19 WordPress Plugins (Some You Probably Didn’t Know About)

I get asked a lot of the same exact questions over and over again: how do I setup a blog, how do I setup a newsletter, where did I get my blog theme (it was custom built), and what wordpress plugins do I use.

Hmm…maybe I should setup my own blogging course or something.

Anyways, I’ve never really listed the WordPress plugins that I use, so here it is. 25 of my favorite WordPress plugins – some you probably know, and some you probably don’t.

The Essentials

Here is a list of WordPress plugins that all WordPress blogs should have, no matter what the topic of discussion is:

1. All In One SEO Pack: There are two parts to search engine optimization: on-site and off-site optimization. This plugin helps with your site’s on-site optimization by easily allowing you to edit both the title, description and keywords for your website, as well as each of your individual blog posts, among other things.

Passive Income All-In-One-SEO

2. Google XML Sitemaps: This plugin helps search engines easily crawl through your site and quickly index your content. For the beginners out there, don’t worry about all of the settings and extra options that come along with it – as long as you install (and activate) it, your blog should be good to go.

3. Easy Privacy Policy: Google wants your blog to have a privacy policy page, which discloses the fact that there may be cookies on your site that may track a visitor’s browsing behavior. If you’re running Adsense, you can actually be banned as a publisher if you don’t have one. Luckily, this plugin will easily install one for you, almost automatically.

Update: for some reason, all of the privacy policy plugins are getting deleted from the WordPress plugin directory. Instead, I advise that you use this private policy generator found here

4. Akismet: So far, Akismet (or as I like to call it – the most underrated plugin ever) has helped intercept 91,656 spam comments from landing on this blog. Ridiculous! It comes pre-installed when you setup WordPress, but you’ll need a WordPress.com API in order to enable it. I won’t go over what that means here, but there are instructions on what to do after you activate the plugin.

Askimet Stats

5. Broken Link Checker: This plugin is a gem. It crawls through your entire blog and reports any existing broken links. A broken link may be a link that doesn’t work because you typed the URL incorrectly, or it could also be because the page that it links to is no longer available. After you activate this plugin, it does take a day or two to get through your whole site, but it definitely cleans up the junk!

Other Plugins That I Use

Here is a list of some of the other plugins that I use, although I don’t use all of them for each website that I own. It depends on what kind of site it is, so read through the short description to see if it’s something you’d find useful for yours:

6. Robots Meta: This is a more advanced plugin that was created by Joost de Valk from Yoast.com (who I am still working with to find a date for the SPI SEO Report Webinar! Thanks for your patience with that!), which again helps with what the search engines see and what they don’t. The most important part of this plugin is that you have the ability to tell the search engines not to index or crawl through certain pages of your site, and also you have the ability to set whether or not to include the follow or nofollow tag to certain things. If this kind of talk is over your head, don’t worry about it, but if you’d like to learn more you should watch the Robots Meta video over at Yoast.com.

7. RSS Footer: When people read your content in an RSS reader like Google reader, what do they do after they’re done reading the post? If you don’t have a call to action, then probably nothing. This is why I love this plugin because it gives me the ability to say a little something extra to those who are reading my content not on my website. You can ask them to visit the website to leave a comment, you can give them a little thank you message for being a subscriber, or you can even ask them to become a fan on Facebook or follow you on Twitter. One time, I even held a contest on my blog that was just for my RSS subscribers using this plugin. Of course, when I announced that the rules and the winner were only going to be announced on the RSS feed, I saw a whole bunch of new subscribers that day. Good times.

8. TubePress: This is the plugin that easily creates this video gallery on my blog. If you have a YouTube or a Vimeo account and a few videos to go along with them, you can put up a gallery just like mine in a post, page or even in the sidebar of your blog.

9. ShareBar: I installed this plugin about a month ago after being impressed seeing it implemented on a number of other blogs. It basically creates a bar that includes social media buttons that stay on the screen as a reader scrolls down the page and it can be customized to include any number of buttons that you wish. It comes with the standard options like Twitter and Facebook (although it’s the share button, not the like button, at the moment), Digg, Reddit, etc. – but you can include your own custom buttons too. Sharebar Plugin

10. Aweber Web Form Plugin: This is a brand new plugin, hot off the press, by the kind folk over at Aweber. This was created to make it extremely easy to drag and drop web forms that you’ve created in your Aweber account onto your blog without ever having to log-in to Aweber and copy and paste any script or code. Very cool.

11. Page Link Manager: Okay, maybe I’m being stupid here, but is there not an easy way to easily reorder the pages in our navigation menu? I know I’m not the only one with this problem because several people have asked me for help about this too. Well, unless anyone can enlighten me (you would think there would be an easy way to do this in WordPress), if you want to reorder the page links in your navigation menu, just use this plugin.

12. WordPress Database Backup: I use this tool to automatically send me an email that contains a backup file of my WordPress blog every single day. You’ll never know when something may happen to your blog, so backup now and backup often!

13. WordPress Stats: There are hundreds of different plugins that help you keep track of traffic statistics for your blog, but this one is one of my favorites. It does require a WordPress.com API (like the Askimet plugin), but it’s worth the little trouble to install because it gives me real time traffic results. In real time, I can see exactly how many pageviews my blog receives, exactly where they are coming from, as well as what they are clicking on. Also, it gives me a short list of the top keywords that referred people to my site as well. Good stuff :)

Wordpress Stats

14. Audio Player: This is the most common type of audio player that you’ll see on most websites that include a podcast or some other type of audio media. You can easily configure it to match the look of your site, just like I have for The Smart Passive Income Blog:

SPI Audio Player15. Subscribers Magnet: All of the plugins listed above are FREE. This one, however, is a premium plugin that I wasn’t going to include here on the list, but I’ve gotten so many questions about one particular feature and I wanted to make sure it was addressed. I’ve written a review on this plugin before which lists many of the several ways that it can help increase the opt-in rate for your email list, however feature everyone is emailing me about is the button within the comment form that automatically subscribes people to my email list if it’s checked. This is the plugin that does that for me, which is pretty cool and has helped to increase my subscription rate a noticable amount. Not a significant amount, but a noticable one.

Subscribers Magnet Opt In Box16. W3 Total Cache: This caching plugin will speed up the loadtime of your website, and combined with Amazon S3 and Cloudfront you can really get some lighting fast results. As mentioned before, my blog isn’t the friendliest when it comes to load time. Before installing this plugin, my load times were insane – between 12 to 15 seconds per page (which is totally inexcusable, especially now that Google takes into account load time for search engine results rankings), but aftering installing W3 Total Cache and integrating Amazon S3 and Cloudfont for storage, my load times are much much less – between 2 to 6 seconds per page.

17. WP-Wishlist: This is an incredible plugin which can turn your WordPress blog into a membership website. I’m currently experimenting with it, and so far the results are amazing (I don’t have my own membership website yet, but I’m currently learning the ins and outs of this plugin and comparing it with my other options for membership website setup too). It integrates seamlessly with your WordPress blog so you can create different membership levels with different access capabilities, integrate it with shopping carts like Paypal and Clickbank, and you can set it up for sequential content delivery. I can’t fully recommend it yet because I’m still weighing my options, but from what other people have told me, it works extremely well. Of course, this is a paid plugin.

18. KB-Linker: This is a pretty nifty plugin that I just recently discovered which will link phrases you specify to sites you specify. So for example, you could make it so that everytime the phrase “Niche Site Duel” appears in a post, it will automatically include a link to nichesiteduel.com, or whatever link you specify. I haven’t used this on this blog yet, but I am using it on some of my niche sites and it works great, especially for affiliate links.

19. I know this post said 19 plugins, and that’s where you come in. I know you have 1 plugin (just one!) that you’d like to share with the rest of the SPI community that wasn’t on this list. Just leave your recommendation in the comment section of this post. Even if someone else mentioned the one you were thinking of already, that’s okay – mention it again because it probably means it’s something worth taking a second look at.

Thanks everyone, and have a wonderful week. Cheers!

p.s. Thanks to my friend Nicole Dean for the inspiration (and reminder!) to write this post.

  • http://www.webuildyourblog.com/ Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    Backup Buddy. A premium plugin that backs up everything to do with your blog not just the databases.


    • http://67dollars.com/ Jason

      Is this a free plugin? I’m using VaultPress, it’s $40 a month but it’s well worth it…includes security measures as well.

      • http://www.webuildyourblog.com/ Andrew @ Blogging Guide


        No, it is a premium one – a one-off cost from $45.


        • http://67dollars.com/ Jason

          Yeah, I see now that you said “premium” in your first comment…sometimes my filter is set too high. 😉

    • Andrei

      I just discovered BackWPup. It does complete backups: files, database and XML export and can save them to e-mail, FTP or Amazon S3. It’s also free.

      Disclaimer: not affiliated with the plugin in any way, I’m just so thrilled about what it can do that I’m doing everything I can to support and promote it.
      Wordpress marketplace: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/backwpup/

      P.S.: Pat, great post! Thank you!

    • http://www.onlinebusinessmania.com/resources/ Sajan Elanthoor

      Yes Andrew, I’m a big fan of Backup Buddy!

  • MK Safi

    My no. 19 is a toss up between two plugins (I really couldn’t decide which one):

    19) Front-end editor: allows you to edit your posts by double clicking on paragraphs from the front end. You don’t have to open up the post in WordPress editor. Great for touch ups and quick corrections to your posts.


    19) Microkid’s Related Posts: Allows you to manually pick “related posts”. I think manually picking related posts allows you to display more useful and relevant links.

    • http://TwoBirdersandBinoculars Sam Brunson

      The Front-end editor is amazing! Thanks for sharing MK Safi!

  • http://www.consoleblogger.com Jason Young

    Dude! Share bar is awesome I always wanted to know what was the name of that plugin! Now I know thanks!

    Here are two of my favorites that I would like to share:

    Redirection: It helps to monitor all my 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors, but I use it specifically for my 404 errors which it has basically eliminated. (I had a ridiculous with 404 errors before,like 150 a month!)

    SEO Slugs: Removes common words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ from post slugs to improve SEO, I find that I get better organic search results from this plugin, not huge but it was noticeable.

    Cool Post Pat!

    • http://www.hectorjcuevas.com Hector Cuevas

      Hey Jason,

      I was gonna mention seo slugs, but u beat me to it. This is a great plugin to use if you want better SE traffic. I’ve gotten similar results using this plugin too.

  • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

    Awesome post Pat,

    Really great list of plugins, I’m just hearing of the KB linker and I should be giving it a trial.

    Also, since you use Akismet you might want to try “conditional captcha”, it is presently the best plugin I am using and it compliments akismet to eliminate spam completely. It does not display any captcha in your blog’s comment section, what it does is redirect any commenter whose comment has been caught by akismet to a captcha page, if the user gets the captcha correctly the comment will be approved but if not, the comment will be deleted permanently.

    Thanks so much for the awesome list,

  • http://www.nichesiteduel.net Fede

    Pat like always sharing great info. I will use some of these plug-ins on my new blog.
    Just a quick question: when you install a lot of plugins doesn’t it affect your site speed and therefore your page rank?

    • http://www.hectorjcuevas.com Hector Cuevas

      Hey Fede,

      Having a bunch of plugins MAY slow down your blog, but most of them are so small in size the the difference in speed is barely noticeable. WordPress was made wth plugins in mind, but it’s also important to install the ones that really benefit you.

      If you want to check your sites speed, install y-slow. This is a firefox plugin that tells you how fast ur blog loads. A blog usually loads between 4 and 7 seconds, while static sites may load slot faster because of the lack of features. Images are usually responsible slow sites, so look out for that..

      Hope that helps

      • http://www.nichesiteduel.net Fede

        Hi Hector,
        Thanks for the reply. I know about Y-Slow becasue I am writing a site speed post for my blog (fedeaffiliatemarketing.com). I got to know that plugins slowdown your website so I am curious on what are others people thoughts on the topic.

        In addition does anybody know what is the best settings for images… GIF, PNG, JPEG for wordpress blogging?

        • http://67dollars.com/ Jason

          What exactly do you mean by image settings?

        • http://www.nichesiteduel.net Fede

          for image settings I mean when you save an img from Photoshop what are the best settings to optimize the img for the web so that it loads faster (i.e. JPEG and low quality). I have a blog http://www.bedandeurope.com and it takes to much time to load, maybe becasue all my img are of different formats and sizes.

        • http://www.nichesiteduel.net Fede

          for image settings I mean when you save an img from Photoshop what are the best settings to optimize the img for the web so that it loads faster (i.e. JPEG and low quality). I have a blog http://www.bedandeurope.com and it takes to much time to load, maybe becasue all my img are of different formats and sizes… might that interfere with the site speed?

        • http://67dollars.com/ Jason

          Large images can certainly slow loading. As for Photoshop, “Save for Web” and you can test PNG, GIF and JPG to see which one is the smallest and still looks good. Then run it through Smush it to save a few more bytes.

        • http://www.shajjad-online.com Shajjad

          Hi Fede,,
          I will suggest you do
          photoshop > file > save For web > 4 – Up…
          then your image will be more smaller in size.
          I appreciate .png formats. I find many successful blogs (Like SPI blog) and see that most of them use .png image format. Don’t know whats the cause…


  • http://passivecash.wordpress.com Matthew

    Awesome! I was just about to search your blog for a list of WP plugins (I’m building my first niche site) when I saw this post. :)

    One WP plugin I find useful for a new website is the maintenance mode plugin. Let’s you hide your unfinished website from the world until you’re ready. (Maybe they’ve already implemented something like that into wordpress iteself, I don’t know, I’m new.)

  • Ron

    Interesting list Pat, I picked up at least 3 I didn’t have and could use like this instant.

    If I had to share one I’d choose the GoCodes plugin. Great for redirections and hiding ugly affiliate links on your blog or niche site.


  • http://mycloudliving.com Jay

    Nice list, will certainly have to have a look at a few of these. As for plugins I like, Contact Form 7 is probably the most versatile contact form plugin that I can find. Really quick and simple to set up, a real time saver.

    • http://67dollars.com/ Jason

      I’m a fan of that one too. It’s also the least bloated when it comes to contact form plugins. Of course, there’s alway Gravity Forms, which is is a premium plugin but awesome as all hell.

    • http://qualityplrzone.com Kelly @ Quality PLR Zone

      I second this one. Love it, and so simple to use.

  • http://operationsideincome.com Brian

    I’m still new to all of this, but your site has helped me stay motivated the most – obviously I’m using some of those plugins because they are the most popular – but I’ll be setting up a few more of the plugins you mentioned later today! Thanks for what you’re doing!

  • http://www.FaithAndFinance.org Tim @ Faith and Finance

    Hey Pat!

    Great list of plugins – thanks for putting it together!

    I seriously JUST found this plugin last night: LinkWithin

    It puts your most recent posts (including a picture) under the post you’re reading. This, of course, entices people to stay and read a previous article from your site.

    You can see the plugin in action on any post on my site:



  • http://www.megabizflakes.com samuel

    Awesome post!
    Great set of plugins. i use most of them, but i will check out some. These plugins is a must use for every blogger. Thanks a lot for sharing. Have fun 😀

  • http://www.dailybits.be Herman dailybits

    I’m a big fan of installing the “WordPress Mobile Edition” plugin standard with my wordpress-sites. Perfect for using them in a mobile browser.

  • http://www.jungleoflife.com/ Lance

    Love this – you’ve given me a few new ones to check out!!

    A current favorite of mine: Scribe SEO. It is subscription-based, but I’ve found that it really has helped me to both understand SEO a bit better, and makes it easy for me to tweak what I’ve already written form better search placement.

  • http://www.investparttime.com Brett

    Hey Pat,
    Thanks for this list. I’m always on the look out for new plugins. I’m guessing some stuff is just built into your custom WP design, but is there a plugin that easily drops in a RSS subscribe button or form into the sidebar? The one I’ve had by default is tiny and ineffective so far. Thanks!


  • TrafficColeman

    I knew about somewhat half of these Pat and I think it won’t hurt to check out the rest of these to see if they can fit into my daily life.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  • http://www.moneycrush.com Jackie

    Love the list. I use several of these too, but will be adding more now!

  • http://www.personal-success-factors.com Steve-Personal Success Factors

    Pat, thanks for sharing this list. Was wondering, with the All in One SEO plugin, I’ve noticed that my wordpress blog tends to default to the automatic keywords generator, even though I am using the All in One SEO. Any way to prevent that?

  • http://www.technshare.com Devesh – Technshare

    Great Post Pat. These are some awesome plugins.

    Btw. you should also try conditional captcha plugin, it works with akismet.

    Thanks for sharing this great list. Great work !!

  • http://ultimateorigami.net/ Peter Saydak

    Great list, when I set up my WordPress site I’ll definitely use some of these.

  • http://67dollars.com/ Jason

    If I can only list one, I’d have to with VaultPress. It’s a premium security and backup plugin from the Automatic, the people who put out WordPress, but it’s saved me from certain doom so I love it.

    Just to cheat a little, here’s my actual WordPress plugin setup.

  • http://www.mondaymorningva.com Dawn Martinello | Monday Morning VA

    plugin lists are the way to my heart. seriously, forget chocolate and give me a good plugin or code.

    Here’s my favourite that you absolutely MUST use: Microkids Related Posts.

    In fact, I loved it so much that I wrote a post about it insisting that everyone grab a copy of the plugin. Yep, it’s even freaking free. Finally a plugin that allows you to specifically search and choose the related post you want shown. Booyeah!


  • http://www.devinelder.com Devin Elder

    My #19 has to be TinyMCE Advanced. It’s free, and it adds lots of functionality to your posts – stuff like highlighting, font sizing, tables, and lots more.

    Re: #11, I use PageMash and like it alot. It’s AJAX based drag n drop, and you can instantly create child structures and hide pages too.

    BTW, When are you adding your custom plugin to this list Pat? I’m very curious to see what you cook up…

  • http://www.schoolofpodcasting.com Dave Jackson

    I used (and loved) Wishlist. However, check out Digital Access Pass (www.weeklywebtools.com/dap *affiliate link*). It has a DRIP feature that makes your memberhsip site very cool as people who sign up have the information dripped to them instead of all at once. I was going to use wishlist and wp-drip plugin, but this is a great system. I hope to launch my sit by the end of the year.

    Also check out prettylink plugin. It does redirects (see mine above) and it counts the number of clicks, you can have jeywords become links, and it ties into twitter.

    Thanks for the great post.

  • http://www.newparadigmwealth.com Lita

    Thanks so much! I was just coming to your website to get inspiration. I just launched my blog a few days ago and this is exactly what I needed! Awesome post. You rock Pat!

  • http://www.passivejourney.com Shawn | PassiveJourney.com

    Thanks for the list, Pat. I’ve seen a few out there, but none as conclusive and easy to implement as this one.

    I’ll definitely be combing through this for gems in the near future. Looks like there are quite a few to be found.

    Rock on.

  • LH

    Login Lockdown, which prevents brute force password attacks on your blog. After X number of logins, it locks out the user from trying again.

    Secure WordPress is also very important.

    And don’t forget WP-Touch, which creates a mobile version of your site for people who visit with an iphone or blackberry or other mobile device.

  • http://ecampingcookingequipment.com Derek Jones

    Thanks for the list of your favorite plugins.
    I’m doing Ad Sense ads and am using Advertising Manager. I also use WPTouch to reformat my blogs for smart phones

  • Stephan

    Great stuff Pat, just about to launch my WP site and these will come in handy.

  • http://www.shajjad-online.com Shajjad

    This is one of the best post in SPI blog i think. I already get some post about “best wordpress plugin” in other blogs but its first time anyone tells everything like you…

    I think the 19th plugin will be “related post plugin”. I use YARP( Yet Another Related Posts Plugin ) and may be its the best for related post..


  • http://www.wealthyaffiliaterevolution.com Mark | Wealthy Affiliate Revolution


    Great list. Thanks for sharing.

    Setting up an automatic backup for my blog is on my list of things to do. Capturing the database is better than nothing but I am eyeballing a more complete solution that will allow me to backup the whole kitchen kaboodle so if a catastrophic event occurred I could be back online in the shortest possible time.

    Here’s what I have in mind:
    Plugin: Automatic WordPress Backup – It’s a fire and forget solution that can be configured to back up your blog (the whole thing) automatically at set intervals you define. Data is backed-up to the cloud using Amazon Simple Storage Service (a.k.a S3). S3 is not free, but it is dirt cheap and well worth it when you consider the alternative.

    Here are the links (NOT affiliate links):

    Automatic WordPress Backup

    Amazon S3

  • Kevin

    Wp time machine is a new one I just installed. It backs up your blog to dropbox.

  • http://www.wildcardlabs.com Bill Moran
    • http://www.travelsignposts.com Tony Page

      My Page Order is free in the Codex

  • http://www.officerevolt.com Join the Office Revolt

    Hey Pat, Great post!

    I actually wanted to recommend an alternative to All-in-One SEO…
    I go with Platinum SEO. (For those that want to switch, there is a simple “migrate from All in One” button that handles the switch for you).

    From what I have read, it is supposed to be a little better than All-in-one… but I really don’t know the difference as I never used the other. Some pretty respectable names recommended it to me… so its worth a look in my opinion.

  • http://www.goodfaithinvesting.com Shae Bynes

    I recently installed the Facebook comments plug-in on my blog and love it!


    When people click on “like” they can also add a comment and it will show up on their facebook profile along with a link to your blog post.

    You’ll also have the facebook comments listed on your blog post and with one click you send a direct message to the person who left the comment (if you so choose).

    This is a great list, Pat. Thanks!

  • http://www.hectorjcuevas.com Hector Cuevas

    Hey Pat.. Awesome post man,

    For number 19, I’d have to say “thank me later”. This plugin will send an email to all your commentators with any message you’d like. I use it to obviously thank them for their comment and ask them to subscribe or join my email list.. This works great because commentators are already engaging with ur blog, so might as well ask them to subscribe :)

    I can even see how a contest would work with this too.. Oooohh the possibilities..

    Thanks again,

  • http://thegreenninja.org Jen

    Great post, Pat. For those who are utilizing adsense, I love the All in One Adsense plug in. You can just input your Adsense ID number and then specify the size, placement and color of your ads. They are then added into every post or page – wherever you choose!

  • Travis

    Pat – What about pretty link? Isn’t that a common plug-in to make affiliate links look cleaner? Thanks for the great post.


  • Dhvanesh

    I came across some of great plugins. I really didn’t aware about KB-Linker and RSS Footer. They are going to quite useful for me.

    Thanks you very much… :)

  • http://www.endingthegrind.com Steve Roy

    Although these lists have been played out a million times, it still works! People don’t have the time to manually search the thousands of available plugins out there, so having a resource like this from a guy like you is a great tool.

  • http://dbpmarketing.com DB

    Great plugins list Pat.

    I would recommend you check out Yoast’s new WordPress SEO plugin. It is pretty awesome and it combines all of his other plugins.

  • http://www.netconnectsolution.com Scott Newton Smith

    Pat, if anyone is using Genesis by StudioPress (their themes I highly recommend), they won’t need to use All In One SEO. One of the cool things about the Genesis WordPress Framework is all the SEO capabilities they’ve built into it.

    Another one I use is Advanced Excerpts because it gives so much more control over how much and what shows up in the excerpts (including html, images and scripts) say, on page of summaries under a particular category.

    Personal Favicon plugin lets you easily add an image as your favicon for more branding on your site (the favicon is the little image up in the tab).

    “Page Links To” is a great plugin for letting you easily make a page redirect to another page/site altogether. For example, if you highlight a product on your blog as a page in navigation, this plugin lets you link completely over to a sales page a different domain.

    Post Expirator is a cool plugin that lets a post expire at a certain date and time. This is great if you have a special going and you want all posts related to it to disappear when the special is over.

    Just a few that are obscure that I’ve found helpful. Hope you do.

  • Pekka

    I’ll add Widget Logic or Wodget Context. With them you get full control of when a widget is shown on your sidebar. I prefer Widget Logic but it requires some PHP understanding. I use it on every CMS style WP site, not so much on pure blog sites.

  • http://www.NetworkingExamAcademy.com Blake Erickson

    I just found “Page Links To” that I started using on another website of mine. It allows you to create a blank page but point it somewhere else. For example a lot of blog template don’t have a “Home” button in the menu bar. With this plugin you can create a blank page called home and point it to your main site so that you have a working home button.

  • http://www.israblogger.com ValeraZ

    Hi Pat!
    Nice list of plugins, found some new that i’ll use for my blogs.
    Thank You!

  • http://www.independentmusicadvice.com Shaun

    Not sure if anyone’s said it, but ‘pretty link’ is good for masking affiliate links. And ‘sexy bookmarks’ for some sexy bookmarking 😉

  • http://www.blogbriefing.com Clive at BlogBriefing.com

    Here’s a nifty one, especially if you are aiming to monetize your blog more effectively, it let’s you choose the widgets you have in posts/pages/categories/Home page only you name it.Make the sidebar content relevant to your post or page: ( yep it’s free)


  • Siva

    Hi, thanks for Pat and many others who shared plugins! I learned a lot here. Could anyone let me know the wordpress plugins I search for,

    (1) Chat plugin (Chatting for subscribers/authors/contributors/admins/editors & not for public). Actually I have an idea that needs this kind of weird requirement!
    (2) Hide posts/articles from main home page or from user that is written with password-protected feature.
    (3) Convert blogs into membership based ones (both free and premium plugins).

    Thanks in advance.

  • http://lyndsysimon.com Lyndsy Simon

    I’ve been playing with “Qoate Newsletter Signup”, available for free in the Codex. It offers the user the option to sign up for your newsletter from the comment form, as well.

    $147 seems steep for a plugin, to me :\

  • http://www.codemyownroad.com Josh Kohlbach

    SexyBookmarks is always a nice looking share bar alternative (though I run both).

    Btw, WP3 has menu’s inbuilt, you should get your theme updated to support them, make menu management a breeze.

  • http://www.akilbrown.com Akil

    Hi Pat,

    Great post, I actually have a few of the plugins you mentioned and look forward to add the reminders. Content is king and your leading the game

  • http://www.akilbrown.com Akil

    Hi Pat,

    Great post, I actually have a few of the plugins you mentioned and look forward to adding the reminders. Content is king and your leading the game

  • http://www.EricMichaelOnline.com Eric

    Brand new to blogging, so don’t crucify me for my question. When you mention “WordPress”, is that .com, .org, or does it matter either way? I’m just in the gathering information stages, but I’m going to be setting up a WP.org blog in the next week or so. Thanks!

    • http://www.NicoleontheNet.com Nicole Dean

      Hi Eric,

      Since I’m handy, I hope it’s ok if I answer – even if I’m not Pat. :)

      Yes, these are for WordPres.org (which you host on your own web host) – not for WordPress.com.

      I hope that helps and best wishes with your new blog.

      • http://www.EricMichaelOnline.com Eric

        Nicole, It’s great that you responded. I was figuring I was being ignored.
        Not 15 minutes ago I registered for 3 years worth of hosting at hostgator (black friday, they gave me 50% off) and I got a domain name last night.
        Unfortunately, this is as far as I’ve gotten. It’s kind of embarrassing not knowing about any of this stuff, but I’m trying! lol Not really sure where to go from here, but I’ll try to figure it out.
        Thanks for answering my question, I appreciate it a lot.

        • Pat

          Hey Eric – just saw this conversation come through my email on my iPhone, and I just had to come online and apologize for not responding right away. Thank you Nicole for the backup!

          And yes, she is right, these plugins are for WordPress.org, not WordPress.com. Since you took advantage of that awesome deal from HostGator, you’ll have the ability to install WordPress on your new domain and be able to use any of these plugins mentioned here, plus any other ones that you find too.

          WordPress.com is good because it’s free and it’s a great platform to get started on, but it limits the customization options you have and the ability to use some great plugins. You’re well on your way, so keep up the good work! Let me know if you have any more questions. Cheers!

  • http://paulg2.com/ PaulG2

    Great list Pat! I had to go and get ShareBar and WordPress Database Backup. i’m thinking I’m going to go ahead and check out TubePress too. Of course I’ll be waiting for your plugin when it comes out! Great stuff.

    c’mon lets make that money

  • http://www.SammyBlackstar.com Sammy Blackstar

    Share and Follow is a good plug-in.
    It allows a small bar on any side of the screen to follow and includes things like RSS, Twitter, Stumbleupon.

    Awesome post Pat, thanks for the great free value. I’m planning on reading your entire blog from beginning to end pretty soon.

    Subscribers Magnet is an amazing plug-in. Damn Pat you are giving away all your trade secrets, you’re putting the other online marketers to shame with all your free stuff.

    I love the feel of your site and how there is no op-tin pop-up.

    Sammy Blackstar

  • http://www.freetrafficwiz.com Vinay

    Hey Pat,

    I am building a membership site at the moment and just made the decision between wishlist and DAP. I went with DAP because of the ability to drip content and the inbuilt affiliate system so your members promote your site!

    I am having issues installing it tho, just sent a support ticket like 10 min ago lol

    I also like wp-cache for speeding things up. Related posts and tweet old posts.

  • http://www.anniewigman.com Annie

    Thanks Pat, great stuff!

    Just to check – Askimet is a free plug-in – but but not free to use if you’re a business? It seems to be free for a personal blog but charges a (albeit small) monthly fee if you’re a business. Is that correct? warm regards, Annie

  • http://17000-days.com Cara Stein

    Thank you for posting this! I know I’ve seen other posts with lists of plugins that everyone should use, but I couldn’t remember where. I’ve just switched over to hosting my wordpress blog on my own domain, so now I need to know this. Great to have them all in one place from someone I trust. Thanks!

  • http://www.dubai-information-site.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    For #13, Why not use Google Analytics instead of WP Stats? What does WP Stats provide that is better (or more) than GA provides?

    • Pat

      Hey Sunil, I like WP Stats because it gives real-time stats, so I don’t have to wait until the next day to see a traffic report like with GA. I still use GA though too.

  • http://www.simplifiedculture.com Rob LaRue

    Thanks! I am new to configuring WordPress myself and this was extremely helpful. I actually installed 10 immediately.

  • http://blogstarta.com Momekh

    That’s an easy one. You use that too but haven’t mentioned it. ‘subscribe to comments’ plugin. :)

  • http://suitej.com Jay Piecha

    Hey Pat

    Great list. I pretty much use all the same “essentials”, and many of the others. I’d like to try Subscribe Magnet, and RSS Footer was a good tip. :)

    RE: Number 11:
    If you use a theme that supports “WordPress menus” then the ability to order pages IS built into the latest WordPress. You simply create a WordPress menu (under ‘appearances” in sidebar), select which pages go in a custom menu, then you can drag ’em around as you see fit. Lots of the “premium” themes have implemented the ability to use in main navigation.

  • http://seospin.net Patrick

    Thanks for sharing these Pat! I’m defo going to buy the wp-wishlist, I have a pretty cool idea for a members area on my website.

    Sharebar is cool too, will be installing that bad boy!

    Did anyone mention ‘pretty links’ I’ve found that really useful for cloaking affiliate links and tidying up links to facebook pages etc.

  • http://www.ramblingsofawahm.com/ Allison

    That was one of the first times I actually read ALL of the comments here. I now have a list of 20 or so plug-ins that is going to take me days to get. BUT I am always thankful for your insightful posts and resourceful comments.

  • http://www.elisesreview.com Elise

    I love plugins. They make life so much easier :)

    I use a lot of them that were mentioned here, but I don’t specifically have any favourites. They all kind of work together to make everything awesome. :) Thanks Pat!

  • http://plugmylifestyle.tumblr.com volonte willliams

    Thanks for the list of plug-ins. It saved me hours online sifting through them on my own and another great post presented by Pat Flynn.



  • http://www.bailoutmycareer.com Carl Mueller

    I quite like the WP-Cumulus tag cloud plugin.

    Am I the only one who can’t see the Sharebar plugin on my screen? My screen resolution doesn’t show more than a small fraction of the plugin but I know it’s there. I’ve seen this on other sites that use this plugin too.

  • http://offlinemarketingmethods.com Tim Brendel

    Hey Pat, what do you use to get that torn paper look on all of your screenshots? I freaking love that!

  • http://razorelectricbike.org Albert Leonardo

    Thanks for sharing.. Now I have an arsenal of plug-ins to use…

  • Travis Tolman

    Hey Pat,
    Thanks for the great kist especially since it’s up to date w/ some really new plugins! Very useful :)

    As far as #11…

    To reorder your pages, when you go to create or edit a page there is s section to the right titled page attributes. The part that says order is where you assign the page a number. Like right now your about pg. Would have #1 because it’s first, and income reports is #5, but if you wanted to change income reports to the first pg. Because it gets the
    Most clicks, just put the pg. Order # as 1

    Hope that’s useful for someone! :)


  • http://mazakaro.com Rahul @ MazaKaro

    really great list , i can guess how helpful these bars and plugins are !!!Loved share bar and audio player because i think everyone will need such plugins ! great list any way so thank you for the post !

  • http://www.hendrikdimter.com Hendrik

    What about Keyword Research plugins? I’ve been looking at “Scribe” and “Keywordwinner” but I’m very hesitant on committing to either. Also, some pricey tools like “linkvine” seem to contain some slick features like article spinning, right within your post area.

    Any experience with one of the above, anybody?

  • http://www.marketingconceptshq.com MarketingConceptsHQ

    Hello Pat,
    This is my first comment on your blog :). I am curious about the popular posts, hot posts and top commenters tabs on the right hand of this blog. Which plugin are you using to generate this content?


  • http://www.outdoor-shed-plans.org Steve

    If you’re a user of Mailchimp instead of Aweber there’s a good Mailchimp list signup form plugin.

    • http://simplylearnbusiness.com Nick

      Oh, really. I’ll check that out. I use Mailchimp. It’s free, plus AWeber doesn’t let you pay with Paypal.

  • http://hotblogtips.com Keith

    Without a doubt ReplyMe plugin has been my fav recently. It sends an email to commentors only when someone actually replies to their comment, no more need to subscribe to comments and get bombarded with a bunch of emails (which is why I rarely do that) to find out if someone replies to you. I have found that it keeps the conversation going in the comments.

  • http://peteoshea.com/ Pete

    Hi Pat,
    Is Akismet still free for blog’s that you make money from? I was recently setting up WordPress for a new site and went to set up Akismet and when you go to get the API it now suggests that you pay for it. Is this a new thing as I haven’t come across this before?

  • http://affiliatestartingline.com Claude Pelanne

    Platinum All in One SEO is an alternative to All in One SEO. Check it out.

  • http://www.NicoleontheNet.com Nicole Dean

    Regarding your comment “Hmm… maybe I should setup my own blogging course or something.”

    You think?! I do. Oh yeah. :)

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  • http://www.SalseroMusic.com Ryan Mitchell

    Hey Pat,

    First time commenting on your post. You’re an amazing influence man, keep it up!

    I’ll have to cast my vote for Share and Follow.

    Btw, I really admire the comment bubble that appears next to the title of your posts that shows the number of comments. Can you share what that plugin is? I can’t seem to find it myself. Thanks!

  • http://hypno.co.nz/mikerm Mike Reeves-McMillan | Living Skillfully

    Another good plugin – still in development, but already usable – is Anthologize. Outputs your posts in formats that you can import into Word or OpenOffice and turn into an ebook. It was a huge timesaver when I put together my most recent ebook.

  • http://www.faqspedia.com shyam jos

    nice collection ,but missed plugins for “ad management”

  • http://gotojenniferfisher.com Jennifer Fisher

    I like Defensio spam blocker better than Askimet and SI Captcha has done a real good job of blocking spam bots.

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll be looking into the link break plugin…

  • Tim

    Pat, thanks for sharing a really useful list of plugins.

    What plugin do you use for Most popular/Hot posts/Top commenters tabs in the sidebar?

  • http://www.web20graphics.org Drew @ web 2.0 graphics

    Typo – “Anyways, I’ve never really listed the WordPress plugins that I use, so here it is. 25 of my favorite WordPress plugins – some you probably know, and some you probably don’t.”

    You only have 19 here.

  • http://mike.murraynet.net Mike Murray

    I just wanted to point out that it is AKISMET, not ASKIMET as you spelled it. 😉

  • http://www.RaquelMangual.com Raquel

    My favorite WordPress plugin is Ultimate Analytics. It uses your Google Analytics tracking code to track ALL activity on your site. It’s very easy to use and free. All you have to do after installing the plugin is add your GA code once and that’s it! You’ll see all your stats in Google analytics, which is pretty awesome itself.

    • http://www.sparringmind.com Gregory C.

      I’d also like to add CloudFlare on that note, it gives you great analytics measurements and even works really well as a sort of CDN with W3 Cache, so far I’ve been really digging it.

  • http://www.travelsignposts.com Tony Page

    Here are a few more:
    W3 Total Cache: THE caching plugin
    Wordpress SEO, Yoast’s new plugin: SEO, sitemaps, plus a lot more; imports from All-in-one etc.
    Digg-digg: Social Bookmarking, many options, including the Mashable like floating sidebar
    WP-DBmanager: backups etc.
    WP-Optimize: get rid of those revisions, optimize database
    Simple Trackback Validation: stops trackback spammers
    Maxblogpress Ping Optimizer: stops multiple pinging problems
    Regenerate Thumbnails: does what it says
    OIO Publisher: runs and sells all your ads.
    WP-Greetbox: greet your new visitors from where they came from
    That should do for now…

    • http://Twitter.com/social_newbie Anshul

      Thanks Tony for recommending the Digg-digg plugin…Rocks!

      • http://sharifparvez.com sharif

        for SEO i use SEOPressor together with all in ONE seo pack …and social media ..sexybookmarkss also cool :)
        success with your online efforts :)

    • http://magicmediaforce.com Rebekka Deforce

      I would also really recommend to use the SEO plugin from Yoast instead of the All in one SEO pack. It does so much more.
      Meta tag keywords are not read by Google anymore, so no need to keep filling them in. This is something I heard from Yoast personally.

  • http://www.kirstenbrooks.com Kirsten Brooks

    I really love PODS CMS (www.podscms.org) – it’s a free plugin that changes WordPress into a full blown CMS – they have a great community support system and are very kind to answer any question one might have about the plugin :)

  • TheMadProfessor

    Does anyone know of the plugin the lists your tweets in a post? I know of plenty that will take your post and tweet it but if I am tweeting separately i want those to get pulled into a post. Now the one I saw on a site but can’t remember of course looked like it pulled the days tweets into one post. Which makes more sense then just having a 140 character post.
    Hope this makes sense.

    • http://sozosblog.com(NSFW) Sozo

      It’s not a plugin but I use dlvr.it and love it. There are lots of options but it basically takes your post (from your RSS feed) and delivers to twitter, facebook, etc in the format you desire. You schedule them, in various ways to fit your needs. I’ve used it for probably over a year now and haven’t had one single problem. LOVE IT!

  • http://lucrativeblogs.com/ Leah

    This is a very well put together list. Thank you for sharing it with us all. Look forward to reading your work. Thank you, Leah :)

  • http://lucrativeblogs.com/ Leah

    This is a very well put together list. Thank you for sharing it with us all. Look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you, Leah :)

  • http://thesourcepublishing.com Steven

    Thanks Pat for this great list. Plugins are a necessity and knowing which one works is really helpful. I will keep your site bookmarked for your great information. Thanks, Steven

  • http://www.dailypictureonline.com Alan

    I like this list. Your were right, about 10 of these I hadn’t heard of before! I am liking many so much that it looks like I need to add about 10 or so to my blog…

    Thanks for helping us to improve our own work in the process of improving your own.

  • http://forexpipster.com eric

    Hey Pat,

    Which related posts plugin is that? Looks great! Such a great feature on your blog since so much of your material works hand in hand.

  • http://www.lolavanslette.com/Recommends/ Lola Vanslette

    I have several you didn’t mention, and all but the premium one you did. I prefer is OnlyWire over the Share. It doesn’t slow down your blog or have broken links to the pictures like the Share bar does. Another is WordPress Leads Plugin. A slide out contact bar makes it easier for visitors to ask questions or leave a message for the administrator of the blog.

  • http://removetrojanhorse.net John

    Thanks Pat, I like the Broken Link Checker Plugin, and a couple others too.

    To add to your list, I use: Favicon Manager (http://www.digitalramble.com/favicon-manager-wordpress-plugin/) to put your own little icon on the address bar of your browser; and statcounter (http://statcounter.com/) which gives you some awesome stats for your website. Both are free too.


  • http://www.wpblog.co.uk Therese

    I like AZIndex. It’s free and creates an index page of all the blog posts.

    Here’s a page showing one of several layouts that are available:

  • http://clutterchuckers.com Kellee

    Great post, Pat! I love plugin lists, there’s so many different plugins & many that do the same thing it’s great knowing what other people recommend.

    You asked: “…is there not an easy way to easily reorder the pages in our navigation menu?”

    Someone above mentioned one way to do it via page attributes, but new versions of WordPress (3.0) have a new menu feature which allows you to create and add multiple menus to your site, and menus don’t have to just be pages, they can be category pages, or even a static link, and you can make them multi-level. The kicker is to use menus you need to add a bit of code to your theme’s pages and functions.php, but it’s not hard.

    More info on the codex on how to add menus to your theme:

    And basic user how to set up menus for your site:

    Hope that helps!

  • http://www.wpblog.co.uk Therese

    Another excellent free plugin is Quick Adsense for embedding ads ( not just adsense) wherever needed into posts. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/quick-adsense/

  • http://virtuallymarj.com Marj Wyatt

    I’ve found 2 plugins that have become staples for me that assist with formatting within posts. One is EmbedIt (not found at Codex) and the other is Tiny MCE Advanced. EmbedIt allows you to put ANY code in a custom field and include it in a post as short code. Nifty! Tiny MCE Advanced can be configured to NOT remove HTML tags, which is truly awesome if you want your formatting to stick in WYSIWYG mode.

    I’m going to check out RSS Footer. Other than that, I’d heard of the others but want to acknowledge that you’ve put together a really great list. Thanks!

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  • http://increasingworkplaceproductivity.net Bojan

    I highly recommend “Basic Facebook Social plugins”. It simplifies the process of putting the LikeBox and recommendations.

  • http://www.offersboutique.co.uk Kimarie

    Great article, some of these have been just what I am looking for!

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  • http://www.besttennisracketshq.com Austin


    I can’t figure out how I need to go about getting a wordpress.com API. I’m currently hosting my wordpress.org blog at bluehost [purchased through your affiliate like ;-)] and would like to add an avatar which I am seeing I need to do in the .com site.

    If you have a few extra minutes would you mind explaining this process? Do you need to map the domain and pay the $12? Is the .com linked to the .org?



    • http://www.thesmallbusinessplaybook.com Gary Shouldis

      A WordPress.com account is free, sign up for an account and you can access an API

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  • http://loseyourchains.net Brian

    I like LinkWithin and SexyBookmarks.

    LinkWithin shows related posts with thumbnail images – it looks great

    SexyBookmarks – Has the cool “Share the Love” or “Share the Knowledge” in handwriting font before the listing of share buttons at the bottom of a post.

  • David


    Recently there seems to be a SERIOUS ISSUE with the wordpress.com stats. Have you, Pat or anybody else, had the same issue? It just shows a message that says that user (username) is not allowed to see the stats of this site.

    I looked around on the www and it seems to be a global problem, i.e. many have this issue. The/A solution is to install the Jetpack plugin, available at the WP plugins site. I installed it, connected it to my wordpress.com account and now it’s up and running. The site stats that come with the Jetpack plugin, as well as other free stuffs, seems to be working.

    Thought this could be interesting.

    Regards from Greece,

  • Ryan

    Pat, what WP Plugin do you use for your Google Adsense? Or do you just manually insert the code into each page…?

  • http://workingforwonka.com Kathy Ver Eecke

    Hey Pat:
    I’m using Sharebar (still trying to work out the code to change my FB shares to likes the way you did!!), but I’m having trouble with the tweets. In the original Tweet box that pops up there is a shortened URL, but when I look at people’s retweets on Twitter the url is no longer shortened. Have you had this prob with Sharebar? When I used Topsy Retweet it worked. Since my switch to Sharebar, loooong urls…which means the ‘via @myname’ doesn’t show. argh….

  • http://www.startingpcrepair.com Austin Kelly

    I highly recommend XCloner. I know you listed a backup plugin but this one is simply amazing. Automated backups as well as a clone script that let’s you re-create the site in its entirety.

  • Callum

    Just thought i would complement you on this fantastic selection of plugins.

  • Tony Marciante

    A great post one again!

    Plugins are so key, especially to address the structure, security and to build awareness…

    Keep on rockin Pat!

  • http://www.cobraspace.com Jesse

    Awesome post, Pat. I’m still new enough with WordPress and blogging that its so easy to get lost in all the available plugins out there. Its great to see which plugins you use, makes me more willing to use them for my own blogs.

  • http://byronscurse.wordpress.com Ashley Prince

    I am so dumb when it comes to plug-ins. I honestly can’t figure out how to really incorporate them.

  • http://www.zaczac-zarabiac.pl/ Robert

    Hi Pat!

    Thanks for WP-Wishlist plugin. Couple days ago I was thinking about creating a membership website but I don’t have enough money to pay the programmer so I will use it for sure. Thanks again!:)

  • http://www.drawify.com Andy M

    Sweet! I just discovered and added Easy Privacy Policy and Broken Link Checker to my drawing blog.

  • http://buy-plus1s.com Mike M

    Great list thanks Pat, it helps when someone filters out the good one’s plus it saves time!

  • http://successonmymind.com Sean Davis

    Outstanding list. It took me about 30 minutes to read it because I kept stopping to install plugins. I feel good, though, because I was already using quite a few of them.

  • http://www.wpsprout.com Andy

    Nice list, Pat. I just installed sharebar, but it looks like they only support Google Buzz, not Google+. I see that you can add a custom button. Is that what you did to add the G+ button to your sharebar? Thanks.

  • http://www.hammerandheels.net Angel

    I love Feedjit, it’s awesome. Maybe it’s because I’m a newbie (I’ve only had my blog 3 months) and I don’t get a lot of traffic so I get really excited when I can see in real time that someone is actually on my site. A bit sad isn’t it? My favorite part is how they’ve used the flags to show which country the viewers are from.

    Btw thanks so much Pat, I read a lot of your posts and followed your instructions on how not to look like a newbie blogger when you are a newbie blogger when I set up my blog :) you rock!

  • http://oh.so-very.me Jenny

    Why are you encouraging people to put music on their sites? It’s annoying enough WITHOUT plugins to add to your collection. We don’t need it!! TAKE IT DOOOOOOOOOOOOWN!! 😛

    • Pat

      Where do I mention music? The audio player is for things like podcasts and other helpful types of audio media. I use it on my podcast pages and people really enjoying being able to have control over listening to the audio on the website.

  • http://dailyblogtools.com sai krishna

    yes really all in one seo pack is really very important for a blog.thank you for nice collection of plugins :)

  • http://whatszentrepreneur.com @JudithZen

    Did anyone mention lightbox? It looks way cool for your embedded youtube videos, works for photos too of course. It’s call WP Video Lightbox. I also find Executable PHP Widgets very useful so that you can have custom html and php codes on your sidebar.

    For premium plugins, I’m more than happy with WP eStore, it’s wonderfully versatile for selling digital products. It only costs $50 and is well worth it if you sell digital goods.

  • http://whitecoatinvestor.com White Coat Investor

    Thanks Pat. You’re making a good living and you deserve it. I love capitalism. :)

  • http://www.bloggingtrick.tk Mutri

    I just seek for plugin that I dont know…

  • http://www.amazonaffiliatesblog.com/ Brock @ Amazon Affiliates Blog

    Great list. How about Google Analytics For WordPress? That’s the easiest way to link your site to your Google Analytics account.

  • EM

    The easy privacy policy plugin is no longer available. Which do you use now?

  • http://www.dominatewebmedia.com Keith Kranc

    Pat – how did you get the google + onto the Sharebar. Another great post BTW – I first read it a while ago. If its a custom add I should still be able to do it…


    • Pat

      Hi Keith, you can manually add buttons to sharebar – I just grabbed the code from Google+’s sharing options.

      • http://www.dominatewebmedia.com Keith Kranc

        So you place the Google + code from Google and put it in the Sharebar.php editor right? Where? Sorry…

        • Pat

          Check out this image linked here. Just add a new button in the sharebar settings, and use this code and you should be all set.

        • http://www.dominatewebmedia.com Keith Kranc

          I am an idiot – I didn’t install it originally and am so used to looking below the normal settings box on wordpress for settings for custom plugins I couldn’t find the sharebar settings! Thanks for your help – I installed it with that code but for some reason it still isn’t showing up. Check it out http://screencast.com/t/uA6AuL2uVgnY Thank you for helping out already – don’t worry about trying to figure it out. I will get it and contact Sharebar if I can’t.

        • Mark

          Hey Keith,
          Did you figure this out? I’m having the same problem as you. Pats sharebars are the best I’ve seen but the code isn’t working:(

  • http://www.basketballismypassion.com Elias

    Hello Pat. What do you think about Jetpack from WP? Can it be a substitute for any plugin you mentioned above?


    • http://newinceptions.com JC

      I’m not Pat, but Jetpack is fantastic. I’d highly recommend it due to all the functions it gives you.

  • http://www.adventuresavage.com Josh Mortenson

    Great stuff implementing most of them today!

  • http://www.homebusinessprospects.com homebusinessprospects

    Hi Pat,
    This has been such an informative article. It has come right on time. am working on my first blog. i have actually implemented some of them, and am still working on the remaining ones..
    Great job..keep up!!


  • http://ultimatemarketingstrategies.net Peter Sundstrom

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned “Pretty Link Lite”. It’s by far the most popular plugin for cloaking affiliate links.

    The other plugin I’d highly recommend is “WP Touch”. It’s a free plugin that displays a mobile version of your site if someone is browsing via mobile device.

  • http://mywebhostingbonus.com/blog/the-hosting-domain-formula Daniel

    Here’s a couple that I personally use, this might come in handy:

    – Stat Press: Wonderful tracker for your visits, if you care to have a real time tool to see how your traffic is going. I also use Google’s, but this one is a good addition that you can check out from the dashboard right away.

    – Backup Buddy: This is a premium one, but man, it makes it easy to backup your stuff and get prepared for any debacle or internet holocaust that you might encounter. Don’t let your files slip away from you!!



  • http://www.analystdiary.com Manas Nanda

    Excellent article Pat…very helpful for a beginner like me.

  • http://andy.kinjeng.net andy

    I come here for looking easy policy plugin, but why they are deleted?

  • http://www.chriswarburton.co Chris

    Great list of plugins Pat! Do you use a plugin to manage all your affiliate links or do you do it manually?

  • http://www.hmpmat.org Machfudz

    I have known that plugin..
    But still, this is great info…

  • http://riveroften.com Martin Nash

    Thanks. I just installed a few of these. I’m sure they’ll be helpful.

  • http://www.howtoreducetummyfathq.com AV

    Pat, these are all very useful plugins, I’ve added the majority of them. This blog is indispensable. thx!

  • http://geemoneytalk.com Ryan Gee

    Pat – goes to show your old posts still carry some weight. I just set up my blog and used this list as a crutch for which plugins to use. Some really great info you have here. Thanks man.

  • http://newinceptions.com JC

    Any new plugins or changes that you’d like to report, Pat? I’m having to redo my site (had hackers recently) and I’m using your list.

    So just wondering. :)


  • http://taginerecipes.co.cc Mike

    Here’s a good one that will replace the missing no. 3 of your list…. WP-Insert! Not only is it a great adsense ads manager but it can also make both a T&C’s and Privacy page either automatically which includes making the relevant pages for you or you can customize it to your liking and add T&C’s and Privacy to wherever you want them. I can’t see this one being taken down by wordpress as it’s mainly a adsense manager but it does both jobs so well it’s a must have if it’s only used for 1 or the other!
    Also, gotta say that there’s some great info on this site that i’m gonna implement myself soon. Keep up the good work and good luck with what you do.

  • darin

    It seems these plugins are for those who are using their WordPress blog via the WordPress Server, is this the case?

    I use WordPress, but have a stand alone server through HostGator. If the above question is the case, are their equivalents you could recommend?

  • http://www.jakeknight.me/ Jake Knight

    Loving the tips on the plugins! Thank you. I’ve installed some of these now! :-)

  • http://gardeninginraisedbeds.com Corbyn

    great tips!

  • http://www.thegravitytechnologies.com aron

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    I actually came by looking for a good podcast plugin for a new site a group of friends and I just started.

    As for number 11, re-ordering the pages in the nav menu can be done under the menus section of appearance section. You just have to create a new nav menu and then you can order them any way you want. I believe this works down to three sub menus, but that may be theme dependent. I’ve never had any use for more or any problems with any theme I’ve ever used, but I have run into themes while helping other people that won’t allow this function to go too crazy.

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    • Clay Winowiecki

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      • http://pastorandrewatl.com/ Andrew Peters

        Hey! I do still use Gravity Forms. I find it much more intuitive than Contact 7. Also much easier for staff and people that don’t have time to learn 7. If you are just making like a simple contact form, like name email message, it may not be worth it. But for anything beyond that it’s worth it to me.

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      What about Yoast SEO? It’s actually the replacement for RSS Footer.

      • http://www.newupdate.co/ Ashish Pandey

        Yes I am using This but don’t know how to use.

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    I kinda knew most of them but didn’t know the Share bar plugin. That looks very interesting


  • http://waitingforbarbarians.com/ Thomas

    Hey Pat, I thought you should know that some of these plugins are no longer working or actively updated. Rather than

    This is what I noticed:

    6. Robots Meta is longer available on WordPress

    7. RSS Footer is no longer supported and the creators recommend Yoast SEO instead. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/
    8. TubePress is no longer supported on WordPress itself due to Youtube changing to API3 and shutting down their API2 servers. TubePress is still available from their site however http://tubepress.com/
    11. Page Link Manager has not been updated in over two years.
    13. WordPress Stats is no longer available.
    18. KB-Linker has not been updated in two years.

    The rest appear to be up to date and in working condition!

    As a peripheral question, do you recommend not dating updates or pages so that visitors will not be put off by out of date content? I can see that as being an effective strategy if you’re juggling a large number of projects or sites and not able to maintain every single page.

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    How about an update on this article? I’m a Drupal guy but looking to build a bullet proof WP blog. I’d love to hear your current recommendations. 2010 was a lifetime ago. For me it was 2 kids ago. :)

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    Great work. I have been looking for a WordPress Plugin for the past few months now and can’t seem to find it. Pleeeeeeeease help me out. I have seen it on a few websites, going to try my best to describe it. It’s purpose it to pop up tiny little arrows on websites with descriptions about where the visitor should click, like a little user guide. Please see the image, I’ve seen it again after installing Sumome, I see you use the plugin so you might have noticed it.

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