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SPI 072: Niche Down and Dominate—How Andrea Olson Is Changing the Lives of Parents

SPI 072: Niche Down and Dominate—How Andrea Olson Is Changing the Lives of Parents

By Pat Flynn on

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m really excited to interview Andrea Olson—an awesome mom and business owner—but she’s not a mom blogger in the traditional sense of the term. Instead, Andrea has been able to take some unique information she’s become an expert on and successfully create a business out of it in the very competitive parenting niche.

The parenting space is huge, but she’s niched down in a very unique way.

Her website can be found at, a website that teaches new parents how to essentially potty train their 0 to 18 month old babies. This can be done through something called Elimination Communication, something I’ve never heard of before until speaking with Andrea.

Almost all babies in the U.S. are potty trained between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, sometimes older. It’s not even on the minds of parents until a baby is over a year old…but potty training an infant?

Diapers are a major pain for parents. Trust me—I know. I have two young kids and just thinking back at how many diapers me and my wife have had to change—how much money it costs and all of the other things that goes along with it—it’s ridiculous.

Andrea noticed that other countries don’t keep their children in diapers nearly as long as they do in the U.S., and there are other countries that don’t even use diapers at all. When she successfully figured out how to tell when her own newborn was going to potty—she knew she was onto something.

She’s been able to create a successful business providing information to new parents about Elimination Communication (EC). She’s written a book and has multi-media classes available, she’s recently launched a podcast—it’s pretty awesome to see what she’s been able to do.

On the interview, Andrea was kind enough to share that she has successfully implemented a lot of the strategies that I’ve shared here on Smart Passive Income (and we get into each of them specifically during our chat), but what I love most about Andrea is how she approaches her business. Instead of completely forcing her message onto parents and being aggressive at trying to get people to understand, she provides information in a smart way where parents are able to make their own decisions whether or not EC is right for them, and her specific, passive arguments are very convincing.

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