How to Find a Mastermind Group

find-mastermind-groupA mastermind group is mandatory to achieve online success.

I wholeheartedly believe this statement because I would not be where I’m at today if it weren’t for the mastermind groups that I’ve been a part of since I began doing business online.

Sure, you can make progress without one, but in order to quickly get to that next level in your business, where things can really begin to accelerate, you need to join a mastermind group.

If you’re serious about wanting to achieve high levels of success, you need to join a mastermind group.

What is a Mastermind Group?

For those of you who don’t know, a mastermind group is just a fancy term for a group of people with a common goal that meet (in person, on the phone, via Skype, chatrooms, meeting software, etc.) to share and learn to improve what they do. Think of it as a show and tell (and ask) for highly motivated individuals who want to get things done.

In these meetings, members of the group share their ideas, questions, triumphs and downfalls. Members with questions get immediate feedback from the others, while everyone learns from everyone else’s experience and wisdom.

Most mastermind group meetings are held in a very formal matter (as outlined below) probably because it’s the most effective structure for the sharing and learning process:

  • Beginning: Each person, one-by-one, talks briefly about their goals from the previous meeting.
  • Middle: A predetermined person in the “hot seat” shares, in detail, any number of issues, complications, questions and concerns about his or her own situation. The rest of the members then respond and contribute to the discussion by offering suggestions or comments based on their expert knowledge and/or experience.
  • End: Each person, one-by-one, talks briefly about the goals that they want to accomplish by the next meeting. Also, the next “hot seat” person is determined so he or she can be ready with questions for the group.

Depending on the mastermind group, the structure may be a little different, however the general idea is the same.

What’s really nice about this format is that because it is so formal, everyone gets to participate and learn from everyone else. I’ve been in non-formal business meetings before, and there’s always a few people who never speak up and don’t get anything out of it. I was one of those people.

The One Benefit We Can All Use

The primary benefits from participating in mastermind groups should be obvious:

  1. You can get any questions you have about what you’re doing answered, or at least talk through how to solve any problems you may be encountering.
  2. You can get a lot of new ideas that you may have never thought of to improve what you’re doing.
  3. You get a second (or third, fourth, fifth, etc.) opinion about any decisions you make with your business. While doing business online, we often experience “tunnel vision”, where we think something is good because we’re so involved in it. But, we sometimes fail to step back and see how things really are, or that it should be approached in a different manner. Your mastermind group can help you step back and see what’s best for you.

Besides those three benefits, there is one extremely important benefit that is rarely mentioned about mastermind groups, and that is accountability.

When you talk to others about what you want to do or what your goals are, you are far more likely to achieve them. Just imagine sharing your goals with a group each week and how much more you would want to accomplish because of it. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to let others in the group down. Or, maybe it’s because we don’t want to seem lazy in front of them. It could even be a subconscious thing. Whatever it is, talking to others about what you want to do will help you achieve success.

How to Find a Mastermind Group

Below is a list of several different ways to find a mastermind group:

  • Start One Of Your Own: Surely you know others with common interests who also love to improve their businesses or blogs too. Why not get a few of them together on a weekly or monthly basis, and start your own mastermind group?
  • Ask Other People: Many people are a part of, or have been a part of mastermind groups that may be looking for new members. It never hurts to ask someone in your niche if they know of any that you could participate in. You might be surprised.
  • is a fantastic site that connect like-minded people with a number of different interests, from scrapbooking to online business and blogging. You can easily search for groups that are already meeting in your area and when the next meeting is scheduled that you can attend. Some of the internet business meetup meetings I’ve been to have been a great learning experience (not to mention great for networking), while other meetings I’ve been to have been just okay.
  • Craigslist: Craigslist may have a number of people with similar goals as yours that you might be able to easily connect with.
  • Internet Business Mastery: I have to credit Sterling and Jay from Internet Business Mastery here because in their Academy, they have a section in their forum that is dedicated just for hooking people up locally for the specific goal of starting a mastermind group. I’ve met with people in San Diego from the Academy and have built long lasting business and personal relationships with these people which have directly helped my businesses. Crazy stuff.

All mastermind groups are different, and it make take a few trials in different groups to find the one that works for you. Good luck with your search, and I hope you find them as useful as I have.

If you have ever been a part of a mastermind group, please share your experience and whether or not you feel they are valuable. Also, do you have any tips to help others who may be looking to join a mastermind group find one?


  • Dan

    Absolutely critical stuff I think a lot of people sit on. My groups have really opened up new opportunities and there isn’t many better ways to identify solutions to sticking points and be held accountable to your progress against them. Think I’ve gotten some pretty decent tips from you too!:)

    • Pat

      We need you to come back so we can meet again. I always learn so much and get inspired by you. When are you headed back?

      • Dan

        Makin’ me blush… Hope to meet up in September, I’ll be visiting the home office in SD I’m looking forward to getting in touch with everyone.

  • Dev | Technshare

    Hey pat,

    Nice Post man. Those are really awesome tips to found mastermind Group.
    Btw. I never heard of, going to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.


    • Pat

      No problem, Dev! Good luck with meetup, there are a lot of groups to participate in. Let me know how it goes!

  • Carey

    Great post Pat!

    I’ve never heard of gotta cheack that out. I realised a few months ago I needed something like this though I didn’t know what exactly its called.

    • Pat

      Thanks Carey. Good luck with finding one for you, I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it.

  • Tyler WebCPA

    I know that when I publicly state a goal, and then have to go back and report on my progress on achieving it to others whose opinions I value, that I am much more motivated and will work much harder to achieve it.
    I have been meeting informally with other entrepreneurs both locally and on the internet but on an informal basis. I like the idea of adding structure and I will try to set something up, thanks.

    • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

      That’s an approach I like to take too (publicly stating goals). Although I don’t have a specific group to share my goals and ideas with, I like to think that just writing for a blog is a great outlet to have the public hold you accountable for your goals (or at the very least, tricking yourself into thinking that they’re holding you accountable).

      • Pat

        Eric, a blog is a great way to hold yourself accountable for the things that you want to do. I often talk about my plans here on SPI, and it helps me follow through with them.

    • Pat

      I totally agree with you Tyler. Even informally, just stating your goals to someone will motivate you to work much harder to achieve it. I think adding structure will definitely keep the flow of your meetings going and stop from getting off track, if they do. The informal ones I used to attend would always get off subject, and sometimes hours would go by without actually learning anything new, since we’d just end up chatting about some random tangent.

  • Mike Roosa

    Thanks Pat. This is an enlightening post. From your experience, what’s a good number of members for a mastermind group?

    • Pat

      Good question Mike. In my experience a group between 4 and 6 members is optimal.

  • Jonathan Butterworth

    Pat this is great stuff. I am really excited that you wrote a post about this because I think I was a little lost on how to find a group.

    • Pat

      Glad you found it helpful Jonathan! Good luck on your search!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Really great post Pat,

    The most dangerous killer is ignorance, I never knew anything about mastermind groups before 😉

    Thanks a lot for this educational post,

    • Pat

      No problem Onibalusi! I’m always happy to help others discover new things to help improve their businesses. Cheers!

  • Gary David | Drive Thousands Of Traffic

    Thanks for sharing this Pat. Nice idea about mastermind group. Will check the site out.



    • Pat

      Thanks Gary. Cheers!

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Hmm….Never thought of ‘Mastermind’ groups, infact I never heard of them!

    But I wonder how successful it will be?


    • Pat

      You’ll never know unless you try and experience one for yourself. For me, they’ve been vital to my success.

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Thanks for the post, Pat. I’ve had a difficult time finding a group of people with which I can share problems, ideas, etc. related to my internet business(es). I think part of the fear many people have is the thought that someone might steal your ideas if you haven’t had a chance to develop them yet. This fear is especially present when you consider a group of people who don’t know each other at all.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • Pat

      It is a concern for many, I know, but in mastermind groups with like-minded folk, it’s usually never a problem. Since everyone else is sharing their ideas too, I think there’s a general understanding that we’re all supposed to help each other, and not steal from the other members. You can usually tell what kind of people are in the group, based on their websites or profiles, and can usually begin to trust someone else who is interested in improving their ideas and businesses as well.

      If you’re worried about someone jacking your ideas, you don’t have to mention those things and can still utilize the group for many other benefits.

  • Serita Diana

    I don’t have a mastermind group, although the thought has crossed… What I do have is an accountability partner that I set specific goals for the week with and then the following week we discuss those goals and what successes or setbacks we had. It’s a smaller level of what you are talking about, but it works great. You never want to go in saying, “Yeah, I know I said I’d do this, but I didn’t.” It keeps you growing and improving all the time.

    • Pat

      An accountability partner s a great idea Serita, and for those who can’t find a mastermind group (or even those that do), finding someone to hold themselves accountable could easily improve their businesses and help them reach their goals!

  • Brandon Winters

    I like the idea here Pat. The thought has crossed my mind, and I’m more ready to get on this boat now than ever. The recruitment shall begin :)

    Thanks for the reminder!


    • Pat

      Good luck Brandon!

  • Jaime

    I had been in mastermind groups before, but last January I was looking to start my own. I read a ton of info about them and the biggest tip I heard was to find people more successful than you for your mastermind.

    If you want to create to passive income, invite people that are doing it successfully.

    It took me a few months, but I found some amazing people to work with. Including the amazing guy behind this blog, Pat Flynn. :)

    Thanks Pat!

    • Pat

      It’s been a pleasure chatting with you and the gang in our mastermind group, Jaime. I’m learning so much, and am happy to contribute as much as I can to the group. Cheers!

  • Richard Scott

    I so need a mastermind group. I have an extremely hard time even finding one single person that does what I do. It would be cool to find others in my niche that can help each other out and build a solid network as well. I will check out those sites. Thanks again!

    • Pat

      No problem Richard! Good luck with the search. It can do wonders, really!

  • Mike Roberts

    I’m on this today. Way to come through in the clutch Pat!

    • Pat

      NP Mike! You can always rely on me to take the final shot 😉

  • Jackie

    I’ve definitely found mastermind groups helpful. It’s absolutely the accountability, plus it’s also great to be able to bounce ideas off others and get feedback. Lots of times the group sees things in a way that really gets you going.

    • Pat

      Yep – 2+ heads are definitely better than one. We’ve had some good chats in groups in the past too Jackie! Cheers!

  • Will

    Anyone from NZ or Australia looking to form a mastermind group?

  • Joany

    Super Cool blog, I found you on my Gmail Buzz wall and WOW! love what you are doing! Thank for sharing. We have to give before receive!

    • Pat

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Joany! I definitely believe in giving before receiving. Online Karma does exist. Cheers!

  • Tony Ruiz

    Nice structure for your mastermind group. Like I said in the comment section of a previous post. Masterminds are crucial and everyone should be part of one if they want to amp up their success. My last mastermind group met at a physical location and now I’m getting ready to form a virtual mastermind group via skype. You think skype will be just as effective as being at a physical location?

    • Pat

      Tony, doing a mastermind group online could even lead to a better experience, depending on the group that you’re forming. Less travel time, and the ability to check things online instantly. Sounds good to me! Cheers bud!

  • Stephen TBA

    Great post. I have tried to get a mastermind group going with a few of my ex work colleagues, but it has never got off the ground. We meet up for beers and have a chat about what we are doing, but for a mastermind group to work well I think you would have to remove the alcoholic element. Maybe I should try again, or create a new group for people interested in meeting up once in a while. It would be a great way to bounce ideas around.

    • Pat

      Hey Stephen – I’ve been a part of groups too that meet and then just chat the whole time too. They’re fun, but without structure that’s usually what always happens!

  • Gregg Swanson

    Hi Pat,
    Funny thing….I was just rereading “Think and Grow Rich” and one key principle in there is a Mastermind Group. Unfortunately my experiences with Mastermind Groups have been less then productive, due to reasons beyond this response. I will say that I take full responsibility for my results…and am now fired up again about starting on/finding one that will assist me in my mental strength coaching.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Pat

      NP Gregg – good luck on the new group. Cheers!

  • Burn Down Easy

    Interesting concept Pat!
    I must admit, I suffer from a paranoia about educating my future competitors and showing my hand too early. I tend to keep business very close to my chest and share only with my business partners. However, I totally understand how mastermind groups are a self-replenishing source of motivation, ideas and accountability… I’m looking forward to hearing more about them.

    • Pat

      I don’t there’s such thing as competitors really, especially if you hook up with the right people. I’ve met with people in my same niche and we both give each other advice about how to improve both of our shares of the market as a whole, discussing trends and stuff like that. It is a legitimate concern though, and I see where you’re coming from with your comment.

      • omni

        Hi Pat. Awesome article and some fantastic conversation happening here in the comments.

        In regards to not having competition among mastermind peers, you have a very good point here. Sometimes, the more specialized in the same skills//profession the more we can learn from each other. This is great for student groups too.

        However, there are some instances where a potential conflict of interest might arise.

        At a recent town resiliency meeting, one of the speakers was a local food grower. The market for his farm is largely restaurants in a hundred mile radius, and local farmers markets. He offered to mastermind with anyone interested in growing food to sell, and even offered to suggest which specific things to grow that are in demand (this being an example of a benefit of masterminding with ‘competition’ – people in the same field (haha, accidental garden joke) because he has more relevant information to share, and more expertise suggestions) but the friendly fellow strongly stressed that he would not be willing to mastermind with anyone who wanted to grow the very same foods that he was growing. Because if that other person succeeded it would be competition in the already covered, limited sized markets that his farm depends on. Thus, there would be a conflict of interest.

        Some things to consider when getting our mastermind together.

  • James Tayo

    I like the accountability aspect. No one wants to come across like as the lazy one.

    Being in the UK, it is actually not as easy to find enough people in the same city to want to set one up… Or maybe that’s just me looking for excuses

    • Pat

      Hey James, have you ever thought of trying to find/start a mastermind group online, so you can meet with people from different areas?

  • Caleb

    I’ve started a blog last November which is getting a good amount of hits and I attended a meet-up here in NY of internet marketers. It has been an enriching experience and we’re having one more next month! The paid forum has also helped me in terms of getting in touch with people with the same issues, goals and aspirations as I have, specifically the dream of living the internet lifestyle!

    • Pat

      That’s cool Caleb! Meet as many times as you can, because you’ll learn so much. The forum is fantastic too. Keep at it, and you’ll be on easy street to living the internet lifestyle!

  • Ron

    Excellent ideas Pat. I’m seriously going to work on this one, since I’m kind of a lone-ranger when it comes to most things (the writer in me). Of course… Tolkien did have his Inkling group. Hmmm…

    • Pat

      Hehe – yeah. I was a lone ranger too at first, but honestly once I started branching out and asking (and giving) advice, I found my businesses started to grow quickly!

  • Pam

    I really like this idea. I’ve been talking with friends to try to get someone involved to partner with and share ideas with but no luck so far. I’m in Los Angeles and did a quick search with no luck. Maybe I’ll have to start one myself.

    • Pat

      You might want to try searching on forums that are related to your niche too, if possible. If that doesn’t work, then starting your own would be a great thing to do!

  • Parag Shah

    Has anyone had experience with an online Mastermind group?

    I know there is something to be said about real world meetings, but I like the thought of an online group because it may have a lot of diverse people from different places.

    • Pat

      Parag – online mastermind groups are fantastic. it’s a great way to connect with like-minded individuals that are not in the same area as you. The only concern is time zone differences, but they usually work out.

  • Torrey

    I’ve already contacted some like-minded individuals (5) & we’re going to use for this. Great concept.

    • Pat

      Good stuff Torrey! TokBox should work great for that. Cheers!

  • Joe


    Thanks for the suggestions for finding a mastermind group. I’ve known the concept for several years and have tested out a couple groups, but they were too pricey for me at the time. I think a mastermind group would be helpful, though. It’s just a matter of finding the right people. I’ll check out Thanks.

    • Pat

      Hey Joe – thanks for the comment. Some Mastermind Groups do cost some money, but if you can do your research and look for the right folk, you won’t need to pay at all. In fact, none of the groups I am in or ever have been in required any form of payment. The exchange and wealth of information contributed by each person was enough. Cheers!

  • Dustin Stevens-Baier

    Thanks for the great post. I can’t wait to find a group!

    • Pat

      NP Dustin. Good luck!

  • A.M.

    Hi Pat,

    This is a terrific post! I’ve been searching for people to join me in a mastermind group for over a year now. However, I live in the middle of rural nowhere with people who still ask me why I’m not married with children even though I’m not 30 yet. I’ve been wanting to start an online mastermind group and I would like to know if you have any tips for getting people interested in forming mastermind groups online. I know it’s better to do it with people in person, but I think my options are mostly aimed toward forming/joining an online mastermind group.

    • Pat

      Hi A.M. – probably the easiest and best way to find a group, which I should have mentioned in the post, is to join a forum related to your niche. Within that forum, usually there are places where you can easily network and connect with like-minded individuals who may be interested in participating in a group. I have been a part of a few online groups and they are great. it’s tough to find the perfect fit of people in the same location, so online is the answer.

      • A.M.

        Thanks, Pat!

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  • rob


    I just posted on a forum i recently joined to see if any newbies and experienced people would be open to starting a newbie mastermind :)

    Community of learners is what I’m all about!!!!

    Thanks Pat!

  • Mike

    There’s a saying that we are the 5 people we associate with most. Getting on the “right path” is so important in business and in life in general.

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  • Casey

    Thanks for this post, Pat. I just found some great groups on to help me with my fledgling site ( There are several on SEO that look like they are legitimately trying to help and not upsell you.

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  • Emmanuel

    Thanks for your write up, its like adding gasoline to my almost empty online biz [attempt] tank. My problem is info overload so i have been trying to sift and choose. I believe that a mastermind group with experienced members will help me do so by being accountable each time we meet

  • Dean

    Hi Pat,

    Everything you spoke of in this post is true. I have been reading about the Mastermind Principle in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and the more I hear of it the more I am conviced that I need to be a part of one, rather, I NEED to be a part of one. I have not posted anything on my blog (my very pityful blog) for a while because I have been studying a lot, (domain name registration, list building strategies), I am half way through your very awesome ebook and I will be using your intructions to create my next blog. I have domain name “I think” and ideas for an ebook that I must write. I am inspired by your posts and as soon I as have my blog up and running I will let you know.

    Keep up your awesome work.


    PS. I am learning a lot from your posts.

    • Pat

      Thanks for the comment, Dean. A lot of people have told me they heard about Masterminds from the same book. Many who followed through say it immensely increased all aspects of their business. It’s working for me too.

      Thanks for grabbing my eBook, and I wish you all the best. Cheers! Let me know when your blog is up.

  • danny


    just found this brilliant blog

    so different from the general junk that is around
    and so many decent comments and feedback

    I am looking now for a MM group around Bournemouth Dorset area
    Or I suppose could start one

    • Jez

      Hi Danny,

      I am based in bournemouth, are you still looking to form a mastermind group?

  • tonyy

    hi pat, Iam in Maryland like this idear master mind group what do i do to start my M.M.G ?

  • danny

    so thats two of us looking for a mm group

    there must be an easier way


  • wendy kier

    This is a really great post, thanks for sharing. I’m just about to start my own Mastermind group for female business owners/entrepreneurs so it was great to read about the clear benefits you have outlined….

  • AJWalton

    I’m going to take action right now and try to set up my own mastermind group. I think getting other people’s perspectives can really prevent us from getting into a rut, or as you said, thinking what we’re doing is “so great.” Thanks for posting this Pat.

    • Diane Williams

      Pat, I am seeking to join a group. Please tell me more about your group.
      Thank you, Diane

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  • Solomon Mwale

    Thank you for sharing the tips I am on the way to starting on in my area and I believe this will be of great impact as there is no one doing something like this in my area. Thank you so much for the information that you are offering on this blog

  • pat farren Pat this is a new mentoring group just started since the start of the year they are providing excellent help and everyone is really growing their business with all the help each other give.
    I really love the community and for anyone starting out this is a great place to start.
    Thanks pat your work is amazing as usual I have been following you from nearly when you started.Pat Farren

  • Cathy Demers (Business Mastermind Teams)

    I am on a mission to help small business owners find the best mastermind group for them – it’s so important! I’d like to invite you to visit It’s a very unique strategy to ensure that every small business owner can find a great mastermind team to join without having to waste precious time looking for one, or building their own.

  • Daniel Holmes

    Great article on the benefits of using a mastermind group – as described by Napoleon Hill after reading his wonderful book “Think and Grow Rich” for the third time I decided to build a network solely for online mastermind groups at this is the #1 source for online mastermind groups to hold meetups via video-chat, they can share files, post to their own mastermind blog and connect with other like-minded people. Many more features and benefits as stated here in your post. Regards to all!

  • Dan @ I Would Coach

    Has anyone found a great resource for finding a mastermind group?

  • Cathy Demers (Business Mastermind Teams)


    I think I have the “perfect” solution for you! Check out

    You don’t have to find a group…or build your own, because we do it all for you!

    We have great mastermind groups looking for new members right now. If you have questions just let me know.



  • Bettina

    Hi Dan and anyone else looking for a mastermind group,

    I’m starting one in June! It’s not limited to entrepreneurs looking to make smart passive income, but for anyone who has a project to launch / finish.

    Because it’ll be the second time I’m facilitating it, it’s priced as a beta test to make you say yes.

    Here’s more information:

    Otherwise, like many other commenters, I find these groups critical for helping me move forward. Unlike friends, they have an unbiased perspective. And because I try to bring in people of different fields, I think it’s a lot more creative for feedback and advice than just all your peers in the same fields.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Master Mind Groups

    Hi @Dan and others looking to find peer business groups. We’re working on helping solve this problem now with our current project, VocalTap. We are constantly matching mastermind groups together via regular video chats and would love to see more people take advantage! Give a look and let me know of any questions –


    • MasterMindo

      Seems like vocaltap is not active anymore… did it not work out?

  • Zachary Quintana

    Hey Pat,

    Do you have any recommendations for groups here in SD?


  • Chris Jones

    The ideas in the “How to Find a Mastermind Group” are not very good choices. Meetup is only good if you live in a big city and Craigslist is full of spammers. It’s not your fault Pat, there just isn’t any really good sites for this. I have considered building one but I don’t have the time and it is not where my focus is. Hopefully, some on who reads this site will get aggravated enough and build one.

  • Anthony

    Anyone looking to form a Mastermind Group via Google Hangout?

    • CI guy

      Anthony I may be starting a Google Groups based Hangout. Connect with me via Twitter @jayreis we can chat

  • CI guy

    Anyone who is about to launch or has launched a Saas business and is interested in joining a Master Mind group I am looking to start a Google Hangouts group and/or Join an existing group. If you are the owner of a Saas company and in a Mastermind group with openings or looking to join a group please reply to this post so I can reach out 😉

    • FT


      I’m in the process of launching a tiny SaaS product and would like to know more. I’ve been looking for a mastermind to join.

      • CI guy

        Hello thanks I replied to your tweet!

  • Julia

    I definitely struggled with finding a group! Now I’m helping match people into like-minded groups based on their type of business & experience level. If you’re looking for a Mastermind group, I might be able to help!

  • Babushka Kushkush
  • jdragonfly

    Check this organization out – it is expanding the power of this concept and transforming the businesses of the members of its groups –

  • Gabriela Steiner

    Hi all, I’m planning to start a Mastermind Group with 3-4 people.

    If you are committed to your online business and to helping others, you might be a right fit for the group!

    I’ve put together the structure for our meetings and more details here:

    Looking forward to inspiring Mastermind sessions!

  • fawnkey

    Great article Pat! I’m a huge fan of Masterminding, and have experienced fantastic success in my business since I joined my first Mastermind group 7 years ago. I recently wrote a book called “Mastermind Your Way To Success” that I would like to share with you and your readers. Download it free at

    Keep up the good work!

  • MikeProGamerHub

    Anyone looking for a Mastermind Group? Will take place via Skype or Google Hangout depending on the wants of the group. Looking to make it 3-5 people dedicated to Internet Business!

    Will meet once a week but find out more here:

    Hope to hear from you guys soon,
    Mike Romaine

    • John Devor

      Hi Mike, we actually run mastermind groups over at Online Peers, and they’re run by extremely qualified coaches. Check it out if you’re interested and let me know what you think!

  • MattsMedia

    If you’re in the Vancouver area check out Internet Masterminds – It is a great place to meet likeminded people and form your own small masterminds. This is the largest Internet marketing Meetup in the world (over 4100 members), meets every Monday from 7-9pm and features a new Internet marketer sharing this/her insights each week. Btw Pat, if you’re ever in Vancouver we’d love to feature you as a speaker!

  • Kathy Pine

    Great post! I decided to start my own mastermind group. We are starting in January. We will cover various topics over a 6 week period on how to love your freelancing. Find out more on my website.

  • Ashley Andrews

    Great post, Pat, thanks so much for sharing. I’ve never tried masterminding but I have friends who have, and they all loved it. It’s a great way to connect with others from your niche and talk about common problems and experience.

    • John Devor

      Hi Ashley, we facilitate the creation of mastermind groups at Plus, they’re run by extremely qualified coaches. Check it out if you’re interested and let me know what you think!

  • siva

    Hi… I am Siva from India and entrepreneur.I hope to start MASTER MIND GROUP upto 5 people . Only by chat up to 10 messages per week. Reason for the group is to instigate each other to be succeed in life… The reason I kept 10 messages per week because then it complicated and we won’t able to require action
    Please don’t call
    These are contact details how you touch me
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  • Diane Williams

    I am seekking to join a Masstermind group. Need a member?


  • Paul

    Great article Pat! Glad to see other SPI fans looking to connect, I’m checking out a few of the links. I’m in the Orange County, California area if anyone wants to start a mastermind, or connecting virtually would work too. I’m available on Twitter @awesomelyhumble. I’ve had several business over the last decade and a half, and most all were online and in various industries. Looking forward to connecting! -Paul

  • Paul

    I’m finding that it would be more effective to be a part of a mastermind group with people that have similar goals–not just any entrepreneur/business owner. For example, people who are looking to run a podcast, or write a book, or create an online course, or have an e-commerce business, start-up investment, etc… The goals/agendas/experiences will be more aligned and effective for each of the participants.

    Having a group of 3-5, 6 max is more effective, otherwise you run into time constraints.

    And I agree with others; it needs to be formal, succinct, and organized. Some people tend to talk to much and go off topic (which can be frustrating to others, even though some might not speak up), or some people might not know what to say/ask. Having a moderator would be a good idea.

    Hope this helps!


    • Paul

      I am looking to connect and possibly have a weekly mastermind session with others in the online information space, preferably working on creating an online course. I think chances are good to find others in the SPI community to connect. You can email me at whiteblazer01 (at) gmail (dot) com.


      • John Devor

        Hi Paul, we facilitate the creation of mastermind groups at Plus, they’re run by extremely qualified coaches. Check it out if you’re interested and let me know what you think!

  • nazaninzahra

    It was an interesting article. Do really mastermind group of you to bring success?
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  • justin

    Hello all. I really enjoyed the article. For a while now I’ve been stuck in a rut with an idea I have and have been really believing that the way to move forward is to get a group together to help brainstorm alot of the questions and concerns I have with the idea and how I should go about making it happen. Please any and all thoughts I would really appreciate it.

  • Need_for_feed

    Hey… anybody heard of this site to help find mastergroups Thinking of giving it a try, since its free.

  • Paulo

    I found a service that does exactly this: Seems pretty cool. If somebody knows some other site, please let me know as well.

  • Audrey Smith

    When you fall into a rut, your mastermind group helps you tackle challenges and
    problems together. We wrote about why you should consider joining a mastermind group to get results faster when you’re running a start-up business,

  • Charles Johnson

    I’m looking for a mastermind. I’m really surprised there are no resources for this. seems to only be local.

  • D

    Too much red on your website. I had no will to read the full article because of the page design.

    • Sean Blackburn

      Yeah Pat, you better change that or you’ll never be successful 😉

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  • intellimission

    thanks a lot for sharing the meaning of mastermind groups in a simple way..
    coach usa | mastermind groups

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  • neha mahto

    great post. i also a member of mastermind group it really teaches a new things.

    what is mastermind groups

  • Nicole Bryan
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  • Paul Zakrzewski

    Hi – Based in Santa Barbara and hoping to launch a new biz this spring. Looking for a mastermind group in case there’s one currently active that is looking for a new member or else there are still folks interesting in forming something new.

    • Joy Winning

      I’m up in Washington, looking for a mm partner as well.

      • Paul Zakrzewski

        Hi, Joy –
        Sounds great. Do you want to talk off-board? I’m at pzak68 at Thanks! -Paul