Content Cacophony and How to Filter the Noise

Content Cacophony

It's March...are you getting things done? So you read blog posts, listen to podcast episodes and watch videos - but are you actually getting work done? It's hard to get stuff done when there's so much great content out there you don't want to miss! Here's what you can do to filter the noise, but also make sure you don't miss anything that will be useful for you and your business...

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9 Ways to Get an Immediate Boost of Energy Before You Work – SPI TV Ep. 4

Have you ever tried to start working on something you knew you had to do, but you just didn't have the energy to do it? In Episode #4 of SPI TV, I give you 9 things you can do before you jump into work mode, to make sure you have the energy to crush whatever it is you're about to do. Check it out!

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10 Specific Strategies to Make Your ‘Most Popular Posts’ Work Even Harder For You


Some of your posts are more popular than others, and most of us do a good job of highlighting our popular posts for new visitors on our site. With that said, there are several things you can do with your proven content that can take your brand, blog and business to the next level. Here are 10 specific strategies you can use right now...

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My Top 5 Productivity Tools That Can Make You Better, Faster & Stronger – SPI TV Ep. 3

I use a lot of tools in my business, but here are my top 5 recommended tools to optimize your time. I don't just talk about them though, I demonstrate here in Episode 3 of SPI TV. Enjoy!

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My January 2015 Monthly Income Report


We're off to a great start! Check out how much I earned last month, where it came from, how much I spent, and the important lessons learned too!

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My Custom Home Office Tour and Setup – SPI TV Ep. 2


Last year, I became a new homeowner, and with the new home came a completely empty room that was to become my office. In this episode of SPI TV, get a back studio tour of my custom built home office and how I created the space with productivity and the type of work I do in mind.

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Why You Need “Moments of Activation” Injected Into Your Brand

Moments of Activation

A lot of people will come across your site and your brand, but are you taking advantage of what's possible during those early moments of arrival? Here's how you can use "Moments of Activation to convert your casual audience into those who will stick around, subscribe, and perhaps buy from you.

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How to Write a Book – The Secret to a Super Fast First Draft – SPI TV Ep. 1

Have you ever wondered how to write a book…fast? If you’re like me, then sometimes you have trouble with the hardest part – just getting started. Blog posts typically come easy for me, but when it comes to writing books, I used to be completely clueless. If you’ve ever stared at a blank screen wondering […]

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My 2014 Annual Income Report and Review – $946,256.23

2014 SPI Annual Income Report and Review

2014 was a record-setting year, but looking back, not everything went as I had hoped. Check out my 2014 annual income report, complete with my line-by-line income breakdown, what worked, what didn't, and what my plans are for this year! Check it out...

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My New Podcast…with Chris Ducker? Yes! 5 Years In the Making…

My best bud Chris Ducker and I just went live with a project that's been exciting us for months! There's a 5 year history here, but we're happy to finally unveil our 1-Day Business Breakthrough podcast! Each show features a "hotseat" where one entrepreneur shares their biggest struggle, and Chris and I go back and forth for 15 minutes to help that person out. You're not gonna want to miss this one. Check it out!

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