My 2012 Goal Post

2012 Goal Post

Setting goals is an important aspect of growth – for business, for personal development, and for life.

Without goals to guide our actions, without that X on our map to navigate towards, we’re aimlessly wandering.

We’re wanderpreneurs.

And sure – wanderpreneurs can still grow and be happy – but setting goals will keep us on the right path, and if we are to ever get off that path, we’ll know, and we can steer right back onto it.

Does an entrepreneur without goals ever succeed?

How will he or she ever truly know?

I like to publicly share my yearly goals here on SPI.


Well for one – I share almost everything, but it’s much more than that.

I share my goals with you because it’s my way of making sure that I’m held accountable for meeting those goals. Even if you’re not at all interested in what my goals are, the fact that I’ve announced them here on SPI gives me more motivation to follow through – partly because I want to write a good report at the end of the year, but also because I don’t want to let you down.

In 2012, naturally, some things will happen unplanned, but I have a lot of visions I’d like to share with you today. Per one of my more popular podcast episodes, Mind Hacks, Physical Hacks and Work Hacks For Better Productivity And Getting Things Done, I’ll be sharing S.M.A.R.T. Goals – goals that are:

  • S = Specific
  • M = Measurable
  • A = Attainable
  • R = Relevant
  • T = Timely

Even though I know your own set of goals will be completely different than my own, I hope this post motivates you in one way or another:

If you haven’t thought of your goals for 2012 yet – do it.

If you have – crush ’em.

Goal: Reach 55,000 Subscribers by December 31st, 2012

In 2010, my goal was to reach 10,000 subscribers, which I met in the month of September.

In 2011, my goal was to reach 40,000 subscribers, which I did not meet – ending the year at just over 35,000 subscribers – but that’s okay.

In 2012, my goal is to reach 55,000 subscribers, which means an additional 20,000 subscribers from this point forward.

It’s definitely not out of reach, but it’s not a given either. Currently, the site grows at a rate of about 1,000 subscribers per month, which means an additional 12,000 subscribers for 2012 if the growth did not accelerate.

What will I do to gain that additional 8,000? Keep reading…

Goal: Reach 40,000 Facebook Fans by December 31st, 2012.

I’m very proud of the growth on my Facebook Page. It continues to be an incredible community and a great source of inspiration (and traffic) for the SPI blog.

In 2011, my goal was to reach 12,000 fans, which I crushed – ending the year at a total of 16,430.

In 2012, I’d love to reach 40,000 Fans. Even with Google+ in the game now, I doubt Facebook will go away anytime soon, if ever, and a page with that many fans would be incredibly valuable, not only for me, but for everyone else who communicates with each other on that platform too.

If you’re not a Fan already, click here and come say hi. :)

Goal: Reach 10,000 YouTube Subscribers and 2,000,000 Video Views by December 31st, 2012.

YouTube is an element of my Be Everywhere business model that I’ll be paying a lot more attention to in 2012.

The SPI YouTube Channel, which is about two and half years old, currently has 6,158 subscribers, and a total of 1,014,867 video views.

I’ll be recording a lot more videos in 2012 to help me reach my goals, and within my videos I’ll be adding a lot more opportunities to subscribe to the channel as well. This includes adding YouTube annotations for easy subscribing, and just simply asking people to take action and subscribe.

Goal: Reach Session #50 with the SPI Podcast

During my presentation at Blog World Expo in Los Angeles last year, I shared some incredible data that came from a survey I conducted here on the blog with over 1,500 responses.

The data revealed that the number one way people first heard about me and/or the SPI brand was through the SPI podcast.

Not Google, not Social Media or even other blogs – but the podcast.

I’ve also published several posts about how incredible the results have been from starting a podcast, so in 2012 I want to continue publishing new episodes.

Setting a goal of reaching session #50 by the end of the year (I’m currently at session #30) helps me to make sure I continue to publish new episodes and don’t slack off.

Goal: Launch the First Product for SPI by March 15th, 2012

Even though the demand for an SPI product has been there since 2010, I have yet to release my first real product to sell here on the blog.

Why has it taken so long?

Because I didn’t want to FORCE a product just because I could make money from it. I know I’ve always had the platform and the audience to launch something that could make a lot of money, but for me personally, that reason alone is not a good enough reason to create a product and start charging for it. Greed ruins a lot of people (and businesses), and I don’t want to go there.

In order to charge for something, there must be something of high-demand, of true value, and something that is obviously worth purchasing that gives back the purchase price, in one way or another, many times over.

You’ll definitely hear more about this product as the launch date approaches, including what it is, why it was created and who it’s for exactly.

I’m spending most of my time fine-tuning the user experience through the product, because, as with anything I put out there, I want it to be useful, easy to consume, and noteworthy.

Goal: Launch 1 Premium WordPress Plugin by August 1st, 2012

In 2011, my goal to launch a premium Wordpress plugin was a complete failure.

I actually had two plugins that I started developing last year, and one of them I’d like to bring back to life in 2012 – primarily because it’s a plugin that I absolutely need, and doesn’t exist.

I will focus on one plugin only and do my best to make sure that it not only does what I need it to do, but is easy and intuitive for anyone else to use.

You’ll hear a lot more about this, I’m sure, by mid-year.

Goal: Buy 2 Existing Websites and Increase Revenue by 300% per Month

I’ve had a lot of interest, recently, in expanding my non-SPI related businesses.

With my lastest income reports showing a significant portion of my income coming as a result of the SPI blog, it sort of overshadows that I still earn between $7k-$10k per month outside of the blog.

I want to increase my earnings outside of SPI because, although I’m extremely thankful and happy for that income and the generosity of the SPI community, I want to show that you don’t need to talk about making money online in order to make money online.

The Niche Site Duel was a fantastic start (in addition to the income I already earn from and iPhone apps), but the more income streams outside of SPI, the better.

In 2012, I want to purchase at least 2 existing websites that are already earning some kind of income, and increase the monthly earnings by at least 300%.

I would love to publicly share at least one these experiments on SPI, much like how I did with the niche site duel, so look out for some high-value, insider posts in the near future about that.

Goal: Earn at Least $8,000 in a Single Month from Non-SPI Related Niche Websites

To further address the issue of earning more outside of SPI, I’d like the total earnings coming from niche websites, specifically, to surpass $8,000 per month.

This means that I’ll be creating more niche sites in 2012, and expanding existing ones.

I actually just hired a second VA (part-time) to help me manage these projects and reach this goal.

I doubt that I’ll be sharing the exact domain names and niches with you because of copycats and the few people who would steal my content and use it on their own sites (which happened when I revealed my security guard training niche site, unfortunately), but I will be keeping close track of things and sharing my results with you.

Goal: Diversify Income Streams from and Earn More than $3,000 in a Single Month

Currently, my security guard training niche site (which you can learn more about, again, on the Niche Site Duel Hub), is earning between $1,600 and $2,000 per month – 98% of it coming from Google Adsense ads.

I really need to start diversifying the income streams on this site, and although I’ve wanted to for a long time now, I haven’t found the perfect solution – yet.

I’m determined to branch out in 2012, not only to increase my earnings, but also because I don’t want to rely on one single company or income source that could, at any moment, be taken away from me.

If I could get the site to earn at least $3,000 per month by the end of the year, I’d be a happy camper.

Goal: Speak Live at a Conference at Least 4 Times

Last year I experienced my first taste of public speaking, and now I’m addicted.

I loved it so much, I want to do it as much as possible, and with each new presentation I can feel my skills becoming that much better (all skills, except maybe creating slides that work).

I already know I’ll be speaking a few times this year, and unfortunately I’ve had to turn down a couple of overseas opportunities because of the short notice – but I will keep my eyes and ears open, and wherever I’m invited to speak, I’ll definitely let you know.

I’ll do what I can to make sure the next presentation is always better than the last.

Goal: Start Smart Dividend Investing

No – I’m not starting a blog called Smart Dividend Investing, but I want to actually start investing in dividend stocks in 2012. I’ve been doing research and working with a Financial Mentor over the past 6 months, learning all about it and in 2012 it’s time to take some action.

I don’t talk about my money outside of what I earn online publicly too much, but it’s something I’ve always paid close attention to.

Ever since landing my 9 to 5 job in the architecture industry, I’ve been investing for my future. A 401k, a Roth IRA, a brokerage account to save for a house, an emergency fund, a 529 plan – the whole 9 yards. I’ve even been steadily putting in $100 a month for about 5 years into a ShareBuilder account, buying stocks. Now that I work on my own, I also have a SEP IRA that I contribute to each year.

Now I won’t get into the performance of my current investments, but with dividend investing, combined with the earnings here on SPI, I can really set myself up for some dictionary definition passive income, potentially earning thousands per month without lifting a finger, or even having to sell the stocks that I own.

Of course, it takes time to see earnings from investments like these (the power of compounding

That seems to be the next step for me, financially, at this point in life.

I’m still debating whether or not to share my eventual earnings from dividend investing here on SPI, primarily because this site is geared more towards online business, blogging and entrepreneurship, but a part of me thinks it would be very interesting and potentially draw in a new crowd, although I don’t think I’d be teaching about it like I do with everything else.

What do you think?

Let’s Make 2012 an EPIC YEAR

There’s not much more to say than that. :)

Hopefully you have your S.M.A.R.T. goals ready, and if you’d like to share 1 or 2 here in the comment section (maybe as a way for you to publicly hold yourself accountable), I would gladly welcome them.

My next post will be my December 2011 Monthly Income Report, so look out for that in a couple of days.

Cheers, and here’s to an amazing year.

Don’t let your lack of action be the reason you do not meet your goals.

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  • Batuhan

    Hi Pat

    Thank you for Goal article. You’re good example for me

    Thank you again


  • Amy

    These goals are great, Pat!! Ambitious, but within reason so you can wrap your mind around achieving them. It made me remember to jot my goals down, too. Best of luck and Happy New Year!!!

  • David Edwards

    Hey Pat!,

    More than happy to help you with the YouTube subscribers target. We could do a channel swap, basically you add my channel on the side and I’ll add yours!.

    Let me know,

    David Edwards


    • Gregory Ciotti

      I’ve seen the big YouTubers do this, but are you really getting targeted subscribers that way?

      I might doubt it if you and Pat’s channels are about different topics.

      As an example, I have a 5k YouTube page, but since it has nothing to do with internet marketing, I doubt a “Feature 4 Feature” would help me or Pat.

  • Jaime Tagle

    Great post Pat!

    You inspired me to create my own goal post

    I know you will achieve all (if not most of) your goals!!
    Good luck!

  • Tsitalia

    Wow! I was very curious to read this article, great goals!

    Fantastic post to start the new year.

  • Alan

    Great post! Great goals and good luck!

  • Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents

    Good luck with your goals! I have a feeling that 2012 will be great.

  • Patrick Irish

    Great Post. Best of luck your goals and improvements to your niche sites.

  • Matt

    Great list!

    I think you should definitely talk about Smart Dividend Investing here. Don’t let it totally take over your blog, but it is a form of passive income and I think it’s kind of the next step for folks who are already earning a good amount of passive income from other streams. It’s like the graduate level Smart Passive Income!

  • Leslie Samuel

    I love seeing ridiculous goals. They’re inspiring. Hey man, all the best for 2012. 2011 was a great year for you and I know that 2012 will be Epic. I’ll be watching 😉

  • Internet Marketing With Casey Gentles

    Awesome goals Pat and we are always rooting for you. You have been an inspiration to us all and we will follow along and strengthen you as you strengthen us to all achieve our goals for 2012.

    Happy New Year and all the best.


  • Takeshi

    That’s a lot of goals! Good luck with all of them!

    Regarding getting more Facebook fans, have you tried Facebook ads? I have run them on my pages, and they have been incredibly successful in attracting more fans.

  • Ryan

    Great posting. Although I’m just getting started in the online game it is exciting. I need to sit down and do my own goals as well very soon. I find it interesting that you are looking into investing in high dividend paying stocks only as that was a career I held long ago. What is your main reason for doing that vs growth stocks? You mentioned compounding so that tells me you don’t plan on taking the income from them so my question is why potentially create additional taxable income every year vs capital appreciation. (assuming this is outside of your SEP)

  • Brian Lima

    Amazing Goals for 2012 Pat! I’ve got some big goals too. hope to share with you soon enough. b

  • Ian

    Great Post Pat. The email for this came in just as I was working through and brain storming my own 2012 goals for my business. I agree with what @Matt said above. I say talk a bit about dividend stock investing. It’s a piece to the over all big puzzle. Earning money online is one thing, but making it work for you after you earn it is the next step.

    To a successful 2012!

  • Anshul

    Love it Pat. I boosted my online revenues by 1000% in just the last month of 2011 by implementing a few simple things in my online business. Very excited about 2012!

  • Scott Jensen

    Hey Pat, thanks for sharing the results of your 2011 goals, and now your goals for 2012! You’ve reminded me that it is time to review my current goals and create some new ones for the year. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Although the theme of this blog has always been about online income, the name of the blog suggests that a discussion of other, more traditional, forms of passive income would be appropriate if done in balance.

  • Marvin

    Great post, Pat! They are measurable and you laid out an action plan to carry you through the year. Much Success to you.

  • Jennifer

    Great goals. Following your example I set goals for my website ( as well. I subscribed to your YouTube feed so you are one more closer. Good luck in reaching all your goals.

  • Patrick

    Great goals, Pat. They align very closely with mine, in fact!

    I recently sold my flagship website for $200,000 dollars, and so I, too, am getting into dividend investing. To me, this is the ultimate way to diversify, and is even closer to “pure” passive income. I love it!

    The website that I sold for six figures was in a real world niche, and I had built it up myself over the last 4 years or so. The site was not even for sale when a buyer approached me for it! Check your email, I sent you a line about the possibility of publishing a premium guest post about it to share with your readers. I am still in shock about the sale of my site, and dividend investing as been awesome so far, even in this current market!

    Life is good! Keep up the great work Pat!

  • Bryan @

    Looks like you have a lot you want to accomplish in 2012. Judging by your work ethic, I’m sure you will meet (and even exceed) most of the goals you have listed!

    Thanks again for sharing everything with us. I’m eager to follow you and see what you accomplish this year, and I look forward to accomplishing all of my goals that I have set out for myself, too!

    Let’s make 2012 rock!


  • Casey

    This post is great. I have set my goals for 2012 and have began working towards achieving them. Im ready to read up on all your niche site plans and progress. Thanks Pat!


  • bg

    I would be interested to learn about your stock investing and results.

  • Chris Holdheide From Stumble Forward

    Pat, sounds like you have your work cut out for you. I like all the goals. I’ve decided to stick to a select few goals rather several all at one time. I’m doing this because I’m only currently a part timer and it would allow to focus my time specifically on those goals rather than spread myself to thin.

    Good Luck!

  • Dakota

    Some great goals to look forward to and see what you end up with!

    As far as the Dividend Investing: I would say if it is a passive income, then you should post it. Though it isn’t necessarily related to the blog like the Security Training site is related and is passive.

    So really, it could go both ways.

    Either way you go, it would be interesting to see what those numbers were every now and then.

    Enjoy the rest of the day!

  • Kaz

    Hi Pat, thanks for sharing your goals. It is always inspiring to see the goals of others. I’m also a big believer is setting goals which drive you to succeed and set your own path.
    Best wishes to you in achieving them.

  • Mike Thomas

    I agree that one of the most important things you need to do is to set goals for yourself. Every month I write a plan and publicly post it on my blog for everyone to see. This makes me feel more accountable for my actions. Plus it’s good when I need to remind myself what I need to get done that month.

  • Mike

    Great goals Pat, I’m sure you’ll reach all of them this year, and I will be following your progress with great attention. These days I’m working on my SMART goals as well. I’ve noticed one more thing. This year you’ll get one more checkpoint (I’m sure you had this as a goal in your mind :) ). In 2012 you’ll reach your first $1 000 000 of passive income. And that’s really inpressive.

  • Monja

    Hi Pat,
    Great List,Love your Goals.i Would like to know:
    – what do you do to Grow your subscriber List?
    How do you Win more Fans in you Tube and Facebook?
    My Problem is to get this Out of the ground… I’m Not sure how to Win more People when i Start a New site
    Tanks in advance

  • Gordon Kuckluck

    Hi Pat,

    following your blog since a few weeks now – and there’s still so much to discover yet!

    Thanks for your great work, your great content on the blog, the great insights, the great podcast – and the great goals you set! I’ll keep an eye on you, cause I can learn MUCH from your experience for my little German blog over here 😉

    Keep on the good work and many thanks so far!


  • Wesley Banks

    Pretty impressive goals, but the one thing that stood out the most to me was, “…the more income streams…the better.”

    I’m going to focus hard on diversifying my income streams this year and branching out into new areas like product creation, eBooks, etc.

    Looking forward to an EPIC 2012!

  • Jerry

    Hey Pat,

    I second your thoughts on covering dividend investing here (heck the more topics you cover the better cause I enjoy reading your take on things). I look forward to more videos as well, you’ve got the sweet setup so keep using it 😉

  • Mohit Pawar

    Good luck Pat, wish that you achieve all of these and more.

  • Manuel A.

    Hi Pat,
    I appreciate your vision of business. I choose 3 main goal to follow this year.
    The way you work motivates me in my quest for creating passive income

    Manu A.

  • Jason Cohen


    Great post as always. You always inspire me and get me back on track to passive income!! Dividend Investing sounds like a great niche site. I have also been investing in my 401k the past 10 years, but never have spent time researching the best funds to invest in. I always just randomly select and hope for the best.

    Looking forward to haha

    All the best Pat!!!


  • Sheyi Shobayo

    Pat, you rock!


  • Jenny |

    Bravo, Pat! I look forward to watching you achieve these goals in 2012! Of course, you forgot one goal – to help a struggling blogger get their blog going in a profitable direction!! (PICK ME!)

  • LaTisha

    Good luck on reaching all of your goals. I’m sure you will hit each one! Here’s to 2012!

  • Himanshu Chanda

    Thats awewsome. Crazy. And Amazing :)

    I am actually amazed understanding that you are working hard even on Offline revenue sources and investment vehicles available. It takes time and good amount of attention making money with the markets and I hope you would be able to crack that part too.

    Would be great if you can give us some action plan and productivity tips on how we can stick with our plans and be an achiever like you.

  • Larry Ludwig

    Good set of goals.

    I think you should also discuss investments, like dividends. I consider passive and active investments important and discuss them on my own blog.

  • Peggy Baron

    Thanks for sharing your goals, Pat.
    I’m also raising my hand in favor of hearing about the results of your smart dividend investing. :)

  • michael

    Excellent post, as always, Pat. You have managed to hit the nail on the head again! Each one of us has the same amount of time to accomplish goals like these ones as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, and anyone else did. It’s all about the choices you make on how to spend that time.

    I am with you, Pat, and I will do all I can to help you and smart passive income as well as my own site, to EXCEED these goals.

  • Sharon Vornholt

    Wow Pat! What ambitious goals. The rest of us are going to have to “step it up a notch”.

  • Tram Tran

    Awesome Pat. Goals are so powerful, I set out a list of goals every month on the Start Young Finish First blog for a couples of reason. Sometimes having small goals instead of a big goal cab be very encouraging, I believe.
    Your list of goals are very specific which is awesome. No matter what, you know the SPI community is always there to support you.
    To an awesome year ahead;)

  • Roy

    Hello Pat,

    This sounds good. I am impress seeing these goals and I will love to follow you as your dreams come to pass.


  • Sonia

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the post! You are on the right path because goals are certainly the compass that leads to destination. Therefore, not setting goals signifies that one is going no where. These goals are certainly attainable when coupled with determination and hard work. I wish you all the best for 2012.

  • Phyllis

    Hi Pat,

    Great goals! Thanks for sharing you have greatly motivated and inspired me to put my 2012 goals to pen and paper.

  • Tom G

    Excellent post as usual. I like the specificity of your goals, something I need to emulate. Thanks for the motivation and good luck crushing your goals in the year ahead.

  • Bradley Hughes

    Very interesting Pat! I’m kind of surprised though. When I set goals, in order to insure the “attainable” aspect of them, I always make them things *I* control. For example, instead of saying “Get X more subscribers”, I might say “Come up with X new Autoresponders for my list”.. that way *I* am in complete control of the goal, instead of having some element of “luck” involved as to whether enough people subscribe to meet the goal.. Just a thought.

    Great blog though, love it!

    (PS – You misspelled “relevant” in your post)

    • Pat

      There’s no luck involved (okay, maybe a little), but these are goals and they each require actionable items, like you mentioned, which I did not list here. I see what you mean though, but I like to think I do have some control over obtaining X more subscribers.

      And thanks for the correction!

  • Diego

    Good list! My only target will be increasing the number of followers by 1 (one) by the end of the year, let’s see if I can make it. Last year I multiplied it by 10000, but they are still zero LOL! 😀

  • Vrouwen Versieren

    Hi Pat,

    this was an interesting post. I like the fact that you admit the whole nice site thing isn’t that easy. I’m a successful internet marketer myself and I’ve tried the whole affiliate game in many niches as well, but I never made a ton of money doing it. For me, my real goldmine are my OWN information products I sell in different niches.

    You should sell some too.

    Your monthly income reports are nice, but trust me Pat, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You could, should and deserve to be making a whole lot more.

    That said, I appreciate you share SO much for free (stuff you could/should be charging money for).

  • Mike – Fitness Contrarian

    Hi Pat,

    Congratulations… you had a great 2011. I’m sure you will reach all your goals for this year.


  • Chris R. Keller From

    I would be interested in seeing your dividend stock returns Pat. I think that would be very interesting content.

    I have another A for your SMART goals. Instead of attainable, actionable is another good one. If you can’t take action to impact the goal, it should not be a goal.

    For anyone looking to get started on google+ here is a decent resource.

    • Quinton Hamp

      Actionable. I love that.

      I had a plan to go back to school. But with the increased debt it would require and lost time from work, I decided it wasn’t actionable.

      Then I had a plan to go into web programming – but I didn’t have the equipment or software or industry connections, so while it is a fun hobby, it was not truly actionable.

      Finally I found SPI and decided to niche marketing a shot because it was affordable and entirely actionable.

      You speak great depths of wisdom, my friend.

  • zack

    wow that’s lot of great goals pat….I hope you can reach them all :) and I hope I have great year also ;p

  • Quinton Hamp

    “it sort of overshadows that I still earn between $7k-$10k per month outside of the blog.”

    I just want to commend you on this. I have heard people criticize SPI for this, even though $7k a month is commendable in its own right. (And, ironically, the only way we CAN criticize is from your incredibly transparent monthly reports)

    And yet, you take that critiquing as an inspiration for change, which is impressive. Kudos.

    Secondly, I just wanted to say that I will be VERY interested to hear about your investing journey. I too, am fully vested at my day job with 401k, pension, stocks..and I really like the safety and potential future returns they offer.

    So, hopefully, you will keep us posted on what works and what doesn’t as you launch into this new arena of investments!

    Thanks for all of the inspiration you have been in both 2010 AND 2011.
    Here’s to a rocking 2012!

  • PPC Ian

    Awesome post. I really like your goal about investing in dividend-paying stocks. I have been doing so for the past 10+ years and consistently funnel my online income into dividend stocks. I couldn’t agree more that this is the true textbook definition of passive income and that the long term compounding is amazing. If you ever want to chat dividend stocks, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
    All the best,

  • Johnny Bravo

    Great post Pat. I recently did my 2012 goal post on my site and hope that everyone who reads it helps me to reach them and of course keep me accountable. Here’s to a great year!

  • Nick

    Hey Pat,

    Congratulations to such a profitable 2011! And I love your goals for 2012. Very reachable, but still force you to take action. I would also love to hear about your investing, even if you can’t teach it. Maybe, you can add it to your monthly income reports? Add a section for what you’ve been up to with investing. Therefore, people who want to read it can, without it taking up a whole post in your schedule.

    Here’s to a great 2012!
    -Nick Purcell

  • Neil

    Hey Pat –

    I’m really interested in seeing where you go with the Smart Dividend Investing idea! I started Daily Dividend Investor a while ago, thanks to your inspiration. Like you’ve done with SPI, I’ve tried to be transparent about what I’m investing my money in and how it’s performing – monthly income reports, etc. If you get a chance take a look:

    If you go down that route, I’d encourage you to stay loyal to your sense of transparency. I think it’s really what makes you a trusted resource.

    Hope you have a great 2012 and keep up the great work!

  • Bryan Knowlton

    Hey Pat!
    My Goals for 2012 is to take my Earn Money Online business to the next phase. I really love your podcasts and your posts and hope to follow in your footsteps, or at least close by! Thanks again for all your information, I can’t wait to see some of your products!


  • gerry

    I wrote an ebook about utilizing and changing habits to achieve your goals. It was inspired by Pat on his free ebook about making an ebook. Thanks Pat, and great goals by the way.

  • Stefan

    Awesome Pat. Any personal goals that you’d like to share?

    I remember that time you did P90X which was inspiring, anything similar to that?

    • Pat

      Definitely –

      No junk food.
      Complete P90x2 by Late March
      8% Bodyfat
      Potty Train our Son
      Read through the entire Ender’s Game Series
      Cook More at Home
      Just to name a few :)

  • LC from LondenCity

    Congratulations on your earnings in 2011!

    I think it is good to put up ambitious yet realistic goals. Am curious what you will accomplish in 2012

  • Joe

    Will be setting my goals in the next few days, best of luck in accomplishing yours.

  • martin

    hi pat i been reading your blog for an while now my goal is small to start with i want to make £300 pounds passive income every month first and one off my goals as well is buying sites that are all ready making money and turn them into more profit each month . and to carry on making more profit with each site i got an few people writing articles from odesk as writing is not my thing i am just an programmer and an ideas guy. so i am passing on the buck to someone else of course my plan is not to stick to just £300 that is my target for my self to then keep growing that target amount till i can do this full time like your self pat at this time i am working in my local supermarket. but that is going to change this year i am sure off it. i would like to make 10k by the end off the year with passive income to then to make my money work for me. to make even more.

  • Erik Dessler

    Congratulations again on a great year that you had as an entrepreneur. What you did in 2011 is amazing. However, I think you need to add another goal for your 2012 list. It is “put the ‘passive’ back into smart passive income”. Your November earnings report, though impressive, seem to be a bit of truth management. Are you really implying that you are making as much as you do passively? It seems to me that only a small fraction of what you actually earn is truly passive. Taking a closer look at your November report I have the following questions. Others have implied similar things, but to my knowledge, it has not been addressed…
    • Product Sales of $2,045.14 – completely passive I assume.
    • of $2,170.15 – completely passive I assume.
    • Other Google Adsense (includes other niche sites) of $288.66 – completely passive I assume.
    • Affiliate Earnings (includes other niche sites) of $29,616.24 – is this passive? If you stopped putting content into your blog, how long would this revenue continue?
    • iPhone Applications of $2,853.12 – is this revenue or profit? Were the developer costs that you outsourced to, included in expenses? Or is this residual from previously developed apps? Is this your cut after expenses or the total between you and your partner?
    • Payment from Client/Consultation (1 client) of $7,500.00 – Definitely not passive. Should you really be calling this passive?

    So, in my rough calculations from the info you posted for November, your passive income is actually $4503.95 (plus a portion – or all – of $2853.12). Though still impressive, this is a far cry from the $40,000+ income that you are claiming as passive, and claiming the amounts that you do, without putting the amount of actual hours that you spend on each endeavor is, in my opinion, misleading your readers. This is starting to sound like Tim Ferriss’ 4 hour work week that was a bunch of fluff and concepts that a normal person cannot possibly implement successfully.

    I am not trying to be a negative or rain on your parade, but it seems that you are presenting your passive income as an unattainable dream – at least from a passive perspective – since the largest part of your income is active. I think you need to start distinguishing between your active income, income that is generated with the goal of it becoming passive (that are currently active efforts) and your truly passive income.

    The only reason I am pointing this out and ask you to address it, is because at the beginning of every podcast you say “work hard now and reap the rewards later” and your blog, after all, is called “smart passive income” not “smart online-entrepreneur income”

    • Pat

      Hey Eric, thanks for the comment, I really appreciate your honesty and concern (really, that’s not sarcasm).

      I never said that all of my income is passive. Where do I mention that? – yes, completely passive. Haven’t touched it for a few months. – yes, passive – although I work to increase the income that is generated on the site already (optimization, etc.)
      -Other Google Adsense (smaller niche sites and YouTube) – yes, completely passive
      -Affiliate Earnings – a lot of that is passive as well. If I stopped blogging, all of my posts, podcast sessions and YouTube videos, which drive 95% of the affiliate earnings, will continue to be live and able to generate an income. Most of it comes from older posts, actually – and references to links in podcast episodes and YouTube videos. I bet I could continue to earn for quite a while – years.
      -iPhone Apps – haven’t touched them for 6 or 7 months. All residual from previously developed apps. Total profit in the business, which is being saved for more apps and projects down the road.
      -The client work I do, I have a team of people doing most of the web work for me, so in that sense, yes, that part of it is “passive”. Although, I do mention in the income report that I only put this income on there because it came as a result of work I’ve done online with the blog, and I agree – this is probably the least passive kind of income possible.

      The passive nature of the site is the fact that I don’t have to trade my time for work now. I literally worked just a few hours over the past week and half, due to hanging out with my family and being sick, and I earned over $10,000. Wake up – more money in my bank account. It happens every day because I’ve put in the work earlier to setup those income streams, which don’t require me to be there in order for transactions to happen.

      When I started this site, I was earning between $8k and $30k a month, passively, from, and as the industry has shifted and my focus has changed, and the platform and community here at SPI give me the ability to earn an income as a result of my blogging and sharing information here, my income distribution has changed a bit – but the idea of always putting in the hard work now, so you can reap the benefits later is always there.

      Again, I appreciate your comment and do not, in any way possible think of it as being negative.

      And by the way, the 4-hour work week is fluffed a bit, yet – I agree, but the concepts are real and they do work. For normal people – no, but are entrepreneurs normal people? Doubtful.

  • Chris M

    Hey Patt, happy new year.
    It’s cool to read posts with such a motivational load, specially when this year has just arrived. Guess what, I’ve decided to join you as a fellow blogger: I’m finishing up the theme for my blog and I’m gonna start with a post with my goals for this year. Thanks for being an inspiration and a role model for me.

    Best regards

  • Joel

    Personally, I’d love to hear about your dividend income. I’m just starting out in building passive income streams, but dividend investing is one I’m pursuing from the start.

  • Mario Martínez

    Excellent example of how SMART goals should be expressed!
    It happened that I just started a site for posting personal goals (it is in Spanish) and may be helpful for you or your readers. It has still very few posts, but increasing its usage is one of my goals for this year. You can take a look at

    I have been reading your site for about a year now, and I want to thank you for the good information you always post.

    I wish you and all your readers a very successful 2012!

  • Dan Thompson

    An ambitious year ahead of you! All the best, happy goal hunting to you and everyone who has written down goals for 2012 whether shared or not!

  • Dave

    Thanks for putting your goals out for everyone to see. You have been a great role model for me in developing my niche sites. Happy New Year!

  • Brian Kwong

    Wow Pat, thats very ambitious at the same time inspiring. You are shooting for the stars and taking actions to make it happen. Thats what matters. I am looking forward to see your progress and will be making my goal for 2012 as well =)

  • Malini Parker

    Hi Pat
    I’m a newcomer to your blogs (indeed to the world of blogging in general!), and have been reading them with interest. You obviously have a huge audience and great influence, and you are generous with your knowledge! Do your goals ever include ‘increasing your contribution’ to some worthy cause? I would NEVER presume to ask this question of ANYONE normally, but since you are so transparent with your income and goals, I thought you wouldn’t mind the question… and given that your influence is strong and growing, anything you say on this subject to your audience would have quite an impact. I’d imagine you’ve given this a lot of thought and I’m so sorry if I sound intrusive or out of line!

  • Tom Ewer

    Hey Pat,

    It was really interesting to read this – not only because I love seeing what you’ve got planned next, but also as inspiration for my own goals (I actually published my own goals post a couple of days ago).

    I chose to go with setting quarterly goals, rather than yearly, because I am not totally sure of the direction in which I am heading. You, however, with a well-established blog and diverse income streams, are in a far better position to set long term goals.

    Really excited to see how you get on in 2012!



  • Matt

    Great stuff as always Pat, I think I will start writing my goals for 2012 today!



  • Dan Gheesling

    Pat – fired up that you addressed the SPI Product, excited to hear more details about it.

    As far as the Dividend Stocks – I think that no matter what you talk about you have earned the trust of a lot of people. I would be interested in reading your stock-picks and I’m sure as you wrote them with some sort of disclaimer, noting that it is a post different from the norm at SPI – others will appreciate it as well.

    Best wishes for a successful 2012!

  • Christopher Knopick

    Great Goals Pat, Certainly makes me want to show a few:
    – Help 150 people (this is direct help in a quantifiable way, i.e. direct suggestion or tip)
    – Post, video or podcast at least 3 times per week
    – Create at least 15 YouTube videos for the year
    – Complete at least 5 resource pages for my site
    – Create at least 1 new niche site
    – Complete Facebook landing page
    – Write ebook to help with list signups
    I’ll be writing a 2012 goals post on my website for Wednesday.
    As far as your investing idea for the site, I think I’d do it on a new site but make it tightly coupled with SPI. That will help with the Google Juice as well as segregating for those not interested in the other, but allowing spillover from one to the other for those that are. Clear as mud?

  • Bradley

    Hey pat

    Are you going to make a Jeff Walker type Product Launch for your product?


    • Pat

      Not quite – I’m a little exhausted from those PLF type launches, and they are a bit aggressive for my style. Sure, I may not make as much money, but I’m not in this to make the most cash as possible.

  • Mike King

    Hi Pat;

    Great article. Looking forward to hearing you achieve all of them.

    I will keep you updated on mine.

    Goal No.1 All three Lord of Water Novels complete and published on both Kindle and Paperback Amazon. All best sellers in Science, Fantasy Fiction.

    Lord of Water I – A Precious Water Planet already available on Kindle.

    Cheers, Mike.

    • Pat

      Great goal Mike. I’ve been reading a lot of science-fiction lately (The Hunger Games and Ender’s Game series) and I truly admire those, like yourself, who have the talent to write books like that. All the best to you!

  • Steve Price

    Hi Pat,

    It’s great to see a professional approach to this online business being applied – setting tactical and strategic objectives is definitely the way to go. It’s what real businesses do after all (my tongue is firmly in my cheek there!). I’ll be watching with interest to see if you’re hitting your targets along the way.

    Once request if I may – I fully understand the need to “launch” and achieve continual launches to generate the income targets needed but please don’t go OTT like Sterling and Jay at IBM. Being incessantly bombarded by launch mails (and JV partner launch mails) by them a year or so back made me unsubscribe from them. A shame really as their podcast was what made me begin to realise how possible an online life was and how to go about it. To my mind the way you do things is much more preferable.

    Onwards and upwards!



    • Pat

      Thanks Steve – and trust me, I know what you mean and I’m dedicated to staying away from that same approach. It works, on some level, but it’s a bit aggressive for my taste. Cheers, and thanks again!

  • Brendan Vraibel

    Nice post, Pat! They are lofty goals but certainly attainable for a hard worker like yourself.

    I’m on the lookout for that first product of yours. That is one of those instances where I won’t even have to read any type of sales copy – count me in regardless.

  • Joseph

    I would love to hear more information about investing in stocks and earning passive income from dividends. Anything you are willing to share will help tons and I really think that your open and honest approach really helps to make the material real and bring it to life. I Love watching your numbers and I think it is a big draw to see how your finances ebb and flow. Please keep the open and honest approach coming, and share what you are investing in and how much, I think it would be very valuable.

  • Hector Avellaneda

    Way to go Pat! Love the way you are able to break down your goals. Looks like you are going to have an awesome 2012.

    I read your book late last year and was inspired to write my very own book which I have already announced on my blog and will be releasing in April!

    Thanks for all that you do for your community and for keeping the entrepreneurial enthusiasm and drive alive!

  • JadeDragon@innovativepassiveincome

    Your success is astounding and much of it has to do with goal setting.

    Been thinking about Security Guard Training HQ and there are some ways you could increase income:

    1. Add Canada – Another 10 provinces, each with very different training requirements would be easy to add. With about 10% of the US population in Canada and no similar resource for Canadians this should be good for another 10% income on the site.

    2. Add a resource area for selling security guard gear (boots, belts, body armor, badges, coats, etc) . Think physical stuff but fulfilled by someone else. This could be expanded with review posts of various gear.

    3. There are likely study guides out there and if there are not, have a digital product created to sell. Start with the biggest states as a test.

    4. Chitika has very targeted local ads that would likely bring up local security companies of interest to job seekers. While Chitika is a poor Adsense alternative generally, it is worth testing for those local company ads.

    5. Posts about types of security jobs – event security, armored car drivers, community sponsored patrols etc. will pull additional long tail keywords

  • Garish Wasil

    Cool post, Pat, and cool Goals too :)
    I am sure you will easily achieve all these goals. Best of luck for that !!

  • Halina

    Hi Pat and happy new year! I actually started my passive income the other way around: I first got into stock trading and dividends, and THEN I started looking at affiliate marketing, blogging, etc. To this day, my dividend and stock trading income far exceeds what I make online. However, I can’t just sit back and trade stocks all day, especially with the economy tanking as it is right now. So, I also earn money via freelance writing, AdSense ads, Amazon sales, etc. Good luck with your investments!

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Thanks for the inspiration here Pat. I’ve just given myself some goals for my own sites. Amazingly none of the goals I wrote down were directly related to income – they were all content, product and subscriber based. Of course, with increases in quantity and quality of those, the income should follow… one hopes…

    Next action: break my goals down into bite-size chunks, schedule activity and crush them!

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hi Pat,

    That’s some really awesome goals. And I’m looking forward to follow your journey and hopefully you’ll keep describing everything you do in details, because I am learning so much from your blog and your podcast.

    I’ve been thinking about starting a niche website during 2012, but so far I’m still doing some research. I only have one goal for 2012, and that’s to get my novel published, on the other hand that’s a huge goal for me :)

    Happy New Year Pat.

  • Jason

    Pat, I think it would be awesome to hear about how you invest your money. Honestly I think that maybe it would be a good idea to blog about it on another site? I know that some of my family members are doing well over 30k a month and a few of them would love to hear about other people on the same pay scale on how they are investing etc. Anyway sounds like some great goals and I think you will nail most of them. Mine are similar but about two years behind :)

    To a prosperous year!

    • mark pinto

      i agree with jason! may be a good idea and perfect spin off. for instance i would love to know how you chose your financial advisor

  • Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

    I have been looking forward to your SPI Product and plugin.

    I love to catch up your journey reaching $8000 a month on niche sites. I am working on mine and hope to reach $1K a month to start with.

    May 2012 be the best Online Business Year for all of us.

  • paul carroll

    hi pat, i love your goals you have set yourself,i have done the same for 2012 myself ! good luck on yours mate… and here are some of mine?
    1.) buy another house
    2.) to get my other bussines going properly…
    3.) get to know my numbers for my bussines down to the penny?
    4.) get somebody in to manage my bussines,so i can start other things
    5.) 50k in the bank 2013
    6.) turn over to reach £300,000 2013

  • Shamim

    Yup! Like you, i have already made some new year resolutions for me. Hope, in this year I will be more serious on turning these resolutions into reality.
    And, i wish you best success on achieving these goals that you have mentioned and will want you to make some posts about how you achieve goals…………….is

    Well, here is my resolutions that i want to be with always in this year:

    Thanks pat, again.

  • Marion Ryan

    Pat, what great clarity you have about your SMART goals, I love this model.

    Mine aren’t that specific yet but rather than waiting till they’re perfect before sharing, as I would have done in 2011, let me share what I have already:

    1. Set aside one day per week for product creation
    2. Reach £50K in my website design business
    3. Become a web copy expert
    4. Stop counting “reading emails” as me “working”
    5. Reach 1500 subscribers in a particular list

    All the best to you, me and SPI readers in 2012.

    • Chris Green

      What kind of products?

  • Dave

    love the goals post! motivate me to get some bigger goals to myself also!
    would love to read as much as you can write about dividend investing and any other passive income opportunities out there!
    after all this blog name is smart- passive income , not smart internet marketing, so you’ve got nothing to worry about! :)
    people are here because of you…

  • David #inoosa

    Hey Pat, I just wanted to be comment #100!

    Well done in 2011. You are my hero.


  • Ben Armstrong

    Thanks Pat. Your post inspired me to clear the whiteboard and set out some goals for 2012.

    2011 was my first year in IM and I learned so much from you and your podcast. I only really set 1 measurable goal for 2011 but I acheived it and learned a lot on the way.

    In 2012 I’m setting some much tougher goals and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

  • Bo

    Just wanted to say congratulations on last year. I know you are going to rock 2012!
    We love the podcast and your motivation. Keep it up man, we are wishing you the best. Thanks for the reminder that, each year you can accomplish the things you set out for with a clear vision.

    Cheers Pat!

  • Aidil

    Great one Pat! I’d love to read more about your offline money generating stories. Just to share, one goal I’d like to share is that I’ll be sharpening my website theme making skills. I’d be creating several wordpress themes this year and sell them to a few online websute theme stores.

  • Toby

    Wow Pat, you are crazy! Just when you could be sitting back, sipping margaritas on a beach somewhere exotic you go and raise the stakes! Good for you, those are some fantastic goals. Congrats on getting into a film by the way, how cool is that.

    OK, my goals in brief are:
    1) $100K by the end of the year
    2) Release 3 new info products created from scratch
    3) Earn $1K per month with both Adsense and Amazon
    4) 2 other streams of income each earning $1K (probably info products)
    5) Build successful forum with 250+ active members and maybe a paid membership area
    6) New apartment – might be a bit of a rush though if it’s the end of the year but we’ll see how it goes
    7) Publish at least 1 fiction book on Kindle Publishing platform
    8) No more “offline” clients!

    Good luck to everyone with your goals this year.
    Best wishes,

  • Scott

    Awesome goals Pat. To answer one of your questions, I would be more interested in learning how you choose to reinvest money into your websites (what % of profit is reinvested, ROI of investments, the best areas to invest in) rather than turn this into a blog about personal finance and how to invest in stocks and bonds. That might be a good niche site, but for the purposes of SPI, teach us the smartest ways to reinvest in our sites.
    Here’s to a crushing 2012!

  • Brock @ Amazon Affiliates Blog

    Awesome goals! Here are my humble goals for 2012:

    – Make $1500/month passive income via existing niche websites
    – Generate consistent or average 5k/month traffic to my new Amazon Affiliates Blog
    – Launch new company/website (it’s a secret) and get to 10k/month traffic and 5k mailing list by December 31st, 2012
    – Go to Toast Masters and give a kick ass Best Man speech this summer
    – Compete in a Jiu Jitsu or grappling competition

    Now it’s time to harness the excitement of a new year and hold onto to it for as long as possible!


  • Bryan Thompson

    Great goals, Pat! I have used the S-M-A-R-T method before in goal-setting and it’s amazing how much more I’m able to achieve when I set those specific goals that are measurable and timely. My challenge is to figure out a way to stop limiting beliefs that hold me back from that date I intend to have it. So far, 2012 is off to a great start, and you’ve inspired me to set my own goals very high. :)

    • Audrey Place

      You mentioned limiting beliefs and that I read about in Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles.(Co-Author of the Chicken Soup Series of books) In fact, it’s principle #33. Transcend your limiting beliefs. He talks about how to overcome any limiting belief. It’s a great book and great read, if you haven’t already. He too also mentions the s.m.a.r.t. goals as well.

  • Melissa Sharp

    Hey Pat, for one, I have the utmost admiration for your patience and foresight in this field. I’ve read about you turning down cash offers for your sites and although it was hard for me to relate to at the time, seeing your goals for the year certainly explains a lot. Also, in regards to divulging your stock market & investment earnings, I think it’s always refreshing when you post about things in your personal life (ie: the fitness & family stuff).

  • Andrea

    My goal for 2012 is to get 500 subscribers to my blog and start a list. I already have a fair amount of traffic and earning nicely so that’s what’s probably missing on my website. Anyhow your results Pat are really impressive, and your goals pretty wise.

    Hae a great day!

  • dave

    Hi Pat – great post. Just a quick question: you didn’t mention any goals around your iPhone app business. Anything going on there in 2012 you’d like to share?


  • Joe Pitcher

    Hi Pat,
    You have been a massive inspiration to me as a relatively new subscriber to your blog and 2012 will be the year I launch my first niches site amongst working towards other things.
    I’m actually an actor and have just finished an intense run of a Christmas show and now I’m writing my S.M.A.R.T 2012 goals this evening!
    Thanks again,

  • Andrew

    My goal for 2012 is to be featured as a successful case study on the SPI podcast or blog.

  • Dale @ How to build wealth


    Congrats on your success in 2011 and I wish you even greater success for 2012. Your goals are definitely following the SMART format.

    My goals are:
    Make $5,000 per month in the stock market
    Average 100 unique visitors per day to my website.
    Buy my first tax lein

    Hopefully I can hit these goals at the 6month mark, at which point I will revise them.

  • Dhane @ Billionaire Belief

    Incredible post and goals Pat!

    Didn’t see anything in there about Fantasy Football though (lol).

  • Diego

    Hi Pat,
    I read your list a few times, and compared it with your detailed income reports, and I started wondering something: it seems to me that your income is way higher than what is already considered high, so what’s the purpose of increasing it further? You give me the impression of being a wise saver and I believe that, shortly, you’ll probably have reached a substantial fund to cover rainy days and most of the years to come. I can understand the will of wanting to produce more, to give more and to keep your audience happy, but I really can’t see the need of the “increase the income” targets.

    • Pat

      Thanks for the comment, Diego.

      Although I’d be increasing income for myself, the bottom line is I’d be showing my audience that it’s possible, and how it’s done. Take the parts into consideration, not the whole.

      I’m here to help others (and I’m fortunate and blessed it pays me back in return), and if I can show examples of how to increase (and diversify – don’t forget how important that is) then more people will have better knowledge to do so themselves.

      As far as income for myself – yes, that would increase too with some of these goals, but the income reports, although they show a substantial amount of income, don’t tell the whole story. 50% are reserved for taxes – that’s a huge chunk right there. Additionally, there’s expenses, future unforeseen expenses and emergencies, and more importantly making sure my financial future for my son and any additional kids are secure, and their kids, etc.

      Plus, I have some bigger projects in mind that would take some start-up capital, and I’d much rather borrow from myself than pay interest to someone else.

      Hope that all makes sense.

      Happy New Year!

  • Brendan

    I think this is great Pat. I run two sites that are passion projects and I’ve used your methods here, as well as the methods of the amazing Joseph Archibald over at to monetize them over the past three months.

    I’ll be adding a third project in the next year and really stirring things up a bit.

    Your posts inspired me to do the same as you and publicly post my goals for the next year on both sites.

    Thanks again for inspiration.

  • Brendan

    Doh! Also forgot to mention that I think the best thing that I take from your site is inspiration. Don’t underestimate your ability to inspire people. I think you’ve seen that in your reader challenges already. Keep up the great work Pat!

  • jack foley

    Yo Pat..

    Yea I’m also into trading & investing and I would love to see you share what you are doing Pat..


  • jonathan mcshane

    Again, like your summary of 2011 goals – great post.

    I am more motivated than ever to push hard in 2012.

  • vir

    Aren’t you afraid by putting your goals online. People can get jealous or things like evil eye which can hamper your goals. I think goals should be kept secret. I really get afraid of sharing things like this because I think if I share it with anybody I will fail.

    • Audrey Place

      There are more people who want to see other people succeed and will help them, than those who don’t. You also mention about being afraid, fear…FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Pat is not motivated by fear, at least that is what it seems. He is positively motivated because of past experience. It’s all how you respond to things. Just read these replies to this post, majority are in favor of his goals. He is greatly helping others, I which I am one and totally appreciate it. He is transparent, has integrity, and wants others, not just himself to succeed. That is why he does what he does, and very well I add. I hope you will not let fear deter you from reaching your goals.

  • Cheryl Phillips

    Always an inspiration, Pat. I did a similar “goal” forecast last year and met 98% of my goals….I’m aiming for 100% this year :) Looking forward to keeping up with your posts/Facebook conversations.

    Thanks to your guidance, I’m finding continued success.

  • goals for 2012

    Thank you so much for your great post. First set your goals and put your efforts to make it possible.

  • Rajesh

    Good luck with your goals, hope you crack all of your dreams..

  • Forlanda

    I like how you’re always trying to use “SMART” where ever you can in your posts; in this case to help people remember what constitutes a good goal.

    Pat, if you can achieve all these, then 2012 will definitely be an epic year.

  • Neil

    Pat – great goals, I hope you smash them to pieces. I think you should keep the dividend investing aspects separate from the main site – that’s more what you are doing with your own money rather than what you’re doing to earn it. It’s interesting to know about (especially if it works well and provides a long term sustainable income) but not something you should focus on I think.

  • Terra Dawn

    Hey Pat!! I know you don’t know me and all, but can you do me a favor? I’m having serious issues with time management…primarily because you put out way to much amazing content.

    No seriously. Everytime you podcast or post videos (I still have to find time to dive into your blog, believe it or not) I get an idea. And everytime I get an idea, my plate becomes just a little bit more full.

    I’ve actually had to turn away ideas at the door!!!!! That’s like…like turning away the ASPCA offering you a free puppy!!!! 0_0

    Anyways, if you could maybe put out good ideas once a month instead of once everyday, that would be great.

    Thanks, and I hope you meet all your 2012 goals!! ;D

    P.S. Your Ebook = Business Changer. Thanks.

  • Terra Dawn

    Also, in the interest of sharing…I put this on my facebook. (It’s a computer background I created to keep me motivated this year.) Now the world knows of my love for Elijah Wood. face/palm.

    • Stephen

      Wow this is a brilliant idea terra… thanks for the input..

      and thx pat for the Very inspiring Post and great goals…

  • Rob

    Hey Pat, I would be very interested in your dividend earnings or any related articles. To me dividends are the definition of passive income, and I am surprised more people in the passive income space don’t talk about them.

    Keep up the great work, and best of luck in the New Year.


  • Eric

    Hello Pat, I have been following your blog for some time and learned a lot from it. This is the first time I make a comment here though.

    Other then so many other bloggers, you always seem to have a plan and know what you’re doing well before you are actually doing it. I have found out for myself that having a set plan accompanied with a very specific schedule, can make things so much easier. It just breaks things down to achievable goals. It can be so easy to get overwhelmed by the many possibilities and just not knowing where to start. Even if some of your goals remain unachieved, failing is the first step to succeeding and many times better then not trying. Good luck in the future and keep us posted on your achievements.

  • Nathan Sloan

    Great post Pat.

    I definitely find that by writing down your goals it makes them 100x more likely that you will achieve them.

    All the best for this year.


  • Alexis

    Very good article. Best wishes for 2012!

  • Rajka @ExpatDoctorMom

    Wow, I read this as I am for a third time brainstorming my goals. They are mostly set but just to see if anything else comes out of the brainstorming!

    Can’t wait for your first product! Am pleased that you are actually taking the time to make it the best!

  • Allen

    Happy New Year Pat! Congratulations on your success last year. I started following you a couple years ago when you were back in the ~ 8k/month club. You’ve made some insane strides in a two year span. Dude, I wish you the best as you definitely give and give and give. Having goals is one way to hold yourself accountable and provide motivation. Thanks for sharing all that you do and I look forward to the great posts and projects you’re sure to bring this year.

  • Ryan

    Thanks for sharing your goals, Pat! They are really specific. I know this is part of your SMART goals strategy, but what sets you apart from most people is that they aren’t specific enough in their goal setting. One of my goals is to read 50 books and keep notes on them.

  • Sean Colman

    Hi Pat,

    Fantastic goals for the year, I hope all can be achieved for you.

    I have a lot changes coming this year myself, mainly diversity in income like you are looking for.

    Happy New Year to you and all your readers, I Love visiting SPI!!


  • Brian Yang

    green with envy, all there is to say

  • Ceejay@ Make money online

    Happy new year! Thanks for sharing your goal with your readers.
    My goals to earn enough income from my blog.

  • Susan@Fast Weight Loss Tips

    Hey Pat, inspiring list of goals for the new year. I have been working on my goals for the year for health, business, and financial.

    I have found in my industry that it is imperative that we set goals and take massive action to achieve them. No goal or no action = no progress.

    I’m even pushing my boyfriend who owns a construction company to make a set of goals to hold himself accountable.

    If we all set goals and work really hard to achieve them, 2012 should be epic!

  • steve wyman

    Hi Pat

    Great goals. And I look forward to see the new product and your othe rproject come through this year.

    An EPIC year indeed I feel that as well great things are possible in the year of the Dragon.

  • Jon Cooper

    The only goal I honestly feel you won’t achieve is the security guard training HQ ($3000/month) because I think there’s only so much growth in a niche like that.

    Besides that, those were some seriously ambitious goals of yours, but I think you’re one of the few people that have a shot at really making them happen. Best of luck Pat!

    • Paul

      I’d have to disagree. I think there is a ton of possibilities on that site. He could start having categories for popular security guard tools (night sticks, heck I don’t know anything about security guards) as an example.

      Or, he could go in another slightly different direction and talk about how to use your security guard training to get better jobs than a traditional security guard. That opens up the possibility to get into personal security, private investigation, etc.

      I have no idea if he want’s to, but with a little brainstorming he could easily expand into different areas.

  • Lyn D

    Thanx Pat, I have enjoyed hearing from you over the past 12 months. Hopefully some day soon I will put many of your tips and suggestions to good use as I plan to write an ebook.
    May 2012 bring all good things for you, health, wealth and most importantly happiness LYN

  • Paul

    Awesome list of goals, Pat! I have no doubt you’ll reach them. I’m in the much earlier stages of my journey, and I just wanted to let you know you’re site is extremely helpful in a lot of ways.

    I’m in the middle of about 100 projects (which is why most aren’t getting done) but I’ve recently starting focusing on my blog. Building a community is just a great feeling. I’m loving the interaction of talking with real people, etc.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for this site and wishing you the best in 2012!

  • Sylva

    Great Pat.
    You’re a BOMB!
    May all your effort be crowned with divine favour
    and may you achieve all and more that you’ve set
    for yourself.
    Very happie new year.
    And pls ignore those guys getting on your nerves
    by way of provocative comments.
    Be strong,

  • Nathan

    Great list of goals, Pat. Congratulations on your accomplishments in 2011, and best of luck in 2012.

  • Taline

    Those are a lot of goals and I’m certain you will achieve them! You motivate me to do more and I look forward to following your achievements this year :)

  • Colleen Kelly

    Hi Mr. Flynn!

    I liked this post a lot ! I learn so much when I come here and read your posts. I wanted to thank you for that. I’m realitively new to blogging and found you through Dan Gheesling. His blog gave me the idea to start my own. I have a few of your podcasts on my Itouch and listen to them at the gym . I see from Twitter you are getting the P90X2! How cool! I lost 120 lbs about 2 years ago and became fitness Entusiast! in a big way. I’m waiting for the P90X myself ! Waiting to hear from you on Twitter if you found it challenging ! If it’s challenging I’m there ! Thank you for a great post! I am making my own list of Goals for my blog. I know it’s a little after the fact but I don’t just like to make them ..I like to make goals and have them mean something. Thanks !

  • Drizzt @ Investment Moats

    i think you have taken the right direction in doing dividend investing and there are a few differences even in that school altogether.

    Its passive income probably so you can include it as well!

  • Jan

    I wish you that your plans for 2012 come true. I like your blog post writing style: posts have got a good length.


  • Seleema @ How To Look Younger

    Great goals Pat! I like the attitude and confidence you have even when you didn’t meet all your goals. You have a won’t give up demeanor that is sure to serve you well in 2012.


    And best wishes to you in 2012.


  • http://[email protected] The Financial Blogger

    Hey Pat!

    those are awesome goals! please give me a few more years before you do a Smart Dividend Investing sites, I need more time to establish my niche before you jump in mine! hahaha!

  • Tony Wang

    Hey Pat,

    I really like that you mention that you’ve been waiting so long to create a product because you’re focused on delivering value rather than making money. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in business is never focus on making money, but do focus on providing as much value as possible and money will follow.

    Best wishes in 2012!

  • http:// Steve Dangerfield

    Hi Pat,

    I set SMART goals each year but for 2011 I added something after listening to a podcast by Zig Ziggler where he explained how important it is to not just have a goal but to know where you are in achieving that goal. I now keep a very simple spreadsheet with each goal listed together with a tracker showing where my progress should be. I review my tracker on a monthly basis and make corrections when I need to and celebrate when I’m ahead of target. That technique worked well for me in 2011 and hopefully will for 2012.

    I set goals for everything – business, personal, hobbies etc… some think it makes life too serious but I think it’s more of a game.

    All the best!


  • Mike King

    Nice on Steve;

    I do the same. I break down each of the steps and am always working on one of them.

    I also try to get a really good picture of graphic representation of it and the ideal scene of what it will be like when I am there with the goal in my hands of the achievement and have it all very cleanly written up how it is. Not how it is “going” to be because that puts it out in the future, but how it IS.

    This is really powerful and I proved this to myself just moving home this weekend and found my old vision board for the last year. I had achieve nearly all of them and surpassed many. I was like “Wow!”

    So, good one Steve. Have a huge 2012.

    Cheers, Mike King.

  • Neil Kristianson

    As always, great info Pat! I have taken a good chunk of this list and used it for my own 2012 goals. Since my site just launched at the end of December it will be a while before I get to “Pat Flynn” territory! :)

    This year I am just focusing my goals on traffic & download numbers – no $$$. I am betting that if the traffic is there then the money will eventually follow. If I just keep sharing great content and build a community I am confident all will be good.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Emily

    My biggest SMART goal is to reach at least $3K a month by the end of the year, from my new adsense site and my main blog combined, by consistently publishing content and backlinking.

  • sanjay

    One of my goals this 2012 is to boost my website traffic and find a way to gain profit from it.

    Inspiring post Pat!

  • Allie | Ramblings of a WAHM

    Only 20 podcast! I can’t live off of eating Taco Bell only 20 times this year! LOL! I’ll just have to check out the podcasts you suggested. :-(

    Looking forward to your product launch. So excited!


  • Ian Robinson


    You really are a huge inspiration. I’m expecting to really crush it this year and make 2012 the best one yet. Thanks for posting your goals, you inspired me to post mine!


  • Jillian

    I just thought you should know that Ali Brown totally ripped this post off in her 2012 Goal email without giving you credit! I love her too, but I just thought that was funny. :)

  • Jenna

    Great list of goals! Can’t wait to see where 2012 takes you.

  • Jason Scott

    Great post, like the use of the word wanderpreneurs! Some very good goals included, if you keep churning out great posts like this, they are very acheivable- best of luck.

  • Jamie Northrup

    My goal is to duplicate all my stats from 2011, both for revenue and for traffic on all my websites, some will be easier than others, but that was my lazy way of putting goals, I think I can do it based on the past 3 months, I just have to keep the momentum going.

  • Andreas

    Nice list of goals, best of luck to you!

    Btw, your blog is a huge source of information and inspiration and one of my goals for 2012 is to keep reading what you write carefully :)

  • E. DL

    Something i’ve learned about setting goals is to NEVER aim low, even for starters. For example, if a person has never made a single dollar online, don’t aim for $10 or $50. If you already have a basic idea on HOW to make the money, aim for something that exceeds your dreams. Sure, this is argumentative. Some may say that this could overwhelm you–and i KIND OF agree, but not much. Setting low expectations only slows you down mentally, which in time turns into a financial loss. All in all, it’s best to keep expectations realistic while also not underestimating your abilities.

  • Amit

    Hi Pat ,
    Thanks for the nice goal and All the best for your Goals

  • Robin Stanley

    I for one would definitely be interested in reading more about dividend investing, retirement planning etc. You’re right SPI is about online business, blogging and entrepreneurship… but it’s also about financial security and freedom so I don’t think that you’d really be straying to far from from your fundamentals. Looking forward to testing out whatever SPI product you’re putting together.

  • debabrata Dhar

    Hi Pat,

    Recently I wrote a blog post on my blog – Diversity In Setting New Year Goals & Achievements By Bloggers of Different Levels!

    In this post I mentioned about your recent blog post – My 2012 Goal Post.

    You already talked about the goals that can be aggressively set by a blogger like you.

    You goals prove that you are always result oriented. You are hunger for your success. And the fact is – it is already proved.

    I am realty proud of you because you are growing exceptionally well in the last couple of years and this fact inspires thousands of people like me.

    I really appreciate your goals and let my readers and me learn from your goals and the process you apply for achieving them

    Thanks for writing this post.

    Regards –
    Debabrata Dhar

  • is the place to promote and socialize

    What’s up, I log on to your blogs regularly. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep up the good work!

  • jack foley

    I commend your honesty for putting your goals on your blog..

    This in fact will make them more powerful..


  • Matt and Heather Peterson

    Read your ebook today and loved it! I like this post as well. I didn’t take a chance to write my goals for 2012, but am wanting to continue to grow my blog. thanks for the post!

  • Tom

    Hi Pat,

    I really enjoying your podcasts and catching up on your blog archive. Thank you for sharing your SMART Goals, and congratulations on your progress! Writing down your goals, sharing them and reporting progress all contribute to achieving your goals. More about defining and achieving SMART Goals can be found at: