How to Make an Electronic White Board for Your Videos

Electronic White BoardA lot of people have been asking me for a more detailed explanation about how I create my electronic white board videos, so I decided to create a video that explains it better than any blog post or podcast episode could do.

If you’re not sure what an electronic white board video is, it’s a video that records a person drawing on the screen, which mimics the idea of a teacher drawing on a dry-erase board or chalkboard.

Here are some videos I’ve created in the past that utilize the whiteboard effect:

Electronic white boards (EWB) videos work extremely well because:

  • They’re more engaging. Unlike boring slideshow presentations, there’s more movement on the screen so they’ll hold an audience’s attention much better.
  • They’re different. Not everyone publishes videos like this, and even if they knew how most will not take the time to actually do it. This is an easy way to stand out of the crowd.
  • They’re a fantastic teaching tool. I hope we’re all in this for the purpose of helping other people achieve something, understand certain concepts or implement specific strategies. If that’s the case, the EWB is a great way to produce (and consume) content much easier than a regular blog post, podcast episode or video can do, depending on the topic of choice.

Below is a video explaining the exact process:

(Click here to view How to Create an Electronic White Board on YouTube)

Items mentioned in the video:

Additional Tips

If you will be doing some EWB videos, here are some additional tips I can give you so you can get the most out of your effort:

  • Practice. Practice. Practice. It takes time to get used to drawing on the screen, and to talk while doing so is a whole new challenge. But, the rewards are there and after a few practice runs I’m sure you’ll pick it up in no time. The nice thing, also, is that you can edit these videos, so unlike a live chalkboard or dry-erase style presentation, you can mess up and just edit those parts out later.
  • Write big. The bigger the writing, the easier it is to see (duh!), so make it easy for your audience to see what you’re writing about by writing big. Don’t rely on them to go fill size with their screens because they’re not always going to do that.
  • Utilize layers in Photoshop and Gimp: If you’ll be writing on top of your background image on Photoshop or Gimp, then make sure you write on a layer on top of your background layer. This way, you can easily delete the images by just turning that layer off. You could get even more ninja by utilizing multiple layers for different parts of your drawings too.

Video Tricks

A quick sidenote:

I’ve been experimenting with some new YouTube video techniques to increase subscribership and views.

I’d like you to check out my special ending to the EWB video, which you can go directly to by clicking the link here.

I’d love to know if you think the annotation technique I’m using works or not.

I’m following my own advice and utilizing more video for 2012, so definitely subscribe to the YouTube channel here because there will be a lot more helpful videos to come.

And lastly…

Win a Free Pen and Tablet and some Screen Recording Software Too!

EWB GiveawaySo, I have an extra brand new Pen and Tablet by Wacom sitting around (model CTL460) , and I’d like to give it away for FREE!

I’ll also throw in a copy of either Camtasia or Screenflow (your choice) so you can have the screen recording software that you need to get started.

In order to qualify to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by the end of the week (11:59am Saturday 12/17/11) explaining what kind of videos you like to produce using the EWB technique, and why it would be beneficial for your audience.

That’s it.

One entry per person, and I get to choose the winner.

I’ll announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter the next day and email the winner for shipping information.

I’ll choose someone who I feel will actually put this stuff to good use.


Cheers, and good luck!

Update: Congratulations to Sarah Clark for winning the Pen/Tablet & Screen Recording Software! The selection was extremely difficult – so difficult in fact I put my favorite comments into a pool and randomly selected a winner from there. I’m sorry I couldn’t give more away :( – Congrats to Sarah, and thanks once again to everyone who participated!

  • Tony Elam

    I plan to seminars and videos to help people get out of debt, and manage their finances better. This would be so helpful in explaining how to set up budgets and other lessons. I think the handwritten aspect would be visually more appealing than screenshots of spreadsheets.

  • Mariah

    Hi Pat… I’m relatively new to your site and just starting my online business. The videos I create demonstrate how self-hypnosis and meditation can help people with physical ailments.

  • Jason Vozzella

    Hey Pat….as always, great content….thanks for all you do and offer! This is a very generous offer, and if I were lucky enough to win, I would use the tablet to record videos regarding ‘Life, Leadership & Leaving a Legacy’

    Good luck to all!!!

  • Stefan |

    Pat I love these videos all the time, they make your thoughts so clear, in a way writing can never do. Video gives something special, something extra to the way you give your content to your readers.

    As a college blogger, my audience is really (really really time 28) familiar with whiteboards. As I have a highly visual mindset, drawing something would work better than writing (although I love to craft this skill).

    Right now I’ve done some drawings, some flowchart type of things, including one about how I keep track of all the information I am interested in. (For who’s interested:

    This one thing took me over 2 hours to create through photoshop (still really proud of it). And I think I can easily do such things with this pad and pencil within five minutes! With myself speaking at it as well, explaining, with my Dutch accent, it would be a great experience.

    The videos? Videos explaining my thoughts on things, explaining concepts as well. Although my handwriting is not that good (in the end, I am a med student and will become a MD ;)), I think it would help!

    One side-note, I live in the Netherlands, if shipping isn’t a problem, this would be my entry :)

  • Chad Ettelbrick

    I love the EWB idea. It would come in handy for several web sites I run that have how-to ideas. I also love the idea of doing live sports telestrator work in videos.

  • Srdjan – Bloom to Fit

    Hey Pat, this is an awesome contest! Thanks for providing such great content as usual.

    What would I use the pad for?

    I run a fitness blog called Bloom to Fit. It’s a site dedicated to helping people build a better body. When it comes to explaining fitness concepts to my readers, I often like to use scientific backings (graphs, anatomical sketches, etc.) to really help people grasp the concept of what it is they’re actually doing, not just telling them to do it.

    The videos I would create with the Pen and Tablet would help me do exactly that – help people better understand the concepts I’m trying to explain. For instance, I want to do a video outlining the negative effects partial squats can have on your knees. Instead of showing them another ‘how to do a proper squat video’, I would provide an anatomical sketch of the knee joint during an improper squat and show exactly how different forces can impact the knee. This would really help my readers visualize what I’m talking about.

    That’s it. Thanks again for the opportunity Pat!

    Srdjan Popovic

  • Zenee Miller

    Hi Pat,

    As an on-site Microsoft trainer, i would use these videos to record various training session of common techniques to assist my online students! This would be beneficial to my students because the video would enhance my awesome courseware!

  • Richard Seaver

    Hey Pat,

    I love your video! I work with kids with Autism up in Orange County and I would love to make some videos to offer resources to parents of kids with autism. There are so many resources out there that are either dated, or difficult to understand and I would like to try to create some new content that would be helpful. Thanks so much for all you do man!


  • Mindy

    I would love to have a tablet like this for my wedding/crafting/lifestyle blog, I feel like it would make my DIY tutorials much easier and more fun to watch! Great giveaway!

  • Lourdes Welhaven

    Pat, I’ve been organizing a regional monthly women’s networking group for years. We have over 1000 ladies on our database! While I’ve had a website for the group for years, it’s only been recently that I’ve upgraded the site for the benefit of the group (and myself). The networking group is not a direct money maker as it is right now, it’s been a way for me to promote my firm. The group is not a club nor is it a formal association. Rather it’s a company project. Through the networking efforts, I know that we’ve helped women grow businesses and change lives …but there’s so many more business women to reach! So I’m slowly working on expanding and monetizing the site, just beginning to blog on the website, and I’m following you religiously to get inspiration on how I can emulate your processes for my purposes. I already have Camtasia but the board, pen and screenflow would such a bonus. The website is currently targeting women in 2 counties, but I’m planning on introducing so much more (videos, webinars, podcasts) because I know I can help women to connect with other like-minded business-women from all over the world. These tools would help me to teach networking skills and facilitate learning for relationship building on a local and national level. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  • Danielle McGaw

    Wow – this is totally bizarre! I dreamed last night that you had something extra and were giving it away. Of course, in my dream you gave it to me. :) For real though – I really did dream that! LOL

    Ok – why should I have it? Because I’ve really been enjoying using screencasting software to show people how to do things but I think it would make them even better if I could circle things, draw arrows, and so on to highlight the part that I am talking about instead of just hovering the mouse over it. I’d like to make the videos better with illustrations (stick figures can be very illustrative!). I think that my market (mainly freelance writers that want to learn to blog and use social media better) could really benefit from seeing more videos from me.

  • Robert


    I made my first video this year because of your inspiration and your reader challenges. I would like to make more for my niche about personal finance, and the EWB would make it easy to highlight different tips when it comes to investing and money management!

  • Don

    Hey Pat,
    Another great post. I have a tablet, but needed this kind of help to get me off dead center.

    I’m curious though, do you add the audio after the video is shot and edited or do you record the audio while drawing, etc.? Help on this piece of it would be awesome.

    Happy Holidays!……..Don

  • Tram Tran @young business oppotunities

    perfect timing! I’m about to make some cool vids to throw in my blog and the screen recording program is definitely a must-buy.

    I’m planning to use the pad to draw mind-maps, explain my thoughts, taking technology to the next level…

    hmmm, the more I think about it, the more I want it, what do i do?

  • Jared

    Great practical illustration of using these great visual tools. I just listened to your expo presentation again and have been focusing on my YouTube channel and consistently adding more videos and being more transparent. I would use the tablet and Camtasia to illustrate practical ways of finding happiness. How so? Glad you asked. People (self included) are very visual and using illustrations and notes adds a personal touch and I’m constantly looking for new ways to help my audience reach their goals.

    On another note, I was totally blown away by the amount of exposure you’ve gotten via iTunes and your podcasts. It’s inspired me to start a podcast with my wife and I to add more resources and increase my audience. Thanks!

  • Jessica Rohloff

    After seeing your recent posts on videos this is something I think I could use perfectly with my existing blog, and will be an asset to future ones! I currently have a coupon blog and frankly some things are more easily shown, than written. I’ve watched video’s done by other coupon blogs, and I think whiteboard videos would work much better for some of the things we explain to people. Coupons have been a lifesaver for my family after my husband lost his job, the same year we had our son, and I love helping others learn the money saving methods used. I’m not “extreme” in the least, and try to teach “polite” coupon use. Love your blog by the way!

  • Marcus Wickes

    Woohoo! Free stuff just in time for Christmas. I actually like these types of presentations. Russell Brunson did a product launch recently that had a guy drawing. Reminded me of the old UPS commercials on TV… remember the guy drawing with a brown marker on a whiteboard?

    Anyway, I am pretty artistic and I would love to record some WordPress tutorials for my clients like this. Brings through a little bit of “me” and like you said, it’s not as boring as a powerpoint.

  • Addison Aspilla

    This is hilarious, I just finished listening to SPI Session 27 and Harnessing the Power of Social Proof, and here you are doing just that!

    I love how you practice what you preach <—- social proof right there. LOL.

    Anyways, here are the things that my wife Jenn and I would share with people using the EWB technique:

    1. Focusing on What Matters Most in Life (Faith, Family, Friends, Health, etc.)

    2. Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

    3. Work-Life Balance

    We know that many people in our online community can get so caught in the chaos of life, and so we teach others to take intentional breaks and rest.

    You're awesome,


  • Devon

    Hey, Pat. Great post as always.

    I’d love to get the tablet and software as I am setting up my first blog with digital photograpy tips and tutorials. The site’s not quite set up yet but I plan to use video as much as possible. Specifically, I would demonstrate a tip then bring up a photo and use the pen to draw on the photo to show how the image was affected by the camera setting or technique. I think it would be very effective.

  • John Paul

    Hey Pat

    Great white board video.. Might have to try this out.

    Also the annotation trick worked perfect..Very nice man :)

  • Philip Mahler

    I need to win this!

  • Joe Daniel

    Hey Pat, really generous offer. I love the videos you produce this way and I’ve been struggling with how to put down the jack to get something like this started!

    How would I use them? I’m a football coach and my niche is all about my passion – coaching football. What would I use it for? Drawing X’s and O’s of course. Who needs a chalkboard more than a coach?

    Really though, I’ve done a few videos where I spent a mind-numbing amount of time animating Power Points so the little guys run around the field for a 5 minute video clip. I have done others where I’m standing in front of a white board drawing the plays, but augh the quality is so terrible. Bad lighting, bad sound, etc. I used the same camera we use to film our games, its not really designed for that!

    That’s my pitch. Awesome offer though and I love your stuff! I just joined Internet Business Mastery and was listening through the archives of the podcasts when I heard your first “breakthrough” interview! WOW!

  • Yolanda

    Thanks, Pat! I have never read a piece of your content without walking away thinking, “that guy is amazing,” continuing to be impressed by how much value you give, and wanting to go through your whole website right that minute to learn everything you are teaching. I would love to use the Wacom tablet and pen and screen recording software to enhance the Tibetan Home Cooking videos we shoot. These videos show my Tibetan husband cooking, step-by-step, authentic Tibetan recipes that Tibetan people cook at home. The videos are a great tool for teaching and preserving this important piece of Tibetan culture, and it would be wonderful to be able to “write on the whiteboard” in order to better explain some of the detailed steps in the cooking, without having a static bullet list or text.

    Anyway, thank you always for your genuinely wonderful, generous content. I have learned so much, and still have so much to explore on your site :-)


  • Darragh Flynn

    Hey Pat,

    Would LOVE to win the tablet to enhance my website planning process. Although not a direct audience tool, I would use it to create endless mashups of website designs, models and workflows so that I could optimise my skills as a web developer.

    My desk is too small for countless sheets of paper with scribblings everywhere! I need streamlining!

    Best of luck to those clearly more deserving of me! :)

    Darragh Flynn

  • Ben

    Pat I just purchased my first iMac and I am loving it! I would use the pen/tab and ScreenFlow to create customized video tutorials for my clients that need help using Premium WordPress themes and WordPress frameworks. It would an awesome way to create instructional type videos giving them a little “wow” factor! Love how you use the pen/tab for your SPI vids.

  • Jackie

    I’m loving the annotation technique. It looks so professional and yet still incorporated with YouTube; almost like YouTube went all SPI to further promote your videos.

    As far as the contest goes, I would really like to win Camtasia. I’ve finished my first video using the trial version and can’t wait to make more. (It’s on a different site that’s not officially launched yet, not my blog linked here.) To be honest though I don’t think I’d use the tablet because I have horrific handwriting, and I didn’t see where it included the magically-fix-your-handwriting option :)

    I can see where it’d be useful though for others :)

  • Nick

    Hey Pat. Great Video! Always been wondering about the EWB. Can your next video be about customizing your opt-in form? How did you do that? As far as winning the tablet. I would love to use it in my videos. I just bought a screen recorder. $12 for a year. It’s called Screencast-o-matic, I recommend it. I would love to be able to write on the screen on websites that I plan to start reviewing. I usually am on websites when I take video, rather then on a EWB. But knowing how to make it may allow me to come up with some videos using it. Thanks Pat!

  • Caleb Wojcik

    Hey Pat,

    I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing how to videos about personal finance (investing, budgeting, etc.) for a while now and using an electronic whiteboard would be the best way to not bore my audience with the topic.

    My audience has asked for tutorials on how to create a retirement portfolio and it would be easier to explain all the different options available using an EWB.

    Great walkthrough as always Pat.


  • Jena

    Hi Pat!
    I am so thankful to you for this video. I was trying to explain this to my Photoshop savvy sister. Now she can help me put a background together :-)

    I would use a tablet/pen for Webinars and videos to supplement my new eBook on websites for therapists. Since my audience isn’t super tech savvy- arrows, stick people, underlined, etc. will help them visually understand what to do!

  • Ryan

    Hi Pat,

    Over the last 2 months, through the IBM Acadmey and Coaching program with Jay and Sterling, I have been making the transition from student to teacher….from consumer to distributor…..from observer to creator.

    I have build a new website, to help photo enthusiasts break through their fears and sticking points to become fullfiled and profitable wedding photographers.

    It’s a mission I’m proud to take on….for me, my audience, and my family.

    Though I’m not a guru, I know I have great, life changing information to share to my audience.

    But I’m just getting started, and I need help on my journey.

    I’m in great need to watch and connect with trial-blazers like yourself (and Jay and Sterling and so many great teachers that have come before me) to give me hope and answers……..and I’m in great need of tools (software, hardware, etc.) to help me reach and teach as many people as possible.

    With Camtasia and a Pen and Tablet in hand, I will be able to create AMAZING online tutorials to teach great photographers how to become great wedidng photographers and great business owners.

    Thanks for everything,


  • Peter Raber

    I used a Wacom Cintique to create my first app, an interactive children’s book for the iOS. It’s coming out in January. I am going to be creating another app and hopefully more after but I lost access to the Cintique and am building some cash up to get a new tablet. Winning a contest would save some time. I’m also launching a podcast and vlog around the app development department (being everywhere :).

  • Adam


    I love the fact that you are giving away a free pen and tablet. I am also giving away a gift to my readers this month (Free niche website which already makes money).

    Anyways, I would love this. Right now I am currently using a regular whiteboard to make videos for my Youtube channel and it is working out really well. I have received a lot of new subscribers since I start posting new videos. I also too your advice and checked out Gideon’s site to learn more about marketing through Youtube.

    I believe that my audience would really benefit from this device because the camera I am using right now is a little blurry which makes the writing harder to see. I know that a better camera would be the best idea but I just don’t have the money to spend on a new camera at this time.

    As far as the software is concerned, I have contemplated buying Camtasia but have just not done it yet because of the cost. I know I could use it being that many of my videos have things that should be cut out.

  • Ellie Walsh

    Great Video! Good information … concise, very professional! I love the ability at the end to be able to click over to your other videos! Yes … I think that works!

    I currently do in-person presentations and use a white board when I speak … Sometimes it is just a word — sometimes I am drawing the brain (that is always interesting!) Sometimes I am writing the answers the class participants call out to me. This method is always an audience pleaser – they tell me that my writing these words, drawing … etc – helps them to retain the info.

    I am just now starting to utilize videos… and I see how much this technique, EWB, would benefit me …. and my audience!

    Thanks for a informative post/video! :)

  • Brandon

    hey Pat!

    wow I was just thinking of getting a pen and tablet somehow before christmas, and I found your contest just in time!!

    I run a combination of topics: fitness, self-help, motivational, and psychological topics on my blog (currently under construction) with a main goal of really helping people understand and become of aware of their healths and the also the people around them.

    I just started making Youtube videos like crazy and I really wanted to add variation to the types of videos I make.

    With the Pen and Tablet, I really hope to teach about fitness and nutrition, explaining complex concepts and making them very simple to understand with step by step instructions. For example, trying to determine how much calories to eat is of course different for every person, but there is a mathematical process (or a formula) that anyone can do to calculate that. And with the tablet, I can show them step by step how to go about calculating it easier to understand and implement right away.

    I also love to tell stories through visual writing and images. When I was in college, I majored in linguistics and astrophysics, and explaining concepts by mouth was really not easy and frustrating especially with this topics. But when I got on the whiteboard, it was much more easy to explain, because I was able to draw images and graphs that told…stories…to help my audience understand.

    Now that I’m running a blog about fitness and health, I hope to do the same with this pen and tablet. So if I wanted to tell my fitness transformation story, I can do so by drawing out maybe a chronological time-line of that transformation or even some recipes that inspired me to eat healthier along the way.

    –>If you’ve seen some of the videos that ‘’ puts on Youtube, they really inspired me to put videos that not only educate but create awareness and that’s essentially the kind of videos I want to put on my channel, but of course, ones that represent who I am.

    here’s they’re channel if you want to take a look.

    Other topics I’ll love to talk about are, explaining body fat percentages, nutritional information (like how to read food labels), explaining workout schedules and time-management, workout move tutorials, the difference between grass-fed and conventional beef, Beachbody business/network marketing tips etc.

    Thanks Pat for this opportunity and everything else that you do.


  • Jeremy Roberts

    Hi Pat!
    I’d really like to get started with the EWB technique to showcase better use of productivity technology, specifically applications such as Evernote and SugarCRM. Using the EWB method I would be able to really highlight ideas and concepts to get the most out of these technologies. Not only would I be able to point out (with arrows and circles etc) key areas, but I would also be able to build up an idea throughout a video.

    Additionally, I would look to use it live in a webinar to really work with feedback from the audience. Jotting down questions and topics suggested by the audience to let others know what people are really saying. I would then use this as a basis to diagram out, in real-time, a solution to the problem at hand.

    Love your work!

  • Keeon Taylor

    My website is all about providing simplified information on fitness. It takes all the complex information and provides it in a way that the average person can understand and implement. The EWB technique will be beneficial because it will create the visual appeal of providing basic information on a board. In other words basic information presented in a basic way.

  • Shawn McAfee

    I have not used this strategy yet as I am just getting started in my business. However from the very first thought I had on mountain bike guides I wanted to utilize this technique to help show a new rider how to overcome obstacles and how to choose the best line down a trail. Being able to Visually display these advanced techniques would be an outstanding breakthrough.

  • Jason Spencer

    Great Ideas Pat! I love the EWB concept and the idea for the contest. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

    In my previous life before quitting my job in corporate america, I used whiteboards all the team in meetings and especially when teaching and coaching my staff. Its such a great way for me to visualize and organize my thoughts as I am speaking, and it really helps my audience to stay engaged and visualize the concepts for themselves.

    I am currently working on building a community at and my passion is to help people rise above the walls in their life that are imprisoning them, such as the dreaded cubicle or other things that limit people’s beliefs in themselves. I would love to use the EWB as another tool that would aid in helping people to discover the wings they have so they can soar, as you have discovered for yourself Pat!

  • Salman Ahsan

    The Art of Giving :) I like.. Good stuff Pat.. I was always thinking about getting one and I guess I will pretty soon. I would prefer screenflow over camtasia unless you have a very powerful pc to edit videos. Anyways, I want someone, who will make the best out of it, to win :) so good luck guys and Happy holidays

  • Gay Aida

    Argh! You got me there. I thought you’re using a software that records your actions or something. That’s pretty smart of you Pat!

    Actually, the first time I saw one of your and it made me go searching around Google but there’s nothing that is somewhat near to what you’re doing. haha..

    oh well, thanks for sharing Pat!

  • Brendan Vraibel

    Awesome video, Pat. I’ve been wondering about this type of thing since the first video that I saw of yours about FBML static welcome pages.

    If I were to be lucky enough to win I would use the pen and tablet to continue to teach IM to the (few) followers that I have. I’ve been trying to mirror your blog/business for quite a while now and I love the personal feel that the pen and tablet gives. It would be incredibly beneficial to my subscribers.

  • Adam

    Hey Pat — Great giveaway!

    I would love to use this to start filming YouTube videos for my site (where I track the success of make-money online bloggers — and where you’re currently ranking number one).

    I’d use electronic white board videos to both share what makes certain sites successful, analyzing the success of some of the “top bloggers” AdSense placement, map out effective online business models in a visual format, and continue building an interest in online entrepreneurship, blogging, and building an online empire!

    Thanks again for the offer, Pat!

  • Michael Cimicata

    Hey Pat,
    I am a grade 4 teacher, and I have started a website called Writing With Chalk about teaching techniques and free resources for teachers to use (created by your truly). I would love to create some EWB videos that would demonstrate the specific teaching techniques that I will be posting to the website.

    I think that it would make the videos really effective because I, as well as most teachers, use a combination of whiteboards and chalkboards to conduct the lesson. I would definitely put it to use right away because there are nearly 100 teaching resources on the website right now…I have attached a download file to almost all of the lesson plans/rubrics/teaching techniques; however, I feel that including an EWB video would really complete each teaching resource.

    Thanks for the consideration :)
    I’m off to mark some math journals!

  • Matt

    Hey Pat,

    I’d love a chance at that tablet!

    I’d use it for two purposes.

    1. I’ll use it to push the envelope of the value I can provide to the readers of my authority site at Tutorials, how-to’s, and day-in-the life videos can all use the sleek style and practical approach of your whiteboard technique.

    2. A little more unorthodox, being a musician, I’d love to use the whiteboard technique to produce a music video, using drawings and words in an ever evolving visual representation of one of my songs. That’s the concept I’m most excited about. Of course you and your readers will be the first to see it!

  • Rob Kellington

    I came across your site from the income perspective, but your posts on just how to better communicate and train others have been great. I expect to use your “whiteboard videos” in my day job (consultant). Thanks

  • Ampi Castano

    I haven’t yet created any videos, but would like to soon. I think I can create some video “how to” videos on cake decorating.

    Thanks for all of your advice. I am absorbing as much as I can.

  • Remco

    I participated in your reader challenge of making a youtube video, and I have to say I had my doubts with the result. But I now realize that I should be happy with it, as it is my 3rd best viewed video.
    2012 will be my breakthrough for online entrepreneurship, and with support of an online mastermind I will make educational videos for sport administrators.

  • Mark

    I planned on buying one of these tablets after watching your “The Backlinking Strategy that Works” video. I was blown away at the way that a small presentation using this model can be very professional and really market yourself in a great way!

    I got very busy with other sites including a few hobbies of mine. When I’m now building those hobby sites I need to make training videos. I’m making a Super Hot Pepper website, (of course if I win, you can have as many hot peppers as you like! or give some away to your readers but with a release form these things can really hurt you) and another where I will retail pepper seeds and would like to make videos using the tablet to explain scoville units/scale the hotness of peppers

    I want to make videos/tutorials explaining germination of pepper seeds and growing hot peppers hydroponically for the site, and having this tablet would make that a reality faster.

    Love the blog and Happy Holidays/ Merry Christmas!


  • Brad

    Hey Pat,

    People really seem to dig your whiteboard vids- me included.

    I’m currently trying to launch my graphic design website and could really make good use of Camtasia software and a Pen tablet for my “tutorials” and “how to’s” vids that I’ll post on the blog. I already have Photoshop, which is simply one of the greatest inventions next to the internet and antibiotics, so pairing that up with the other goods would complete group like the Three Stooges or the Three Amigos, or the Three Little Piggies or the….well, you get the point.

    I’m sure there are many deserving individuals for this contest, so who ever you choose, I’m sure they’ll put these tools to good use and not try to take over the world. Which is what I plan to do once I get the tutorials out of the way of course.



  • Kent F

    Great video Pat. I would use the EWB, pen and tablet to make home buying videos for my blog. Anything to simplify and illustrate the home buying process will be a big plus. Happy holidays to you and your family and thanks for a fantastic year.

  • Zephan Blaxberg

    Hey Pat,

    My name is Zephan and I’m a 22 year old who (using your blog) is going to train my not-so-tech-savvy parents in creating their first ever niche website. We have a fairly targeted niche within the health and fitness industry. I have a background in web and graphic design but my goal is to help my parents get up to par with creating a passive income for themselves. My dad is a Chiropractor and has been for over 20 years but all that work is taking its toll on his body. I revealed your blog to him and started explaining how he could use his experience as a doctor to become a niche blog writer. I feel that he could put the EWB method to use every single week because he will be attempting to teach his audience exercises, nutrition and other health values that can be learned better through video rather than just text. Training tutorials and videos that can truly demonstrate without him having to get on camera will be crucial to the success of his site. Happy holidays to you and your family and I’d like to thank you for making this blog available as I believe it will be the key to my parents success in the new year.

  • Josh Kohlbach

    Hey Pat,

    Love this idea and I’ve been wanting a tablet for AGES. Just haven’t had the spare funds to secure one.

    I would use the tablet for doing instructional videos for my WordPress plugins. I’ve released one premium plugin that has done quite well and plan to release a lot more next year as part of my diversification. This pen tool would make things so much easier to explain!

  • Andy Harrison

    Hey Pat,
    I’ll give it a go, if you’ve got time for another.

    I’m a middle school teacher. Whenever I tell people this, I often here “what a noble profession!” I’ve none since my first year a decade ago that more often than not the word “noble” is businessese for “sucker”. But I’ve loved what I do enough, and lived modest enough, to not think much of it.

    My wife, who never got what I get out of teaching, recently left the same profession in search of a career that might offer more for what she has to offer. Unfortunately, we’ve had to take two steps back in hopes of taking one step forward. She is happier than ever now (which means we are both happy), but in her new job, we’ve been struggling to make ends meet.

    Out of necessity, I began following you on your podcast, which led me to your various blogs. I thank you for the inspiration! I’m beginning to piece together how I might make a passive income from the passion I have for the classroom. Right now I tutor on the side but trading “hours for dollars” as you put it, is exhausting. To make a much longer story short, I’m hoping to begin a passive income to supplement our income. Just tonight I watched your video on making a whiteboard (more for classroom applications than passive income) and saw your contest. So here’s my pitch:

    A? tablet in my hands would lead to recordings of my lessons and hopefully a passive income for us in the future. My goal, though admittedly still fuzzy at this point, is to set up a niche site for middle school language arts teachers where I can share my knowledge of online resources (targeted traffic), curriculum products (affiliate links), and shoestring budget tricks of the trade I learned while teaching abroad. I also began journaling the details of this journey with hopes of beginning a niche site of how other teachers might use their expertise to build passive incomes of their own. I figure if I succeed, I’ll have a story to tell, and If I don’t, I’ll have a written account of the “rough times” to fuel the fires in a new career that lacks “the calling”.

    If the niche site fails, your tablet would serve as a valuable teaching tool for public middle school students in NC. If I succeed, it will do that as well as help me and my wife supplement the careers we’ve come to love.

    Regardless, I truly thank you for sharing all that you know.

    Andy Harrison
    Lakeshore Middle School

    • Jared Dees

      Andy, there is a big need for entrepreneurial teachers! My suggestion to you is to think about forming an authority website rather than a niche site. Look back at Pat’s archives to understand the difference. I build a website with a large following of teachers on a very low budget (just hosting and domain expenses). I’m monetizing with products and only slightly affiliate products (there aren’t many in the education niche!).

      I just wanted to send you a little hope. There is a great need out there so go for it! Regardless of how well you do online, you will be a better teacher for it. Go for it buddy!

  • Ricardo Butler

    Hey Pat!

    This was one of (to me) your best and most informative videos. I think everything you said in this video was the information that I needed. I’ve been trying to find out how to get some kind of pad and pen so that I could hold ministry leadership training sessions on my videos to my students.

    It would just make things much easier for me. I’ve been using powerpoints, keynotes, podcasts, videos, e-book lectures, and even music to engage my students. This would really help me get things out more fast, effective, and inspiring for them to be teachers like me.

    Thanks for the opportunity even if I don’t get it!

    Ricardo Butler

  • Alex

    Hi Pat,

    I’ll use whiteboard videos to teach my visitors and subscribers how to modify and enhance their wordpress themes (HTML/CSS). I actually promote wordpress themes to the french community but not how to get them better yet.

    I want every website owner to be able to upgrade his site by himself.
    It’s a big project I plan to release in 2012.

    Good luck to everyone !


  • deb from ps bohemian

    hi Pat – i’d like to learn how to make videos showing our interconnectedness and the beauty gifts we all have to share with each other.

    i am uncovering such a passion for being a positive advocate in peoples lives this past season and have been doing tremendous soul searching on the best/truest way to share this passion with others online – it burns in my heart to help other see their beauty and awesome potential <3

    i'm a bit envious of your time with your son – my youngest is 12 and growing SO FAST!

  • Robyn

    Thanks for this opportunity to win! As I currently have never made a diagram video, I do not have a preference… you choose for me, if I win :) In the very near future I will be releasing an ebook (don’t want to say the cool topic just yet!) but will use the software to create lighting diagrams… that’s all I can say for now! Merry Christmas Pat! I am new to your blog but I love it!!!!

  • Shelli Johnson

    I’m a novelist. I’d love to teach writing lessons on my blog this way ~ mostly me talking with a few highlights on the EWB.

    Most of us writers end up reading paragraphs all the time ~ our own books, other people’s books, comments from our editors, and on & on ~ so reading some more paragraphs (your typical blog post) about how to write better isn’t all that appealing, at least not to me. (I love your videos for that very reason, because I learn something, it’s fast and easy, & I don’t have to do much reading at all.)

    Plus, a lot of writers I know are very visual & learn better that way. I think this would be a much more effective way to get a point across as well as something unique that would drive people to my blog.

  • Zach

    I would use it for my personal training business. I am trying to take my business online to reach more people, and I am going to start video blogging/podcasting/etc and this would help me to create some visual tools to help people grasp fitness and health concepts better and instill change!

  • Shane @ Beating Broke

    How cool would it be to produce videos on personal finance (my niche) and be able to just write out the formulas and math for it, without having to spend countless time on formatting and such so that it looks ok, only to have to turn around and spend more time getting it into a video!

  • Justin

    Hey Pat,

    We’re huge fans of the way you use the electronic white board and would love to use something similar. I’d like to put us in the running to receive the pen/tablet and recording software.

    Based on your Blogworld presentation I saw, we’re really looking to expand our brand through other media channels. We’ve got our podcast up and running, put out a couple of videos, but we think we could do more with the video and have our presentations be even more “meaty” using a white board and I think this would be very helpful for our audience. We would use the white board to delve into specifics about niche sites where “talking” about them just doesn’t seem to have the same effect. One of our best and most-liked post was about linkbuilding and I think I’d like our next post about the subject to be done with soem video and a white board.

    Lastly, even though we’re in the Philippines…we have a US address in LA so the shipping wouldn’t be quite as miserable! :-)

  • Steve

    Heya Pat-
    Thanks for the thorough info and examples you give.
    As you know most newly expectant moms are fearful and overwhelmed with pregnancy & childbirth. My wife and I are building a site that teaches first time expectant moms what experienced moms, dads and leading experts already know & what they wished they knew. We cut the fluff and keep it real. Current pregnancy & birth education is inefficient, boring and does not teach moms to thrive in one of life’s grandest inflection points. That’s what we will do.
    By engaging moms visually, we are confident we can help them capture the once in a lifetime event of pregnancy & birth as an opportunity and defining moment. Cheers mate….

  • alex

    I love how you use the electronic white board in your presentations. It gives it a really personal feel, reminiscent of direct classroom interaction.

  • Nicholas Tart

    Hey Pat,

    Here’s some haikus:

    Saw your video
    First on your YouTube Channel
    Thought, “Need dat tablet!”

    I want videos
    In my YouTube Channel, yo,
    For entrepreneurs.

    With that sweet tablet,
    I will create videos
    More like a ninja.

    I hope I win it,
    But if I don’t, atleast I
    Had fun with haikus.

  • Jared Dees

    Wow, these tips are so well timed! I just listened to a Mixergy interview with Khan Academy founder Salman Khan on Sunday. That interview, along with your convincing arguments to do more video, gave me the idea for the next stage of my business/website. I’ve been pricing out headsets and tablets all week and trying to decide if Camtasia is worth the investment beyond the free screencasting software (I use Screenr and have used CamStudio in the past).

    I just found out that I am able to forgo my final graduate course (something I’ve been working towards for five years) so I’ll have a lot more time to dedicate to teachers and students. I’ll be using a lot of the time to create short video lessons (Khan Academy/Pat Flynn style) that teachers can use in class or assign as homework. A lot of teachers I write for have been doing some experimenting with this “flipping the classroom” model and I see a lot of potential. I also have some plans to indirectly monetize the videos in what I think is an innovative way (and completely passive).

    Thanks again for the tips, Pat, I’ll be coming back to this post in January when I begin pumping out the new vidoes!

  • Lindsay

    I love these white board videos!

    This would be extremely useful for my membership site where I teach small business owners how to market their businesses with social media strategies. I’ve been using SlideDeck presentations that work ok, but it would be awesome to be able to draw out concepts while talking. I’m also hoping to incorporate more video into my marketing via YouTube and social media and can think of a lot of creative ways to use the whiteboard.

    There’s something about the white board concept that I’ve always really liked. Maybe it’s because I’m a visual learner and like to see the concepts while I’m learning about them.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Chandoo

    Wow, very good article. I run a few online courses and a mildly busy blog. I use Genius pen & Camtasia. More or less same set up as your. I really love the amount of information you can pack with these screen drawings (EWB as you call it) and screen recordings. A lot of my students & readers love these too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us Pat.

    And oh yeah, I would love to have Wacom tablet. I heard it has better response compared to other tablets.

  • Bobby Huang

    Hey Pat,

    After following your blog for years, I’m nearly at a product release soon! In fact, I will release it on December 24th of this Year. My real first passive income project to ever be released, thanks to all the awesome stuff you write about.

    I’ll be making the content over the coming weeks as it’s a 15 week course.

    My product, which without getting into too many details, is a coaching course helping women with their relationships and sex lives. My course will be 95% Videos (hundreds of videos) with some PDF files as notes.

    That pen would work WONDERS for me because I actually need to draw demonstrations, step by step actions, with stick figures, to teach in my coaching course videos. I do not have the resources to hire an assistant right now, I don’t have a wonderful artist I know, so both camtasia and that awesome whiteboard pen technique would do wonders in me helping my coaching clients.

    Well, thanks for reading this Pat! I appreciate your consideration.

  • Natalia

    I create fun, educational projects using the Arduino microcontroller and a combination of sensors and actuators. I think an electronic whiteboard will be perfect to show how a circuit has been put together along with the functioning model. It can also be used to highlight portions of the software or better explain program flow. My upcoming project (Shivabot, a robot that teaches Dance of Shiva) will have killer videos if an electronic whiteboard is used to document the project from design to completion. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jeff


    Thanks so much for the great post and video. Additional videos on the specifics of using this software would be great, e.g. how to integrate your audio into the presentation and how to add pictures to the background.

    I am currently trying to determine which software to use for my presentations of home repair projects. The idea consists of presenting home repair projects to the viewer using the wacom tablet and an audio narration. YouTube videos of DIY home repair projects are pretty much all the same and no one (to my knowledge) is using this technology to teach.

    The cool thing about this type of presentation is you can color code the pen for different categories. For example, different residential utilities are color coded to indicate their location in the ground (Red=electric, Yellow=natural gas, Blue=potable water, etc.) Thus, if the presentation is on how to replace an electrical outlet you can make the pen color red or if you discuss plumbing you can make the pen color blue. If I have a picture of a sink and explain how to replace it step-by-step, then I can point out where different water leaks could occur in your repair process by using the blue pen. This is awesome for keeping people engaged and for having a totally different way of presenting material that can become boring for most people.

    The software and tablet could help make these presentations pop for normal people looking to save money on home repair projects they can do themselves. I currently have hundreds of original pictures of my own projects and would like to use them to create educational tutorials on this topic for a niche in the home improvement category (if I win I will tell you who I am targeting!) Thanks again Pat for all your great content and hope you have a great week.


  • Kristoffer Broholm

    I’d like to refrain from posting a 600 word essay on why I’d like you to pick me as the winner and instead go for the more simple response.

    I’m doing a math blog, and the white board videos is a type of video I really wanted to get into. I’ve actually purchased a real genuine white board that I’ll be shooting video at, but I can see how a virtual one might prove more efficient.

    Cliffnotes: To do cool math!

  • Larry Pitts

    Howdy Pat,
    I’ve been following your blog and podcasts for a while now, and I’ve used what you taught me to set up an ESL (English as a second language) resource website. I’m a teacher over here in South Korea and I decided to use what I know to make a little bit of extra passive income and help out my fellow teachers in the process. While it might be expensive to ship the wacom tablet over here (plus I already have one), I sure could use the camtasia software. I’m planning to supplement my website with videos showing teachers how to correct certain errors and how to teach more effectively using a whiteboard. Most classrooms have a white board, so white board instructional videos are a perfect match. I have been trying out lots of different software for the tablet and nothing has really completely fit my needs. Anyways, just thought I would throw my hat into the ring for the software. Keep up the great work, most of what I’ve been doing online has been inspired by you. Thanks for all the great free content!

    -Larry W Pitts

  • Josh

    Hi Pat,
    A recent “follower” here. My partner turned me on to your site and have already started using Market Samurai, The Best Spinner, and hopefully videos are next! We are “ex” financial professionals who deliver free financial advice to anyone who will listen. Since we’re a new blog, a gift from you would help us in our growth immensely.
    Thanks for all you do-

  • Neil Kristianson

    I have several projects I am working on so it would definitely not go to waste! Primarily I would use it to improve the videos I am making now about remodeling for my main business. I would also like to use it for some webinars I am planning for my new site that we are launching in the next couple of weeks (almost ready). On that site we are going to help people start their own locally-based small business. I’ve had some thoughts about using a pen & pad to help visualize some accounting courses we plan to give as well as some other small business topics that would benefit from visuals.

    We’ve been following you for a couple years now, Pat, and appreciate all the help you have given. I think the new site will be a great success thanks to all I’ve learned from you, Jason, Jeremy and Cliff.

  • Hector Avellaneda

    Been waiting for you to post this article for about a year! :) Thanks for sharing this strategy Pat!

  • Sherry Snider

    Rather than comment just to try and compete for the pen and software, I’ll just throw a couple of uses out there folks might consider for their webinars or live seminars.

    This use of the white board and pen applies beautifully to webinars, but do you know how AWESOME it is for live speaking/teaching?

    Back in old school teaching (math and English), my mom would have to write equations on the board or I would have to write notes and outlines on the board…with our backs turned to the live crowd. (Since we’re talking teenagers in those scenarios…not cool.) We fixed it with what we had at the time. …over head projectors. You face the group and write on the projector pages that shine on the wall behind you. Ah. Eye-contact. Awesome. :-)

    With the virtual whiteboard on the computer (AND POWERPOINT) and the pen…voilà! …maintain eye contact. Write and mark spontaneously. Everyone can see (in the live group or onscreen during a webinar).

    I absolutely LOVE the combination for webinars AND live speaking/teaching. If you’re a fidgety speaker or walker/pacer, it does restrict you to an area near the podium (or where ever your computer and pen are), but that live ability to freehand visuals is just awesome.

  • Jason

    Good info Pat. Just finishing up my 3rd app for my niche and was starting to research pricing on tablet/pen combo to enhance the videos on my YouTube channel. I’ve toyed around with using video editing software to mask out elements of the final product and animate them in as I discuss them. However, being able to draw as I talk will give the videos a more personable feel. Also, for the type of videos I do, dynamically writing/drawing on the screen as I speak is something that would appeal more to my viewers.

    I think you should add a stipulation that within a month or two, the winner shows you (not necessarily the blog/public) a video in action using the hardware. I’d hate for this gift to go unused for a project that’s just a dream with no action.

  • Alex B.

    Hey Pat!

    Thanks again for another rock solid blog post! It just so happens that the very two items that you are giving away are two things at the top of my Christmas wish list this year!! :-)

    The Bamboo pad and recording software would allow me to reach out my audience and captivate them from the start, and here’s why:

    FACT: Approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners.
    FACT: The brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text.
    FACT: 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual.
    FACT: 40 percent of all nerve fibers connected to the brain are linked to the retina.
    FACT: Visual aids in the classroom improve learning by up to 400 percent.
    FACT: Students who are twice exceptional (2e) are often visual learners.
    *from visual teaching alliance

    As you can see, the numbers speak for themselves. If I aim to really reach my audience on a level that they will retain my content best, I need to beef up my video productions. With the Bamboo tablet and recording software, I will be able to graphically represent my current teaching inside the video, giving my audience the feel that they are sitting right in front of me inside a class room.

    However, I wouldn’t stop there.. I would take things a step further and save screen captures of these drawings and use them as images on my blog, as well as include them in my content leveraging system by including them inside of .PDF documents on inside of a eBook! I also envision how amazing this setup would be when hosting a live teach webinar!

    Last but not least, I would be so honored if chosen that I would always be able to open my video presentations with a special shout out; “I’d like to thank my good friend Pat Flynn with the Smart Passive Income blog at for his gracious gift of awarding me this bamboo table and screen recording software which will be used during today’s presentation!” I mean come one, how cool would that be? Not everyone would be about to give that shout out, and it’s one that I would be honored to give.

    In closing, thanks Pat for all your continued support, love, passion, honestly, and transparency that you put into everything that you do! You set a wonderful example for this business, and you truly are an inspirational role model!

    Thanks so much!

    -Alex B.

  • Scott D

    I would love to win the tablet. I would use it often in the launch of a new YouTube channel that will support my website and ebook for a packaging niche. This industry has very poor social media representation (very little on YouTube) and really needs better education for small companies in order to ensure products are reaching the patients that desperately need them. I would use the tablet to sketch packaging configurations and supply chain advice clearly and effectively.
    I’d love to talk more about it with you Pat and get some advice on how to move forward (even without the tablet). I’ve been a fan for quite a while and have appreciated all you’ve done to teach us!


  • Kelly Clark

    In January I am planning on doing webinars and seminars on teaching people the basics of starting a business and basic accounting. I own an accounting company and like to share my knowledge

  • Sophie Hovdekorp

    Hi Pat.
    I create a long range of videos – mainly aimed at teaching people to maintain their own wordpress webshosp and online membershipsites. This pad and pen would definitely help me with videos, where I explain how thiings are connected.

    Screenshots are easy when explaining how to set up and use a tool.
    What I would like is a easy way to connect the dot explaining when to use a tool and how different tools and platforms are connected in a client setup.

    Happy christmas :-)


  • Raj

    Thanks for this video. I have done a few screencasts but I have not explored this white board concept. I might do it shortly, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Mitchell

    Hey Pat,
    Another great video and I’m loving the new ending!

    I’m working on a series of travel videos showing various travel hacks and tips. My plan is to incorporate the live video with some onscreen writing highlighting various points and features so that the viewer doesn’t miss anything (e.g. for proper hitchhiking technique i’d draw on the video to emphasize the correct thumb position and body posture). I’ll also have a classroom section where I’ll be using your whiteboard technique.

    I think I can accomplish this by drawing on a transparent photoshop layer and then putting that layer over top of my video. Your bamboo pen and tablet would make this process so much easier! I’d be stoked if you sent it my way :)

    Either way, I’ll be sure to give you a shout-out for all the awesome info I’ve gained from you over the past few years.



  • Brian FitzGerald

    Hey Pat! My site is dedicated to teaching Spanish with real, authentic content from native speakers, but I think sometimes it can be a bit intimidating for total beginners to jump right in and listen to native Spanish conversations (even if they’re short).

    For that reason, I would use the whiteboard and camtasia software and wacom tablet to create videos to help beginners to the Spanish language solidify some basic concepts such as gender of nouns, simple verb conjugations, and the like.

    Thanks for all the great content!

  • Andrew McGuire


    Amazing content and contest. You always seem to take it to the next level in a great way. I have been meaning to email you to find out if you are going to be offering your course: in the near future. I have been building niche sites over the past year using your ‘Backlink Strategy That Works’ and have been creating videos using Jing. I have only been capturing Power Point slides and it is very bland.

    I was actually planning on purchasing all of the items you are giving away here for myself over Christmas but just can’t afford it. This would really help me transform my posts from words to images in a clean and concise format.

    So, what kind of videos would I like to produce using the EWB technique?

    90% of my niche sites are ‘how to’ sites and right now I am creating videos that are Powerpoint slides that are not interactive and have my voice over it just like your Security Guard Training HQ video on the home page.

    I plan on creating sites that will educate people in a much cleaner fashion through the EWB technique.

    My Sites:
    – Training Sites (Job Specific / Professional Services / Sales Related/ Fitness)

    Some of my videos are ranking on the 1st page of Google and it would be much more compelling for me to promote a GOOD video. I hate promoting a Power point recording and having people click into that on the 1st page of Google.

    Why it would be beneficial for your audience?
    – By having an EWB video for each of my posts, it would give my audience ANOTHER great way of viewing my content. Most of my niche sites are based around training or ‘how to’ so by having people use alternative methods of acquiring my content, it would be fantastic. My videos will also be highly ranked so people could click on my video and get all the info they need without even going to my niche site.

    My readers would love it; Google would love it and it would just make the world a much better place :)

    I love teaching people on topics I am passionate about and would love an opportunity to use this type of technology to do so.

    Thanks for the consideration Pat and let me know when or if you are planning on doing a Niche Site Coaching round with Tyrone again.

    Hope you had a great time at Disneyland and I still can’t believe that you earned $3K while you were on your mini-mini retirement with the fam!



  • Manikandan

    Hi Pat,

    Excellent info..I am very interest to win an EWB with Camtasia…As an Online SEO Trainer, Blogger, its definitely worth to get this EWB and so that it really helps to boost up my professional work. Hope I gonna win :) Cheers.

  • Roger Hartzog

    Hey, Pat… I plan on producing videos that help my real estate clients understand their options when experiencing financial challenges related to their home and mortgage. The subject is a bit complicated and dynamic, so the “penned” videos will be very helpful, I think. Thanks. Love your videos!

  • Brent Mair

    Thanks, Pat!
    I would use the tablet to create videos to help scouts learn more about the many merit badges they can earn. I believe these boys can benefit greatly by exploring the world around them through these badges. The tablet would allow me to mix the classroom skills with more active video showing projects, step by step, and helping hold these boys attention during the drier requirements.

  • Andrea | EC Simplified

    If you pick me I’ll get your boy out of diapers, Pat. In less than 2 weeks. :)

    For my entry: I will use this to teach parents how to ditch diapers. With an *infant,* not a toddler.

    Mostly to illustrate the history of diapers in the Western world and how we are potty training at later and later years in the US (3 years is the average! with 5 years the whopping upper limit)….whereas in 1/2 the world kids are potty trained by 12 months. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    Statistics presented in this manner will be very helpful. Thanks Pat!

  • Michael

    I like to watch videos, produced by talented bloggers and from my experience & on my opinion, the best videos at the examples from author’s life (like you do Pat), no matter what field it’s all about. There are tons of tutorials, webinars and other useful videos over the internet, but when you see the real things from real people’s experience – it’s attracting, it’s memorable and … it really works. For example, there are thousands of videos on how to create Facebook landing page, but when I saw your step-by-step video instruction – I told myself: “Yeah! That’s what I was looking for.”
    I’ve just started my experience in producing videos, and only my first video is almost out of owen, but now I have a direction, and a teacher (it’s you Pat 😉 ) so I’m sure in time my videos will be really good and interesting for my audience.

  • Bogdan

    Hi Pat, thanks for the contest and the content, it’s a great combo!

    I’m a Time Management trainer at and I was just planning on providing video content to my blog. Your pen and tablet would help me illustrate time management techniques to my readers, techniques I would have a hard time explaining on video.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  • Myka

    So great of you to give away a tablet and pen for free! Trying to make due with windows movie maker for my squeeze page…but since my online community is made of college kids…the whiteboard videos would be great! Keep up the great posts and advice
    As always, work smarter…not harder – Myka

  • Gabriel

    Greetings from Romania Pat,

    I will use the tablet in webinars and also to create sketches for different live seminars. I love doing doodle sketches for seminars because they are easy to make, fun to create, and also have a very big visual impact on the audience.

    Congrats for all the great work you are doing, you are an inspiration for me, now I’m also working on creating passive income sources and probably will get into apps development.

    Is everybody around the world eligible for this contest?

  • Jukka

    Thank’s Pat again, your articles are allways great.

    I work with ADHD- and Aspergerpeoples and its help a lot if yoy can use pictures with them. Only speak or writing doesnt enought, you must yous some visualization, and I think electronic white boards are greats for this!

  • Maya

    Thanks for such a great teaching video! I have a new project (and website) where I would be making sketches of clothing patterns and sewing techniques, so I would love to be entered into the drawing for the tablet and pen. One element that I would love to incorporate into my website is an area where two people (a consultant and a customer, for example) could simultaneously write on a whiteboard together when collaborating on a drawing. I’m hoping to figure out how this can be done, or to create it myself at some point. Thanks again!

  • Philippa Willitts

    I would love to win this. I make videos to teach non-profit organisations and charities how best to use social media to benefit their consumers and to share information, attract funds etc. At the moment I make the videos using very basic tools, and this pen and tablet and software would make such a difference to how I work, and would really benefit my site and the people and organisations who use it!

  • Brian Foreman

    Great information as always. My niche is a bit different…I serve and help the Halloween and Haunted House Industry. Haunters crave and search for meaningful content to help with their Haunted House business…but there is so much noise out there. I want to make presentations on How To Build Animated Props, 10 Successful Lessons To Operating Your Haunt, and Step-by-Step Tutorials on Unlocking More Creative Imagination for Special FX artists. This set-up would be just what my audience needs…

  • Brian The Internet Marketers CPA

    When you give the pen & tablet to me, I will use them to create educational videos & webinars. These educational pieces will be centered around how internet marketers can efficiently handle their cash flow, staff, financial statements, bookeeping and taxes. By spending less time, getting more meaningful data and paying less taxes you reap more profits.

    Using a whiteboard approach during a webinar would make for a most interactive and productive meeting.

  • Sandra Holze

    Hi Pat,

    I am pretty new to your blog but already hooked. I work as a Social Media Consultant and am just about to start a video series. The whiteboard works great for explaining bigger picture stuff and show in detail how to develop a strategy. It would basically turn my videos into online workshops which my clients and prospects could attend for free. Great stuff, wouldn’t you say? :-)

    Keep up the great work!

    Greetings from Berlin,

  • John

    Pat, you’re the best! If I were to receive the tablet, I would use it to make the videos for my site more interest. I have a brand new site dedicated to teaching people how to play guitar. Filming my first videos this weekend and I’m incredibly excited.

    I could totaly get into drawing fretboard patters by hand on the white board as a teaching aid. Or I could use it to draw over a bit of video of me playing, circling and pointing out techniques. I would feel like an NFL commentator: BOOM!

    Side note: I have learned so much from following your blog. Thanks and keep up the great content!

  • Oscar Osorio

    Hey Pat,

    Awesome post. Been following your blog for some time and finally started my own on emergency preparedness for apartment dwellers. Your tips on backlinking has been gold for me.

    I’ve actually seen some of your vids that you used the EWB an was facinated by them. I think it would be useful in my niche by allowing me to mix in lists and drawings into the videos I’ve been planning to teach food storage, and preparedness techniques for those of us living in apartments and urban areas.

  • Dean

    I’m just starting out and this would help me to illustrate material for my new website called cluelessentertainingdotcom.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Phil Webster

    Hi Pat,

    Great content as always!

    I would love to have this gear in order to start doing instructional videos on my site. I’ve been writing posts about designing geometric art, and still images just aren’t cutting it. I’d like to be able to do screencasts of myself using SketchUp to design pieces, showing the shapes moving and developing in 3D. The pen and tablet would be great for highlighting certain key aspects of models, and especially for teaching geometrical concepts by drawing sketches, writing equations, etc.

    Thanks for considering me for the give away!

  • Ryan Eggenberger


    Great stuff as always! I am an entrepreneur and job coach. I teach people how to win. Having this gift would allow me to teach my audience more about living the dream they deserve- like you!

    Thanks Pat!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family,

  • Kim

    I would use the tablet and pen when making How to Videos showing my readers how to sign and use cash back websites. Right now I’m just trying to move my mouse a lot to circle an area on the screen, which is hard to do. A tablet and pen would make it a lot easier.

  • Carrie Himel

    I would love to win this for my husband Daniel. He loves everything you do. :-)
    Running a couple online communities he could put this to great use making informative videos. It would make an awesome Christmas surprise too!

  • Dave Miller

    Hello Pat,

    This site has been a turning point for me and future business. I’ve started a business helping businesses get their websites & social media up to speed.

    I’ve been doing training videos for them. After seeing your videos, I can clearly see where having a tablet would be a great benefit.

    The amount of information you give just from your site, is more than enough for anyone to start a very successful business. It just takes action. Something I didn’t do for too long. But once you start you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

  • Nikki

    Hi Pat – thanks so much for running this contest and for everything you do.

    Right now my whole world revolves around bowling! I’m working on a project with three of the best players and coaches in the world. Our belief is that everyone around the world should have access to fantastic coaches at a reasonable cost.

    The problem with coaching online is that it’s really difficult to do that with just straight up video. This is especially true with a sport like bowling because so much of what has to be taught happens really quickly on the approach.

    We’re bootstrapping right now so until this contest, I really didn’t have the opportunity to get the technology I needed make this happen. These tools could really change the game for us!

    High Scores,


  • Bruce Soileau

    Great tutorial Pat, and thanks for giving us the chance to win this incredible tool.
    If I was picked as the winner of the Wacom pen and tablet, I would use it to create fun and engaging tutorials on a the new site I’m launching in January where I’ll be doing WordPress tutorials and webinars. I have been using Jing to make short 5 minute video tutorials, but having the tablet and Camtasia Studio would allow me to make longer, but more engaging tutorials. Many times it’s hard to squeeze everything in in 5 minutes, so that would be cool. As you said, using the pen and annotations takes the boring out of the video, and people retain more when they are engaged and when you make learning interesting.

    As a WordPress Consultant, I’m also working with small businesses to help them create original content for their sites. Using these tools, I could record site evaluations…where I can mark up client websites with the pen to show where we could make improvements to the site for better usability and to help improve flow and capture more leads. I would definitely put these tools to good use.

    Thanks so much Pat,
    Bruce Soileau

  • David Edwards

    Hi Pat,

    I was impressed before by your white board technique!. It would be awesome to win the tablet as I’ve built a solid audience on YouTube and I think I could pass on some great creative tips with my team!…

    All the best,

    David Edwards

  • Alex Juel

    This is awesome. I’ve been wanting to do this ever since seeing the videos that Salman Kahn does on Khan Academy. I think it’s much easier to learn from videos like this.

    I’m an SEO so I’ve been a fan of the White Board Friday series from SEOMoz for a long time, and that’s what I would like to use it for. I’d like to create white board videos explaining SEO and linkbuilding for my clients. I’ve really been wanting to get into producing videos on behalf of my clients as well, so this would definitely help. I also own a fitness website, so running through various formulas such as BMI calculations, and so on would be perfect for this.

  • Emilio Trenzado

    I think it would be great to have a tablet to do “whiteboarding” tech style for my new techie niche site I am creating to teach a product from Cisco. It would be the only way I can whiteboard different ideas and diagrams easily to show what I am talking about and teach my new followers.

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    Good stuff once again Pat. Great giveaway too –

    Since my blog is one that discusses entrepreneurship / internet marketing, I’d like to use the EWB method to “teach” something practical that readers can immediately implement and start seeing results, much like what you do at SPI.

    Some of the topics I talk about are better depicted visually – for example, building an effective website structure, which essentially is a strategic pyramid or tree with multiple branches. This concept, even if explained the most diligent way through words, can best be understood by “seeing”. This approach can also work very well when I discuss other non internet related entrepreneurial endeavors such as real estate investing.

    Leveraging video in 2012 is one of my goals, in addition to iTunes. The blog is nearing 6,000 readers and I feel it is time to “branch out” and add more value to the existing readership base by re-purposing relevant content visually.

  • Sarah Clark

    I’m in the baby steps of setting up my site, which specifically targets students over 25 returning to college. As a Adult student (earning a Ph.D in Higher Ed. Admin) and higher ed professional myself, I know from statistics and experience this is a huge and growing population of older college students who particularly need help with study skills, school/work/life balance, finances, and career goals. It’s early days yet–I bought the domain less than a week ago and don’t even have the email opt-in up yet, but probably by this weekend, at which point I’m going to start cranking content for the blog and autoresponder. As of today I hope to make revenue via ebooks(s), a membership site, and coaching to students. Really long term I’d love to consult with universities on creating adult learner success as this issue is a point of pain for them as well. Long story short, the government gives universities a lot of money, and its more important than ever that they prove they are providing value to students and society.

    That’s why I’m so thrilled about this promo! I work with Camtasia extensively in my day job as a college librarian, and have done seminars on it for local groups of librarians. Once I get my blog posting stable, I intend to start a video series on study tips, navigating the FAFSA application process, basically anything related to succeeding in college as a grownup that can be learned well in video form. Having the Bamboo tablet would allow me to take production values to the next level from screencaps and powerpoint slides, and while I’m experienced with Camtasia, i don’t have a personal copy.

    My audience would find it beneficial because it would be another channel for them to learn how to learn, and these tools would allow me to teach them in a visually engaging and fun manner. We’ve had a lot of success with far more basic tutorial videos at my place of work, and this would allow me to reach out to a wider pool of students while taking production values to the next level.


    P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank you for recommending Internet Business Mastery Academy! I’m already a member, and I think I would have quit already without that amazing content. they helped me get unstuck from the information overload and made the launch process truly idiotproof.

  • John Wilkerson

    Hey, Pat! I’d use the tablet and software to create instructional videos for homeschooling parents about using technology to homeschool their children.

  • Brandon

    Hey Pat, I’d love to be able to make your style white board videos. Right now I make free tutorial videos for students and people trying to learn autocad. It would really help to be able to write notes on the screen as well as use it to highlight and circle areas of interest.

    Huge fan, you’re site is one of the main reasons I started making tutorials and helping teach people.


  • Gabe

    FYI: a free version of Camtasia is

  • Charlie

    Hi Pat,

    Your blog connects with the reader and gives the reader a feeling as if you are talking directly to him /her. I believe this is the reason for your success. I am in the process of starting my first blog and I have learned a lot from your site.

    I would use the white marker to create some informative and smart videos on technology and smart computer tricks to save time.


  • Taline

    Hi Pat,

    Well, you’ve done it again with another great post :) If I won, I would utilize the tablet on my website to help show people how they can earn passive income through real estate. Sometimes, as you already know, it is easier to show/teach something by providing visual images rather than plain text since it can be easier to understand and since some of us are visual learners.

    I think your giving away a tool that can help one of your followers a lot is simply awesome!

  • Susan Miller

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! I would love to make some tutorials like this on my new site for spreading cholesterol awareness!

  • Angie

    What a great giveaway, Pat! Thanks for the instructions on the EWB. I’m a professional photographer, and my blog is dedicated to showing people how to edit their photos using Photoshop and Lightroom. I used the trial of Camtasia in the past for my video tuts, and it was WONDERFUL. And being a photo editor, I’ve always secretly wanted a Wacom tablet. :) I think I could make some great videos using the EWB about the setup of a photo shoot, showing where your light source should be, etc. Thanks again for a fantastic giveaway!

  • Dale Wakelin

    Dear Pat
    I would love the EWB, i would use it for making photoshop tutorials and showing people how to make fonts and brushes. It would be very usefull for making cinema 4d(3d software i use) tutorials as there is a lot on the screen and can e confusing without guidence.

    Nice videos and podcasts and i think your e-book was amazing.

  • Lisa Newton

    I’d love to win the tablet, pen, and software. I’m a school librarian, and as soon as my contract is up on June 1st, I have plans to start a training / consulting business for other school librarians. I’ll be creating videos that train other librarians on how to use school library tools, products, and create resources for our students. Thanks for all you do, Pat!

  • Joe Garecht

    Pat, thanks for the great video. I’d love the chance to win the Bamboo Pen and Tablet.

    We run a website that shows non-profits how to raise more money. We’ve been offering free blog posts and a free newsletter from the beginning, and several months ago branched out into podcasts (led by the great example of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, of course!)

    The podcasts have been such a hit, that many non-profits have asked about us starting to run some how-to videos as well. This tablet would be just the thing that would allow us to create great videos to serve our non-profit readers.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    Joe Garecht

  • Tony

    I would use this to help create tutorials on using diabetes care reports and data on a site called CareLink. Also, I can use this to help with quick tutorials on how to do different things for my team.

  • Dan

    Hi Pat,
    (…funny it’s like to write to a friend I never met), some months ago your blog gave me the spark to start something online, I’m quite far to have some on-line assets, but I have several projects ongoing.
    In the mean time I’m experimenting everything I’m learning from you concerning web-marketing into an existing business I own in the medical devices field, targeted to private practice supplies (not an every day niche, right?).
    I have used the white/black-board technique some times ago after check one of your videos and I still need some improvements (today I have just uploaded my latest video …but you know…. progression, not perfection!….by the way I was forgotting to tell you that I wrote this first and long (maybe too long…) comment just to show you my appreciation and not to enter the contest since I already own a Wacom tablet and Camtasia studio, so I hope that the winner will be a reader that needs them.

  • Alex | Perfecting Dad

    I would use the tablet so that I wouldn’t have to scan in drawings anymore for my explanations of how to escape from mazes or how to swim in a river without drowning on my parenting blog.

  • Tony Ingram

    Hey Pat,
    I’m a physical therapist and a dancer. My blog/site is an educational resource for dancers to help them understand exercise science and what to do about injuries. My goal is to make science and research simple and applicable, not complicated and confusing.

    One of these tablets would be absolutely amazing in helping me do this. There is so much to teach that would be best demonstrated visually. How movements work, anatomy, etc! I also love making presentations and this tool would rock for that!

    I hope you like my idea! And hope you check out my site.


  • stevewyman

    Hi Pat

    I’d use explain and teach folks about seo. Ranking results and how to interpret thinks such as SEO comp in MS.

    Using a pad would be so much better than using Jing and doing manual marking up.

    A huge improvement in my abiliy to communicate and animate a presentation


  • Tiffany

    Hi Pat! I’m a web technology VA and just recently started doing video. I created my first product using PowerPoint slides, however I’m keeping it in beta until I can redo them. Many people are visual and if I could draw a sales process or tele seminar flow for them it would help them understand a lot better. In addition we’ve recently launched a training academy teaching beginner virtul assistants and being able to have this type of video would be extra helpful as well. I’m always drawing pictures to make sure no steps are missed. This way my clients will be able to follow along. Thanks for your awesome content. Looking forward to learning even more.

  • Blake Loftus

    Pat, thank you for always providing STELLAR information (that is easily digested). I have been following you for several years now and FINALLY decided to act on the inspiration I have gotten from you. I recently started a blog called Music Publicity Group (musicpublicitygroup dot com) – which offers independent musicians and bands advice about publicity and promotion.

    Although I DO have a few affiliate links and adsense ads on the site, I am focusing entirely on generating quality content right now. I have always been passionate about the music business and love helping people. If I can eventually monetize the site, great! If not, I am completely content just helping musicians promote their music. I would LOVE to have an EWB and Camtasia to create videos that correlate to my blog posts. I know that videos are more engaging that text, and having an EWB would be even MORE engaging to my viewers.

    If I had an EWB, I would use it as often as possible to create video content. Even if I do not ‘win’ and EWB from this post/contest, I plan on investing in one sooner rather than later.

    Thanks again for everything you do! I love exploring your site and always seem to find something new and inspiring (even digging in the Archives!) Happy Holidays, Pat!


  • Roble Ahmed

    **Hi Pat**
    **Say hi to gizmo for me too!**
    ?(???? ?(????
    WIN WIN WIN I Hate your blog but love your money 😉 jk and well you do have a way of motivating people, i have set up with my uni money a similiar work space as yours. I look at my quote to keep me from straying from my goals, concentrating can be hard working around it. so far i have set up myself up slowly but would love to add the missing puzzle tablet and software to get me on your wave (on MAC too my uni gave me 15% discount :)) . I will get to the point since im sure you dont want to read drivel :). In a way you have become my idol, seriously!, im happy for your success you deserve it and if i have the tablet and software i would have given it to you. Don’t worrie i wont re-send it back lol.

    I would like to start a podcast and youtube videos explaining the steps and efforts of changing your vocal and voice sounds to a more melodious apealing type. Basically to teach people how to change there voice to more appealing, depending on the type of voice singing voice perceived as having certain identifying qualities or characteristics. Voice classification is the process by which human voices are evaluated and are thereby designated into voice types.
    I have 10 types of ways you can change to and would like to start straightway.

    I’m also creating a site how to become a soccer player, im a semi-pro player and would like to record some videos and explain the process.

    thanks i know you want to send it to me! shhh 😉
    ?(???? ?(????

  • Anthony Regal

    Hey Pat!,

    First of all I want to say thanks! Love your stuff man…you give a lot of great info.

    Which leads me into why I would like to win the pen and tablet. I want to do what you do which is Create Value for others and I feel the best way to do that is by creating awesome videos with the EWB method.

    Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about Listbuilding and Internet marketing and I would love to share my knowledge with others so they can learn how to build a list, create value and profit, all from the comfort of their home.

  • Zach

    I would use the tablet to help further my personal training/wellness coaching business. there are scientific facts that are easier to show writing than speaking in a camera!

  • Martin

    Hi Pat, this is completely a new thing for me. By the way thanks for sharing but I was wondering if you could elaborate more. How can it help my needs because I post videos on my blog? I mean I travel and video myself on the road and later upload it on my blog.

    Guess I can’t take advantage of EWB, or can I?

    Pat get back to me

  • Andrew

    I’d use the tablet to supplement my videos about games, game design and the like. Visuals definitely go a long way towards both inspiring and entertaining, by accurately (and in my case, in a hilariously poorly drawn fashion) depicting ideas or concepts.

  • Ashley

    I’m a very visual person, and that’s exactly what I strive to bring to my audience. In person, this is fantastically easy: I gesticulate with abandon; I sketch all over the backs of napkins, reports, and receipts; and I use analogies like only someone who majored in English can.

    I haven’t adopted the digital version of this yet, though, and I know that my presentations are lacking something because of it. Video only goes so far – I need pencils and paper! The digital version works WAY better, though, I’m sure. I’m looking forward to finding out.

    Among some of my informational product ideas, I have a concept for a data visualization series a la Hans Rosling. As I’m not very math-y, the data I’ll be working with has more to do with the N-Grams from Google, and illustrating the progression of language.

    It’s an idea that needs tinkering, obviously, but to have a digital input device that mimics all the pads I scribble on…!

  • Patricia

    Great idea! It put us all to work in a wink. Didn’t it? :)
    I will use the tablet and video recording software to talk about travel to senior citizens. I think older people will retain the information I plan to give them much better if they can see it. Nothing like a map and a route clearly detailed as it unfolds. Don’t you think so? Also where NOT to go (in the map) is very important to indicate as well (a bad part of town, a remote unsafe shortcut…). To be able to reinforce what you say with images is far better than just a video of someone talking about travel!

    Looking forward for what else you will bring us in the SPI blog. I don’t miss it!

  • Jeff M

    Hi Pat,

    Wow, another fantastic post with lots of information and detail for us. This info will come in handy for the videos I create. Hey, is this how Khan at Khan Academy does his videos? Nice!

    Thank you!!


  • Alberto

    I have a photography site and surely my audience could benefit from an EWB video.
    There are various concepts about photography that are better explained ina graphical way. Im thinking for example of depth of field or lighting schemes.
    Seeing the explanation “grow” before her eyes, the reader has more time to understand it and literally builds her knowledge while watching.

  • Julian

    Hello Pat

    Thanks for your post. I would like to create videos for two of my projects: #1 a new coaching-model for students and pupils based on management methods (it’s very hands on!) and #2 a single-product social project creating a pair of pants with high-tech material (produced in Germany at an tailoring studio which increases the occupational integration of foreigners).

    All the best,

  • Mitja Drame

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks for this great video. I was wondering how you make all those videos, I really appreciate your work.

    I’ve made my background already and I will use your technique – no matter if I win or not. I hope that this award will go to a person who really needs this and I and your fans know that you will make the right decision.

    When I was reading your blog posts some time ago, they gave me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone. I finally bought my domain and hosting! It was not that hard I was thinking it would be. I’m blogging about Squidoo, and this month I received my first 4-figure payment from them (Halloween sales).

    I’m looking into video marketing, because I know with using videos my authority will be bigger and my blog will receive more traffic. But this is not important as is helping other people who are writing for Squidoo. Can’t wait to share more of my tips with them. Writers on Squidoo are such a lovely people and friends.

    Videos are assets that will work for me in the future when they are done. We all should create a system that work for us instead we for the system.

    Keep up your great work Pat, best wishes!

    Mitja Drame

  • Ingrid

    Hi Pat,

    I love the idea of the EWB and think my beginning photography students would really benefit from my using it for their photo critiques (using layers in PS) and explaining photography concepts in class and in tutorials on my blog. So much more interactive and engaging than type flipping on a screen. Would definitely stand out.

    Thanks for all that you do :)


  • DJ | GorillaShakes

    Hello Pat,

    Thanks for this post!

    I”ve wanted to buy a white board since a long time, but since my online adventures are still ‘just’ a hobby for me, I didn’t buy it yet.

    I’d love to use it to support my articles on . The blog is about a somewhat ‘boring’ topic as energy certificates for houses, and it would be ideal to make the content more attractive and sexy! Even though I’m writing for a small market (Flanders, a region in Belgium where people speak flemish/dutch) I receive about 10.000 visitors per month and they deserve good content 😉

    I’d also like to use it for my food videoblog over at , to insert fragments where I add ingredient to the ingredient list.

  • JP

    Hey Pat!

    I would use screen flow to make better videos overall and I would use the tablet for two things.

    1. To create teaching videos for my nonprofit to both train my volunteers internally and to spread the word externally. (using your tips for YouTube of course!)

    2. I would take videos of me giving talks and splice in my slides while using the pen and tab to write notes and bonus content on the slides while my speech is going on.

    I think it would help :)

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • John

    This is great, thank you! I run a business solutions consulting company and am in the process of launching an Excel training “school” as a part of it. I’ll be creating video tutorials using screencasting for the lessons and EWB videos for answering questions and discussing business strategies.

  • Find Freedom

    Hi Pat ! Great video, I’ve always wondered how you pulled that off. I create about 1 video a week showing my following how to use internet marketing to drive traffic to there business! Being able to write things out as well as just circle important items in the training would greatly benefit my audience! There is no doubt that it is easier to learn and pay attention when actions are being written out a long side the voice of the person giving the demonstration. Thanks for all you do.

  • http://MitchelMD MitchelMD

    Great video and excellent explanations.

    I plan to produce some videos outlining how the average person can take back 2 of their most precious assets – Time & Money – by giving them easy to use strategies when seeing a doctor.

  • Malcom McCutcheon

    Hi Pat,

    I plan on buying a similar tablet and pen to use with Screenflow and Photoshop, which I already have. Reading this thread, I can see there are certainly some worthy folks that deserve this prize, so please don’t count my entry toward that drawing.

    I am posting because I plan on using the tablet that I purchase to make a series of tutorials for my clients. I offer training as part of my consulting services and I’m hoping that making videos will make me a more efficient business while allowing me to serve more customers. Face-to-face time gets expensive for both me and my clients!

    The tablet you’ve got listed seems to be an older model that Wacom isn’t manufacturing anymore. They have a new lineup of tablets that you may want to post a link to. I’d do it but I don’t want to take any affiliate credit away from you. I’m leaning toward the Capture tablet.

    Thank you for your video, it was a big help!

  • Andy Lehman

    Pat I currently use boring old power point to do my training videos at If i had the Wacom Tablet i would be able to make hot awesome videos like you and then in turn make better passive income, and not have to use the dreaded power point!

  • M Gerard


    Awesome content. I’ve been doing some fun videos with my kids, but am getting more serious about sports nutrition and how to stay motivated.

    My next step is to develop a series of videos highlighting the proven way to use supplements to get the most from your body and training.

    Am getting started on creating the background image this pm.

    Thanks as always Pat…you ROCK!!

  • Andrew Kozlik


    I absolutely love your blog, and I get something from every single post. I would love to win your Wacom tablet so I can put together videos explaining iPhone development design patterns. I’m planning to organize an 8 week iPhone development training course, and being able to use the tablet for whiteboarding would be amazing.

    Thanks again for all your free content!

  • Household Budgeting

    I would like to create videos helping people save money, get out of debt, and live financially free by using a simple household budgeting process.

    Also, I teach business classes at a small charter school and this method would be incredible to create videos of individual processes and steps so the students have something to review when they get stuck.

    I would like to expand it and convince other teachers (math, English, etc), to create them also.

    Appreciate the opportunity.


  • Louis Deconinck

    Hi Pat,

    I’m following your your site for a while and i must say, I really love it. Especially your videos are great. For my site I even have created a video where I was drawing with my mouse on the screen and it was pretty horrible. Here you can see it: It is in Dutch because my website is written in that language. I’m from Beglium and with my site I show people how I – a 15 year old boy – creates a passieve income online.

    If I would win the tablet that would just be so amazing for me and my website visitors. It would be an amazing experience for them and me.

    Ether way I really want to thank you for all your effort you have put into your site, to share your knowledge with us. Thank you!

    Louis Deconinck

  • Rivka K

    Wow – what a great prize! And so many deserving people to choose from! There are SO many things that I can think of using this for. Videos showing what people can be doing better in their videos (lol), my husband is an artist and we are starting some niche sites in that area, so we could do videos of him drawing and videos teaching kids how to draw some of their favorite things (dinosaurs or whatever). Videos that are done with the artists hand in the way can make it hard to see what he is really doing with the lines. This would be applicable for my kids books site too. Just a million possibilities it opens up. Really would love to win this, but I know so many other people would do great things with it too, so glad you have to pick not me! :-)

  • Rodrigo @ The Brave Man Blog

    Thanks a lot Pat, I though you were using a special software or something for the boards, it’s nice to know it was just photoshop, I have photoshop and an old Graphire Wacom tablet so I think I will be using them soon.

    Thanks a lot for the info 😀

  • Matt Maitz

    I have been slowly working on a training site to help people become energy brokers. That was my part time job until I just got laid off on Wednesday :( Now I intend to take my energy job and website much more seriously. I have been slowly putting together the content in my free time between working two jobs and made a background myself I’m very pleased with using your video above. Check it out! I know its pretty basic but I had the logo created for me on fiverr (I got 6 for $5) and then downloaded all the free software you recommended. It worked out great in my eyes. I am playing around with layers right now and have created the script for my first video I am going to shoot, which is going to explain what deregulation is and how it benefits the consumer. My site and vision for it is based off your advice and lessons as well as some Tim Ferriss influence. I really have high hopes now that I have so much more time to invest into it and think that the videos will help me gain exposure on youtube and really put myself in a position to be highly influential in my industry. I am also working on putting together another site, that was influenced from your niche site duel, that deals with gastroparesis. A condition that there is little information on and not too many outlets for people, like me, who have this condition and struggle with it. My main focus is not financial for that one, but I did use your niche site duel to help me with key words and really how to build the site for optimization. I do intend to make money on advertisements but that one would be more personal than business. Thanks for all the great information you provide, I recommend your site to everyone I come across and I know if you pick me I would put all those great tools to use! Happy holidays and thanks for the fun opportunity!

  • David Chappell

    I would LOVE to use this technique to run through the process of getting a simple WordPress blog up and running for my readers. This would get them through the toughest part of getting everything setup, and hopefully on their way to a cool new website!

  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Pat,

    I already have Photoshop, Camtasia & Screenflow + a Bamboo Pen Tablet and I can’t write at aaaaaaaall like you do on your videos.

    The funny thing is, I actually have very good handwriting!

    So I guess I just need to practice with that thing a LOT more, just my two cents.


  • Amber Dixon |

    Hi Pat – great demo video!
    It’s great to see ‘behind the scenes’ at SPI.

    I just wanted to mention that all the Mac users out there can use the screen recording feature in QuickTime to make their own screen capture videos without needing to get ScreenFlow or CamStudio. There’s a tutorial on my blog for anyone who is interested in learning how to do it called
    the free screen recorder for Mac you probably didn’t know you already had.

    • Pat

      Wonderful tip Amber! Thank you so much for sharing, I had heard this once before I think but totally forgot about it. Good stuff! Probably not as slick as Camtasia or SF with the editing capabilities and things like that, but still for those on a budget who already have iMovie setup on their comps, this could work out really well. Cheers!

      • Amber Dixon |

        I agree Pat, definitely not as slick or as user friendly as Screenflow (my personal fave) but as with all things, it’s better to start making videos with free gear than delay because you’re tight on funds. Some of my most poorly made videos are doing better than the snazzy ones 😉

        Keep up the great work.

  • jonknep

    Hi Pat,

    I’d love to get the white board because I’m launching a real, branded site (as apposed to niche sites) on Christmas Eve which will document my personal challenge to quit my job in 365 days/Christmas 2012. My editorial calender includes a large portion of case studies/hands on type posts so this would be ideal. This will make it easier for me to add value to posts along with having additional [video] content to cross publish in other locations to increase touch points. Hope this is a winner and have a great weekend : )


  • Adam Bate

    Awesome video, Pat – thank you for sharing this. I have been wondering how you created these for a while now. Although this is my first comment on your blog, I’ve been following it for a while.

    This would be a perfect tool for my side business right now. I put on a group tutor session for first and second year Engineering students at a local University in my free time. Each group meets twice a week and unfortunately many questions that are asked both at the session and via email throughout the week just cannot be answered in the time we have.

    I have been wondering how I can increase my rates and/or group size without compromising the quality of the sessions, and I think this equipment combined with the info on creating EWB is perfect.

    If I were chosen to receive this equipment, I would use it to answer questions that students have throughout the week to add more value for their money, while hopefully adding an online tutoring option (Q&A mostly) or expanding the group sizes so more people can benefit from it.

  • Michael Peters

    I am interested in the EWB set up as I am starting up a daily inspirational website. The first moments of a day help to guide us on how our days will start and with providing something positive daily this can make a HUGE impact on a lot of people. I really hope to use the EWB as an additional tool to dive deeper into some of the subjects and offer a more interactive tool to engage the viewers.
    I plan on doing a daily quote and offer helpful information in time management, financial management and personal development.
    Thank you for the chance to impact just one person…
    You never know what that one person may become with just a little push or nudge.

  • Tom Dalton

    Hi Pat,

    Parents are pretty shaken and overwhelmed when they discover their son or daughter is addicted to heroin or other opiates. I have over 10 years of experience as an addictions specialist to share, and I want to create a series of educational videos to help parents learn how they can help their sons and daughters transition from active drug use to long term recovery.

    I’ve had screen recording software and a pad/pen tool on my wish list for a while now!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a year and a half I think, and you even answered an email question I had for you once….so thanks for all you do!


  • Jonathan

    Awesome video Pat! Been reading your blog for a long time now and taught I would comment and get a chance to win that tablet! I’m currently helping 2 of my cousins with school homeworks, etc. and I’m currently using skype video to talk with them and correct their homework/give feedback (they send me a scanned copy so I can check it out). Let’s just say that this electronic white board would be AMAZING. It’ll be soooo easy teaching with it!!! Add camstasia and i’ll even be able to record it so they can check it back if they have any question later on can’t remember a concept I explained!

    Actually you gave me an idea and if I can’t get it, i’ll just save some money and buy it in a couple months when I have enough money! That electronic white board has just so much potential ! I already see some great educational applications of it. Thanks for the video Pat!

  • J.D. Sandifer

    Hi Pat,


    I’ve loved reading your articles and watching your videos on SPI. It’s awesome to see not only your success stories, but also your willingness to share with all of us who are still learning.


    I’ve been working on a blog that’s about diving in to new areas of learning – especially resume-building skill sets like graphic design and video production.

    My theory is that anyone can learn a new skill to a marketable level of proficiency in 2 weeks by focusing on key success factors and I intend to demonstrate it by trying it out myself. I’ll be tracking my progress, posting examples of my work, and demonstrating how others can do this efficiently through articles and (hopefully) EWB videos.

    I think this kind of empowerment will be helpful to people who are in between jobs, like me, as well as those just looking for something new. In fact, I’ve called the blog “Anything Is Possible” to reflect the optimism I hope to inspire.


    Anyway, thanks again for sharing your knowledge with the world! We’re better for it.

    – J.D.


    P.S. Did you notice my not-so-subliminal messages? : )

  • Dr Paresh

    I want to use electronic white board on my dental blog for drawing surgical and dental diagrams procedure wise and for making flow chats and step wise clinical procedures.
    Thanks pat.

  • Akbar Sheikh

    Again, over delivered in imagination. Everytime i wait for your new post to be published and everytime i feel i never thought of that. In short, a lot of learning throughout. Well, i would love to utilize the freebies to enhance my audience experience and learning and also to help me to interact with my audeince at higher engaging level.


  • Scott

    Hey Pat,
    I am just starting out on the world wide web and have begun a niche site about personal training certifications. In the long run I plan to make a few more niche sites and byt the end of 2012 start a site geared towards creating, designing, marketing websites. Much like you, I plan to show that I can make money online before teaching others how to make money online. In short, I don’t need this prize right now as I am not yet prepared to use it to its full potential but in the future plan to use something like this a lot. Thanks

  • Mats Holmvik

    Hi Pat!

    Great video! I would love to participate in the contest and this is what I would be using it to do:

    Get a better way to communicate the messages in some videoes me and and a long time friend is going to create. He always had a dream of creating educational videos to young people about life, experience and that you can create your own life. What he means by that is that there are so many people who manipulate you early in life on what direction you want to take, but the true happiness inside people is coming a live when you make your own destiny. He, himself, have wondered how this information would have impacted his life in stead of heading down the wrong direction until he was about 25. He is an NA member (Anonymous drug addicts) for 5 + years and now have got back to school to finish it up, and gone further into social and philosopical studies to better be able to get his message out.

    As of today, he has outlined a book, and got on with the first chapters. But what he and I will do is create a virutal school about the subject and in the future his dream is to build a private school which focuses on learning the regular topics but also self help, personal economics and other self improvement which will get people on track of their dreams from a early age.

    Your videos show the power of this use in videos and it would be great for our work.

    Have a great day and enjoy time with your family Pat! :)


  • Benjamin Lotter

    Pat, A friend of mine that you have helped immensely tipped me off to your blog and I’ve been digesting your material and sharing everything I learn with others. I have a little red notebook in which I keep all the good ideas I get from blogs, books, sermons or just random thoughts. Then I share this with others. I called it Red Book Training.

    Whether you select me or not I’m going to produce inspirational videos to help people get traction in their lives. I teach success principles and I share it everyday. You’ve inspired me to do a webinar (my first one was today). Currently I use ZoomIt so I ask a question and then I type on the screen the answers people are feeding me in the chat. I love the interaction and I know I could be even more engaging if I had the pen-tablet/software. I believe that to become a success I first need to plant the seeds of success in others. And that is exactly what I will do with my Christmas gift from Pat. 😉

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Allen


    I love this stuff. It’s ironic how easy it is to over think things. I tried to do this in the past and I couldn’t figure out how to make the picture go full screen and draw on it at the same time. It never occurred to me to not full screen it and just do the 1280×720. Thanks for the tip there.

    I’d like to add a couple of things about choosing a tablet.
    1. Bigger is not necessarily better! I got one that is like a 12 x 8 (or something insane like that) – it feels a bit unnatural to try and draw on something like that because it’s just too big. I’m thinking probably about half that or a little bit bigger would be much better

    2. Monoprice, if you’ve not heard of them has a good selection of tablets that work very well with both Windows and Mac. They’re about half (or less) the price of many of the other popular tablets out there and that might help people save a bit of cash – although, I’d love to win the one you’re giving away! :-)

    Thanks again for the excellent posts and the inspiration you provide to so many of us.

  • Todd Skaggs

    Hi Pat,
    I’ve been a long-time reader since the IBMA days where we were both honing our skills!

    My audience (blog and podcast) is current or aspiring college football officials. Your drawing techniques presented would allow me to take screen shots of football plays and/or videos and draw directly on the video in order to better communicate such detail as positioning, mechanics, good calls/poor calls, etc.

    The very highest levels of officiating (NCAA and NFL) have similar capabilities however this would be a new feature I can bring to my followers who aspire to those levels of officiating.

    For me, it’s about bringing a NFL-type training experience to my followers who are typically high school and small college officials. This equipment and technology would definitely help me stand out from the crowd, deliver extremely high value, and a memorable experience with the teaching and training I conduct. I currently provide weekly training videos to my customers and your techniques would really enhance and improve what I’m delivering.

    While only a small select few will ever achieve those lofty heights of professional officiating, there’s no reason why we can’t learn, train and prepare just like the pros!

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Austin

    Hi Pat,

    First off I want to thank you for re-inspiring me to get back into the world of online passive income. I have dabbled back in late 2007 with the Xmas season and the Wii and new NOTHING about SEO or WordPress! I built static sites and bought traffic and still somehow managed to make a few bucks but lost interest after the Xmas rush ended.

    Since February 2011 I’ve followed the great advice on the SPI blog (and have purchased many of the great tools you recommend – bluehost, blog blueprint, UAW, e-junkie, MS, Aweber, Legal Zoom, iPhone app eBook, TBS and just yesterday I picked up a developers license of WP Wishlist Member) and have been slowly building up my sites, traffic and earnings!

    Political affiliate aside I saw an opportunity to created a website with information about the Republican Candidates and created Republican Candidates Headquarters (RCHQ). With 130+ page 1 rankings the site is on pace for over 6,000 visitors this month and on pace for $60+ in adsense revenue with massive potential as we’re targeting keywords that see 458,000 monthly EXACT! With over 100 pages/posts of unique content it’s really a great authority site.

    That being said, I have a massive project I’m working on and am trying to raise some money to fund it so I’ve decided to sell RCHQ and have it listed at Flippa here (in case you or anyone is interested):

    As for your content to win the tablet, I’d love to be entered! The one thing that I feel is lacking on all of my niche sites are videos. The biggest thing that is holding me back is the lack of a good editing program and my desire to offer more than power point slides simply being narrated like we all see so often. Adding the tablet and an editing program to my long (and growing) list of tools you’ve introduced me to would really help me take my niche sites to the next level!

    Thanks again for all that you put into the SPI blog!

    Take care and happy holidays!


  • Ben

    Hello Pat ,

    I am hoping to win because my primary site ( selling metal buildings ) while getting more turnkey , still requires a lot of time while I am growing my blog and niche sites ( funny entertaining cartoon clips and how-to family oriented stuff )

    As always Thanks for your time and attention , talk to you soon


  • Troy Lynn

    I have been recently following your blog and am amazed by how much information you provide to all your readers!

    I currently operate my own travel agency, it is 100% hands-on, service-oriented. However I would love have “passive income” doing what I love. I have decided to start my own travel channel online, and with your tips and ideas –dominate it!

    An electronic whiteboard would be an absolutely wonderful tool to help acheive this goal.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  • Donnie

    Hi Pat,

    I’d love to win the tablet set up so I could use it to record some better quality training videos for my audience (potential guitar teachers). The interactivity it provides would be perfect for my subject matter, and using it would be so much better than trying to get set up with a white board, live video, etc.

    With the tablet, I could draw out key concepts for them and make my training videos much more engaging and effective.

    Thanks so much for all you do, Pat…your site got me started with Internet marketing and I owe you a lot. You’ve been a huge inspiration and role model for me in business.

    Happy holidays,


  • Justin McClelland

    Hey Pat. I appreciate the content you put out on this blog, as always. Just want to make my official entry for the Tablet before time runs out. As far as use, I’d actually use it in the same respect as you and mainly use it for tutorial youtube videos. I have a blog with plenty tutorials and the ‘handwritten’ element on screen would make it easier to convey my points better on-screen.

  • Dakota

    Hey Pat,
    Thanks for making a small (awesome!!) giveaway :)

    I would use this technique for creating short videos for explaining bible verse on my website created to study the bible It would be beneficial for my audience to have a visual concept/illustration of certain things to help explain the verses in context.

    I would also use it to create tutorials on my other website,, which desperately needs to be worked on.

  • Troy

    I love your whiteboard style interviews. I’ve started doing videos for my fitness blog ( ). The whiteboard style would be perfect for explaining different workout programs, describing how to make equipment, describe nutrition tradeoffs, or even explain how we’ve changed from Cave Dwellers to Cube Dwellers. So many ideas … If only I had a tablet. 😉

    Thanks for the great information.

  • Keith Copeland

    You never fail to impress. I love your tips and triicks.

    I am writing this at 5 AM on Sunday (technically after Saturday night, but just a little) so I hope you will put me in the running for the Bamboo.

    I have a couple of niche sites that are doing well. But I really wanted to help my wife’s offline business that is in an EXTREMELY competitive niche. I am working my tail off and we are starting to see some results.

    I have been article mrketing hard to get the sites base up. Now its time to go full bore on video marketing too. So, your article couldn’t come at a better time!

    I completely agree that whiteboarding (not emotionally water boarding my readers and viewers :) is a fantastic way to engage and get the point accross. It totally hits the visual learners need to see it. And because 65% of the population are visual learners it is just silly not to use it.

    A couple of the “gurus” I follow use a whiteboard (not very well though) and it really is different when you watch their viideos. Whiteboards help that video and that presenter stand out from the competitiion.

    So, thanks again for the (as always) great content! I hope I win the Bamboo. But if not, I will definately get one and you’ll see me visually connecting with my wifes prospects and domintaing the compettition who will be missing that connection to 65% of the population.

    Keith Copeland

  • Caleb Christenson RN

    Hi Pat,
    I’m a registered nurse based out San Diego,CA (Lets hangout sometime!!!). Anyway, I run a blog with a mission to help new grad nurses ease into the field of nursing. What they teach you in nursing school only half applies to what life is like on the hospital floor. On my blog I try to break down comlex ideas into easy to understand chunks for my readers.

    I would love to start producing EWB videos on youtube to teach new nurses how to better take care of their patients and surivive the wild world of nursing.
    All The Best,
    Caleb Christenson RN

  • Englischtest Online

    Too late for entering the contest (probably) but thanks for the inspiring post about EWBs. Actually started last week to conceptualize a video (the first one for my site) to be on top of developments for my niche which has a lot of interested people especially at the beginning of the year (new years resolutions etc). Your post gave me some good ideas on how to create the templates and the tip on using layers is the most valuable i got from this post.
    Thanks again and have a nice christmas time.

  • briddick

    Pat you’re a rockstar man. I personally have been loving camastatia studio. real solid screen capture and easy to use and edit

  • Chris R. Keller From

    I think I am late to enter the draw but hopefully I can still make the draw!

    Here is an example where I have used this technique Pat. I think it is great!.

  • Noel

    Can I still enter? I plan to use that in explaining or teaching programming microcontrollers. I just watched the video and it was a cool trick with that background and using photoshop. I think I would be able to write schematic diagrams and explain stuff in more detail using that tablet.

  • Atlas

    My girl got me the bamboo for xmas, cant wait to use it.

    Like you said, its difficult to illustrate specific dynamics with power point. The bambooo allows more flexibility.

    I’ve been waiting to see how you pull this off, i was fascinated the first time i discovered it – now I fully understand.


  • Nick Sotos

    Hey Pat!
    Thanks for this great video! I just love the idea of making a white board for my videos!! Old programs are so boring. Your technique is amazing, and the results are awesome! I wonder for how long you have been practicing to reach this level. Thanks Pat. I wish you Merry Christmas.

  • Adam Gutermann

    Hi Pat,
    I’d also be interested in which microphone you are using. The quality is always very good. best regards from Germany

    • Dakota Sutcliuffe

      He is using the Heil PR-40.
      I know because I use one and yes the sound is superb!:)

      • Adam Gutermann

        hopefully we can win it later 😀

    • Andy

      Yes, I am pretty sure that is what he is using, b/c he is also a student of Podcast Answerman 😉

      But, I am curious if you have any slightly less costly alternatives… thoughts?

      • Allen

        Andy, a great place to find a microphone that is a lower cost is to check out and look at dynamic microphones. I then sort by top rated and you’ll see what others are recommending. I suggest this particular site because the people reviewing are very passionate about their reviews and they’re much better than the typical “this product rocks” or “this product sucks” reviews that are on most other sites. Also, they have a tendency to run great deals on zzsounds so it’s worth going back and checking often. I will suggest two things – one make sure you’re looking at a dynamic microphone as it will have a tendency to cut back on ambient noise and 2 look at getting a microphone pop filter and stand. You wouldn’t even believe how much noise those things can filter out if you’re looking to create a quality recording. BTW – much of this information can be had if you do go check out Cliff is awesome – Cliff is the Pat of the podcasting world – great information, humble guy and always looking to help out.

      • Allen

        Andy, I posted another reply here but I think it might be under moderation because I actually included a link to the site. So let me try this again. If you’d like a lower cost alternative to the Heil PR40, go to zzsounds dot com, go to the microphone category and then filter down to dynamic microphones – you’ll want a dynamic microphone because it will do a great job at filtering out any ambient noise in the room. After you drill into the dynamic microphone category, set your max price and then sort by top rated. I like this particular site because the people writing reviews generally have a passion for what they do so you get something more useful than “this product rocks” or “this product was terrible”. People have a tendency to give more in depth reviews on that site. The next thing I would suggest is getting a microphone stand and a pop filter. You’d be amazed at how much unwanted noise is cut out by having that screen in front of your mic. I got an AKG D5 on sale from zzsounds and the sound quality is phenomenal. If you do some searching in Google you’ll find that it can be had for $80. BTW – the information about the dynamic mic and the pop filter is information that I also got from podcastanswerman. Cliff is a great resource and much like Pat, always willing to help out. Hope this helps out – just an FYI – currently there are a number of mics from $30+ that have received a great rating.

      • Allen

        Hi Andy,

        I tried to answer this twice yesterday – don’t know why they never appeared. Anyways, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, check out zzounds. Go to microphones -> dynamic microphones. Then set your price limit and sort by top rated. I recommend this particular site because the reviews up there are genuinely helpful, not the “this rocks” type of reviews that you see in many places. Also, you might want to look into getting a mic stand (I have a desk stand) and a pop filter for your mic. It’d blow your mind how much noise that little screen filters out. I’m using an AKG D5 which does a fantastic job. If you search for that you’ll find it from 80+. If you do go to zzounds though you’ll find there are several options that people recommend starting at just 30. Hope this helps man.

        • Andy

          Thanks Allen, I may bite the bullet and pick up the Heil but it is good to have alternatives…

        • Allen

          No problem Andy, if you want I have a video up on youtube that has my voice with both a lapel mic that I spent $20 on amazon for using with the Kodak Zi8 and then I do a voice over on the parts of the video where it’s a screen cast with the AKG D5 – just to give you an idea of how it sounds. Both options sound much better than any built in microphones you’ll find on any devices, but you’ll hear that the quality of the AKG is pretty stellar. Not saying you won’t get an incremental quality boost from picking up the Heil, but at 1/3 the cost you could also invest in a decent mixer, etc. If you want the link to the video, drop me an email allensefforts at gmail and I’ll send you the link.

  • Taline

    He already announced a winner…maybe he will have another one soon :)

  • Ricardo Butler

    Who was the winner?

    • Taline


      Congratulations to Sarah Clark for winning the Pen/Tablet & Screen Recording Software! The selection was extremely difficult – so difficult in fact I put my favorite comments into a pool and randomly selected a winner from there. I’m sorry I couldn’t give more away :( – Congrats to Sarah, and thanks once again to everyone who participated!

      That’s the post Pat has up on his facebook (Pat, hope you don’t mind I put it here)

      • Ricardo Butler

        Thanks Taline!

  • Jeffrey Perez

    Comment, i really want that hehe, as a fan of, i’ve been doing it still without the PEN, here’s a sample of my VID

  • chris

    Quick tip to do this without Photoshop, on a mac.

    Use Keynote and create a slide with 1280×720 size. I use the theme with a chalk board looking background. Use the blank slide to make your logo-enhanced chalkboard.

    Use Omnidazzle as Pat explained.

    Put the slide in slideshow and record with Screenflow or Camtasia.

    In Keynote make sure to set it up so omnidazzle doesn’t screw up slideshow mode. Go to Keynote –> Preferences–> Slideshow. Enable “allow expose, dashboard and others to use screen”.

    This is what I do and it is awesome. I don’t know how to use Photoshop, otherwise I like how Pat gets a pressure sensitive pen.

  • Michael

    Hey Pat –

    I have to say that it is awesome when you can use these electric white boards to make “how to” videos for your website. They are more interactive and interesting to follow then a slideshow presentation. I am still in the phase of using slideshows along side screen capture videos. At least with screen capture videos I can have my cursor on the screen and the viewer can see that. I can zoom in and out and highlight areas, etc. However I do really want to try this method as well in the near future for my videos. Videos are a thing of the future and I definitely need to get more into them.

    Thanks again Pat for sharing this useful information.

  • Edgar

    thanks Pat! i also love how you show us how to create a fb fan page. awesome

  • Steve @ Canadian Personal Finance


    I am really impressed with your blog. It is very polished and I enjoy that it is full disclosure.

    Count me in the contest!

  • Ryan

    Hey Pat,

    This is awesome!
    Could you add some share it buttons so I can e-mail these to friends?

  • HVAC Controls Blog

    I took action and this is what I came up with…

    Thanks for the ideas, Pat.

    Also, who needs fancy FLASH animation… watch the end of the video and I do just a quick zoom and pan of the website logo. Good ’nuff!

  • Raul

    Hey Pat, Amazingly useful stuff as always. Its like being with you right there and talking to you via the equipments :) Its like you always read the minds of your fellow followers and fans, you just strike the right thing at the right time. I was wondering of getting myself a blog for my entrepreneurship and was collecting useful information for that, when I just happened to fall for this post of yours. Your videos are like real good – best quality, no voice problems, no use of those whiteboards which are actually never visible and the best part is the information; the info you provide is the best on the net- straight to the point, no stories, no lefts just the right and the required. Your quality content drives the traffic and basically all the people straight to your blog, after each post of yours there’s ought to be a bookmark done to that page and i have most of your content bookmarked (even your about me 😛 ).

    You’ve been an inspiration for me ever since i came to your blog for the first time. For soon that I will be getting a blog, I will make sure to just cover all the tips, tutorials, queries and breakthroughs are known to me for niche sites. Practically, I have never made a tutorial like video, but future lies ahead and so I will be making a whole set of “useful” and quality videos for my followers and people who seek help in their niches.
    As for now, I have already started thinking about the blog and am stuck at the blog name, which I shall be coming across soon. Planning for the blog I’ve already made a list of posts which will line up as my blog is good to go. About pointing out something that you might interesting or might wanna use – it’s just that your content serves as the definition of perfect so there’s hardly a suggestion I could make to you… Just Keep the work going on… :)

  • larry

    hey pat love the blog full of great help thanks
    keep updating :)

  • Deb Kalikow.Pluck

    Hi Pat:
    As usual your content is awesome!

  • Laura

    I would love to make videos like that! I’m not brief enough when I film myself on camera; so I feel that being able to make whiteboard notes for my audience would not only make my videos easier to follow, but also help me keep things succinct! I would definitely film a few videos about marketing and online presence for artists. My audience is creative types who are having a hard time navigating the vastness of the world wide web while trying to widen their artistic reach.

  • James Hussey

    Pat – I know this is an old video, but how do you add the video-in-video clips? I’m not using CamTasia, I have a CamStudio-powered video editor (AVS4YOU) that does so far everything I need…

    But would like to up my game. 😀

    So my question is referring to your live video-in-video when you whipped out the bamboo pad, and also at the end you reference 2 YouTube vids you’ve done: is that just an annotation in YT?

    Thanks for the help. If you don’t answer, I’ll just email you. Much obliged.

  • Glenn Ferguson

    Thanks Pat for the video tip and the information….

  • Denny Robert

    I was trying to think of a unique way to make “how to make coffee” videos, and this would definitely be something I haven’t seen yet! I like it.

  • Jason Mathes

    This is a great idea for conveying simple ideas or even for circling elements you want people to be focusing on in your YouTube videos!

    Great article for whiteboarding on YouTube. I was excited about the possible free wacom tablet.. until I looked at the date lol.

    Still an awesome article… now off to try and find a (hopefully used) wacom on the internet and start practicing!

    • Brent

      Wow! good eye Jason yea, I’m a little confused on the date myself.

      12/17/11 ?

      yy/mm/dd (month 17 does not exist) or mm/dd/yy (which as passed)
      or dd/mm/yy (DNE)

      On a side note… does anyone know how to change so that when you post a picture of yourself shows up do I don’t get the generic pic?

  • Baptist

    I love the content and ideas this is quite helpfull.

  • Baptist

    I love the content and ideas this is quite helpful.

  • Kenneth

    This is an awesome way to create videos. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Nichtraucher

    Good idea. I have just read your newsletter and i have an idea how i will use this technic. i am working as a hypnotist and this is a good tool for teaching about hypnosis.

    thank you.

  • Sean Mysel

    I’m not going to lie….this thing has been awesome for my golf instruction biz. No one, and I mean no one else in my industry uses this and my students love it.

    I told Pat that I use this to make short “movies” of my students lessons. I’ve actually sat with a couple of them to beta test it. It freaked me out because you actually watch their eyes follow the writing that shows up on the screen.

    Thanks Pat!

  • Brent

    Hi Pat,

    Love the new DWB videos, makes the content more alive ! However, one thing you didn’t mention in your video is how you speed up the sketching. I’m assuming you capture the footage then speed it up to sync with your voice? Do you record your voice at the same time as you write or do you record your voice and then write at a later time?

    Your style reminds me of this video on YouTube created by RSA Animate, except they use a regular white board.

    The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us:

    Some very insetting topics discussed in this video which I think will spark some deep insight for readers on this blog.

    So, what would I use the Wacom Tablet for hmmm… good question…

    Well my idea is to create a math blog or website that will help students understand difficult math topics such fractions, derivatives, partial fraction decomposition, triple integration, etc… and turn the various topics into a story. I don’t like the way many professor teach the subject and many take a cookie cutter approach to teaching the material so I hope by divulging into the why aspect of math and using technology to aid me, it will help student to have a better understanding of math and pass the class. 😉

    Here’s a link to what I’ve already started… it’s a work in progress as you won’t hear me talk at all in the video but will be adding more content soon. I’m still working on finding the right domain name and whether to use Word Press or just make a site using Dreamweaver.

    A Math Hands Tribute:

    PS: Keep posting more awesome content ! I’ve already listen up to session 17 of your podcasts and continually go back to niche site dual post.


    • Pat

      Thanks Brent – information about that video and how I sped it up and all that is coming on Thursday. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how it was done :)

      • Brent

        Awesome! Can’t wait to see it. :-)

        PS: I hear you live in Mira Mesa would you mind if if I friend you on facebook ? I live just north of you in Escondido ^_^

  • David Santistevan

    I just launched a 20-part email course on my blog and would love to use this technique for some instructional videos throughout the course.


    • Sean Mysel

      David, they work awesome for my golf students. What’s better is Google gives you some serious love really, really fast if you do HD and label them correctly.

      I can show you examples if needsbe

  • Wayne Rasku

    This is really helpful stuff. I have been using Camtasia for Mac, but it does not have the drawing tool. However, they just came out with an upgrade.. maybe that version has added it.
    Anyway, as a member of Third Tribe, I heard you on a webinar there and have subscribed to your list. It is so refreshing to get valuable content in the autoresponder sequence rather than just a long string of self-promoting, high pressure sales tactics. Thanks so much for sharing all this great info. I get something out of each post and video.

  • Barry McKillip

    Hey Pat,
    I appreciate the content you put out on your blog. As far as use, I would use it for video tutorials. I have a blog and the ‘handwritten’ element on screen would make it easier to convey my points better on-screen. It would also help me with my video product creations.

  • Katie J. Adam

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  • Jenny Beck

    Pictures voice and videos will be more understood than words. For communicating a home cleaning strategy in a similar way that a football coach would outline strategy is how I could use this bamboo device. Then, from initial strategy (because deep cleaning isnt most effectively conquered in one day), I could communicate the play by play steps as we progressed tjrough the job! It would add a fun slant to a long and strenuous endeavor.

  • Jay

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  • Bill Davis

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  • Ellen Allard (Gluten Free Diva)

    Pat – I’m already subscribed but I don’t remember getting a copy of your e-book. Could you send it to me? Thank you!

  • Samith

    My wife and I want to create a floristry online e-course so having a tablet and the software would allow us to sketch fundamental designs for short movie tutorials or webinars which would allow students from around the globe to access our teachings.

    furthermore as an art teacher these tools would be so cool to tecah my students so they can see my drawing freestyle rather than death by powerpoint…

  • http://Underdevelopment Lisa Shimeld

    Hi Pat,

    I’m getting ready to go live with a new website/blog/podcasts for microbiology students. The goal is to take the fear out of this important pre-requisite class. This would be a very helpful tool. Thanks very much.

  • Sherry

    Hey, Pat…Great to see you expanding out of the LEED area of expertise :)

    Love the video and would like to win so I can create some of my own!

    Have a great day.


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  • Tom Lyons

    Wow, great tip Pat, I have Bamboo, and had no idea I should use Photoshop for the white board. I just tried it and love it. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that you learn!!

  • Omer Khan

    As usual, great information and tips Pat. One comment on the Photoshop vs. GIMP. I couldn’t justify spending $700 on Photoshop (since I don’t need 90% of its features) and never really grokked GIMP. Instead I purchased Photoshop Elements for $99 which gives me most of the Photoshop functionality that I need for a much more reasonable price.

  • Richard

    Have so many uses for one of these tablets. I love the whiteboard uses and didn’t think it was that easy. thanks for the chance to win one. Love all your stuff you really know what works.

  • Nathan

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks so much for the email that brought me to this article. Love it! So I bought the Bamboo and it arrived today. How did you get good with your hand-writing? Mine totally looks like the writing of a 5 year old. Any tips will be much appreciated. Thank you

    • Pat Flynn

      Just practice really, hehe! It took some time, and just imagine you’re writing on paper – start by looking at your pen and then you’ll gradually get used to it and it’ll look more natural. Cheers!

  • Nicoletta Metri

    Hi Pat I really enjoy your brilliant tips and brain storming. I noticed an important thing. I prefer video than podcast and I think this is because when we are engaged in activities we are just making use of a representational system. It seems that at this point of the story we are mostly all visual people. I guess this is why the Electronic White Board Technique is capturing our attention so deeply. I was really close to that but not completely aware. I went for a period searching scratch animation programs to combine graphics, words and sounds into interactive creations but I needed something simple. The simplest, the better. I tried Sparkol Video Scribe and it was good and funny, but definitely not the answer. I think the white board will be a hit in the future because you can design your thoughts in real time and share with others. When seeing representation of what we think we can record and save. Our visual brain needed it so desperatetly. I will love to use it. Thank you for turning the page. Nicoletta :-)

  • John Simpson

    Pat, one more question. What are you currently using to shoot your videos? (non-screencapture) Camera, Mac webcam, iPhone? Thanks for the answer. I’m looking to buy a new camera this week and happy to use your affiliate link if that helps. Cheers.

  • Lucy Chen

    This is great, Pat, thanks for the giveaway. If I have these gears, I would like to show my audience how to make simple illustrations, possibly for their blog, so that they have very personal and interesting pictures to go with their posts, instead of digging Creative Common :)

  • Ben Tristem

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  • Hamza Ghani

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    Thanks Pat, I am constantly inspired by your posts. If I win the tablet I would use it to create videos that explain circular breathin and other wind instrument techniques. As a didgeridoo teacher I have found that diagrams are one of the best teaching tools available. Again, thanks for everything… My ebook is on the way!

  • Brad Edgar

    AHHHHH Pat this is awesome! So my blog/website is focused on teaching Microsfot Excel users how to pretty much do anything from the simple and basic tasks to complex and crazy/more difficult tasks that you might see business analysts doing. This is a pretty competitive market but I just have a love for Excel and the things that you can do with it…so I will prevail. That being said, I think it would be cool and unique especially in my industry/niche to use something like this and combine whiteboard teaching methods with my screen cast how to videos. My focus and attempt at being unique is by using more of an artistic/visual (I’m really not that artistic at all) of teaching and help people learn how to use Excel (see image below). This is definitely a super exciting tool and I truly always wondered how people did it.

    Thanks for your continued inspiration. It has helped me continue and also come up with cool and interesting ideas for my own website.

    Much love – keep up the good work!


  • jasminepowers

    Thank you Pat for explaining this! I would like to do visual note taking and mind maps for clients who on video so they can see how I use theses for marketing analysis and creative direction. I knew about Bamboo and Camtasia bit never knew THAT was how people did white board illustrations and animations that are ever so engaging. This is wonderful information!

  • Josh

    I’ve been looking to get one of these tablets, so that I can sign my documents without the print/scan rig-a-ma-roll.
    I also need to create videos teaching the managers in my company how to administrate project teams, so I’ll be getting something like this in the near future either way. :)

  • Angela McCall

    Thank you, Pat, for showing a video for us on how you do that. You know I’ve always wondered how people like you and Lisa Irby does this EWB. So that’s what it’s called.

    I’ve always been a fan of Wacom. This is not only great for doing traditional fine arts painting but now you told us about this, this is also great for an electronic white board. Awesome!

    The kind of videos I like are the one you have. I’ve been wanting to illustrate my tutorial videos in a different fashion which a lot of people have hardly done. I would like a video that is engaging and create “intimate relationship” with my audience. With this Wacom tablet, I think it’s possible!


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      many useful information in your website especially this blog page. Among the
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    Especially the mind theory. Conscious and subconscious mind. How thoughts manifest, needs diagram as well as labelling.
    Love this tip. I would certainly try out this method.looks interesting.

  • KimraLuna

    Does anyone know of tool for Mac that is similar to Omni Dazzle? My Mac is too new so it’s not compatible. I’ve been searching for something for a while with no luck. Just hoping someone knows. :)

    • Mat O’Flynn

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  • Ben Ramsden

    For those that find GIMP too fiddly to configure I’ve found Flysketch for Mac a much simpler alternative that’s also free. PS Disqus driving me nuts so posting as a guest. Ben

  • Tim Schmoyer

    Good tip, although I do this pretty easily with my iPad and a little program called AirServer. Works great.

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    Big respect

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    Great tips, thank you. Your podcast really inspiring and helpful. I am trying to create online courses to teach personal finance for people in the UK. Was going to use whiteboard animation, using videoscribe, to create lessons as ive been trying to figure out how to create these more interactive teacher ones. So would be great to run through some math using this kit. Is there a way of showing the whiteboard videos, with an extra video of yourself explaining in the corner perhaps. Want parts of my course to show me, as makes it more personal. Do you have links to other video creation blogs or podcasts youve done? Thanks Mark

  • Andrea Toxiri

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    What do you think?

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    Does anyone know of tool for Mac that is similar to Omni Dazzle? My Mac
    is too new so it’s not compatible. I’ve been searching for something for
    a while with no luck. Just hoping someone knows. :)

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    Thanks, again!

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    I was just wondering.
    Instead of Photoshop I use Photo Plus from Serif, which works with layers as well.
    Greetings from Germany,

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