find, or even forgo using a web developer and do it themselves.


  • marshall moose moore

    The Brave Monkeys at Adventurous Habits are seeking to cure Adventure Deficit Disorder!

  • mary

    The lack of knowledge about web development and web development platforms, and the fanboi attitude so pervasive in different CMS communities.

  • Manu

    Pat thanks for sharing the questions. They are helpful for answering a lot of questions about our own businesses.

    What disease does your website or brand cure?
    The disease my brand cures is pain. More specifically my brand helps people recover or rehab after injuries so they can get back to optimal functioning. I have worked in the fitness and medical field for over 15 years. As Physical Therapist and Ayurveda herbalist I am now developing a multimedia program to help runners recover from injuries and enhance sports performance.

    Keep up the great work Pat…

  • Sue

    My website aims to cure the desease of owning a fancy DSLR camera and having it permanently parked in auto!

  • Jaclyn

    I don’t have a business yet, and I really struggle with this question. In fact it is what’s holding me back from creating a website. Every time I think I have a good idea I either find it’s already been done to my liking, and I probably couldn’t do much better, or I find stats that say absolutely no one is searching for those terms. I’m still looking for a disease that needs curing.

  • Sean Webb

    My page cures the disease of having a mind that inhibits you from making life everything you want it to be (and dying early, btw).

  • Andrea Travillian

    While my site actually does tackle a disease, migraines, the “disease” it cures for readers is that I provide a place from them to begin to understand their pain, learn to manage the pain and feel like they are not alone.

  • Bob Dak

    My site has not launch but the disease my brand will cure is the disease of regret. I want to encourage others not to wait but to take action – now, today – just one step forward.

  • Seth

    What “dis-ease” does cure?
    School isn’t working for all kids. So many outside-the-box learners suffer needlessly due to educational practices that don’t work for everyone. These students are often misunderstood and labeled as lazy, daydreamers, unmotivated, lacking discipline, etc.. Schools depend too much on prescriptions of high stakes testing and one-size-fits all curricula. My fledgling site and my practice offers actionable insights to help students navigate a system that insists on overvaluing standardization. The very metrics used to evaluate success and drive instruction are inherently flawed. Taking a holistic view of student needs is key in finding underlying insights that are often overlooked (and at the expense of the learner.) When the right questions are asked, the right answers can be found.

    Pat-awesome post. 5 & 6 are perfect for me and my site is lacking here. Anyhow, I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve inspired and influenced my ability to make bigger ripples over the past couple of years. I am deeply grateful for how you show up in the world. Thanks.

  • Bob Dak

    My site has not launch but the disease my brand will cure is the disease of regret. I want to encourage others not to wait but to take action – now, today – just one step forward. love your blog !!

  • Jim Harmer

    My website cures “Yay! I have an expensive camera” Disease. The cure is realizing your photos still don’t turn out and you actually need to LEARN photography.

  • Ryan Oakley

    My brand cures the disease of photographers not feeling like REAL photographers. I really really want them to feel like REAL photographers — and I do this by:
    – showing them how to build a great photo website,
    – how to get paying clients
    – how to turn those clients into raving fans
    – how to overcome your fears and gain confidence
    – how to create great images that sell, etc.


    Thanks Pat!

    – Ryan

  • Spencer Hanson

    My website will cure the disease of Copyright. Copyright’s tight controls are killing creativity and choking the internet. I’m going to release my children’s books on an open publishing platform (i.e. Copyleft, Creative Commons) and prove open is better than closed. The value of content is in the audience, not in the content, after all. Open publishing nurtures the audience. Copyright fights the audience. Time for Copyright to die.

  • Catherine

    This one is pretty easy for me and was my motivation for the website to begin with. My website is a complete resource for information on the (real) causes and treatment options of a physical ailment that affects over 3.5 million people in the U.S. alone. With this particular ailment, there is no other resource that provides much more than fluff OR that isn’t trying to convince the reader that ONLY one solution works. As a result of lack of information and misinformation, most people either just “deal with it” or take drastic, often unnecessary measures that frequently don’t produce the desired result. The fact is, for this ailment, there are several valid treatment options and which is the best option depends on the details of the person’s condition AND their desired outcome.

    Therefore, there are two diseases that my website cures.

    1) I can’t find a good answer to my problem so I’m just going to do nothing to fix the root of the problem disease.
    2) I am not well-educated on my treatment options and so I’ll blindly trust my doctor to provide an unneeded surgery that he tells me is the only treatment disease.

  • Shonda Taylor

    What a very cool and interesting question. I cure other passion based business owners of the “lack of belief in ones self syndrome.” Without belief in your self, your talents, and your abilities, your business is doomed. Many heart-centered entrepreneurs suffer from this. The symptoms are regular attacks of an I-Can’t do it attitude followed by persistent bouts of I lack clarity, conviction and confidence. The cure consists of regular check ups and prescriptions for Yes You Can Do It, and Believing in You.

  • Suzanna Kiraly

    I started a business ( that provides office, marketing, and web/graphic design services remotely after I got tired of working in an office and losing my job due to company changes and the economy. My business saves other businesses money because they only pay for services they need when they need them either hourly or per project, and I work as an independent contractor so I pay for my own office space and benefits. They also do not need to worry about employee turnover or employee supervision. For me, the benefit is that I have more freedom, I can work from anywhere as I want to and can easily move to another city without having to quit a job and starting a new one. The environment is also helped by the reduction of smog and cars on the road. I would like to see more employers offer jobs that allow people to work from home. It benefits both sides.
    -Suzanna K.

  • Bernie Carr

    What “disease” does your website cure? My website cures the disease or problem of being unprepared for emergencies. My site also cures the disease of worrying about not being prepared, because of limited space, income and time. People living in city apartments have to deal with these limitations unlike their suburban counterparts. Thanks for all your efforts in helping others improve their sites!

  • Marwan

    What disease does your website or brand cure?

    Well, I think I would have to go with my site cures peoples vision so they can openly see everything that is available to them in an honest way, and then giving them the ability to make their own choices after understanding all of those choices.

  • Nicole Elmore

    Hi Pat, excellent article. Thanks for sharing

    1. What disease does ( cure?
    I have been working as a business consultant and strategic marketer for a while now and over the years the demand has grown so much that I wanted to think of a way to be able to help entrepreneurs and small businesses beyond my limited time to personally work with them, so I was inspired to create, where I built two membership courses that outline the general format I go through with my clients. This allows not only the businesses I personally consult, but also start-ups and entrepreneurs with a business idea to sign up and go through the mentorship and guidance regardless of where they are in the world and what time of the day it is. is an innovative site providing start-ups and existing small businesses with the tools and resources to start, build, grow, and maintain profitable products and services. We have two membership programs, a Business Plan Workshop and an Entrepreneur Bootcamp, as well as great free opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business to market their businesses and gain brand awareness.
    One of the biggest struggles I have seen with people starting their own business is that they try to build a company without a foundation, without a business plan, without strategy. While it may seem like a waste of time, it’s not. Most of the established businesses I work with as a consultant, fail due to the lack of a business plan. They have no vision of where they are going, no written out goals, and no strategic action plan of how to reach those goals. Simply trying different things and thinking that if you spend money on different marketing techniques will eventually lead to one technique working, is wrong. Rather than wasting money on simple trial and error, consult with an expert or follow a laid out strategic plan or online course. You may think this initial investment is not worth it, but over the long run, this will save you a lot of money and frustration.

  • Randall Clarkson

    Turn off the TV, turn off the video games, and turn on your mind. Today’s young children are being bombarded with electronic media more than ever before. I love technology and all of the information that it brings, but our children need to find times to dream- to ignite their imagination. A healthy mind dreams. The lack fun and adventure is a disease that turns our children into little robots.

    My web site, that premiers in two weeks, tells funny stories while at the same time teaching hearing children over 1,000 sign language words. The disease is cured by; 1) engaging children’s imagination, 2) allowing the watching child to be a part of my class, 3) learning new language skills, 4) using the technology to instill basic life lessons, 5) draws smiles on children’s faces (and adults). Who doesn’t like a funny story? Who doesn’t love making a child laugh?
    OK, you can now turn back on your devices!

    BTW, Thank you Pat for all of the information that helped to get my idea of starting a new business from my head to a reality!

  • CR bentley

    I don’t have a website yet, but I am working on an idea, so these questions will be very helpful, especial the first one to see if my brand “cures” or addresses a true need. Thanks!

  • Sharon

    My canning site cures the disease of the fear of canning and preserving food. Knowledge conquers fear. The friendly canning lady is cheering you on.

  • Noaefame

    In my website, here you will get empowerment, poetry, and creating your own identity
    My site is for empowerment especially the youth. I always believe that Knowledge is power. If you learn how to communicate, believe in yourself, you can go to places. As an online child advocate too, I promise also to share how we can make our children develop this love for reading that will help them through their journey
    People that need my website: Are Mothers, children, school teachers, lover of poetry. I promise to make an easy to read poetry. And I am also a public speaker with the Toastmasters international.
    Also as an aspiring poet, I promised to go beyond what is popular and tell the reality as it is. I write poetry that suite the soul. I also use my life experiences to tell the story of perseverance. I have lived both worlds. Half of my childhood in Nigeria, and I have spent 17years in America with 15years spent in different colleges. I know what works and what that does not work. As child growing up without a mother I was able to surround myself with honest, kind and knowledge people. Those people are the reasons why I am here. They helped to instill hard work on my part.


  • Zhenya

    I’m working on a site to cure the disease of distraction and disconnection.

  • Roger

    The Disease: Small businesses are swimming in lead nurturing, list building, customer follow-up and relationship management, all done manually. This is inconsistent, not very effective AND very time consuming! The symptoms of this disease are not enough leads, low closure rate and low customer satisfaction. cures this disease by putting together case study examples and start-up packages for Infusionsoft. The disease is cured by getting a quick return on investment by defining routine tasks and automating key business processes such as email follow-up and lead nurturing sequences. It helps cure the inefficiencies by putting key business systems on auto-pilot. More leads, more sales and more free time to work on growing the business! Now that’s a cure! :)

  • Mike

    What disease does your website cure? Our website cures the disease of not feeling receiving encouragement and support from the faith community of parents of children with special needs.
    Unfortunately, only 17% of faith communities have a ministry for “differently-abled” children. For that reason, many moms and dads cannot attend their local church.
    We make finding faith, and friends, a possibility for those on the special needs journey.

  • Pamie

    Great questions, coming at a serendipitious time… my website got hacked and everything was deleted by the hackers. I intend to answer each and every question before I start my rebuild.

    Dealing with empty nest syndrome can be a challenging part of being a parent especially if you are a stay at home mom. Grief, depression, lethargy and a general feeling of not being useful are just a few of the effects some of us feel even though we know we have to let our children go in order for them to keep growing as people.

    As a lifestyle blog with information about relevant issues as well as documenting my experimental attempts to keep busy and find a sense of purpose, I hope to provide support to other moms in this situation and build a community so that we can help support each other. Everyone’s situation is different… but the feelings are the same and creating a bond with others, no matter how superficial, lets us know we are not alone. Inspite of how serious sounding this is, I am going to concentrate on the positives and adjust my information and posts to my audience as it grows.

    My nest is “almost” empty because I still have one child at home… a full time student with a boyfriend. She has one foot out of the door and is anticipating her future. I am doing everything possible to ensure that the coming seperation is healthy and there is no guilt on her part. But it is hard. In sharing experiences, I can reach or help just one person, then I am helping myself at the same time thus accomplishing one of my primary goals in the creation of my blog!

    PS The commentors have some great sounding websites which I intend on checking out

  • Zac

    Powerful post Pat! So many take-aways, and direction finding tips. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I will answer the first question to the best of my abilities, but the site is still a massive WIP.

    I build custom furniture and sell handmade gifts. One of the big reasons I love hand made furniture is the fact that I can create something of far better quality than you can buy at any furniture mart, and you can make it to your exact specifications. The problem with this line of work is that people don’t realize how terrible the craftsmanship is of even expensive furniture. Plus, you only get to choose from the products they sell – there’s generally no customizing something from Pottery Barn!

    So, my website – and business- has the duty of curing the disease of “Lack of Knowledge” by consumers. When most people think of “Fine Furniture” they think Ethan Allan or Pottery Barn – some retailer. Almost nobody thinks about having their furniture built to their specifications. This is exactly how I thought about it before I began my educational trek into woodworking. The truth is, if you want heirloom quality furniture that will last for generations, you can’t skimp on craftsmanship.

    The big furniture retailers buy their products in bulk from a factory, and the “quality look” comes from a ridiculous 15 step finishing method, but the actual materials and construction techniques are very poor. This shiny finish masks the truth, and the product generally won’t hold up well over time.

    The other “knowledge gap” that I aim to narrow is the fact that you don’t have to fit your house around your furniture. Almost every single time I meet with a client to discuss a potential project they want me to build, they realize that this piece of furniture they want can accomplish much more than just the initial function they intended for it by simply changing the design. What I love most about it is the freedom people realize they have, and how excited they are to be able to have something built that will do exactly what they want it to and more! The sky’s the limit when you get to design your furniture to suit your needs.

    People are trained to think very narrowly due to the fact that most of our choices are dictated by what’s available or in style at any given time from retailers. My goal is to squeeze every ounce of utility out of a piece of custom built furniture because we are ENTITLED to have furniture that does more than just look shiny – most of the time one piece of furniture can accomplish two or three tasks with just a little bit of creative thinking and design!

    Plus, in the real world, we all utilize our coffee tables, for instance, for more than putting a cup of coffee and a coffee table book on. They are used as a makeshift dinner table, a remote collector… heck I have one client that I am designing a coffee table to help her with her knitting, that she does on the couch!

    So, in simple terms, my focus is to empower people to be able to own furniture that works for them. Through the sharing of knowledge, I hope to show people an alternative to being a slave of retail inventory and open up their minds to the possibilities that can be exposed by simply dreaming!

    Thanks for the opportunity of this little thought exercise. I enjoyed it, and hope that others can get as much out of it as I did!


  • Ralph Quintero cures unhappiness (a really nasty disease if you ask me!) My wife and I started this passion project as a way to not only spread happiness around the world, but also to remind people that happiness is a choice. And a good one at that! The simple choice to be happy brings about good health, better relationships, less stress, peace and joy. If only the world could be a happier place we thought……so we decided to offer the cure. Help spread happiness and take the oath to be a Happy Someone :)

  • Melissa @ My Work At Home Ventures

    Well, I would say that the website I’m currently working on and my main source of growing income at the moment, cures the disease of lack of knowledge and secrecy for that particular niche (soy candle making). It gives information that many have a hard time finding anywhere else because of the “secrecy” and unwillingness of others in the business to share their knowledge. Which is understandable if you don’t want more competition I suppose! lol I enjoyed making the candles when I was doing it as a business, but I got burnt out on selling them and all the work that goes into that. So instead of quitting altogether, I decided to use my knowledge and help others that might actually have the time and willingness and maybe someone else to help them. I like doing more of the background work on things usually anyway! lol So I will be testing more waxes and wicks as well as other things and providing that information so that someone starting a business with soy candles doesn’t have to go through as much of that work and they can focus more on growing their business!

  • Joy of

    My site will cure the disease of limited or lack of access to local produce sources.

    Grocery stores have advertising budgets unavailable to small farmers markets and local growers. Travelers don’t know where to find fresh local produce. My site will provide all of this information eventually.

  • Aaron

    Thanks Pat – great insight.

    My site will help beginner golfers feel more comfortable next time they tee it up (esp in company outings/events).

  • G. H. “Woody” glade

    Hi Pat
    I’m on a vacation working on a new book “Things Your Pharmacy Doesn’t want you to Know”. The disease(s) it addresses are 1. We have a broken health care system. Part of the aspect of it being broken if that we pay too much for medications and we’re asked to do so when we are sick and not at our best. In one example( my own experience) the mark up on a generic medication was 1450% (yes this is not a typo). The second disease is ignorance. I hope to save people money for sure but I want people informed so they can make an informed choice. Even if health insurance pays all or most of te cost of prescription medications, we still pay for it in higher premiums I have no realistic hope of successfully opposing the mega dollars keeping a broken system the same at the disservice of those who use it. What I can hope to do is bring about a social change at the lowest level, the consumer
    Warmest regards,

  • Diana Goodwin

    What disease does your website or brand cure?
    My brand treats (cure is too presumptive in this case) the disease of heartbreak, and its sequelae of helplessness, which is the disease contracted by parents after being told their young child has a developmental disability. My website will be directed at the parents of children who have been diagnosed with a significant speech and/or language delay. Parents will be able to use the website as a resource for research findings, programs, therapies, materials, and home activities, all in a relaxed, non-stuffy environment. Knowledge is empowering and empowerment helps heal.
    (The website is still under development; it is not the site currently linked to my name).

  • Prior Quigley

    Millions of people are uncomfortable speaking with a salesman to get what they want. It’s hard for them to say no, if they don’t like the price. Worse yet the guy on the end of the phone might be rather pushy. I took away the necessity to have to pick up the phone. My website simply puts the product. with the specs and with pricing that reflects quantity discounts, before the buyer. Point-Click-learn-purchase-move on!
    Disease taken away: 1) Failure of people to communicate honestly and effectively.

  • Denaj

    I just started, but my site will cure the disease of people believing they can wish upon a star and make their dreams come true. It will teach them to implement systems and work strategically to reach the biggest dreams.

  • Gaston Garcia

    My brand cures overly-complicated Social Media applications. We make easy to use Facebook apps. We believe the easier the app is to use, the greater the satisfaction the user will feel.

  • Alf Herigstad

    I am in the pre-launch phase of the website I am commenting about. It will be a niche website specifically targeting people that want to make home made mead (honey wine, the most ancient alcoholic beverage). There are a few websites out there, but they all approach the subject from a “wine snob” standpoint and address the audience as though they already know everything about making mead. So, the disease I will cure is ignorance; lack of knowledge, plain and simple. The average Joe will be able to come to my site and be empowered with the knowledge and resources he / she needs to immediately start brewing their own delicious mead with confidence, and share it with their friends.

  • Ryan McLean

    Curiosity – That is what my brand and myriad of niche sites cures.

    I have thought long and hard about this. My 4 word mission statement is “empowering self directed learning” and my tag line if you will is “satisfy your curiosity”.

    I love learning but I like to follow my own curiosity and I am trying to create websites were people can do the same

  • Troy Vayanos

    The disease of my blog is playing poor golf because of overcomplicating the golf swing.

    I teach golfers how to keep the golf swing simple (it’s meant to be that way) through easy to understanding videos and words of wisdom.

  • Julie LaCroix

    Hi Pat,

    My website cures the diseases caused by career apathy, stagnation and lack of direction. As a career counselor, I help adults of all ages understand their career potential, clarify paths and assist with career decision making. Thanks!

  • taylor

    My brands goal is to cure small business websites that do a terrible job of converting visitors to customers.

  • Erin

    My website hopes to cure the disease of the internet looking outdated and ugly. only features responsive Genesis child themes – it is 2013 after all!

  • Pira Tritasavit

    My brand “Kingdom Professionals Coaching” is about curing the disease Worshipless Mondays.

    Sunday is usually a day of worship for many people of faith who are inspired and motivated and “resurrected” only to fall flat on their faces into the status-quo of Monday mode.

    Kingdom Professionals Coaching exists to bridge the best ideas (head), best motives (heart) and best practices (hands) in our clients so they can experience Mondays full of worship, excellence and confidence.

  • Jensen

    My website and business cures the disease of charlatanism amongst sports performance training professionals. It gives customers (athletes and often their parents) a transparent and evidence based guide through becoming the best athlete they can be. The industry is currently rife with bogus claims and dangerous practitioners who are stealing money and time from athletes with the promise of college scholarships or professional contracts. At ASP, we have science behind all of our methods and practices, and are happy to explain how everything we do works to the athlete or their parents. We strive to be the leader through increasing our knowledge, practicing our craft with diverse populations, and participating in the training and competitive athletics ourselves.

  • Martin Boehme

    My brand cures the disease that is being overwhelmed. Learning another language is a lot of work, and most people that I’ve talked to who want to do it simply don’t know where to start.

    I’m trying to make the answer to that question a lot simpler.

  • Dan Davenport

    When people are suddenly thrust into the position of handling marketing communications, especially in a smaller business environment, they usually have NO idea on what to do, nor do they have experienced people available within their company of whom to ask these kinds of questions:
    • How do I write, design, and print a simple brochure for our business?
    • How do I get do or buy good writing that attracts customers?
    • How can I create an effective referral program for my business?
    • How do I structure and automated phone system to save my people time?
    • Where can I get these and other marketing communications questions answered by people who care about me and my business, not just selling me their products?
    • How do I create MY brand and share it with my current and potential customers?
    • And many more…
    People start many small to mid-sized businesses because they absolutely love what they do, and get deep satisfaction applying their knowledge to help others solve problems… but often only know how to solve the problem related to their product of specialty. This lack – in many cases caused because the owner never learned marketing communications before starting the business – affects and today, many businesses, both new and experienced, “break down” because the owner, or the people he or she hires, can solve the problems they are there to solve, but they don’t know where to begin to:
    • Create Their Own Business Brand
    • Develop That Brand
    • And Share That Brand
    … with their existing and potential customer community. becomes their answer. This is a community where people, newly tasked with marketing communications in the small office can learn from experienced communicators, from both small businesses and large. This is where the Small Office Communicator can find “Big Communication Techniques for Small Offices.” This is the “Small Office Marketing Communications Headquarters” where Small Office Communicators can connect with other communicators and gain advantage from the experienced communicators and share and help build the community of communicators to get the best advice possible and find the current best communication practices to which customers are responding.

  • Cynthia

    The disease my site cures is “why me” syndrome for bloggers. A lot of young women bloggers want to start writing but think, “why bother, who cares what I have to say.”

    My site works as inspiration and reassurance for any young woman starting a blog – your opinion is valuable and it matters. So do it.

  • Jeremy

    Pain management/elemination without the bad side effects…

  • Leigh Shulman

    I cure the nagging self doubt that keeps writers from sitting down to write creatively and affectively. Once cured, you are free to write your memoir, your novel, your book of travel short stories.

    “The scariest moment is always just before you start,” says Stephen King. Hemingway advises us to stop writing for the day when you still have something to say. That way, you’re not left at the beginning blank in the morning.

    I help you through the beginning.

  • Jeffrey

    The disease that my brand cures is the “I need help maintaining the relationship with my customers of x niche.” disease. :)

    Thanks for everything, Pat!

  • Charles

    The disease my website cures? I love the question because it makes me think, does my site help solve a problem, is this problem considered a disease. In my case, I would have to say yes, my site is currently in pre-launch and the intent is to help people understand how to get out of debt and once out of debt how to save for the future. The disease is the common practice of overspending, the cure is a good shot of reality and the desire to change.

  • Sumitha

    What disease does your website or brand cure? — The epidemic called “parenting guilt”. Most of us parents beat ourselves up for not being good parents and waste so much time on guilt. But good parents are made, not born. My site – — focuses on helping parents drop the guilt and focus their energy on becoming a better parent instead.

  • Seth McNew

    What disease does your website or brand cure? The anxiety and guilt that a new graduate experiences by starting his or her life already thousands of dollars in the hole, and not seeing an escape route. Through, I am showing people how I overcome my student loans through planning and making extra money. It’s a disease that is growing exponentially and will hurt our economy if not cured.

  • The Shoestring Investor

    Probably a tougher question to answer than it should be. However, I would say the disease my site cures is the reluctance of people to put in the hard work to build up their own creations, rather than relying on fitting into something that someone else has created. It is about saying to people that anyone with £10 in his back pocket can achieve greatness with just a bit of hard work and initiative.

  • rebecca

    My site helps the invisible disease many that suffer domestic violence hide, it helps them learn to properly move beyond thier past and not let it define them. We do baby step goal setting n offer a way out. New site not live, currently, about to hit million hits. Sad but good.

    Love this post and plan to answer most for my benefit,awesome.
    Love & peace,

  • Jamie

    The “disease” my website looks to cure is the disease of the unprepared mom/dad. We share tips and tricks for not only “surviving” motherhood but thriving in a house of littles. We are the mommagyvers of the world and we are here to help others in their journey. You can do it moms!

  • Pedro

    The disease my website cures is perhaps the most brutal of all: lack of money.

    We are a car wrap advertising startup offering urban drivers the chance to have their costs of motoring compensated.

    For advertisers, we’re an excellent addition to an integrated advertising campaign. Not only are we a true mass mobile medium capable of generating thousands of impressions (just think of how many people have a car these days), but we also allow them to pay in vouchers, credit on their loyalty card or in whatever suits our drivers. And, on top of this, we make REAL people want to become their TRUE brand ambassadors.

    And the best part? We’re actually making a difference in people’s lives. They can visit our website, register, apply for an advertising campaign, participate and be rewarded for driving around in their daily routine.

  • Gary

    I’m trying to cure the disease that some board gamers know as “analysis paralysis” – “AP” for short. Some gamers experience this in-game. What I’m trying to cure actually happens pre-game when trying to decide which board game to buy. There are over 65,000 board (and card) games out there. How do you decide which one to buy next? To try to prevent AP from settling in, I review some of the best games available so potential buyers can be cured of their AP and actually make a purchase.

  • Anna Donahue

    My customers come to me for creative solutions to design problems. Everyone wants to live or work in an environment that projects a healthy, loving and prosperous reality. I help them to cure the disease of self doubt and uncertainty by showing them how to make their surroundings pleasing and functional.

  • Paul Caparas

    The disease for my site cures local information, user friendly and easy to read homes for sale search in San Diego.

    Great list of questions Pat. I’m going to answer all them tonight.

  • Lindsey

    My site cures the pervasive disease of fear. After someone has created their own disaster prep kit for their home, car, work.. they can be assured that if something unexpected happens, they will have the tools to survive. Having small stashes of food and water can be a matter of life and death and prepping can be done for a minimal amount of money.

  • Karen

    My site cures the “am I lost, or am I on-track?,” or the “what am I doing here, and how can I make it better?” disease. I read life “maps” created at the moment of the birth of a human being, or the birth of an urgent question, to help people find their place in the cosmic scheme of things. They want to know if this particular earth journey will bring love, wealth, purpose, recognition, and if at the end of it, this particular earth journey will bring them closer to “home.”

    It all sounds so abstract! But, people get comfort, direction, inspiration, empowerment, and sometimes the ability to just accept things as they are from the ancient “light science” of astrology. I gave up a normal, respectable career as a graphic designer because I was so impressed with the healing power of the cosmic “Your Are Here” marque of ancient astrology! (not the modern stuff so much, as it’s been really watered down, but the “revealed” stuff as given to the rishis in India and the wise people in the west, long ago).

    Okay, I better stop now before I get even more carried away :-)

  • Jackie Laulainen

    If you wish you could travel abroad and see the world but have so many questions about how to get started that you don’t even know what they are, then the resources, posts, and book on my blog will cure your “aspiring traveler disease” and get you off your butt and onto a plane. It starts today, people.

  • Neil Smith the DANDY DJ

    My website cures the disease of bad, unprofessional and uncaring service for people celebrating one of the most special events of their lives. I am a professional Wedding DJ and Emcee. Unfortunately there is a plague of not giving a damn about the client in my industry to a shocking and sad level. I do care about the people I serve and my biggest challenge is conveying that to my prospective clients in a way that doesn’t come off fake or salesy.

  • Adrianne C

    On first glance, you might assume that my website is intended to cure the obesity epidemic in America. Yes, obesity was just recently categorized as a disease for the first time. However it goes deeper than just what you see on the surface. Most people have a clear understanding of foods that cause obesity and foods that can help prevent it. Carrot vs burger, anyone? I want to reach those people that assume that healthy eating is boring, involved, takes too long to throw meals together. I’m aiming to educate those looking to get healthier (obese or not) that healthy living doesn’t have to be boring nor does it take a long time. You can throw a few items together in a unique way and come up with a great foodie friendly yet good for the waistline meal. You don’t have to spend hours in a gym when you can get an effective workout done in a few hours a week. I’m working hard to cure the disease of lack of education. :-)

    • Iain

      I think a lot of people don’t realize that healthy eating can be a lot of fun if people just find out what they like.

      There are tons of amazing meals that are still healthy. Maybe there are even some one that you can make into a healthy meal.

  • Jane

    My website cures the disease of loneliness and disconnection.

  • Vilena brown

    What’s the point in having ideas? You’ll dream & dream; and the resistors are so strong, you give up! So, what’s the point? Everyone who has an idea one here will be sadly disappointed they didn’t win. Once again, I ask, what’s the point?

  • Jim Miller

    My site and brand prevents young people from contracting budgetitus… the thinking that budgeting has to suck. In actuality, it is fun, free and will save them time.

    Step #1 – Forget everything you’ve been taught about budgeting from the other “experts” out there.

    Step #2 – Visit my site’s ABOUT page.

  • Amanda

    Not launched yet, but my business/brand/website will help cure the starving artists issue by helping artists make a business from their art and learn how to grow or expand their skill bass to do more with their passion for artistic endeavors.

  • Dave

    I’m just starting a new site. My second ever. Great questions! The “dis eases” my site cures (will cure) are “smashing-guitar-in-frustration-itis” as well as “guitar-collecting-dust-in-closet-itis.”

  • Bric Baccus

    My site cures the dis-ease of wandering aimlessly through life without knowing how to create the life you want. Since success, happiness, and the knowledge of how to create both for yourself are not taught in schools, my site teaches people who want success and happiness, how to cure themselves of a lack of both and create the life they want.

  • Regina Floyd

    The disease that my brand cures is the unknowing indentured servitude of our nation today. People work 1,2 or 3 jobs trading their most precious commodity of time to create a good quality of life for their families and yet, in the end, they spent all their time working and none with their family. My brand shows the average person how they can be set free by creating their own economy online.

    My brand shows people they
    ~no longer need to suffer
    ~don’t die trying to make it
    ~don’t struggle trying to make it
    ~that abundance is a natural state
    ~being free is their birth right..

    My brand shows you how take back your power, get back your freedom, that you don’t need value from a job, you get value from your own world, your own job, creating your own economy.

    My brand shows you how to never be at the mercy of another person’s decisions again. It is about freedom!

  • Kimberly Gauthier

    What disease does your website or brand cure?

    Leaving the health and nutrition decisions to people who are more interested in their financial statement’s bottom line than our dogs’ health. I too was one of those people who trusted the commercials, the pet food rep in the store, and I fell for great packaging (bright colors are my downfall). When I started researching canine parvo virus, I was stunned by the amount of misinformation out there, the number of people wanting to sell me a phony cure, and I wanted to be a voice of reason.

    Through my blog, I hope to inspire dog owners to look beyond the packaging; turn the product over and read the ingredients, find out where it’s made, and ask questions.

  • Darren (Green Change)

    My web site cures the disease of complete dependence upon other people for everything you need to live! I write articles about self-reliance, growing your own food, raising animals, reducing energy use, permaculture, simple living, and generally taking control of your life back from the corporations that run our economy.

  • lisa jennings

    What does my site cure? As a working mother and wife with active kids I wanted to create a site that is a one-stop-information place for women. I am refining the site and include personal experiences on my blog that many can relate to.

  • Timothy Moser

    The disease that my niche site cures is the frustrating problem of trying to memorize tedious lists of numbers/words/facts. The solutions described on my site make memorization quick, effortless, and fun, no matter what you need to get into your brain.

  • Tom

    My site literally deals with the many diseases caused by aging and a sedentary lifestyle. I, and my site, discuss a variety of solutions to dealing with and “curing” many diseases such as – heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. I approach these issues from the point of view of a person with an advanced degree in health and fitness (M. Sc. in Exercise Physiology) and experience as a long time fitness practitioner (many 10K’s and Triathalons) as well as a leading age baby boomer myself.

  • Jamie

    As a home and office organizer, my website cures “Overwhelmedness” – it calms people down and lets them know that I can help.

  • Jonathan Harrison

    The disease my website cures? I’ve spent the majority of my working life in the non-profit world. Through my experience, I’ve noticed a lot of non-profits know very little about marketing, or, worst-case scenario, believe that marketing is a term that should only be used by for-profit businesses. I love marketing so much, I’m hoping to educate people in non-profit world on marketing so they can use it to improve their brand and subsequently reach more people. Thanks for your posts!

  • Jason P

    The disease that my site, Sprout Up Business, cures, is the lack in leadership help for people.

    There still isn’t enough leadership help for people. If people really want good leadership, they need to learn. I aim to shorten the gap and help people learn leadership better.

  • Thomas II


  • Ron

    My site cures the disease of not knowing where to go for financial resources for the new middle class.

  • Keil Cronauer

    Disease can be broken down into DIS-EASE….not being at ease with one thing or another. Disease commonly is only referred to something that is like a flesh eating autoimmune problem.

    When really it is everything that causes people DIS-EASE of something.

    My website is oriented around ridding the DIS-EASE of Gym Memberships and being able to workout with ZERO equipment and LIMITED time. I am able to give my followers DAILY Workouts that require zero equipment for FREE. Also the workouts take less than 25 minutes.

    I show people that they DO NOT need to spend hundreds of dollars a year to be healthy and fit. Through my workouts that show people how to get healthy with being outside and fit with my zero equipment workouts.

    People NO LONGER have any DIS-EASE when it comes to health and fitness when they are apart of “CRO NATION”

  • Edward Ball

    My brand is centered around extracting valuable and useful lessons from mistakes. Once the lessons are mined they are formatted to help people develop personally, and give them a hand at being better and doing better. My brand cures the disease of not finding and creating value from one of our unlimited resources: Mistakes.

  • Joseph Lalonde

    I want to cure the disease of fatigue and burnout of young leaders. There are so many emerging leaders who struggle to move forward in their chosen area and fall to the wayside. I want to be there to encourage them to put one foot in front of the other and continue on.

  • Mandi

    My site shows readers how to cure the “disease” of frighteningly bad Etsy photos! DIY Craft Photography is for crafters who are setting up shop online and need better photos of their handmade goodies, but don’t have the budget or the time to become a pro photographer.

    My articles are written at a super beginner level and assumes your best camera is a point and shoot (or your phone), with none of that intimidating DSLR or HDR stuff that’s so common on other photo sites.

    It’s the site I wish I had access to 7 years ago when I was starting on Etsy!

    • Jenny Hansen

      So incredibly practical and helpful, Mandi. I really appreciate that you give very specific info, like the black velvet trick. Here’s to helping solopreneurs DIY and look like pros! :-)

  • John Corcoran

    That Matt Gartland is one smart cookie. Not surprised he challenged you so much.

  • Francis Lacoste

    My website cures the frustration related to communication problems encountered by parents of babies and young toddlers. It teaches how to use baby sign language to improve communication between babies and parents.

    Thanks Pat for these questions! I don’t know how many French readers you have, but I translated them into French as it’s easier to answer in my native language. Here is the translated and adapted template in French for any other French readers you might have: (I replaced the “food truck” question with some generic “your niche” phrase.)

  • Beth at Equalizing Strength

    Parental anxiety concerning future earning ability of kids who struggle in school.

  • Ben Nelson

    This is such a good question! It is so easy for us to forget our WHY.

    My intention with my blog is to get Christians “unstuck” in their walk with Christ. So many christians get their feet bogged down in the religious muck and mire, and miss what God is doing all around them. Christianity has turned into laws and regulations, and performance for so many folks, and they miss that for God it was all about relationship.

    I get my eyes off this so often, and go back to performance, and then wonder why stuff is just not working.

    thanks much Pat! You rock.

    Ben Nelson

  • Rohi Shetty

    My website attempts to cure all mental afflictions such as tension, worry, guilt, grief, fear, anger, and greed by learning how to use simple and effective mindfulness techniques and humor. Thanks for this great post. Pat.

  • cafetiere expresso

    That Matt Gartland is one smart cookie. Not surprised he challenged you so much.

  • Ton Cabiao

    My site attempts to cure ignorance of personal finance. It aims to help people manage their finances and help them be happy in the process

  • josh Brown

    My website cures the lost, lonely, desperate, frustrating, and overwhelming feeling that entrepeneurs and small business owners experience when they decide on which business is right for them; how to get started; how to legally protect themselves; how to expand; and how to ensure that what they are buying is a good investment. There is no guarantee of success, but deliberate and proper preparation can be the difference between somebody making a good or bad investment in a franchise; and the difference in finding success in franchising. My site cures these ailments by providing high value educational and informative content to help these entrepreneurs along the way. And when they are ready, i provide the legal and business know how to help get them to where they want to go.

  • Linda

    History is boring…at least the way you’re taught it in school. My [soon-to-be-relaunched] website [will] cure[s] the disease of history boredom and brings history alive. History is not just a dull collection of historic places and dates. My site will string the places together in context and tell his-story, her-story and our-story…with humor, ooh, and ahhh.

    [coming soon to a historian near you]

  • http://indevelopment Mary Catherine George

    Pat – LOVE this exercise and find the first question amazing – I am SO, SO!! Grateful that you shared this process with us!… Thank you again for providing such rich, awesome valuable content :0)

    1) What disease does your website or brand cure? My Brand cures life dissatisfaction – or feeling stuck in one’s life. Approximately, 72% of people who have jobs are dissatisfied with their work, their life and with the path their lives are taking. Around 67% of these individuals will change jobs, only to continue being dissatisfied even though they may have had some increase in salary or status. Those people who don’t have jobs are discouraged equally, because many don’t want to return or can’t return to their previous work experience because the they are either educated or trained to perform in a job that no longer exists or these jobs are now being filled by less experienced less expensive employees. The pain these individuals experience is challenging because those who are in jobs, don’t feel they have the time or money to figure out a process or direction to leverage their talents/passions. Many don’t have the entry point to understand how to take what are deeply held passions/vision and to shift these in to actionable steps. My brand – is built upon the psychological concepts of play, curiosity and imagination. I am working to launch a brand which will give tools to people who want to shift their lives out of what isn’t working into simple achievable actions that access and engage the imagination and take their ideas/passions/visions and transfers them into actionable achievable steps. The brand I am launching will be one which celebrates and encourages individuals to engage in and feel comfortable with the energy of playing large with their imagination to open a door into what would be a amazing greater purpose which each person can align him or herself with to inspire and breakthrough the negative limitations by creating the smallest achievable steps to move towards each person’s bigger dream for his or her life. I am SO, excited.. to launch this and have done so much research over the past nine months. I am planning a soft launch in October of the blog, and a soft launch of the podcast – entitled “Imaginator Nation” in Jan. 2014. I have my own story as an example… opera singer to improv artist to research scientist – I had no background in improvisation, science or research, but with imagination, and thinking big, and shifting my thoughts and keeping my weekly goals small and attainable.. I have been able to double my income in less than 10 years, become a research authority, and continue to work as a performing improvisation artist. I deeply desire to inspire and motivate others to follow their dream, to find the courage to imagine what they deeply desire to be and do in the world and to find simple, easy actionable small steps to move towards their dream. I know this has been my story and I want my story to be an inspiration and my process to engage individuals in to moving through the “stuck in a job” feeling that doesn’t align with their passions towards a life that they can begin right now feeling, seeing, speaking about and making small steps towards achieving.

    Thank you again Pat for encouraging me to dig deeper to have the courage to be a motivator and put my message out into the world.

    Mary Catherine

  • Sally

    Infertility or difficulty getting pregnant

  • Steve Hardaway

    Great post Pat!

    My website cures the disease of stressed out pastors with poorly designed church websites by offering only the most well designed, functional and industry specific WordPress themes. This allows them to focus on delivering their message rather than bringing their website out of 1997.

  • Lesley Sharpe

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  • Nilendu

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  • benboyer

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    I am building my dream into a reality until the passion surpasses my primary business income

    Documenting it along the way and building a community around the effort

  • Shiv

    Great questions, Pat. Answering them honestly helps one build their business plan! My site is for all those project managers out there who want to learn about project management in a systematic way and pass the project management certification exam, in order to make strides in their career.

  • Rebecca Hulse – Satisfy your Soul Cravings

    Wow awesome post!

    The dis-ease my website cures is Soul Anti-consciousness. I debunk soul myths basically.

  • Cate

    Hi Pat,
    Thank you…this is so timely as I struggle with defining what exactly I want to achieve with my coming up niche. There are always so many aspects one can address but which would bring the most value and yet is largely unaddressed otherwise why call it a niche, right? So I surfaced from sleep at 5:30a.m. with better clarity, the answer is that deep need in my website perusal, that one deep need that when addressed frees the person up to move on in life, to do what he or she is meant to do…that’s right, that’s what my content must achieve…

  • Lisa McKay

    Modern Love Long Distance ( will cure the disease of poor communication that plague so many long distance relationships by providing quality resources, insights and tools to help people thrive in long distance relationships.

  • http://Workinprogress Will

    My website will tackle the “dis-ease” – the uneasiness, if you will – that people have with end of life issues – particularly with regards to life insurance. Few people like to think about death, especially their own. However, it is this dis-ease with death that hinders us from making sound financial planning – of which life insurance plays a key role. My site’s goal is to get people to think differently about life insurance, i.e. what it is, what it does, and who it ultimately helps.

    So, why tackle this disease? Because this dis-ease may wind up hurting those we claim to love.

  • Bruce

    My brand helps turn cold prospects visiting a website into profitable customers.

  • Patrick

    “What disease does your website or brand cure?”
    This analogy is, what service does your website or product provide to improve something? A puzzle website of mine provides a service to connect with other puzzle enthusiasts. A website like SPI provided info to people interested in the same kind of puzzle.

    I must say, I don’t like analogical questions since I prefer getting straight to the point. An analogy isn’t needed to ask this question.

    Edit: Small bug with the comments: I just tried to post this, and it asked for a CAPTCHA. I entered it incorrectly, and it said to push back and try again. When I pushed back, it said the post was a duplicate.

  • GothicMel

    My niche site cures the naked foot that despairs of ever finding the perfect pair of Goth boots.

  • David Taylor

    Wow Pat, great post! I figured that I would join in the fun. I took a different approach however, I felt it would be better to read what others have written…sort of like going to a museum and walking from gallery to gallery…admiring all of the wonderful works of art on display. I am always amazed at the unlimited potential that we possess. And from reading the responses of many, I have just realized that I have many diseases that need cures…especially the “guitar-collecting-dust-in-closet-itis.” Liked that one! Anyways…again…I joined the party to enjoy the scenery. Of course I am working on something that I could write about regarding a disease that I am working hard to cure…but there will be many more opportunities in the future for that! I just mainly wanted to say that you are doing an excellent job making this world a better place, and so are all of those who plan to cure some type of disease!

  • Omar

    All i can say is that when you first announced your food truck niche in less than 10 seconds i envisioned multiple possibilities… very successful possibilities. What this post has done is verified that it could be not just a niche site, but an authority site, an very quickly too. This shows that you have done exceptional research into this niche Pat, and i could literally feel YOUR excitement while reading this post…. Your personality has something about it that literally attracts people and make them want to be a part of your brand, and follow you. it is evident by the amount of comments you get on every single blog post, (stuff that i have never seen in this industry, at least not yet).
    My prediction is that this niche website will bring in close to $1,000,000 in about 2 years time……. and my only concern is how will you balance the time with all that you seem to plan to do with your food truck niche, and US, your tribe here on SPI… But, you are the guru of “be everywhere” so i guess the SPI community should not be too concerned. GO FOR IT!!!…. got my %1,000 support!!

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  • Holly Canan

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  • Pie Guy

    My niche website cures to problems:
    1. Which mini pie maker to buy?
    2. How to use the mini pie maker?

    Many pie bakers are frustrated with their pie makers and end up hating them.
    I go into detail what the problems are and how fix them.

  • Shabbir

    [My name links to my blog, but the business I’m using to answer your question is my eCommerce store]

    I’d say the disease my business cures is “too much choice.” I sell fish finders, and there are so many fish finder models available that no one really has any clue about which one would work best for them. I’ve categorized my listings in as many ways as I can imagine to help people sort through the whole mess and make the right choice. My competitors all have generic descriptions that aren’t really useful – I cure this disease of “confusion” by custom tailoring each description to a particular person.

    In theory, this can be applied to any niche where there is a lot of confusion and choice.

    Good luck with the food truck launch!

  • Greg

    My website provides a cure for the disease of inaction; specifically for parents who are overwhelmed with the Internet threats that technology is introducing to their home. My site helps parents feel comfortable taking simple (often free!) steps to protect their families.

  • Madimetja Shogole

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for the question, awesome!

    My brand/blog would cure frustration diseases by road accident victims in South Africa – those traditionally not knowing how to go about claiming compensation from Road Accident Fund. A lot of these guys do not know that Road Accident Fund is accessible without any legal representation (lawyers). They end up hiring lawyers to handle claims on their behalf, sadly, loosing loads of money where claims are successful.

  • Miranda Dunn

    Yet another great post Pat :) And the timing could not have come at a better time for me as I prep the launch of my own site. Thank you for once again answering my questions before I ask them :)

    My answer: I cure the disease and fear of not telling someone how much you love them before it is too late. I teach people how to put their feelings into words and write letters which can become a legacy of love to be cherished over a lifetime.

  • Minhajul Islam

    Thanks pat, you asked a valid Question. Every website should have aim to cure something.
    I am a freelancer. I have a website too. My website’s aim is to help small to midsize business even Solo business owners that need their Data Entry project done.

    I cure to my clients by giving reliable service at a reasonable price. When they need their minor data entry task to be done, I spread my helping hand to them.
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  • Gav from Get Out With The Kids

    My website cures Family boredom-dysfunctional-overweight-stuck-inside-osis

    …a lot of diseases end in ‘osis’ or ‘itis’. I bet that’s not in your keyword list though.

  • Danielle Clayton

    My website cures the disease of mass-consumerism for female surfers. Our palliative provides slick indie surfwear for discerning waterwomen.

  • Alan

    My website cures the financial fear boomers face as they approach retirement by sharing inspiring stories of others who have found second (or third) careers, either full- or part-time, to help supplement their meager retirement income. The challenge I face is the chicken and egg scenario. How do I find these people without them knowing about my site? With your food truck business, you can easily google the food truck businesses for their online presence to harvest the email addresses, but without any defined niche to search onI don’t see that strategy working too well for me. Any suggestions?

  • Jamie

    My website cures misconceptions about becoming prepared. It especially helps simplify the process of becoming prepared and helps women everywhere with understanding the basics of food storage, emergency prep, & survival skills.

  • Iain

    My website cures the disease of lack of knowledge of the internet and its power for farmers.

    Great questions Pat. They really make you think about whether what you chose is right for you.

  • D.L. Copley

    My website will cure wastefulness: of money, of effort, but most importantly of time. I believe in investing in beautiful things and in things that bring my spirit joy and awe, the highest of both being God; and recognizing that there is nothing for us to build on earth unless it’s ultimately for His glory.

  • Aurore – Blog “Devenir Rentier”

    My website cures the Lack of knowledges about Personal Finances

  • Daniel Hartnett

    “You gotta put in the work folks, and manually sending emails to get the word out there probably seems like a waste of time to a lot of you, but over and over again I keep hearing about people jump starting their businesses or getting massive results from sending emails”

    Is this you doing all the work Pat or have you out sourced this part of the work, Are manual emails the only way to make sure your email doesn’t end up in their spam box ?

  • Gowtham V

    I am working on a small project as well . These email marketing strategies will help my small business launch to a great start. :-)
    Emailing people do help in a lot of ways if it is done right.
    Thanks again. Pat for the awesome information you have provided :-)

  • Angel Candelaria

    My site cures the lack of quality material in Spanish, made by a specialist in the area, for learning guitar and music theory.

    • Rayzel lam

      Hey that sounds like a really cool business angel!

  • Mary

    My (brand new!) business cures the disease of overly complicated marketing: all the blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, advertising and so forth that lack a strong, simple, organized foundation underneath to give it all a sense of ease (not dis-ease).

  • Kali @CommonSenseMillennial

    My still very new brand, which I’m working at turning into a business, aims to cure the millennial generation of living beyond its means by taking a common-sense approach to personal finance for twentysomethings.

    • Rayzel lam

      Man another really great business. I think there’s a serious need for this, great idea Kali.

  • Deborah Owen

    My website/brand is all about curing the diseases of frustration and malaise. Frustration on the part of the teachers who work so hard to present the latest dog and pony show to engage and motivate their students, and malaise on the part of the students who don’t feel that what they are learning is relevant to them. I provide teachers with immediately actionable ideas that will help them connect to, communicate with, and inspire their students. I give teachers tools to make learning relevant and to help them honor their students’ interests. By helping the teachers help the students, we boost student engagement in the moment, and self-motivation for the long run. It’s good for everyone!

  • Carlos

    Good questions Pat!
    my website “cures” the hopelessness that people with diabetes experience by visiting their doctors, reading the news or media… I try to open their eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.

  • Nick

    My website cures the disease of not being able to decide which apartment is the best fit for you and your family.

  • Faith Watson

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  • Vaida Bogdan

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  • David Shepherd

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  • Anthony Metivier

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  • Dina Eisenberg

    My new brand cures two diseases that are at epidemic proportions for Solopreneurs, coaches and consultants : business-crippling disease of I-gotta-do-it-itis and outsource-aphobia, which stunts growth and leaves biz owners frustrated and weak.

    Boy that was fun, Pat. I’m in ore-launch too Thanks!
    Warmly Dina

  • B

    My website cures tech conference from having only males on stage.

    • Jenny Hansen

      And the world will be a better place once you cure that one, B! Thanks for taking it on.

  • Tom Rowan

    My brand seeks to cure a real medical disease (type 2 diabetes) through diet but mainly addresses the frustration of the male diabetic transitioning from a meat & potatoes type of diet to a diabetic diet.

    I like to eat and I refuse to eat like a 98 pound ballerina. So I share not only recipes for men who like to eat good food that are diabetic friendly but blog in a voice that I hope will entertain and get them to laugh while learning new ways to defeat this deadly disease.

    But as worthy as I think this is and the fact that my keyword is #3, it is not passing the test in Pat’s article in the “money making potential” area. That bummed me a little but I am determined to move forward, though I feel like I am back to square one on choosing a niche.

  • Beth

    My site/brand cures the disease of misinformation and fear surrounding the legal filing requirements to homeschool in Pennsylvania.

    What a great exercise. Thanks, Pat

  • Rayzel lam


  • Porter

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    The cure is to supplement learning with using streaming and online movies and videos available through Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Roku, and MORE!

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  • judy

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  • Chadrack

    Hi Pat,

    You’re definitely a genius. This post is an insight that anyone aiming to make money online should read because it truly answer the very questions you need to answer if you want to build a successful online business.

    On these questions, I want to say my niche blog provides a cure not for a disease but what medical people prefer to call a medical condition. The site provides insightful tips and proactive education for people who have problems getting pregnant. The aim purpose is to help these people have the joy of having their own children. To me that is really something that gives me great joy to know that someone who is under going those pains today is helped to rejoice again!

  • mspinrad

    Just as we are the sum of who we surround ourselves with, we are the end result of the dreams we have and the choices we make, especially the choice to create something deeply personal, however eccentric or abstract, even when no one else is looking or cares. Insteaducation models that choice to say yes to your deepest dreams, even in the face of fear and violent opposition (both internal and external). A Mesearch Project is an organized, systematic, observable, step-by-step process to discovering your dreams – the “if only”s, “what if”s, and “one day”s we all have dancing through us – then breathing life into your deepest desires, bringing them into the physical world. The mind is such powerful theatre. And anything is possible when you tickle God’s balls.

  • Sonia

    My website cures the disease of dependence on fast, low-quality, yet expensive fixes for food, health ailments and home repair with homemade, DIY empowerment.

  • Mike Omar

    What disease does your website or brand cure?

    My website gives a clear and specific action plan on how to build a passive income website portfolio in numerical step-by-step lessons that are free on YouTube, with a specific goal in mind. The “disease being cured” is the countless number of “make money online” websites filled with disorganized (and often contradicting) information that give no clear indication on where to start and how to move forward.

  • Melissa

    Working on launching new site so this is priceless Pat! Thank you :)
    The “disease”- bloggers in this niche look to advertising and sponsorship as the primary way of creating income. These things, while seemingly lucrative, are unstable. The cure is to create a brand, products and services that give bloggers in this niche (food bloggers) more control, opportunity and the ability to really build a business. The disease is spending so much time chasing advertising which is uncertain and the cure is spending the time creating products and services that are more sure and steady.

  • Jon Watkins


    Brilliant post and some thought provoking questions and answers. Thankyou for sharing this with us.

    However (and I could be in a minority of one here) my heart sank a little when I saw the detail of the plan for the Food Truck site. It just struck me as “SPI does Food Trucks”. In essence, instead of teaching us Marketing, you’re almost creating a re-purposed SPI teaching Marketing and “be everywhere” to Food Truck Owners. I’m not quite sure what I expected, so I think this is probably my problem here. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I thought I’d mention it here in case someone else feels anything similar and can put it into words better (i.e crowdsource me a shrink ;-)).

    Don’t get me wrong, I can see this is a brilliant plan and will help Food Truck Owners no end. You will save many from going out of business, so this is going to add real value to these people.

    Maybe I’m just getting hung up on the positioning of this and my own incorrect expectations. Maybe this should be called “Authority Site 1.0” rather than “Niche Site duel 2.0”. After all I suspect many of the sites in the duel will be what we think of as traditional small niche sites. I know that’s just semantics and an Authority site is a Niche site etc.

    Time for me to reset and get with the program here I think.


    • Pat Flynn

      Jon, a niche site is a site that serves a particular audience with a specific interest – it has always been that way, it’s just in the past those little traditional smaller niche sites worked, but they don’t anymore, which is why niche site and authority site should be one in the same now. You find a target market with a specific interest, and you serve them as best as you can. I chose food truck owners and operators, and this is how I can best serve them. Sure there will be some overlap as far as suggestions for how to improve business, etc. – but that’s not the point. The point is creating an ultimate resource for a particular market which I’m entering as an unknown, growing my website and providing for this audience at the same time. The launch plan, the research for content (they have a lot of different and more complex pains/wants/needs than the target audience here does), and execution will be brand new – as is with every site, every business and every experience.

      The question you should wonder is how in the world am I (Pat) going to create a resource that everyone in this market is going to talk about? How will I get noticed? How will I market, and serve this audience and potentially earn an income from what I’m building? Anyone can use that for their own interests and potential websites.

      • Jon Watkins


        There is no doubt that you have got your work cut out to do this. Also doing this in a niche that you aren’t an expert in will increase the level of research you will need to do to achieve the scale your are going after. I applaud you for this.

        My enduring point, is that my interest in this is turning more academic, rather than something that I feel I’ll be able to replicate. I cant help that. The scale and barrier of entry is now getting too high to me.

        So it’s a cautionary note really. Looking at the comments and sheer number of them here, I don’t think you’ve got a lot to worry about. As the saying goes: I don’t know what the secret of success is, but the secret of failure is trying to please everybody!

        Best of luck Pat

  • Shobhit

    Thanks Pat for sharing the personal Q&A’s although you may have felt little uncomfortable doing so(I presume).Now, in this comment I will try to be analogous with your post and you have to answer exactly how the analogy holds true in every respect.

    I will create a website on getting the inside information into certain topics which people face.There would be an eloquent classification required with exceptionally easy navigation and user-friendliness.This would be done in a manner which is yet to be determined, with ultra-specific problem of each member integrated towards professional clarity.There will be crash courses on diverse topics.

    This website would be made with intention to prevent people from getting overwhelmed in the information overload and monetizing by providing solutions to people and saving them from utter confusion.

    Sorry for making so outrageous and presumptuous a comment with great uncertainties of time and lack of proper plan…

    Hoping to get your response to determine how well I pulled off this comment-cum-stunt (and also the reward 😉 )

    Again Thanks Pat and keep doing the good work…


  • Lingvaroom

    My website cures fear of learning a foreign language on one’s own

  • Chris Streeter

    We cure sportsaphobia.

    We help women use sports socially and professionaly to join the conversation at their workplace. The Heels and Helmets website and offline events empower women with sports knowledge and help them to learn, recognize, and apply common sports analogies in business.

  • Kay Fudala

    I have two websites – my RGL site speaks to the person who feels a disconnect between their talents and their career. Pat was lucky to get a job in a field he loved. Many people make the mistake of finding their first job (for a visa or a paycheck) and adhering to it fully knowing that it is not the best fit and nor will it help them attain their dreams.

    My second site – is where I talk about Consulting. I did learn something from many miserable years in the Financial Services industry. If you take charge of your learning, you can grow your income rapidly as a consultant. In 3 short years, I upped my income by 40% all by taking on new consulting contracts and growing from an analyst to a business consultant. I will be publishing an eBook and a course soon to help those who are stuck in low paying jobs and want to earn more. I want to make a short soapbox speech which “if you are smart and are willing to learn (no matter whether you are a scientist or an engineer or an architect), don’t become an employee. Become a contractor or consultant, learn new skills, explore new domains and earn what you deserve.”

    Good luck with the Food truck website Pat! We have very few food trucks where I live. But when we do have them at festivals, I have loved them. One thing I want to point out is that their menus should be VEGETARIAN friendly. I never know the ingredients, nor do I know whether they cook the veggie stuff separately from meat. It would be good to spell that out. And any allergy information as well (I run school events and we always have signs clearly indicating this info). Hope this helps!

  • Chris Von Wilpert

    Most fundraising projects aren’t successful because the love of volunteering and helping out at a local club or school is completely separate from the marketing side of promoting a great fundraiser, i.e. getting more people involved to donate to a fundraiser, creating a memorable story around the cause, spreading awareness of the fundraiser to allow the community to know a fun fundraiser is happening, and creating a tribe of supporters who will want to be actively involved and donate fundraising money. Fundraising is more than just about the money and donations, it’s about the story, experience and perceived value of what’s being offered through the fundraiser as well. Fundraising On Steroids will cure a few diseases related to all of that. 1) The “I don’t know how to leverage the resources I’ve got to easily get more donations and promote my fundraiser” disease 2) “I don’t know how to best run my fundraiser from a marketing standpoint” disease, and 3) the “I don’t know where to get the best fundraising advice possible” disease

  • irina

    My brand/service/website cures the epidemic of people living generic lives which were written by other “authors” (parents, society, etc). I help them customize important areas of their lives (work, health, relationships and play) so that they can finally live life on their terms and experience deep joy and true success.

  • Tim Villegas

    The brand of “Think Inclusive” cures the disease of narrow-mindedness about the inclusion of people with disabilities in schools and communities. Inclusion matters to everyone…even if you don’t think it does.

    • Jenny Hansen

      Excellent. Thanks for working on this cure, Tim!

  • Caren

    My brand/website cures the feeling of hopelessness.

  • Denny

    Cure for Hypocrisy

    Too many times we find ourselves promising to include others in our prayers, but with our busy lives, we quickly forget to follow through. The tools offered at include a personal repository to keep those promises present in our hearts and minds, dramatically increasing the possibility that those prayers will reach their intended destination through our voices.

  • Larry

    My site cures the disease of what stops people from getting outdoors camping and hiking.

  • Larry

    My blog cures depression (and avoids me to suffer it).

    It is almost useless – I often provide my readers with useful information, but there’s nothing you could’n find elsewhere, and it’s about so many topics (my activities, in the end), you’ll hardly find what you’ll search -, but it’s fun, and – let me say it – quiet clever, in its own way.
    So, my readers are few but loyal, because they come back to read my latest (mis)adventure.
    And sometimes I’m not so sure I’d trade in them for a billion of new ones.

    Thank you for all your work, Pat, give the children a kiss!

  • Aaron

    The Everyday Language Learner cures the long standing U.S. disease of monolingualitus which renders those who suffer from it helpless to speak anything other than their native tongue, essentially locking them out of untold markets across the world and condemning them to a boring life stuck in the English language. Friends don’t let friends remain monolingual – stop by today!

  • Ken Stewart

    What disease am I attempting to cure? Adult Distracted Disorder. It’s reached an epidemic proportion and people seriously need help!

    I’m passionate about helping people quit managing their time and start managing their choices!

    Pat, great post! Wow, you are a machine with all of this information!

    destroy | Distraction

  • Nick Loper

    Job dissatisfaction.

  • Jenny Hansen

    My business cures the disease microbusinesses have suffered of foregoing crucial graphic branding because of cost. I’ll get you fixed right up at!

    It has been so fun to read all the excellent cures each of us is working on. There is a huge variety of businesses, yet I know we all share the same big dreams.

    Cheers, everyone!

  • Ryan Botha

    Ha ha! My product (potentially) cures laziness! You gotta get off. Your butt and really move for it to work! Cheers Patt!

  • Matt

    What disease does your website or brand cure? – It cures the disease that has been plaguing the broadcasting industry for years. Nurturing new talent and making sure they have the heads up about the industry they all love.

  • Kyle Kittleson

    I am curing people plagued with the disease of making part-time business a full-time complication!

    I am doing this by showing how I create side businesses using the same techniques I used to train killer whales! Things can be simple! And they should be!

  • Brad

    My website solves the problem of dog trainers communicating with their students by providing a social tool that combines CMS features to simplify communication and engagement.

  • Darin Ramsey

    We cure the self-pity and blame between sufferers of chronic illnesses and their supporters. The chasm carved by fibro, lupus, MS, and so forth between sufferers and their loved ones gets very wide. It can, however, not only be bridged, but healed.

  • LaTusha

    the disease that my site cures is helping parents find the best and safe travel system for their new baby. it gives an unbiased review of various models and their main selling points.

  • Anetra

    My site cures the disease of ignorance regarding event sponsorship while providing various resources to become educated about the process.

  • Olivia

    My site is launching in two weeks. Its aim is to cure trepidation and money worries young people have when travelling for extended periods.

  • Jason B

    My website cures or helps a couple things. It helps answer financial aid and other college questions. It also helps people get a hold of there debt.

  • Will Falconer, DVM

    Vital Animal, the Natural Path is the cure for the angst smart pet owners have, having heard that Dr. WhiteCoat’s recommendations to vaccinate regularly throughout the life of their pets is just wrong. They know they’d never vaccinate themselves repeatedly nor their children throughout life, and have even heard that the practice is dangerous and useless. But they haven’t got an authority to explain it clearly and give them health care alternatives that are sound. Dr. Falconer brings them the understanding to make firm decisions for the vitality and longevity of the animals they want to enjoy for many, many more years.

  • Ade

    Wow… these are really good questions! I would really need to take the time to answer them. I can already see the need to focus my website a little more than it is now.

    The disease my website is curing is – the breakdown in the ability of people to succeed in life even though they have the tools and they wish to succeed. I hope through my website to provide inspiration and tools for people to take action on what they already know.

  • Rachel D.

    Hyperemesis Gravidarium. Ok, so I don’t have a website yet but doing this exercise was really insightful and helped me with some of my “doubt” moments. I had this (HG) and I think it’s important to think about it in a different way. Thanks for giving so much information away.

  • Nick

    It cures employer dependency. FMS encourages employees to sever their dependence on a “job” and taking responsibility for their lifestyle, earnings, and family. Whether we like it or not, we all made a decision long ago to either work for someone or work for ourselves. Some even have others working for them. FMS cures the “job lifestyle” of dependence and asking or needing. It cures the tendency to be envious of others or blame others for one’s lot in life. Instead it substitutes disease for wellness. It fosters independence and expands one’s span of control. It inspires. It encourages and fosters local free marketers and entrepreneurs and changes lives, families, and communities for the better.

  • Jeff Farrar

    Analysis Paralysis

  • evan

    Music Boredom

  • David Neff

    Before I answer the question I have one of my own. How does Pat Flynn manage to put out such kick ass content week in and week out? This guy is laser focused in his work ethic!
    My website cures a disease in the health field called an anal fissure. I help others suffering from this problem to heal their anal fissure using all natural remedies and I promote an all natural oil that will heal an anal fissure. I know, I had an anal fissure and it was the single most worst experience of my life. The all natural oil I promote healed my anal fissure and is a god send for anybody dealing with this problem. You can’t even imagine the amount of pain you go through until you have experienced this first hand (which I wish on nobody).

    My website, is a direct result of following the SPI blog and Pat’s original Niche Site Duel. I openly accept any criticism (good or bad) from the SPI community if you want to take a look at my site. The goal of the site is to help others heal and also to make money from being an affiliate for the product I promote. Thanks in advance for any feedback you have to offer.

    Lastly, I think Pat is really going to cash in on his new niche site. It is really an untapped market on the Internet. By solving other food truck owners’ problems his site will be a huge success. Heck, if he can generate the amount of money he is with the Security Guard HQ site, his new site will be a walk in the park. Follow Pat’s examples and take action and anybody can repeat his success :-)

  • Aqilah

    What disease does my site cure?

    Misinformation and misguidance about weight loss and getting fit. I will try and educate people on how to live their best life through fitness just like I did by using my own experiences. Most fitness websites out there focus too much on general content but being transparent about what I did and what I am doing with providing great content for free.

    And just in literal terms, curing overweight and obesity and other lifestyle related diseases through fitness.

    Great post Pat. :)

  • Travis

    The disease I cure: Resistance

    Have you ever wanted to start your own physical therapy practice but have no Idea even where to start? I can solve that problem for you. I have opened 4 PT clinics over the past 10 years and started a company that opens medical practices of all kinds all over the company. I have the answers to all your questions because I have screwed up in EVERY way possible and learned from all my mistakes. Cheat off my paper. Quit your job and launch your career.

  • Clayton

    Disease cured : archery education and gear
    most people don’t really know much about getting into archery other than it is really expensive. Well, it’s not that expensive, and there is a lot of information to learn. I provide information on what to get at good affordable prices, how to take care of your stuff, and how to get better.

    The questions definitely made me think.

  • Elliott Garber

    My website, The Uncommon Veterinarian, solves the problem of the current oversupply of small animal veterinarians by providing information and resources for vets and vet students who are interested in transitioning to the less traditional fields within veterinary medicine. These fields include public health, disease research, wildlife conservation, food safety, and more.

  • Tsitalia

    Hi Pat!

    great psot as usual.

    My site cures the lack of information on Bruce Springsteen bootlegs.

  • Kathleen

    The goal of my website/brand is to cure indifference. The goal will be to inspire people to travel, learn more about the ocean and its inhabitants, and help protect our natural resources.

  • John Dennis

    My website cures the disease of misled leadership. Too many people in leadership roles starve for direction and are either 1.) misled by what they “think” leadership is about or 2.) abandoned and expected to figure it out on their own, often times resulting in a misled direction. People grow under great leadership. Businesses thrive under great leadership. Profits are made under great leadership. When leaders constantly assess themselves, their business, and study to stay-ahead-of-the-curve, they are less likely to fall into the “inaction downward spiral syndrome” that so many leaders fall into. Just as products must be innovative, so do leaders. Leaders need a fun, informative, educational and interactive place of influence that can help them perfect their skills as leaders, and experience “ah-ha” breakthroughs to inspire the innovative and creative thinking process. My website (currently being built-out) will address the disease of misled leadership and the ever-changing challenges that leaders face in the real-world by bringing this kind of value to the marketplace, free of charge.

    Thanks for this post, Pat!

    John Dennis

  • John Dennis

    My website cures the disease of misled leadership. Too many people in leadership roles starve for direction and are either 1.) misled by what they “think” leadership is about or 2.) abandoned and expected to figure it out on their own, often times resulting in a misled direction. People grow under great leadership. Businesses thrive under great leadership. Profits are made under great leadership. When leaders constantly assess themselves, their business, and study to stay-ahead-of-the-curve, they are less likely to fall into the “inaction downward spiral syndrome” that so many leaders fall into. Just as products must be innovative, so do leaders. Leaders need a fun, informative, educational and interactive place of influence that can help them perfect their skills as leaders, and experience “ah-ha” breakthroughs to inspire the innovative and creative thinking process. My website (currently being built-out) will address the disease of misled leadership and the ever-changing challenges that leaders face in the real-world by bringing this kind of value to the marketplace, free of charge.

    Thanks for this post, Pat!

    John Dennis

  • Ron

    Such great information as always, Pat.

    What disease does my website or brand cure?

    My website attempts to heal people who have trouble staying positive in a world where the most shocking, terrible news dominates the airwaves.

  • Shawn Mann

    The disease my brand cures is too much amusement park and not enough time and money to enjoy it without expert help.

  • Alvin Chadwick

    Hey, great article, Patt, thanks for sharing!

  • Sam

    My website solves the problem of dog trainers communicating with their students by providing a social tool that combines CMS features to simplify communication and engagement.

  • Shane Harley

    The disease I am striving to cure is vicious and pernicious and deadly; it goes by many names: disconnection, loss of self, loss of faith, depression, self-hatred, hopelessness, shame; it wears many masks: prejudice, discrimination, xenophobia, racism, bullying, homophobia, and transphobia.

    It attacks us from inside and out. It whispers in our ears that we are not worth of happiness, love or even life. It assaults us, call names, shoots side-long glances with narrowed eyes that sting and burn, it launches beer bottles at our heads from passing trucks, and more often than we can bear to see, it throws punches and kicks and wields knives and guns against us. It kills.

    It is chronic; it is terminal; it is a worldwide epidemic.

    We know the causes are fear and its nasty pal hate, and we know the cure too, it is understanding, compassion—love.

    It is hurting and killing my people—transgender people—at an alarming rate. We are not its only victims by far; it hurts all people. It is my passion and my intention to do my part to wipe it off the face of the Earth.

    • Shane Harley


  • Justin Carroll

    My blog cures confusion – to show people how to build and manage a website without learning how to design or program. I’m here to help!

    Thanks for inviting me to post!

  • Ben

    My site is for security officers who want to be managers, earn more money and have better prospects.

    My site develops security officers skills by giving job application advice, interview tips but also guides readers through how to do the job and how to deal with specific security management problems

  • Kerstin Hammes

    Oh, awesomeness, I wish I had the time to really get into all these questions right now. Funnily enough I was listening to session 41 (I think..) just today and you ask a very similar question, and just as important. It was “What do you want a first-time visitor to your website to achieve?” I instantly came up with things I wanted them to do, now achieving was a bit harder.

    But anyway. I want to win, so here we go! What disease does your website or brand cure?

    Fluent Language was set up to specifically address all those who believe they have “language learning deficiency”, be it due to their age, genetic make-up or financial situation. It really aims to persistently encourage everyone to get involved in language learning, and to keep going with it and master the dips and low points. So if I’m to put it straight, I will say that my website and brand aim to cure an imagined disease by making it easy to treat.

  • Phil Nicholls

    Hi Pat,

    My website, cures the disease affecting Games Masters of tabletop roleplaying games whereby they spend too long on their preparations for the next Session and fail to tell as much of the story as they would like.; Faster Prep, More Story

    All the best to you from the UK

  • Charity

    My website cures the disease of overspending by encouraging smarter shopping and a more frugal lifestyle. It’s done amazing things for me and my family, and I believe that it can help others, too. Some laugh when they see it and say, “oh, another coupon site.” No, not another coupon site. A site that cares, shares and hopes you win the battle of overspending, too!

    Great post this week!

  • Daniel

    My website helps to cure the problem of churches having horrible, outdated websites. Many pastors don’t understand much of anything about technology, yet most people looking for a church look online first. My site is intended to help cure this gap by disseminating easy to understand, useful information that church leaders and pastors can use to improve how their churches use technology and websites.

    Great post! I’m so excited to actually see your site!

  • Kristen

    Women today think their bodies are broken. They think that pregnancy complications, prematurity, NICU babies, and low milk supply are normal. They’re scared of childbirth and they’re filled with doubt that their body actually works. They get so much conflicting advice on healthy pregnancy that they’re stuck, unable to take any action… and inaction leads right down the path to pregnancy diseases, unhealthy babies, and even surgical births. Pregnancy and birth are about more than just getting through it and having a baby. It’s about enjoying the experience – and getting the awesome hormonal reward nature has built into having a natural birth and a healthy baby. My website cures diseases related to pregnancy and childbirth: 1. “I have no clue what I should do to grow a healthy baby on the 265 pregnant days I do not have a prenatal appointment.” 2. “I don’t know how I’m supposed ‘trust birth’ or ‘just trust my body’ during childbirth” 3. “I need practical information on how to choose the right care provider and work with her towards having the birth I want for my baby.”

  • Carlos

    The disease that my (soon to launch) site will cure is the disease of being unknown. I am out to prove that anybody, regardless of how small their web presence is, can build a platform and establish an online audience.

    Once again great post Pat!

  • Emmett Ross

    My website cures the disease of inefficiency. I teach CATIA users (a 3D cad software) how to write macros (programs of written code) to automate repetitive processes. Learning about writing macros can advance your career and impress your coworkers.

  • Rebecca Fraser-Thill at Working Self

    My website cures the disease of feeling like your adulthood isn’t panning out the way you’d imagined it would, especially with regard to the work you’re doing.

  • Stephanie

    The US CPA is a globally recognized designation, but the system that administers and grants the designation has quite a few “diseases” due mostly to legacy issues. The license is granted by individual states and jurisdiction instead of by one central agency. Each state has different regulations and requirements, making it exceedingly confusing to any applicants. My site not only summarizes the CPA exam requirement by state in an organized manner, but also directs readers with various backgrounds to the most suitable state boards. The information saves them a lot of research and uncertainties so they can focus on studying and passing the exam.

  • Asaph Zekarias

    I bet no one has heard of a country by the name of Eritrea, let alone where in the map it is located. Well, let me try to tell u a little bit in a couple of lines. It’s a tiny, beautiful East African nation, but due to insecurity and economic causes, half of its 5 million people are scattered around the world, including me.

    By sheer coincidence, I’m in the process of creating content for a website, that, I believe, will cure the disease of frustration and discouragement my dear citizens are facing, especially in the diaspora.

    My website will be a cure that will heal many by showing them the world is still secure, if they look the security lied within – their potential to be what they are meant to be and to do what they are meant to do against all abnormalities. The tag on the envelope of the drug reads ‘the secrete of the cure is encouragement enough to automate healing’.

    The website will cure, to some extent, an epidemic of division and disagreement among us; but pay attention, not by taking sides, no; that would be the spread of the plague instead of treatment. The healing power of the website for this kind of disease will be effected by applying steady amount of dosage that carries quality and rich content, which will boost the individual’s self growth and development.

    In the process of the healing, as the sense of hopelessness is alleviated, many will be awakened to see the opportunities lied within and around to make the most out of it.

    I’m not a practitioner that have all the cures, but have the plan and strategies and strongly believe to make my website a place of alleviation by making it a community housing whereby the members will encourage and help each other. I will, personally, participate and engage myself by sharing my experience, especially the trend of online opportunities by giving back to this community as I receive from keenly honest and kind people such as Pat Flyn.

    Lastly, I want to say I have found answering the questions very helpful – it has created a sense of strong reassurance in what I’m about to launch. Thanx Pat for the invaluable riches you have created on SPI for people like me to benefit from.

  • Kaitlyn

    My website,, cures peoples’ disease of looking for new and creative projects to knit and/or crochet. I offer many free patterns, as well as a few patterns for sale.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share, Pat!

  • Anisha Bailey

    Most people mistakenly think of a “CPA or Attorney” when needing a “Tax Expert”. The reality is most CPA’s and Attorneys don’t specialize or know much about tax law, thus putting many families and business owners in the wrong hands when they are in need of a “Tax Expert”. All Enrolled Agents (EAs) specialize in taxation and are the only federally licensed tax professionals who have proven their knowledge of tax law- it is important for this 129 year old designation to get the recognition it deserves. Also, finding a trusted professional to handle your financial and legal matters, such as your taxes is a challenge for most people as of today. Starting November 2013 the remedy will be ready! cures Confusion, Frustration and Helplessness by giving families and business owners the nations #1 free resource of customer rated and reviewed licensed tax experts – just in time for Tax Season. It also helps Enrolled Agents focus more on finding opportunities in the tax law to help clients avoid costly mistakes, instead of spending time explaining their designation.

  • Jeanne

    My site will cure the disease of isolation among metal fabricators. Metal fabricators love to build things, put them to use, and show their projects to people. However, the nature of their work and their love of building things often keeps them isolated from other fabricators. Fabricators work alone because they are solo practitioners or they are the only fabricator in a shop of other tradesman. Fabricating is more than just about welding and machining parts, it’s about design, innovation, and troubleshooting. A fabricator is often presented with an aspect of his/her project which he has never encountered before and there are few people in his immediate vicinity that he can go to for a solution. Many of the techniques that fabricators have developed over the years reside in the brains and experience of older fabricators or in the innovations that younger fabricators have figured out on their own. My site will cure several issues relating to the isolation of fabricators: 1) The “I don’t know how to best design and build this part” issue, 2) the “I don’t know where to get the best fabrication advice possible and learn from the experts” issue, and 3) the “There’s no central hub or community where I can connect with other fabricators to share my ideas and projects” issue.

  • Chelle

    Hi Pat
    This is a great idea!

    The disease that my website (online tarot readings) cures is stress and panic. It can be stressful to have rapid changes taking place in our lives, especially when it seems as though we have no control over the outcome. My website ( offers impartial guidance, an insight in your current and future situation, and most importantly a reminder that any dramas in our life will not last forever and these dramas are always a great opportunity for personal growth and development.

    Thanks so much for your great website Pat. I’ve been reading it for ages, but I’ve never had the courage to respond. I have learnt so much from you already, and I know it is only the beginning.
    Many thanks and blessings,

  • Virginia (The Heartographer)

    My business cures the disease of frustration with online dating. I help my clients navigate all aspects of meeting a life partner online, and I make doing so much more fun and simple!

  • Sam

    Hey Pat-

    Anyone who has tried to find the best cell phone plan for their personal needs knows that the wealth of carriers and plans is a disease. In addition, the way carriers try to trick their users with contracts and various other ploys are fundamentally problematic.

    My business solves this by taking the customer’s decision-making out of the process. By recommending cell phone plans to users based on their data and math, we are able to help them make much more rational decisions and also save them lots of time and energy spent on researching plans.

  • Rose Smith

    My Married cures infidelity. Cheating is becoming more of a problem in marriage. Fifty-one percent of marriages end in divorce in the US alone; destroying too many families. My Married encourages couples to ‘cheat’ with each other by having a marital affair.

  • Nikki Robinson

    There’s this nasty bug being passed around among young people in America. Since I’m not a big fan of euphemisms, we’ll just call it what it is: laziness.

    If it weren’t for boomers rapidly running off to enjoy the fruit of their lives’work, there would be no need for But since nature requires our return to the dust from which we’re made, my blog has arisen to lead young millennials in reclaiming the hard-working and independent spirit upon which our country was built.

    It’s fairly easy to take the classes needed to graduate from high school. It’s pretty simple to get into college/university. And if we follow the course selection schedule given by counselors, it’s not the hardest thing in the world to get a degree. Then it’s on into the workforce where mediocre jobs await.

    But where’s the innovation? Where’s the initiative? At what point do we become “self-made?”

    Many never do because, as a whole, we’ve become so dependent on government and educational institutions to tell us what to do. Dependence, laziness. Tomato, tomahto.

    ByeHighSchool preps young people for a successful life after high school – of their own design. Because “good jobs” with stability and benefits and relocation packages and upward mobility don’t exist like they used to, my content stresses the importance of following your passion. No wishful thinking or selling empty dreams. Just content created to expose young people to unconventional career paths, to inspire and to foster a more career-ready workforce. It’s now or never.

  • R Sail

    Hello Pat you should totally do like an interview series with food truck owners, asking them how they got started and their top business tips. I am sure this would be a great way to engage food truck owners and spread the word about your new website.


  • Jenny Spring

    MY website cures the disease of overwhelming numbness that grips small and startup entrepreneurs and freezes them. It pushes them to take action, but focus on the most important actions in their business, not the busywork. It reminds them that sales and customer focus is what will move their business to profitability.

  • Alexandria Ingham

    My website cures the disease of students going into further education and not knowing where they really want to be, what to expect or how to survive. University can be overwhelming. There are a lot of different experiences, it’s expensive and most students have never even lived on their own before. My website is full of different tips for surviving the different stages, so students pass their degrees and have the skills to do whatever they want in life.

  • MommaRunner

    What diseases does my site cure?
    1) OBESITY. We help people fight obesity. Making a decision to lose weight and live healthy is an important first step….but what do you do next? We offer specific guides, plans, and will soon be adding in tips to find a coach/customized training.
    2) POSTPARTUM FATIGUE/DEPRESSION. We are a mom-focused site helping moms regain their footing and get back to working out while juggling new responsibilities.
    3) FINDING MOTIVATION. Weight loss can be a long and lonely effort. If nothing else, we strive to offer a supportive place that sends the message “anything is possible”.

  • Martin Poldma

    My website cures the disease of not being able to know how to manifest our dream lives into reality!

  • ArtMom

    Hi Pat! My brand cures the disease of people thinking you need talent to become an artist. IT’S NOT TRUE! You just need the right teacher! I’ve found the right method to teach anyone how to draw and paint and I want everyone to know about. I especially want parents to not be crippled by the “I’m not an artist” disease and know that they CAN learn to draw and paint and enjoy art with their children. My motto is what our children create today shapes our future for tomorrow.

  • Shelli Johnson, Author

    Hi Pat!

    Fear is a disease that keeps so many people from striving for the life they most want. My website cures fear by offering advice on how to replace fear with courage (which isn’t fearlessness but is acknowledging the fear and walking through it anyway.)

    Cheers, Shelli

  • David Green

    Upgrade Your Church aims to cure the disease plaguing churches where they feel they need the flashiest website possible. Having a great looking website is important, but effectively conveying your message is far more important.

    If a church wants to reach people with their website then they need to stop making design choices that turn away a large percentage of people who visit the site, like slow load times and huge sliders. If nobody stays on the website long enough to read it then the church would’ve been better off spending their money on feeding and clothing those in need.

    I’m combating this by sharing the lessons I’ve learned building websites for businesses and by offering streamlined church websites for $500. By customizing existing templates and ignoring the fluff I’m able to help churches at a fraction of the price I charge businesses without making myself broke.

    I plan to grow the site and later tackle the root disease in many churches I call the trap of impressiveness. It is often motivated by a genuine desire to get people into church and lead them to Christ, but often turns into a focus on the numbers and an endless cycle of entertainment to attract the crowds. The problem is crowds leave when they stop being impressed by the entertainment, so your priority has to shift to entertainment to keep it up and spiritual matters take a back seat.

    I’m a tech guy who wants to put tech back to supporting the gospel instead of trying to entertain people with technology and squeezing in the gospel.

  • Austin

    My website cures the disease of “mañana”. (Spanish for tomorrow) for those who put things off now until tomorrow and never get the important things done. Those who fail to manage their time effectively. Who spend too much time in “learning and perfecting” instead of in “action and do-ing”.

  • Lance @ Money Life and More

    My website aims to cure the disease of money problems. Many different people have many different problems, but we try to focus on how to be aware of your choices you have with your money.

  • Matt

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    Congratulations to all the business owners and entrepreneurs who commented as well. So many great ideas, good lucking picking just three!

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    I feel like this kind of exercise ties in very well with the philosophy of keyword research: If you get it wrong at the start and realize you want to change it further on down the road, you’re gonna have a bad time.

    Defining and refining, and then redefining, your site’s goals (and the problems it’s supposed to solve) is akin to outlining your big research paper: there are consequences when you realize you hadn’t planned it out properly.

    As usual, you bring amazing insights to the table and I cannot wait until this NSD 2.0 really gets rolling.

    Looking forward to it!

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  • Maxi

    I think you Questions start off good and then become too tailored to your food truck business. I would have like it if they were more generic and usable for everyone. I thought you wanna bring value to people. This post seems to be just about your Food Truck Business. Who cares?? America is so over weighted anyway. Anyway, all I wanted to say is, I have seen WAY better quality content of you Pat!!!

    • Jason Durken

      Maxi, I don’t understand why you’re putting down this post? You say you’ve seen WAY better content because there were only a few generic questions that are usable to everyone while the rest related to the food truck business.

      I’ve attached a screen grab from this post (9th paragraph). In case you cannot read the screen grab; this is what it says:

      “I’ve reworded some of the questions to take my specific brand name out of them. Some of the questions still include “food truck business” or “food truck owner” and are worded specifically for that niche, but you can get an idea of what the question is asking and re-word it for your own target market”.

      I personally feel like that’s very reasonable. I don’t see any reason why Pat needs to reword every question when we can easily change it as it pertains to each of our own personal needs.

      I respect your opinion if you disagree but I wanted to point out that Pat did address the fact that some of the questions related to his niche site. I hope this helps you appreciate his content a bit more!

    • Pat Flynn

      Yeah Maxi, Jason is right…did you not see where in the post I said that I would get more specific with my questions, and you should tailor them to your own niche too? That’s the only way to get deep into the material that will help you and your audience. Come on Maxi, if you’re going to comment and criticize, make sure you fully read the post and think about why I did it the way I did it. It wouldn’t make sense for someone outside of the food truck niche to use that EXACT question, right?

  • Shaun Ebert

    The disease that my brand or product would cure?……DISTRACTION and LACK OF FOCUS.

  • Nayna

    I don’t want to answer these questions either, Pat. But I’ve copied the lists above into a notebook (handwriting helps my brain percolate) and won’t stop until every one is answered. Thanks for the challenge.

  • Matthew

    Confession: I didn’t have to wait till number 24 to feel challenged. If I’m to be really honest about it, I would say 13 or 14. I did think through a lot of these while setting up my storytelling website but definitely not all of them. And my thought process was nowhere close to the attention to detail that Pat had in his answers. I would not just hail this post as revolutionary but the Super-SWOT analysis of entrepreneurship! Proud that I’ve been here, Pat.

  • Laura
  • Jacqueline

    Pat, I’ve been soaking in your site for a week, and, as standoffish as I am with things… I am totally loving the great content (this post is no exception- I’ve already pasted the questions into a doc to work through). You keep bringing it and you have compiled what would have taken me a very,very, long time to put together myself- if that were even possible when you factor in guests, etc. Thanks so much for what you are giving. I’ll be hitting your affiliate links as I need them because you’ve already given me the value. Thanks for that.

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