SPI 071: Successful Start Ups, Millions Lost and Everything In-Between—Inside the Mind of Noah Kagan from AppSumo

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m happy to welcome Noah Kagan, founder of AppSumo, employee #30 at Facebook (and the brain behind the status update), #4 at Mint.com, founder of several other startups and a person who at a relatively young age, in addition to all of his success, had already went through an incredible amount of failures and had lost millions.

After a mid-life crisis and some self-discovery, Noah has become one of the more popular personalities on the Internet, most recently having founded AppSumo.com, a company which bundles popular web apps together for a discounted price. I am one of AppSumo’s 700,000 subscribers and have been a paying customer in the past myself.

Noah reached out to me a while back and said he wanted to create the most popular SPI Podcast episode ever. After hearing a little bit of what he had to share, I definitely knew that his interview would be up to the challenge.

Noah definitely brought the goods.

There are a ton of extremely educational takeaways from this episode. Noah has some amazing stories to share, both wins and (lots of) failures, and he does a great job of making sure that all of us listening understand what he learned and why things work the way they do. He’s a brilliant marketer, so make sure you pay attention to exactly how he does things and actually stays risk-averse, although it may not seem like it.

The section about validation is pure gold.

This session was recorded in April so please don’t mind the references to the surrounding months, and make sure to catch the tail end of the show where he does a lightning round of tactics about how to find a great idea for a business if you don’t have one yet, and also how to grow your existing business if you do have one.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • The first few businesses that Noah created while attending college at UC Berkeley.
  • What Noah learned from his early experiences in business.
  • How Noah lost millions of dollars and what he learned from his experiences.
  • Why Noah says getting fired from Facebook was a good move on their part.
  • How Noah got in the conference business and made $50k in profit the first year.
  • The best tip for meeting people and networking.
  • Why Noah says: “screw the research”.
  • Totem Poles and validation.
  • How to know if your idea is worth creating, and how to make sure people will pay for it.
  • How Noah got his job at Mint.com after getting rejected the first time.
  • Marketing = who is your customer + where are they?
  • Quant-based marketing.
  • The Coffee Challenge.
  • How Noah is actually risk-averse.
  • Noah’s experience with Facebook Apps and how his first app got 1,000,000 installs in the first week.
  • Details about Noah’s mid-life crisis while he was running his games business.
  • Takeaways from another failed business and how it turned into something else profitable.
  • Noah’s strategy for meeting people.
  • How AppSumo got started and what the inspiration was behind that. (Plus, how Noah validated it.)
  • The #1 problem for every business in the world.
  • Noah’s top two tips for making sure you always stay true to what you truly want.
  • 10 actionable and tactical tips to help you find ideas if you haven’t started yet.

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

My Favorite Quotes from Noah’s Interview:

  • “When you play in someone else’s sandbox, they are going to make the rules.”
  • “The customers will always tell the truth.”
  • “People should do what they want because they want to, not just because of an opportunity.”

Win a Trip to Austin, TX to Hangout with Noah and the AppSumo Team

As Noah said in the later half of this session, he’s going to cover travel and lodging expenses for one commenter on this post, from anywhere in the world, to come hang out and work with him and the App Sumo team for a day.

He will award this prize if this post reaches at least 300 comments.

In order to qualify, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me and Noah what you are going to do or what you did do TODAY to start or improve your business. 

Noah will select the winner himself and we’ll get in contact with you via email to talk about arrangements. Good luck!

Update: Congratulations to Tyler from BrainMadeSimple.com who Noah selected to come out to Austin to hang with Noah and his team!

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Thank you all for checking out this session of the SPI podcast!

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  • Greg

    One of the best shows ever.

  • Joshua

    Great Podcast! I searched through my real estate books that I ended up not reading and decided to educate myself on commercial real estate after listening this podcast. Thanks for the motivation!

  • http://naterio.com Nate Rio

    Great Episode Pat! Just got done and think Noah is a riot!

  • scott

    No…..and then lol!

  • http://www.peninsula-acupuncture.com.au Stephen Pate

    I have always wanted to make a podcast.. Dealing with Alternative Medicine Clinical Practice and Continual Marketing ideas.
    But myself I have never known where to really start.. The software or hardware (microphone etc).. After listening to the podcast I did extensive research on the idea. And downloaded and installed Audacity, also went to Amazon and bought myself a microphone package and headphones. It has to begin somewhere!
    Cheers Noah and Pat.

  • Andres Murillo

    Great Podcast!
    Well, today was very productive; I hired somebody on elance to do some work for my niche site and also signed up for “How to make your first dollar” course!

  • Yossi

    What a great episode. What an amazing person Noah is.

    Today I’m going to put into action the projects I’ve been planning for so long and just not starting because I’m waiting for the right moment. Today I will make my moment.

  • http://laurensbonnema.blogspot.com Laurens Bonnema

    Hi Pat and Noah,

    Thanks for the inspiring episode. I went out and changed my stated business at the Chambre Of Commerce from consulting and coaching to graphic facilitation and podcasting. Essentially, I switched from a sure thing to a thing that I love. The jolt of energy that gave me, resulted in two jobs almost magically popping up, validating the switch in business focus for me.

  • http://vegasguitarlessons.com Ryan

    Hey guys, this was a super eye-opening podcast! Seriously, too much good stuff. As far as what I’ve done, My business involves teaching guitar lessons, and yesterday I updated my wordpress site with an SEO widget. I also figured out how to verify my site with google webmaster tools (which took me waaay longer than it should have).

    baby steps… haha


  • Gerald

    Great podcast.

    In life it is always good to accept where you fit in, and accept your strengths and weaknesses. It must have been heart breaking for Noah to leave Facebook when it started to get real traction, but on the other hand it must have been empowering/liberating to realise his true strengths are at the start up stage. Build something you enjoy and they take the 100,000 K Noah, don’t wait until you get bored and it turns negative.

    The pod cast emphasized what Brad Sugars says about the 90 day plan. Lots of people argue that having a detailed 90 day plan and really driving it is the best way to stay on track. Like Noah was saying dont waist time on your 5 year plan. Plan in short cycles, and have a key objective.

    So what I did was revise by annual plan into a shorter cycle. I am looking forward to presenting the plan to the team, and doing a sub plan for each team member.

    Onwards, and oh yeah, thank you!

    Thanks guys!

  • http://www.eliotdill.com Eliot Dill

    Noah, Since you like tacos, if you are ever in Tampa, FL there is a place that serves all sorts of exotic meat on tacos – Gazelle, Bison, Shark, Kangaroo, etc.

    Check it:

    But seriously, I actually enjoyed the first part of the podcast more because it outlined principles, which can be applied to anything. If you understand the principles you can create new tactics. I also enjoyed the stories of failure because mainstream media only talks of the successes. After I listened, I cold emailed several of the people in my target market to get their input.

  • http://www.Fastpitch.TV Gary Leland

    Hey Noah and Pat

    Great episode, I would have to say this is by far THE BEST PODCAST EVER!

    So much great information, and Noah I feel you are sincerely concerned about helping people succeed. It is so refreshing to hear someone that has become successful wanting to share. So many times success just creates a BIG FAT PIG, that wants more, and more.

    Today I am going to follow through on an idea I have had for a meet up group that does not exist anywhere on Meetup.com.

    My main business niche is the sport of girls fastpitch softball. I already know you are not into sports, but I am really into it. Not that I play, but I coached.

    My meetup group is for softball coaches, bringing in great speakers, that will not only educate them on coaching skills, but on developing the young ladies they coach to reach their full potential in life.

    Thanks again for THE BEST PODCAST EVER.

  • http://faqtube.tv Just Tom

    Noah and Pat – THANK YOU!

    Great interview and thank you for moving my dial from planner to an action taker.

    What did I do today after listening to the podcast? Well you’re reading the first part, i’m leaving my first ever blog comment linking back to my new blog.

    Also I have a 90 minute journey home from work and today instead of listening to another podcast or reading another book I wrote my entire “About” page on the train as well as editing two blog posts that have been sitting idle on my hard drive. If you click on my name in a few weeks and you still see a landing page then you know that i didn’t do enough, if you click and see my new website then you know you have made a change in me.

    thanks again


  • Josh

    20 minutes in and I’ve learned nothing. What a bunch of junk.

  • http://wushuzilla.com Mark

    I’m getting off my butt and taking action on a project I’ve been putzing around with for a while now. Thanks for the push of motivation. :-)

  • Sal Coombes

    OK… so I’m back. My last comment was lame. I went and DID something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Come up with a meaningful way to say thanks to Pat for all he does for us. For free. So here’s what I started on http://tgb.io/thankspatflynn (and you totally deserved a mention too Noah)

    I need the community’s help though!!! Everyone, let’s show Pat our support by creating a visual of us all around the world listening into SPI. Again, I’ve set the stage here http://tgb.io/thankspatflynn Call me cheesy, I’ll take it.

    Pat, hope you don’t mind?

    • Sal Coombes

      PS. This helped me get started on my niche site by finding a great curation platform and hashtag tool (tagboard and rebel mouse is cool too) and tested it by saying thanks to the people who are helping me.

  • http://www.greenintegrateddesign.com David

    Great episode, one of my favorites. I started my own 90 day marketing challenge, so thanks!

  • http://AlMacartney.com Alastair Macartney

    I made a commitment to share.

    I spend my spare time raising awareness for charity. I’ve been utilising Pat’s tricks, and now Noah’s tips as well, to generate awareness. Today the video of my TEDx talk was released: http://almc.me/TEDxHoPvid

    I will now hone the content as I prepare for TEDxKC in August and improve on it. I will share the message of human flight and, more importantly, that it’s not about what you can do, but what you can do with what you can do.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration with me. It helps me to inspire and motivate others.

  • http://aceproductivity.com Timothy Moser

    I’m going to improve my engagement with other blogs to provide value to everyone.

    For the Starbucks coffee challenge, I went to Starbucks and ask for 50% off “in honor of my half birthday.” I didn’t get it, but I think I made my barista’s day.

  • Claude

    What an episode Noah and Pat. So many ideas about my past flooded through my brain as I listened to this. I am older (post 60) but Noah’s “quarter life crisis” made me aware that crisis can happen at any age, he worked his way out of it. I deliver machinery for a living and listened to this episode twice during my return trip from Dallas, TX. I listen to all your podcasts Pat and this one was powerful. I could take no notes while driving, but tomorrow there is a Starbucks near me and I am asking for the 10 percent off. A terminal sloth, as a result of the events of the past several days I pledge to myself to do something daily to change my life.
    Who knows maybe some grammar lessons and a life book in my not to distant future. Great podcast and challenge! Thanks!

  • Justin

    Today, I contacted a small business owner asking what pain points he experiences on a day to day basis. I have a list of 100 more businesses to contact.

    Can’t wait to see what happens!

    Thanks guys!


  • http://www.agarwalankit.com/blog Ankit

    Great episode Patt!! Ever since I discovered Noah’s video on Youtube I have been literally stalking him (newsletter, okdork, twitter, you name it). The best part about Noah is the raw energy and no BS attitude that he brings to the table.

    I recently graduated with an MBA but now more than ever I want to do something of my own. I run a Technorati Top 100 Finance blog (63) and I am finally admitting it that I don’t know the niche well enough and I am not entirely proud of it. However, the blog does really well (in terms of revenue) and as a student I keep clinging to it to pay my bills. I am now in the process of creating content i love and hopefully what other people will love.

    More power to you and Noah for inspiring and educating the world

    PS: A thank you note coming your way soon :-)

  • http://sellleadsucceed.com Tim Mushey

    Hey Pat!

    What a FANTASTIC episode. I just loved Noah’s honesty in this episode of your podcast. Great job, and great perspective from a very interesting guest.

  • http://DigitalMarketingArchive.com Paul Salinas

    Pat and Noah…thanks for the great content and laying out the awesome “coffee challenge” – it rocked!!!

    To make a long story short (details submitted@ http://www.appsumo.com/hipat/ )…let’s just say the the “coffee challenge” led to a real savings of $1,791.11 today.

    I know it sounds crazy and ridiculously embellished, but it’s true. In fact, it is so crazy I had to leave this comment ( btw this is the 1st comment I have ever left on SPI even though I’ve been a fan for over 2 years).

    I don’t how the challenge will turn out for everyone, but I would highly recommend everyone giving it a shot even though it seems so simple.

    I’ll put it to you this way…I almost thought it was a joke until I went to Starbucks this morning and “froze” at the counter and couldn’t ask for the discount. Yes, that’s right I couldn’t do it the first time…but I went back a few hours later because I was so disappointed at myself. On my second attempt I was able to ask for the discount and I’ll leave it at that.

    My advice is take what you learn from it and think how you can apply it to other matters in your life or business (hint: utilities, services contracts, etc.)

    Best of luck and just do it!

  • http://www.craftlabgallery.com john salisbury

    Loved the show and I think you should have left the swear words. The thing that most effected me and that I’ve heard it a few other places. Do what you love and have interest about. Looking forward to hanging in Austin.

  • Aarne

    Excellent show guys, had a blast listening. Interesting stuff and good pointers.

    Regarding doing something today towards gaining my goals, I fed myself and wrote 2500 words in english for the first time (english is not my native language).

    But it’s a bit long way from here (Finland) to Austin, so I’m happy with giving the spot to someone else. 😉 😀

    • Kosta

      This was my first SPI episode…and it was a memorable one at that! I want to thank you guys for all of the great stories and tips. I can’t wait until I’m home and can listen even closer. Both of y’all – keep doing what you do. It’s honestly great and is making this digital world a better place, which naturally makes the physical world more enjoyable too! Your passions are manifested in your voices and is contagious to us aspiring to find our calling.

      As far as what I’m going to do today: after work I’m meeting a few potential partners to discuss our business idea. Since meetings are boring, it’ll be over drinks during happy hour in Manhatten, because where else is more fun?

      Thanks, guys. Looking forward to getting together some time. I’ve never been to Austin!

  • http://www.tblazzsoloz.com TBLAZZSOLOZ

    Today I redesign my youtube channel because I will start A brant new youtube show..Soon!!

  • Aubrie Ashenfelter

    Most popular! Congrats! Austin Rocks! Love the show!
    Working on content!

  • http://www.puppydynasty.com David

    Hey Guys,

    I have a few things going on at the moment. I’ve tried a few different businesses / projects and am trying to focus my efforts. Currently, I am focused on getting out of my job and jumping into helping my wife with her real estate business. So, today, while she is out showing houses, I am putting together tags to stick on 800 individual mini US flags. Yes, very tedious. But, if we get one or two listings out of it and sell the homes, we could be looking $20,000+ coming our way.

    Also, over the last few months, my focus has been learning to code. I’ve taken CS50x from HarvardX and the course on OneMonthRails.com. I plan to use the new knowledge to create sites to bring in passive income and also help promote my wife’s business.

    This podcast was excellent. It’s made me a new listener to SPI.



    • https://flexdeal.us/ Dustin at flexdeal

      Sounds good Dave – marketing and sales, provided your offering is strong, are just a numbers game. As I develop a marketing strategy I add new channels and mediums one by one and work to see if I can get each one to a point where the ROI is worthwhile. After a short time I will have 3 to 5 lead generation methods that are providing a steady stream of potential transactions. Seems like you’ve got your head on straight and I wish you luck.

  • http://coachxo.com Shane

    Action Step I Did Today: I added #hashtag capability to my Social Network website! Oh…and I set up the framework for my marketplace which launches NEXT WEEK!

  • Debbie

    hey Pat –

    Can live without the singing actually!



    • Debbie

      This Debbie liked the singing, and the hash tag Karaoke at the end…… smile…

  • http://christiannoel.net Christian Noel

    Great ep. Pat! I’ve almost listened to every episode. This show is amazing! Love the singing btw! Makes me smile every time. :)

  • http://acoyfellow.com Jordan Coeyman

    Incredible. This cast lived up to the hype I had in my head. Thank you for doing such awesome research, Noah.

  • http://www.thehow2genie.com Arish Dubash

    Pat! Noah!

    Great podcast. So much useful information. It’s amazing that Noah’s goal was to be the most popular podcast, and with the goal in mind he was able to direct the information towards what us, the audience, desired to hear.

    I think that’s imperative in business in general. It’s important to listen first, and the respond based on your assessment. This overlooked concept is what the book “Just Listen” by Mark Goulding (don’t remember the spelling) is all about (check it out, great read).

    Anyways, I’ve been to Austin once, and I hope the gods of random probability have heard my prayers. Keep it up Pat. Thanks for the info Noah

  • http://aaronmurrell.wordpress.com Aaron

    Really great one guys! I have to admit Noah that your encouragement to take action literally caused me to pause the podcast twice to get some stuff done. Thanks for the butt kicking! I made a call to get some advice on tax implications of 2 business structures I was considering and followed up with some real world users in my network who I plan to solicit for some product feedback. I will totally take you up on your offer to work together in Austin for a day – no flight needed (I live in Houston) :)

  • Ian

    Interesting guy. Kind of all over the place. Some of his advice was very insightful, some was common sense, and some actually seemed a bit chauvensitic.

    I just have a hard time listening to people who come off as bragadocious and phony. He doesn’t say anything that others haven’t said. He just reiterates more than anything else. And he makes multiple references of Godin’s “totem pole” theory like he owns it. (Shakes head)

    As for his “newest” venture — to charge $300 dollars for howtomakeyourfirstdollar.com is overkill for someone “trying to help”. Even if I paid $99 for something, I’d still use it. I honestly may check it out since there is a 60 day money back guaruntee. I guess it’s okay.

    Noah was extremely contradictory on multiple fronts and Pat, I LOVE that you called him out on every one, which he clarified pretty well. It’s just annoying that his advice is to more or less go into something without thinking it out and see what happens.

    Notables from the episode 1) He comes from an elite background (having grown up down the street from Apple 2) Seems to be focused short-term and clearly doesn’t have a problem with doing whatever it takes to make a buck ( I mean he said he got greedy as of 2012…not much time has passed) and 3) was too cocky to take seriously at times.

    Really dude? You quit Mint and hung out with Tim Ferriss? REGULAR people don’t just quit their jobs, move to Argentina, and hang with Tim. Just sayin.

    BUT, with all of that being said, he did have little bits here and there that made me really think. Overall, it WAS a great podcast, but I sensed you getting frustrated at times. :)

  • Blake

    Who won?

  • http://www.youcave.org Allen Maddox

    Pat, your podcasts are usually inspiring, but this one with Noah really got my wheels turning. So many possibilities for my next action item. Oh yeah, one more. Write down all my potential action items.

  • http://Kleidung.com Steve

    My first listening to this podcast…. Great stuff! Thanks!
    I connected today 3 people to get their goals done and supervised
    a old friend to optimise his business.
    Trough that action I made a good new contact which
    will double my net profit per day and that will increase the speed of reaching my own goals.
    Actually I always help first and than often years later the contact I helped will get me profit trough new contacts or direct business.

    Kind regards from Germany

  • http://mysportsd.com Ronnie Harper

    Listening to Podcast right now. Wrote my script today for my online business. Will shoot video very soon.

    Ronnie Harper

  • http://www.drawingforkidsinfo.com Crystal

    I just listened today? Did you already pick a winner? Today I worked on slides to add a feature to my website. Something that I think will inspire. I’m new to wordpress so learning something new everyday! I LOVE YOUR PODCAST PAT! Thank you so much!

  • Johnny

    First the show was a great motivator.
    I very nervously did the coffee challenge. I walked in thinking this is kinda redicilous and could feel the sweat starting to run down my back; it didn’t help that it was 109 degrees outside. To prolong the misery of anticipation two older women in front of me couldn’t decide on their lattes. I stepped to the counter ordered and asked for the 10 percent discount and success!!
    What a totally empowering adventure! It made me realize I live in my comfort zone way too much!
    Next step, I joined “Make Your First Dollar”. I’m now working on the raising my first dollar exercise!
    Thanks Pat and Noah I totally appreciate this episode!

  • Patrick

    No idea if you have picked anyone yet, but I’m a college student and Noah’s words have set my butt on fire to go out and actually do something. These are the things that I have done:

    [1] I have been holding off doing some freelance work because its summer. I finished it and made $50 in 2 hours.

    [2] I have a goal this summer to learn more HTML/CSS so that I can a/b test my websites myself and I spent 2 more hours going through the “Web Fundamentals” course on Codecademy.

    [3] I have an Apple Developer account and I have finished two slot machine iPhone apps and currently they are being reviewed by the app store. I have a goal of making 6 apps this summer. So far I’ve made 3.

    [4] I emailed Noah about the Pakistani dude for $12/hr

    [5] I went to Starbucks yesterday and asked for 10% off. They didn’t give it to me :( But it was awesome trying to get a deal. I did get free whipped cream.

  • http://adf.ly/RWdAg Jami

    Great article, have been trying to document steps my self, my attempt here: http://adf.ly/RWdAg. Would appreciate any feedback.. Good luck!

  • http://DrToddFisher.com Dr. Todd

    Thanks for bringing the juice to podcast Noah. I appreciate your honesty throughout of your learning through failure and success.

    What I am doing today is being intentional about writing out my “why” for my new venture and having someone go over it with me tomorrow. I am big fan of Simon Sinek on TEDx. I will check out your site Noah.

    Thanks Pat! Keep it coming.

    Dr. Todd

    P.S. Starting my own site and company now.

  • Pat Gibson

    Noah and Pat –

    Real good podcast. Noah, there were at least a handful of real useful nuggets you provided and your journey and success is fascinating. I really liked the idea of hosting a meetup. As for the starbucks and 10% off, i don’t have the guts to pull it off, i guess for fear of embarassment (although at a rest stop mcdonalds I do ask for the senior $1 coffee when i go through the drive through). I also liked the idea of googling something and adding “hate” to it. And while i thought it was a bit awkward when noah kept asking about what he could do to make this the best podcast, that led to the 10 actionable ideas at the end which was great, so it served the purpose.

    This was one of my top 3 favorite podcasts, along with Dane Maxwell and Neil Patel. Noah I was thinking how your appsumo idea could be applied to different businesses – would something with restaurants work – where you sell a certificate packet good for 3 meals to 3 local restaurants?

  • http://bypenguins.com Web Design

    I blog frequently and I truly thank you for your content.
    This great article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to take a note of your website and keep checking for new details about once per week. I opted in for your Feed as well.

  • http://www.moonartdesign.com Mike

    Pat- No more and then is from: Dude Where’s my Car?

    Great info man- keep the ‘casts coming!

    PS- keep up the crappy singing, it’s funny and i feel the same way! We’re all rock stars in the car!!


  • Alex

    Thanks Pat for being you, and same to Noah….. two completely different type of people making shit happen! Making things happen is what I like about Noah and his style, it forces you to keep up, shut up, and do something and stop talking about it.
    I have asked for discounts many times at different places, some I’ve gotten and some I haven’t. Building the courage to say something and to say it intelligently takes some discipline and practice if you’re not used to it already.

    Today I am continueing to working on a software service for chiros to help them manage patient paperwork while being compliant, avoiding audit violations, and qualifying for government incentives (those that apply for it), getting by insurance providers better and faster.

  • http://www.homestylegreen.com Matthew Cutler-Welsh

    Pat, I enjoyed this episode over two whole runs. There’s a common theme I’m hearing about the importance of just taking action. Glad you persisted and clarified the point about research though. You’re doing a great job with interviewing. MCW

    • Debbie

      someone else did two listened to this one besides me… Great! AND, not just a listener who is researching, I take Action after each episode, this one especially got me to review all my Meetup groups, and plan some get togethers….. Network and make connections. Loved the persistence about research, I understood what was meant about not over analyzing whether or not to do something, but doing the validation and prep work is indispensable… Glad of how you handled all of it, Pat. keep singing, too!!!!!

  • Davinchi

    Fascinating show today, I like the pressure to do something today. Motivation is the key to success. I am currently setting up the outline for my new business and taking action but doing my first 3 steps today.

  • http://tutorial.world.edu Rina

    Great Post..
    I get a lesson after reading this, do not give up and keep the spirit because success only belongs to those who dare to struggle

  • http://www.bonsaifitness.wordpress.com Adam Cinemre

    I think Mike beat me to it but the ‘no and then’ reference is from ‘Dude, where’s my car’.

    Probably not worth a buck but still funny!

    Great show guys, definitely one of the best to listen to!!!

  • http://www.miketurnerphotos.co.uk mike

    Good content guys, like the points about people hiding behind research because they are scared to take action.

  • http://www.bonsaifitness.wordpress.com Adam Cinemre

    What a fantastic day!

    Not only did I take action and overcome the nagging voice telling me not to do it, take the easy way out, ‘you’re gonna fail’! – I actually walked in, asked, and received a 10% discount at starbucks!!!
    The savings are not even what matters, the feelings that I got before, during and afterwards are exhilirating and I feel like it’s set my mood for the rest of the day.

    Furthermore, rather than waiting a month to launch my podcast, we are going to just give it a go tonight after work and send it to 3 friends (as suggested by Noah) and get started immediately. If you want to watch my coffee challenge, check it out: http://tinyurl.com/AdamsStarbucksChallenge
    p.s. are you still deciding on who to fly over to the states!?…

  • Susan

    I am a regular listener to Pat’s podcast and have never commented before. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this. Noah was honest. Loved this show.

  • John hall

    I probably missed out on the contest, but who cares…awesome show!!!

    Just wanted to say I was absolutely inspired by this podcast. I’ve been a non active listener for awhile and felt compelled to write after listening to Noah and you talk. You guys are a gret combo..

    I justed started an Occupational Therapy business win wife (my wife’s the OT)…I have literally just thought of a hundred ideas after listening to this podcast. Thanks from north of the 49th, eh?

    John h.

  • http://www.leatherhoney.co.nz Aaron Dutton

    Hi Pat,
    What an awesome interview. While some ideas seemed a bit ‘on the edge’ It was great to hear from somebody that didn’t get all swallowed up in the almighty dollar grab. Yes he has done alright for himself, to have the conviction of doing what makes HIM happy is a lesson for us all. I will be going to App Sumo and joining immediately.
    Keep up the good work Pat & Noah.

    Aaron Dutton

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    Wow! a great content to read and noah’s wins and failures. It open the ears of every young minds. Thanks pat for reaching your website. I’m from Philippines. Have share this to my other friends here.

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    Think and grow rich, that’s what I like to do. So this article was perfect for learning about Noah. Good job, keep it up!

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    I took Noah’s advice & asked for a discount for my most recent rental car reservation. I wouldn’t normally do this, but Noah made a compelling argument on the show. The rental car representative gave me his personal discount from the listed price online. Check out the screen shot:


    #takingaction #austinbound?

  • http://blackdogweblog.wordpress.com/ Sean Allen

    After listening to the podcast I took massive action and started a podcast that is the closest to my heart.
    “ife and depression”was listed on iTunes in the last 24 hours after I listen to Noah.
    By close to my heart I mean this literally. Four months ago I had open heart surgery which saved my life. Like most people, there were times in my life I have been low but recently I was diagnosed with depression. As a result of the heart operation the depression has disappeared.
    The aim of this podcast is to discuss how enlightenment is possible without trauma. How happiness can happen without drugs.
    The podcast has an introductory 00 episode and a first episode on “Near Death Experiences.”
    I am going to sit down today and it do at least another episode.

  • Stephanie Ann

    Finally looked into finding someone to design an app that I really want to use. I’m still really unsure as it will be expensive and I’m not sure if it will be worth it. I am happy that I looked into it. Before I had no idea what apps even cost to produce. Now I have a much better idea of what I’d be getting into.

  • Debbie

    Pat, another great episode…. You are so adept at interacting with the Guests to keep the show flowing and entertaining and spontaneous yet coherent and cohesive. the push to get all these comments is paying off… Next I am going to mail you a personal thank you note!

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    Hey Pat,
    You did good, I know that Noah is a little more raw then most of your guests, but you handled it like a champ, I could hear your voice going “this is different” I appreciate your show and how you keep it clean, your boy’s show fizzle is great also but that Chase cat has a mouth, funny but talks like a Dirty Pirate. To be real Noah rubbed me a little, but that’s his style and he has gotten to where he wants to be financially, he gave some great sound advice because he’s been in the trenches and wants us to get up and Move. So it comes off a little cocky but, I get his style I call it no holds bars but it works, to be honest you can chase the money but as you well know and your other guests have mentioned that King Money will not give you the happiness your looking for, I call it temporary happiness, you better believe if I driving a lambo 140mph down PCH highway i’m happy, but it won’t last. Those relationships you build with your family, friends, your relationship with God, that matters your legacy, how you leave this earth, your purpose in life. Thank you for all you do, keep it up, “money comes money goes but what kind of legacy are We going to leave our children?
    God Bless you and your family:)

    P.S my call to action was asking the Lady at the Ticket Window at the movie theater If she had a “Good Looking” discount, she laughed, my wife frowned and the Lady said NO.

    • Shaun

      LOL! That’s hilarious. Good job for asking.

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    This episode was ridiculously good. I enjoy all your episodes Pat (and have at least one takeaway to implement for myself from each!), but it’s definitely between this episode and Dane’s interview that take the cake for me.

    I would say I normally enjoy hearing about others’ tricks of the trade and their tactics, but I really did enjoy Noah’s talk about mindset and his openness to share his experiences as transparently as he did. The tactics he shared were great but the main takeaway (although in this episode I definitely had more than one) was about the attitude and mindset to strive to adopt.

    Thank you Pat and thank you Noah for such a great interview.

  • Shaun

    I loved this podcast and the tactics and calls to action.
    Today I worked on my first site. I posted an article and spent time learning about some plugins. There are so many and I want to use the right ones.

    Great show! Very motivating and inspiring.

    • Sana Khan

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      be works in 2010 definitely NOT work anymore in 2015, but this one
      still valid
      blog comments

  • http://Flaresoftware.com Clayton

    Great episode! Today I’m going to focus on what I do best, instead of trying to do every part of my software projects. In the next few months I’ll avoid the things I don’t have a passion for.


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    Awesome episode Pat! I’m going to take action on my blog and keep the momentum going from the 1daybb mastermind event. In fact I took Noah’s advice and got a 10% discount at Starbucks. I event wrote about it on my blog.


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    I set up a meeting today with my business partner after listening to the podcast. I guess the best advice of this podcast for my particular case is getting to the action.
    Thanks for the talk. It was nice.

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    Frankly, I was getting some rest. I find working 7 days a week counter productive.

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    I’ve been listening for a while now and during the interview with Noah I did something. I didn’t go to Starbucks to ask if I could get a discount (I prefer DD), but I DID pick up the phone to make some calls and to do some validation on an idea. I took the first steps to monetize a list of 30k unique email addresses daily with cross-selling opportunities.

    Thank you and keep up the inspirational interviews!

    Your podcast listener,
    David from Florida

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    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for the podcast, really great content today.

    Regarding the question, I researched affiliates for my upcoming website and also people to interview for my upcoming podcasts, also tested the setup for the podcasts.

    It would be nice to get a discount on “how to make your first dollar”.

    Your Podcast Listener from Portugal,
    Marcos Soares

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    Listening to this one again, 4th time. Great show, thanks for having Noah on.

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    People I look up to – Steve Jobs, Tim Ferriss and now Noah Kagan.

  • JJ

    This was my first show and I was completely hooked by the entire interview. Amazing. My action today was signing up at makeyourfirstdollar.com. So far some great content. Thanks!


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    I think this is the first interview I’ve heard with Noah. I’ve interacted with him in the past online and have always been impressed. This only reinforced my original opinion of him.

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    Great show… maybe the best one yet. You should definitely have Noah on again. Keep up the good work.

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    Noah bounces around like a rubber ball! Awesome!
    Great stuff Pat you always take care of us! I got denied on the coffee challenge and a strange look I could have angled it different but I assumed the point was to not care about the outcome either way and just get in the habit of doing something different.

  • Christine

    Another great podcast, and this one took it to another level. I’ve read some of the comments and I think some people have missed some good points. Oh well can’t keep them all happy. I will say my action item was finishing my logo which I did. And have since set up other actionable items in a list. And asking for a discount on things is my everyday life, that drives my friends crazy, but saves me money! So I am one of those people if you send me something free I will read it and take action.

    Keep up the great work Pat!

  • rcphillips

    This was a great episode and it made the monotony of a long drive enjoyable. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the blending of real emotion and hard core takeaways. I have a day job and have a start-up which is gaining a lot of steam and I am always looking to hear justification for what I am going through. Many times those who have ‘done it’ make it sound like it was relatively easy and formulaic. We all know it is not and so I am on the lookout for podcasts that separate the internal personal struggle, from the real operational issues.
    I would love to hear the story of someone who has made it a rule to bootstrap each project.

  • Scott Denton

    This was the best episode yet. I have never commented on any type of blog post, but felt compelled to do so for this one. I just came across the SPI podcast about a month ago while looking for ways to market my offline business (and I’m already up to session 071). There isn’t much out there along the lines of “smart active income” so I am having to re-purpose the lessons I’m learning here for my business – with tangible results! Noah was for me the first guest who’s ideas – sorry awesome ideas – I can directly implement in my day to day. Pat, thanks for all that you’re doing. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Aida Bond

    After I listened to this podcast I knew I had to act. This summer I started to gather some ideas and did a lot of research and before the end of the year I launched Heart Care Matters. It’s unlike your typical blog as it has to do with the complexities of caregiving for your loved one with heart disease but I am taking a leap of faith and acting! I hope it brings attention to a subject that is oftentimes overseen.
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    Don’t know if this was mentioned yet but, “No and then!” quote is from the movie: Dude Where’s My Car

  • Joy Banerjee

    I liked it a lot – thanks Pat and Noah its a great
    podcast – first step i did i signup to Appsumo and download free apps :) And
    also asked few peoples to join appsumo so that i can earn some dollars in
    appsumo wallet…

    — And i have created
    some points from the podcast and also downloaded the podcast i will hear it
    again and review the points which i able pulled out some ideas which i can

  • Nathan Earles

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    • Hazza Jay

      Stop devouring info, bro. Start doing.

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    Alot of great info in this piece. I feel I’m ahead of the curve and never realized this. Proud moment! As a realtor, I call disgruntled angry sellers who have been on the market where their home did NOT sell. Rejection is an understatement. My challenge is to tame the beast so I can help them help themselves.

  • Trish

    I got a tshirt quote from mammoth (it’ll cost $11.50 a shirt at a qty of 24)
    Hired a fiverr designer to make 2 graphics for me (fi dollla make u holla!)
    Once I get the design, I’ll make a Facebook post & ask my friends & peeps from “from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur” group if they want the shirt paypal me $20. If I get 5 payments I’ll have validated my tshirt biz.
    Then I’ll market the heck outta that shirt on Facebook to sell my 24 shirts & place my order. 3-4 weeks for delivery if you please!! Love you Noah!!

  • Tonny

    YO MAN! YOU GUYS ARE THA SHIET! Sorry I am swearing Pat but seriously you guys rock! I enjoyed listening to this episode so much. Learnt so much and Noah man, I will say this is the best podcast I have listened to out of all of the podcasts out there – so much experience, alignment, honesty, and generosity with tactics while sounding like a true sincere. Sorry I couldn’t be in the first 300 comments with what my plans are.

    Pat! You are the first person to personally email me when signing up or reaching out to the podcasters world wide. I’ve havent heard any response from them who ask me to introduce myself in their self automated messages and its been 3 weeks and still no reply. You made my day man. I didn’t expect you to message me but in about 2 weeks u got to me. Thank you for being so GREAT!

    Thank you guys!

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    Thank Pat and Noah for being my mentor of the day.
    Noah, I would love to learn more from you and hope to meet you in person some day.
    Awesome Podcast….

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    Best episode I’ve listened to yet

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    Great episode Pat & Noah. You know what amazed me and actually stopped in my tracks is how Noah, just genuinely and few times asked” will that make it most popular episode?”. That was his objective and he simply kept asking, didn’t get to shy or try to achieve it from what he thought would make it most popular. He kept asking and he did get answers from Pat. How many time have I asked for anew client, if someone will recommend me, if they want ,e to speak at an event, hmmm… a lot to learn from Noah. Hope he hit the most popular episode. Such a cool duet guys.

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    Love this podcast and love Noah Kagan’s work! Any chance you can bring him back for a follow-up episode, maybe do an update on the contest winner?

  • http://www.brianjester.us/ Brian Jester

    I took the Starbucks challenge and got a “no” from Starbucks, a “no” from the theater, and then, when I asked to park ($7/day) for a month (30 days) at the Marriott (I’m not staying there, but my co-worker is), they gave it to me for free with a room key just for the underground parking! That’s a $210 freebee…awesome!

  • Scouse Athey

    Hi, I really didn’t expect the coffee challenge to work. I went to my local McDonalds a few days after listening and gave it my best shot. Not asking for a specific amount off, I just asked if they offered any discount. I ended up getting one of my burgers for free (double cheese burger), a little over 25% off. Didn’t expect it at all.

    I think this is the most useful podcast I’ve listened to so far, so kudos to Noah and a big thank you to Pat for all the hardwork and effort that must go into a site like this!

  • Jeremy

    I just asked the people in my industry if they would be interested in the type of website I would produce, and the engagement has been amazing!

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    This was a great episode as always! I love the SPI podcast…

    Just a note that the analogy to the totem pole is both inaccurate and offensive. Here is why it is inaccurate: a totem pole in Indigenous cultures does not have a hierarchy so being at the top or bottom is not a relevant analogy. Here is why it is offensive: many of my Indigenous colleagues and friends have noted that using this analogy is insensitive in objectifying Indigenous cultures and appropriating important symbols for inappropriate purposes. Just wanted to help your audience avoid offending people in the future.