SPI 067: Niche Site Duel 2.0 (Research Interview)—Neil Patel on How to Rank a Website Today

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m honored to interview Neil Patel, founder of the popular blog QuickSprout, and co-founder of CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics.

Neil’s resume is beyond impressive. By age 21, the Wall Street Journal named him one of the top influencers on the web, and Entrepreneur Magazine listed him as one of the top entrepreneurs in the nation. In addition to CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics, which are software solutions that are used by some of the top businesses in the world, companies like Amazon, AOL, GM, HP and Viacom, have reached out to Neil to help them make more money using the web.

He helped grow TechCrunch’s traffic by 30% within 60 days. He’s helped Gawker Media websites earn 5 million more visitors in only 3 months, and he writes some of the best and most detailed guides you’ll ever find on the internet, like the ones he wrote (and are freely available) about Advanced SEO and Content Marketing.

Neil knows what’s up, which is why I invited him onto the show.

As you may very well know, I’m currently doing some heavy research before I launch Niche Site Duel 2.0, an experiment and case study where I’ll be picking a topic, building a site from scratch and publicly reporting what I do and what happens here on the blog.

The first time I did this was a major success, but a lot of things have changed since then, which is why I’m connecting with as many people as possible who are getting results today and I’m sharing that information with you.

In case you missed it, here are the other research interviews I’ve conducted so far:

Out of all the interviews I’ve done so far, including this one, I have a feeling I’ll be using a lot of the strategies Neil talks about more than the others, but we’ll see. I still have a few other people to interview who will be providing some insightful information about what’s working right now, which will give me a wide range of strategies to choose from. We’ll also be able to discover any patterns that all of them have in common, such as high-quality content on our websites, which is a given, but is there more?

Make sure you listen through to the end because I reveal more information about how participation in NSD2.0 by you, if you’re interested, will be handled.

In addition, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • Why and how Neil became an entrepreneur at such a young age, and the one thing that he discovered after he started to make lots of money.
  • Neil’s thoughts on black hat vs. white hat SEO tactics and the long-term effects of each.
  • Two big things that are working in SEO today.
  • Why blog posts aren’t the best type of content when utilizing content marketing.
  • How podcasting plays a role in SEO.
  • How he got suspended by Dropbox for 3 days after sharing an online guide he created after just a few minutes of launching.
  • Neil’s thoughts on really really detailed content and how everyone else’s laziness can be used to your advantage.
  • The best way to create links to your website.
  • The 200 Outreach Program, explained.
  • An example of how Neil would contact me via email to get me to possibly link to something that he created.
  • How Neil would use Twitter Direct Messages.
  • Neil’s take on Keyword Research.
  • How Neil is taking advantage of the fact that social signals play an important role in SEO today.
  • Why guest blogging is still a viable strategy, but the one thing that you MUST do if you’re running guest posts on other sites.
  • On-site SEO and what big name websites are doing wrong – and what we should be paying attention to.
  • How your 404 page can help the rest of your site get indexed.
  • Everything you need to know about using infographics for SEO.
  • How Neil uses a popular black hat tool for white hat marketing tactics.
  • Plus a whole lot more!

Here’s a notable quote from Neil that stood out to me during the interview:

“Write about what people want. Search engines will eventually catch up.” (click here to tweet this quote…)

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Resources Mentioned in this Podcast Include:

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A Question from a Listener…

This session’s voicemail question is from Deborah Richmand from TekkBuzz. She asks:

“What are some (more) specific ways to use text messaging as a strategy in your online business?”

I share my answer (er, actually Greg’s answer) to Deborah’s question at the end of the session.

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Cheers! :)


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  • Matt

    Pat, thanks so much for posting this before my morning commute! I have an hour drive to work so I was hoping this would get out in time. Thanks for all of the great content!

    • http://treatmentstogetpregnant.blogspot.com Angelica tse

      Hi Guys, I really liked the following duel niche blog. Much knowledge I can get from you all. greetings blogging.

  • http://www.onlinebizlist.com Brian

    As an SEO professional, these lese few podcasts have been amazing. Keep up the in-depth topics, much more helpful than previous podcasts.

  • http://www.simplysmokedcatering.com Curtis

    Great show Pat.
    I am applying the techniques to bring more exposure to my service-based company. Hoping more viewers will equal more customers.

    Do you use the Long Tail Pro or Pro + Platinum?

  • http://www.experimentalincome.com Thomas

    Hi Pat,

    As always thanks for your great interviews and content. I am listening to this as I am working away and it really helps me stay focused. You have given me so many ideas for passive income to use on my Experimental Income blog and I really appreciate it. Hopefully I will be able to use what I learn from you to help others.
    Thanks again,

  • http://www.verzorgendeig.net Stef

    Hey Pat,

    Nice interview!

    I love you’re drive!

  • http://tsjohnsononline.com T.S. Johnson

    I don’t listen to the podcasts…I do watch the videos and will read all linked material (blogs, guides, pdf) so these last few weeks have been hella informative. And the biggest lesson I’ve taken away is that you need to take the time to experiment and see what works for you…it’s not always a simple cut and paste type thing with SEO.

  • http://www.rusanderson.com Rus Anderson

    I’m super excited to listen to this podcast, but even more excited to NSD2.0!! I plan on going through it, step by step with you. Can’t wait!

  • http://www.greenjuiceaday.com Mariam Turay

    Another excellent interview Pat & Neil. I had to take notes throughout. I’m going to start implementing The 200 Outreach Program, HARO & adding past pages to the 404 page.

    I’m looking forward to the other interviews and the start of NSD 2.0

  • http://www.zhostgatorcouponcode.com Satheesh Kumar

    Hey pat, Nice Interview.
    I’m also looking forward to NSD 2.0 Recently I started my micro niche website and I am looking forward the working technology. This will be helpful for me.

  • http://www.vicmora.com Victor Mora

    Have been waiting for this interview since the last one on Wednesday and the Becker one a few weeks ago! Thanks!

  • http://www.pualingo.com Vince Lin

    Congrats Pat your voice is getting better with each podcast

  • http://www.cuadernodemando.com Manu

    Awesome! Two of my top favorite bloggers finally together!

  • http://www.BiggerPockets.com/renewsblog Brandon Turner | BiggerPockets

    Hey Pat – awesome episode. Neil’s been a huge source of inspiration and knowledge for me, so it was great to have you pick his brain for me :) I really liked his suggestion about the “two hundred people” – I’m definitely going to implement that strategy.

    And to add massive support to something Neil said: Around the time Neil put out his Advanced Guide to SEO (which is AMAZING) we published an ultimate guide to real estate investing and within two months it is now ranked #2 in google for “real estate investing” behind only Wikipedia – which is a really competitive keyword. 2 months! Now I just gotta figure out how to beat up on Wikipedia for the #1 spot :) Maybe next time you can cover that!

    Thanks for the Podcast episode Pat. Keep up the great work!

    • Pat Flynn

      That’s awesome Brandon – the ultimate guide strategy is something I’m definitely going to think over and it may influence my keyword / niche selection. As far as Wikipedia, smart passive income has been #2 behind Wikipedia for years, only passing it for a couple of months at one point, only to fall back into the #2 spot. A lot of people skip over that result though so you’re in a good position, well done!

  • http://www.wedost.com Pankaj Gupta

    Awesome. Now I got many ideas on how to think differently to bring traffic to our websites specially I liked that 404 concept including fixing those 404 pages with those content marketing strategies and little bit about infographics. Thank you Neil Patel for sharing those ideas and specially Pat Flynn to have him on S.P.I.

  • http://www.salmaanaslam.com Salmaan Aslam

    Great to hear from Neil. I’ve had great success with Infograpics for my clients and they are definitely worth it. NowSourcing do it all the time I’ve noticed the Infographics they are making are for Niche sites mostly.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Salmaan – any tips you have to share to make sure those of us who attempt to use infographics find success from them? Who is producing them for you and how are you marketing them?

      • http://www.salmaanaslam.com Salmaan Aslam

        I think as most of you will follow Neil’s 200 Outreach strategy which I do recommend for the long haul I’d suggest getting hold of editors at big sites related to the Industry and ask them if they would be Interested in publishing an Infographic on XYZ Topic/Idea its good to suggest few or ask them their opinion this way you’ll have a confirmed placement opportunity when you have them designed + developed they will already be waiting.

        You might not hear from them so even if you have an infographic designed, what we did at our agency was not to throw the infographic at their face and expect them to accept it right away. We asked them that we made an Infographic on XYZ and if they are interested in checking them out and 50%+ will say yes send it away.

        It is done in-house by our own team

        We use Grouphigh to find prospects which has a hefty price($500/m) Ouch! So its best to do manual research since you don’t want to send it to unrelated sites and with manual you have a better idea of what that site is about, what is audience like and will give you a better angle on how to pitch them.

        There are few techniques for finding sites who had posted infographic already which means they are more likely to place yours too.

        I hope that helps, feel free to ask if you have more questions. I’ll be glad be of help.

        • http://www.drivenmavens.com Arvind


          Great insights! Thanks for sharing this with us.


  • http://www.erim.net/ Erim

    Thanks for reminding me how smart Neil Patel is, Pat. It’s been awhile since I’ve checked his blog, and I clearly need to read his Advanced SEO guide. The two tips about 404s and the Scrapebox/infographic/email process alone made my day.

    A lot of people don’t realize what a great tool Scrapebox is, for purely “white hat” research and harvesting. Everybody should own it. I wish they made a Mac version, but oh wells.

    This niche site duel part deux is going to be pure awesome. Thanks for doing what you do, Pat.

  • http://youronline.biz Darnell Jackson

    Damn it man, this exceeded my expectations.

    I read that guide on QuickSprout and I admit he has taken things to a whole new level.

    The day of the text only article is long gone, you need more than that.

    It makes sense actually.

    If you are attracting the right people then they should want to do more with your information than just read it. This is why GUIDES and video tutorials will be a smash hit.

    To give it all away would be crucial imagine if you compared that to fizzle?
    Talk about competition.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • http://www.beforeitsgone.co.uk/ Adam | BeforeItsGone

    Hi Pat,

    I’m looking forward to Niche Site Duel 2.0 . I wasn’t aware of your site when you did version 1 so hoping to launch my own site as a way of trying out any methods that you share with us (as long as its not too expensive!)

  • http://www.orraclemedia.com Rob Orr

    Outstanding. You can tell that Neil just knows this stuff. Talk about creative strategies. Looking forward to hearing more about your core team for the next Duel.

  • http://www.eventchecklist.net Arwin Adriano

    Wow Neil of Quicksprout. He’s one of the guys I’m looking up to and I am very happy that you have him to be featured here in SPI. I hope that someday I’ll be able to be just like him.

  • Steve

    In the 200 outreach program; are you sending the same article to everyone? My understanding from earlier lessons was that wan not good to do.

    • Pat Flynn

      If you have something absolutely worth sharing that would be valuable to 200 relevant websites or blogs then it’s totally okay, it’s up to the authors of those website to decide whether it’s worth sharing or linking to. You’re not guest posting, just sharing what you created on your own site.

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    Great interview! Will you be creating a Facebook group or forum where people who want to follow along can compare notes and ask for help?

  • http://authoritywebsiteincome.com Jon Haver

    I really liked how Neil suggested using scrapebox but in a far more white hat method than it is typically used. His guide to Advanced SEO is the best!

  • Josh

    Great post as always Pat. You are really delivering with the information.

    Quick question-The Ultimate Guide pages that Neil talked about are they similar to the Resource pages that Derek Halpern has/talks about over at Social Triggers?

    Thanks & have a great weekend

  • http://www.attractionmarketingdirect.com Stephen Malan

    Thanks Pat for this post and interview. I have listened to and read other interviews that Neil has done and he always delivers good actionable information.

    Thank you again for sharing this information!

  • http://www.depilazionedefinitivauomo.com/ Max

    Thanks for the wonderful ideas shared in this podcast. Will be of great help for my blogs.

    Thanks again for the help you offered us every day…Max

  • http://www.blogmunchies.com/ Moe

    Not to be the negative one, but to me that sounded like an amazing podcast full of bad news.

    So basically the internet is getting more and more saturated & competitive, and Google is getting harder and harder to crack. If you want to make it, you need to either be a world class content writer, spend countless hours on the computer or spend thousands of dollars outsourcing top writers and designers to produce guides that stand a chance.

    SEO and blogging methods are like chasing your tail. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today and what works today won’t work tomorrow, or maybe even sooner than that.

    Neil definitely mentioned some good methods, however most take a considerable amount of time or money to implement.

    I can definitely relate to the newbie who feels like the information is overwhelming and they don’t know where to begin. I can also relate to the person who feels like they have tried many things such as blogging with little to no results.

    Passive income on the web is looking more and more like a mirage.

    Anyways i am still looking forward to participating in the niche site duel. The harder it is to succeed the more satisfying it becomes.

    • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

      If you’re looking for ways to “crack” Google, then the past two episodes provide some good examples of some greyhat/blackhat stuff that can work. But creating amazing content and marketing it smartly is a “tactic” that has always worked, and will always continue to work, no matter how Google’s algo changes.

      • http://www.blogmunchies.com/ Moe

        I said crack Google, not cheat Google. Merely an expression referring to finding a formula for success with Google, being it black-hat, gray-hat or white-hat.

        I will admit I am playing the devils advocate. I personally have had good success ranking sites past and present. The point I am making is the process is getting harder and more time consuming in an industry that is getting more saturated and competitive by the day.

        The truth is, creating amazing content is a lot easier said then done. I am saying this as a native English speaker/writer. I can only imagine what an uphill battle it will be for people with English as a second language.

  • http://www.aboxofchocolateforthesoul.com/ Viv (Kala) Williams

    Pat, Thank you! You give the most helpful content of ANYONE online. You truly deliver, and it feels so genuine. Just know your readers really appreciate you, you are helping alot of us to improve our lives and the lives of our site readers. I have learned more from you than anyone online,without feeling that you are baiting us, like many online “gurus.” May you continue to prosper.

  • http://brestrogenreviewer.com Stephnie G

    Another gem. C’mon Pat. Let’s start the niche duel 2.0. Can’t wait for it any more.

  • Tim

    Pat, you are a great inspiration and I can’t wait for NSD 2.0. I been hesitating on starting a niche site but I think I might take the leap of faith soon. And it would be great to do it in parallel to your NSD 2.0. Thanks!

  • http://chrisruffin.com Chris

    Only one word to describe, Pat!

  • http://www.diye65e66.com Chris

    Hello Pat,
    Great content in the Podcast today, I listened twice, in minute 27 Neil says to get rid of our Site Map, I know you recommend Google XML Sitemaps, so shall we ditch this plugin? Is this the ticket? Maybe I’ll wait to ditch it until I hear back from you. Thanks for the (hard) free work you give us.

    • Pat Flynn

      Thanks Chris – actually, when you relisten to it again, he’s stemming off of a previous thought of people are doing wrong, and NOT having a sitemap is wrong. It’s like a double negative and yeah I was confused at first, but confirmed – sitemap, absolutely important!

      • http://www.diye65e66.com Chris

        Wow, good thing I waited to hear back from you, I almost canned it last night. Thank you for taking the time to answer quickly. Continue Strong Pat, your doing great.

  • http://www.websiteboostershot.com Ryan Cote

    Pat, awesome interview. The 200 outreach program got me buzzing with ideas and I’m already implementing something. Thanks again for pulling in such great talent for your podcasts.

  • http://www.smartwatch-infos.de Tom

    Thx for this good potcast. Looking forward to the ninche duell.

  • http://www.fatboysdiet.com Darran Mansfield

    I was waiting for this episode with real excitement because I knew it’d be packed with useful info, and it didn’t fail to deliver AT ALL!

    The 200 out reach program is awesome, pretty simple at the heart of it but so effective…how did I not think of it? One question I do have with the system is how much should we be looking to pay someone to compile a list of blogs/FB/twitter users? I’m itching to get this going but like most times I get stuck at the sticky subject of cash/price, any help or suggestions would be great :-)

    Keep the content coming Pat, you ROCK!

  • http://www.irishmusicshop.co.uk Finn

    ahh this is great! im going to try lots of these trick for my irish country music site 😉

  • http://www.projectlifemastery.com Stefan @ ProjectLifeMastery.com

    Awesome Pat, looking forward to this niche site duel. I participated in the last one and have since built 6 websites that were highly ranked in Google and making me a couple thousand per month. Unfortunately Google has affected them greatly since, but they are still doing good and making me money. I’ve since gone into a different approach, which is Kindle marketing, but wouldn’t mind ranking a few sites again.

  • http://www.CastleForgeMedia.com Dennis Duty

    Wow. The 200 Outreach Program. Wow.
    Great great stuff Neil. And THANK YOU to Pat for prompting this. Exactly what I needed, as I’m in the middle of developing a killer resource right now and don’t know how to get it out there once it’s done.

    I can’t overstate my satisfaction.

  • Jim

    Very interesting podcast!

    I have one question regarding the 200 outreach method. When you contact all these websites’/fb pages’/twitter accounts’ owners and tell about the guide, where do you actually send the traffic? Is it just a post on your blog or maybe a squeeze page? Do potential readers need to give email addresses first so they can check it out? Thanks!

    • http://www.fatboysdiet.com Darran mansfield

      Hey Jim! I too am looking into this 200 outreach program and what I took from it was; you tweet/Facebook/email the owner of a “car blog” something like this (I think!?!)

      “Hey I see you just wrote an article about hot new cars which is awesome, I just wanted to share an article I wrote about buying a new car, I think your readers could benefit from it. Get back to me anytime if I can ever help you or you blog out, thanks”

      With that you could be showing the owner any page on your blog, it’s your call but it should be super relevant to their niche for them to share with their readers. I can’t see a site owner sending his readers to a squeeze page unless it was for affiliate commission. This is just my take and I could be way off, I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks :-)

  • http://www.homelearningexperience.com Sibo

    Another great interview! Neil sounds like an expert, but what he talked about is not as basic as the previous two interviews, so I will definitely check out his blog for more information.

    Thank you for all the great information, Pat and Neil!

    • http://www.sarkarinaukrinews.net Free Recharge
      • http://treatmentstogetpregnant.blogspot.com/ Angelica Tse

        wow , this good share to saw yout goog blog, duel blog is make me powerfull blogging

    • http://anchortab.com Justin Westbrooks

      I had the same thought, Sibo. He seems to have a more comfortable level of depth when it comes to SEO than the previous people that were interviewed. I already downloaded the Advanced Guide to SEO from his site and I’m excited to see what I can apply to the new product my team and I have just launched. Fun stuff!

  • http://www.stumbleforward.com Chris @ Stumble Forward

    Hey Pat Neil definitely gives some great ideas in this podcast about doing something more, such creating an ebook guide. I don’t know if I will be able to use them at first since I don’t have the funds to create a great ebook right now but that doesn’t mean I could do that later. Anyways keep up the great interviews, I’m looking forward to starting my next niche site with you and everyone else.

    • http://www.marketingyourfarm.com/new-here/ Iain

      Hey Chris,

      I understand how you feel. He was talking about throwing thousands of dollars creating and ebooks and guides.

      While that’s all fine and dandy if you have the money to do that, but if you don’t it seems a bit unrealistic.

      Overall, it was a great interview though. There was a ton of information that we can act on and get results.

    • http://blogboldly.com/starting-an-online-business/ Darlene at BlogBoldly

      “I don’t know if I will be able to use them at first since I don’t have the funds to create a great ebook right now”

      Chris.. do not let his numbers dissuade you from creating ebooks!

      It absolutely does not have to cost a lot, at all.

      Amazon is a powerful resource for getting out Kindle books/guides and it’s cheap!

      ~ darlene :)

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/116971544436746679814 Yassin Madwin

    Well. I’ve been a follower of quick Sprout for more than a year and to be honest. i find Neil to be the most generous blogger. because of that I’ve never missed an email from him.

  • http://www.drivenmavens.com Arvind

    Excellent podcast! Really enjoyed it and great timing too. I just finished my “Ultimate Guide to Sketching” which I plan to role out to my subscribers but I like the idea of reaching out to some more blogs for greater exposure. My only problem is wanting to convert my guide to a more interactive format that can work on an ipad rather than a pdf file. If I can do that it would be a much more value add.

    Thanks for the great content always!


  • DG

    People like Neil Patel have valuable info but l dont think they are sharing all the critical case study project details that is essential to success like Pat and Spencer Haws.l find a project more valuable than a “how to” ebook or ultimate guide

  • http://javarevisited.blogspot.com Javin

    Listening Neil is really great, Couldn’t have learned more by just reading.

  • http://thegeminiproject.com.au Adam Spencer

    Hey Pat!

    I have a question that might interest you in regards to niche sites.
    If, hypothetically one was building a website all about music marketing and helping indie musos with their business and then built 5 or 6 niche sites around each particular type of instruments. Then built link profiles like Becker spoke about to the ‘main’ site.

    Would that be powerful in terms of boosting the main website?

    Appreciate everything you do, you have helped me a lot over the years!


    • http://squeezepagegraphics.com Chris Silvey

      Perhaps I may assist.

      What you are describing in a sense is a link wheel. To do this today you will need a mix of do follow and no follow links (heavy on the no follows) and mix up related keywords and phrases along with general links like http://mysite.com, Click me, start here, etc.

      If you build such a monster I would do some extra tempering such as building Google+ pages, Google Places listing as well as obtaining Site Citations that will help in trust weight and validity.

      Just remember the purpose of links are for building doors for traffic. One should not focus to much on their impact on Google Organic Search Results. Quality overrides quantity.

  • http://www.jasongracia.com Jason Gracia


    Best podcast so far.


  • http://rustyboozer.com Rusty

    Pat – Great episode. Neil had some great ideas. It’s like I’m sitting on the edge of my seat just wondering which method you’re going to use for ND2.

    Being a newbie, I will say I’m interested to see how you do it. Seems like the trend is for natural links to sites which will take a while to build.

    Goos luck!

  • http://www.coolmarketingstuff.com Charles Sipe

    Awesome interview Pat. I wish this interview was longer. Neil is a great person to learn from about SEO and gives great advice on what will work long term.

  • http://fantasysportfans.com Richard

    Hey Pat, Great Podcast! I took notes and will be checking out dribble.com and the 200 OutReach to implement for my site. I want to participate in the Duel 2.0 if possible but if not I will be implementing the premises outlined in the podcasts. Anyway good work. The nice thing about your site is that even though you may not be the SEO guru (which you do not proclaim to be) you have access to those that are and can present their information to the rest of us.


  • http://www.sarkarinaukrinews.net Free Recharge

    Nice dear sir
    good writing usefull content and beautifull theme i like it

  • http://www.goodlookingloser.com Chris

    Nice dude! I remember was bugging you to do this around Christmas time, it’s always a lengthy project for sure though! Good Luck Patrick! We’ll be watching!!

    I see your sharebar is back too, I know thesis blogs (mine included, I use all the stuff you recommend) was having trouble with them.

  • http://p2plendingexpert.com Stu

    Pat, I think your site is great and I enjoyed this podcast even more than your usual quality work. I recently started a site that I thought would be a niche site (the URL above) and thanks to my existing skill set I have a chance to become a real authority figure in the field and make an authority site out of it. Is there any information here on the blog that can help me with the differences between an authority site and a regular niche site and how to manage and grow them? Thanks.


    p.s. my own Peer to Peer lending efforts have started earning me passive income too (almost $1000/mo) so I feel like I’m part of the club now…..

  • http://casandracampbell.com Casandra

    Great podcast!

    I love Neil’s 200 Outreach Program. We all know we need to reach out to people for promotion, but having a clearly defined program makes it much easier to execute.

    I also love Neil’s emphasis on writing great content that doesn’t shy away from length. 90% of content on the Internet is fluff so it really isn’t that hard to stand out the way Pat and Neil both do – you just have to put the work in!

  • http://www.sleephouse.gr Sonia

    I can’t wait for your second NSD Pat! So excited! I am sure that you will nail it just as usual! Thank you for everything!

  • http://www.webthesmartway.com Siegfried

    Pat, I have a question: how many posts do you have in your blog? do you keep old ones?
    best regards

    • http://squeezepagegraphics.com Chris Silvey

      If I may, WordPress will Archive old posts, but will still be available online. This way inbound links will still work and help in regard to Site SEO as well as Index Count.

  • Steve Young

    Pat, this was an amazing episode! Thanks to you and Neil.

  • Mike Murray

    Hi Pat,

    Just to expand on Neil’s point about Scrapebox being used for White Hat purposes. You should check out this youtube channel:


    This guy Matt Borden, aka Loopline, has created 80 video tutorials on how to use Scrapebox. You may want to get this guy on the show to learn more about how to use this awesome tool!

    I’ve been using it for awhile to harvest sites and it works really well.

    Looking forward to the next podcasts with some more insight into SEO in the post update world!

  • http://wow-facts.com Ninika

    Very good article sir. But, please let me clear that If am working on evergreen niche, as you know this type of website having limited post. Acc. to you, how many post should i write daily ??

  • http://www.howtoearnmoney.tv Bryan Knowlton

    Really enjoyed this podcast. I am going to have to give scrapebox a try, not 100% sure how to make spam free emails, I guess it comes down to keeping the emails personal and focused on delivering high quality content. I see the youtube link above from Mike Murray, going to have to check that link out!

    Also, VERY excited about Niche Site Duel!!! If you need anyone else for a follow along, I have a couple ideas in the hopper and would love to share my niche site success while you are doing yours. Take care Pat! Gonna be a HOT day in San Diego today! Whew!

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    great podcast and waiting patiently…sort of ….for your niche site duel to get going so that i can follow right along. i have a question i’m hoping you can answer…i keep getting conflicting info on whether or not my guest blog posts can be the same as my published post on my site. I know this should be basic info but even from Google webmaster i get conflicting answers. in other words, in the new penguin updates if i guest post in 3-5 sites per week is it considered punishable duplicate content? i thought it was only punishable if it was published multiple times- like dozens, but i keep coming up against blogs who want only original content written specifically for them. if you could clarify this i’d be ever so grateful. thanks

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    • http://www.micronicheblueprint.com Greg

      Brent, My suggestion would be to Start from scratch. I am assuming that if you already have a site, then you have hosting somewhere (Bluehost?) and then you may just be able to add a domain for $10. Might as well find a new idea and run with it along with Pat! (Don’t forget to keep up the other site though) Good Luck!

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    I can’t thank you enough for doing these interviews prior to the launch of the duel, it’s amazing information, I am really blown away.

    Quick thought — when you go through the process, will you be providing a list of recommended plugins? There seems to be a lot of different ideas about what an essential set looks like. Of course everyone’s needs are a bit different, but I started compiling a couple of recommendations vs. what has been working for me. Not only did I learn how to do some things better, but it was really interesting to see why people chose what they did. It also appears that there is a plugin for just about everything you could ever want in a WordPress site, and usually it’s free.

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    People talk here and there about SEO being dead and that social media is the best way to go.

    I just flatly disagree because Search traffic through SEO is the most lucrative customers and contacts you can have. imho

    They are so highly targeted .

    And if you write excellent content and not keep trying to take shortcuts and screwing google then these Algo updates should not affect your Site in the long term !

    Just keep up to date

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    • http://uniquearticlewizards.org Jeroen

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    The one thing I question is the Scrapbox method. Doesn’t this basically constitute spam?
    Relevant topic or not, If you’re emailing people who didn’t opt in to your mailing list, this is basically spamming them.
    Does Neil not attach his name to any of this, or does he not care?

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