How to Get More Subscribers and Traffic with a Take-Action Area and Optin Skin Bonus

For the past two weeks I’ve been secretly running a new plugin behind the scenes of The Smart Passive Income Blog, which I know is going to make a lot of people extremely happy.

First, an interesting and related backstory…

In January of 2010 I launched a major redesign of the SPI blog, which is pretty close to what you see today.

Part of the redesign included what I liked to call a Take-Action Area, a “box” I designed myself (and coded by my web programmer) that was to be placed immediately below a blog post to encourage sharing, bookmarking, subscribing to my email list, and checking out related posts.

It looked just like this:

Take Action Area - First Iteration

In addition to increasing subscribers and sharing, I instantly received a ton of positive feedback and messages from other bloggers asking me how they could get one of their own, but my response was always the same:

“I’m sorry, but this is hard-coded into my site, so I can’t easily give you a plugin or share it with you. You’ll have to design one on your own and hand it to your web developer to make it happen.”

Take-Action Area Redesigned

In August of 2011, 1 year and 7 months later, I switched to the Thesis Theme Framework to clean and speed things up a bit.

I kept the design exactly the same except for one little detail—the take action area. 

The problem was that there was way too much going on!

Does one share, bookmark, click on a related post, or subscribe to my email list? I was interfering with the ability to take action simply by giving readers too many choices.

So—in August of 2011 I cleaned it up and redesigned the box to align with exactly what I wanted my readers to do—share my posts and subscribe to my email list.

I redesigned the box to look like this:

Take Action Area - Second Iteration

Much, much better.

And with a bigger focus on the opt-in area and only the most popular sharing options to choose from—the numbers prove that this is definitely a better performing design.

After making this change, I received another large batch of messages asking how to create a take-action area just like this one, and again, my answer was sadly the same:

“I’m sorry, but this is hard-coded into my site, so I can’t easily give you a plugin or share it with you. You’ll have to design one on your own and hand it to your web developer to make it happen.”

(I literally had this pre-written in my TextExpander tool so it was quick and easy to respond)

Some bloggers began to design and implement their own version of a take-action box, which was really cool!

I sooooooo wanted to design a plugin to make this easy for people, but unfortunately my previous experiences with plugin development were failures and I just didn’t have the time to add another project on my plate.

Coincidentally, my good friend Glen Allsopp from has been working over 4 months putting together a plugin to do exactly this (and much more), which is why he’s been missing lately.

As you know, I rarely directly promote anything here on the Smart Passive Income Blog, but this is just one of those exceptions because:

  1. I’ve been testing this plugin for the past 2 weeks and it’s absolutely amazing.
  2. Glen is a good friend of the SPI community and always creates high-quality stuff.
  3. This is one of those plugins that is comparable to Pop-Up Domination in the sense that it just works, although it’s far less invasive than PUD so I’m happy to put my stamp of approval on this one.
Plus, I have a pretty awesome bonus to giveaway. 😉

Optin Skin

Optin Skin is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to painlessly place opt-in forms and take-action areas anywhere on your site—not just below your posts.

All opt-in areas on The Smart Passive Income Blog are currently being powered by Optin Skin, including the take-action area at the bottom of this post, in the sidebar and even on my About Page.

Each form is currently being tracked for impressions, subscribers and conversion rates.

Here’s how the plugin works:

1. Choose and Customize Your Skin

Opt-in Form comes with a number of pre-designed opt-in & take-action skins that you can choose from. You have the ability to customize them on the fly and change the colors, text, and add graphics too. You can actually play with some of the settings yourself right now on the sales page by clicking here.

Customize Your Own Opt In Forms and Take Action Areas

If you’re a pro, you can actually code your own opt-in forms within OptinSkin and use all of the features mentioned below with it.

2. Choose Your Email Provider

Optin Skin integrates easily with Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact, Infusionsoft and Feedburner.

You also have the option to specify a redirect URL which is a page people will land on after opting in.

Optin Skin Email Providers

3. Choose Your Placement

With the simple click of a button, you can have your form show up:

  • At the bottom of your posts.
  • At the top of your posts.
  • Below the first paragraph.
  • Floating on the right of the second paragraph
  • And anywhere else on your blog you wish using a shortcode or widget.

Optin Skin Placement
4. Optional Special Effects!

This. Is. SLICK.

You can enable your opt-in form, where ever you place it (below your posts, sidebar, in the middle of a post, etc.) to fade into placement after x number of seconds, which will draw more attention to your form and get more subscribers and clicks, in a much less invasive way than a popup since it’s in the middle of your content.

Additionally, you can make the form stick to the top once a reader scrolls past.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this post, before the comments, you’ll see the fading effect in action (after 1 second).

Optin Form Special Effects

5. Test and Optimize

If you’re a numbers freak like me, then you’ll appreciate this.

Not only does the plugin keep track of the number of impressions, subscribers and conversion rates for each form over time, you can split test two forms against each other in the same location. You’ll be able to tell which design converts better, and optimize your numbers over time.

Optin Skin Split Testing

To fully disclose, Glen did give me a free copy of Optin Skin to experiment with and I do receive a commission if a purchase is made through my affiliate link. Thank you (so much!) in advance if you do go through my link, and please keep reading to learn about the SPI Expansion Pack Bonus that you can only get through SPI.


Optin Skin is a premium plugin, so of course it comes with a price. Fortunately, it’s a steal at only $67.oo. 

Do you absolutely need this plugin?

No—you don’t absolutely need it, but if you wanted to include a take-action area or opt-in form of any kind on your website, just think about how much time (and money—if you’re outsourcing) it would take to design one, and without all the cool features and benefits of Optin Skin. That’s why I’m happy to promote this puppy. It’s a time and money saver, and actually helpful.

Additionally, Glen has assured me that he and his team will be there to provide hardcore and same-day support for you if any technical issues come up.

Pat’s SPI Expansion Pack BONUS

I always try to give a little something extra to those who purchase through my affiliate links, so as a thank you, I’m happy to offer a Bonus Expansion Pack, which is a WordPress plugin that you can install after installing Optin Skin that will automatically include 5 additional customizable skins, designed by me.

Some of these will look very familiar to you:

SPI Bonus for Optin Skin

You can change the colors, text and images to your liking, although make sure to use your own eBook images (or don’t use any at all), or else my eBook will show up on your website 😉

I also included an “Add to Cart” form that integrates with Optin Skin that doesn’t need or use the email function. If you have a product to sell and want to include an add to cart button along with some attention grabbing text at the end of your posts, you can do that. All of the prices and wording is customizable too.

Again, this is available as a bonus to those who purchase through my affiliate link.

Pat's Optin Skin BonusJust simply forward your receipt to [email protected] and within 24 hours (pending anything crazy!) I’ll forward you a link to download the expansion pack plugin to your computer, and then you can just upload the .zip file to your WordPress site in your plugins area through your dashboard!

Again, if you have questions or want to play around with the plugin a little bit, I encourage you to check out the sales page by clicking here.

Thanks again to Glen Allsopp from for working long and hard on this plugin. If you have any questions you’d like to ask here in the comment section, I’m sure Glen will pop by every once and a while to answer them.

Cheers, and all the best!

Update: Here’s a video demo / review I did about OptinSkin, in case you’re interested:

  • Tim Anderson

    Seriously, this plugin are totally awesome.

    Finally, Glen Allsop premium plugin are launched. Can’t wait to be announced by himself.

    Thank you Pat for this great reviews. :)

    • Glen Allsopp

      Thank you Tim,

      Glad to hear you think so!

      Just posted it myself 😉

      • Ben Troy

        greate features and easy to use, my conversion has increased significantly

  • immanuel

    very useful for bloggers

  • Nicola Cairncross

    Hi Pat, I see no mention of – does it work with that? I see no reason why it shouldn’t but it’s conspicuous by it’s absence! Great bonus btw. Nicola

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hey Nicola,

      Yes and no. If you create a custom design in the HTML / CSS editor then you can include your 1ShoppingCart form in there and that will work (as will tracking, affiliate link, placement options) but by default that’s not an option right now.

      However there is no reason we can’t add that feature in the next 24-48 hours.

      Thanks for the idea!

  • Brian O’Neill

    Nice one Pat. Very clean looking and very useful.

  • Remco

    stoked about this one…….this is a must buy

  • Jimmy – Niche Experiments

    This plugin looks fantastic. Can’t wait to try it out.

    • Glen Allsopp

      Awesome Jimmy.

      We’re both online if you have any questions :)

  • Tung Tran

    Haha, I’m so excitttttttttted! Wow! This is what I’m needing, this is truly the most important and worthy plugin I have ever bought! Thank you Glen for this awesome plugin, you rock! I bought it before reading your sales page carefully haha.
    Anyway, I have bought Optin Skin via your link, Pat :)

  • Devesh

    The Plugin looks fantastic ;). Finally Glen announced the plugin, he done fantastic job with the plugin design.

    Btw. – Great Bonus, Pat. I’ve coded & implemented that widget for many sites in the past, but now I’m simply going to share this link to everyone who asks for this widget.

    Gonna try it on my new blog ;).


  • rory

    Just the information I need for my up coming Ebook/Lesson plan. I will be utilizing this plug in so I can reach more users who are looking for my Ebook.

    Overall I think the price is fitting and proper for the Plugin and with proper SEO any and all buyer will get there money back easily.

    Thanks Pat, and I added you to the Top Bogs for February 2012

  • Brandi

    Is it possible to put the box in the middle of a page? Imagine halfway down the “About” page or something to that effect?

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hey Brandi,

      Yes :)

      Every Skin you create can be placed in the default options with a click, or anywhere else. However, you also get a ‘shortcode’ which you can paste in pages or posts anywhere you would like, and that’s where the box would show.

      It’s easy to center as well

      Let me know if you have any more Q’s!

  • Noob’s Guide

    i did not have to read the sales page.. (although, the video is very cool!) .. i went ahead straight to the “Add to Cart” button and purchased! Will be forwarding the receipt to the bonus email later :)

    funny thing, today is the first time i’ve known Viralchill (from DBPmarketing’s latest post) .. i was watching Glen’s videos in viperchill, i then checked my GReader and saw Pat’s new post (been long time subscriber) and BAM! a product from Glen!

    Since it’s being recommended by Pat, bought it without hesitation :)

  • Brandi

    Just purchased and loving it. Thanks for the great work, exactly what I was looking for without knowing how to code anything :)

  • Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

    AWESOME Pat, I have been looking for something like this for quite sometime now.

    Thanks a lot Pat And Glen


  • Tomas Merrill

    I’ve bookmarked this page. Once I write my ebook, I will definite use this plugin. Thanks, Pat and Glenn.

  • Ricky Figueroa

    I am so happy for this plugin! It’s funny because I was about to pay $87 per opt-in form (without the features & benefits offered here) to a designer and the thing is that I sent him 3 examples of opt-in form I loved… they were screen shots I took from ViperChill’s and SPI opt-in form a few weeks ago… and Now I see this amazing plugin that just made my day! :) Thank you!

  • Kent F

    Awesome job Glen – well done! Thanks for the bonuses Pat.

    • Glen Allsopp

      Thanks Kent!

  • Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

    Hey Pat, I see Glen mentioned Aweber, MailChimp, Feedburner, iContact and InfusionSoft but I don’t see GETRESPONSE. I currently use getresponse so I want to be sure that the plugin also works with them.

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hi Casey,

      Not by default, no. However, it’s actually fairly simple to add. If you would be willing to give us access to your GetResponse account (so we know the form variables) we will get this working for you. Just send us an email after the purchase.


    Talk about a nobrainer. Awesome stuff Glen! Thanks for the bonus Pat.

    Now if you guys can create an email subscription above fold plugin, we’re good to go. I’ve seen examples of this on and Social Triggers.

    Congrats again Glen.

    • Glen Allsopp

      If you just mean a header box like that, then all of our skins can be placed in PHP files as well, if you wanted to achieve the same look.

      P.S. Looks like Pushing Social took there’s from

      • Tung Tran

        No, They use the same child theme of Genesis Framework 😀 It’s Generate Theme

        • Tho Huynh

          Talking about Genesis child theme, I prefer streamline Email opt-in. It’s more enticing :)

      • TRENDS

        SWEET! Will test this out and see how it all works. Thanks Glen!

      • Stan @ PushingSocial

        Hey fellas, I got my snazzy above the fold box with the Studiopress Generate theme.

  • Brian Ruther

    This looks amazing, already have used some of your “freemium” plugins Glen, just wondering what the expansion pack being offered is? Are they just different graphics that can be assimilated into the Optin skin or a completely different plugin? Looking forward to implementing this!

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hey Brian,

      It is a separate plugin file. Once activated, it will update OptinSkin with your bonus pat designs, which you can then customise the colours and text of, before placing on your site. :)

  • Chris C. Ducker

    Congrats on the launch of this fantastic new plugin, Glen.

    I know its been in the works for a while, and it looks fantastic. The bonus pack that Pat has created is great, too.

    I expect this to be a massive on-going success for you, mate.

    Good for you!


    • Glen Allsopp

      Cheers bud!

  • Kent @ Niche Marketing Tips

    Glen, congrats on your plugin launch. It’s awesome and does address many problems in one shot. Is it easy to customize and create my own optin design as well?

    This looks great and sure that will grow my list. Pat, I really like your bonus pat designs and definitely will consider this.

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hey Kent,

      If you know how to create it in HTML / CSS then we can power it with OptinSkin. There’s a small guide in the plugin itself on the ‘create a design’ page as well :)

      Would be good to have you on board!

      – G

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    excellent tool Glen and much needed. thanks for putting in the time to make our lives easier. especially love the fade in effect – totally cool. Pat – thanks for offering the bonus, makes the offer even more enticing (shaking my leg)

    • Glen Allsopp

      Thanks Sunil,

      Good to hear!

  • Deb Kalikow-Pluck

    Great stuff-does it work with Constant Contact?
    New Path to College

  • Andy Fogarty

    Nice to FINALLY see something slick that integrates with Infusionsoft. Very cool.

  • Adam

    Hi Pat, I`m sending you email :-)
    Actually I was thinking the other day how you put these nice optin forms on your website and here you are :-)
    Glen, great product and work.
    Thanks guy

  • Joey

    Again you beat me to the punch bro, lol. I just posted a job on oDesk last week to get that box coded on my new blog design.

    But since Glen created this plugin, I’m going to give it a whirl. Heck it might even save me a ton of money.

    Thanks brotha and thanks to Glen for thinking of this and creating it.

  • Carrie – Careful Cents

    This is truly EPIC news!!! I’ve been putting off finishing my eBook because I didn’t have an easy way to create an opt-in box for my readers. This solves all my problems, and eliminates my procrastination excuses. Thanks for everything you do, and for working on this brilliant idea.

  • kim

    I better hurry up and finish my ebook so I can implement this!

  • Stefan

    Awesome! I’m going to get this one.

    Anybody knows if you can use this on multiple sites?

  • Lisa – content marketing

    So excited about this plugin. The fade in option box at the bottom of this post is what sealed the deal for me. Very nice touch Glen!

  • Paul Serwin

    I just saw this earlier today on ViperChill and am very excited with this expansion pack you are offering through SPI. I definitely see how this tool will be another game changer for Internet marketers!

    Thanks Glen & Pat for helping all of us out and getting this out there!

  • Lisa

    Looks like a great plugin. I definitely will have to get myself one.

  • Annie Andre

    This is very slick. I’ve been using WPsubsribers and really like it because i can place optin boxes everywhere. But i like the way the share area is combined into one.
    One of the things i like about WPsubsriber is it has the ability to add a top bar optin, bottom bar optin and popup with a delay. Is this also possible with this plugin?

    • Glen Allsopp

      Sorry Annie,

      That’s not something we’ve built into this version.

      • Annie Andre

        Darn. maybe sometime in the future then..

  • Mrs. Accountability

    Glen, can we use this plugin on more than one blog? Or do we need to purchase one plugin for each? Thanks!

    • Glen Allsopp

      Yes, it works on all blogs that you own with just one purchase.

      You’ll just have to use different license keys from the members area :)

  • nathaniel

    can this integrate with another email/CRM resource, like office autopilot or premium web cart?

    • Glen Allsopp

      You can replace the form in any of our skins manually before putting it in the editor so yes, but it takes an extra step compared to the default settings.

      Try it out. If we can’t get it working you have 60 days to return it :)

  • Jens P. Berget

    Thanks a lot for sharing this Pat.

    I have actually been thinking about asking you the question myself. I’ll have to buy this one. Looks awesome :)

  • Clive – Web Delegation

    If this works with the OptimizePress theme for WordPress I’m in – actually I’ll most likely be in even if it doesn’t! Knocks ‘Pop Up Domination’ out of the ballpark in my opinion!

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hey Clive,

      You shouldn’t have any issues. If you do just send us a mail :)

  • Josh Houghton

    Hi Glen and Pat,

    This question is for Glen. Does your plugin allow you to place it above the fold only on the home page above the first blog post? For instance, on my hypnosis blog I have an optin form right at the top and it only shows on the homepage.

    Can your plugin do that as well or will it show up on all the pages? I had to get mine custom made by a programmer, but it would be nice to have a plugin like yours where I could do it myself. Sorry for the link pat, but I only placed it so I could see if his plugin could handle what I would need it for.

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hi Josh,

      Yes it does, but you’ll have to edit the necessary template file (like index.php or bloghome.php) to do so and place your skin in there with the provided PHP code.

      • Josh Houghton

        Ah okay, so ts basically a code you insert. So I would just go into that file and place the code generated by the plugin in the correct location correct?


        • Glen Allsopp

          Correct :)

  • Vince Lin

    dude this is awesome

  • Christina Gillick


    Can I integrate Pinterest into the share buttons? If so, how difficult will that be?

    Thank you,

  • Roni

    Great one, makes life easier :-)

    Any chance to make it work with comm100?

    • Glen Allsopp

      It’s possible.

      Please see the first answer on our FAQ page (which I’m currently building) >

      • Roni

        Thank you!
        Just bought it, will test it out and get back 😉

  • Amber Coffman

    Can you customize this to accept more information on the opt-in form? Say a full lead? I’m not sure if this is customizable to achieve this but it would cure my DR headache.

    Will there ever be a pop-up in a later version? I agree the fade in is nice, but if a pop-up tests better, than that’s the option I’d like to go with.

    Love the analytics. Very cool!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Rivka K

    Looks like a great plugin! I also would love to see it be able to integrate a Pinterest button.

    Quick question about the fade-in effects, etc – are they enabled through Flash? Thinking of the impact on mobile platforms.

    Thanks for another great tool!

    • Glen Allsopp

      The fade in and sticky effects are done with javascript. Tested on my iPhone and I see it fading in nicely :)

  • Rob from BROcrastinator

    Been waiting for a plug-in like this for a while. Really excited to grab this one, thanks Pat and Glenn. You guys are awesome.

  • Bill Biko

    Looks great Pat, exactly what I needed, so it’s already ordered. Thanks for creating this Glen!


  • Kara

    Hi Pat & Glen – Is the “powered by OptinSkin” attribution optional or is there a way to remove it if desired? Looks like a fantastic plugin!

    • Pat

      Totally optional Kara – and if you have a clickbank account you can have it become your affiliate link for the product. :)


      • Kara

        Sold! This is going to save so much time! I can’t wait to try it! :)

  • Brankica

    I think I am going to go for it. By the way I am using a plugin that automatically delivers bonuses for Clickbank products. Pretty cool, you can set it all up and all people need to do is enter the purchase code and get your bonus delivered (or not if they didn’t buy through your link).

  • Justin Archer

    I remember a few months ago asking you and Sean Ogle about this. Thanks for recommendation. Might I ask for one more though? Do you know of any form builders than integrate with Aweber? I know Gravity Forms Developer Package for $199 does, but I was wondering if there were any alternatives. Thanks again for the great referral. Keep em’ coming!

  • Ian Davies

    Brilliant product, Pat.

    This plug-in should be a huge success!

    Ian D

  • Chris Cantrell

    Just ordered! I have been wanting to add an opt-in footer like your forever. I was about to try and design myself by following YouTube tutorials..haha. This plugin couldn’t have come at a better time. I plan on taking some before and after shots of my site to show the comparison. Thanks again!

  • Joe

    What am I missing here?

    I read this post and watched ViperChill’s video, read his squeeze page, and don’t get what’s new about this.

    Any email marketing services offers various designs and stats for opt-ins and you can place them wherever you want on your blog… sidebar, below each post, etc.

    So, let’s say this makes it a bit easier, or offers a few more design options… is that really worth $47?

    Am open minded here but not yet convinced.

    • Pat

      Fair comment Joe!

      Website providers do provide designs and web form generators – but they are all generic and terrible. Just look at the homepage of Aweber and you’ll see some of them there. You can customize your own, but the generators are clunky.

      Additionally, it’s not only about the email subscriptions, but the sharing options too, which those web form generators don’t integrate with.

      A designer or web programmer could easily figure all this out and wouldn’t need the plugin, of course, but any beginner or person who hates to code (or deal with code) will find this plugin extremely valuable, and definitely worth the $47.

      To place an opt-in form at the bottom of your posts, for example, a web form generator on an email service provider can’t do that for you – they only give you the code or script. Then you’d have to manually insert that code into the php file for your single and or page posts to have them show site-wide, or, even worse, manually add that code at the end of every blog post!

      So again, the idea isn’t new, but ease of implementation and customization is.

      Just my 2 cents!

  • Mark Mason

    LOL. Man do I need this. Just switched to thesis and ordered a Yoast review. Perfect timing Glen and Pat. Thanks, Man (or Men I guess)

  • Christina Gillick

    Any word on whether I can integrate Pinterest or not? I’d really love to buy during the launch period…

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hi Christina,

      It’s possible, but you will have to tweak the HTML of a design. You can not do that from the plugin options by default.

      • Christina Gillick

        Okay – thank you! If I buy today, would someone be willing to give me a little direction? I’d say my web design/HTML/WordPress skill is about an 8 (out of 10). :)

  • Dave Andrews

    Great stuff Pat! You are one of the few IM’ers I still let go direct to my mailbox :). Quick question. I use MaxBlog and simply haven’t been that impressed – with usability or support. But there is one BIG issue. I can’t omit from the bottom of certain pages or posts. What about you, does yours have that capability? Especially pages?

    Thanks! Dave

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hi Dave,

      Not at this moment in time, but I like that suggestion. Definitely something we’ll look to add :)

    • Pat

      Hi Dave – do you mean MaxBlogPress’s plugin called Subscriber’s Magnet?. I’m not exactly what what you’re talking about.

      Not sure what you mean by “omit from the bottom of certain pages” – do you mean not including it in certain posts and allowing it in others?

      If so, you can use the short code to manually insert the opt-in forms that you design whereever you want.

      Let me know. Thanks!

      • Dave Andrews

        Sorry, yes, subscribers magnet. And by default subscribers magnet forces you to use on all posts and/or pages. You cannot change that with the most current version – meaning I can’t say I want on all pages and then go to 3 pages and say exclude the optin for these.

        Here is my hope. I want to set the optin to go on all pages/posts and then manually go to exclude on the few pages I don’t want it on. Otherwise if I have to add the short code to every page it will require a decent amount of setup.

        Is that possible? And to be clear I can set this for all posts and pages regardless right – even if I can’t exclude individual pages with that setting?

        Thanks! Dave

        • Pat

          Not sure Dave – I know there’s no easy way to do that, or at least a built in way – we’ll have to wait for Glen to answer to see. You may be able to code in something on the posts that you want to exclude the plugin so it doesn’t show up…not sure. Might be good for version 2.0.

  • Aaron

    Thanks Pat – been looking for something like this.

  • Kyal

    Looks excellent – well done! Any chance this may intergrate with constant contact email provider in the near future??

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hey Kyal,

      Check out the FAQ page. There’s information on this :)

  • Trevor

    Awesome looking plugin

    Thanks for creating will be very usefull

  • Eric Siu

    So this is what Glen was working on all this time :) Easily one of the best, if not THE best WP plug-in of 2012 so far. I look forward to using this!

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  • Dave G

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    Might need to have that!

  • Bryan Knowlton

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  • http://suitcaseentrepreneur.comq Natalie Sisson

    Perfect. I’ve been looking for a plugin like this and been fooling around with author boxes I could change to suit the content of my site. For example if I’m writing about great tools to run your online business I’d prefer to point people to my Ultimate Toolkit for Entrepreneurs. If it’s an article about running your online business to my BYOB Build Your Online Business product.

    Like your extra templates too – thanks Pat


  • Sharon

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  • Ling-en Hsia@Web Marketing Décortiqué

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    I would have purchased any product but this one is just what I need !!

    Ok I need to go and test this plugin..

    c u


  • Monty Campbell

    Looks like a great plugin. I planned on adding a link to do some subscription modeling, but didn’t have a set plan. Thanks. Best wishes.

  • Christian

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    Congrats on your launch Glen and thanks for the bonus Pat!

  • Ralph | Social Media Explained


    Beer is on me :)
    Bought it straight away as it was driving me insane to code it into various areas of my blog and I hate the standard sign up forms of Aweber.
    I actually wrote to them yesterday asking them when they finally enter this decade and give a few more designs..

    Thanks guys!


  • Ralph | Social Media Explained

    Sorry, messed up my gravatar ….

  • Derek Jamieson

    Thank you Pat..

    This is just what my blog needed
    taking action now!

  • Marco

    Hi Pat and Glen,

    thanks so much for this amazing plugin. It was the first thing I liked on Pat’s blog and I really need it.

    Just a question. If I include the social buttons as fcb, twitter etc. in the form, will the count of the previous likes, tweets etc. stay or will they start from 0 again?
    I’m asking because after an update of my actual social plugin all of them were resetted…not nice from a social proof point of view.
    Thanks for your answer!
    Cheers, Marco.

    • Pat

      Hey Marco, it’ll pick up all the previous likes and tweets for ya :)

      At least it did for me, and it makes sense. Cheers!

  • IAS Exam Boy

    Awesome plugin Glen! I’ve been considering buying an optin plug for some time now, but glad I waited. It was really worth it. What I really love about your plugin is the amount of customization it allows.

    Guys! I really suggest you buy this plugin using Pat’s link coz his bonus plugin is just unbelievable! He provides some really cool custom opt in forms that you can fully customize and can also sell your products directly!

    Thanks Glen and Pat. You guys rock!

  • Ryan

    Awesome plugin and sweet to have SPI templates to work from.

    Couple of questions:
    1. Any reason why pasting the shortcode isn’t working on my site?
    2. Any way to do a “save as” on the form I’m working on so I can try different things?
    3. Any way a new form will come out with Pinterest icons?



    • Glen Allsopp


      Can you email support with your issues? It’s very hard for me to keep track of comments.

      2. Yes, Click ‘Save as Drafts’ instead of ‘Create Skin’

      3. Added to our list as there have been a few suggestions. Which button would you take out?

  • Adam

    I also have a problem.
    I installed on Elegant Theme and only 2 templates looks fins in admin, but the rest are with letters and input box displaced terribly. Sonetimes cannot see input fields at all.
    Is this because of WP theme?


  • Rob from BROcrastinator

    Hey if either Glenn or Pat could answer this real quick.. For AWeber integration, is your List ID simply the name of the list?

    • Pat

      Hey Rob – yes, just the name of the list. All list names are unique.

  • Jaime

    Hey Pat,

    How do you insert the code to Thesis? Via Thesis Openhook Plugin? If so, in what hook do you put it?


    • Pat

      It should work automatically with Thesis Jaime :) No hooks involved, I don’t believe.

    • Ralph | Social Media Explained

      just copy the shortcode and make sure you’re in HTLM mode if I am not mistaken. You can also use the “shortcode” button in wordpress. (depending on your theme)

  • Joe W

    Great plugin Glen! you and Pat rock!

  • John Corcoran

    This is perfect timing. Just about two weeks ago, I paid an independent contractor via to design an opt-in take action area for my site, and I still wasn’t too happy with it. I wanted something similar to what you had and it didn’t end up exactly the same. Fortunately, I didn’t pay the guy too much so I’ll definitely give this a shot (through your affiliate link).

  • Clint – Crude Fitness

    Nice one. Will definitely have to give this a go.

  • Lisa Angelettie

    Hi Pat,
    I am using your skin for the end of my blog posts but have a cd image instead of an ebook image. It’s squishing the image. Is there anyway I can tweak the image size capability in the settings. My image is obviously more of a square than a rectangle.

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hi Lisa,

      Yes, there are options for the image dimensions. Are you not seeing those?

      If not, send us an email :)

  • Scott J

    Cool Plugin Glen. Love all the different position choices and the fade in effect. The three main social sharing sites is a nice twist to the opt-in form. Great job!

  • Atul Tayade

    Wow… I was doing the guessing game for a long time now (From the time you posted that you are working on a plugin).

    Its a surprise and excellent one. A price of $47 seems to be on a higher side given that its a skin; Most premium wordpress themes cost lesser than that. But given the highly customizable features I guess its appropriate.

    Being an Indian I feel I should negotiate on the price as I desperately need one. However, I need to get the e-book done first!! and it will take another couple of months.

    I would have to wait for this purchase.

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hi Atul,

      When pricing we looked at other tools on the market:

      Pop-up domination: $77

      OptimisePress: $97

      Wishlist Member: $197 one site or $297 unlimited

      I would definitely say we priced it fairly, but definitely entitled to your opinion :)


  • Zac Evans

    Hi Pat,

    This is exactly what I needed (once again!) I was about to click your affiliate link before I even saw the bonuses but you had to blow me away with a fantastic bonus didn’t you. :)

    Thanks Pat.

  • Tim Moon

    Pat… You did this, “Like A Boss”. Nice work.

    And yes, that was a Lonely Island reference. :)

  • Mike From Maine

    It’s things like this that make me want to start building my list. I’d really like to get into selling websites and I know that in order to find the right buyers I’ll need a good list to send out to. I think I’ll be purchasing this in the near future.

  • Lifestyle Florian

    Hey Pat. Does it work with Cleverreach as well? Here in Germany we’re using Cleverreach as our newsletter service.

  • Tho Huynh

    $47 for such a great plugin is totally awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Can’t wait to buy and try this on my niche sites, it will definitely increase the subscriber. I love it :X

    • Glen Allsopp

      Great to hear, Tho!

    • Kenneth

      Me too. I’m going to get this plugin. I was actually looking for something like this!

    • Gowtham

      Awesome Post Pat ! I will try this for sure :)

  • Glenn Guy

    Hi Pat and Glen,

    This looks like a great product. My main site is a Squarespace site. Will Glen’s plugin and Pat’s expansion kit work on a Squarespace site.

    • Gregory Ciotti

      It’s a WordPress plugin, so no.

      That’s not to say that Glen might not someday do a standalone version, but right now it’s for WordPress.

      • Glen Allsopp

        Thanks for answering Gregory!

  • Mac

    I haven’t read through all the comments, but does this have a feature that forwards you on once you opt in? So you type in your name, email, click signup and it whisks you off to a thank you page of some kind? If not, it would be great to add that feature.

    • Adam

      Mac, it has this feature :-) There is field where you input your Thank you URL. I hope it helps :-)

  • Glenn Meder

    Pat and Glen,

    Thanks for this. It’s awesome! Glen, you’re going to make a lot of money with this! Question, do I have to use an outside email service? I use Subscribe2 right now and it simply keeps email in it’s own little database and sends an email out when I write a new blog. Is this how this works too?

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hey Glenn,

      Just replied to your email about this :)

  • Chris

    Thanks Pat for bringing the great plugin from Glen to our attention. I just purchased it through your affiliate link now. I have a goal for 2012 to get an email list started and get a certain number of subscribers, this will help greatly with that goal. I’m looking forward to installing the plugin on my site shortly.

  • Shawn Ozbun

    Awesome stuff Pat! I think I may take a look at this. great job

  • Kemi Bababusuyi

    This is a great plugin really. Currently I use mailchimp for my email subscription and i am so glad this will work fine with it. Being new to the blogging game, I think this will greatly improve my odds!

    Thanks Pat for sharing and thanks Glenn for creating this. I currently use one of your free plugins on my blog “Vipar Bar” – it rocks!

  • Dave Palumbo – Make A Website

    Hey Glen, Pat…

    I may have missed it, but does OptinSkin allow for opt-in subscribers via a checkbox in the WP comments form (i.e., similar to the “Please send me your free eBook, eBooks The Smart Way!” checkbox on this site)? Think that would seal the deal for me…

    • Glen Allsopp

      Hi Dave,

      No, but I want this also!

      Adding it to the to-do list :)

      • Dave Palumbo – Make A Website

        Thanks Glen – turns out AWeber actually has a WP plugin for this purpose (perhaps that’s what Pat is using here?). It’s called “AWeber Web Form Widget plugin”…

        • Glen Allsopp

          I think Pat is using the MaxBlogPress Subscribe to Comments plugin, but I’m sure he can confirm / deny :)

  • Olawale Daniel

    Hi Pat,

    This is really great news for me because I’ve been longing for something that could make things more easier for me and here comes OptinSkin. Gleen really did a lot of work on this great plugin and I’m gonna buy from your link soonest.

    Have a nice day Pat

  • Adam Bryan

    I’ve always wanted opt in boxes like these for my site but never knew where to look. Thanks Pat!

  • Mark

    Hi pat, nice info on the pkugin. Also i love the idea of an spi app, very cutting edge marketing. Btw i have about six good domains that i would luje to sell. Any links to domain brokers, or bligs that cover the topic would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Brandon

    I’ve been a long time reader of par and glen and this plugin was definitely worth the wait! I can wait to add it to some of my sites and really get to test it out!

    Thanks Guys!

  • James Hussey

    Great looking product, Glenn! Nice to see you and Pat team up this way, hope it does well for both of you. I have a theme currently that takes care of this for me, but haven’t made use of it really.

    If Optin Skin could write my autoresponder for me, then hey! I’m all in! 😀

    My biggest obstacle is simply making the time for killer follow-up emails. Seems like a mountain to climb – so I’ve left it on the back-burner for too long.

  • ido

    Anyone has any experience with this plugin and Profits theme, will the work well together?

  • Young Professional Finances

    That’s a great plugin! I don’t have any things for people to opt-in yet so I’m going to pass for now but I’m bookmarking this for the future. It looks really useful.

  • Michelle

    Hi Pat, wouldn’t it be great if we could also load this plugin on our Google +, Facebook and LinkedIn account pages :) maybe an idea to expand the plugin. It is really cool, looking forward to seeing the results. Cheers Michelle

  • Andrew McGivern

    I just have one question…
    Can the plugin be used on multiple wordpress installations with one purchase?

  • Chris R. Keller From

    Hi Pat,

    This is a great plugin. Now I wish my blog was on WordPress and not Joomla so that I could use it.

  • Kuldeep @ Revolutioners

    Nice plugin man.. thanks for the tip.. is there a free version of it..??

    also I am looking for a plugin that makes a footer just like you’ve a picture of in the post.

  • Fakry Naras Wahidi

    halo mr. pat
    i think that was a very hard code
    and you can’t give it as free.

    maybe i will do the same thing
    if something like that happen to me

    btw nice tutorial
    i will wait the precious information
    for next post.

  • Yamily

    Hi Pat,

    I’m very pleased with the plugin, it is the one I was looking for, it saved me lots of time and money as well, the price is very affordable to everyone and I can always change the style.


    I’m gonna take a look through your website to find some new ideas.


  • Bill

    Wow! i like the strategy, i think what matters is the subscriber engagemnet based on the output of your content.

    The Optin Skin Plugin is a killer system that has enabled my subscriber to engage in a deeper conversation. But i have a challenge, how can i intergarte it with social buttons?

  • Sajan Elanthoor

    Yes, Pat thanks indeed for the review. I was planning to buy with my affiliate link but I can’t resist your bonus.

  • Jarod

    I use Constant Contact for my email list … does this plugin seamlessly integrate with them?? I’m ready to buy if it does

  • Work at home Mary

    Great plugin.. I use Aweber and Constant Contact.. I would be curious to know how well this product works with these two platforms as well. Excited about this plugin, $47 is not tooo high.. but would love to test it for a free trial first.

  • Fabrizio

    Wow Pat this is a great plugin for what the cost is. I use MailChimp so that’s ideal. Will definitely add this to my to buy list in the coming weeks, great share as always.

  • Nick

    Hey Pat and Glen! Looks like an AWESOME wordpress plugin. Unfortunately, I can’t even afford a $40 plugin at the moment. Preparing for college is NO fun. Haha, but maybe someday! I have wanted something like this for a while!

  • Joseph Archibald

    Hey Glenn, does the skin integrate with GetResponse?



  • Anton Koekemoer

    Looks great – Is there anyway you can integrate it with social buttons?

  • Charles

    Think I know the answer to this, but I’ll ask anyway….
    Can this be embedded into any web page…or it it for wordpress blogs only?
    If it’s only for a WordPress blog, do you know of any similar products out there I can use to put on my website?

    Health, Wealth and Happiness…Always

  • Liz @ internet home business

    Hey Pat, did you notice a difference or increase in sign ups with the optin skin from what you had originally?

    Liz :-)

  • Aysen

    Great plugin, thanks for bringing it to our attention! I’ve just tried to buy it through your affliliate link and the page is not going through. Please look into it as I want to buy it soon. Many thanks

  • Rodrigo @ The Brave Man Blog

    You made my day Pat, I just got the plugin and your bonus, damn awesome! it will be a great addition to my blog when I relaunch it in 20 days 😀 thanks a lot dude

  • Kyle


    As I read more of your posts, I notice the gems as they lie: Easy solutions to somewhat difficult problems. I love your ability to persevere and continue bringing us unique and engaging content. You deserve more than you’ve been given for the wisdom you bring us every day!

    Definitely gonna be installing this plugin on my site soon. Killer post!


  • Josh

    I’m sorry about having to write the following because I respect your blog so much.

    I bought the plugin today but I’m a bit disappointed. I thought the interface would be much easier to make the web form I wanted.

    If I was a great html programmer, I wouldn’t need to use this, but since I’m not a great html programmer, I still can’t use the program to make customized opt in forms.

    The email opt in on my home page I did the night before your blog came out and I feel it is much better…plus Awebber tracks who signs up anyways. The one I did on my blog page through OptIn Skin doesn’t look so good and it kicked out my html line breaks after I went back in to edit the title.

    Can you help me see the benefits or maybe what I don’t see? Am I missing something?

    Thanks Pat for all of your information…I really do support what you do and all of the great advice you give…you’ve been an inspiration to me!

    • Josh

      I’ll definitely be asking for my money back…no response from Glenn or from Pat and in my opinion, unless you want very basic forms, you have to be a coder to get the good stuff.

      • Pat

        Josh – this plugin wasn’t meant to make completely customized forms – it’s meant to customize a lot of existing forms to match your theme. You’re definitely right, to customize one from scratch, you’d nee do be an excellent programmer.

        As far as your line break, that’s an issue for support that’s unique to you, unfortunately, that I can’t help with. I’m sorry that a support ticket you submitted hasn’t been responded to – from what I’ve been told all of them were answered within 24 hours. I’ll contact specifically for you.

        The benefit of this plugin is that it’s plug & play. Plus, the forms look much better than the ones that you can generate from Aweber (plus, you can’t add the social buttons on the Aweber forms). If you’re happy with the ones from Aweber and are okay with going to to check tracking each time (as opposed to getting a quick snapshot right from your wordpress backend), then you probably don’t have any use for this plugin, and I would definitely ask for your money back, like you said.

        I appreciate the honesty – and I apologize I didn’t get back to you earlier, I was out of the country for 4 days with no internet access whatsoever. Cheers, and all the best to you Josh!

        • Josh

          Thanks Pat, I appreciate the reply.

      • Frederic

        I’m also having some issues with the plugin. I wrote to their support ealier today and got answers very quickly.
        For the moment my problem is not solved, but the more I test the more I think it’s some kind of compatibility problem with my theme (twenty ten).

  • jared

    Has anyone noticed issues with this plugin and IE?

    Pat, I noticed it looks a little funny on your site in IE also. Although at least your book shows up ok.

  • Harry

    Will definitely buy it once it is compatiable with constant contact. I am sure there are plenty of other constant contact users thinking the same thing. cheers.

  • Brian Childers

    Your blog is like the classic Nissan Xterra campaign. “Everything you need and nothing you don’t!” This is perfect for my clients and a great compliment to the Premise Landing Page plugin I use. Keep up the great work! I make it a point to encourage my clients to listen to your podcasts. Once I load this onto their sites, they will know why!

    • Andrew

      Hey Brian,

      You’ve probably noticed, but OptinSkin currently doesn’t play nicely with Premise. If you check the “At the bottom of posts” option on your skin it will automatically be added to Premise landing pages. This could be good – if you want to use OptinSkin instead of the Premise opt-in forms (not a bad idea come to think of it since the Premise forms are pretty basic).

      I’ve found this to be problematic since it conflicts with existing sales pages. I’d prefer to manually add OptinSkin forms via shortcode instead. I mentioned this to the OptinSkin team and they said that it is something they are working on fixing.

  • Mac

    It might be useful if you had the option to reddit it as well. Reddit is becoming an incredibly powerful site with good targeted traffic. I would be interested to at least see the option. It might not be for everyone though.

  • Ed

    Hi Pat – and Glen if you’re still tuning in here. I have a couple quesitons.

    First – I signed up and bought the plug in the other day. My interest was in making custom skins. I’m no HTML/CSS expert but do have a working knowledge of them.

    With that said, I don’t want to sound negative in any way but I probably will. That’s not my intent.

    1. Since MailChimp (who I use for email subscriptions) is fully customizable itself, what advantage does Optin Skin offer that I won’t get from MailChimp?

    2. Is there a way to look at the final code that’s created once you design a default skin?

    Hope someone can shed some light on these.

    Thanks for all you do Pat!

  • Ricky Figueroa

    Hi Pat & Glen,

    I bought the plugin yesterday and I can’t wait to start using it. I just had one small issue – I have not been able to download the plugin or have access to the members’ area after I made the purchase.

    Would you be able to assist me on that? Do you need the click bank confirmation # ?

    Thanks in advance and thank you for creating such a great plugin!


  • Anthony

    This post is great. I used a similar strategy to get subscribers on my personal blog etc. Your content is awesome Pat, keep it up!

  • Jose Jimenez

    Hi Pat and thanks for bringing this to our attention as I’ve been after something like this for a while. I’ve checked a few sites which have the skins and I’ve noticed an issue which perhaps is an error my end but I’m not sure as it only seems to happen on sites with the plug-in. When I visit pages which have the fade in option, if I scroll to the bottom of the screen it automatically moves me up the screen. Like I say, i don’t know if it is the plug-in or if its a local issue (I’m using Chrome) so Im wondering if anyone else experiencing the same thing.

  • Adam

    I emailed support today. “Shortcode” to place form in any place on the web doesn’t work. Let’s see how good support is. Anyone have the same issue while trying to place code in your post or page or it’s just me?

    • Adam

      And email have just arrived. That was fast :-)

  • Fin

    Nice one, Pat.

    Exactly what I was looking for. I’ll be back soon to purchase.

    Hopefully it will bring some good subscribers. I really like your bonus. I hope we can change the color to suit our blogs without coding. I’m a noob, lol.

  • Aaron


    Great overview. I ordered the OptinSkin plugin using your affiliate link- how do I get your great bonus pack of custom skins, sir?



    • Pat

      Hi Aaron, just shoot an email to bonus (at) and you’ll get an email with a link to download the bonus. Thanks so much!

  • Peter Renton

    Pat/Glenn, I love the plugin but I am not see the bonus skins from Pat. I followed the instruction closely and have both the Optin Skin plugin and the SPI OptinSkin package installed and activated (and I installed in that order). But when I add a new skin under Customize Skin Design I don’t see Pat’s designs. I have scrolled back and forth several times.

    I am running Thesis 1.8 on WordPress 3.2. Any ideas?

    • Peter Renton

      It seems that this was a caching problem. Once I deleted and reinstalled Pat’s plugin and cleared the cache all the bonus skins were there. Thanks!

  • Ed

    They won’t be in the custom area. They’ll show up in the horizontal slider within the default designs.

  • Tom Ewer

    Hey Pat,

    That music you included on the sped-up section and at the end was a touch of genius!



  • Craig

    Great strategy, Pat. I’m going to look into this for one of my businesses.

    So much value on yours and Glen’s blogs at the moment!


  • Frederic

    Hi Pat,

    as you made a good review of the plugin, I bought it. Well …
    It’s probably working well and is easy to use with aweber as shown in your video, but with Mailchimp it’s a different story.
    Forms generated are looking bad and it took me some html tweaking to get something that was more or less acceptable.
    Just wondering if someone made it work correctly with Mailchimp as easily as in this video / review.



    • Frederic

      an update regarding the problem :
      the problem is in my theme (twenty ten), I exchanged a few email with OptinSkin support and they changed some code and fixed the problem.
      Great support in my opinion !

  • muzi mohale

    Pat are your bonus templates only meant for one domain? I’ve installed on multiple domains, however only the first domain where I installed your template displays your forms?

    I was surprised to note that your bonus offer link is automated, how do you know all incoming emails have purchased plug-in if you automated your reply with download link?

    Glen, its a super innovative product which is going to give pop-up domination a run for their money. To start off with, am glad I could activate your plug-in with only one install and no need to read any documentation as everything is straightforward.

    Your features are unique and effective.
    Thank you for allowing only one license for multiple usage…am tired of paying more for developer rights.

    • Pat

      Hi Muzi, from my understanding they aren’t for just one domain – but I’ll double check on this because it’s supposed to be across all.

      As far as automation, that was setup while I was on vacation over the past few days – I didn’t want to leave people waiting, and I just decided to keep it going like that for now so I don’t have to keep checking because I’ve been so busy catching up.

      I’ll see what’s up with the multi-domain install…

  • Rob

    Pat – I have the same issue as Muzi above. Your skins show up on my first domain, but none of the domains I tried after that.

    • Pat

      Thanks for letting me know Rob, I’m on it.

      • Rob


        Have you had a chance to figure out what is happening with the multi-domain install?

        Thank you,

        • Pat

          Sorry for not getting back to you Rob. Other people have seen it work on several domains. Shoot me an email and I’ll send you another version and we’ll see if it works.

  • Chris

    Thanks for recommending this! I worked really hard trying to create an op-tin area, its too bad this didnt come out like 3 days earlier, but better late than never! Since installing it I have been able to increase my subscribers by 50%!

    When I first installed I had a few issues, wrote an email to the guys at Viper Chill at 1am, they were on it and had me up and running! Great guys!

    Thanks again!

  • Richard Neckar

    Hey Pat,
    Well I’ve actually been reading your blog for a long time now and have definitely enjoyed the information you have put out. I’ve been a cautious skeptic along the way, just my nature, yet I have always been impressed with your material.

    Anyway to the point, I have setup and scrapped many websites the last several years until I finally think I should just focus on a subject that I like, regardless of keyword research and niche data. I just couldn’t do it and keep at it because I didn’t really have an interest in the subjects.

    Well I finally started a new site which I am excited about. Literally, I started it about 2 weeks ago but I know it will make it. Mostly because I enjoy the subject, and know I will keep it going and writing for it even if it doesn’t make a dime.

    I looked at the Optin plugin and really wanted something like this on my site. I was amazed at how well this plugin works. I used your link because you should get the credit for introducing me to the plugin and also I wanted your skins :) But let me say, it integrated easily with MailChimp, which I use because initially it is free. I already had an ebook which was just completed, and I made a book graphic with a webtool I found using a google search. The process was just smooth! The design was very easy to customize and although I have probably an advanced hobbyist level of knowledge, I definitely am no expert.

    The whole process from start to finish probably only took me about an hour of solid work, and I think it looks and works very professionally. My site is on Photography so it needed to look good. I customized two of your skins but they look like they were made for my site. The plugin made it so easy.

    Anyway, thanks for the introduction to this plugin.


  • Varinder Pal Singh

    Great post I learned a lot about how to get more subscribers. Thanks.

  • Hunter Hewett

    Great post (and blog). I uploaded the plugin and created some option forms- but can’t figure out where to drop the code in – can anyone help?
    Thought it would be in the HTML section of my WP post but that doesn’t seem to work.

    • Jose Jimenez

      There’s a section where you choose where you want your skin to appear (placement options) and one of the options is shortcode/sidebar/widget. I’m assuming you’ve chosen this one judging by what you’ve written. If you have, you have to enter the code wherever you want it to appear in your post/page. Im pretty sure you can use the shortcode in the visual window as well as the html window. if this doesn’t work have you just tried one of the other options (e.g. bottom of posts) to see if it works?

  • Lester

    Hey Pat!

    Everyday I try to think of new ways to help improve my blog experience and this post has really knocked it out of the park for me. This has given me a lot of great ideas to implement and even double check to see if I’m an offender.

    Thanks for the great tips!

  • Steven

    Thanks for always being so helpful

  • Joshua Liston

    This soves a massive worry for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, I’ve spent weeks wondering “how the hell am i going to pull off my call-to-action areas with no coding knowledge” than BAM! I see this! Thanks Glenn for thinking of us non-coders & thanks Pat for the great Youtube video!!!

    I’ll be purchasing this product tomorrow and an Aweber acoount also!

  • Piterson

    Hey Pat,
    I really like your optin skin,I will buy through your affiliate link.What about the number of domains it supports?

  • drew

    What is the correct ettiquette for purchasing this plugin? I read, but first read of the plugin here. Should I use this affiliate link or go to ViperChill?

    Thanks! This looks like a great product.

  • Ed

    If you saw it here first then this is where you’d want to get it. The good news is, ViperChill is one of the developer/partners so he’ll get some $$ regardless.

  • Dexter Narula

    Really a Good Post .. Thanks for Sharing and btw your Site is cool ..!! :)

  • Jason Morgan

    I must have something overriding because the CSS on the forms is never right. I’ve seen a few other people with the same issue, is there some override code. I use Thesis theme and not a lot of custom CSS.

    I pinged ViperChill for support as well, didn’t see where to submit a question otherwise.

  • Kevin

    The “Pats free guide” template free instant access button isn’t red like above (or on the main page), how can this be fixed??

  • Piterson

    I’ll definetly buy this wonderful plugin.

  • Kharim Tomlinson

    Wow! This is a great offer. I already have the OptinSkin plugin on my blog, but if I didn’t have it then I would be buying from your aff link just to get this bonus. Great job man. Keep up the good work

  • Sharon

    Just bought this plugin through your link and now looking forward to receiving the bonus pack!

  • Alex

    Pat, just ordered through your link. Loving this plugin, thanks for the extra bonus skins!

  • Hunter Hewett

    I’ve noticed something strange with the plugin. I’m split-testing two versions of optinskin and get almost no sign-ups (ie .25% and .35% conversion rate). But my sign ups through another optin plugin called popupdomination have dramatically increased since adding optin skin. Weird.

  • Juliette Chopin

    Hey Pat, Just got the Opt-In skin as a direct result of your review. I’m tracking my progress with this plug-in on my blog And don’t worry, I linked to this post too :)

  • Isaiah

    Wow this is an awesome plugin I’m going to have to pick this one up thanks for the recommendation Pat

  • Dexter

    Thanks For Sharing This Amazing Post !! :)

  • Ethan

    Hey Pat, great review! I wish I had seen it before I purchased so I could have gotten your sweet expansion pack :)

    Question about that: Can you share any info on how to develop additional themes for OptIn skin? Is it something that anyone can do or did you have to work with the company to make them?

  • Angela

    Hi Pat,

    I’m new to your blog. You might get a kick out of how I found you:
    1) I saw this very cool plugin in action while reading a post on another blog
    2) I took a look at the source code to see if I could find the name of the plugin, and saw “spi”
    3) So off to Google I went — typed in “SPI ois package” and there was your site – #2 on Google

    I’ll definitely be purchasing this in the near future from your site and coming back frequently to check out your content and participate in the community.



    • Pat

      Nice! That’s awesome!

      Thanks Angela! I appreciate the support and hope to hear more from you in the future :)


  • Michael Hodson

    Interesting plugin. Wish it would have worked on my site. Paid for it and installed it. Simply didn’t work at all using WordPress and a well-established pay theme. They supposedly tried to fix it and couldn’t. At least they refunded my money.

    Good concept but a fail.

  • Pepijn

    Hi Pat,

    I’m interested in buying th Optin-Skin with your affiliate link, but I’m wondering if your bonus is still available.

    I’m from the Netherlands and do also follow the Internet Miljonair blog from Mitchel van Duuren.

  • Jared @ Trickle Cheddar

    I was about to buy this from Glenn when I noticed your “Pat’s Bonus”. There’s no reason NOT to use your affiliate link and get the extra designs. This entire page is an inspiration to me on how to sell, and I want to say thank you buy purchasing through this page. :)

  • Glenn

    I am having difficulty linking the plugin to MailChimp. When I click on the MailChimp option it gives me a box that says “Naked HTML Format”, and I don’t know what this means. It doesn’t give me the option to input a MailChimp List ID number. I submitted a couple forms to Glen, but I haven’t heard back. This is preventing me from launching it and completing my switchover. So help please…

  • Alain

    I asked you this question a few minutes ago, now I found it in your blog. Thank you so much….

    You are giving such a great service to the community that I would buy anything to which you have an affiliate link.

  • Vince

    Will you be providing support if I buy thro’ your link? I am quite new into this and definitely need some support. Secondly, I am using Mailchimp. Just saw a comment by someone here that he has problem using Optin Skin/MailChimp. This got me worried. Comments?

  • Miko

    I noticed one of the Sharing forms which I like does not have a social icon: Facebook. Can this be added?

    • Daisy

      I noticed this too, it’s there in your sample but missing on my form…

      • Daisy

        Never mind, it’s there in the real deal. SWEET and slick :)

  • the skin care product

    I have fun with, result in I discovered exactly what I
    was taking a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt!
    God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  • Javier

    Hi Pat,

    I’ve purchased the plugin through your aff link on Friday. Already sent you an email, but didn’t get the expand pack yet.

    Please send it when you read this, I’m really eager to use your skin in my blog.


    • Pat

      You should have gotten an auto-response from the email you sent it to. I just re-sent it to you from my other email account. Let me know. Thanks!

  • Javier

    Just got it, thanks Pat!

  • CCOkoji

    Hi Pat,

    Please I am not able to make payment for this via click bank, is there any other ways I can purchase this?

    Hope to hear from you again.


  • Chris

    Great review of Optin Skin. I was thinking about Immediate List Building Pro, but Optin Skin is cheaper.
    Thanks for sharing Pat.
    BR, Chris

  • Walter Brown

    Just ordered optin skin looking forward to using it.

  • David


    I was wondering about two things:

    1) This offer is still valid with your optin-skins as bonus?
    2) Will it be possible to adjust all English text to another language once I am using one of your skins in OptinSkin?


  • Liz

    Hey Pat,
    Cool stuff – I bought it yesterday. Quick burning question about your plugin bonus designs: I’m trying to put in my own ebook image but cannot for the life of me figure out where & how to do that. I’m even looking at the raw HTML and not seeing it. Any help would be really appreciated!


    • Liz

      I must need glasses. I see it now: “Design Options for This Skin
      ” > “Product Image URL”

      Duh. Thanks : )

  • Geoff

    Hey Pat, I bought OptinSkin through your affiliate link and love your custom versions! (you can see ’em on my site).

    However, I noticed one HUGE issue. The placeholder fields for name/email do not appear in Internet Exlporer or Firefox (45% of my visitors). So I went ahead and fixed it. You and your readers can see instructions on how to fix it as well by clicking my name above. Hope it helps!

  • Raghu

    Feedback after using the plugin for 1 Week.

    Pros –

    – Easy to customize and insert the form at various places in the blog.
    – Great designs


    – Statistics not working
    – Unable to track the stats in Aweber (since there is no option to specify the web form generated from aweber)
    – Slow support (I sent the screenshots 3 days back)

    I’m more comfortable in tracking the stats within Aweber. Since the stats are not working within the plugin, I cannot track the results so far.

    • Raghu

      I waited for 7 days for the response missing impressions. I got reply only after requesting refund.I would have not asked for refund if they had atleast willing to work to resolve the problem, before asking for refund.

  • Dexter

    awesome! i will try this for sure :)

  • Nick Kringas

    I just order through your link. This looks like a great product at a reasonable price. Can’t wait to get a boost in email subscribers!
    thanks for the recommendation (first heard on the podcast btw)

  • Chris

    Hi Pat,
    I just bought optin skin via your id, thanks once more for your review.
    BR, Chris

  • Zac

    Can someone help me and let me know how this would integrate with the Thesis Theme and their built in Featured area.



  • Joseph S

    Just what I needed, thanks!

    For sure it is the best way to make the audience to subscribe!

  • Brian

    I’ve had the Opt-in plug in for a couple weeks & it was working fine. Now I can’t seem to get anything to work when I click on the “Get Instant Access”.

    Has anyone else experienced problems with MailChimp? I just installed the new version of the plug-in & still nothing…

    • Liz

      Still works with mailchimp for me at this time.

  • Chris

    Hope it works for my blog…………….!!

  • Sam (MosaLingua)

    Hi Pat, I bought OptinSkin through your link, but didn’t get your bonus (after sending you an email). But never mind, I asked a refund because I can’t even install it. There is a bug and OptinSkin support told me that it was because of my version of PHP (recent one). As they don’t update the plugin frequently, I think I will try another plugin.

  • Timo

    Hi Pat,

    and thank you for the great review.

    I would like to point out one issue with Optin Skin. If you have php 5.4.x environment at your server Optin Skin won’t work at all. When you try to enable the plugin you get a php error. If you use php 5.3.x everything works fine.

    Amazingly enough according to Optin Skin support I am the first person to notice this problem. Currenly Optin Skin support does not have a schedule to fix this issue so they gave me the possibility to get a refund.

    • Timo

      Sorry for the spamming.

      Since I’m a software developer myself I couldn’t help myself and just be happy with the situation. So I went through some of the Optin Skin code and seems that the solution to the above problem is quite easy.

      If you are using php 5.4.x and want to use Optin Skin search line 1013 in admin/admin_add_skin.php file and replace

      function ois_handle_new_skin($_POST){


      function ois_handle_new_skin($var) {
      $_POST = $var;

      and save the changes. Now your Optin Skin works with php 5.4. :)

      • chris

        Timo, thanks for the update. I debated on getting optinskin based on the reviews in this thread. Specifically that it seemed a bit buggy. When Glen posted up the “price going up” announcement, I saw he also talked about a lot of bug fixes and improvements so I jumped in. While I’m glad I did, I think it’s still a bit buggy based on the split test results I’m seeing where in my AB test, A is being shown 3x as much as B. I’ve got an email into support so let’s see how long they take to response and what they say.

        Personally, it’s at my price-point limit. I wouldn’t pay more than the current pre-increase price. They need to take a bit of time and clean up the code.

        • chris

          Based on their response to my split testing question, it wasn’t a plugin issue so much as how new articles tend to get revisited by the same people and thus appear to throw off the split counts.

          And based on my results over the last few days, it’s really working great at increasing my subscribers.

  • Ryan @ TrustedSiteSeller

    Thanks for doing this review Pat. I have always liked your opt-in forms and since I just left aweber and moved my list to my own server I need a way integrate an optin form onto my site.

    Also, thanks glen for following up in this comment thread and answering so many questions.

  • Daisy

    Really great, thanks! Just an FYI though, in your bonus pack, the facebook social like button is missing from one of the skins…

  • Mitul

    Amazing Plugin Pat it really helped me ..!! :)

  • Marc

    Awsome plugin which I will install tonight. Thanks for your detailed review. By the way, how did you make the screenshots? Did you use Photoshop to make them look like that? :)

    • krbryden

      I also have the same question…looks cool!

  • Jen

    Pat I just bought this and tried to upload it and WP is telling me its to big of a file size? Any thoughts or possible resolutions?

  • Krishna Parmar

    Yeah! very nice article!

  • Krishna Parmar

    fantastic article!

  • Taswir Haider

    Good review. I purchased Optin skin through your affiliate link last month and got aforesaid bonus. So far Optin skin is one of the best investment I have made for blogging tools

  • Felix

    It works fine on my site

  • Leonard “Leo” Jackson

    Hey Pat,

    Just thought I’d point out that Glen has finally changed the price for Optin Skin to $67. Was wondering if Glen was going to be able to offer a discount for SPI readers?

    If not I’m thinkin you may wanna change your price on the blog post.


  • Colin

    How do you fix the problem whereby the placeholders don’t show in Internet Explorer. If the form boxes don’t show “Name” and “Email” how do people know what to put in which box. This is a fundamental problem with this plugin which is making it confusing for over 40% of people who see it. Where is the fix?
    Pat, you seem to have the fix because it is working with your site, but what about helping us?

  • Ilja

    Dear Pat,
    i bought the plugin a few days ago through your link. I also forwarded the receipt to your adress, but did not receive your bonus yet. Can you help me out, please?!
    Best, Ilja

  • Colin

    Wow, another problem on IE – doesn’t seem to work on html5 – people complaining because they cannot click on the button to subscribe. Other problem f placeholders still not fixed. Should you still e recommending this product Pat?

  • Vincenzo

    Hi Pat, it’s possible connect OptinSkin to Getresponse?

  • T.Raven Meyers

    Having issues with the custom skins showing up on the plug in designs panel? any of you have issues or guidence?

  • Audria Richmond

    Hey pat. Do you still use this plugin?

  • Micaela S. Coleman

    Since my developer is in the final stage of editing my new site, I am sooooo glad to have this info, Pat!! I hooked up with MailChimp last week and am delighted that this plugin will be compatible. You always post such helpful tools, thanks so much, Pat!!

  • Colin Gray

    Hi Pat, I know you’ve since re-designed, and you seem to be using Optin-Skin still. But now you have the button leading to a pop-up. I can’t seem to find that in Opt-in skin myself – do you have a quick top on how to find that option?

    • Xan

      I’d also like to know the answer to this question. Thanks!

    • Tim

      Hi Colin,

      I think Pat is using a LeadBox from LeadPages to do that rather than Optin-Skin. You can find out info all about it on his Resources page.

    • Benji Walklet

      I too would love to know how to create an OIS that uses a LeadBox.

  • Michael Rahman

    is there a non-wordpress version of this?

  • krbryden

    Pat – Great overview on OptInSkin…I was wondering how you were able to get your “MORE ON SMART PASSIVE INCOME” section on your sidebar to fade in the 3 or 4 images below the title when someone scrolls down to that area? I just bought OptinSkin through you link and did not easily see an option to create a Skin that mimics that functionality. Is that a customized OptinSkin or a different pluggin all together? Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

  • Pablo Domingo Montesinos

    Great article again, Pat, thanks a lot.
    No doubt, when I want to get Optin Skin, I will do it through your link. Your bonus looks great!

    All the best from Spain! :)

  • David Freibrun

    I like how the bonus you are provided shows up right away in my inbox as soon as I forward my receipt for OptinSkin. That is very clever. No need to have a human verify the receipt.

  • elastic

    It’s not working. I just get this message when I enter an email: “mailing list not active”.
    I know it’s active, because it works fine when I use Awebers own sign up form.

    Can anyone help please?

    • 91daychallenge

      I’m having the same issue. Did you ever resolve this problem? It’s driving me CRAZY!!!

      • elastic

        Email support at optinskin. They gave me a workable solution. Don’t remember what it was.

  • Ari Vaara

    I took Optinskin for a spin, but was a bit disappointed to see that the last update to the plugin was in May 2013. The plugin is easy to use and serves the purpose, but some competing plugins which provide same features and much more have the same price point. I might be forced to choose an alternative from those.

  • Dave Collins

    I gotta thank you mate for making me aware of this awesome plugin! Early days but its like tripled my sign up rate! PS was great having you downunder :-)

  • Rafael John

    awesome, will add this great resource to my future niche sites :)

  • Samori Augusto

    Love this. This is my first chance to use the bonus to the optinskin. But what I’m really happy about are your example images above. Even optinskin doesn’t tell you what each configuration setting is, but just one look at one of your images and it cleared up what that URL Placement is all about. Team Flynn strikes again. Thanks.


    Great, just what I was looking for to catch all the traffic I am getting to my Free Distributorship Limited Offer Which I can’t keep up with since it launched last week.

  • Sally_Oh

    Thank you. I just bought this with your affiliate link :) Looking forward to playing with it!

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    so do you think it would be pottential to be a profitable blog in the
    future? Every help of you I will appreciate a lot!