YouTube Tips and Tricks For Bloggers – Part 1


It’s been around for over 5 years, yet for some reason most bloggers still haven’t explored the video sharing platform where millions of people around the world are watching over 2 billion videos a day.

I took the SPI brand onto YouTube on September 26th, 2009 for the same reason I do everything else I report on this blog—to see if it’s a worth while place to invest my time.

276 days later, I can truthfully say that I’m more than pleased with the results of my experiment with YouTube to expand the SPI brand and audience base. Here are some quick numbers from my account as of today:

  • 15 Uploaded Videos
  • 59,582 Total Views
  • 720 Subscribers

That’s an average of about 1 new video every 2 to 3 weeks. Considering that the average length of my videos is about 6 minutes in length, you can get a feel for just how much time I’ve really dedicated to this “experiment”—6 minutes every 3 weeks.

Not a huge amount of time invested, but you can see that I’ve earned a considerable number of views and a good amount of subscribers as a result, which has ultimately increased traffic to my blog as well as helped to earn a few affiliate sales here and there. Without much additional effort, my daily viewership continues to grow as you can see below:

By no means would I call myself a YouTube expert, but I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that may help you expand your brand, increase your views and grab more subscribers if you do decide to expand onto YouTube, if you’re not on the platform already.

Mindset Stuff

1. Provide Good Content

This is not really a trick, and I’m sure it’s something you heard before, but I’m reiterating it here because it’s still the most important thing to understand before anything else. Much like with your blog or online business, if you don’t provide good content, then everything else you do doesn’t really matter.

2. Video Quality Does Matter

If you upload a blurry, crappy and laggy video, people won’t stick around to watch it—even if the content is good. Your video doesn’t have to be in High-Def or an Emmy Award Winning production, but it does have to be watchable. Use your common sense here.

I try to upload all of my videos in HD (1280 x 720 resolution), because it looks really good on the YouTube and any embedded players.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd

There are a TON of videos on every subject imaginable, so in order to get more views and get people’s attention, you’re going to have to do something different than the “other guys”. What it is really depends on what niche you’re in and what kinds of videos other people have uploaded, but just do your best to find something that’s uniquely “yours”.

For example, a lot of my videos comprise of my “electronic white board”. Many people enjoy watching these videos because no one else uses this technique, and it makes learning about internet business and blogging fun.

4. What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

Many bloggers don’t use YouTube because of the fact that it is video, and video means they’ll have to be on screen, or at least talking over some slides or a presentation.

Well, you can’t hide behind your blog forever if you want to get anywhere, and YouTube is the perfect place to “practice” stepping out of your comfort zone and publishing more than just typed text.

I was scared too, at first, but then I thought to myself, “What’s the Worst That Can Happen?”

Really, what is the worst that can happen? So you upload a video and it get’s no views. So what? You learned from your experience, and you can only do better from there. Plus, I doubt you’ll ever get zero views if you follow the tips later in this post/series.

Within Your Videos

5. Place a Watermark of your Blog’s URL on the Video.

A watermark throughout most or all of your video will give people an easy way to know exactly where this content is coming from, and where they can go to get more.

More importantly, if anyone chooses to embed the video on their own website, their audience will know it originates from you and your blog, which they can see the url for right in front of their faces—driving traffic and expanding your brand at the same time. The description of the video on YouTube doesn’t show up when embedded onto another site, so a watermark will at least include your url.

6. Begin with a Quick Overview

Your job as a publisher of a video on YouTube is to get people to watch your videos, and to continue watching your videos all the way through. The best and easiest way to do this is to simply begin your video with an overview of what you’re going to cover and approximately how long it will take.

Even though there’s a video title, a description and a timeline, just saying what your video is about will engage your viewers and increase the chances of them sticking around, especially if you can get them excited about what you’re about to talk about.

7. Don’t Forget Your Calls to Action

Many people shoot fantastic videos, but fail to leave out any calls to action. If you want the highest impact from your videos, you have to include at least one call to action at the end of your video, preferably telling them to visit your website. I’ve often included more than one, sometimes telling them to say hi to me on Twitter or on my Facebook Page as well.

Just think—if a viewer makes it to the end of your video, they’re going to be in the best state of mind to follow any calls to actions that you have to say.

8. Screen Sharing is Awesome

There’s a huge difference between just telling someone how something works (or even listing out the step-by-step instructions) and actually showing people exactly how to do it.

If you have an opportunity to teach your audience something by showing them how it works on your computer, do it. Screen recording and sharing is a fantastic way to engage your audience, as well as easily give them the steps needed to do whatever it is you want them to do.

You can use software such as Camtasia Studios (for PC) or Camtasia for Mac to get the job done quite nicely. There are cheaper options out there, such as Jing, Screencast or Screenflow (for Mac) that again make it easy to record your screen and then quickly upload to YouTube.

Most of my videos are done on Camtasia for Mac. It can record my screen easily in the 1280 x 720 HD format that I like, and also my face on my iMac camera at the same time. After a little bit of editing, I simply click share -> YouTube, and it’s up in no time.

Also, if you have the chance, utilize some of the cool features that come with the software to enhance the look of your video. Using things like fade in and fade out, zoom in and zoom out, or even adding titles and little notes to your video, which you can see me utilize on this YouTube video. (see the 40 sec. mark)

Again, not so many people do this, so it’s another way to make your videos stand out of the crowd.

9. Intro / Outro Screen and Music?

Putting intro or outro screen and music is debatable, and really depends on your style and what you like to do. If you already have a brand that has a recognizable tune (i.e. a podcast with intro music), then you may very well want to bring that music over to your YouTube videos for continuity.

I had intro music in my first few videos, along with a title screen for each, but I stopped doing that because they didn’t really serve any purpose. They just took up precious time (YouTube’s max video length is only 10 minutes), and for all I know hundreds of people who watched those videos exited right away because they didn’t like the music, even before they get to the content of the video.

In my later videos, I skipped the intro music entirely and went straight to an overview of what’s to come. If they still leave after that, then at least they are leaving for the right reasons.

It seems to be working out much better, and it’s less editing for me to do as well.

Up Next

In Part 2 of this series, I’ll be going over some tricks you can do with your video title, description and tags to get more YouTube search engine traffic. Also, I’ll be going over how to improve your channel as well.


  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    Thank you ever so much for explaining video marketing through youtube.

    This is the second time today that I read about marketing through video marketing.

    I did make an account on Youtube for my website, but I did not create a video. Mainly, because I did not know how and what to do!

    So Pat,
    Thank you very much for doing this series, It will help me a lot! I really needed this!

    After the series, I will surely upload videos and market my website through youtube.


    • Pat

      Where else did you read about video marketing? I’m always looking for new information and ways to improve. Anything from the other article you’d like to share with the rest of us? Thanks!

      • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

        Hi Pat,

        The post was on (‘Make Money Online by Email Marketing’), but it did not mention any detail. It just mentioned that Video Marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

        Thanks for replying!


        • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

          Hey Nabeel,

          Thanks for sharing that. I also checked the blog and it seems that it also provides useful information about marketing online.



  • Patrick | Lalala Music


    Excellent post! This is even true for other types of online presences. For example, musicians. I totally regret not having any videos up for my band, I think that is one of my biggest failures, which is not taking action. For so long I have contemplated how others upload videos and get thousands of views, while I stay behind the screen just watching. The problem isn’t even shyness, cos I’m really not (I’m too extroverted for that), it’s just pure laziness. I however, however, taken this task seriously now and want to have videos up as soon as possible. Guys, seriously, if you’re a musician, get your music OUT THERE!

    I like your idea of uploading HD videos, especially because the viewer can afterwards choose the quality he prefers, this is really useful if bandwith is an issue. Well thought!

    After reading about how you say one has to do something different than the “other guys”, I totally agree. I find most of the videos made by musicians are just thrown out there with the expectation that it will get views. Ok, I’m not one to talk, I don’t have any videos up. But since I am planning to, I do believe there are possibilities to brand oneself to make the experience more memorable. Can’t wait for part 2!

    Greetings to The Family,


    • Pat

      Hi Patrick, I definitely agree with you – this doesn’t only have to pertain to videos and for internet marketers, but anyone trying to spread the word about what they do online, whether through a blog, podcast, video – whatever. The main point, like you said, is just to get your stuff out there!

      Part 2 coming soon. Cheers dude!

  • Kevin Tang

    Loved the post about Youtube. It’s given me a lot of insight because I’m at a point where Youtube is one of the only things I haven’t really tried for giving my sites a traffic boost.

    Wondering what software do you use for watermarking your videos?

    – Kevin

    • Pat

      Hey Kevin – on Camtasia for Mac, I can easily just put in my url on top of the video. Camtasia studios will do the same (for PC). I’m sure there are other ways too. You could even record a .jpg file on a screen cast (so you’re actually recording the watermark in the video, not placed on top of it) as a work around in case you don’t have those particular programs.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Really great post,

    I haven’t really gone into video marketing (due to internet connectivity problems in my country)and i will be doing that soon.

    I really loved your #3 tip, standing out fro the crowd might only be what you need.

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

    • Pat

      Thanks Onibalusi – sorry to hear about the internet connects. I can see how that would make it difficult, but just keep being persistent and I’m looking forward to seeing your videos soon. Cheers!

    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

      Hi Oni,

      Despite the challenges about the internet connection in your country, I always see you on several blogs, that’s what you call persistency. =)

      Keep it up Oni!


  • Hetal

    wow..Pat.. love your post regarding YouTube. Today I am going to create channel for my hubby who has many dance videos of him. Very helpful post. Eagerly waiting for Part 2 of this.

    Thanx Pat.

    • Pat

      Cool Hetal! What kind of dancer is your husband?

      Part 2 coming soon. Thanks!

  • jared

    Great timing!! I just branded and started my youtube channel this week! Looking forward to the next article in the series.

    When you say “watermark” do you mean annotation? I was just putting an annotation on the bottom of the video that has my blog URL. Would enjoy hearing any suggestions (hints, instructions) on that.

    • Pat

      Actually, I knew you were doing that which is why I created this series.


      Joking aside, I’m glad I caught you at the right moment in your branding campaign. By watermark, I mean text that’s within the video on on top of it that is always there. Annotations work for that, but they cover much of the screen at times. Certain pieces of software allow you atto add text, pictures, or anything on top of the video after it’s recorded, and make it “nicer” looking than YouTube’s annotations. Hope that helps!

  • Richard Scott

    Love the post. I am so fascinated by this whole process. Next video: Record yourself showing you recording an actual video. This way, we see the set up, how you work the pen and mouse and integrate the whole thing. Then at the end of the video, you could show us the video you recorded. :)

    You should make “Camtasia Studio” an affiliate link for people who want to check it out. :)

    • Pat

      Haha – that would actually be pretty cool. I’d have to setup my handycam, but that might just work. I should record the video of me recording the video of me recording the video…er…LOL. Great idea – thanks Richard.

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Hey Pat,

    This a really great post. I’ve been meaning to introduce video as an element of my blog, and maybe this post is the kick that I needed to get myself going. One question for you – what kind of video camera do you use or what kind would you recommend? I’m not looking for something super expensive, but something that gets the job done with high quality.


    • Pat

      Hey Eric – I have a little Sony handy cam, but honestly that may be even a little much for internet stuff. The Kodak HD camera or ones similar to it (where you can just plug it in via a USB connector built into the camera) work perfectly, and the quality is amazing. I might pick one up before I head to BlogWorldExpo this year. Not very expensive at all.

      Hope this helps! Cheers!

      • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

        That’s perfect, thanks Pat. I’ll need to look into those.

    • jared

      I have the Kodak zi8. Records HD great and the best part, it has a jack for an external mic. I use a mic I attach to my lapel which makes the sound a lot better and more professional. I got mine on Amazon for under $200 plus a remote control so I can start and stop it while I’m standing there and not have to edit me walking in front of the camera every-time. Plus I purchased one of those cheap painting or construction lights from Home Depot and a cheapo’ tripod for the camera.

  • Jackie

    Another use for video is to demo a product. I’ve done a couple of videos for my app, and that’s been a useful way to quickly show people who might want to review it the features. I have yet to make a video for my blog, but maybe that’ll be next now that I just got a Mac with a built-in camera.

    • Pat

      Absolutely, Jackie. That’s kind of what I did (sort of) with my YouTube video about Market Samurai, and my webinar replay as well. Congrats on the new Mac! Looking forward to your videos!

  • Gregg Swanson

    Awesome info Pat! I’ve looking to get going on YouTube and your tips have created a burning desire to make it happen. Your tips, along with the detail results are fantastic!

    • Pat

      Thanks Gregg, I appreciate it!

  • Blake Erickson

    Youtube is actually one of my major sources of traffic to my website. I currently have 16 videos and plan on making many more in the future.
    One time I made a video that was over 10 min in length and Youtube wouldn’t allow me to upload it. So, I posted it on vimeo, but I don’t think it gets anywhere close to the amount of traffic that my youtube videos have received. I’m planning on making an instructional video series where many of the videos will be around 30min in length. I would prefer to use Youtube for the traffic that it brings, but at the same time I think it is annoying to have 3 or 4 different parts to one video just because it is over 10 minutes. I guess I could try both. Post the longer videos to Vimeo and the break up those same videos and post them on Youtube in several sections. Are there any best practices when it comes to situations like this?

    • Pat

      Awesome Blake! Do you have a link to your channel you’d like to share?

      For videos over ten minutes, split them into two separate videos. Then, make sure you include a link to the second part in the first one, and to the first one in the second – both in the description, and in annotations at the beginning or end of the video. Vimeo doesn’t have nearly the same amount of viewership as youtube, but it is nice for REALLY long videos. I used vimeo for my Webinar replay.

      • Blake Erickson

        Thanks, My Youtube channel is:

        I’ve been using it mostly for a video blog documenting my adventures in getting 2 Cisco Networking Certifications, but I also have a couple of instructional videos I made awhile back.

        A 4 min video I made has 721 views. So Youtube has been a pretty easy way of exposing my site even more. And even though I didn’t think I would like making videos it has actually been pretty fun. As soon as I get my next certification I’ll be making many more, and your live webinar got my creative juices going. So, maybe I’ll even do some live shows!

        • Pat

          It is fun! If you think of it as a job to do, then we dont get the most out of it, including the potential traffic. But since it’s fun, our videos turn out better and we get more traffic and exposure in the end. Live shows would be awesome – maybe check out Ustream as a platform to do them on too, in addition to webinars. Good luck!

  • Hans


    This is a great post. I’m just barely getting into this world of blogging and internet marketing and I don’t pretend to be an expert (yet), but I can think of another valid reason to mix video and audio into your posts – especially if your blog is dedicated to teaching something. People learn in many different ways. Some of us take in information that we read quite easily while some absorb better from imagery or sound. It makes sense to me that providing your valuable information in different mediums makes it appealing and easier to absorb for a wider range of people. That can only be a good thing right?


    • Pat

      Indeed Hans – people soak up information differently and prefer one type of media over another, so getting video out there will definitely appeal to those who are more visual learners. Definitely a good thing.


  • Mike Roberts

    I’m going this route for sure. Don’t know why I waited so long because I think that I talk much better than I write, yet I have put all my focus into writing blog posts.

    Looking forward to part 2! thanks dude


    • Pat

      Sweet Mike – can’t wait to watch your first vid! Part 2 coming soon.

  • RJ Weiss

    Thanks Pat.

    YouTube is something I just starting getting into. I have a nice procedure list for uploading a written post to wordpress, but I’m lost on where to even begin a procedure list for uploading on YouTube. Not sure if you have the second post written or not, but as to exactly how you upload a YouTube video and how you market it, would be excellent content.

    • Pat

      RJ – thanks for the info. I’ll do my best to include something as far as how to get things onto YouTube and then market it (maybe in part 3). Cheers!

  • Trond Eirik Håvarstein

    YouTube has been a great branding place for my blog, there are some tips & tricks there as well, hopefully you will cover them in Part 2.

    By the way, I’m having problem finding any good WP Comment Thread Plugins, I agree with you that it’s important to reply to the people that leave comments. Any tips ?

    • Pat

      On the latest version of wordpress, in the discussion settings, there’s a built in threaded comments plugin, I believe!

  • The Best Money Blog

    Good tips. I was thinking of different avenues I could take to gain some more traffic. Seems like using the top 5 or so most popular social media platforms (in which I include YouTube)while ignoring the rest, for now, would be the best strategy.

    • Pat

      It’s where all of the traffic is, that’s for sure!

  • Mike Piper

    Hi Pat.

    Just a quick question if you get a chance: What hardware are you using for the “write on screen” type of videos? Is that a tablet pc of some sort?

    I’ve been looking for something that can do that for a while (I use a notepad a lot when explaining something in real life), but haven’t had much success. I’d been hoping the ipad would be capable of such things, but I’ve read that it’s not.

    • Pat

      Sure Mike – I’m using a Bamboo Pen Tablet from Wacom. It’s awesome, and it’s reasonably priced too.

      • Mike Piper

        Awesome. Thanks!

  • Mike


    I like the “video blackboard”. It’s easier on the eyes and looks professional and clean. Thanks for posting these tips. There is a lot of useful info packed in this post, as usual!

    Take care, Mike

    • Pat

      Thanks Mike – I appreciate it. I really enjoy doing those blackboard type videos, although it can be a little tough to talk and write at the same time. It’s like walking and chewing gum sometimes. Cheers!

  • Joe


    Thanks for another great post. I picked up several ideas from the post and learned even more reading all the comments and your answers. I’ve been working on getting my first screencast done using some of the free tools. I’ll give that a try and see how it goes.

    • Pat

      Awesome Joe – good luck and I wish you all the best!

  • Trond Eirik Haavarstein

    I don’t think is about number of videos, but more the topic. It’s 1 year since my first upload and of 5 videos totally with 20735 views 2 of them have around 18000 views.

  • Harry


    Very good information you have just shared, I will definitely be using some of your advice to enhance my video creation. Looking forward to part 2 of this post.

  • Kimberly

    This is timely Pat as my husband and I have been finding out the power of YouTube. For our market, we’ve found they are much more on YouTube than on Twitter so this has been where we’ve focusing our efforts more and have already seen more referrals from YouTube in a week than we did in 30 days from Twitter. There are definitely tips and tricks to know in using YouTube to help really drive traffic to a site so I’ll be interested in seeing what you cover in Part 2.

    I also read a great suggestion once that when embedding video on your site or blog, it’s a good idea to include a short keyword rich overview as part of the post because search engines cannot index video so descriptions and titles a hugely important in helping your video get found.

  • Jeff Rose

    Good stuff, Pat. I’m planning on having more videos on my new blog when I launch it soon. I’ve often wondered how you did most of your cool videos- now I know! Are you aware of any other PC editing platforms out there?

  • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

    Thanks for sharing this Pat! Video marketing is the new traffic generation in this era. Everybody talks about videos, shares through videos. It can also help us increase our credibility and reputation, as people would prefer to watch a video presentation rather than just read a plain text.

    Kind regards,


  • Avis | Search Engine Optimization Specialist

    Thanks for sharing your tips, Am planning on applying SEO with video marketing to get higher rankings for a site. So your tips is a great help to know what to include with the video.

  • Julius

    Hi there,
    In addition to the video, I also think that much attention should be given to the audio. Sometimes I come across a video that has good content, nice video quality but its volume is way too low, that even if you turn it up, it’s still quite soft.

  • Justin Popovic

    I do a lot of video and I have never actually watermarked by URL into the video stream. DUH! I guess I didn’t want to come across too “promotey” (yeah, that’s definitely not a word). I know a few of my vids have been embedded elsewhere so I am losing out on blog promotion. I will definitely be adding the watermark to the new ones. Thanks for the tip.

  • Finance Train

    Hello Pat,

    I want to record a few screencasts for my blog. One problem I am facing is the audio quality. It’s probably because of the mic I am using. What would you suggest? Which mic can I buy, or any other tips?

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  • Phone Answering

    Good Article Great Post . i like this type of content ..Good Luck & Keep it up.

  • Andy

    Hey Pat, really nice post, I love the detail you’ve gone into on all the sections on YouTube For Bloggers. It’s always good to gain tips on the production side as trying to get slick production on a budget can be tricky, but you’re right some simple tips and tricks can make any video post look fantastic. If you’re still on the fence about online video marketing then this article will be a perfect prequel to Pat’s posts – – it just outlines some of the reasons why you should dive into video online. Soon as you pluck up the courage to get on board you can use Pat’s guide to flourish online and hopefully improve your income, conversion rates and even SEO. Hope the week treats everyone well.

  • Jennifer

    I sent for the free eBook and am anxious to see what it has to say regarding eBooks. I have found a lot of information out on the Internet but nothing that really directs me to what works with an eBook. Thanks for the article.

  • Jeff

    Everyone probably knows this already but I just figured it out the other day. I make several videos on jing (free) and then I put them together on animoto (free) and then I summit them to the youtube and other major video sites.

  • Peter Clark

    Thanks Pat. I know its now time. I’ve downloaded screenflow and just figuring it out. Looks great. Andy, thanks for the link as well.

  • Brendan

    Thanks for this great post Pat. I am going to take a look at your eBook now.

  • Ferhat Karababa

    Hey Pat,
    i would say, that i’m not bad in Youtube Marketing, but from your Youtube articles, i’ve getting so much value and informations as from other (paid) contents.

    Ferhat from Germany
    P.S.: Sorry ’bout my english :)

  • Marina Aagaard

    Brilliant post! Equals back to work. Now I have to upgrade my quality 😉 …

  • Thomas

    Great tips that anyone can use. Any other screen capture software that you would recommend?

  • Alvin

    I have read through your blog and understand that Youtube was main for driving traffic, meaning we need to put our URL in the video? Correct me if is otherwise. Just wonder, what software that are you using to create the video? Please let me know this as well. The software that I am using cannot put in the URL inside the video.

    Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks

    • Pat

      The URL goes in the description in YouTube – that’s what people can click on. You could put the URL in the video as well using software like screenflow or camtasia (or other) but that link isn’t clickable. The one in the description is, and it should be the first part of your description.

  • Danny Zacharias

    Pat, I was wondering what you think about monetizing your YouTube vids in Youtube.

  • Pete Moss

    Well Pat, you are full of great information and encouragement! I’m finally ready to start making some youtube videos! You have a way of eleganty and effectively integrating everything in your brand. Hope I can do have as good as you do every day!

    -Pete Moss

  • Mike


    What video camera do you use? I’m thinking about getting the Canon Rebel T2i for indoor filming, but just not sure which one is the best for around $500-$600. Anyone have any suggestions?


  • Kelita

    YouTube is by far my favorite way to get traffic to my business and to my blog! Great content!

  • Prosource Code

    Hey Pat, really informative post to newbies youtube marketers, I love the detail you’ve gone into on all the sections on YouTube For Bloggers.

    • Anam

      That’s asking a lot of my audience, so thank you to those of you who picked it up!


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