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SPI 798: Boost Your On-Camera Charisma with Elise Baughman

Being on camera is like many other things people shy away from. We don’t like public speaking until we practice and improve. Some of us don’t even like the sound of our voice on recordings until we get used to hearing it.

So, how do you develop a great on-camera presence? What tips and techniques can you apply to boost your confidence and be yourself? And how do you use these new skills to grow your business?

I have a very special guest on the show today to answer these questions for us. Elise Baughman is not only the voice actor behind Dragon Ball GT‘s Pan but also a fantastic on-camera coach. She does amazing work helping entrepreneurs and executives captivate their audiences and leverage video to scale their brands. Tune in to get her tips and go to for more free resources! [affiliate link]

This episode is also an AskPat-style coaching session—listen in as I help Elise develop her online business and reach more people! We discuss finding and understanding a target audience, refining marketing copy for more sales, addressing customer objections, getting testimonials, and more.

Tune in and enjoy!

SPI 798: Boost Your On-Camera Charisma with Elise Baughman

Elise Baughman: On-camera work is like anything, we don’t like speaking on stage until we speak on stage and have practice. We don’t like hearing ourselves on voicemail or being a voice actor until we practice, practice, practice. So it’s that fear of the unknown is probably the best way to describe it. They think they can’t do it until someone like me breaks it down and goes, okay, you can do it. Here are some tips and techniques basically of how you can look good, how you can feel comfortable, and be you.

Pat Flynn: Every once in a while, somebody comes across SPI that just kind of blows my mind. And at times I even am put in a position to help these people, even though many people might consider them already at the top of their game, which is pretty amazing. And that’s one of the things that is happening right now, because I have the pleasure of not just interviewing, but also coaching Elise Baughman. If you don’t know who Elise Baughman is, you might know a little anime called Dragon Ball Z. And specifically in Dragon Ball Z GT, there’s a character named Pam that Elise actually voices. She is a voice actress, and she does voiceover coaching, she does on camera coaching, executive coaching, and today, we get to flip the script.

I become a voice actor. No, I would, actually that’s not gonna happen today, because I would love for that to happen. And if I could ever become a voice actor for any sort of anime. Or cartoon, or animation, that would just blow my mind. One day, one day. I have way too many things to focus on. But I would love to do that.

I still need to write a song that I hear on the radio at one point too. That’s also a lifelong goal. I have many of these little challenges that I have for myself in life that are on my bucket list. Anyway, Elise is incredible. She is a coach, and she is a voice actress, and she voices Dragon Ball Z, which I’ve watched.

It’s just kind of surreal. But, I also get a chance to coach her today, so you’re going to hear me ask a lot of questions about what she’s up to, where she wants to go, what is her goal. And how we navigate to where we end up is pretty amazing. You’ll also get an opportunity to see some free stuff that she has for you in case you want to learn a little bit more about how to be great on camera, which is really where she wants to focus and especially for entrepreneurs and executives.

And we talk about niche, we talk about pains and problems. We talk about what is holding her back, what is holding her people back, her persona, and more. So this is going to be a great exercise. It’s also a fun conversation and Elise is incredible. So here she is, Elise Baughman from

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Pat Flynn: Elise, welcome to SPI. Thank you so much for taking the time today.

Elise Baughman: Oh, thank you.

I’m excited to be here.

Pat Flynn: I’m excited that you’re here too. You have a lot of history in the work of voice acting and even in animes too, which a lot of my audience knows I’ve just dove in headfirst into the deep end of that. But we’re here to talk about something else today, something else that you’re working on.

Would you mind setting this up for us? What are we focusing on, set the stage.

Elise Baughman: Yes. So we are here to talk about my on camera coaching business and you’re absolutely right. I have a history as an actor on camera and in voice acting, and then I had been doing voiceover coaching, but what I am about to do is on camera coaching.

And I should say, I have been doing on camera coaching, but I haven’t officially put it out into the worldwide web, into the digital world. And especially during COVID that kind of went away, so what I wanted to talk to you about and my question for you is starting this kind of new and launching this new part since I’ve been part of the acting world, what would you do knowing what you know, launching a new business and what are, I would say like the three to five things you would do starting off in a new business in a new niche to especially.

Pat Flynn: Perfect. Before I answer those questions and we work through those answers together, I’d love to get a little bit more of an understanding of who is it that you’re targeting on camera coaching? Who is the person that you ideally imagine coaching and working with? What are their goals? Who is this person?

Tell me a little bit about them.

Elise Baughman: Yeah. So the people I’m targeting in this niche, entrepreneurs with small businesses and all the way up to executives who work for large corporations. And I think that is the main thing that differentiates what I’m launching into compared to what I’ve been doing. Cause I have been working with actors and I’ve totally been in the acting community.

So this is entrepreneurs and executives and for example, because I’ve coached in that space before, I’ve worked with somebody in New York who was the chief strategist from S&P. I’ve worked with a CPA who owned a small business and has 10 people working for her. I’ve worked with a real estate agent who was doing a TV pilot.

So that is the space that I will be working in now. And I’m not dropping those other businesses that I have, but it’s just targeting a new group of people.

Pat Flynn: Love that. And I think that’s a great strategy. A lot of entrepreneurs need that help. They have this message to share. They often get in front of the camera in different kinds of ways, whether that’s on YouTube or social media or on bigger media, more traditional media, and they just don’t know how to handle it.

Right. And you’ve had that experience. You have those credentials. I think that’s really smart.

Elise Baughman: Yeah. Cause sometimes people want to represent their company on YouTube or they with internal videos or external, or they’re being interviewed on MSNBC or CNN or wherever that interview is, and they just need the practice and need to build the confidence to go on camera.

So those are the people that I will be helping.

Pat Flynn: I love it. One of the first things I often work with with people when we’re trying something new is to dig even deeper into who that person is, right? You just described perfectly the kind of person and some of the things they might do, but I’d love to learn a little bit more about what are the things that this new skill will unlock for them and get specific about that?

Some people call these like the dreams. I like to call it the unlocks. And we’ll go from there to what I like to call the blocks. What are the things stopping them? What are the stories they’re telling themselves about why they can’t do this? So let’s start with the unlocks. What is this after working with you?

I guess the transformation after they work with you, what then is possible for them? What does this unlock for them?

Elise Baughman: So it unlocks, one is confidence, being able to communicate their brand, their message, engagement with their audience. So let’s say for example, if they’re A CPA firm in this case, and they have messages that they want to get out to their brand and they want to get more customers.

You know, the, the goal is to create this brand, get engagement and generate revenue than it is having the confidence to be on camera and be the representative, the spokesperson for their own company, or even for, if they’re not the CEO of their company for the company they’re a part of, so they get that engagement, drive revenue, create the brand.

And I know I repeated myself a little bit.

Pat Flynn: No, that’s good. I mean, that’s it’s clear. The other side of this is what happens if they don’t do this, right? And the reason why we’re going through these exercises is this just helps us unlock language. It helps us understand how to talk to these people. When we find them, it ends up on emails on sales pages on our YouTube videos, et cetera. So, so already we’re getting an understanding of the language here, but let’s amplify the problem. What happens if they just continue doing what they’re doing? This is sort of the opposite side of the work. What happens if they just pass on this opportunity?

Elise Baughman: Well, I think there’s a lack of growth in the company. Whether it’s their company or a company they’re part of. So, and I think, gosh, right now, video is so important. 100%. For, I mean, we’ve seen it for personal brands. It’s so important to be on social media. For corporations, video is so, it is, you know, what they say, video is king.

So I think people can see a lack of growth. That is the main thing I would see.

Pat Flynn: I think you are absolutely right. However, I do want to point out something I’m noticing, at least if it’s okay. I’m noticing that with your answers, you are prefacing your answer with, I think. And typically that’s a sign that we’re, and this makes sense because we’re just starting new.

It’s, it’s like, oh, well, you know, I’m not sure. How might I know for sure? And like, I think you have an idea. I think two things need to happen. And here I am saying the same thing. Number one, remove that language, right? It helps us become more authoritative with what is actually true, right? There’s a difference between, well, I think videos become really important and it’s something that you must master as a entrepreneur versus video is so important.

You have to master this as an entrepreneur. There’s a clear, difference in now how much I believe you when you say this, right? So just from a language point of view, like let’s remove the, I think, and let’s get bold even.

Elise Baughman: I like it. We

Pat Flynn: can even take this one step further, you know, and say, if you’re not honing in on your on camera presence skills, you’re your competition is going to leave you in the dust.

The more sticky and almost spicy, I guess you could call it, you could get with those claims and statements, the more that you’re going to have people, yes, at least like you’re absolutely right and believe you. And then, you know, if a person can see that you understand the problems and the concerns and the things that they’re going through kind of even subconsciously, they’re going to go, okay, well, then you must have the answers.

So that’s just a little lesson. And I want to hear and gauge your reaction to what I just framed for you.

Elise Baughman: Well, I love that. And it even confirms what I’ve talked to sync lab media about. They’ve noticed their clients who are doing video and have a content strategy and a marketing strategy. Are taking off and the ones who are a little resistant are being left behind.

So what you said just confirms the conversations we have been having. So I, I love what you’re saying.

Pat Flynn: Oh my gosh. So you actually have proof now.

Elise Baughman: Yeah, I have proof.

Pat Flynn: You have like actual tangible proof. And that’s, that’s another thing that’s good to have as well. And this is all great stuff to have. You’re actually, even though you’re just starting out, you have so much already at your advantage in the quiver, if you will, to, to, to utilize.

Because another thing that’s important with starting businesses, people default to, okay, well, does this really work or is that actually true? People will always ask themselves whether out loud or, or just subconsciously. And if you can get in front of them and you say, Hey, you know, I just told you how important video is.

Let me show you here is a actual company who has spent some time focusing on their on camera presence and look at where they’re at now. Look how many YouTube subscribers they have. Check out this clip from an interview and look how well positioned they are in the space versus here’s one company that didn’t do this.

And they’re falling off in their competitions, blowing them away. And that would tell me as a person, a prospect, a potential student of yours, I would go, okay, not only is she claiming these things, but she has proof. And she understands why this is important for me. Where do I sign up? How do we get on a call together?

I want to start working with you.

Elise Baughman: I like that.

Pat Flynn: Good.

Elise Baughman: Having actual proof. Yes, that’s great.

Pat Flynn: What are some of the common things that people who you either have worked with or you, you’re going to work with, when they think of on camera presence, why do they think that maybe they can’t do this or why this is, why this might be hard or why they might, what story are they telling themselves that they would go, Oh, this isn’t for me.

Or, you know, this is, this is not going to work.

Elise Baughman: They’re just scared because they haven’t done it before. On camera work is like anything we don’t like speaking on stage until we speak on stage and have practice We don’t like hearing ourselves on voicemail or being a voice actor until we practice practice practice So it’s that fear of the unknown is probably the best way to describe it.

They think they can’t do it until they someone like me breaks it down and goes, okay, you can do it. Here are some tips and techniques basically of how you can look good, how you can feel comfortable. And in fact, now that we’re bringing it up, I can’t talk. A voice actor can’t talk. Now that we are bringing it up, I have something for your audience.

Yeah, I do. So if you go to Elise coaches. com slash Pat, there is a free download for people captivate your audience on camera. And there are 15 tips about how to be authentic on camera. But when you break it down and go, okay, act like you’re talking to one person. You’re talking to one person. You’re not talking to an audience.

Be you be unafraid to make a mistake like I just did when I couldn’t. Say my words. There are tips that just give you ideas of how to be authentic and how to be yourself and then practice and watch yourself and get feedback. I think you even mentioned this on, I like that little phrase, I think I know you mentioned on one of your podcasts that you said you still watch yourself to see what you’re doing well and see what you’re not doing well. So people just need to do that because we need to, to know what we’re doing and when we look pleasant or when we make this weird face, it just helps to see what we’re doing. So those tips should help. So

Pat Flynn: Go get that free download. Thank you for that. That was a pleasant surprise. So you got the marketing stuff down. You already know what you’re doing on camera to get leads and stuff, which is fantastic. And I’m about to ask you some questions about the very start of what you’ve done so far, but I want to finish up what we talked about in terms of these blocks or stories that people are telling themselves. I want to plus one what you said about just the fear of getting started, right? Like I’ve never done this before. This is hard again, when either pitching or displaying your information of what you can offer online on your website or what have you, it is great to get in front of these statements and actually dispel them.

Almost kind of have a pre understanding or even like a script, if you will, of what to say. In response to someone who has that thought, for example, if somebody says, well, I haven’t done this before, you might say, of course you haven’t done it before. You haven’t had the right coaching and it seems hard, but I’m going to make it easy for you with two simple steps.

And now I’m like, okay, what are those two simple steps? Right? So I took that fear and I turned it around and said, No, I got you. I understand that you’re going through that. Don’t worry. Like, I get it. But here’s how we’d fight against that. Another one that I thought of because I was putting myself in the shoes of your audience is, well, I’ve tried this before and I’m terrible, right?

That’s another one that people would say. I, I’ve seen myself on camera, at least, and I’m terrible. I just cringe and you can respond and say, first of all, everybody cringes at themselves. So that’s not anything new. But if you don’t think that you can do this well, what’s missing is a framework and you need the framework that I have to help you get comfortable so that you’re not thinking too much so that you can just be you.

So again, you see how I took that fear, flipped it. And then got in front of it for people. I hope, I hope that exercise makes sense. And you can do that with every kind of rebuttal or objection that a person might have in, in your space. Does that make sense?

Elise Baughman: It does. Cause that’s what I do with my voice actors when they’re getting, I have a lot of people who come to me for voice acting who are just getting started.

So I do that very thing. So I think, you know, it makes total sense to do that with on camera as well.

Pat Flynn: Fantastic.

Okay, so let’s dive into kind of what you’ve done already. Where is this business at currently? And then we can kind of take it to the next stage, whatever that stage might be. Tell me where you’re at right now.

Elise Baughman: So where I am right now, I have the website, EliseCoaches. com, that tells the three types of coaching that I do, voiceover coaching, on camera coaching, and executive coaching.

I have partnered with Synclab Media, which is, and they work on video content and marketing strategy for their client. So I am their on camera coach. So I’m already part of their team. And then that’s probably about it. I haven’t even officially launched my website. It has been in development up until this point that we are talking.

And then I have a history of coaching, but it, like I mentioned earlier, it just kind of poofed away during COVID. Yeah.

Pat Flynn: Right. And then now we’re bringing it back and we’re bringing it back online and we want to get some people in there and I think, you know, I had heard this stat recently from a friend of mine, Rory Vaden, who said the number one reason people buy from a person online, especially when it comes to getting anything like coaching or something that is from a person, it’s not because of copy.

It’s not because of even the offer itself. It’s because they have testimonials. on the website. When it comes to personal brands and coaching, the reputation that you have is really, really important. And the deeper that you can go with that, the better. And thankfully for you, you have built a reputation already in other parts of this space.

And so there’s a lot of credibility there already that a lot of people don’t have when they start. So that’s fantastic. But for this specific offer, if you don’t have it already, I would see what I could do to have one or two people work with you already. And the thing is. Most people don’t need a website to get one or two people.

You might be already in communities or have partners or friends or people who know people who might be able to utilize the work that you do. And the reason this is important is for three reasons. Number one, it kind of forces you to just figure out where these people exist. Even before your website’s up, even before, and if you have it up already, that’s fine. That’s even a bonus. But the understanding of where these people exist, what entrepreneurial communities, for example, or where do executives hang out that you could come in and provide value to, that’s a great exercise. And if you could find one person in there, that’s great.

And then when you work with this one person, you begin to start to unpack exactly what is working and what isn’t. I know that when I’ve worked with executives, like very high level performing executives, Working with them is completely different than working with the stay at home parent because they just think differently and they’re always on the move.

And it’s like, it’s just a different kind of way to teach. And so you discover so much about how to teach them. And also what is stopping them. An executive, for example, might have a packed schedule. So, okay, here is our way to fit this into your schedule. Here is a way to continue to practice despite your busy schedule.

All these things that are going to be based on the sort of avatar of the person that you’re working on and working with. And then the whole big thing here is number three, to get them to a point where they get a result. Because once you get that result for that one person, it becomes the clearest evidence ever that the thing that you’re talking about works, and that becomes the case study that you display and share that story.

You can take micro pieces of that success story and share it on social, and that becomes a way for you not just to have content about the thing you’re doing, but also a success story already built into that. And so if you don’t have that yet, you could focus on that with your next client or your first client that you get after after your launch, or you might already even be thinking of people that you could be working with in that manner.

Elise Baughman: Well, what’s nice is because I’ve worked in this space before, I have multiple testimonials. I don’t have them on my website yet, but I have testimonials and pictures being on set or in studio with them.

Pat Flynn: Great. Then that’s what we want to see.

That’s definitely what we want to see. And then, of course, do you have a YouTube channel or some mechanism to get in front of people? Yeah. People maybe in a more algorithmic manner.

Elise Baughman: Well, I have a YouTube channel, but it is anime. Like I am interviewing anime voice actors, so it is not related to on camera coaching.

Pat Flynn: Got it. Okay. So if I were in your position with the status that you have and the connections that you have, it would likely be my marketing strategy would be this. I would ask to see how I might be able to provide value to either the people I already know or the communities and groups that I’m already a part of.

That’s going to be the simplest and easiest way to get clients. And if you did want to run a launch per se for example, hey, during this month, I’m going to get 10 new students, you know, it’s May 2024 and I’m going to get 10 students to come on board and work with me. I can only do 10, but it’s high level coaching and I’m, I’m here for you.

If you are an executive or an entrepreneur who wants to increase your on camera presence so that you can make more revenue and make a bigger impact or whatever the call to action is, that can force, yeah, a particular moment in time for you to just, okay, this is my time, at least to go in and talk about this and ask and go and make it happen and fill in these 10 spots.

And that provides a little scarcity as well in terms of, well, there’s only so many spots available. So a person has to make a decision one way or another versus, Hey, it’s open and you can come in any time and a person’s not going to necessarily feel forced to make that decision, a yes or a no, if there isn’t that sort of closed period or limited number of seats, at least for the launch component of this, this could be something that over time could remain open so that you’re continually getting clients.

But I think in the beginning, some sort of launch and an event like announcement that has a certain number of seats or a certain amount of time to sign up for could provide a enough of a, enough of a push to have people make a decision one way or another in that networking community that you have.

Elise Baughman: Well, I love that that and I’m actually talking with sync lab media about doing a one day workshop for executives for on camera presence and teleprompter skills.

So we’ve already been working that out.

Pat Flynn: Oh, great. That seems like a really great partnership, one that is mutually beneficial, and I think, you know, you both can kind of increase presence on both sides and value on both sides from there, which is, which is really great. Lean into that partnership. I think that there are moments in our business careers where, you know, you connect with a company and it’s just like such a good vibe.

And not only are you partners in terms of either affiliates or kind of fun things like this, but you could take it even further. My relationships with certain companies have grown to a point where I have now even ownership in some of those companies because I’ve been able to help them and they’ve been able to help me and I have a unique kind of position in the space as a user and also, you know, having access to people who would be customers eventually.

So there’s a lot of great things you can do and you can kind of collaborate with them. And a couple of things there is is paying attention to what their needs are, where are they going and what do they want to do and seeing how you can kind of fit into that. And that may already be happening and vice versa, just kind of having lines of communication open and you tell them, hey, summer is over and we’re about to do this launch.

If there’s any help that you could provide, or if do you know anybody in your Rolodex who has this and you know, can you connect them with me? Those relationships with companies like that can be huge.

Elise Baughman: Agreed. Yeah, you’re absolutely right.

Pat Flynn: Fantastic. So what are some of the big worries that you have leading into the launch of this thing as we finish up here?

I want to know kind of what’s on your mind and what obstacles you feel like you’re facing right now.

Elise Baughman: I don’t know if I’m extremely worried except for work life balance.

Pat Flynn: Ah, okay.

Elise Baughman: Because I do have a little dude who is here watching. But, so, just family is super important. And so I’m Very excited about launching this new business, but I also want to keep the others running.

And I also want to keep family first. So I really think that’s my biggest worry.

Pat Flynn: For sure. It seems like you would have experience with understanding, you know, the puzzle piece of life and all those things as a voice actress. And sometimes you don’t even know what’s happening until the day before I know in that world.

And so you are able to manage and juggle and, you know, it’s times 10 like that with a kid for sure. So little dude who’s watching, hello. I think this is one of those things where. I can’t tell you how to schedule things, but what I can say is that the best thing that I’ve done for, for me and, and, and that I’ve offered to some friends of mine is just to check in with yourself every once in a while.

We can get into a point of life sometimes where we’re just kind of on autopilot because of all the things we’ve said yes to. And all of a sudden, It just like like things get out of control before we even have a chance to figure things out. But, you know, if you take some time, either bi weekly or weekly or monthly or whatever, just to kind of literally in the calendar, just check in with yourself.

I’m not even talking like meditate or whatever, maybe just a walk or something where you can go, how, how is my schedule? What am I saying yes to that I should continue to do, but what also is on my plate that maybe would be worth exploring how to remove or optimize or push over to somebody else or something like that.

Do you work with. An assistant for anything to help unload some of that effort.

Elise Baughman: I have a video editor for my YouTube channel, and then I have someone who helps me with social media or both my YouTube world and my Elise Baughman social media platforms.

Pat Flynn: So you’ve taken the things that take the most time already, which is editing and social media often, and you’ve already unloaded that.

So that’s great. You’re already practicing a lot of those things. So, you know, for me, family first, always as well. And just, you know, making sure that I on the calendar also put that in. That’s weird for a lot of people to see that I have like family time on my calendar, but my calendar and you know how they call it time blocking.

Elise Baughman: Yeah, we use that term.

Pat Flynn: I think it’s time blocking because we’re blocking out everything else from coming in on that time, right? That’s how I, how I think about it. Not the blocks of time, but I’m blocking out what doesn’t matter right now. And that’s why I actually have family time. And it’s like, no, this is sacred and you, nothing can touch it.

I block everything out. So I don’t know if that helps.

Elise Baughman: No, it’s funny that you do that because my husband and I have scheduled meetings before and people have made fun. I’m like, no, we have to have meetings sometimes to just, we’ll do what you said, evaluate and make sure, you know, we check in with each other and we know what’s going on, but if you don’t schedule it, sometimes it doesn’t happen.

And we both work from home, so we’re home all the time. But yeah, I totally get what you’re saying.

Pat Flynn: Amazing. Well, I really look forward to seeing how this progresses and the launch where in case people are listening and they’re like, I am an entrepreneur, which many of them are. And I also need help being on camera and understanding how to, you know, have a presence on YouTube or TikTok or on media.

Where can they go? Would you recommend maybe to get some of those first tips from you?

Elise Baughman: Yeah, exactly. And then that website has everything has my social media, it has YouTube, everything you need to know you can find there.

Pat Flynn: Incredible.

Favorite. Anime character that you’ve, you’ve voiced.

Elise Baughman: It has to be Pan from Dragon Ball GT.

Pat Flynn: Because, I was going to say.

Elise Baughman: It’s not just because I love her. Cause she’s spunky and loves her family, but she launched my voiceover career. She was actually my first role to book. Oh, I didn’t know that. And in case you have any Dragon Ball folks out there, and they’ve seen Dragon Ball GT. Grandpa! And my favorite line is, Cheeseburgers, fries, and blueberry pies!

Pat Flynn: Oh my gosh, that’s so good.

Elise Baughman: So, yeah, I, I love it. Well, and I’ve been voicing her for so long, I’m still doing video games with all the Dragon Ball Z video games. So, who knew when I first voiced her that I’d be doing it all these years later.

Pat Flynn: That is incredible. Well, we’ll have to get you back on the show at some point in the future to uncover that story. And I’m sure that story exists out there too on your website. So, You can get your way to a looking and feeling better and more confident on camera. Thank you so much for today.

Are there any other things that you want to cover before we, before we finish up? Or do we hit the mark today?

Elise Baughman: No, I don’t think so. I think we hit great stuff. Thank you so much, Pat. This has been very helpful. I appreciate you.

Pat Flynn: Thank you. I appreciate you as well.

All right. I hope you enjoyed that coaching call with Elise. Elise was actually somebody who had randomly selected from a number of survey respondents, and it was pretty cool that it ended up being Elise, AKA Pan from Dragon Ball Z GT. So really cool. And she also offered a link for you to go and check out to see some goodies. If you go to, you’re going to see a free download there and you’ll get the top 15 steps to be your best authentic self, how to captivate your audience and all that great stuff. So go ahead and check it out. Now, Thank you so much. I appreciate you and be sure to hit that subscribe button so I can catch you in the next one.

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