SPI 069: How to Build Buzz and Why It’s Better Than Hype

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In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, we’re talking all about how to build buzz.

It’s not enough just to create and “ship”  something. Buzz needs to happen in between when (or even as) you create something and when you launch so that when you do come out with something new, momentum has already begun to work in your favor.

There needs to be an energy attached to whatever it is you’re about to share, because something can only truly be launched if there is energy there to propel it forward.

Building buzz, however, is not easy, but the good news is that we all have access to the tools we need to make it happen.

Listen to this session to discover how other brands are using buzz to build momentum and create anticipation for things, and what we can do to create buzz for our stuff too.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • The extremely important and delicate difference between buzz and hype.
  • How to lay the foundation for buzz to occur in your brand, blog or business.
  • One company that exemplifies building buzz and what we can learn from them.
  • How to create buzz from scratch, even if you don’t have an existing audience or customer base.
  • Why being 350,000th in line was exciting for me.
  • How to tap into scarcity when building buzz.
  • An example of how one person without any platform or connections created buzz for something that became a popular, mainstream product.
  • How fiction writers can create buzz for their books.

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

A Question from a Listener…

This session’s voicemail question is from Alex from ModernHealthMonk.com. He asks about managing multiple email lists for his website.

More specifically, Alex segments his readers into different lists based on their specific interests, which is smart. But, many people will end up subscribing to more than one of those lists. Alex was wondering how to manage that and how to make sure he doesn’t over-send emails to people who are subscribed to multiple lists.

I share my answer to Alex’s question at the end of the session.

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Click Here to Download the Transcript for Session 69 (PDF)

  • http://www.astridanaturals.com Maia

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to listen to this episode. :)

    • http://blog.kangjum.com Patricia Lim

      I would probably let the blog niche, without adding content and backlinks. This is the concept of set and forget as I apply in my niche blogs are another.

  • http://moneyahoy.com Derek @ MoneyAhoy.com


    Thanks for the great podcast (had to read the transcript). I’m just starting my money saving, making money, and investment ideas blog and I’ve struggled to create buzz much beyond my limited set of friends.

    I think I will make more use of your suggestions #6 and #8. I have noticed that the series posts I have done so far tend to generate many more hits than the single one-offs. I found that I was drawn to your NSD1.0 posts multiple times because the series was so well organized.

    Also, I like the idea of contests. That can be a cheap way to get a ton of traffic quickly!

    Now I just need to work on retention. Thanks for the strategy ideas, I can put them to good use!

    • http://www.webofincome.com The Rookie

      Series posts work good see you already started, Concentrate on catchy headlines, great content, that will keep them coming back. Don’t write just to write.

      Contests are great depending on the site, I have a comic site that I used contests to promote it. Worked for years. I will probably be implementing contests in one of my newer sites as well.

  • http://www.stockservicereviews.com Ethan

    Really great pat, I will be following every post for the Niche site duel 2.0.

    The first site duel was the best reasource on the web that I have found to date. I used it to build many of my first websites!


  • http://www.bloomtofit.com Srdjan Popovic

    Super pumped to listen to this on my way home! I got some cool products coming out soon and I’m curious to see what strategies you use to build some good buzzzzz! Thanks Pat

  • http://www.stumbleforward.com Chris @ Stumble Forward

    Great podcast Pat. I’ve been looking to start an email list for my blog for some time and one idea I’ve had to build the buzz is to put together an ebook like a 31 days guide or or a tip guide and get 30 of my closet blogging friends to write a page for the ebook. From their I will publish 1 page of the ebook on my site each day linking back to each blogger who participated and once it’s done I plan to package it up into a nice little ebook and give to those that sign up to my mailing list.

    As part of the preplanning to build up the buzz I plan to have each of those participating promote it on their sites and social channels. On top of that I plan to incorporate more of the social aspects that you talked about as well such as doing a hash tag with twitter. Anyways thanks for all the inspiration Pat.

    • http://ComingSoon Alex McDonald

      Chris, that’s actually a pretty damn good idea! Love the concept of providing great content for your readers and helping other bloggers increase their exposure at the same time.

  • http://rich-blogger.com Kamil

    Hi Pat,

    can’t wait to hear this episode! Topic is extremely interesting.

    Best Regards

  • http://www.allstuffweb.com ASW

    TOTALLY agree with the topic :) Building hype BEFORE putting physical work in is important because that way if the hype has a good response; you know you have a need for your product/service. I’ve done this several times to much success, both; saving me money and time (not developing useless stuff) and also making me quite a bit of money when I got good responses :)

  • http://thedigitalhippies.com/ Branndon

    Great episode idea, can’t wait to listen. I never miss a show. Thanks Pat.

  • http://sarkarinaukrihq.com/ sarkari naukri

    Great post sir on how to creat buzz in market.

  • http://www.brillyantliving.com Julian Illman

    Pat,Really useful set of strategies. Thinks the first two, about building contacts either in person or virtually is extremely useful. Great to have you including tips which can be used by those at varying stages of their online business development – we are after all on a spectrum in terms of our knowledge in these areas.

    Timely advice coming as it does as we begin to move towards our own launch of our products.

    Keep up the good work from a relative newbie.


  • http://managainstthegrain.com Mike

    Great Podcast. there are so many creative ways to create buzz. Did you by any chance find that twitter post you mentiond about viral campaigns?

  • http://www.learn-to-play-rock-guitar.com David Vance

    Nice one, Buzz Lightyear…

    • http://goldcarp.sk Rybarske Potreby

      haha Toy Story :)

  • http://www.profesyonelbayanmasoz.com/ masöz

    Great podcast. I liked the overall post, however my favorite is the interview with Neil Patel. Thank you very much. :-)

  • http://Www.digitalgrog.com.au Jj

    Hi pat
    I wAs just reading all comments on niche site duel 2.0 and I am really pumped , im able to attend this time around

    Would be great for you to start a forum now to create a community around spi , I surely woul join and so would many .. Would also help your seo through google eyes. Wot say !!

  • http://heatexch.com Perry Ning

    Hi Pat and Everybody,

    I have settled on my Niche Keywords and documented the process here: http://heatexch.com/2013/06/01/heat-exchanger-is-selected-as-my-niche-keyword/. Your comments will be highly appreciate.

    Thank you in advance, Perry Ning

  • http://www.incometreatment.com Hasan

    Sound great :) Can’t wait to hear it. Hope it’ll be a happy time.


  • Javid

    You already buzzed me man… I kept refreshing your site with eagerness find out if there is any updates. Good demonstration on how to do this, definitely I will try…

  • http://www.timarndtfitness.com Tim Arndt

    This podcast came in perfect timing for me. I’m just about done with the beta testing of my 14 Day Transformation program (free) that is a precursor to joining my membership site (yet to be built).

    I’ve been trying to think of ways to build more buzz. This podcast was the answer! It was nice to find out that some of the things I’m already doing (yay me!), some I was considering and I definitely learned a couple things I need to do.

    Thanks for the great podcast Pat.

  • Luke

    “…although I’m much more reserved in the way I speak.”

    That made me laugh hard.

  • Nolan

    Great Podcast! We want buzz not hype. I love how often your posting pocasts Pat!

  • http://www.bloggersmakemoney.com Wade

    Pat is the man! I’ve been catching up on his podcasts and it’s been really great to be able to listen to one show right after another. I’ll be sad when I actually have to wait to listen! Lol!

    I can’t wait for June 24th, when Pat is a guest on my podcast! Lots of questions!

  • http://www.internetentrepreneurconnection.com/get-paid-to-share-my-audiobook/ Hector Avellaneda

    Great podcast Pat! This is one of the things that I definitely did not do when I released my first Kindle book late last year. I learned a lot form your own book launch and since I am now gearing up for a release of the audio version of my book, I’m definitely going to create some buzz for it this time around!

    Thanks as always.

  • Robert Goodwin

    Nice singing voice! lmbao!!

  • http://blogmunchies.com Lisa

    There’s some really good advice floating around the comments, but it gets quite difficult to sift through them, so I’ve created a FB group for any duellers that would like more discussion, help with keyword research, etc. I know there’s some still struggling with everything, and it can all get a little overwhelming! Sorry for hijacking the comments, but it’s not self promotion – just community spirit:) https://www.facebook.com/groups/455454601205024/

  • http://www.eventchecklist.net Arwin Adriano

    Great podcast Pat. I learn something new about making a buzz Pat. Keep it up.

  • http://www.collagephotoframes.net Craig

    Hi Pat,

    I can’t wait for your future posts! I’m really looking to apply what you have taught us here! Thanks.

    Hi Lisa, I will check out your Facebook Groups page.

  • http://www.incomobi.com Thor

    Great podcast Pat it is very useful.


  • http://www.trilliumtraining.com Joel

    Nice work Pat

  • http://www.yourdailyfinance.com Thomas

    Nice one Pat. I like the creating the buzz I also like creating one page sites to see if people will actually be interested in what I might be offering.

  • http://Fishingpoleguide.com Roger

    Hey Pat and all other SEO pros out there!

    I have a quick question/concern that would be great to get some input from anyone out there. I am super pumped about the NSD2.0 and have been busting my butt trying to get something to work out. My first site i created is fishingpoleguide.com trying to emulate Spencer a little. I am realizing this niche is a little to competitive to start out doing…

    Anyways QUESTION:
    One of my keywords has a squidoo page as #1… I have done plenty of research (long tail pro) but I am having trouble determining if a squidoo page can or cannot be easily beaten with a dedicated domain.

    Accepting any opinions or input!

    Thanks Guys, Duel ON!


    • http://blogmunchies.com/the-blog-munch-bunch-vs-the-pat-flynn-5/ Moe

      Squidoo is like any other page. Along with the on-page layout, you would want to take a look at the back-link profile of the page to determine how much work it would take to outrank.

      The good news is, most people do not usually spend a lot of time building back-links to a squidoo page as they would a website. My guess is that if you have good on-page for the key-word, you should be able to overtake it with out too much difficulty.

      • http://fishingpoleguide.com Roger

        Hey thanks Moe!

        However after further research, the squidoo page seems pretty powerful… For some reason, it seems like a lot of other (completely irrelevant) squidoo pages are pointing to it..

        Page authority = 50/100 (yikes)
        Total Links = 99 (oh boy)
        96/100 domain authority (not surprising there)

        I am just so surprised you could have such a powerful squidoo page, why even spend money on a domain at all! Ya know?

        Thanks for your reply 😀

        • http://[email protected] Roger

          Another thing… I discovered that all these squidoo pages that are pointing to this site are actually all from the same author… She has like 113 lenses and they point to each other creating high ranks…

          Thats not very fair now is it! haha >:\

        • http://blogmunchies.com/ Arvin

          Hi Roger,

          That certainly opens up to a whole new strategy, at least to me. Thanks for sharing!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq337O8q_lI Sam H

    Great show and informative but what I liked best is that it moved right along and was not just another boring podcast. Can only agree hype is one person telling everyone how great it is, buzz is a group of people agreeing with each other how great it is.

  • http://rldinvestments.com/Kelly%20Calculator/js/Money%20Management.html John @ RLD Investments

    Thanks so much for the podcast. I’m just beginning my savings as well, like some of the others, but I love soaking up the knowledge that others have to give. Sites like yours keep me motivated to do more.

    • http://watchamericanidolonline.com Watch American Idol Online

      Yeah I totally agree :)

  • http://solopracticemanager.com Jim Munro

    Thanks Pat. This podcast was really good even for a non-affiliate site like mine. I’m starting at a very beginning point. I know my site will help life coaches but getting future customers to find it is going to be my marketing challenge. I’m bootstrapping this project from nothing and I’m a developer, not a marketer. So I plan to use a bunch of your tips to get it in front of the right people.

    Your podcast is definitely help. Thanks!

  • http://www.sproutspire.com/blog Carlie Hamilton

    A very relevant podcast for me as I am in the starting stages for developing a new product! I plan to use almost all of these tactics and hopefully generate a lot of buzz!. As for the topic… well, you may be able to guess from posts coming up on my blog soon.

  • Remco

    Hey Pat,

    did you read the 4hr chef ? What did you think about it?
    I just started reading 😉

    • http://magical-herbs.com/picamilon Picamilon

      I have read it, its a brilliant book. I havent cooked really before , but since I have read the book i got into it, especially that I know what I eat and is healthy is a great feeling.

  • http://modernhealthmonk.com Alexander

    Hi Pat!

    Thanks so much for answering my question 😀


  • http://www.adaptdnation.com Cody Stevenson

    Great advise yet again! Love listening to your podcast Pat. Even when it is something I am pretty savvy with I always find that extra bit of information that I can pull away from you.

    Keep on crushing it!

  • http://www.mumbailocaltraintimetable.net Jigar

    Thank you for the podcast

  • http://taoofbadassdating.blogspot.com/ Josh Badass

    I definitely agree with you on buzz is better than hype. But a lot of people still fall for hype.

  • http://www.ineptgrafik.com Mathieu Giguère

    Thanks, I loved the pocast.
    I’m developing my first product and ain’t got no followers.
    Your strategies make a lot of sense, so now is a good time to start implementing them!

  • http://www.homelearningexperience.com Sibo

    You are such a great planner, Pat!

    I have been working very hard to manage myself to always plan ahead, but I guess it’s because of my personality, I often feel that I am not having enough patience to wait long enough to see the result as I am constantly chasing for quick money. After failed so many times, I realized that planning is the most important factor between success and failure. I need to plan better.

    Thank you for sharing the great information about building buzz, Pat!



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  • http://bingooblog.com arif mardiyanto

    Hi Pat,

    in my country, to be good buzzer sometimes has better revenue than blogger.. what do you think about it? which step that could be easier to do.. to be buzzer or blogger..


  • http://www.kingged.com Riza

    Great podcast! I say it’s definitely better than hype because buzz is created by the people around you. It happens because you’ve done, or created something worth the attention that it demands. Hype is just extravagant promotion you create which, most of the time, is short term.

    I shared and “Kingged” your article again on the IM social networking site, Kingged.com and left the above comment there. Keep your cool contents coming! :)

  • http://www.musicappblog.com John Walden

    Hi Pat,

    just to say ‘thanks’ for this particular episode. As ever, so really useful stuff but this particular one just hit the buttons for me right now as I’m in the working on my first e-book project and I definitely need to develop a strategy for promotion…. plenty of ideas here…. Thanks again,


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  • http://newbusinessplaybook.com NewBusinessPlaybook

    Thanks Pat. I’ve listened through the SPI 01 podcast and look forward to each new one. I liked this issue on how to promote your new release and build the buzz without over-hyping what you’re offering. Valuable as usual. Thanks!

  • alex

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