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SPI 256: Productivity and Frameworks with Mike Vardy from Productivityist

Productivity Month is in full swing at Smart Passive Income, and who better to join this episode than‘s Mike Vardy? Mike’s a master of productivity and frameworks for getting it all done, and he’s here with an awesome collection of tips and strategies for overhauling your efficiency.

For Mike, productivity means “marrying your intentions with the right amount of attention.” It’s an approach that allows him to make serious headway on his business goals while pursuing his own passion projects and spending quality time with his family. If that sounds like your idea of time well spent, you’ll definitely want to hear what Mike has to say!

In this episode, you’ll hear Mike’s most recommended tips for scheduling your time, organizing your commitments, boosting your output, and planning for the future. You’ll also hear his approach to dealing with inevitable distractions and curve balls, plus common efficiency pitfalls and time-wasters.

Optimizing your productivity is an ongoing process for any entrepreneur—myself included! Tune in for some seriously valuable expert advice on getting a hold of your time spent working.

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Today’s Guest

Mike Vardy

Productivity master Mike Vardy shares his favorite tools, tips, and frameworks for getting even more done with your workdays.

You’ll Learn

  • A day-by-day walkthrough of Mike’s productive workflow.
  • Mike’s favorite productivity tools, apps, and platforms.
  • The importance of assigning “themes” to your work days.
  • How to theme your days even if you work a nine-to-five job.
  • Tips and strategies for managing your inbox.
  • How to deal with inevitable distractions and surprise opportunities.
  • Why Mike believes the brain is a factory, not a warehouse.
  • Strategies for running more productive meetings.
  • Mike’s journey to becoming a productivity expert.
  • A free resource for getting started with Mike’s favorite productivity system, and more!




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