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Facebook Pages Update and Redesign—Again

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Facebook Pages Update and Redesign—Again

By Pat Flynn on

It’s happening again — Facebook has made changes to its business/fan pages and now all of the videos I have about creating a page and landing pages are out to date, including the one I published just a couple of week ago.

There are already a number of articles that do a great job of explaining the new page redesign, but for your amusement I’ve created this little 3-minute video for you using the software from XtraNormal, which was used to create a lot of extremely viral videos you may have already seen, including this one.

More “real” content coming Monday, but until then, enjoy!

(click here to watch the Facebook Pages Update and Redesign video on YouTube)

Update: After creating this video, I found out that they had made a glitch when they first rolled out the new pages, accidentally shrinking the middle portion of pages from 520px to 493px, which I address in the video. Facebook has since reverted back to the original 520 pixel page.

Of course…

Check out my updated Facebook Page Here.

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