Be Everywhere: How I Got 2000+ NEW Visitors to My Site—with a Front Page PowerPoint Presentation on Slideshare

Slideshare Front PageI’m still recovering from widsom tooth extraction last Friday (not fun – it was apparently a very rough surgery), but what makes me feel a lot better is being able to share this high-quality guest post by Gregory Ciotti from Sparring Mind.

I rarely accept guest posts on this blog, but when I do it has to be totally unique content that I haven’t touched on before and it must be presented in a way that can help those in the SPI community who want to try something new and take action. This post is that and a whole lot more, and what I love is that Gregory took the initiative to expand on my “Be Everywhere” content strategy, found success with it, and was kind enough to report his findings and experience here.

Take it away Greg! 

(Caution: this is a long post, but filled with great examples!)

Everything old is new again.

Of all the original and actionable advice that is to be found on Smart Passive Income, by far my favorite has to be Pat’s transparent and comprehensive articles on “Being Everywhere,” or getting your brand on multiple platforms to increase exposure.

I feel like 2012 will really be the year that bloggers start to truly understand the importance and usefulness of creating content in different mediums and formats to grow their presence online.

Old posts & new content can come alive in the form of free guides, videos, and even hour long podcasts.

That is all apart of the power of content marketing on different platforms.

Recently, I had some success with this exact strategy… yet I wasn’t using anything modern like YouTube videos or audio content on SoundCloud.

I used a PowerPoint presentation.

Wait… Seriously?

I promise!

And no, I didn’t present it to a live audience of thousands of people… I presented it to a virtual audience of tens of thousands.


By using a true “quiet giant” of content marketing: SlideShare.

My post hit the homepage of the site (it was featured as a “presentation of the day”) and then went on to send me a ton of great traffic, all for 11 measly slides.

Here’s a view of the traffic spike I got from a homepage feature, aided by the fact that SlideShare also tweets out the top presentations on it’s Twitter account:

Before I get into how I did it, let’s talk about what SlideShare is for a minute.

What is SlideShare?

Okay, so let’s dial down the hype a little bit: what the heck is SlideShare anyway?

In a nutshell, SlideShare is what I call the “YouTube of PowerPoint presentations”, in that it allows you to upload and share (via embedding or individual links) slideshows of any sort.

The thing is, SlideShare is actually really popular, and the audience is quite targeted.

My interest in SlideShare was first peaked after checking out this recent infographic about the service, particularly this section:

An audience that is more interested in business than even LinkedIn?

That’s huge, and I knew SlideShare had some major potential in the all important “Be Everywhere” strategy.

Making The Homepage

The biggest potential I saw with the SlideShare platform was with how well they treated their top presentations.

Great slideshows would make the homepage, and would often be under a “featured” section for days at a time.

The place to be, however, was definitely the above the fold “Top Presentations of the Day,” of which only 3 are featured.

I had seen presentations hit the tens of thousands of views after being featured there, so in order to have a big impact on my traffic, I knew that’s where I wanted to be.

Luckily, I was able to make the homepage with my very first upload!

I honestly couldn’t believe it when I got the email notifying me that I had been featured, along another email letting me know my presentation had passed 10,000 views already.

I knew I had really dug into what SlideShare’s audience liked, had looked at top presentations for days to see what they had in common, and took the time to make my presentation prettier than the average slideshow on the site… but it was still a surprise.

In case you are wondering, my presentation was called Content Marketing on SlideShare, and can be seen below:

Too small? Read the large version here.

Yup, a simple collection of 11 slides landed me on the front page of a major website, got me over 19,000+ views (at this very moment) of my presentation, and sent me over 2,000 unique visitors, all for less than an hour’s worth of time.

When’s the last time a guest post sent you that much traffic?

Not that guest blogging isn’t one of the best ways to build a blog ever, but you have to wonder how much traffic you are missing out on if you aren’t taking Pat’s advice to “Be Everywhere” that your audience is.

They often frequent a lot more places than the blogs that you guest post for.

But enough about that, let’s talk about how you can crush it on SlideShare, and maybe even make the homepage yourself!

What Kind of Presentations Do Well?

With SlideShare, as with YouTube, you must cater to your audience and to the platform if you want to succeed.

On both Smart Passive Income and my site Sparring Mind, there is no hiding of the fact that some posts can reach up to 2-3000+ words in length.

Sometimes, these posts can take a while to read, and you’ll often see commentors talking about bookmarking them to return to later.

However, as you’ve learned from Pat’s discussion on YouTube marketing, this value packed but really lengthy style of content on blogs simply does not work as well on the video and slideshow medium.

Generally, the only time from my research that I found a long slideshow made the homepage was when it was packed with a ton of statistical data or had a huge focus on custom images, or it was attached to a big brand that use it with a popular webinar (such as Dan Zarella’s & HubSpot’s presentation on Social Timing, which I’ve embedded below):

Click here to see it on SlideShare.

Look at those numbers though!

Almost 100,000 views and nearly 8,000 tweets: proof positive that you can get some incredible views on SlideShare.

Getting Started with SlideShare

When it comes to really diving into the “Being Everywhere” strategy, I find that two things seem to always be the biggest hurdles that stop people from getting started:

  1. Technical difficulties (or the inability/lack of desire to get the needed tools)
  2. Fear & apprehension of getting themselves out there (specifically in video/audio)

I’ll be discussing the latter at the end of the post, but for now, let me put to rest any fears you might have about SlideShare being “difficult” to participate in.

To do that, let’s discuss getting started with using SlideShare itself.

If you have ever uploading anything, literally anything, on the web before, you will be able to use SlideShare, it’s about as basic as you can get: simply upload a PowerPoint file you made on your computer, and in a minute or so, it’s live

Even better, you can re-upload presentations after you’ve made edits offline, and you’ll keep the same amount of views and any place that the presentation is embedded will also be updated.

That means there is no worry about having to entirely “re-do” content like you might have to do with a video, simply fix the problem in PowerPoint and upload again, and nobody will be the wiser.

I had to do that when I realized that I spelled the name of my site wrong on the last slide the first time I uploaded, D’oh!

Certainly a lot more user friendly than doing an hour long podcast only to realize you stated something wrong at the end of it: in a case like that, it’s either try to make a cumbersome fix with audio editing software, re-do the whole thing, or keep it as is.

Next, let me touch on creating beautiful presentations that get noticed.

Now, if you’ve ever opened up PowerPoint before, you’ll note that it already had a variety of “themes” that you can use, and they certainly get better depending on the version you have.

But say you really want to make an impact, and the default PowerPoint selection just isn’t doing it for you, you are in luck (even if you don’t have any design skills) because there are a variety of places to find great presentations for really cheap or even for free.

You can often find free PowerPoint templates created by designers given away as freebies, such as the Wrap Template by Collis Ta’heed or the Wooden Template by WorkAwesome.

By far the best templates I’ve seen (although they cost a few dollars) are from Graphic River.

Here’s a link to the PowerPoint section on

It might take a little digging around (and $10+ or so), but you can find some real beauties in this selection, some really amazing stuff for the price, especially if you are going to be using them for more than one presentation (which you definitely should, most of them have a ton of different slide formats).

This is where I obtained my presentation template for my first SlideShare upload, and better yet, I paid for it with my earnings from GraphicRiver’s awesome affiliate program.

Although they cost money, consider the comparison to what you might need to get started with video:

  • HD camera or camcorder ($200+)
  • Video editing software
  • Screen recording software (Something like $300 for Camtasia if your computer doesn’t already include a decent editing program)

Meanwhile, a $12 PowerPoint template that you can re-use multiple times is all you need for SlideShare, and it takes much less time.

Not that you shouldn’t pursue video (you definitely should pursue video content), it’s just that SlideShare might be a better way to “get your feet wet” given the low upfront cost and technical skill needed.

So, what kind of presentations get noticed on SlideShare?

As I was studying the top presentations over the course of about a week or so, I noticed a few things that seem to be apparent throughout:

  1. The importance of your title slide
  2. Focus on images with “caption” text
  3. The ‘image/explanation’ combo
  4. What topics do well?
  5. Hyper focus on content

Time to drop what knowledge I’ve gathered, so let’s do this!

1.) The Importance of Your Title Slide

Your title slide can seem like a small detail, but can play a vital role in garnering more views for you presentation, especially if it hits anywhere on the homepage.

But why?

I’ve long been a fan of Pat’s information on YouTube, he’s definitely got his YouTube strategy down… *puts on sunglasses* … pat. (Caruso would be proud of that joke).

One thing he’s discussed before: the importance of the video “Thumbnail” when it comes to drawing in views.

Pat makes a joke that if you can’t include something that’s going to give readers an incentive to click (such as “4-Minute Video on How To…”), you should include a hot chick!

If you take a look at YouTubes highest viewed videos, that joke is actually spot on: videos with unusual thumbnails gets TONS of views… just because!

Now, including a scantily clad gal on your next video or SlideShow presentation ain’t gonna work that easy, and SlideShare is a business audience, so you won’t likely impress too many folks with your nonsense.

Disregarding pretty women for a moment (too bad…), the point I’m trying to make here is that your title slide is your “Thumbnail” equivalent, and having a bold, “waiting to be clicked” title slide will lead to more views both on SlideShare and if your presentation happens to be embedded.

While your “content slides” can be a little more subdued, really go all out to make your title slide noticeable without being a sleeze.

Bold colors, big text, and interesting images are the way to go, and are definitely a common element among the top presentations on SlideShare.

2.) Using Images + Caption Text = A Winning Combination

One strategy that I’ve seen work over and over on SlideShare is this combination of “powerful image + caption text,” an example of which can be seen below, for clarification:

WARNING: Language is semi-NSFW.

Note a few things here…

1.) Bold, controversial title slide? Check.

2.) Heavy focus on images + caption text? Check.

3.) Easily digested? (Slide take less than 1 minute to read each?) Check.

Is it any surprise then, that is is one of the most popular presentations of all time on SlideShare?


Now that we know what works on SlideShare, it was easy to predict that this one was going to be a smash hit.

The specific focus here though, is one that “image + caption” combo, because it’s a proven slideshow formula that works.

The image keeps things memorable, and the caption provides the info.

You obviously need to keep your content concise in this content form, captions don’t allow for 2000+ word blog posts, but they do allow for you to get out quick, essential information that will be easily remembered when paired with a powerful image.

3.) The “Image + Explanation” Combo

Sounds similar to the tactic above, and really only has one key difference: the image and the corresponding text are to be on different slides.

So you would have an intriguing image first, followed by text explaining or elaborating on the image.

For instance, say you were creating a slide on pollution, an effective presentation could go something like…

Image of animals covered in oil –> Data on oil spills

Image of turtles caught in soda can plastics –> Information on plastic pollution in our oceans…etc

I think I actually made myself a bit sad writing that :(.

The point is, the image/context (text slide) combo can be really potent.

The image sparks a powerful emotional response, and the text drives a point home.

Having the image comes first also build anticipation: what is the next slide going to be about?

It keeps people reading, and leaves them with a memorable presentation, so make sure to take advantage of the power of “full image” slides.

4.) What Topics Do Well on SlideShare?

Topicality matters, and certain topics certainly do better than others on some platforms.

YouTube has a “catch all” thing going on given it’s size, but even with the colossal offering of YouTube content, you’ll see that music videos & humor based videos top the “most viewed” consistently.

So, what sort of topics work well for the SlideShare audience?

I’ve found that they generally fall into the following types of info:

  1. Improvement info (personal development, business tactics, improving some aspect of your life or trade)
  2. Making a statement (entertaining/controversial slides like the Social Media one above)
  3. Data (the business audience that frequents SlideShare loves data)
  4. Entertainment with “meaning” (presentations made of quotes, life advice with a humor twist, etc.)

The great thing: SlideShare does not seem to be niche exclusive at all, tons of topics make the homepage, although the business/marketing & personal development crowd will probably find themselves most at home.

I guarantee your topic has a presentation style suitable for SlideShare.

5.) Hyper-Focused Content Performs Better

You’d do well to stay away from the “5 Easy Social Media Tips!” type of garbage on SlideShare: the audience is already interested in business & marketing, and vague content like that isn’t going anywhere (unless you have some incredible custom images, even then, I doubt it).

On SlideShare, people are viewing slides to learn something specific.

Don’t approach a presentation as a all out assault on a broad topic, pick a battle with a sub-topic and conquer it.

Don’t make a presentation on vegetarianism.

Make a presentation on the physical effects a vegetarian diet has on folks who were not formerly vegetarians.

Don’t create slides about “fishing” (seriously, a slideshow about fishing? We need to talk if you were considering that…)

Create a slideshow demonstrating the 10 largest fish ever caught (photos people, photos!)

Presentations are already deadly close to being boring: go on for too long, don’t make it exciting, and making things vague is a guaranteed way to ensure it’s boring…ness.

Examples Found Outside SlideShare

The funny thing is, a ton of really popular sites already utilize this “slideshow” style content (and it often goes viral), they just have their web developer whip it together and host it themselves.

You can copy their techniques for generating viral slideshows by observing who creates this type of content and what types of content they create.

My two favorite examples?

Mashable and Forbes.

Hell, Mashable had an article about YouTube tricks get 4000 Twitter shares and it wasn’t much more than a dinky slideshow!

Forbes, which I’m sure you’ve heard of, relies on slideshows for some of their most important content!

This includes things like their list of the world’s billionaires, as well as composing slideshows for their “Forbes 400” and other huge, viral lists of rich folk.

Maybe when Pat makes the next list, you all will start noticing the rampant use of slideshows on tons of big sites ;).

Leverage: How To Get on the Homepage

The thing with SlideShare (and why I draw so many parallels to YouTube) is that it takes a bit of “leverage” to get the ball rolling: the path to the SlideShare homepage must be started with a presentation that captures some initial attention.

In a nutshell: your presentation has a much better chance of getting picked for the homepage if it’s already generating some buzz, or in SlideShare terms, some decent “views” before it gets selected.

This is where a lot of bloggers get stuck with their “Being Everywhere” strategy, and it’s where the excuses come in…

“Why should I create content if nobody is going to see it? How can I get the ball rolling without a big audience?”

Now, maybe for those of you like Pat who have 30,000+ RSS subscribers in the ranks ready to support whatever content you post don’t have this kind of problem, but most of us do and it can be a real uphill battle to overcome it.

The thing is, the answer to how to “break through” with a new medium of content without a huge audience is actually really simple…

Use someone else’s audience.

And no, I don’t mean steal them away at gunpoint…

Utilize guest posting!

There are plenty of blogs out there with large audiences, and how many guest posters do you see using different forms of media in their guest posts?

Almost never.

So, you not only get the benefit of getting more exposure for your video, audio, or slideshow content, but you also get to stand out as a guest posting by being different and using these mediums that people aren’t used to seeing.

This is exactly what I did to get the ball rolling for my slideshow.

I embedded the presentation into my guest post on a DailyBlogTips article entitled Increasing Your Blog Traffic With SlideShare.

This was the “catalyst” so to speak that allowed me to get the ball rolling, to start the line of dominoes.

The exposure that I got from that guest post allowed me to get the first couple hundred views that I needed to get people’s attention, which then lead to this nonsense:

Those two emails were in within an hour of each other, demonstrating the power of hitting the front page. (That’s what my inbox would call a good problem :)).

That also shows the power of leverage.

If you don’t have a big enough audience to leverage yourself (embedding the content into your posts, like Pat does), you can leverage the audience of a bigger site.

As I mentioned, most bloggers would be happy to let you embed a slideshow into your guest post as long as it is well done and related to the content you are posting about.

I might risk going off on a tangent here, but I just wanted to add that this strategy should not be exclusive to SlideShare presentations.

I would love to see more bloggers utilizing this strategy to bring in more views to their YouTube videos, or to get more exposure for their podcast by embedding them into guest posts via SoundCloud.

This would allow bloggers to get a jump start if they started a new podcast are want to get more views for their recently uploaded video content.

Crafting a guest post around the topic that the video is about and then embedding it will lead to clicks from a totally new audience, what better way to get more views & listens than that?

Other Smart Ways to Use SlideShare

By far, the most clever way I’ve seen SlideShare used to date is to give life to past webinars.

I know plenty of you have taken the time out to create a great set of slides for webinar purposes, only to have them become useless once the webinar is done.

No longer.

That awesome example slideshow from Dan Zarella that I mentioned above? (On social media timing)

That was originally a free webinar hosted by HubSpot, given new life on SlideShare and that has brought in over 80,000+ additional views.

So if you’re using webinars the smart way, building your list with products like WebinarBridge, you can now “let them loose” into the wild after a set period, giving the world access to something that might have previously only been available to a smaller group of your readers.

The last way I’d like to see SlideShare used is through “complimentary” presentations, or presentations that go along with single blog posts.

Going to write something about the “25 Somethingest Somethings to Ever Something Something”?

Include a slideshow that includes all of the “somethings” you are going to be talking about, even if it’s just photos and small captions (we’ve seen how well they work for Mashable & Forbes).

They just might work for you!

One Last Thing…

I mentioned above the that the other thing stopping people from getting started with “being everywhere” was a fear of getting themselves out there.

The thing is, you have to embrace that fear, knowing that everybody gets nervous when they start out.

I wanted to share this quick newsletter passage from Hiten Shah of KISSmetrics on why you should resolve to scare yourself every day:

In January, you get a lot of posts with tips about how to make the New Year awesome.

A lot of those posts are garbage. Really, they are.

If you’re actually practicing being a conscious and growth-focused entrepreneur, you shouldn’t be waiting for some socially acceptable milestone to inspire yourself to become better than you are.

You have to be continually igniting that flame from within, regardless of what the calendar date is.

So, how do you do that? By doing what scares you the most.

I’m serious. You see, usually, the “right” thing to do is the one action that really scares the s*** out of you.

Once you know what that is in terms of your business (or maybe your life), go do it.

And I don’t mean do it all half-assed and crazy–you’ve got to do a think before you act, spend a small amount of time planning, and then move on that plan right away.

Tips are good. But those ones that roll around every new year just don’t help because they let your brain and your focus atrophy the rest of the year.

Resolve to scare yourself each day. This is way better than a new year’s resolution.

There is never going to be a better time to get started “being everywhere” than right now.


Make it happen! :)

Thanks for reading, I sincerely hope my post was useful for you!

Once again Greg, thank you for taking the time to write this massive post and share it with the SPI community! If you have any questions, please leave them below and I’m sure Greg would be happy to drop by every once and a while and answer them for you. And lastly, of course, if you’ve like to learn more marketing tips from Greg I encourage you to please head on over to his blog at Sparring Mind and enjoy!

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    • Gregory Ciotti

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        I think your content was awesome. Inspired me to make use of lots of my older presentations, and perhaps even making me think a little about how I can arrange/reuse even my audio content to become more useful.

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      The free trial is of course available for 30 days to give it a test run.

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      Thanks for the comment Faith!

      While OpenOffice is a great tool (and able to be uploaded to SlideShare), I just want to note that I’m not certain if the GraphicRiver templates are able to be opened by it, in case anyone is considering purchasing a template from there.

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    Great post on Slideshare. I’ve views presentations on their for a while and haven’t thought of using it to drive traffic, which is a great idea. The problem is that this post only applies to people offering things for the B2B market and B2C. My website targets consumers. How can I use it?

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Carlo, I think the informative nature of a slideshow isn’t necessarily limited to B2B & B2C markets, if you goal is simply education, than I think a slideshare does as well as anything else.

      I might be misunderstanding you, but I’d advise using it to present information in a useful and concise way, ie, the way any other blog would use it.

  • Chris

    In summary of the comments, people like the post, and Greg is “glad.”

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Hahaha, actually laughed out loud at this one, thanks for the laugh Chris, and I’m glad you… WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE! 😉

  • David Swetlow

    Greg … epic post! I’ll have to take a nap after reading it though … 😉 All good. Pat … excellent “be different” guest post choice.

    After seeing 5X traffic chart above got me thinking isn’t it ironic a “low-tech”, simple solution like Slideshare could be ignored or maybe considered passe in favor of latest greatest whiz bang tool, plugin, system, etc to blast one’s blog to the moon yet not following crowd / masses may be the best strategy of all with less competition to worry about.

    I’d heard of Slideshare but didn’t think of application re IM …. thanks for opening my eyes and mind!


    • Gregory Ciotti

      I will say this bluntly: I think you’re absolutely right when you say people are obsessed with the flashy, and maybe this is me going off on a tangent, but the recent slew of posts on Pinterest definitely enforces this viewpoint.

      Not that sites like Pinterest can’t offer SOME niches and blogs a great source of traffic, but EVERYONE seems to be hopping aboard when it really doesn’t have a universal appeal.

      Meanwhile, the lowly PowerPoint presentation goes unnoticed, that will hopefully change for a few folks with this post :).

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    • Pat

      Hi Kavin – thanks for the guest post inquiry. Please send me a completed draft via my contact form on the contact page here on the blog. Then we can talk about whether or not it’s ready for a guest post on SPI. Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  • Andrea Hypno

    Gregory, very interesting post. Well. it’s not that strange that you write such good articles right? :)

    Not being a native English speaker both videos and podcasts are not my thing, but Slideshare would definitely be. Do you have any advice using Open Office for this?

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Hey Andrea, sounds like SlideShare would be a great fit for you, but I will say that you shouldn’t rule out videos & podcasts just because you aren’t a native speaker! (Unless you really feel your message would be lost in those mediums)

      As for OpenOffice, it works the same as PowerPoint, and is also free, but the thing is, I don’t think many of the “themes” you can find out there will work for the program, meaning you’ll have to either keep it basic or possibly do the layout/design yourself.

      Presentations don’t always have to be pretty though, so you can definitely get started by using OpenOffice for SlideShare.

  • Kim

    Wow, that was a different approach on getting visitors. I’ve never thought of going this way before. But great post, with a lot of unique details.
    Really got my brain spinning :)


    • Gregory Ciotti

      That’s awesome Kim, can’t wait to see what you come up with :).

  • Vedran

    At last, my kind of medium.

    Regarding length of the post I can say Ignore it and Enjoy it 😉
    Great post, thnx.


    • Gregory Ciotti

      Hehe, sometimes you gotta go all out when describing something most people haven’t seen or used before, glad you could appreciate that Vedran.

  • Sam Jones

    Brilliant post Gregory. I’ll definitely be looking into Slideshare after reading this. It’s not something I paid much attention to before but you’ve got me thinking it might not only be a good platform to share my knowledge but also to showcase my skills as a designer.

    • Gregory C.

      Slideshows could be a great place to demonstrate design talent Sam, an excellent idea.

      I checked out your work and I really like all of it, you should definitely see what you can whip up.

      I will definitely browse your portfolio a bit more and maybe get in touch :).

  • Jamie Northrup

    Very complete post Gregory, Slideshare is on my list of places to be, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve added a link to this post so when I get to it I’ll make sure to come back here for your tips.

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Thanks Jamie, appreciate it.

  • Chris

    Thanks for a great read Greg. The technical section was a great bit of information. Many people glaze over the technical hurdles they run into.

    Great guest post as always Pat

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Definitely, wanted to make sure people knew SlidesShare was accessible. Thanks for the comment.

  • Andi

    Another excellent post thanks, guess what Master Tim will have me doing tomorrow, creating a Slideshow to share… we often use slides when making some video tutorials so it is a great way to reuse them. Think I shall Tweet this post… :)

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Ha, good deal, thanks for the share!

  • Raimund Bauer

    @Kristoffer: Long posts like this one are good for me, because I let my android smartphone read them aloud on my way home. I have a 90 minutes commute and posts with epical length like this one are entertaining and education for about 30 minutes.
    @Pat: Have you ever considered Guest podcasts for stuff like this? It might be worth thinking over…
    Nice stuff, as always :-)
    Greetings from Germany,

    • Gregory Ciotti

      That’s a pretty awesome way of consuming long posts, will have to try it!

      I also like the guest podcasting idea, it’s something I’ve been meaning to write about.

      If you are interested in that, I’d advise that you look into sites like SoundCloud, where you can upload audio files and embed them onto other sites & posts.

  • Gaurav Garg

    Really Awesome and m going to implement this slid sending website

  • Gerry

    I found this website because of your guest post (was actually searching for info about podcasting) and now this site and yours are bookmarked! This was a really useful guest post and cleverly meta, in that you were employing the techniques you describe (e.g. embedding a slideshare presentation on a guest post). Thanks also for the great info about where to get presentation graphics.

  • David DuBose

    Great info. Thanks for taking the time to share.


  • Mandy Kilinskis

    Well, that does it. You’ve shown us the power of SlideShare and it’s definitely time to give it a go. As I know how to use Powerpoint and I don’t have any fancy video equipment, it seems like a great fit. 😉

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Haha, most definitely Mandy, glad to see you here :).

      I have to get back to work on a new presentation myself, can’t just leave it at one!

  • James Fetterolf

    Nice post Greg,

    Slideshare sounds like a good option for kids to create presentations for school and allow their teacher/classmates to view when and wherever….also update revisions.

    Greg, checked out the site. Extensive. Can you use embedded video and audio to deliver the presentation with narration?

    Pat, good guest post. Thanks. Hope you feel better.

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Yes, I believe you can use both video and audio within presentations.

      Love the idea of using it for education, I always support that!

  • Fakry Naras Wahidi

    wow wonderful
    i think i must try the slideshare for my blog too
    thanks for the information.

    btw where i can find the relevant photo
    like your slide above

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Not sure exactly which photo you’re talking about?

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    This is awesome post. I heard about slide share earlier, but your post on how harness the power of presentation gave me new perspective about how to market my blog.

    Thanks Pat for bringing Greg for presenting this gem :-)

    • Gregory Ciotti

      My pleasure, I hope SlideShare ends up being a useful content medium for you :).

  • Wil

    This is an excellent post. I’ve never heard of using Powerpoint as a way to share in social media. I use powerpoint quite often at work. So I am familiar with using it.

    I will definitely give this a try to market my blog as I am quite “fresh ON the boat”.
    Thank you for sharing this awesome info Greg and Pat. :)

  • Mike @ Home Business Ideas


    I knew a little about slideshare but boy, I learned so much from your detailed guest post here! Thanks so much for taking time to write exceptionally well post, but then again, there is lot of expect from Pat and his guest blogger. I am simply amazed and scared to ever make an attempt at guest posting here, as I tend to write 700-1500 words posts only. Thanks again.

    hope your tooth, mouth is better. I had root canal once and since then I am scared of dental pain. Take care.

  • zahib

    Jesus. Really great “ebook” you got here. the post is loaded with soo much information, that it seems like it should have been a pdf ebook guide. But that’s fine due to the warning of it being a long post.

    It is a good Idea to get your feet wet with slideshare if your starting with a small budget for content publishing. It’s also a great alternative content consumption for speed readers whom just want to get to the point then go to the next post.

    Awesome stats about audience usage, I had no Idea. But it would make sense that business professionals would be the one’s interested in powerpoint’s but who knew that they would really need them, well I guess slide share knew.

    Great Post…. I mean guide :-)

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Haha, it is e-Book length, isn’t it?

      I’m just too nice though, had to release it as a free post ;).

      On a serious note, thanks for the kind words, hope it was useful for you :).

  • Ian Jamieson

    I’ve been tinkering about with SlideShare for a while now so it’s great to read about someone else you loves it, and it’s great to get some tips on how to get the most from it. The simple idea of making your first slide like a thumbnail is brilliant but so simple – and I’ve been missing it. Thanks.

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Glad you could get some value out of this one Ian, I’d like to check out your slides if you ever get the chance, always more to learn about this platform :).

  • Edgar

    before this article Slideshare was something wired and strange for me. I was receiving emails from Slideshare saying someone has subscribed to me, but I have no slides out there.
    So if there is so much potential as you say.. than may be it worth trying. Why not?
    Thank you for article

    • Gregory C.

      Huh, that is strange, but I will say that it’s definitely a platform worth pursuing, best of luck!

  • sai krishna

    really quite interesting :) recently some where i heard about slide share .. finally now i got the example .. i will try it soon

  • Tom Ewer

    Congratulations Greg – on creating an awesome strategy for boosting your site’s readership, and for the guest post here on SPI! I got about half way through before realizing that I really should get some work done today – so I’ve bookmarked it for later 😉

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Heh, maybe a 2-part read huh?

      Thanks for the support bud.

  • Ralph | Social Media Explained

    Nice Greg!

    I’ve seen slideshare quite a bit on LinkedIn for the majority of times but never even thought of using it myself actually… perhaps something to try out :)

    Thanks for the read !

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Thanks Ralph, glad to see you around!

      I’m not surprised to see a lot of SlideShare on LinkedIn, the business crowds there definitely overlap.

      I need to do some more experimenting with LinkedIn, now that you mention it…

  • Monty Campbell

    There was a lot of great information here. I truly value what was said. I did take some time to read the post, go o the links and attempt to “Scare myself”.

    So far I’m still alive so have’t scared myself to death yet.

    Looking forward to success utilizing your techniques Greg. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Gregory C.

      Haha, no problem Monty, shoot me an email anytime.

      Definitely good to scare yourself daily, it makes you get done the things that you would otherwise put off for later.

  • Neil

    Great post. One question: does this help with SEO? Or, more specifically, if someone else decides to embed my slideshare content on their site, do I get a link back to my own site or is it a link back to Slideshare?

    • Gregory C.

      The link typically will lead to SlideShare unless you manually link back to your blog.

      The thing is, SlideShare is a powerful domain, so you can rank for terms with a popular presentation easier than you might with a new blog on a new domain.

      This means you can generate long term traffic to your presentation, which will trickle back to your blog or website.

  • Elsie

    Your post gave me a lot to think about. I submitted 3 slideshows on Slideshare last year just to see what would happen. I hit the 1000 views mark in December, but with all the information you have provided here, I should go back and edit my slideshows to let them “work harder” for me.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and tips.

    • Gregory C.

      Thanks Elsie, I’d love to hear about your SlideShare progress after you dive into it again this year!

  • Mike @ MikeVeny.Com

    Great article!

    Do you find more and more people using Slideshare as a trusted content source?

    • Gregory C.

      I have noticed that it’s been taking off recently, it’s really popular with the inbound crowd, you can check out HubSpot’s SlideShare page to see how effective it can be (they generate a ton of views from SlideShare).

  • Cindy

    Thank you for this amazing information. I was a member of slideshare but didn’t its potential in attracting visitors to a site.

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Awesome Cindy, glad the post was useful for you :).

  • Julian

    Great post, Greg! It was long but a good one, ah? This is a good information for those who want to get more exposure. PowerPoint is also a good targeting keyword for bloggers and webmasters.

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Thanks Julian, and it’s very true, SlideShare’s powerful domain helps slideshows with the right keyword rank really well.

  • Terry Tiessen

    Thanks, Greg. This was a truly content rich post, thanks for sharing it with us. I will be implementing this stat.

  • Jamie Hudson

    Awesome post Gregory. As Pat said, this is definitely unique content. I’ve been using document sharing sites for months, never had a 10,000+ viewed document though.

    Would love to know more about how to promote your slide share documents in order to drive more traffic to them.

  • Tansey Louis

    Hey! This was a very helpful post! I even created a short presentation of my own and it took me about 20 MINUTES. So I created a few more. :) :)
    If you’d like to see it, you can click on the link in my name.
    BTW, I love POWERPOINT presentations and I would be happy to help some of you out there with yours, as long as time permits me to. Bye for now! Best of luck to everyone!

  • Lawrence

    Man this was a great article I never even heard of slide share this has been the best thing I’ve read All week thank you so much, I can’t wait to get over to slideshare and check out whats going on. And to top it off you broke everything down great post loved it :)

  • Cory

    Wow Greg! That was eye opening. I remember seeing slide-shares quite a long time ago and thought they were pretty neat, but never really thought of the potential and life that you just brought to the whole process.

    I would have never thought that they would have become this heavily used. I’ll have to give it a shot now… Very rich post, and very well done!

  • Lloyd Hester

    This is a great post. For someone to take the time to write this out in so much detail and do it for FREE, is rare these days.

    This is the sort of thing you would find on a WSO for $17 or more.

    Thanks for taking the time to share :-)

    • Gregory Ciotti

      Hahaha, I hear you on the WarriorForum, it’s crazy what they try to charge for total crap over there, luckily you have resources like Pat’s site (and hopefully mine!) that dissect what is working and what isn’t.

      Thanks for the kind words Lloyd!

  • Brian Kwong

    Greg, I just want to say that this was a heck of a post. You and your blog is becoming one of my new favorite now! And of course still loving Pat’s blog!
    Thanks man =)


    • Gregory Ciotti

      Right back atcha Brian, I was a big fan of your guest post on ThinkTraffic so it means a lot that you’ve been enjoying my writing :).

  • Chris R. Keller From

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for the tip on slide share. I have started utilizing it a bit but not enough. Here is a link to my uploads. I have provided some info for how to create a marketing plan. If anyone has time to review them and give me feedback that would be great.

  • love you

    Hi! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to give it a look. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Exceptional blog and fantastic design.

  • Johan

    Under “What Kind of Presentations Do Well?” you may want to add that only English language presentations will perform anywhere close to this success story. Write in your target market’s language and your audience will be a fraction of the slideshare userbase and you will never get featured.

    Niche sites and shops targetting any non English speaking market have a huge dilemma. Their sites may have high conversion as they are localized. Being localized there is no point in attracting English speaking visitors. This also applies to Youtube or Article submissions.

    One could go ahead and submit an English presentation anyway. There will be traffic but at extreme bounce rates. Would love to read about thoughts of the other readers on this.

    • Gregory Ciotti

      A very, very good point Johan, and my apologies for not addressing it, I had wrote this article under the assumption that a majority of the SPI audience was English speaking/writing.

      You are correct in saying that SlideShare is predominately English speaking, although there are a few presentations in the “all time most viewed” which ARE in other languages, so I’m not that it is a requirement for the presentations to be in English.

  • barbra bush

    What’s up to all, how is everything, I think every one is getting more from this website, and your views are nice in favor of new users.

  • Gareth Morgan

    Wow! SlideShare is the way forward. Thanks for the info guys. I do a few powerpoint presentations, upload them on WMM and pop them onto youtube. It drives traffic fairly well and gets me a few opt ins but SlideShare looks like what I’ll be using in the future.

  • Greg

    Just the facts. Content, content and more content. this is a post I very much enjoyed reading. Gregory, I truly want to say thank you for the work you put into this article on how to get free traffic.
    I liked your use of words when you said “to start the line of dominoes.”
    The entire line leaves a visual in the mind of the reader.

    Good job and thanks for the useful information. I look forward to reading your next post. Would you be interested in doing a short interview?


  • Robert Hutton

    This is a great alternative to You Tube. It catches a lot of readers attention and they stay longer. I was surprised how simple it was to join and submit your material.

  • Tank Johnson

    Very interesting post, I’ve heard of slide share previously and had seen a very spammy course on using powerpoint slides. This explains the audience and the content you should be providing.

    Will be coming back to the post to review. As an observation once you have the slides why not re-use them by making it into a youtube movie?? And don’t forget to post it on your own blog…..

    Tank Johnson
    I Don’t look old I have just lived too well

  • Timo Kiander

    Awesome Gregory!

    Really great insights :)

    I was about to give SlideShare a try, but now *I know* I’m definitely going to do it!

    Let’s say that I create a slides for my blog post … should I collect the main points of my post to the presentation or should the slides contain totally unique content?

    For example, putting a 2000 word post into 10 easily digestible slides or creating totally unique stuff not found on the post … what do you think?


  • Towhid Zaman

    It’s a great article.Slideshare worked for me as well.I’ve 1562 visitor the same day I’ve uploaded a presentation on slideshare.

  • Ted

    Hi Greg,
    Wow! Fantastic information contained here. I read the whole thing thru, did not bookmark and come back later… LOL and I’m glad I did!
    I think your advice is spot on and gives us a great starting point for our SlideShare campaigns.
    Thanks to you ( and Pat ) for providing such valuable advice, I really appreciate it!

  • Mk akan

    Greg,i do use slideshare but never took time to look at what really works.i actually felt was much bigger and better than slideshare.i guess time i upload stuff on slideshare i will surely use this ideas.and by the way,doing this strategy is much easier than using youtube and soundcloud.thanks again

  • kamal

    Hii Pet

    I am so worried about google panda update.

    I just follow your technique, like using the best spinner,UAW and such types of many software that you always recommended us.

    is there anything special i have to do to fight Google panda.

    Plz help me .. .. so i can do my work without any type of doubt. ..


    • Pat

      Hi Kamal,

      The best thing to do is not fight the panda update at all, but work with it instead. The most important thing is making sure the content on your niche site is unique, helpful, valuable and naturally keyword rich.

  • Omar Best

    Just so you guys will know if you embed a link within your slides or pdf files the links will be active when someone views your presentation. So you also get extra backlinks going back to your main site.

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  • ad

    I love the work Pat! You really are talented! I’m not sure if it’s against the rules but if you could give me advice on my site that would be really appreciated. No big deal if you can’t, I’m just really inspired after reading your articles! Be Your Own Boss

  • Sean Mysel


    Not an internet marketer here, golf instructor and I used this tactic to get 200 visitors. Check this out, I put all my lessons on video, do a review with my golfers and use YouTube to send the video links. Along with the videos I send still photos, well I put the stills in the SlideShare format and got asked how much I would charge to put albums together of swings.

    Thanks Bubba!

  • Hypnose Berlin

    Sounds really good. I will integrate this ideas in my marketing and see if it works well for grman people.

    Thank you for posting! :-)

  • Ruben

    I like slideshare but the thing I HATE about slideshare is it doesnt let you put a clickable link to your website.. So I cant tell how much traffic is coming from slideshare..

    • Omar Best


      You can embed it within your slides. I use a program like and I edit my pdf file with my link pointing back to my site. Here is a link to a slideshare presentation I did with the link pointing back to my main site:

      You can actually click the links within the document.

      • Ruben

        I just saw your slide show and yeah your right you can create a clickable link! I will definitely use this on all my slideshows… I REALLY appreciate the advice thanks!

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